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Featured worldwide in "New & Noteworthy" and "What's Hot" by Apple---- Mayan Puzzle is a variant of brain challenging match 3 puzzle game like no other, where you have to destroy all blocks in a level in limited number of moves. Besides mind-boggling classic mode, it features also 3 other game modes (time trial, challenge, marathon) which are a mix of puzzle and arcade, great if you need to relax or have a few spare moments.The action takes place in a beautiful Mayan surrounding spiced up with a lot of special FX and original Mayan soundtrack. It's a MUST-HAVE for a serious competitor. Be the first to complete all 72 levels in the classic mode or beat your friends via Game Center in time trail, challenge or marathon modes.GAME FEATURES: Four different modes: - 72 levels in classic (strategic) mode (including 22 new)- 4 target times in time trial mode - 4 difficulty settings in challenge mode - infinite gameplay in marathon mode Special features: - 36 Mayan theme animated backgrounds - 12 minutes of original Mayan soundtrack - 39 achievements and online leaderboards - Free hints for 5 levels (for an entire level, not only the first move) - Game Center and OpenFeint enabled - Facebook and Twitter integrationPlease note HINTS are for an entire level, not only the first move. A set of hints can be purchased, but you do not need any to complete all levels.For iPad check out Mayan Puzzle HDDon't forget to add Mayan Puzzle and Mind Crew to your Facebook---- "From the first title screen, Mind Crew makes certain that you wont forget the game any time soon." - A-Highly Recommended - ilounge.com "I really enjoyed playing this game and if you are as competitive as me and like challenging games that are easy to learn but not as easy to master, you might want to check out this one!" - iappworld.net "Mayan Puzzle - A match three puzzle game with a difference." - 5/5 - touchyouriphone.com "The word addictive is thrown around too easily these days but Mayan Puzzle certainly deserves that accolade as once picked up it is difficult to put down." - 4.5/5 - touchreviews.net "Overall, Mayan Puzzle is an absolute must have puzzle game if you enjoy thinking puzzlers. Its a particularly remarkable puzzler with addictive mind teasing entertainment perfect for the iPhone." - 4.5/5 - www.appsafari.com"Mayan Puzzle is, unsurprisingly, a puzzle game that has a luxuriously exotic theme to it; the production values here are nothing short of stunning." - B-Great - gamesuncovered.com "Personally, I could not compare this to any other match 3 I have (one and a half folders full) because it is unlike any of them." - toucharcade.com forums "Mind Crews amazing $1 Mayan Puzzle was the real shocker, with 36 individually illustrated levels that could easily have been used in 36 separate App Store games, some astoundingly beautiful. Haunting music kept us playing for days as we worked to solve the main stages, which require you to eliminate all of the on-screen blocks with strategic matches - a challenge that becomes nigh-impossible in the latter third of the game" - iLounges 2011 iPod/iPhone/iPad Buyers Guide---- * YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9kNN2JCIRI

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