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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) HTML 12/19/19 bover_87 1.51 724K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 07/15/07 A I e x Final 1000K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 08/08/08 Absolute Steve ULTI MECIA 1383K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 02/28/11 Split Infinity Hawt Edea 1556K
FAQ/Flowchart (PS) (JP) 08/29/99 HYuy 0.5 235K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 04/26/00 Dragon Fogel 1.0 321K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 03/06/03 KatanaSoul Final 343K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 12/03/05 Psycho Penguin 1.02 891K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 01/09/09 Spatvark 1.15 551K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 04/20/09 Zenalasca 846K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) (JP) Part 1/2 10/18/04 SOng 1.16 631K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) (JP) Part 2/2 10/18/04 SOng Final 796K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) (US) Part 1/2 10/18/04 SOng Final 716K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) (US) Part 2/2 10/18/04 SOng Final 947K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS4) HTML 12/16/19 chris-williams 1.0 667K
Walkthrough (PS) 11/21/99 Cephiroth 2.2 400K
Walkthrough (PS) (JP) ChaRle5 47K
FAQ (PS) (JP) 06/30/00 YSF 10.0 630K

In-Depth FAQs

Angel Wing Limit Break FAQ (PS) 12/29/02 Sana chan 1.20 54K
Angelo Search Limit Break FAQ (PS) 08/21/03 DarkLordOfTheSith 1.1 116K
Battle Mechanics FAQ (PS) 02/02/10 ForteGSOmega 0.7 56K
Battle Spoils Guide (PS) (US) 05/23/00 Vercingetorix 1.07 36K
Boss FAQ (PS) (US) 01/04/03 MYellott Final 42K
Boss FAQ (PS) (US) 12/05/99 Ranma 1.0 54K
Boss Walkthrough (PS) (US) 07/20/15 iDragon 9.0 129K
Card FAQ (PS) (JP) 05/30/99 HJerng 65K
Card FAQ (PS) (JP) SBruck 1.1 46K
Card FAQ (PS) (US) 09/26/99 KasketDarkfyre 1.2 23K
Card Game FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 09/12/01 Sister 123K
Card Game Rule Manipulation (PS) (US) 10/06/99 Oswauld 2K
Card List (PS) (US) 09/11/99 JStorar 1.01 20K
Card List/FAQ (PS) (US) 06/30/00 YSF 5.0 201K
Character Setup Guide (PS) 12/15/02 THearmiton 1.2 66K
Debug Mode Guide (PS) NeoFlare 0.8 57K
Debug Mode Guide (PS) (US) EPrasetyo 0.98 34K
Demo to Final Game Changes (PS) 03/12/01 MHobbs 3.0 6K
Desperation Moves FAQ (PS) (JP) KWee 1.0 26K
Devour Guide (PS) 02/22/03 narshe101 1.0 37K
Diablos Guide (PS) (US) 10/03/99 JCarpenter 1.00 10K
Draw Points FAQ (PS) 07/10/00 Buma 2.0 17K
Experience FAQ (PS) 11/18/05 dinobotmaximized 1.0 51K
French/English Equivalences List (PS) 05/16/10 Juju Dredd 2.06 33K
GF Boost/Compatibility Guide (PS) 06/30/00 YSF 5.0 191K
GF Distribution Guide (PS) 03/03/05 geekboyzero 2.1 35K
Game Script (PS) 11/18/07 Shotgunnova Quisty 486K
Guardian Force FAQ (PS) 03/24/99 SBruck 1.8 109K
Guardian Force FAQ (PS) (US) 10/07/99 Ranma 1.0 63K
Guardian Forces FAQ (PS) (US) 09/26/99 KasketDarkfyre 38K
Intro Song Translation (PS) 10/20/00 DeeBlackthorne 1K
Item Refinement Guide (PS) (US) 05/23/00 Vercingetorix 1.02 67K
Item/Magic FAQ (PS) (US) 03/13/00 Cidolfas 1.3 110K
Items List (PS) (US) 07/30/00 Vercingetorix 1.91 125K
Julia FAQ (PS) 01/08/02 RMitchell 1.0 17K
Junction Magic Glitch FAQ (PS) (JP) 08/13/03 TheGlow 99.9 5K
Limit Break Guide (PS) 06/30/00 YSF 7.0 194K
Magic FAQ (PS) (JP) 04/29/99 Lungky 1.1 6K
Magic Junction Effects (PS) (JP) 03/11/99 fuuie 1.0 19K
Monster Encyclopaedia (PS) 02/16/08 Split Infinity Quistis 639K
Monster HP/Experience List (PS) 06/17/04 FFM Final 284K
Monster List (PS) 10/18/04 SOng Final 266K
Mugging Guide (PS) (US) 07/25/00 Vercingetorix 1.61 38K
No Junction Challenge FAQ (PS) 11/19/02 Hyprophant 2.11 129K
No Level Up FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 12/29/02 Edman 1.1 139K
No-GF Game FAQ (PS) 08/10/03 Smoking Frog II 1.3 24K
No-Junction/No Level Challenge FAQ (PS) 07/16/09 TitanCannon4 2.6 83K
Omega Weapon FAQ (PS) (JP) KWee 1.3 16K
Omega Weapon FAQ (PS) (JP) 03/25/99 MYap 1.01 5K
Plot Analysis (PS) 02/27/04 falsehead 1.0 109K
PocketStation Game FAQ (PS) 01/11/00 DEternal 2.8 52K
PocketStation Game FAQ (PS) 10/12/99 GWerner 18K
PocketStation Game FAQ (PS) 03/07/00 JTKauffman 0.95 57K
PocketStation Game Technical FAQ (PS) 03/21/07 Saint 2.1 FINAL 51K
Power-Up Guide (PS) 09/10/06 ABrea 5.0 550K
PuPu FAQ (PS) 02/20/03 CNash 2.0 13K
Rare Card FAQ (PS) (JP) ESee 1.1 26K
SeeD Rank Guide (PS) 10/03/02 Admiral 1.3 61K
SeeD Test Guide (PS) (US) 11/18/99 Ian P. 26K
Seifer/Edea FAQ (PS) 07/28/03 Shadow Flare Final 16K
Side Quests FAQ (PS) 12/08/99 SMoon 1.5 147K
Specials FAQ (PS) (JP) 03/08/99 HYuy 0.1 22K
Speed FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 12/31/02 Edman / Meh1 1.0 41K
Story/Text Translations (PS) (JP) 03/17/99 HJerng 1 79K
Test FAQ (PS) (JP) 02/20/99 Benedict 1.0 2K
Time/Ultimecia Plot FAQ (PS) 03/28/11 Sir Bahamut 12.0 554K
Triple Triad Guide (PS) HTML 11/30/19 bover_87 1.2 103K
US/Japan Changes (PS) 02/29/00 Yuzu-chan-Musas 1.5 12K
US/Japan/Demo Differences (PS) 06/30/00 YSF 2.0 173K
Ultimecia Castle Guide (PS) (US) 01/08/01 Ruk Chan 3.1 12K
Weapon Upgrade Guide (PS) (US) 08/10/00 TClemente 3.2 28K
Weapons (Ultima/Omega) Guide (PS) (US) 06/30/00 YSF 6.0 206K
X-ATM092 Guide (PS) (US) 11/21/99 LVeitch 1.0 4K

Secrets FAQs

Maps and Charts

Forest of Solitude Location Guide (PC) 11/11/03 Xythar 45K
Magic Draw Point Map (PS) 12/17/09 jekoln 86K
World Map (PS) 10/19/05 mabauti 46K

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