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Girl under the Moonlight
Meet Kiritani Yuki for the first time
Bone Mountain and Blossoms
Complete chapter 1: Deer Skull Kaidan
Cluck cluck cluck?
Talk to the rooster after chapter 1
Don’t fool the scarecrow
Talk to the scarecrow after chapter 1
The imprisoned Snowcat
Free the Snowcat's soul
The lost kitten has returned to the fairy tale kingdom
Complete chapter 2: The Travelling Cat
The black cat's true face
Talk to Sakurako-san after chapter 2
Repairman, tourist, chef
Talk to Dodo after chapter 2
A god's ceremony
Participate in the God of Abundance ritual
Comedy and Tragedy, Love and Be Loved
Complete chapter 3: The Yōkai Moviola
A Musician on a Tour
Talk to the demon mask in the prop room after chapter 3
Legacy of a scholar
Talk to Izumi Yakumo after chapter 3
A white snowflake like a flower in summer
Reach the ending Blossoms and Snowflakes
A traveller coming home
Reach the ending Coming home
A secret message from a novelist
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