• Achievements

    Ah, That Beckoning Glimmer!Gather 50 gold
    Breakfast is the Most Important Meal!Gather 50 food
    Don't Waste Time!Use the bonus that stop time 5 times
    I Couldn't Have Done It Without YouUse the bonus that adds an extra helper 10 times
    I Don't Like YouUse the bonus that blocks vermin 10 times
    In Black of Night...Fail completing a level
    In the Light of Day...Complete the level on expert
    Magic CookieComplete the third room
    Raccoons are Sooo Cute!Defeat 10 raccoons
    Shall We Fly?Get carried away by a crow 10 times
    Some Leftover PineGather 200 wood
    Stocking UpUse the bonus that increases yielded resources 10 times
    Stone Mason ApprenticeGather 100 stone
    The Adventure BeginsComplete the first room
    The Ancient ForestComplete the sixth room
    The Elemental CrystalsComplete the second room
    The Enchanted TowerComplete the eighth room
    The King's StatueComplete the fifth room
    The Roaring SeaComplete the seventh room
    The Swamps of SadnessComplete the ninth room
    The World of NightmaresComplete the tenth room
    Try and Catch Me!Use the bonus that boost running speed 10 times
    UnstoppableDestroy 10 barricades
    What are You Prepared to Do For Milk?!Complete the fourth room
    What did I Just Step in?Let a spider catch you in a web 10 times
    What Do We Have Here?Retrieve an item from the real world
    Where's That Smell Coming From?Defeat 10 trolls
    Wonder of the WorldRepair all the global buildings

    Contributed By: Hardkoroff.

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