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Metal Gear
Destroy the military bot
Terror from the Deep
Destroy the shaman
Getting together
Gather 7 heroes in a team
Woe from Wit
Destroy the professor
Create equipment
Armed and Dangerous
Put 3 equipment items on the fighter
Universal Soldier
Unlock all upgrades for one hero
Master Chip
Collect 100 chips
Pass 28 levels as quickly as possible
Collect 28 secrets
War Hero
Pass 28 levels of normal difficulty
You Shall Not Pass
Block 5 holes with explosions
Destroy 10 walls with explosions
Kill 1 enemy with a geyser
My Name Is Duke
Kill 10 enemies with a kick
It's a Trap
Kill 10 enemies with a mine
Heal 300 hit points with the Engineer
Space Cowboy
Kill 8 enemies with a handgun
Kill 3 enemies with the beetle beam
Freeze 10 enemies with the grenade
Quantum leap
Boost 3 allies
Locate private Carmine
Enemy Unknown
Determine the type of outbound threat
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
The Whisperer in Darkness

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