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Guide and Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 09/13/2006

Version 1.5
9/13/06            DDDDDDDDDDDDD
         DDD          DDD            DDDDD   DDD
      DDDDDD                            DDD    DDD
    DDDD DDD                            DD     DDD
 DDDDDD  DDD                                   DDD DD
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 DDD                                              DDDDDDDD
  DDDDD                 DDD             DD        DDDD DDD
    DDD D            D  DDD             DDD  D         DDD
D                  DDDDDDDD  DDD   DD   DDDDDDDD     DD
 DDD             DDD            DDD          DDD     DD
    DDDDD   DD   DDD         DDDD DDDD       DDDDD
         DDDDD       DDDDDDD             DDD DD
           DDDDDDDDDDD                    DDD
      DDD D        DDD     DDDDDDDD  DDD D      D DDD
    DDD       DDD  DDD               DDD  DDD        DD
    DDD       DDD  DDD               DDD  DDD        DD
 DDDDDDDDDD      DD                     DD      DDDDDDDDDD

Boku Dracula-Kun (Kid Dracula) Walkthrough
by The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2006

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Castle
  003b. Clouds
  003c. Underwater
  003d. Ice
  003e. New York
  003f. Egypt
  003g. Outer Space
  003h. Sky Ship
  003i. Laboratory
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the NES game called Boku
Dracula-Kun.  It's also known as Kid Dracula.  I've
also heard it called Drac's Night Out, but I think that's a
different game.

To contact me, e-mail ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but
make the subject blank if you do.


(in order of appearance)

Dracula: The main character, who I assume is Dracula, is a
white haired kid.  Rather than the traditional "I'm going
to suck your blood" Dracula, he's a little kid who is just
trying to have a good time.  I call him "Drac".

Zombie: The zombies are blue, so I guess Drac sucked out
there blood, causing the blue skin, and the zombies want

Bats: Traditionally friends of Dracula, the bats in this
game decide to try to hurt Drac instead.

Knight: Dressed in full body armor, the knight throws
lances at you.

Jumpers: Bad guys who jump to get around.

School Boy: A (fat) kid dressed as a school boy.  He runs
at Drac and attempts to hug him.

KKK Ghosts: The bosses of the castle; these KKK ghosts
(identified by the swastikas on their masks) jump around a
lot, making them hard to hit.

Vulture: Big birds that fly at you, just like bats.

Witch: Rather than a traditional ugly witch, the witches in
this game look like they've jumped out of the Bewitched TV
show, except they wink instead of shaking their noses.
They fly on broomsticks and drop stuff.

Turtles: They have rockets, and they shoot themselves at
you in an attempt to get you to lose your footing and make
you fall off a monorail.

Two gods: Two gods attack you when you're zooming along the
clouds on a monorail.  One is an old green man that blows
wind and the other is a young, unihorned man that throws
lightning bolts at you.

Chicken: A big chicken is the boss of the clouds; it flies
at the top of the screen, which makes it near-impossible to
hit without using a homing attack.

Fire: This is weird: the fire is an indestructible enemy in
the underwater level. 

Submarine Fish: Orange fish that look like submarines and
swim in one direction.

Swimmers: People swim underwater and don't seem to care if
they hit Drac along the way.  When the reach a wall, they
kick off from the wall, which is hard to avoid if you're
close to the wall.

Submarine: Red submarines drive by, dropping mines on Drac.

Squid: A squid inside a big bubble is the boss of the
underwater level.  Drac can't touch the bubble, making it
hard to hit the squid because you have to take aim from far

Eskimo: Eskimos are covered up in blue snowsuits and they
throw Popsicles at you.

Snowman: A snowman with a fez bounces around the ice level.

Seal: A seal that bounces a bomb on its nose and
occasionally bounces the bomb your way.

Polar Bear Swimmer: Polar bear swimmers are people who go
swimming in really, really cold places.  They are blue and
slide into you to attack you.

Figure Skaters: Girls that figure skate on the ice and
don't care if they hit Drac while they do their spins.

Ice Dragon: A dragon that's made of ice and flies around
like a normal dragon, except it doesn't breath fire
(because it's made of ice).

UFOs: UFOs fly in the sky of New York, dropping aliens down
below.  The aliens attack Drac for some reason.

Spiderman: Now, I'd have thought Spiderman would be a good
guy, but he's not.  He climbs up the sides of buildings and
jumps around.  He also wears all blue (copyright issues).

King Kong: Just a standard gorilla (more copyright issues),
King Kong is a big monkey in New York that jumps up and
down, messing up your footing.  He also throws airplanes at

Punk: A punk who hangs out in the New York subway has
nothing better to do than beat up everyone he sees.

Axe Murderer: Axe murderers also hang out in the New York
subways.  Jeez, the subways must be really unsafe.

Statue of Liberty: She's the boss of New York, but she
can't fight Drac because she's from France (just kidding),
so instead she challenges Drac to an all-American trivia
contest against two previous bosses, the chicken and the
KKK ghost.

Cactus: The cactus in Egypt shoots it's prickly spikes at
you and can jump in and out of the sand at will.

Scarab: Small bugs hide at the bottom of sinking sands.

Sand Dragon: Similar to ice dragon, the sand dragon is
easier to defeat, lives in Egypt, and comes in and out of
holes in the ground.

Skeleton: The skeletons remove their heads and bowl them at

Sphinx: Boss of Egypt, spits out bubbles at you.  It's hard
to keep your footing during this fight.

Martian: A green robot that walks around, not doing

Rocket: Rockets are send up to explode with the hopes they
explode near Drac.

Garamos: He calls himself the new ruler of earth and fights
Drac in outer space.

Cannons: Walking cannons that shoot cannonballs (what a
surprise) at Drac.

Death Witch: An ugly hag that flies (not on a broomstick)
and swings a scepter at you.

Robot: The robots walk around menacingly, and they hurt if
they hit you, because video game rules state that if an
enemy touches you, you get hurt, not the enemy.  Some of
them shoot death missiles (missiles that kill you) at you.

Black Dot: A black dot (more of a squiggle, actually) that
has a sword and heavy shield.  Seriously, though.

BR: Blue robots, which take four hits to kill.

Giant Robot: Boss of the Sky Ship, whose robotic hand
stretches out at you.

Bearded Dog from Hell: A boss in the Laboratory, who jumps
in and out of flames with the greatest of ease.

Bubble Crabs: Crabs which float up and down and shoot
bubbles out of their claws.  They also happen to be robots.

Annoying Soldiers: Soldiers whose sole purpose in life is
to distract you so you lose your footing and end up being
crushed to death.

Robot Head: Another boss in the Laboratory, which is so
huge that you can only see its head onscreen.

Faramos: The game's final boss, a nasty alien who shoots
lightning out of his hands.



Lightning and thunder fill the sky.  They strike a coffin,
waking up Drac(ula).  Drac pops out of the coffin.  Go

Drac is attacked by blue zombies.  Press B to shoot
fireballs at them.  If you hold down B before releasing,
you shoot a bigger fireball, and you get a coin if you hit
an enemy.  The coins are used for minigames.

There are four zombies that attack Drac, and right of that
are three crushing thingies.  They move up and down, and if
you're below when they're going down, they crush you.  Walk
by them when they're going up.

Past them are three bats on the ceiling.  The bats fly down
from the ceiling when you walk under them, so move right in
small steps, and shoot fireballs upwards at the attacking
bats.  Alternately, just hold right to walk quickly past
them.  Past the bats is a zombie, so be careful (if you
shoot a fireball, Drac stays in place, which means you must
shoot the fireball at the zombie when you are past the

Past the bats (and the zombie) is a ladder leading to a
platform above.  If you look, you can see a knight on the
platform.  Shoot fireballs upward to kill the knight, and
go to where the knight was.

You'll have to repeat this process (kill a knight from
below, then climb to its platform) for two more knights.
Climb up the ladder here, jump right across the gap, and go

You'll see a heart container below you, but you can't reach
it (yet) so keep going right until you can drop down to the
floor.  Kill the zombie on the floor, then go back left to
get the heart container.  Now you have four hearts.

Go right across the floor.  You'll face a diabolical plot:
you have to fight bats and zombies at the same time.  Move
right slowly through this area.  Zombies attack you from
the front and behind.

You'll come to a break where there are no enemies.   This
is to prepare for the next bit, where you have to fight new
enemies, jumpers.  The jumpers jump, so you can either
shoot fireballs at them or pass beneath them while they

Go right through the area where you'll face jumpers and
bats at the same time.  Past the enemies will be platforms
that you can jump to.  Jump up them, but get the heart in
the lower/right corner (it refills all your health) first.

The last of the three platforms you jump up to has a ladder
on it.  Hold B to prepare a fireball, then climb up the
ladder (still holding the fireball), and then release the
fireball at the school boy there to kill him.  You need a
big fireball to kill him in one shot.

You're now in the "clock" area.  Yippy.  Go to the
bottom/left part of the clock area.  Climb the ladder and
kill the knight on gear to your left (you might have to
jump over a lance if the knight throws it at you).

Jump to the gear that the knight was on.  Unlike most
games, standing on a gear is no different than standing on
normal ground.  Get on the right end of the gear and jump
right to the pink platform.

Kill the knight on the gear above, and then climb the
ladder.  Jump left to land on the gear the knight was on.
Jump to the gear left of the gear you're on, and jump to
pink platform left of that gear.

Prepare a fireball, then climb the ladder and shoot the
fireball at the school boy.  Walk to the right end of this
"room" and climb up the ladder.  Jump left off the platform
the ladder leads to so that you land on the...thing that I
can't remember the name of.  It's the part of a grandfather
clock that moves back and forth...it has a little ball at
the end of it...

Whatever you call it, it's moving back and forth, so jump
on it when it's right, and ride it when it goes back left.
Jump to the pink platform when it is left, and go left to
get out of the clock area.

The floors in this new area will have strange circular
parts to them, which doesn't make a difference (unless you
are on a circular part and press down + A, then it will
spin).  Go left across this area, which isn't remotely
tricky (there are two bats here).

At the end of that area, you'll go "outside".  Jump to the
higher pink platform and go left.  A bat attacks you, but
since you're outside, it can't swoop down from the ceiling
like they did outside.  Instead, the bat will come at you
from the left, and it will swoop up/down as it attacks you.
To avoid the bat, either shoot at it or jump over it or
hide under it when it is swooping up.

With this, the first bat you meet, you can avoid it by
pressing down (to duck) when you are on the leftmost of the
pink blocks.

Jump left to the two-pink-block platform.  Jump to the two-
yellow-block platform left of that one.  The yellow blocks
will fall down when you land on them, so quickly get to the
platform left of the yellow block one.

A bat attacks, so duck while on the right part of this
platform.  Go left across two two-yellow-block platforms
left of this.  Get the heart (fills all of your health) on
the left end of this platform, and jump up/left across the
platforms here.

You pass the moon and you enter the castle again.  Go left,
and you'll reach the boss(es) of this level, the KKK

The first ghost is a little smaller than you.  He will jump
across the room, making big jumps like upside-down U's.  It
will take three jumps for the ghost to get across the room.
You should try to hit the ghost while it jumps, but this is
hard to do because the ghost is moving.

When the ghost isn't jumping across the room, it will shoot
two fireballs across the room, which is usually followed by
the ghost running at you, and then it will run back to the
place where it shot the fireballs from.

When it shoots fireballs, you'll have to do a quick double
jump, in which you jump over the fireballs and jump when
you land so you jump over the ghost.

Try to hit the ghost as often as you can, and it dies in
seven (normal) hits.  The ghost goes away crying, and gets
replaced with a bigger ghost.

For the bigger ghost, you'll have to change your strategy
when it comes to avoiding the fireballs.  You'll have to
duck under the fireballs, and then quickly jump over the
ghost.  It takes a lot more hits to get rid of the bigger
ghost, but eventually it will start crying and run away.

After it leaves, you learn the homing attack.


After each level, you get some game time.  I'll explain it
now, because I'll have to explain it somewhere.  Select a
path, and you'll end up playing one of four games.

A Game: Turn Pop

In turn pop, there is a wheel.  The wheel will land on one
of four different items (a token, a one-up, a three-up or a
five-up).  For each of those four things, you can choose
a number (it costs a coin or more for each number you
choose (the numbers in the top row cost four, and the row
underneath costs three, and the row underneath that costs
two, and the bottom row costs one)).  Once you've chosen,
click start to spin the wheel, and when it lands on one of
the four items, you will be awarded the number you chose
for that item.

B Game: Can Can

In can can, there is a row of women doing the can can (a
type of dance).  Choose a color (each color has a number of
lives attached with it; yellow is seven, green is five, red
and blue are three, and white is one).  If the color you
choose is the color of the underpants (???) of the dancing
women, you get the number of lives of that color.

C Game: Lottery

In Lottery, you spin a big lottery wheel, and a ball comes
out.  A yellow ball gives you five lives, a blue ball gives
you three lives, a red ball gives you one life, and a white
ball gives you no lives.  Spin the wheel by using the
control pad.  The controls are very bad in this game.

D Game: One Shot

In one shot, there is a skeleton in a can.  There are
twelve slots in the can.  You have to stick four swords in
four slots without hitting the skeleton.  You get a life if
you do it right.


First off, press select.  Now Drac can switch between the
various fireballs he shoots.  You can choose normal, or the
homing attack you got by beating the last level.  The
homing attack is just like the normal attack, except
instead of shooting a big fireball when you hold down on B,
you shoot many small fireballs in various directions.

Go right across the cloud you're on.  A vulture will
attack you.  Kill it.  You can stand on the edge of the
clouds here, so as long as part of Drac is still on the
cloud, he will be standing on the cloud.

Stand on the edge of this cloud so you can jump to the next
cloud.  Jump to the next cloud, and then the next cloud
(killing vultures that attack on the way).  Now you should
be on the highest and smallest cloud you've been on so far.

Jump right across the clouds, because there are three of
these small, high clouds.  On the last one, jump up/right,
but fall left so you land on the cloud you jumped from.

You do this so the two witches that are waiting for you
attack you.  Kill the witches when they come, then jump
right and land on the cloud below, which would have been a
hard jump had the witches been there.

The witches will now fly by, dropping stuff on you when
you're below them.  Dodge the stuff they drop, and kill the
low-flying witch when you jump to the next cloud (or else
it will be very hard to dodge).  Jump to the cloud right of
that, and jump right off that cloud to some white metallic

Go right across this stuff, and you enter a factory.  Jump
across three white platforms and climb two ladders.  You
come across some ferris-wheel style platforms.  Jump on and
ride it.

When you're on the left part of the ferris-wheel, jump left
to land on the bottom part of another ferris-wheel.  When
you're in the "was in the up position, now going to the
right position" transition, jump to the bottom part of the
next ferris-wheel.

When on the right part of this ferris-wheel, walk right off
it (don't press anything while you fall) and you land on a
heart, extending your life meter.  Get back to the third

When on the top part of this ferris-wheel, jump to the
white metal platform to the right.  You exit the factory,
and make it to the monorail.  Jump on the two white things
that look somewhat like planes, and walk right.  They will
start going right, down a track.

A turtle will fly at you, and you'll see what turtles are
like: rather than injuring you, they push you a small bit,
trying to get you to fall of the monorail.

Then the monorail goes down and picks up speed.  When it's
level again, jump over the two turtles in the way.  The
monorail goes up, then level, then down again.  Jump before
it goes down to avoid the two turtles that are there while
it goes down for the second or so it goes down.

You then get attacked by the two gods.  The green one blows
wind at you and the horned one throws lightning bolts.  The
wind doesn't hurt you; it just messes up your footing.  It
is best to jump to avoid the attacks of these two

Attack these guys if you want to; they leave shortly after
the monorail goes down again and then becomes level.  Jump
up and right over the three turtles you come to (if you
just jump up, you might land on them, getting you stuck).

Right after the turtles, the monorail does a loop-de-loop.
You need to be on the first part of the monorail and duck
to get past it.  On the next loop-de-loop, do a quick jump
left to avoid hitting the duck below the monorail but at
the top of the loop-de-loop.  Then ride the monorail to

Walk across the white metal platform to make it to a cloudy
area.  The clouds have eyes, you'll notice.  The eyes are a
clue; when you land on a cloud, it will float in the
direction it's looking at.  Quickly go across the clouds.
When you reach the one going right, shoot the vulture and
quickly charge up a homing attack.  Fire it while jumping
to a (stable) cloud with a heart on it to kill the witch
that attacks.

Be on the right part of this platform (so you're holding on
by just a shoe) and jump to the next cloud.  Quickly jump
to the next cloud and just as quickly jump to the next
cloud.  Kill the witch that comes by at the top of the

Move right across the clouds here, dodging the stuff the
witches drop from above (they drop when they are directly
above you, so move when a witch is above to dodge).  Shoot
any vultures coming right at you.  Jump while you're as
close as you can be to the next platform.

At the end of the clouds, jump to the ladder and climb up
to fight the boss, a big chicken.  The chicken's plan is to
fly at the top of the screen, out of reach.

When the chicken stops and lifts its claws (as high as it
can be), that means it will shoot three things at you.  It
shoots all three at the same time, in these directions:


The chicken then dive-bombs you.  You can jump to dodge
this, but that doesn't work as well if you're in a corner.

That's all the chicken does to attack you, so you can dodge
it easily.  Use the homing attack to attack the chicken,
and it dies without much fuss.

When the chicken is fried, you learn the bomb attack.


All right, dudes, it looks like this is going to be an
underwater level.  If you try out the bomb attack; you'll
find it's pretty useless (when it hits an enemy, it just
makes a little explosion thing, that's all).

Drop into the water and fall to the ground.  Go into the
corner there and duck, and shoot homing attacks to kill the
spinning mines.  Note that when the mines get hit, the
four corners shoot off in the directions they're facing,
and those directions change because the mines spin.

Walk right.  You'll find fire (underwater?) spinning around
some platforms.  The fire is indestructible, so don't try
to kill it.  Jump for the platform it's on when it's at the
middle of the top part of the platform (jumping underwater
is different from jumping on normal ground).

When you land, jump when the fire comes by, then walk right
off this platform to land on the platform below (you don't
want to jump to it due to the spikes on the ceiling).

You'll want to make a big jump over the next platform (it
has fire on it) so you land on the platform right of it.
Do this jump when the fire is at the right end of the

There are two spinning mines here.  Make a small jump to
the platform below them.  When standing directly below the
spinning mines, shoot up to kill them when they are facing
the four corners of the room, because otherwise when you
set them off, they'd send debris at you.

Jump up to the platform to your right, then the platform to
your left.  Then jump out of the water and head right.

You'll come to blue "up" things.  The idea is that Drac is
sent up when you're in the things.  You'll pass a heart on
the left, so fall left to land on it (you might have to try
this a few times).

Now you have to go right across the room, using the up
things.  This is hard because you can't touch the ceiling
or floor of the room (because there's spikes).

When you're about level with the platform the heart was on
(not where you dropped to land on the platform; level with
the platform itself) fall right to the next up thing.  When
you're about level with it again (go with gut instinct on
this as you can't see the platform anymore) fall right
again to the next up thing.

Fall right off this one as far as you can go (hold onto the
right button) because the floor has spikes.  You should
land past the spikes; if not, no big deal because there's a
heart waiting for you.

From there, go right and drop down into the water.
Submarine fish swim by here, and they might get in your
way.  Use a homing attack to get rid of the submarine, then
make a small jump left, over the spikes and down through
the hole.

There are spikes below and you'll hit them if you fall
directly down, so move a little right so you fall just
right of the hole.

Do what you did last time (fire a homing attack and jump
over the spikes) to reach the ladder.  Climb down to meet
swimmers; new enemies that swim in a line.  Watch out for
when they reach the wall, because when they do, they kick
off hard in the opposite direction, which is something
you'll have to look out for or else you'll get hit from

A homing attack should help you get rid of the swimmers
(this is not a sure thing) so just try your best to go left
and then climb down the ladder and fall to the ground.

There are three spinning mines right of you.  Shoot the
bottom mine when its corners face the corners of the room,
or else you will get hit.

With the bottom mine gone, sneak right past the remaining
mines when they're up (the lower one can hit you at the
bottom of its run).

Jump to the next platform (it has fire on it) when the fire
has passed the halfway part of the top of the platform.
Submarines will pass by this area, dropping mines on Drac
as they go overhead, so it is probably best to fire a
homing attack to take care of them (this attack fails if
they hit the indestructible fire instead of the

Jump to the next platform when the fire is on the right end
of the platform.  Jump to the next platform and shoot the
spinning mine right of this platform when its corners face
the corners of the room.

Jump to the next platform and shoot the other spinning
mine.  On the floor here is a heart that refills all your
missing hearts.  Get it and climb the ladder.  Go up
through two levels of swimmers (a spinning mine is on the
top level).  Go up past an empty level to meet the boss.

The boss of the underwater level is a squid that hangs out
inside a giant bubble.  You can't touch the bubble, so you
have to attack the squid from far off.  The problem is that
you have to hit the squid, because just hitting the bubble
does nothing.

The squid moves around the screen in the bubble.  It's hard
to hit the squid with the homing attack, so it's best to
use the bomb attack to hit the squid and cause damage.
Just aim carefully and dodge the bubble and you should be
fine.  An alternate to careful aiming is to rapid-fire like
mad to hit the squid.

When the bubble pops, Drac learns the flight skill.


First off, let's test the flight skill.  Switch to it using
select and start a big fireball.  Instead of doing so, Drac
turns into a bat (except his head).  Use the control pad to
move around while flying.  Since Drac's head is normal, it
holds him down, so while flying as a bat, you'll have to
hold up to complement that.  Also, you can only fly for
five seconds.

Rather than fly through this level (it's better to do that
in indoor levels, not outdoor levels), we're going to go
through it the normal way.

Go right and floating on the water is an iceberg.  Jump on
it, but it sinks because Drac is too heavy.  Jump while on
the iceberg to get it to normal height again.

Jump right across these icebergs.  On the fourth one, fire
a large fireball to kill the Eskimo waiting for you on the
next platform.

There are four icebergs that automatically go up and down
after this platform.  The trick is the jump to the next
iceberg when the iceberg you're on is going down.  Charge
up a fireball while jumping across the icebergs and fire it
when you're on the last iceberg to kill the Eskimo waiting
for you on the next platform.

Go right across this platform, constantly firing fireballs
because two snowmen are on this platform.  Jump to the next
platform, which has a heart on it.

`Go across the next platform.  It goes down and at the
bottom is an Eskimo, so charge up a large fireball to kill
that Eskimo.

Follow this platform as it goes up.  A seal is at the top
when it goes level, so shoot the seal as fast as you can,
which is while you're going up.  Walk right along that
platform and you fall through a hole to a lower part of
this level.

Go right and you'll see circulating platforms.  Take it
easy and fall to the next platform instead of jumping to
the next platform.

On the solid platform past the circulating platforms are
two polar bear swimmers.  They will run at you, then jump
at you and slide into you.  Jump over them when they slide,
then turn around and rapid-fire shoot fireballs at them.

At the end of this platform are more circulating platforms.
Go across four circulating platforms like you did last time
(there's a heart platform in between the four).  At the
last circulating platform, jump over a wall of blue and
white bricks to the next platform.

In the next area here are killer spikes on the floor and
the ceiling.  Turn into a bat and fly through the spiked

The next bat trip is the longest.  Turn into a bat and fly
up to the next platform, fly right over this platform
(there are spikes on the ceiling and floor here so you
can't land) fly down to the bottom of the passage and go
right at the end (if you turn vampire while going down the
passage, hold right because there are spikes at the bottom
to avoid).

In this area, you have to go up sliding platforms that have
seals on them.  It's best to use a homing attack to kill
the seals, then climb up the sliding platform to where the
seal was.  If you're finding it hard to make the jump to
the next platform, turn into a bat and fly to the next

At the top you exit the hole you fell down into.  Fly right
past a blue and white brick wall that has a heart on it to
reach ice platforms.

Go right slowly across the ice platforms, constantly firing
blasts because there are three figure skaters waiting to
hit you.  When the ground goes out of sight you fight the
boss, an ice dragon.

Ice dragon is pretty tame.  All he does is fly around,
mostly in the sky away from you.  Dodge him if he comes by
you, and just shoot out a constant barrage of homing
attacks to hurt him.  If you want to attack him another
way, keep in mind that you can only hurt him if you hit his

Halfway through, Ice Dragon will come down at you, breaking
the ice and then come back up at you, breaking the ice
again.  Dodge both of these attacks and continue your
barrage.  You can tell when these attacks are coming
because ice dragon stops for a second before doing those
attacks.  By the time ice dragon is flashing, he's almost

When ice dragon takes the plunge, you learn the freeze
attack.  This attack, instead of killing enemies, freezes
them momentarily.

003e-New York

Cool, you're in New York.  Jump to the building on the
right and a UFO attacks.  The UFOs fly at you like bats
(swooping up and down).  When the UFO has passed you, it
drops down an alien.  The alien will then run at you and
try to hurt you.

For a while, all you have to do is go right across the
buildings.  UFO's come when you're near the right end of
the building you're on.

This stops past the building with a heart on it.  Over the
next few buildings is Spiderman.  He climbs up the side of
a building, jumps left, jumps back right and climbs down
the building.  To avoid getting hurt, stand so he jumps
over you.  You can also attack him, but like most
superheros, he takes plenty of damage before dying.

Take the Spiderman area slowly so you don't get hurt.  Past
the last spiderman (he's on a red building), charge up a
large fireball and jump to the next building.

King Kong is a monkey too big to be kept in a zoo.  He
jumps up (when he lands, the whole screen shakes) and
throws airplanes at you, in that order.  Shoot the large
fireball at him to kill him before he can throw airplanes
at you.  Fire after he has made his jump, or else you might
miss him because he's jumping.

Jump to the next building (King Kong is there too).  Turn
into a bat to fly to the next building, and as soon as you
are over it, turn back into Drac and rapid-fire attack King

Fly off this building to a small building with a heart.
Drop down in the space between the two buildings to fall
all the way into the New York subway.

The train you're on will go right, through the subway.
You have to go right, along the train, to avoid dying.
While doing this, count the orange things above.  The ninth
one hangs low from the ceiling, you must duck while on the
lowest part of the train to avoid it.

The fourth orange thing past that one hangs low, and so
does the fourth one after that, and the fourth one after
that.  After that, punks will come on the top of the train
and attack you.  Some come from behind (an attempt to slow
you down because you have to turn left to shoot at them).
Kill all the punks you meet.

After you pass a heart, axe murderers show up.  They climb
through the train, jump up to the gray things on top of the
train, look around a bit, then charge at you.  There are
two axe murderers per car.  You must kill the axe murderers
by attacking when they're in the gray thing, because you
can't hurt them when they charge at you.

After you pass two carts in a row where the two axe
murderers come up different gray things in the same cart,
there will be a cart with a single axe murderer.  A low
orange thing follows soon after you kill that axe murderer,
which you need to look out for.

Soon after that, the subway ride ends.  Climb up the ladder
and go right to reach the boss, the Statue of Liberty.  She
can't fight you, because that would be wrong, so instead
she puts you on a quiz show.

The all-American quiz show (an American flag is the
backdrop and all the contestants (Drac, KKK ghost, giant
chicken) are wearing Uncle Sam hats) ensues.  The Statue of
Liberty asks questions.  Get three right and you win.  For
everyone wrong answer you choose, you lose life.  Here're
the questions:

Question One: What country am I from?

1. Brazil
2. America (correct answer)
3. Tokyo

Question Two: Where am I from?

1. France (correct answer)
2. England
3. Tokyo

Question Three: Which of these [Japanese words] is most

1. Ninja
2. Nintendo (correct answer)

Question Four: Which one is southernmost? 

1. Wight
2. Edo
3. Guam (correct answer)

Question Five: Which of these is Konami's music band?

1. El Tri
2. Kukeiha Club (correct answer)

Question Six: This is question

1. 4
2. 5
3. 6 (correct answer)

Question Seven: Who was stage 2's boss?

1. Witch
2. Turtle
3. Chicken (correct answer)

Question Eight: Yes is to no as yup is to...

1. Nah
2. Wazzah
3. Dayum! (correct answer)

Question Nine: Who stars in Castlevania? 

1. Upa
2. Bill
3. Simon (correct answer)

Question Ten: Which of these isn't Japanese?

1. Sushi
2. Tequilla (correct answer)
3. Samurai

Question Eleven: What game is Ebisumaru from?

1. Goemon
2. Pooyan
3. Goemon 2 (correct answer)

Question Twelve: What am I made of?

1. Stone
2. Copper (correct answer)
3. Air

Question Thirteen: What do I have in my left hand?

1. Constitution
2. Quiz book (correct answer)
3. Porno mag

Question Fourteen: Stage 1's boss was a...

1. Wizard (correct answer)
2. Dragon
3. Chicken

When you win the trivia contest, you learn the hang
technique, which lets you hang upside from the ceiling for
a limited time.


Right of you where you start, a cactus pops up.  It will
bend over and shoot needles at you, so attack from a
distance and jump over the needles as they come at you.

Go right.  Another cactus is on top of the hill thing.  You
might want to dodge by going left back down the hill.

Go right.  At the next hill (you see a pyramid in the
background here) is a sandy pit with a scarab hiding at the
bottom.  Use a homing attack to kill it, then go down into
the sand pit and get the coin there.

Do the same thing at the next sandy pit.  Another sandy pit
is right of this one, with no break between the two.  A
vulture will attack when you're passing to the next sandy
pit, so go out of the pit, then stop and wait for the
vulture to pass, then go to the next pit.

This is the last pit (it has a scarab in it like the other
pits).  That's the last you'll see of vultures and scarabs.

Go right across this area.  You'll see little dunes in the
ground.  Sand dragons, sort of like the ice dragon boss,
come out of the little dunes and then fly around.  They're
pretty hard to kill because they take a lot of damage
before dying.  Move across this area carefully.

Past two sand dragons is a heart.  Get the heart and go
right to enter a pyramid.  A skeleton is waiting for you.
Skeletons will roll their heads at you and then run at you.
It's best to kill these guys at a distance (or hit them
with a freeze thing, then kill them), because dodging them
is really hard.

Past three skeletons, you're fully inside the pyramid.
It's fully equipped with the Big Crushing Thingy 2000.
This is a dangerous area, because you die when you touch
any spikes.

When the Big Crushing Thingy 2000 is at the bottom of its
run, go over it quickly.  Do the same thing with the next
BCT 2000.

For the next BCT 2000, do the hanging move (that you got
for winning the trivia contest).  Do what you did at the
last BCT 2000 (jumping and walking past the BCT 2000, not
walking past and then jumping).

Fall down to the floor here.  Kill the skeleton past the
next BCT 2000, then go past the BCT 2000 like you did with
the last one (using the hanging move).

Go right past the last BCT 2000 like you did with the first
ones you met (nothing tricky about it).  Change your attack
to normal and charge up a fireball.

Go right across the pink bridge, holding the right button
the whole time.  As you might have guessed, the bridge
starts to collapse on you.

This is no problem if you hold right the whole time.  A
skeleton head will fly directly at you; release the
fireball and continue going right, stopping for as little
time as possible.

At the end, there's a heart below.  Stop on the last bit of
the bridge to land on the heart when the bridge breaks.
Use the flight technique to get on the ledge to your right
(don't hit the spikes on the ceiling, or you'll die).

Right of this ledge will be a pit leading down.  Use flight
to get the heart on the other side of the pit.  Switch to
freeze and start up a big fireball (or freezeball).  When
you land, let it loose on the skeleton to your left.  It
freezes, so kill it quickly.  If you don't freeze it, it
moves too fast for you to kill without being hit.

Same thing with the next pit: fall down while preparing a
freezeball, then release it on the skeleton and then kill
the skeleton.  Prepare up a freezeball, then fall down the
left hand side of this pit.

There's a big ball here that wants to crush you.  Hold left
the whole time to get away, not wasting any time by jumping
or firing the freezeball.  You'll run into another pit with
a skeleton waiting for you.  Use your freezeball on the
skeleton and then kill it.

Prepare a freezeball and fall down the hole on the right
and you'll land on a heart.  Fire the freezeball at the
skeleton and then kill it.

From here, hold down on the left button and you pass
through a room where spikes fall from the ceiling.  At the
end, you're on a moving platform.

Time for a boss fight.  You'll meet the Sphinx, who is a
terribly hard boss.  Basically, you're on one of two
platforms that circle Sphinx clockwise.  Sphinx spits out
bubbles at you.  If a bubble hits you, you lose your
footing and the fight is over. (insert profanities here).
Avoiding the bubbles is really hard to do. 

You can pop the bubbles with your fireballs, so obviously
the best strategy is to fireball like mad throughout this
battle.  I recommend taking the time when you're
above/below Sphinx to hit the bubbles.

When you've won the battle, Sphinx starts to cry and the
floor appears.  You fall to the floor and then you skip
straight to the minigame screen without learning any new

003g-Outer Space

Get the heart in the corner and jump onto the platform for
a wild ride.

You shoot up into a tube.  Platforms will fall down.  Jump
from platform to platform, and don't worry about the laws
of physics that you've encountered in the game (in normal
terms, you can jump higher than you should).

Don't you just hate levels like this?  It's a test of your
reflexes; everything must be done quick, making it
impossible to write a guide on how to beat this level.
When you're making split-second jumps because timing is
crucial, you can't spend time looking back at a guide to
see you're doing the right thing.

You'll find Martians who are just walking around.  Shoot
fireballs at them to kill them.  Rockets will soon follow.
Stay away from the rockets as they'll explode and hurt you.

Soon after the rockets, you reach the end.  You meet
Garamos, who declares himself the new ruler of earth.  

Garamos is another boss who is a pain to fight.  You'll
have to be in either the left or right side of the, uh,
arena the whole time.  As far left as possible or as far
right as possible, I mean.

Garamos will do two things.  He'll shoot a line of fire
from his mouth, right across the screen.  Duck down to
avoid it.  His other method of attack will be running at
you, and swinging his sword at you.  If he hits you this
way, he jumps away and shoots fire at you.  After shooting
fire, he comes and tries to hit you with the sword.

When he comes at you with the sword, he lifts the sword and
then brings it down on you.  The instant he lifts his
sword, jump and you'll avoid being hurt.  Do not jump
before he raises the sword or you land from your jump too
early (on the sword, ouch!).  Once you get a feel the
jumping, you'll be fine.

Your best method of attack is the homing attack.  Just
keep shooting them at him while doing the jumps to dodge.
This is a sure way to kill Garamos.

After a long fight, Garamos dies.  Why did an alien with
plans for earth-conquest decide to fight Kid Dracula
anyway?  Ah, no matter.  Grab the giant coin he leaves
while bemoaning his death.

003h-Sky Ship

The first part of this level is side scrolling, which means
it moves on its own.  Jump right along the clouds (no
enemies are around) until you reach a sky ship.  Or you
could turn into a bat and fly across the top of the screen
instead of jumping.  Whatever.  Just get to the ship.

Once on the ship, the side-scrolling still scrolls until it
stops in a little while.  Move right, and a cannon appears
on the level below the one you're on.  It shoots the
cannonballs straight, although it can shoot them
diagonally (it won't, though).  Use homing attacks to kill

Once it's dead, get on its level.  Move slowly right along
it, and when you're near the edge, you see a cannon from
the next level come and shoot cannonballs at you,

Duck down to avoid these cannonballs and again homing
attack to kill the cannon.  Then go right some more, and a
death witch attacks you.  She swoops down from the sky.
Jump over her when she swoops at you (this isn't so easy).
Homing attack to kill her, because she flies in the sky.

When she's dead, use homing attack to kill another cannon
to the right (it's on a higher level than you, so you don't
get hurt).  Jump to where the cannon was and go right, onto
the bow of the ship.

The side-scrolling starts again.  Jump across the clouds.
At the end is another ship, guarded by a cannon.  Kill it.

Once the cannon is dead, you're safe on the ship.  Go
right, towards the heart (don't get it yet).  A death witch
and a cannon attacks.  Retreat to the left part of this
level (if you're on the right part, the cannon hits you)
and homing attack both of them.  Then get the heart while
going right.

The end of the ship is like the other one.  Kill the cannon
while it is unable to hurt you, as it is on another level.
Then you have more side-scrolling fun until you reach a
stable airship (unlike the others, it is so big you can't
see all of it, and it doesn't shift up and down).

Go right, shooting constantly.  You kill a robot and a
black dot (?) this way.  Jump over the hole you come to and
move right to reach another hole.  Fall down it to get a
heart.  Fly out of the hole as a bat.

Go back left and fall down the hole.  Charge up a fireball
and go left, where two blue robots (BR) attack you.  BR are
so tough that they aren't killed by a big fireball, so
you're going to have to shoot fireballs rapidly to kill

You reach a hole.  Charge up a fireball, then fall down the
hole where BR are waiting for you.  Go right, killing
the five BR in your way.

You reach the area underneath where you got the heart.
Charge up a homing shot, then go up the elevator that looks
nothing like an elevator and release the homing shot.  It
kills a robot with missiles for you.

Go right, where you reach a ledge too high to jump over.
Turn into a bat and fly on top of the ledge, then turn back
to normal.  Go right, shooting fireballs to kill a robot
that's there.  A black dot is also there, but instead of
killing it, just approach it (it backs away) and fall down
the hole.

Now you're in a strange green area.  Duck immediately, and
you'll see a burst of light shoot through the area.  The
light kills you, so you need to duck to avoid it.  Go left
through this area, ducking under the light in the grooves
in the floor.  Don't try to go past more than one groove in
one run.

At the end, there's a hole in the ground.  Charge up a
fireball, then fall down the hole and attack the BR who was
waiting for you.  Odds are you'll get hurt by the BR, so
go right and get the heart before continuing.

Go left (the BR aren't a problem) to reach the boss, the
giant robot.  Giant Robot is easy, if you have enough life
left.  What you have to do is hang from the ceiling and
shoot fireballs at its head.

Giant Robot walks right, and then left, and occasionally
shoots his hand out at you.  You can dodge the hand by
jumping (which is difficult).  But if you have enough life
left, you can stay in place on the ceiling and shoot a
constant barrage of fireballs to kill Giant Robot easily.

The robot explodes with a great big PON (why not a great
big POW?), and then it's game time again.


Okay, last level!  Now Drac will square off against the bad
guy who's been sending all these enemies to kill you!
Wait...who the heck IS the bad guy, anyway?  Only one way
to find out!

Go right, and you fight a boss!  It's...a Bearded Dog from
Hell!  Ooo, scary!

The Bearded Dog from Hell will fade in, then run directly
at you.  When it reaches the left or right edge of the
screen, it turns around and jumps in the fire.  This
pattern then repeats without variation.

Since this boss is fire-based, the only thing that hurts it
is the freezing attack, which is ice-based.  Your strategy,
therefore, is to jump over the dog when it runs at you,
then turn around and shoot fireballs at it before it jumps
into the fire.

It takes ten hits to kill the Bearded Dog from Hell, which
is harder than it sounds.

Go right, and you'll see there's an area where you have to
hang from the ceiling.  The problem is that there are three
bubble crabs in the area you have to hang from.  Hang and
then kill the first bubble crab, then wait to fall to the
ground.  Then hang from the ceiling again, and make a run
past the next two bubble crabs (you can run past them, or
shoot them with fireballs if they're in the way).

Go right through this next area.  The floor starts rising,
and the ceilings are made of spikes, so you have to run
left and right to avoid being hit.  That's hard enough as
it is, but there's a crowd of annoying soldiers who attack.
These enemies are designed to throw you off, so you will
end up getting crushed.  Kill them or jump over them as you
see fit.

If you watch the background, you'll notice that you're in
front of a really freaking huge robot.  At the top, you run
into the robot's head, which is the next boss.  Curiously
enough, its name is Robot Head.

Robot Head is a horribly unfair boss.  It has a drill at
the bottom of its head, and it will drop to the ground and
drill you to death.  If you are touching the Robot Head
when it is on the ground, it hurts you.  This, coupled with
Drac's reaction to getting hit, means that when the Robot
Head hits you, it actually gets in at least FOUR hits, which
is a lot considering your life bar only has five hearts.

You can tell when Robot Head is going to drop to the ground
because it stops spinning and hovers for a second before
falling.  It decides to drop when you are directly under
its drill.

Robot Head moves up and down slightly.  You want to run
underneath it when it is at its upmost position (which
gives you the most time to run out of the way when it

You hurt Robot Head by shooting fireballs at it when it's
on the ground.  So...avoid being hit and then hit Robot
Head with all you have.  Eventually, it dies.
Go right and you meet the game's final boss, who I assume
is related to Garamos.  I call him Faramos.

Faramos floats left and right, shooting lighting out of his
hands and spitting fireballs out of his mouth.  In a stroke
of luck, his attacks only move straight downward, so you
don't get hurt unless you are directly under his hands or

But, of course, it's not that simple.  To hurt Faramos, you
have to shoot fireballs at his mouth when it's open (which
happens just before he spits a fireball at you).  So you
need to position yourself below its mouth, shoot a fireball
up at the mouth, then dodge the fireball he sends at you.

Oh, and if Faramos kills you, you have to go all the way
back to the start of this level.  That means you fight the
Bearded Dog from Hell and Robot Head all over again before
having another shot at Faramos.  What a total load of crap!

When you kill Faramos, the game is over and you see the
ending, which involves Drac sitting on a throne, with some
of his friends nearby.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2006.  If you want
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions
under general information)

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