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Halo 2 Cheats


  • Hold 3 Pistols!

    First Go to a level that you can get three pistols on, such as outskirts. Go pick up a pistol. Then swith to your second weapon and pick up dual weapon, such as two smg's. Go to another pistol and press x to pick it up. Now you have a pistol in you secondary and first slots. Now you can go pick up a third pistol and set it to your left hand(Press Y to do this). You can get up to 144 AMMO! with three 96 ammo with the two and just 49 with one.

    Contributed By: heatshadow10291.

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  • Infinte Camo

    After getting the envy skull go through a checkpoint while in active cammo mode. To be safe use "reset to last checkpoint" so you can check if you did it right. Save and quit; then turn off the xbox to remove the envy mode. When you reload your file you will find yourself with unlimited camo.

    Contributed By: snakerulezraidonsuks.

    10    5

  • Overloading objects on the map

    It is possible to overload certain objects in many of the Halo 2 Multiplayer Maps. By overloading I mean removing it from the map altogether. You can overload most anything that is not actually connected to the map itself. Please note that it seems that you will need at least 8 others for this to work. The easiest example is in Zanzibar. There is a bridge that you can knock down to easily get to the sword on the large spinning wheel. Knock the bridge down and run to the end where it is squared off. You and all your teammates should bunch up as close as possible in the corner and look straight down at your feet. Make sure everyone is looking down and the bridge should overload and disappear. It will be gone for the remainder of the game/round. You can also use this overloading glitch on Midship(on the floating platform) and Headlong(there are two places in Headlong...the hanging construction beam and the hanging platform right next to the beam....however you may need around 12 others to overload that platform). These are the ones I have seen myself but there may be others in other maps so good luck hunting!!

    Contributed By: Sephiroth0327.

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  • Skip tough Brute battle before the end boss

    When you are flying around in the Banshee during the final level when you are giving support to your ally. You can skip directly to the final boss sequence if you are still in the Banshee after te door gets blown open. Fly to the right of the control centre building and aim towards the bottom right and if you fly close enough you should get a white screen indicating that you have started the cutscene. When it's over you will be at the final boss without fighting your way to him.

    Contributed By: vitz.

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  • Unlimited Sword Ammo

    You can do this in any two-part Campaign missions (i.e. Outskirts and Metropolis). If you finish the first level of the two-part mission with a sword with no ammo, you'll start the next level with a sword that has unlimited ammo. Though the sword doesn't show up when you arm it, it still makes all of the sound effects and acts exactly like a normal sword.

    Contributed By: NikoreJM.

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  • Multiplayer Map- Foundation via Xbox Live

    Bungie has decided to give the multiplayer map to anyone who signs on via Xbox Live. You will be prompted with an update as soon as you try to sign on. The update will unlock the map, improve support for 480p resolution display's, and speed up wait times in matchmaking.

    Contributed By: Jon3185.

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Easter Eggs

  • Angry Mode

    When you are the Master Chief trying to recover the index from the Prophet of Truth on the Covenant Holy City go until you reach the first outdoor area with dirt and vegetation. Take a right as you enter this room and run up to the wall past the gravity lift that leads up to the sniper point. Get on top of the wall by going up the dirt mound on your left. Follow the wall until you reach the floating skull called "Angry". This skull makes enemies fire at a faster rate.

    Contributed By: Neo Alucard X.

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  • Assassins Mode

    A skull similar to the one that activates blind mode can be found if you Start on "regret". After the first lift ride (before the first underwater elevator), grenade jump from the front awning of the lift to the ledge in front of you (the one with two turrets).

    Grenade jump AGAIN onto the next ledge.

    Make your way to the back of the building. On Easy, you'll only find the skull. On Legendary, however, 2 invisible Elites carrying swords just shake their heads wildly, ignoring you completely.

    Contributed By: totalgamer2002.

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  • Blind Mode

    At the beginning of Outskirts jump on top of the light on top of the door with a crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. Turn to your left and go down the long dark corridor and pick up the skull; it will say blind and your screen will flash black for a while. In this mode you can not see your weapon, body, shields, ammo, or radar. To get rid of this feature use the following method: 1. Turn off your XBOX or Save and Quit. 2. Go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station. 3. Skip the cinematics and then Save and Quit. 4. Go Outskirt and your hud is back.

    Contributed By: snakerulezraidonsuks.

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  • Envy Mode

    On the level "Delta Halo" on Legendary Difficulty, Progress until you reach the area during the "Push through the covenant held ruins" where you have to clear a Landing Zone for the Pelican to drop weapons. You will know you are in the right area when cortana says "they're pouring out of the center building". Anyway that area has Plasma turrets along its borders. A little bit after the left side turret you will see the outline of a door in a wall, but the door has a solid rock slab in it and a rock in front of it. Jump on the rock then jump to the ledge above the door then jump on the ledge to the left. Now jump onto the building with the sealed door using grenades. Atop the building you will find two dancing elites and the "Envy Skull". Pick up the envy skull and you will be able to use Active Camoflage like the Arbiter.

    Contributed By: DrK MgIcIaN.

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  • Famine Skull

    After you get off of the slowly decending elevator in "The Oracle", you will come to a hallway where you see a handful of dead bodies. Continue into the next room, and you will be on the second floor of a room that has windows. When you enter this room, look to the right, and find the third pane of glass. It should be to the right of a wall that has some flood guts splattered on it. Shoot out this window, and either window directly across the room. If you look below you will see a platform that has four tall posts. On the far side of the room there is a column that is right in between the two windows, on the far side of the room. Turn on your active camo, and jump to the center platform. Jump on either of the posts on the far side of the platform and jump to the column between the windows. Make another jump through the window you shot out and make a left. Walk all the way to the end and you'll find four flood elites convulsing on the floor, with the Famine skull in the middle of them. When you have this skull all weapons will have less ammo.

    Contributed By: snakerulezraidonsuks.

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  • Giant Soccer Ball

    It's on the level "Metropolis" on any difficulty I do believe. Use the same method to get a Banshee through the tunnels as you would if you were getting the Scarab Gun. (See the corresponding cheat for more details)

    Now take your Banshee away from that half-dome thing and fly through the level using the same path you would as if you were walking. Once you get to the highway where the Warthogs are fighting the Ghosts, keep flying straight toward the half-demolished building. Fly into it and go to the bottom level. Behold! A giant soccer ball! It's great fun to mess around with, especially if you have the Scarab gun.

    Contributed By: The Return of Hylian.

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  • Grunts Birthday Party Mode

    In the level Arbiter on Legendary. Once you get to the first banshee section, fly immediately straight down all the way to the bottom of the map. In one of the cracks where the large cylinders connect to the station. There will be a circle of grunts dancing around a skull. When you pick up the skull; it will say Grunt Birthday Party on the screen. Now when you kill a enemy with a headshot, they will blow up like a plasma grenade was stuck to them.

    To get rid of this feature use the same method as the blind mode.

    Contributed By: RogueAngelInsurrecti.

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  • Iron Mode

    On the last Master Chief Level, on Legendary Difficulty, when you enter the final Gravity Lift, look up. A skull will pass through you extemely quickly so you must start holding X a bit before you actually pass it to grab hold of it. Once you grab the Iron Skull, Iron Mode will be activated. This skull causes you to go back to the last checkpoint when you die in co-op mode.

    Contributed By: DrK MgIcIaN.

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  • Messages on the bomb

    If you play multiplayer and hide with the bomb, then you probably have noticed this already. If you stand somewhere long enough, the mastercheif will start to toss the bomb up and catch it. Eventually he will examine the bomb, and you can read what it says on the bottom. One message is "goodbye" and another is "xoxoxoxo".

    Contributed By: e_tram.

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  • Midship bunny

    On the level Midship, go to the top where the sword spawns. Now walk to the doorway which doesnt have a big roof. Look up and you should see an outline of a bunny!

    Contributed By: frenticROCKS.

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  • Mythic Mode

    In "Sacred Icon" there is a semi outdoor area which has the same type of area right next to it. There is a large sentinal in front of each one. Go past this area and down the piston and you'll be in a vary dark and dank flood infested area. There's a stack of 6 or 7 boxes as you enter the room. Use them to jump up to the landing above. There are a handful of alcoves on your right hand side. The skull is in the third alcove, floating above a dead human flood.

    Contributed By: snakerulezraidonsuks.

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  • Posters at the Old Mambassa Crash landing *after Cairo*

    After you crash land on Old Mambassa, you can see posters all around with the Master Chief from the demo and some grunt posters.

    Contributed By: Halomallo.

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  • Rex-In outskirts

    First start going torwards the blind skull way but when you go up there take a left instead of a right and jump on the ledge, then crouch jump on top of another ledge (which would be right above the wreckage) then jump on the ledge across the wreckage then continue the pathway intill you reach the area with the sword sticking out of the ground (It's inside a broken rooftop), right next to it is a rock with the word REX written on it.

    Contributed By: dylanthechosenone.

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  • Sign on Zanzibar

    On the beach on Zanzibar, you will see signs that say NO SWIMMING. Well, go to your xbox dashboard, go to the Settings, Clock, and change every number you can to 7 , then pop Halo 2 back into your xbox and load it up. WARNING: Do not sign into XBoxLive, it resets your clock. Now go to Split-Screen and start a game on Zanzibar. Go to the beach and look at the sign, it will mention something is missing, and there is a bloody dog's head.

    Contributed By: Creeping Death341.

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  • Sputnik Mode

    At the start of "Quarantine Zone" on Legendary difficulty turn directly around, and you should see a tunnel. Head down the tunnel and go straight until you exit it. Go straight across the open area, and you'll come across a broken pipe tunnel on your right. Straight in front of you is a small ledge running across the wall, above the green pit. Carefully get onto that small ledge and walk all the way to the end of the ledge to find the Sputnik skull. In this mode explosion force and melee force is greater.

    Contributed By: snakerulezraidonsuks.

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  • The Face of Chris

    On the map Containment, get a sniper rifle and go anywhere where you can see the part of the Halo in the sky that's closest to the Sun Base (the base with orange-yellow glowing buildings). Zoom in with the sniper on the part of the halo that's just below where it begins to get dark. In the clouds you should be able to see the face of Chris Carney (grinning happily), one of Bungie's developers.

    Contributed By: SilentOblivion.

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  • Thunderstorm Mode

    On the level "Cario Station" on legendary, make your way to the "Priority Shift" checkpoint. Progress until the room with mounted plasma turrets, right after the armory with the Elites. Clear out this room, and get on the raised area with the plasma turret that is on the side of the wall where the window curves. Look for two parallel beams on the ledge above. Climb up the supports for these beams and crouch jump up onto the upper ledge, then onto the beams themselves. Walk in the direction you came from and there will be a small ledge sticking out to the left, jump on it and pick up the Thunderstorm Skull from inside the trash container. This turns all Covenants into their spec ops rank.

    Contributed By: Harvest Master.

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  • Unknown Skull

    At the begining "Armory" wait in the room until the Sarge starts telling you to get into the elevator. You MUST wait for him to say "Would it help if I said please?" When he says this, get into the elevator and go down to the tram. Get on the tram and face towards the INSIDE of the building. Press up against the glass doors towards the inside of the building. You should hold 'X' down, and you should pick up the skull. It's on a stack of green crates, near the end of the tram ride.

    Contributed By: snakerulezraidonsuks.

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  • Weird Window Reflections on Headlong

    In Headlong, grab a banshee and fly to the part of the level with water. On the same side as the Warthogs spawn, almost at the end of the level itself, there are some windows. Look closely at them, they aren't reflecting the other side of the level, but showing concept art for Halo 2. (A would-be human city at night)

    Contributed By: Kou_Slayer.

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  • Why am I here? Message in Beaver Creek

    This easter egg is very simple. Go to beaver creek. Run to where the sniper rifle spawns. Jump up on to the ledge in front of you and push all of the rocks down. When you push the big rock down loook at the wall that was behind of it. If you look carefully, you should see "Why am I here?" Scratched in to the wall. (Note: if you can not see it then back away from the wall some and it should look much clearer.)

    Contributed By: Super Luigi Bros.

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  • Zanibar Computer Screen

    On Zanzibar, after you open the gate the computer screen (used to open the gate) changes. When you zoom in on the words you can read how to fix your computer and some other gags

    Contributed By: Dukenuke001.

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  • Banshee In The Control Room

    To get a Banshee inside the room where you fight Tartarus first get a Banshee. After the Scarab destroys the front door fly inside and go straight up as soon as you enter. It's easy to navigate to the next door, get out of your Banshee and make the door open, then get back in your Banshee and fly through. Once the Brutes come through the next door you can kill them or fly past them, but it is important that you are not in your Banshee when the cut scene starts to make sure it is there when you walk back.

    Contributed By: TiburonII.

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  • Changing Split Screen Type

    The multiplayer split screen type is determined by the video settings on the Xbox dashboard. For Horizontal split screen, the Xbox must be in fullscreen mode. For Vertical split screen, the Xbox must be in widescreen mode.

    Contributed By: HellKnightX.

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  • Get a Scarab Gun

    This is done on the level Metropolis and is easiest when done on Co-op. When you start out, cross the bridge. Take out every enemy and even your marines. When you're near the end, Cortana will say something about a "Welcome Party". Three Banshees and a few ghosts will appear. Take them all out. Then 2 Wraiths and 2 Banshees will appear. Take out both Wraiths, and only one Banshee. Have Player 1 continue through the tunnel, but have Player 2 stay outside and distract the Banshee. Once Player 1 reaches the area with the circular opening (a Jackal with a Beam rifle is present), take out the Jackal and head back to where Player 2 is.

    Here is the hard part. Get the Banshee to follow both players into the tunnel. Do not board it yet! The first few times it will come at you and fly back out, but stay where you are. It should come back after you. (If it doesn't, go back outside and try again). Eventually, you'll have to get it over two road blocks. Once it is past the second one, have both players stand near the entrance of the room where Player 1 took out the Jackal. It should fly at you and get stuck. Shoot off both of its wings so it can fit thru. Have Player 1 walk slowly in front of the Banshee, making it follow him. Player 2 should be behind it, gently pushing it. Take it to the left and get ready to board it. As soon as you hit the checkpoint, the Elite in the Banshee will disappear. You only have about a second to get in before the Banshee also disappears. Both players should press X quickly. If done right, one of the players will be driving the Banshee!

    Take it outside and directly up. Very high in the sky are two skyscrapers with two bridges connecting them. In the middle of the bridge closest to you, there is something that looks like a plasma rifle. It's actually a Scarab gun! It has infinite ammo, so have fun. Just don't aim at the ground.....

    Contributed By: The Return of Hylian.

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  • Skip Banshee Flight in the level ''Arbitor''!

    When you first get to fly the banshee, zoom towards the tower to your right. When you get closer, a nav-point will appear. Go to it and the game will automatically advance to that spot in the story. By doing this, you've skipped the grueling 20 minute-long Banshee flight. On the downside, however, you don't have much of a chance to grab a Fuel Rod Cannon.

    Contributed By: pancakes771.

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  • Skip fight around the Delta Halo tower

    After the cutscene with the hologram regret telling you how he will start the ring in Delta Halo, continue until you see a crate. Then jump on it, then onto the legde. walk around until it loads the checkpoint. You will have skiped the battle.

    Contributed By: Hakkai55.

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  • skip half of outskirts

    (From the beginning of the level where Master Cheif is alittle dazed) Go straight out the door in front of you that leads to the street. kill the grunts and take out the sheild baring jackels. Head down the street towards the two dead ends. Look on your right and you will see two alley ways that will connect to each other in this little sort of "room" in the alley. Go into that room and look back towards the street. You will see a dirt mound that is in one of the corners. Get on the dirt mound and grenade jump up to the next ledge. Look left you will see another ledge (top of a building) you should be able to jump right up to the ledge ,but probably not on the first try. When you are on the building you can continue jumping from building to building all of the way through sniper alley. Once you reach the building that says "Zanzibar" on it is the point were you cannot get any farther using this way.

    Once you are on the first building walk over to the edge of the building that faces the street. Look right and jump onto the building next to you. Keep working your way back and try to stay as close as you can to that side. You will eventually come to the free part of the level where if you look right you will see a Pelican come. If you had to look fight to see the pelican you are on the left side of the freeway. if you had to look left to see the pelican you are on the right side of the freeway. If you are on the left side of the free way go left until you see a street (on your right side) that is torn up and the end it looks like. Jump off of the freeway into that street and you can walk over the damaged part of the sreet ( a hillish type thing) And that will put you at the building that says "Zanzibar" on it. If you were on the side of the right side of the freeway then crouch jump onto the buildings in front of you. Look on your right you will see a place were the height of the roofs drop and a certain roof is orange and red. If you don't see it go right and alittle bit forward until you find it. jump straight on to the roof. If you jump onto the slanted part an invisible barrier will block you from going up. once you are on the building go up the little slanted area (make sure it is the up hill one) You will see two airvent/airconditioning unit things on the roof jump on one of them and onto the next building. head straightyou will see the building that says "Zanzibar" on it. It is a good idea to kill the covenet below before jumping down. Then it is back to the normal level.

    Contributed By: LTKonXBNLIVE.

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  • Skip Sniper Alley!

    Level: Outskirts
    How To: Once you have killed The first hunter pair at the start of the level walk through the hole in the wall they created. walk through and look around. there should a destroyed wall to the left of you. jump on to it and make your way upward by carrying on jumping upwards, crouch jumping when nessasery. you should eventually reach the roof tops (it may take a while to find and/or reach). from here head toward the left hand side part of the roof tops. you should see part of the destroyed highway that the first pelican flys along once it has picked up the sgt. jump onto this highway and walk across it. at the other side you should see a slope and in the distance the hotel where the next group of marines are pinned down. jump off the hight way and walk up this slope to reach the hotel skipping the sniper alley.

    Contributed By: Razorlight.

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  • Two hidden swords on Halo Delta and a fight to skip.

    On Halo Delta, get to the structure where you can't go any farther with the tank. As you enter into the area, go left up the ramp and then up the little ramp until you come to the large block butted up against the wall. This is where you jump up to get to the Envy Skull (consult for more detail). There is a secret entrance behind this large cube.

    I found the easiest way to move it was with the tank, although grenades do the trick just as well. You can drive the tank up there with a little patience. Aim at the WALL to the left of the stone, The explosion with slowly move the stone out of the way. Once the path is clear, walk up the dark ramp and there will be two dead grunts and two swords. There is also a high ledge in the next room that you can grenade jump up to, and then frag grenade jump up one more level -- allowing you to skip the fight inside the structure.

    Contributed By: hossenphepher.

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Halo 3 Cheats


  • Hide Weapon, Show Coordinates & Camera Modes

    The following cheats can be performed during a local match or replay only. You must simultaneously PRESS & HOLD the following buttons for 3 SECONDS to toggle the effect on / off.

    LB = Left Bumper
    RB = Right Bumper
    LS = Click in on Left Analog Stick
    RS = Click in on Right Alalog Stick

    Toggle Hide WeaponLB + RB + LS + A + DOWN [D-PAD]
    Toggle Pan-Cam / Normal while Show Corrdinates is enabled.[HOLD LS + RS] Press Left on D-Pad
    Toggle Show Coordinates / Camera ModeLB + RB + LS + A + UP [D-PAD]

    Contributed By: Jay FNG Philbrook.

    9    10


  • Armor Permutations Unlockables

    Body Pieces: Spartan marked with (S) and Elite marked with (E).

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    (E) Ascetic BodyUnlock "Up Close and Personal" Achievement
    (E) Ascetic HeadUnlock "Steppin' Razor" Achievement
    (E) Ascetic ShouldersUnlock "Overkill" Achievement
    (E) Commando BodyUnlock "Triple Kill" Achievement
    (E) Commando HeadUnlock "Overkill" Achievement
    (E) Flight BodyComplete Tsavo Highway On Herioic or Legendary
    (E) Flight HeadComplete Campaign mode on Heroic difficulty.
    (E) Flight ShouldersComplete The Ark on Heroic difficulty or higher.
    (S) EOD BodyComplete Tsavo Highway on Legendary
    (S) EOD HeadComplete Campaign mode on Legendary Difficulty
    (S) EOD ShouldersComplete The Ark on Legendary difficulty
    (S) EVA BodyComplete Tsavo Highway on Normal or higher
    (S) EVA HeadComplete Campaign mode on Normal
    (S) EVA ShouldersComplete The Ark on Normal difficulty or higher.
    (S) Hayabusa ChestCollect 5 hidden skulls
    (S) Hayabusa HelmetCollect 13 hidden skulls
    (S) Hayabusa ShouldersCollect 9 hidden skulls
    (S) KatanaComplete 49 Achievements for at least 1000 gamerscore
    (S) Mark V HeadUnlock "UNSC Spartan" Achievement
    (S) ODST HeadUnlock "Spartan Graduate" Achievement
    (S) Rogue HeadUnlock "Spartan Officer" Achievement
    (S) Scout BodyUnlock "Too Close to the Sun" Achievement
    (S) Scout HeadUnlock "Used Car Salesman" Achievement
    (S) Scout ShouldersUnlock "Mongoose Mowdown" Achievement
    (S) Security HeadEarn 1000 Gamerscore points.

    Contributed By: sythe343, Tetsuya_San, jaredt13, and pokelordguy.

    6    5

  • How to get Recon Armor in Halo 3

    To get Recon Armor (the whole set) you have to get the Vidmaster Achievements in Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST. This includes for Halo 3 Annual, Brainpan, Lightswitch, and 7 on 7. For Halo 3: ODST they are Classic, Deja Vu, and Endure.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    (S) Recon BodyGet all the Vidmaster Achievements on Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST
    (S) Recon HelmetGet all the Vidmaster Achievements on Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST
    (S) Recon ShouldersGet all the Vidmaster Achievements on Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST

    Contributed By: Halofreak4069.

    7    4

  • Multiplayer Medals

    If you do the following things you will get the medal while playing multiplayer. When you do the task usually it will show you by a little icon of the said medal appearing in the corner of the screen. Also at the end of each match you can check what medals you got. You can also check your overall medal count on bungie's official website. A very small amount of these are secret medals in that they don't tell you right when you get them but they will appear in your medal history. (One example of such a medal is the Steaktacular! Medal)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assassin! Hit and kill an opponent with a melee attack from behind.
    Beat Down! Hit and kill an opponent with a melee attack.
    Bomb Planted!Plant the bomb in a Assault Gametype.
    Bulltrue! Kill an opponent who is in the act of a sword lunge.
    Death from the Grave!Kill an opponent after you have died.
    Double Kill!Kill 2 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Extermination! Get an overkill on the opposing team, wiping out all of the members.
    Flag Kill! Get a melee kill with the flag in a CTF gametype.
    Flag Score! Capture the opposing team's flag in a CTF gametype.
    Grenade Stick! Kill an opponent by sticking him/her with a Plasma Grenade or a Spike Grenade.
    Hail to the King! Kill 5 consecutive opponents in a single life from inside the hill before it moves in a King of the Hill gametype.
    Hell's Janitor! Kill 10 zombies in a row as a human without dying in an Infection gametype.
    Highjacker!Board an enemy ground vehicle.
    Incineration! Kill an opponent by using the Flamethrower.
    Infection Spree! Kill 5 humans in a row as a zombie without dying in an Infection gametype.
    Invincible!Kill 30 opponents in a row without dying.
    Juggernaut Spree! Kill 5 consecutive opponents in a single run as the Juggernaut in a Juggernaut gametype.
    Killapocalypse! Kill 9 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Killed Bomb Carrier! Kill the opposing bomb carrier in a Assault Gamtype.
    Killed Flag Carrier! Kill the opposing flag carrier in a CTF gametype.
    Killed Juggernaut! Kill the Juggernaut in a Juggernaut gametype.
    Killed VIP! Kill the opposing VIP in a VIP Gametype.
    Killimanjaro! Kill 7 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Killing Frenzy!Kill 10 opponents in a row without dying.
    Killing Spree!Kill 5 opponents in a row without dying.
    Killionaire! Kill 10 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Killjoy! End an opponent's killing spree—any spree.
    Killtacular!Kill 5 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Killtastrophe! Kill 8 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Killtrocity!Kill 6 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Laser Kill! Kill an opponent by using the Spartan Laser.
    Last Man Standing! Be the last human of the game in an Infection gametype.
    Linktacular!Play in a matchmade game comprised of all users. (Secret Medal)
    Mmmm Brains! Kill 10 humans in a row as a zombie without dying in an Infection gametype.
    Oddball Kill! Get a melee kill when holding the ball in a Oddball gametype.
    Open Season! Gun down 10 opponents with a Shotgun in a row without dying.
    Overkill!Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Perfection! Win a slayer game with 15+ kills without dying.
    Rampage!Kill 20 opponents in a row without dying.
    Running RiotKill 15 opponents in a row without dying.
    Sharpshooter! Snipe 10 opponents in a row without dying.
    Shotgun Spree! Gun down 5 opponents with a Shotgun in a row without dying.
    Skyjacker! Board an enemy aircraft.
    Slice 'N Dice! Cut down 10 opponents with the Plasma Sword in a row without dying.
    Sniper Kill! Kill an opponent with a headshot by using a sniping weapon.
    Sniper Spree!Snipe 5 opponents in a row without dying.
    Splatter Spree! Splatter 5 opponents in a row without dying.
    Splatter!Hit and kill an opponent with a vehicle.
    Steaktacular!Beat the opposing team by over 20 kills; (Luke owes you a steak dinner) (Secret Medal)
    Sword Spree! Cut down 5 opponents with the Plasma Sword in a row without dying.
    Triple Kill! Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.
    Unstoppable! Kill 10 consecutive opponents in a single run as the Juggernaut in a Juggernaut gametype.
    Untouchable!Kill 25 opponents in a row without dying.
    Vehicular Manslaughter! Splatter 10 opponents in a row without dying.
    Wheelman! Be the driver of a vehicle when a passenger kills an opponent.
    Zombie Killing Spree! Kill 5 zombies in a row as a human without dying in an Infection gametype.

    Contributed By: Shadow..

    3    2

  • Multiplayer Ranks

    A list of the Skill and Experience needed to advance in rank. Note: you can skip ranks once there is a set skill requirement. For example, many people go from Lieutenant Grade 2 (Skill:10 EXP:85) straight to Captain (Skill:20 EXP:100)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    01 RecruitSkill Needed: 0 EXP:1
    02 ApprenticeSkill Needed: 0 EXP:2
    03 Apprentice Grade 2Skill Needed: 0 EXP:3
    04 PrivateSkill Needed: 0 EXP:5
    05 Private Grade 2Skill Needed: 0 EXP:7
    06 CorporalSkill Needed: 0 EXP:10
    07 Corporal Grade 2Skill Needed: 0 EXP:15
    08 SergeantSkill Needed: 0 EXP:20
    09 Sergeant Grade 2Skill Needed: 0 EXP:30
    10 Sergeant Grade 3Skill Needed: 0 EXP:40
    11 Gunnery SergeantSkill Needed: 0 EXP:50
    12 Gunnery Sergeant Grade 2Skill Needed: 0 EXP:60
    13 Gunnery Sergeant Grade 3Skill Needed: 0 EXP:150
    14 Gunnery Sergeant Grade 4Skill Needed: 0 EXP:300
    15 LieutenantSkill Needed: 10 EXP:70
    16 Lieutenant Grade 2Skill Needed: 10 EXP:85
    17 Lieutenant Grade 3Skill Needed: 10 EXP:200
    18 Lieutenant Grade 4Skill Needed: 10 EXP:400
    19 CaptainSkill Needed: 20 EXP:100
    20 Captain Grade 2Skill Needed: 20 EXP:150
    21 Captain Grade 3Skill Needed: 20 EXP:300
    21 Captain Grade 4Skill Needed: 20 EXP:600
    22 MajorSkill Needed: 30 EXP:200
    23 Major Grade 2Skill Needed: 30 EXP:300
    24 Major Grade 3Skill Needed: 30 EXP:600
    25 Major Grade 4Skill Needed: 30 EXP:1,200
    26 CommanderSkill Needed: 35 EXP:300
    27 Commander Grade 2Skill Needed: 35 EXP:450
    28 Commander Grade 3Skill Needed: 35 EXP:900
    29 Commander Grade 4Skill Needed: 35 EXP:1,800
    30 ColonelSkill Needed: 40 EXP:400
    31 Colonel Grade 2Skill Needed: 40 EXP:600
    32 Colonel Grade 3Skill Needed: 40 EXP:1,200
    33 Colonel Grade 4Skill Needed: 40 EXP:1,800
    34 BrigadierSkill Needed: 45 EXP:500
    35 Brigadier Grade 2Skill Needed: 45 EXP:1,000
    36 Brigadier Grade 3Skill Needed: 45 EXP:2,000
    37 Brigadier Grade 4Skill Needed: 45 EXP:4,000
    38 GeneralSkill Needed: 50 EXP:600
    39 General Grade 2Skill Needed: 50 EXP:1,200
    40 General Grade 3Skill Needed: 50 EXP:2,500
    41 General Grade 4Skill Needed: 50 EXP:5,000

    Contributed By: SneakyPanda.

    2    3

  • New Achievements As Of 9/23/08

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. These Are The NEW Halo 3 Updated Achievements, Now You Can Get 1750G From Halo 3, Provided You Have The Legendary Map Pack.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    … Get the Horns (25)On a Mythic map, get a Bulltrue medal during any ranked or social match.
    Alas, Poor Yorick (25)On a Legendary map, get 3 Oddball melee kills during any ranked or social match.
    Assembly Skull (25)On Assembly, find the hidden skull.
    Awww Too Bad (25)On a Mythic map, get a Killjoy medal during any ranked or social match.
    Blades of Fury (25)On Heretic, get a Sword Spree during any ranked or social match.
    Came… From… Behind (50)On a Legendary map, get 3 assassinations during any ranked or social match.
    Citadel Skull (25)On Citadel, find the hidden skull.
    Defend This (50)On a Legendary map, get a flag melee kill during any ranked or social match.
    Delicious Brains (25)On a Mythic map, infect 2 humans during any ranked or social match.
    Double Double (25)On a Legendary map, get two Double Kills during any ranked or social match.
    Flag Dropped (25)On a Legendary map, get 2 flag carrier kills during any ranked or social match.
    Ghost Patrol (25)On Longshore, get 3 kills with a Ghost during any ranked or social match.
    Hammer Time (25)On Assembly, get 5 Hammer kills during any ranked or social match.
    Have Fun Respawning (25)On a Mythic map, get an Extermination during any ranked or social match.
    Heretic Skull (25)On Heretic, find the hidden skull.
    Killtacular (25)On a Mythic map, get a Killtacular during any ranked or social match.
    Logshore Skull (25)On Longshore, find the hidden skull.
    Look Both Ways (50)On a Legendary map, get a Splatter Spree during any ranked or social match.
    Orbital Skull (25)On Orbital, find the hidden skull.
    Post Mortem (25)On Orbital, get 2 Death From the Grave medals during any ranked or social match.
    Pull (25)On Citadel, get a Shotgun Spree during any ranked or social match.
    Road Rage (25)On a Legendary map, get 5 Warthog chaingun kills during any ranked or social match.
    Sandbox Skull (25)On Sandbox, find the hidden skull.
    Save This Film (25)On a Mythic map, get a Perfection medal during any ranked or social match.
    Tank Dropper (25)On any Mythic map, get a kill on another player while in monitor mode.
    Vidmaster Challenge: 7 on 7 (0)Enter into any ranked or social playlist with 7 EXP on the 7th of the month.
    Vidmaster Challenge: Annual (0)After 9/25/08, complete Halo on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts.
    Vidmaster Challenge: Brainpan (25)Find all the hidden skulls on the Mythic maps.
    Vidmaster Challenge: Lightswitch (0)Get to the rank of Lieutenant in any playlist in the new EXP progression system.
    Zombie Repeller (25)On a Mythic map, kill 2 Zombies during any ranked or social match.

    Contributed By: mastermanv5.

    0    1


  • Assembly Skull

    Load up Assembly in forge mode and go into monitor mode (press up on the d-pad). There are two "arms" attatched to the centre building. In monitor mode, fly up and into the small opening at the top of the arm (it's one of the two).

    Contributed By: LiamMcluckie.

    0    4

  • Black-Eye Skull

    Effect: Melee hits instantly recharges your shield.

    Where to find: Crow's Nest

    How to find: As soon as you start the level, head straight up to the higher level. Head toward the door with the red light, then turn around. Jump onto the racks, onto the red metal light holders, then onto the ventilation tube. The skull will spawn at the end.

    Contributed By: Lightliquid.

    1    3

  • Blind Skull

    Description: "Shoot from the hip"

    Stage: First Stage

    How To Find: When you get to the area where you see the Phantom overhead (one of the marines will point it out) jump over the rocks and keep following the path on the right. When you get to the cliff there will be a rock over of the side. The skull is on the end of the rock.

    Note: This skull has to be Activated before you start a Campaign map.

    Contributed By: Raezion275.

    1    2

  • Catch Skull

    Effect: all enemies have 2 grenades, throw more grenades

    Level: The Storm

    Location: From the start, go through until you go outside again. When you go outside look straight across there is a small round building straight out there, the skull is on top. In order to get up there you can either use a warthog as a platform or grenade-jump. DO NOT destroy the wraith near the door or the skull will disappear.

    Contributed By: vjay8088.

    1    2

  • Citadel Skull

    In forge mode, fly around the map until you find the corridor with the overshield powerup (red). Go to the right side of the power-up (facing the power-up from the middle of the map) and stop just past the doorway. Turn around to face the power-up and stack up items (red and blue crates work best, usually about 3 or 4). Jump on top of the items and you should be able to grab the skull if you jump into the missing space on the ceiling.

    Contributed By: LiamMcluckie.

    1    4

  • Cowbell Skull

    Effect: Explosive force increased (sputnik from H2)

    Level: The Ark

    Location: First pick up a grav lift from the small building near where you fight the scarab. Now proceed through the level until you reach the second sloping hallway (stairway), you should see some partitioned risers (platforms) halfway down. The skull is on the top level. Toss the grav-lift on the right side of the hall so it lands on the fourth little green dot from the door. Then run, jump, and use the grav-lift to propel you to the top. You should reach a ckeckpoint just as you enter the room so it you miss just try again.

    Contributed By: vjay8088.

    0    2

  • Famine Skull

    Mission: The Ark

    Effect: "Trust us. Bring a magazine." -- Dropped weapons will have very little ammo compared to normal.

    When you first go into the valley to the right after the wrecked phantom, look to your left where you will see a huge boulder. Use a ghost and get to the side of the boulder that is closest to the bridge overhead. It is easy to pilot the ghost up the side of the wall using the thrust. To get the skull, pilot 2 ghosts up the wall to the top of the bridge and stack them one on top of another next to the beam where the skull is placed. Simply jump from the top of the ghosts towards the skull and land on the beam.

    Contributed By: jed512.

    0    3

  • Fog Skull

    Mission: Floodgate

    Effect: "You’ll miss those eyes in the back of your head." -- Your motion sensor disappears.

    As you are walking down from the anti-air gun you destroyed in the previous mission, you encounter a ramp (next to a missile launcher). Around this ramp, you hit a checkpoint. At this point, you should also hear a marine yelling, “There! Over There!”. Look up and to the right, directly at the roof of the building next to the missle launcher. There is a single flood form (not to be mistaken with the two other flood forms jumping in front of you) which is holding the skull. Kill him before he jumps, and he will drop the skull down to the ground where you can retrieve it. Too early, and the skull will get stuck on the roof though, so just time it carefully.

    Contributed By: jed512.

    1    2

  • Grunt Birthday Party skull

    Effect: Headshots on grunts cause heads to explode with confetti.

    Where to find: Crow's Nest

    How to find: Right after the first objective, while en route to the barracks, you will fall down onto a pipe. At the end of this pipe, look over the edge to see a small space a few feet below you. You must simply drop over and as quicly as you can, pull back to land under the floor you were just on. After that, the skull will be at the end.

    Contributed By: Malcrasternus.

    1    3

  • Heretic Skull

    In forge mode, fly to the top of the room in monitor mode. Go the platform with the sword on it. It’s shaped like a letter c or pacman. Turn right and fly over to the open room. Place a grav lift just before you enter it and jump, the skull is on a ledge just above the doorway, just in front of some vents.

    Contributed By: LiamMcluckie.

    0    3

  • Iron Skull

    Effect: When either player dies in Co-Op on any difficulty both players will restart at last check point or in single player if you die you restart the level.

    Where to Find: Sierra 117

    How to find: In the area where you rescue Sarge, behind the prison cell is a large ledge. Got to the far right side and jump on the boxes, then onto the pipes to get up on the ledge, goto the far end of the ledge, turning two corners the skull is at the far end.

    Contributed By: Scilidh.

    0    3

  • IWHBYD Skull

    Mission: The Covenant

    Effect: "But the dog beat me over the fence" - Unlocks bonus dialogue throughout the game. For most, this is the last skull, so this gives you the Hayabusa Helmet as well.

    To get this, get to the room where you "fight" the Prophet of Truth. Let the Arbiter kill him, turn around, and kill all the Flood here as well; makes it a LOT easier. With all obstacles out of the way, you need to jump through the Halo holograms here in a specific order, listed below:

    4 6 5 4 5 3 4

    When you jump through the final hologram, they all light up in a sequential pattern. The Skull will be at the end waiting for you right before the energy bridge leading to Truth's corpse.

    Contributed By: pacokorn77.

    5    2

  • Longshore Skull

    In forge mode, look for a red sign with a fish on it. It says "Fronks". Fly right up to it in monitor mode, then turn right. You should find an air vent. Fly over to it, and the skull should be at the bottom. Go higher then turn back into your character whilst holding the RB button to grab the skull on your fall down to the ground. Alternatively, use items as platforms to reach it.

    Contributed By: LiamMcluckie.

    0    4

  • Mythic Skull

    Effect: Every enemy on the field now has double their normal amount of health.

    Where to find: Halo

    How to find: As soon as the mission starts walk up the hill in front of you and into the cave. Hug the right side of the cave and after a large boulder you will see a path on your right, just take the short path and it will be at the end.

    Contributed By: oOMaverickOo.

    0    3

  • Orbital Skull

    Load up Orbital in forge mode, find the open area (the place with the two traffic cones and a pit you can fall down). In monitor mode (press up on the d-pad), fly all the way to the top and the skull is lying on a vent in one of the corners.

    Contributed By: LiamMcluckie.

    0    3

  • Sandbox Skull

    In Sandbox, fly to the heighest possible point in the map. Look around till you can see the sun (not the "red light" on one side of the map) on the horizon, inbetween two Guardian towers. Turn right and face inbetween the next pair of Guardian towers (so the tower on the right of the sun is now the tower on the left). The skull is located outside of the map in this direction. If you are having trouble spotting it, try and use the zoom of a sniper rifle or beam rifle. There are several methods of obtaining the skull. You can use bubble shields, tube pieces and shield doors to form a tunnel, or you may fly over the skull and drop a teleporter exit so you can teleport to it directly. There are also several maps you can download on fileshare to gain easy access to the skull.

    Contributed By: LiamMcluckie.

    0    3

  • The 7 Terminals

    The Ark:

    1. Start the mission and once you enter the first building take a left into another door and now you should be in a curved corridor. On the inside is a Terminal.
    2. After activating the bridge to let your comrades accross the gap, do a 180 and you should see it. (it does not open until you activate the bridge)
    3. In the third building after defeating the scarab, kill the group of sleeping covenant, then follow the corridor downwards. Once you reach a door in front that is locked, immediately on the left there's an open door. Go through and walk straight off, then do a 180 to find a secret room. It is in there.

    The Covenant:

    1. When in the first tower standing on the lift, face the access panel and turn left. Jump over and it's right there.
    2. Land your hornet on the second tower, walk towards the entrance but when you see the locked door, do a 180. Should be right in front of you.
    3. When in the third tower standing on the lift, face the access panel and turn right. Jump over and it's right there.


    1. After reaching the end of the first cave, hug the right wall and you will see a building. Jump up onto the walkway and hang a left once inside. It's right there.

    Contributed By: jed512.

    0    3

  • Thunderstorm Skull

    Mission: The Covenant

    Effect: "Field promotions for everyone!" -- Upgrades enemies to their stronger versions.

    After you shut down tower 1 and get access to the hornet, fly to tower 2 (the one the arbiter shut down). While walking up the stairs, go to the middle part that connects both and there should be a stair leading up to a platform where the skull is.

    Contributed By: jed512.

    0    2

  • Tilt Skull

    Mission: Cortana

    Effect: "What was once resistant is now immunity" -- Enemies have different body parts that may be resistance to certain bullet types

    When in the circular type room with all the flood look for a small structure piece next to two archways, jump on top if it and up on the rocks to the top left, turn left and jump up again, then do a 180 and jump to the rocks across from you. After that follow the the rock sticking out and leading up on top of of the original circular room, the skull will be in a pile of blood.

    Contributed By: jed512.

    1    1

  • Tough Luck Skull

    Effect: Enemies do saving throws

    Where to find: Tsavo Highway

    On Tsavo Highway, about halfway through the mission (right after you are forced to walk through a large blue barrier), you will come out of a tunnel on the highway, and see a large pipeline on your left. Drop down in between the two, and run to the wall in front of you. Follow the wall all the way to where it connects with the cliff on your right, and turn to the left. There should be a few ledges--simply crouch jump from ledge to ledge, and the last one should have the "Tough Luck" skull on it.

    Contributed By: Mortal_Esteban.

    2    1

Halo 3: ODST Cheats


  • Firefight Missions

    Complete certain campaign missions to unlock new maps for the Firefight game mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alpha SiteComplete the ONI Alpha Site campaign mission on any difficulty.
    Chasm TenComplete the Date Hive campaign mission on any difficulty.
    Last ExitComplete the Coastal Highway campaign mission on any difficulty.
    Lost PlatoonComplete the Uplift Reserve campaign mission on any difficulty.

    Contributed By: Torkzor.

    1    1

  • Firefight Unlockable Characters

    Perform the task to unlock characters for use in Firefight mode.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "Buck" Firefight CharacterComplete "Tayari Plaza" on Normal or higher.
    "Dare" Firefight CharacterComplete the Campaign on Legendary difficulty.
    "Dutch" Firefight CharacterComplete "Uplift Reserve" on Normal or higher.
    "Mickey" Firefight CharacterComplete "Kizingo Boulevard" on Normal or higher.
    "Romeo" CharacterComplete "NMPD HQ" on Normal or higher.

    Contributed By: DarthRandall.

    2    2

Halo 4 Cheats


  • Avatar Awards

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Knight HelmetUnlock the "Knight in White Assassination" achievement to earn this award.
    Platinum Mark VI HelmetUnlock the "Wake Up, John" achievement to earn this award.
    UNSC Infinity HoodieUnlock the "Not Some Recruit Anymore" achievement to earn this award.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

    7    3

  • Legendary Completion Unlockables

    After completing the Campaign on Legendary, Single Player or Co-op, you will unlock a few features to be used in Infinity.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    "117" EmblemBeat the Campaign on Legendary
    Legendary VisorBeat the Campaign on Legendary
    Mark VI ArmorBeat the Campaign on Legendary

    Contributed By: Souperintendent.

    6    5

  • Specialization Unlocks

    This list is to show the unlocks go in each specialization

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    1st Set of ArmorReach specialization ranks 2-4 to unlock the entire 1st set
    2nd Set of ArmorReach specialization ranks 7-9 to unlock the entire 2nd set
    Specialization Package ModReach specialization rank 10
    Specialization VisorReach specialization rank 6
    Weapon with Alternate SkinReach specialization rank 5

    Contributed By: skeith2020.

    1    7

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Cheats


  • Extra Credits for Halo Reach + Bonus 11th Terminal Video on Waypoint

    At the end of each Terminal video, you are presented with a code comprised of 5 Forerunner symbols. Pause the videos at this point and take pictures of the codes or draw them on a piece of paper. Log in to the Halo Waypoint console app and press "X" at the main menu. You will then be presented with a series of colored circles on-screen. Press the face buttons that correspond to the color pattern from left to right (i.e. Blue-Green-Blue-Red-Yellow-Blue will translate to X A X B Y X). If this is your first time accessing this hidden section of the app, you will immediately be presented with the code entry screen. Enter the codes you copied earlier by highlighting the Forerunner symbols that correspond to the codes you logged and pressing "A". Then confirm the code by highlighting the 3-arrow symbol and pressing "A". For every code you enter successfully, you will 1) unlock the corresponding Terminal video for use in Waypoint, 2) earn 7,000 credits each for the first 9 terminals, from "The Pillar of Autumn" to "Keyes"; unlocking the Terminal video from "The Maw" will net you a whopping 32,000 credits. And 3) upon entering all 10 codes, you will unlock a special 11th Terminal video that can only be viewed in Waypoint. To go back to the Waypoint main menu, select "Reset Terminal" at the Secret Terminal menu. Note that whenever you do a fresh boot of Waypoint, you will still need to press "X" at the main menu and enter the color-code in order to access the Secret Terminal menu if you want to view the videos again. You will find them in the "Alpha Halo Archive" Data Set.

    Contributed By: Shockwave_S08.

    0    6

Secret Items

  • Bandanna Skull

    This skull which gives you unlimited ammo can be found on the fourth mission: The Silent Cartographer, after the covenant lock the doors you have to go to the security override building. In the tunnel before activating the console, turn right, go outside then turn right again and you should see the exterior of the tunnel you came through, the skull is on top of this tunnel at the far end. To get to it, you need to grenade jump (throw a grenade, jump and the force of it makes you jump higher) onto the structure and grab the skull.

    Bandanna SkullThe Silent Cartographer, before activating the security override console

    Contributed By: LtCmdrShepard.

    4    0

  • Black Eye Skull

    This skull which when turned on, only melee attacks restore your shields can be found in "The Library" and requires a grenade jump (Throwing a grenade at your feet and the force of it should propel you higher) , It is located right at the start before you enter the big round room where the index is located. There are vents on the wall where flood come out of. With your back facing the entrance to the index chamber, the skull is located in the vent to your right, grenade jump on to the platform in front of it then jump normally into the vent, move towards the end of the vent and you should pick it up.

    Black Eye SkullThe Library, in the vent right before entering the index chamber.

    Contributed By: LtCmdrShepard.

    0    3

  • Boom Skull

    "Explosions have twice the damage radius. Light fuse, run away." This skull can be found in "Halo" right before the tunnel. When approaching the tunnel by warthog, drive to the right, get out, and walk up the narrow path until you reach the skull.

    Contributed By: Dr_Mo.

    0    4

  • Eye Patch Skull

    The Eye Patch Skull is located on the level The Library. When you reach the very end of the level there is a door that opens and you would normally walk straight across a bridge and end the level on the elevator which leads to the Index; however, the skull is located beyond this (the opposite side of the level) so you'll have to take a small hike around to get there. Finally after a decade of Halo we can deactivate auto aim! You must have on the new graphics.

    Eye Patch SkullOn The Library at the very end on the far side of the elevator that leads to the Index.

    Contributed By: ObligatoryFate.

    1    0

  • Famine Skull

    The Famine Skull is located on the level Silent Cartographer. At the beginning of the level just turn around and walk around the island until you reach the large rock where the Pelican crash site is later located (where you obtain the rocket launcher and below the entrance to unlock the door). Walk up the rock to the top and claim the skull.

    Famine SkullOn Silent Cartographer on the large rock where the Pelican crash site is located.

    Contributed By: ObligatoryFate.

    2    0

  • Fog Skull

    This skull which disables the players radar can be located in "Assault on the control room" and requires a grenade jump (throwing at your feet , jump and the force of it makes you jump higher), after going down the first elevator, there will be a transparent object in the middle of the room with fog going through it and 4 platforms around it. You need to grenade jump onto a specific platform. Its the one that looks different front the other 3, and grenade jump onto it by first climbing onto the ledge behind it then throwing a grenade right at your feet. Once onto the platform you need to jump into the vent on top of the fog platform, the skull is located right inside here.

    Fog SkullAssault on the control room, center of the room with the fog after coming down the elevator

    Contributed By: LtCmdrShepard.

    1    0

  • Foreigner Skull

    This skull can be found on the level Truth and Reconciliation in the large hanger before the brig (which has the Covenant drop ship that Keys will pilot at the end) on the lower level. The skull is inside the door farthest from where you initially enter the room and to the right. The door is locked and only lets enemies enter the fight, so you need to run for the door when it is opening lest you should lose your chance.

    Foreigner SkullTruth and Reconciliation, large hanger side door prior to arriving at the Brig.

    Contributed By: ObligatoryFate.

    2    0

  • Grunt Birthday Party Skull

    This skull is located on the last mission"The Maw", right where Foehammer comes to pick you up. When going to the nav point where she picks you up, go right past the center where you are supposed to stop and look to the right, you should see some kind of railing sticking out of the platform. Climb onto it and the skull is right at the far end.

    Grunt Birthday Party SkullThe Maw: Right where Foehammer comes to pick you up.

    Contributed By: LtCmdrShepard.

    1    0

  • Iron Skull

    "Death carries a heavy price. Dying in co-op resets you at your last saved checkpoint. Dying solo restarts the level." This skull can be found in "The Pillar of Autumn" at the beginning of the level. Once you gain control, turn around and look behind two large boxes by the wall.

    Iron SkullThe Pillar of Autumn

    Contributed By: Dr_Mo.

    2    0

  • Malfunction Skull

    The Malfunction Skull is located on the level Assault on the Control Room in an under ground section (which is past the frozen lake with the two Wraiths and the Banshee). When you first arrive in this large subterranean area there is a turret on a broken bridge to the right. Walk toward the bridge and look down in the chasm to the left of the bridge; there you'll see a conduit with the skull waiting for you. The updated graphics need to be enable to find and obtain skulls.

    Malfunction SkullOn Assault on the Control Room left of the broken bridge in the underground.

    Contributed By: ObligatoryFate.

    2    0

  • Mythic Skull

    At the start of the level Halo head toward the large waterfall. The skull will be behind the large rock that has plants growing down above it.

    Mythic SkullStart of the level Halo behind the large rock by the waterfall

    Contributed By: Blobboy234.

    1    0

  • Piñata Skull

    The Piñata Skull is located on the level Two Betrayals. The chapter title "Final Run" will appear as you exit a tunnel from the underground (the area with the broken bridge) and Cortana will mark Pulse Generator #3 with a navigation point. The skull is located above the tunnel (where a Wraith was located on Assault on the Control Room). I recommend grenades or a Banshee to get up there; however, careful jumping will get you to the top on the left side (as you exit the tunnel). You need to have the updated graphics enabled.

    Piñata SkullOn Two Betrayals above the exit tunnel from the underground bridge on the chapter "Final Run".

    Contributed By: ObligatoryFate.

    2    0

  • Recession Skull

    The Recession Skull is obtainable on the level 343 Guilty Spark. At the start of the level you'll get off Pelican E419. Turn left to face the left side of a very large green glowing tree. Basically you need to keep this heading walking straight ahead and avoiding obstacles. You should come upon a hill with two trees and a bush in the middle. The skull is behind the bush. -alternate way- At the start of the level go forward and a little left to reach the downed Pelican drop ship. Jump on the Pelican. The Pelican is facing a tree with a large lower trunk and a rock at it's base; left of this tree is another tree a little farther away. Face the right side of the tree farther away and start walking. When you reach this tree you'll see a tree about straight ahead; you need to walk straight toward this tree and around it (don't change your bearings). After walking a ways you'll run into the steep hill that is the level boundary; to the right you'll see a hill with two trees with a bush in the middle. The skull is behind the bush. You must have on the updated graphics to obtain the skull.

    Recession SkullOn 343 Guilty Spark turn left at the start and walk in the direction of a large green glowing tree and keep going. It's on a hill behind a bush.

    Contributed By: ObligatoryFate.

    1    1

Halo: Reach Cheats


  • How to lower your gun.

    Get in a local game.

    Lowers your gun.Press/hold down on the d-pad, RS, reload and switch grenade.

    Contributed By: BAZZZINGAAA.

    13    9


  • Easy Avatar Carter's Helmet unlock

    Normally, you'd have to complete a level on Legendary without dying to get this. However, you can play up until just before the end and "Save and Quit" on a checkpoint. Then, Resume the game and finish the level (without dying for those last few parts). After you finish, you should get the Avatar Unlock pop-up.

    Contributed By: ITcore.

    8    3


  • Avatar Awards

    These awards can be used with your Avatar after meeting the requirements.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Carter's HelmetClear a Campaign mission on Legendary without dying.
    Emile's HelmetEarned a Bulltrue medal in either multiplayer or Firefight Matchmaking.
    Jorge's HelmetEarn a Killtacular in multiplayer Matchmaking.
    Jun's HelmetKill 100 enemies in a row without dying in either the Campaign or Firefight.
    Kat's HelmetAvenged a teammate's death in multiplayer Matchmaking

    Contributed By: Optimus Magnus.

    4    4

  • Multiplayer Nameplates

    All nameplates are activated under Account>Game Settings>Nameplates on

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Assault RifleHave played the Halo Reach Beta in May 2010
    Bungie NameplateActivate blue flames through iPhone/iPod app to unlock
    Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR)Subscribe to the Bungie Pro hosting service
    HALOUnlock the Halo, Halo 2 and Halo 3 nameplates
    Halo 2 logoHave played Halo 2 on Xbox Live before April 15, 2010
    Halo 3 logoPlay any Campaign level in Halo 3 while connected to Xbox Live
    Marathon Durandal symbolHave Marathon Durandal in your recently played games list and login at
    MJOLNIR Mk VI helmet logoUnlock any 4 of the Halo PC, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST or Halo Reach Beta nameplates
    ODST logoPlay Halo 3:ODST while connected to Xbox Live
    Original Halo logoRegister your Halo PC product code at
    Star NameplateActivate through Bungie Mobile iPhone/iPod app
    The Septagon (7th Column symbol)Join and login with your Gamertag's email address

    Contributed By: Microfox1 and Azn Playah.

    4    4

Easter Eggs

  • Easter Egg: Change Club Errera's Music and Brute Dance Party

    In Mission 7, you can change the music to the tracks "Never Surrender" and "Siege of Madrigal" in Club Errera. During Mission 7, once you get to the Club Errera part of the mission, head back to the hospital. Fly to a ledge below the usual entrance. If you chose the right one, when you get out you should see a green light. Once found, activate it and go back to Club Errera. Land and when you walk in the song "Never Surrender" will be playing. If you want to change the music again, go back to your Falcon and fly to the roof of Club Errera. Guess what, there's another switch. Activate it and the song "Siege of Madrigal" will now be playing. If you return to the dance club after you clear it out (Hunters included) then a Brute DJ will be spinning records, a Brute tends the bar and Grunts get freaky.

    Contributed By: ajd24.

    11    4

  • Master Chief Cameo

    Upon completing the final level (The Pillar of Autumn), you will see a cut-scene of the ship taking off. When the cut-scene starts, hold your aiming stick (it will be dependent on your control scheme) so that you would "turn right" normally. At the point when the UNSC shuttle docks at the Pillar of Autumn's landing bay, the camera will move to the right (if you were holding the stick to aim right) and catch a shot of a Spartan in a capsule. Should look familiar, right?

    Contributed By: ajd24.

    12    3

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