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Guide and Walkthrough by hellkite_7

Version: 1.65 | Updated: 10/11/2001


Welcome to my FAQ and walkthrough for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. 
Due to the inclusion of class-specific quests, it will be a long time 
before I complete this FAQ - but bear with me. Further versions will 
include all the extra quests I missed, as well as information on the 
different strongholds other classes can use.

From now on, each version I'll outline the stronghold quest for each 
class. With Paladin, Cleric, Thief and Fighter down, more are coming. 

Please note this FAQ is just one big spoiler, as it contains full 
information on every part of the game. If you only want tid-bits of 
help, then refer to the Q/A section just before the main FAQ.

Note that the appendices are now considerably larger and more in-depth, 
in particular my "Spellbook" which provides the world's most 
comprehensive magic-using guide.

By: Matt Gregory
E-mail: hellkite_7@hotmail.com
Version: 1.65

Please please please e-mail me. I'm after corrections in particular, as 
well as any hints or tips you have, your discoveries, and any quests 
I've missed. Include in the subject line "bgate2", and I'll try to give 
an answer if I can. If its specially good, I'll add your info in the 
next version, and you'll get mentioned in the credits section. OK - 
let's go...

Also, if you have any strategies or your opinions of what spells to 
take, what party to use, or anything, please e-mail in, it will almost 
certainly be included.

Having done this FAQ as "testing the waters" kind of thing, and having 
found them fairly hospitable, I'm going to really go for it in my next 
FAQ, which will be for Neverwinter Nights. In the meantime, I'll be 
honing this FAQ and possibly writing one for Baldur's Gate and maybe the 
unrepresented Discworld Noir.


If you like what you see, why not join the Dragon Mailing List, just e-
mail me and ask to join and you'll be added immediately, for updates on 
all my FAQ ventures.



1. Walkthrough: chapter 1
a. Irenicus' Dungeon Level 1
b. Irenicus' Dungeon Level 2
c. Waukeen's Promenade
2. Walkthrough: chapter 2
a. The slums
b. The city gate
c. The docks  **THIEF STRONGHOLD**
e. Government District  
f. The Bridge District
g. Graveyard District
h. The Planar Sphere  **MAGE STRONGHOLD**
3. Walkthrough: chapter 3
   a. The aid of the Shadow Thieves
4. Walkthrough: chapter 4
   a. Spellhold Island
b. Spellhold
c. The Underwater City
5. Walkthrough - chapter 5
a. The Underdark
b. Ust Natha
6. Walkthrough - chapter 6
a. Exit from the Underdark
b. Small Teeth Pass and North Woods
c. Graveyard revisited
d. Forest of Tethir
7. Walkthrough - chapter 7
a. Suldanessellar
b. Woodland Clearing
c. Hell
8. Walkthrough - other non-Athkatla areas 
a. D'Arnise Hold  **FIGHTER STRONGHOLD**
b. Windspear Hills  
c. Umar Hills  
d. Temple Ruins
e. Trademeet
f. Druid Grove

9. Walkthrough - chapter 8
   a. Early Sections
   b. Saradush
   c. Northern Forest

Notes on Slayer
Character Creation
Monster Fighting Tactics
Party Skills
NPC Breakdown
Other Miscellaneous Stuff
Baldur's Gate
Monster/NPC Info
Spell Tactics
Playing Multiplayer On Your Own
How To Kill A Dragon
Credits And Addendum


This section will reduce spoilers drastically for those of you wanting 
only minor pieces of spoil.

Chapter 1:

Q: How do I free Minsc and Jaheira?
A: The key on the table in the nearby room opens Jaheira's cell, and to 
free Minsc just keep talking to him.

Q: What do I do now?
A: You need to find the Sewage Golem and its activation stone. The Golem 
is in a circular room just off the second hallway, and the small chamber 
where you find Rielev is where you get the stone. Give the stone to the 
Golem to get past the locked doors.

Q: What am I looking for?
A: A portal key that will grant access to the upper levels. The key is 
found in the Mistress' room just beyond the wooded area.

Q: What do the dryads do?
A: There are two quests they help you with/give you. You really have to 
look down for more info - I can't cover that here.

Q: How do I get past those damn wands?
A: You need to use the wand keys with the pedestals, they will release 
the wands, so you won't get blasted by them - in fact you get them with 
one charge each.

Q: Where do I go from here?
A: The passage to the right just before the wands leads to the exit. 
Just follow this.

Q: What was the point of all that with the wands then?!?
A: There are other passages beyond there which lead to magic items and a 
bit of experience. It's worth it.

Q: Now I'm out of there, what do I do?
A: Stock up at the various shops. From there, go to the Slums.

Chapter 2:

Q: How do I free Imoen?
A: For good characters, take Gaelan Bayle's offer. Evil characters will 
soon have the option of taking an offer from Bodhi.

Q: So I can't free her straight away then?
A: Nope, you've got a long wait for that.

Q: So, where do I go now?
A: Search for quests! There are hundreds, do as many as possible for 

Q: Which NPCs should I use?
A: Look in the appendices for the guide to managing your party.

Q: OK, so what do I do now I've got some experience and neat items?
A: Complete the appropriate quest to find Imoen... Just follow the 
instructions from the Shadow Thieves or the Vampires.

Chapter 3:

Q: What do I do now?
A: Exactly what you're told to do. You'll get experience, items, and a 
boat to chapter 4.

Chapter 4:

Q: OK, where the hell am I?
A: On Brynnlaw, Spellhold Island. You've got to try and infiltrate 
Spellhold, basically.

Q: How???
A: There are two ways, but look down into the appropriate section for 
more detailed info. One involves getting a pass-key thing, the other 
getting people to believe you're mad and put you there.

Q: Er... I've just been caught by Irenicus. Help???
A: This bit's hard, and you'll do a lot of dungeoneering now. You have 
to escape this dungeon - plenty of distractions here. You need the hand 
of the vampire to open the door, then the statue horns to leave the door 
on the next level. After this, just do as you're told.

Q: That was tough - now what?
A: Enter the asylum, offer the bloke the middle amount of money. Now 
fight Irenicus - at 1hp, he flees. Now you get the option of the long 
but lots of stuff way (by boat) or straight to the Underdark.

Q: OK, I'm in the Sahaugin City. What do I do?
A: You need to get the artefact in the weird Drow quarter of the city 
(in the south). Join with the rebels, then, when all is done, enter the 
Underdark with the rope.

Chapter 5:

Q: Where do I go?
A: First to the city of gnomes in the N. Then follow the quests to a 
Silver Dragon then throughout Ust Natha. Eventually you will get out.

Q: Do I follow all the Drow quests?
A: All but one. Don't kill Solaufein, and he'll help you. Keep the real 
eggs and use the other two to fool both the Drow.

Q: Hey, now my romantic NPC hates me!
A: Yep, that happens when you sleep with the Drow. Sorry.

Q: OK, now I'm trying to get out. Help?
A: Keep following the path, wading through all the Drow. Not easy, but 
eventually you'll get out, no problem!

Chapter 6:

Q: Do I co-operate with the elves?
A: Yes - fully. Tell the truth, and agree to help them.

Q: I met Drizzt - what do I do?
A: He can help you, but if you kill him, he carries some of the best 
magic items in the game!

Q: Where's the Lanthorn?
A: Bodhi has it in the crypts under the Graveyard District. This quest 
also gets Imoen's soul back. She's exceptionally well guarded though.

Q: I got the Lanthorn. What now?
A: Take it back to the Elves. Agree to help them in Suldanesselar, and 
they'll grant you access.

Chapter 7:

Q: Where do I go?
A: You need the artefacts that will awake the Avatar that will break 
down the gate to Elliseme's palace. When you have the artefacts, the 
Avatar will break the gates down. Also get the two stone instruments - 
you'll need them.

Q: I'm in the palace, what do I do now?
A: Get the nuts from the tree, and place the stone instruments on the 
statues to reveal the passage to the Tree of Life.

Q: What do I do here?
A: You need to kill the three parasites on the tree, when you attack 
each one it will release elementals to defend it. Kill them then the 
parasite dies easily. You are now taken to Irenicus, and you have to 
kill him.

Q: What's going on? I killed him!!
A: Yep, but you've just been sucked down to hell. All you party and 
items are restored (despite death) and you need to find the Tears of 
Bhaal to get through the door.

Q: Where are they?
A: Down each tunnel is a challenge of some description - complete them 
for a Tear of Bhaal. When you have the lot, break the seals on the door 
for the final fight - Irenicus as the Slayer and four Demons. Kill him 
and you complete the game.

Other sections:


Q: What is besieging the hold?
A: Yuan-ti and Trolls. There are a few Umber Hulks too.

Q: Where's the boss of the Trolls?
A: On the second floor you find a secret door leading to a spiral 
staircase. Go down here. There are some enemies then you reach a bunch 
of trolls including their boss.


Q: Where's Fikraag gone?
A: He is in fact the main man behind a big plot. He's the bad guy here.

Q: What do I do?
A: Go down the dungeon in the NE, it's very hard but ultimately very 
rewarding. Look down for full information, I can't cover it all here.


Q: Who do I help?
A: Minister Lloyd - assure him it's not Madaulf but in fact go to the 
Temple Ruins, complete that then tell him you have and you get credit 
for it.

Q: Where's Valygar?
A: Whatever your purpose with him, he's in a cabin in the NW, guarded by 
a few rangers.


Q: That werewolf - what do I do with her?
A: Let her help you, she is handy against the Shade Lord.

Q: How do I stop those Shadows at the entrance?
A: Activate the stained glass window. Then they all die.

Q: There's that Indy-style letters puzzle, what's the name?
A: "Amunator".


Q: What's there to do here?
A: A few quests, nothing major. Be sure to pick up the Mana bow +4 - 
it's in the cave in the E of the area.


Q: What do the Dao Genies want?
A: In the Druid Grove area there is a cottage containing three 
Rakshasas, get the leader's head and give it to them.

Q: Who do I help?
A: No real difference - if you're skint help one of the families, 
otherwise aid the High Merchant.


Q: Where in the name of hades is the Grove?
A: In the NW. It's a bit hard to find.

Q: Where do I find other distractions?
A: The Troll Cave/Ogre Tower provide magic items and monsters to bash.


In this main walkthrough there are countless spoilers, so beware!

A few points about this walkthrough: First, that I often use a map 
reference - to discover a reference place your cursor over the spot you 
want to find the reference of and press X (you can configure this in the 
BGConfig); second, it is assumed you are playing on Core Rules 
difficulty setting; lastly, each section is split into the Walkthrough, 
the things you MUST do, and the optional quests, which I recommend doing 
as they get you extra experience and treasure.

All NPCs get a score in stars. This goes as follows:

* - Awful, don't go near with a sharp stick.
** - Bad, avoid unless you have a very good reason.
*** - Quite good, OK but think hard before including them.
**** - Very good, excellent at what they do and worthwhile having.
***** - Exceptional, don't hesitate to use them!

Most shops are mentioned below. I will list all unusual items they sell, 
but there are three lists here: Mundane, Standard Magical and Potions, 
which are considerably more common - I'll simply state that "this shop 
uses the Mundane items list" or whatever. Note these lists assume an 
"average" reputation and charisma 18.


Battleaxe - 7 gp
5 Throwing Axes - 7 gp
Club - 1 gp
Flail - 21 gp
Mace - 11 gp
Morning Star - 14 gp
Dagger - 2 gp
10 Throwing Daggers - 14 gp
10 Darts - 1 gp
Halberd - 14 gp
Warhammer - 2 gp
Sling - 1 gp
Spear - 1 gp
Quarterstaff - 1 gp
Bastard Sword - 35 gp
Longsword - 21 gp
Short Sword - 14 gp
Scimitar - 77 gp
Katana - 700 gp
Wakizashi - 70 gp*
Ninja-to - 16 gp*
Two-handed Sword - 70 gp
Heavy Crossbow - 70 gp
Light Crossbow - 49 gp
Shortbow - 42 gp
Longbow - 105 gp
Composite Longbow - 140 gp
40 Arrows/Bolts/Bullets - 1 gp
Chainmail - 105 gp
Splint Mail - 112 gp
Leather Armour - 7 gp
Studded Leather Armour - 28 gp
Plate Mail - 840 gp
Full Plate Mail - 8400 gp
Small Shield - 4 gp
Medium Shield - 9 gp
Buckler - 1 gp
Helmet - 7 gp

* Not all shops stocking this list have these swords available.


Battleaxe +1 - 2100 gp
Flail +1 - 2800 gp
Mace +1 - 2100 gp
Dagger +1 - 420 gp
20 Darts +1 - 224 gp
Warhammer +1 - 2100 gp
Spear +1 - 1400 gp
Longsword +1 - 1750 gp
Short Sword +1 - 1120 gp
Scimitar +1 - 1400 gp
Katana +1 - 1400 gp
Two-handed Sword +1 - 1260 gp
Heavy Crossbow +1 - 4200 gp
Light Crossbow +1 - 3500 gp
Longbow +1 - 2240 gp
Composite Longbow +1 - 3500 gp
Shortbow +1 - 490 gp
40 Arrows/Bolts +1 - 280 gp
40 Bullets +1 - 448 gp
40 Arrows/Bolts +2 - 560 gp
40 Bullets +2 - 840 gp
Splint Mail +1 - 2800 gp
Plate Mail +1 - 7000 gp
Large Shield +1 - 2800 gp
Small Shield +1 - 1400 gp
Medium Shield +1 - 2100 gp
Protection Scrolls - 1050 gp
Protection from Petrification - 840 gp
Protection from Magic - 2800 gp
Level 1 Scrolls - 140 gp
Level 2 Scrolls - 280 gp
Level 3 Scrolls - 420 gp
Level 4 Scrolls - 700 gp
Level 5 Scrolls - 1400 gp
Level 6 Scrolls - 2800 gp

NOTE: Some scroll costs can vary.


Potion of Healing - 105 gp
Potion of Extra Healing - 630 gp
Antidote - 140 gp
Elixir of Health - 350 gp
Oil of Speed - 700 gp
Potion of Invisibility - 350 gp
Potion of Fire Resistance - 560 gp
Potion of Cold Resistance - 350 gp
Potion of Heroism - 1120 gp
Potion of Strength - 490 gp
Potion of Frost Giant Strength - 1050 gp
Potion of Agility - 420 gp
Potion of Firebreath - 350 gp
Potion of Insulation - 238 gp
Potion of Master Thievery - 560 gp
Potion of Perception - 490 gp
Potion of Regeneration - 700 gp
Potion of Freedom - 350 gp
Potion of Insight - 393 gp
Potion of Genius - 393 gp
Potion of Mind Focusing - 655 gp



Cure Light Wounds - 50 gp
Dispel Magic - 200 gp
Remove Curse - 300 gp
Cure Serious Wounds - 150 gp
Slow Poison - 150 gp
Raise Dead - 800 gp
Cure Critical Wounds - 200 gp
Heal - 750 gp
Resurrection - 1200 gp
Greater Restoration - 750 gp



Cost to add +1 to Reputation      Current Reputation

          1500                             1
          1200                             2
          1000                             3
          1000                             4
          500                              5
          400                              6
          200                              7
          300                              8
          400                              9
          500                              10
          700                              11
          900                              12
          1200                             13
          1500                             14
          2000                             15
          2500                             16
          5000                             17
           -                               18+

Scrolls and Potions

A few items from the lists above plus the following scrolls:

Neutralise Poison - 624 gp
Raise Dead - 4585 gp
Restoration - 982 gp


Any item for 100 gp.

1.a. Irenicus' Dungeon Level 1 (AR 0602)


Having fled Baldur's Gate due to your lineage, you were captured, and 
now awake trapped in the dungeon of the evil mage Irenicus, undergoing 
torture or "experiments". As the Shadow Thieves break in, you take 
advantage of the confusion to attempt to escape.

Monsters: Goblins, lesser clay golems, mephits (lightning, ice, steam, 
smoke, mineral, dust, fire, air), duergars, 1 cambion, 1 ogre mage, 1 

Treasures: Long sword +1, Bastard sword +1, Helmet of infravision, 
Bracers of defence AC 8, Amulet of Metaspell Influence, Helm of 
Balduran, Quaterstaff +1, Mail of the Dead +2, Sword of Chaos +2, Dagger 

NPCs: Imoen, Jaheira, Minsc. 

Imoen       9  18  16  17  11  16   Human  Mage/Thief  Neutral Good

     Imoen is your foster sister, also an oprphan brought up by Gorion,  
     and the same age as you. After travelling with you she too has 
     been captured by Irenicus.

     Found: Appears at very beginning.

     Score: ***
            Good mage, OK thief, but poor at fighting - seeing as you 
            lose her soon on in the game her score doesn't matter too 
            much - use Jan instead.

     NOTE: Imoen's Belt, which cannot be removed, prevents her from
           dying and protects her from the effects of most spells, so
           she can survive the dungeon for the sake of the plot.

Jaheira     15  17  17  10  14  15   Half-elf  Fighter/Druid  Neutral 

     Jaheira was a friend of Gorion, and her and her husband Khalid
     agreed to protect you after he died. However, they too have been
     captured and while Jaheira is found in a locked cell, Khalid is
     nowhere to be seen. They were both members of the Harpers, that 
     semi-secret force of good to which Elminster belongs.

     Found: In a locked cage in the room you start. The key is in the 
            room with the weapons on the table.

     Score: ***
            Good stats, but in the long run a fighter/druid is of 
            little use, as they have limited access to equipment and
            cast less well than clerics.

Minsc      18/98 16  16  8  6   9    Human     Ranger    Chaotic Good 

     Minsc was the guardian of the witch Dynaheir, who, after picking
     up a nasty head wound, has been going increasingly more insane, to
     the point where he has befriended a miniature giant space hamster
     (he claims) called Boo. He thinks Boo is a source of wisdom who
     gives him advice. Nevertheless he is unfailingly loyal.

     Found: In a cage near Jaheira. Simply keep talking to him to set 
            him free.

     Score: ****
            Very good physical stats and a excellent fighter, the only 
            reason he gets four stars is his terrible mental stats, but
            these are unimportant to his class - Minsc is one of the 
            best warriors in the game.

After the opening cut-scenes, Imoen will come up to you and free you. Be 
nice to her and she'll join your party.


Head to the north-west room as she advises. Equip yourself with weapons 
and armour and take the key. If you open the locked/trapped picture at 
(x 3120 y 2690) you get:

     Dagger +1
     3 Potions of Healing
     (Golden Pantaloons, if you imported with them from BG1)

There is a smoke mephit along the corridor past the door the golem is 

     NOTE: To kill the jailkeep golem, buff up a priest and get him to
     cast Spiritual Hammer. If the priest kills the golem it is worth
     5000 xps.


To free Jaheira (x 3898 y 2675), a half-elf fighter/druid, talk to her 
using dialogue options 4 then 2, then with the key from the equipment
room you can open the door and she'll join (3000 xps).

To free Minsc (x 4025 y 2758), a mad human ranger and his pet hamster 
Boo, simply talk to him, saying whatever you like. Eventually he'll 
break free of his cage. Now be nice to him and he'll join your party 
(3000 xps).


Now carry along the W passage into a room with a large blue machine in 
the middle. Every time the machine throws out a bolt of lightning, it 
creates a lightning mephit. To turn the machine off "use" the control 
panel on the wall (x 2864 y 3086) twice (2000 xps).

     NOTE: Lots of "use" items require two clicks - one to identify
     what it does and the second to actually use it. 


Now carry on into a room filled with crystals. Talk to Aataqh and answer 
his riddle. If you say you'd press the button, he'll summon an Ogre 
Mage. Answer you'd not press the button and he'll summon a group of 
panicked gibberlings. He'll come back to talk to you afterwards and give 
you the clue to talk to Rielev.

The pools around the edge provide interesting reading but nothing more.

There are some goblins through both exits but the N one is locked so use 
the W one. To kill goblins get rid of the archers first, they're the 
only half-dangerous ones.


Head W still. Enter the room with the sewage golem at the junction past 
the goblins. Talk to it, if you pretend to be it's master, it'll tell 
you to find the activation stone which Rielev has. Search the room for 
goodies, inc:

     Long sword +1
     Spells (Flame Arrow, Dispel Magic)
     3 Potions of Extra Healing
     1 Healing Potion
     Some mundane items (5 arrows, 2 scimitars, warhammer, spear, medium 

In the panelled corridors, enter the first room on the right, and talk 
to Rielev. Agree to release him (4000 xps) for some energy cells which 
you CAN use on the bodies in the room W of the sewage golem for some 
weird dialogue. At least be sure to search that room thoroughly. There 

     Quaterstaff +1
     1 gp
     Some mundane items (5 arrows, 6 bullets, short bow)

And in Rielev's room:

     Activation Stone
     2 Potions of Healing
     Mundane items (Sling, 8 bullets, halberd, warhammer)

Get the activation stone from Rielev's table and give it to the sewage 
golem (3000 xps). Follow it and enter one of the doors it opens. The 
otyugh in the central room can only be harmed with magic. The various 
boxes (one of them is trapped) contain:

     Helm of Infravision
     Spells (Clairvoyance, Vocalise)
     7 Potions of Healing
     1 Oil of Speed
     Mundane items (10 bolts, splint mail, light crossbow)

And the otyugh itself has the wand of frost key.


Now head up the passage to the master's room, complete with lots of 
traps. Search it, get the Air Elemental Statue. There is also:

     Amulet of Metaspell Influence
     Helm of Balduran
     Wand of lightning key

Go South-east, past the dryads, down to the Mistress's room. In here are 
even more traps plus:

     Portal Key
     Spell (Dire Charm)
     Wand of key

     NOTE: The Portal Key cannot be removed from an inventory, so 
     make sure Imoen takes it, or one party member will be stuck with
     it permanently. Imoen doesn't have it again in Spellhold.

When you go back you may encounter the two lesser clay golems that were 
standing inert back in the panelled corridors. They can only be harmed 
by melee weapons.

Now you have the portal go back through the master's room into the 
portal room, search it for:
     Spells (Fireball, Armour)
     20 bullets

Now simply "use" the portal to be teleported to the next level of the 



The room beyond the pannelled coridors and the one beyond that. In the 
library is a band of goblins and a lone mephit. Deal with them and loot 
the room for:

     Spells (Larloch's Minor Drain, Know Alignment)
     5 Potions of Healing
     1 Potion of Extra Healing
     1 Oil of Speed
     Agni Mani Necklace
     LOTS of books!

The linking corridor is guarded by a fire mephit. In the guardroom can 
be found Illyich and his group of duergars (evil underground dwarfs). 
They have crossbows and one of them is a mage. Casting Fireball and 
Summon Insects is a brilliant way of killing half of them and stopping 
the mage casting. Illyich himself has the Mail of the Dead +2 and the 
acorns for the Dryads's quest. The ordinary duergars have basic 
equipment and gold and the mage has just gold. Loot the various tables, 
chests and barrels for:

     Spell (Grease)
     2 Potions of Healing
     4 Potions of Extra Healing
     Lots of mundane equipment


Carry on down the trapped corridor past the guardroom to arrive in a 
room with a bizarre machine and a force field-protected cambion. To 
disable the force field use the whirring machine twice. The cambion has 
a Bastard Sword +1 and some gold.


In between these two quests there is a door. This can only be opened 
with the air elemental statue from the master's room. Inside are lots of 

The first branch of this wooden structure leads to a mephit-guarded 
Summon Air Elemental scroll. If you carry on the main route, then at x 
310 y 558 you will find a genie flask. Use it to summon a djinni. He 
tells you that if you retrieve his true flask and hence his freedom, he 
will give you a weapon belonging to you that he possesses. 

The true flask is held by the dryads in the forested area between the 
two bedrooms. Ask for it and they'll give it you. Return it to the 
djinni for 15000 xps and the Sword of Chaos +2, Sarevok's sword.


When you first encounter the dryads mentioned above they give you a 
quest to find some acorns held by the duergar Illyich and take them to 
the Fairy Queen in the Windspear Hills so they can be freed.

If you agree, then fetch the acorns from Illyich (the only way is to 
kill him and his friends, see above) and show the dryads you have them 
for 9500 xps.

The second part of this quest is found in the Windspear Hills section.

1.b. Irenicus' Dungeon Level 2 (AR 0603)


Continuing your attempt to escape from the nightmare dungeon of 
Irenicus, you are assisted by a mysterious rogue by the name of 

Monsters: Mephit portals, mephits (magma, ice, radiant, smoke and dust), 
goblins, duergars, 1 doppelganger, 1 vampire.

Treasure: Girdle of Bluntness, Ring of Protection +1.

NPCs: Yoshimo.

Yoshimo         17  18  16  13  10  14   Human  Bounty Hunter  Neutral 

     Yoshimo is a mysterious bounty hunter claiming to be from distant
     Kara-Tur. He also says he is a thief of high repute, though you
     have never heard of him. Whether you trust him or not is another 

     Found: Appears at beginning of second level.

     Score: *****     
            A superb thief, easily the best and also a competent 
            fighter when needed, there is really no problem with
            Yoshimo. He even gets five stars despite the fact he 
            betrays you - this guy is something special!

     NOTE: Comes with a Katana +1 that only he can use.

As you arrive on this side of the portal Yoshimo will appear with more 
explanations, and he can join your party (let him unless you are a 
thief). Search a crate beside the portal for a Hold Person scroll.


In the next room are four mephit portals through which mephits (radiant, 
smoke, ice and magma). To stop the mephits pouring through kill the 
portals (5000 xps each). The actual summoned mephits are worth no xps.

When they are dead, search the room, you can find a lot:

     Wand of Summoning, Fire and Cloudkill keys
     2 Potions of Extra Healing
     5 gp
     CURSED Scroll of Weakness
     3 Bolts +1
     Iol Gem
     Sunstone Gem
     Skydrop Gem
     Silver Necklace
     Gold Ring
     Mundane items (5 arrows, bastard sword)

Also, on the torture rack at x 1399 y 2420 is Khalid's body, the dead 
husband of Jaheira - if she is with you this will cause a lengthy piece 
of dialogue to occur, where she mourns for Khalid's death and gets very 
upset indeed.

Take the second of the two doors in the North-east corner of the room, 
carry along the corridor which is filled with goblins and mephits. On 
the bridge there is a deadly steam trap hal way across.


To exit the level directly take the first passage on the right and 
you'll never encounter any danger bar the two duergars who are easily 
despatched with ranged weapons.

If, however, you wish to do the quests down the other end, to get past 
the wands (arranged in this order: Missiles; frost; fireball; summoning; 
lightning; cloudkill), "use" the pedestals down the left hand side while 
you have the various wand keys. If you failed to collect a key along the 
way you can simply walk down the left keeping off the mosaics and still 
avoid the wand blasts.

Every time you disable a wand you are given that wand, unidentified, 
with one charge left each.

At the far end of the room is an unlocked, untrapped statue with a Ring 
of Protection +1 in it.


If you ignore the upper wand room and exit straight away (you must leave 
this way regardless), go along the first corridor on the right. In the 
very first room you reach a Shadow Thief with mage abilities and two 
bow-armed thieves will appear and, regardless of what you say, attack 
you. Kill them by taking out the mage first and other thieves second.

Now simply keep following this unguarded passage to reach the exit.



The room on the left contains a vampire which flees and leaves you to 
fight two Shadow Thieves. Nothing special about this, it's just a matter 
of a few extra xps.


In the North-east of the wand room there are two corridors. The second 
one leads through a goblin-guarded forge to a guardroom containing four 
duergars, one of whom is a mage. Once you have despatched them (nice and 
easy), loot the room:

     Girdle of Bluntness
     100 gp
     3 Potions of Healing
     Charm Person scroll
     Mundane items (Splint mail, chainmail, 40 arrows, mace)


The first corridor leads into a room with a division. On the other side 
of the division is Frennedan who asks to be rescued, first as an old man 
and if you refuse as a little boy. To state the obvious he is a 
doppelganger - attack him and the divide door opens and he attacks in 
his true shape.

Loot the room:

     Spells (Blur, Blindness, Color Spray, Knock, Invisibility)
     106 gp
     6 Bullets +1
     4 Arrows +1
     4 Bolts +1
     2 Potions of Extra Healing
     4 Elixirs of Health
     1 Potion of Firebreath
     Protection from Electricity Scroll
     CURSED Scroll of Foolishness
     1 Oil of Speed

If you agree to help him he'll follow you for a short while prior to 
assuming his natural shape and attacking you.


Back in the mephit portal room, the first of the two doors leads to a 
scuffle between an escaped clone (x 311 y 2228) of the mistress 
(Ellesime, as you will discover much later) and a Shadow Thief. The 
victor (basically the clone) will attack you. The clone casts Mirror 
Image, Minor Spell Turning and, given half a chance, Monster Summoning 
II, and is worth 1250 xps upon its death.

Search the room afterwards for:

     Wand of Missiles key
     Fireball Scroll
     1 gp
     Pearl Necklace
     7 arrows

1.c. Waukeen's Promenade (AR 0700)


Having miraculously escaped the dungeon if Jon Irenicus you reach the 
outside world where you emerge in the city of Athkatla, City of the 
Coin. However, though this should be welcome news, it is tainted with 
grief - Imoen has been taken by the Cowled Wizards along with Irenicus - 
and for now, there is nothing you can do to find her.

Monsters: Illusionary Werewolves, Shadows.

Treasures: Girdle of Piercing, Ring of Human Influence, War Hammer +1, 
CURSED Sword of Berserking +3, Cloak of Non-detection.

NPCs: Aerie.

Aerie           10  17  9  16  16  14    Elf  Mage/Cleric  Lawful Good 

     Aerie was a member of the winged elves, the Avariel, before being 
     captured as a circus showpiece. In her cage her wings wilted and
     now she has lost the gift of flight. Her saviour was a gnome by 
     the name of Quayle who took her on as a daughter - and now she is
     healthy enough to leave her new home.

     Found: Circus tent. She is the ogre that will transform into Aerie
            if given the Ogre Sword held by the "peasent" beasts.

     Score: ***
            A perfectly good spellcaster but possibly the most fragile
            NPC in the game - when I used her she died pretty much 
            every fifth encounter. Not terrible, but I recommend 
            avoiding her.

There is nothing compulsory to be done in Waukeen's Promenade, except 
leave for the Slums.



The major quest here is the circus tent. Talk to the guard outside and 
say you'll try to end the evil inside, he'll let you in. Inside, answer 
the genie on the bridge's riddle with dialogue option 3 (19500 xps). 
Enter the tent. If you want to leyt Aerie join, you need to agree to 
help her and get the Ogre's Sword off the "peasents" which transform 
when you attack them, and give it to her. If you refuse her she'll 
attack you. Freeing her gets you 18500 xps.

Enter the door guarded by the pleasure slave. Inside, kill all the 
monsters and enter the door at the top of the staircase (the genie will 
reappear and give some information). Search first the vases for some 

Inside this circular room, Kalah will try to kill you, but first he 
tries to kill Quayle while some monsters attack you. Use party members 
to disrupt Kalah's spellcasting, and deal with the monsters. KEEP QUAYLE 
ALIVE. Kill Kalah (2000 xps). He carries

     Ring of Human Influence
     Girdle of Piercing

Everything will be back to normal, and Aerie will stay with the group if 
you want. Take Kalah's treasure and leave. Outside, talk to the guard 
again for reputation +1.


In the Adventurer's Mart is a huge selection of magical goods, to 
satisfy any adventurer. You should definitely visit here to buy and sell 
for some better magical equipment.

This is the complete Adventurer's Mart item sale list, excluding the 
standard Mundane Item list (see above), Standard Magical list (also 
above) and Potions list (yet again, above):

Flail +2 - 4200 gp
Halberd +2 - 4900 gp
Warhammer +2, +1 electric damage - 6300 gp
Warhammer +2 - 4200 gp
Sling +2 - 1050 gp
Spear +2 - 2100 gp
Quaterstaff +2 - 3500 gp
Staff Mace - 2100 gp
Staff of Rynn +4 - 18900 gp
Short Sword +2 - 5600 gp
Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1 - 9800 gp
Heavy Crossbow +2 - 6300 gp
Giant Hair Crossbow +3 - 12600 gp
Shortbow +2 - 3080 gp
Longbow +2 - 2800 gp
Strong Arm +2 - 7700 gp
Chainmail +2 - 7000 gp
Leather Armour +2 - 4900 gp
Studded Leather Armour +2 - 6300 gp
Karajah's Leather - 7700 gp
Armour of Deep Night - 14000 gp
Aeger's Hide +3 - 12600 gp
Medium Shield +2 - 3500 gp
Fortress Shield +3 - 12600 gp
Reflection Shield +1 - 3500 gp
Ring of Protection +1 - 2100 gp
Ring of Energy - 1680 gp
Bracers of Defence AC 3 - 9100 gp
Bracers of Defence AC 7 - 3500 gp
Amulet of Protection +1 - 4200 gp
Rod of Resurrection - 11200 gp
Gem Bag - 280 gp
Ring of Air Control - 4200 gp
Sword of Flame +1 - 6650 gp
Ring of Animal Friendship - 490 gp
Bracers of Defence AC 4 - 7000 gp
Girdle of Hill Giant Strength - 14000 gp
Knave's Robe - 840 gp

Ribald himself has a Ring of Regeneration that you can pickpocket off of 
him, but as he casts True Sight instantly if you cast Invisibility type 
spells or hide in the shadows, you really need the Cloak of Non-
detection, see below.

Also in the Adventurer's Mart you can purchase wizarding goods from Lady 
Yuth, who stocks scrolls from the Standard Magical list.


The Den of Seven Vales is a reasonable inn staffed by a bossy barmaid 
and an inept singer, the entrance is in the North-east on the tiers at 
(x 3320 y 430).

On the top floor of the Den of Seven Vales, there is a group of 
adventurers. Be nasty to them and they'll attack you. A tough battle, 
but ultimately rewarding. Search the bodies and chests for some of the 
magic items from BG1. The party consists of three tough fighters and a 
mage with a familiar.

     Cloak of Non-detection
     War Hammer +1
     CURSED Sword of Berserking +3


Near the NW entrance is a man in blue by the fountain. If he sees 
Viconia, he will yell out that she is a Drow and all the citizens of the 
Promenade will be your enemies - not the best way to get along. Either 
use another exit or make Viconia invisible/blind him.


There is a shrine in the North-east corner at (x 3236 y 723) to the 
Crying God, a good deity. Here you can make use of all the usual 
priestly services. There are also two beggar children here who beg money 
off you.


Also on the tiers is Galoomp (x 3333 y 296) who stocks a huge variety of 
lower level mage spell scrolls and protection scrolls.


Just North of the Circus Tent at (x 3448 y 1324) you can buy the whole 
mundane list, and a couple of the standard magical and potions, lists. 
She is also a mine of information about the local area.

2.a. The Slums (AR 0400)

Having gained your first contact with the bustling Amnian underworld, 
you must now raise the money to pay your "friend" to get you to both 
Imoen and Irenicus.

Monsters: Hobgoblins (Archers, Warriors, Shaman, Captain, Elites), 
Mustard and ochre jellies, 1 otyugh, Myconids, 1 Myconid king, Kobolds 
(Commandos, Shaman, Captain), Carrion Crawlers, Yuan-ti, Slaver Guards, 

Treasure: Shaman's Staff, Gloves of Pickpocketing, Tuigan Short Bow +1, 
Studded Leather Armour +2, Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters, 
Lilracor +3.

NPCs: Nalia, Korgan, Anomen.

Nalia         14  18  16  17  9  13    Human   Mage/Thief  Chaotic Good 

     Nalia is a good hearted daughter of a rich family that often 
     ventures from her castle home to give aid to the poor and the
     homeless, a course her family would disapprove of - but now she is
     seeking a band of fighters to help clear her home of the evil that
     has invaded it.

     Found: Copper Coronet

     Score: ***
            While she has some good stats, she is a terrible thief and
            hasn't got great mental ability, as well as being dualled 
            to the effects that she has limited access to decent gear,
            and is bad at using it.

Korgan      18/77 15  19  12  9  7     Dwarf     Fighter   Chaotic Evil 

     A bloodthirsty axe-wielding dwarf that regularly drinks himself
     halfway to death, Korgan is currently seeking to find a group of
     adventurers who will help him retrieve a tome from an ancient

     Found: Copper Coronet

     Score: ****
            Has very good physical stats, and makes a very solid
            fighter but has such terrible mental abilities that, like
            Minsc, he can't be given full marks. In an evil party, he 
            is a must have.

Anomen      18/52 10  16  10  12 13   Human Fighter/Cleric Lawful Neut.

     A proud and judgemental follower of Helm, Anomen has devoted his
     recent life to gaining a place in the hallowed ranks of the Order
     Of The Radiant Heart. He still seeks to quest in order to earn his

     Found: Copper Coronet
     Score: ****
            Makes a reasonable fighter and has cleric spells so he gets
            four stars for being really a jack of all trades, master of
            none. If you have one last slot for party members then he
            makes a good choice.


On your way you may get ambushed by Suna Seni, Eldarin and some slavers. 
Kill 'em. Suna Seni carries:

     Arbane's Sword +2
     Short Sword +1

And there is plenty of gold and scrolls on the other bodies.

Gaelan Bayle will appear and will offer to get the organisation he knows 
to help you find Imoen and Irenicus for 20000 gp - steep. You can give 
him a real grilling for plenty of hints and clues as to what is
going on.

You can buy a selection of items from the lists in addition to the 
Glasses of Identification and a few other interesting items from a 
Shadow Thief fence upstairs in Gaelan's house. There are also three 
trapped containers (two with difficult locks on them) containing a wide 
variety of gems you can sell to the fence.

When you go outside you'll his nephew Brus waiting for you, he'll point 
you towards your stronghold quest for later, so listen to what he tells 


Copper Coronet (AR 0406)


Talk to Amalas and he'll challenge you to a fight in the pit. Defeat him 
(9500 xps and 1800 xps), it's a fairly easy fight. You can also talk to 
Surly and bet 10 gp on a dog fight. You get 20 back if you win. Woohoo...


Talk to Lord Jierdan. He'll ask for help on the Windspear Hills, agree 
and you'll be able to do some hugely difficult and rewarding 
dungeoneering in the Windspear Hills, but beware - the quests are 
seriously difficult. The second part is in the Windspear Hills section.


Talk to Garrol, and he'll refer you to Lehtinan, ask about 
'entertainment' and 'other entertainment' and he'll let you through the 
locked door at the top of the stairs.

Search the rooms for mostly minor treasures and the 

     Gloves of Pickpocketing (x 747 y 614)

These corridors lead to further quests...


Head South-east and on and enter the second secret door, then go through 
the door here. You're in some sewers. Kill the Hobgoblins, then head in 
to a circular room South-west, kill all the jellies and search the grate 
in the middle of the room for a hand (x 516 y 959) (you take 10 damage 
doing this so don't make a badly wounded NPC do it).

The hand is one of four keys to a sword. To get this quest, head 
onwards, South-west and on, over the TRAPPED bridge, then North-east, 
into a room with four pipes. A voice will talk to you, and then you 
should look at the four clues (the voice is found at x 2815 y 1755).

Quallo, as the voice mentioned, is found South-west of here (beware a 
very nasty cloudkill trap). Talk and he'll tell you about all the keys.

The hand is the first, place it in the third pipe. Second is a Ring, 
carried by two skeletons just beyond the hobgoblins (x 1938 y 854), 
place it in the first pipe.  Thirdly, kill Quallo's Carrion Crawler (x 
2320 y 2712) and take its blood, this is the third key, place in the 
second pipe. Lastly, is the Shaman's Staff, carried by a Kobold Shaman 
East of the bridge (x 2329 y 1334), place this in the fourth pipe. The 
sword is the talking 

     Lilarcor +3

handy but sometimes annoying. You also get 18000 xps per head for 
completing this quest.


In the Copper Coronet back rooms, you can go right through to the back 
where a man called Hendak (x 2693 y 514), who is a slave forced to take 
part in gladiatorial combat, begs you to free him and the other 
gladiators. Before you talk to him however, you must fight off some 
guard members, which proves nice and easy.

Head South then East (going through some pits which hold a winter wolf) 
to find the beastmaster and his animals (x 3562 y 2009), which are 
various big cats, bears, gibberlings and even a minotaur - kill them all 
and grab the key (the beastmaster also carries the Tuigan Short Bow +1).

Give the key to Hendak and wade your way through the Copper Coronet 
guards (7500 xps), who will assault you from all directions. If you're 
present when Hendak kills Lehtinan (just keep up with him), you get 
48750 xps and a request to infiltrate the slaver stockade to the East of 
the Copper Coronet (Lehtinan carries many gems and spells).

Note that once Lehtinan is dead, you can get all the usual services 
cheaper plus some interesting magic items from Bernard, the fat guy 
hanging around the bar. He stocks the Mundane list and much from the 
Standard Magical list, as well as a couple from Potions, plus:

Mauler's Arm +2 - 2025 gp
The Sleeper +2 - 2025 gp
Sling of Seeking +2 - 1350 gp
Light Crossbow of Speed - 4500 gp
Blade of Roses - 5950 gp
Battleaxe +3, Stonefire - 3585 gp
Azuredge - 2625 gp
Sword of Flame +1 - 3562 gp

In the Slaver Stockade, there are LOTS of enemies, and lots of traps, 
and lots of minor treasures throughout, so ensure you always have trap 
finding on.

Go through, killing as you go, following the obvious path which doesn't 
branch. When you reach the two rooms on either side of the passage 
containing children that have been kidnapped for slaves, unlock the 
doors for 2500 xps each. Go onwards, kill the Slaver Captain and his 
lackeys and take the key. Now enter the next room, kill the two trolls 
and free the girl (3500 xps). If you pay her 100 gps, you get reputation 

Now tell Hendak about your clearing of the stockade for reputation +1, 
quest xps, 3900 gps and the 

     Bastard sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters.

Non Copper Coronet


Near the gate Hareishan the vampire attacks a couple of Shadow Thieves. 
If you are ready to take her on and intend to the follow the game's good 
path, then kill her, but if the answer to either question is no then 
it's best to ignore her.


Two rather stupid bandits called Cohrvale and Bregg, found just to the 
East of the Copper Coronet main entrance (x 3009 y 2206), will threaten 
you - if you threaten back they'll attack, it's an easy fight. They 
carry some gold and mundane equipment.


At x 3494 y 1984 there is a Shadow Thief fence selling off stolen items 
from the Mundane and Standard Magical lists, plus a few very cheap +2 


You can revisit Gaelan's house whenever you wish, it's marked on the map 
(x 3141 y 1170), but when you get Brus' message from somewhere in 
Athkatla to return to Gaelan, if you intend to follow the "good" path 
through the game then turn up and he'll offer to help you find Imoen for 
15000 gp.


On the Copper Coronet roof is a larger Ilmater temple, that have got all 
the usual services. Just outside the steps leading to the temple is a 
band of surprisingly tough thugs that try to kill you, but it's not a 
hard fight.


The Planar Sphere, found in the top left of the map, is such a large 
section that it is described individually below, with its very own 

2.b. City Gate

Athkatla may be massive, but there's only one exit to the outside world, 
where you can also rest at the Crooked Crane, a renowned tavern for 

Monsters: 1 Lich.

Treasure: Daystar, Rod of Terror, Ring of Invisibility, Wand of Fire, 
Wand of Cloudkill, Wand of Lightning.

NPCs: none.

A very small area, the only interesting area is the Crooked Crane 
tavern. However, at the start you'll witness ANOTHER vampire vs. Shadow 
Thieves battle. Then talk to Flydian and readily accept his quest (10000 
gps will get you nearly there).

In the Crane, everybody is talking about Aulava and Tiiro. You can talk 
to them upstairs, if you so desire.

I don't recommend trying this now, but later, enter the secret door in 
the tavern. It leads to a tomb guarded by a VERY powerful Lich. 

The tomb is empty, but the chest behind is not:

                    Rod of Terror
                    Ring of Invisibility
                    Wand of Fire
                    Wand of Cloudkill
                    Wand of Lightning

2.c. The Docks (AR 0300)

Another place where you might find employment and contacts, the Docks is 
the route in and out of Athkatla for smugglers and travellers.

Monsters: Mephits (Magma, Fire, Ice), Stone Golems, Vampires, Thugs, 
Muggers, Pirates.

Treasure: Helmet of Charm Protection, Staff spear +2, Spear +1, Bracers 
of defence AC 6 (x2), Bracer of defence AC 7, Quaterstaff +2, Short 
sword +2, Katana +1, Two-handed sword +1, Cloak of protection +1, Ring 
of Wizardry, Boots of Stealth, Shadow Armour.

NPCs: Edwin.

Edwin            10  10  16  18  10  10    Human  Conjurer  Lawful Evil 

     Edwin Odesserion was first met by you back in Nashkel, where he 
     sought the death of Minsc's charge Dynaheir. Now he has moved on, 
     it is rumoured that he has taken up a position of responsibility
     somewhere among the Shadow Thieves.

     Found: Mae'Var's Guildhouse

     Score: *****
            With maximum intelligence he is by far the best caster in
            the game, he is also no weakling (for a mage) and can
            stand firm in a fight, plus he gets tons of spells. Want a
            wizard? Edwin is the ONLY choice.


There is nothing compulsory to do in the Docks section.


If you have Yoshimo with you, he'll tell you that you need to see Renal 
Bloodscalp, a high-ranking member of the Shadow Thieves for a quest. 

Inside, go forward then up and follow round. If you accept Renal's offer 
to spy on Mae'Var, it leads not only to a rewarding quest but also to 
the thief stronghold - the ownership of Mae'Var's guildhouse. Leave and 
go to the guildhouse (it's marke on your map). Inside, show Gorch the 
documents Renal gave to you, then go through and down the steps. 

Mae'Var will now give you a series of tasks. The first is to recover an 
amulet or statuette from one of the more important temples. See the 
Temple section for details of how to get the object you require.

Having got the amulet or statuette, give it to Mae'Var (29500 xps), 
he'll tell you to visit his assistant, Edwin, who will give you further 

Speak to Edwin (he's on the top floor of the guildhouse) and he'll give 
you a hard errand, to dispose of a prying Cowled Wizard called Reyic 
Gethras. Accept it if you desire, and search the chests and rooms for 
treasures, including a:

     Spear +1

On your way downstairs, in the room filled with doors, you can pick the 
locks on all thre doors for increasing rewards of gold, and the last few 
are trapped, but hold very great rewards indeed.

Go to Rayic's house (again, this is marked on the map - it is wedged 
between the Harper Hold and the Shadow Thief main guildhouse) and enter. 
Kill the mephits, then SAVE - it gets TOUGH. Upstairs are two stone 
golems. Kill them, then go upstairs and kill Rayic. Search his body. The 
best way to kill Rayic is to send an invisible character upstairs so he 
casts his spells, then wait a while for the durations to finish, then go 
and kill him.

Tell Edwin you killed the wizard, he'll give you another task: collect 
some documents from Marcus in the Sea's Bounty Tavern. 

If you don't have Jaheira, enter and agree to buy the documents off of 
Marcus for 200 gold. Give them to Edwin (10000 xps). Go to Mae'Var, 
he'll ask you to kill Embarl and bring his dagger as proof of his death. 
Go to Embarl in the Tavern again and either kill him or let him go but 
make sure you get the dagger one way or another. Bring back the dagger 
to Mae'Var (28750 xps).

Go to Edwin again, and he knows the truth about why you're in the guild, 
agree to help him for the key to Mae'Var's personal chest - you can also 
let Edwin join your party at this point if you want to. Enter Mae'Var's 
chamber and open the locked chest. Take the letter you find inside to 
Renal (48250 xps). He'll tell you to kill Mae'Var and the rest of the 

Everyone in his guild will know about your attempt, so wade in and kill 
everybody - a lot of thieves appear but they're not overly hard so they 
just get in the way more than anyuthing else. With Mae'Var dead (search 
his body for the Shadow Armour), head back to Renal for your reward: 
some quest xps and 10500 gps.

When the Renal/Mae'Var quest is resolved, Renal gives you control over 
his old guild. Enter the guildhouse and talk to the two men in the room 
where the steps to the basement are.

They will tell you about all your rogues, what they do, and give you the 
option of altering how they work, making things risky or less risky for 

There are also some events that occur. 
EVENT 1: Ama, Shadowmistress of the East, requires you to make a 
rendezvous and assassination at Waukeen's Promenade. Go there at dark 
and Ama will spring a trap of half a dozen muggers, herself and the 
bloke you thought you would assassinate. Kill them all, there are some 
minor treasures on the bodies.

EVENT 2: One of the young thieves under Kretor is skimming off the top, 
reducing returns. To deal with this, cut all their wages. In five days 
time the matter will be resolved.

The boy who can otherwise be found in the Government District seeking 
someone to help with some difficulties in the Umar Hills will appear 
after this in your guild.

The amount Joster, Renal's quarter-master, demands, changes. It goes: 
500, 500, 1000, 1000, 350.


Back in the Sea's Bounty Tavern, there is a secret door. Inside is a 
bunch of pirates, who provide a fairly simple fight, search the water 
after killing them for cash.


If you have the body of Renfeld (you'll get this if you try to travel to 
the De'Arnise Hold), deliver it to the estate in the SW. Give it to 
Rylock outside for 14550 xps and 125 gps. 

As you leave, another old "friend", Xzar, will come up to you on the 
steps leading up to the Northern half of the docks and give you a quest 
to find yet another old aquaintance, Montaron, who he says is being held 
prisoner by the Harpers.

Go back to Rylock and ask to enter. He'll make you perform a service 
first. Do this by going to Prebek's house and killing everyone inside 
(loot for treasure), though it is quite clear that Rylock wasn't quite 
telling you the truth about Prebek.

Report back to Rylock (14500 xps), he'll let you enter. Inside, search 
the rooms especially the end room for an amulet. You also get a

     Helm of Charm Protection

Put this amulet on your best thief and send him upstairs. Doing this 
will stop the spectral harpers attacking, as they recognise the amulet 
that marks all the harpers there. Search, but head into the first door 
on the left you see. Enter the cage and take the bird.

Deliver this to Xzar, who thinks it is Montaron, and polymorphs it: it 
is Lucette who kills Xzar (some xps), and briefly chats. Loot his corpse 
for a Staff-spear +2 (a good weapon for a mage).


Near the first exit, a bloke will come up to you then get attacked by 
vampires. You can flee or fight as you wish, but three vampires is a 
tough prospect at this stage in the game.


The Dwarf Cromwell will forge items out of component parts and monster 
hides. Each work will lose you one day of possible adventuring and costs 
you 5000 gps. His forge is marked clearly on the map.

He makes: 
   Red Dragon Scales - Red Dragon Scale 
   Ankheg Hide - Ankheg Plate Mail
   Shadow Dragon Scales - Shadow Dragon Leather
   3 parts of the Equalizer - Long Sword: Equalizer
   2 parts of the Wave - Halberd +4: Wave
   2 parts of the Gesen - Gesen Short Bow
   4 parts of the Crom Faeyr - Crom Faeyr


In the Sea's Bounty Tavern is a guy called Baron Ployer who was a slaver 
that Jaheira ruined. He gets a mage to put a curse on Jaheira before 
running away. Don't undertake other quests prior to solving this one as 
Jaheira gets a statistics penalty and if you aren't fast, she dies.

First, go to the Government District. Enter the Council of Six building 
and when you leave, a mage called Terrence will be waiting, who offers 
the services of the mages Baron Ployer is using for a price. Pay 1000 
gps and his gang won't attack you with Ployer, otherwise you'll have to 
face them, turning an easy fight into moderately difficult one.

Now go to the Derelict House in the Slums (marked on map), in the North-
east corner. Inside, threaten to kill Ployer if he doesn't help you. If 
you paid the mercenary wizards off they won't turn up, otherwise they 
will. He'll either give you Jaheira's hair (21250 xps) and Jaheira will 
kill him (21250 xps again), or you can get it off of his body, but 
either way just rest a full day in the Copper Coronet and she'll revive 
from the effects of the curse.


Just outside the Shadow Thief guildhouse a mad priest of Cyric tries to 
convert you. You can either say you already worship him and he'll go 
away or get an easy 750 xps and a bit of cash by killing him.

2.d. Temple

In a place like Athkatla, it's unsurprising that people will turn to the 
Gods in everyday life. Here you will find the honest priests of major 
gods, as well as those who have little skill but ply their trade simply 
for dishonest coin.

Monsters: Rakshasa, Kobolds, Kobold Commandos, Kobold Captain, Kobold 
Shamen, Kobold Witch Doctor, Sea troll, Gibberlings, Mutated 
gibberlings, Mephits (Ice, Dust, Magma, Fire, Lightning), goblins, 
Salamanders, Ice salamanders, Ghasts, Zombies, Mummies, Gauth, 
Ettercaps, Sword Spiders, Vampiric Mists, Shadows, 1 Nishruu, Ogre 
Berserkers, 1 Glabrezu.

Treasure: Hallowed Redeemer (Keldon), Firecam Full-plate armour 
(Keldon), Cloak of the Sewers, Rod of Resurrection, Necklace of Form 
Stability, Harp of Discord, Entropy (Haer'Dalis), Chaos (Haer'Dalis), 
Full plate +1, Wyvern's Tail +2, Hangard's Axe +2, Pride of the Legion 
+2, Large Shield +2, Helm of Glory, Mace +1: Ardulia's Fall, Dragon's 
Bane +3, +6 vs Dragons, Amulet of Magic Resistance 5%, War Hammer +2, +1 
electric damage, Saving Grace +3, Skin of the Ghoul, Celestial Fury +3, 
Adventurer's Robe, Plate Mail +1, Mace +2, Large Shield +2, Battle Axe 
+2, Helmet of Defence, Helm of Charm Protection, Two Handed Sword +2, 
Full Plate +1, Short Sword +2, Leather Armour +3, Asp's Nest, Sling +2, 
Spear +3, Morning Star +2.

NPCs: Keldon Firecam, Haer'Dalis.
KELDON (human; male; lawful good; inquisitor; str.17 dex.9 con.17 int.12 
wis.16 cha.18)

HAER'DALIS (tiefling; male; chaotic neutral; blade; str.17 dex.17 con.9 
int.15 wis.13 cha.16)

You will be waylaid by Orogs on the way - a tough fight. Here, a man 
will ramble on about the "Unseen Eye" cult. After his sermon, a priest 
of Helm will escort you to his temple. Here, talk to both High Watcher 
Oisig and Telwyn for quests (do them after finishing with the Shadow 
Thieves). The Unseeing Eye Cult is found in the tunnels off the NW of 
the map. Go down the sidepath and wade through until you reach the Gas 

When you reach the centre the door shuts and fills the room with deadly 
gas. Turn the wheel to stop the gas, then defend yourself against 
Vampiric Mists.

Ask Gaal to let you join the Cult, but tell him you'd rather keep your 
eyes. Accept his quest. Go back to the main tunnel then down to the 
door. Beware traps - in the room is Sassar who has seen the evil in the 
Unseeing Eye Beholder. Accept. Note that for the Kangaxx quest, the 
sarcophagus is of the Shade Lich!

Carry on down, beware further traps. In the next area, go forward then 
right. Here are some Yuan-ti. Go up to the building via the trapped 
stairs and answer the questions: Life; Time; The Current One (42250 

Across the bridge is a tough fight, but afterwards search the nook for 
the brilliant Warhammer +2, +1 electrical (this was my close combat 
weapon of choice, after Drizzt's scimitars, in the original game).

In the next room ignore the people, then enter the Temple. In here is 
the Emphatic Manifestation. The only way to kill it is with Cure Light 
Wounds, oddly enough. You get 25,750 xps for finding the Avatar (it 
appears now). Accept its quest.

Return to Sassar with the Avatar's rod half. Talk to Tad in the cult 
(not Gaal!!!). The password is "The Eye is Blind". Keep going down the 
pit (lots of undead).

Search for the 

                    Ghoul's Skin 
                    Gauntlets of Dexterity 

Wade through to the Lair. 

In each eye shoot of the lair, a Gauth guards treasure. Search all for 

                    Dragon's Bane +3, +6 vs. Dragons 
                    Other rod part 

Fix the two rod parts together and put it as a quick item for 26,250 

Then use the rod to disable the Unseeing Eye's protections and kill him, 
he carries the 

                    Amulet of 5% magic resistance.

Go left, give the Avatar the rod on the way, then enter the temple and 
convince everyone that if they believe in their god, he will appear. He 
won't, they'll vanish. Get your reward: 47,250 xps.

                    Saving Grace +3 

Go back to the cult, Gaal's blokes will attack you. Kill them (search 
for treasures). Now return to the Temple you got the quest from for 
45,750 xps/head, Mace +1: Ardulia's Fall, 7000 gold and reputation +1.


Once you have completed the Unseeing Eye Quest, you are made an acolyte 
of your Temple. There is another acolyte who will tell you what to do.

There are a few visitors, you must advise them as an acolyte of your 
church. You will be graded by the other acolyte a day after each visitor 
arrives. Note you can be chucked out if you act against your church's 
wishes. Simply said, if you're Lathander take the good option, Helm the 
neutral, Talos the evil.

VISITOR 1: Glinden's wife is unfaithful and wants advice.
   Lathander - Tell him to forgive her (20000 xps).
   Helm - Tell him to remand her vows (20000 xps).
   Talos - Tell him to murder her and her lover, then turn him in when 
the guard arrives (200 gps and 20000 xps).

VISITOR 2: Ti'Vael has killed a man.
   Lathander - Tell him to pay restitution to the man's family (20000 
   Helm - Tell him to give himself up (20000 xps).
   Talos - Tell him to kill all witnesses, then kill him. Take his head 
to the inspector in the Council of Six (500 gps, 20000 xps).

VISITOR 3: Rania has lost her faith.
   Lathander - Give her time to think (20000 xps).
   Helm - Stress the importance of duty (20000 xps).
   Talos - Kill her and keep her head.

VISITOR 4: Cortirso got put down when you got promoted, he wants a duel.
   Lathander - Refuse the duel (20000 xps).
   Helm - Accept and win (20000 xps).
   Talos - Take Rania's head to the Inspector and frame Cortirso for the 
murder (30000 xps).

You are now either given the task of killing the chief of the opposing 
church (do so for 35000 xps and 1000/2000 gps), or for Helm supporters, 
stop the Talosian attack, then talk Lara out of a vengeance attack (same 

For thieves: Go now to the Talos temple. There are three rooms here with 
some handy minor treasures to loot. The amulet you were sent for is in 
the W room, collect it and leave (20000 xps). Head now back to the 
docks. If you were to find the statuette, go to the Lathander temple and 
in the E you will find a priest. Wait for a bit and he'll leave, you can 
now loot for the statue and cash.

Once finished with all that, enter the sewers at the entrance by the 
Prophet. Inside, head straight on to a fight with Kobolds and a deadly 
Rakshasa (which carries the Cloak of the Sewers).

Continue on to a fight with a sea troll (remember to use fire or acid on 
it when it drops!). At the last junction, head N, kill the gibberlings 
and continue. Let Keldon join - he's very good with cool magical items. 
Head NE, and kill the goblins. Here there is a secret door, go through, 
right and up.

In this room (from BG1's Durlag's tower), kill the mephits then go 
south. Go round and enter Mekrath's room, threaten him and kill him 
(warning: hard wizard!). Search the room for

                    Cloudkill Wand
                    Rod of Resurrection.

Upon leaving you will be approached by Haer'Dalis, who can join. He'll 
ask you to get a gem and return it to its owner at the Five Flagons. 
This gem is a Portal Gem on this level (trapped shrine).

Head NE from the secret door to a fight with six tough opponents. Try it 
- it's hard but rewarding.

Talk to Roger the Fence south of the central area. If you're persuasive 
he'll give you 250 gps. You can buy/sell too.

Outside Valen will tell you you are being spied upon and you should meet 
with her mistress in the graveyard. Directly after, Brus tells you to 
visit Gaelan Bayle again - they seemed to be linked... 

There is an exit NW of where you got Keldon to the sewers beneath the 
Bridge, but I'd leave this for later, as it's not at all easy.

Telwyn in the Helm Temple wants you to get the services of Sir Sales. To 
do so, first go to Sales in the Jystevv Estate (Government District), 
then to the Ore Merchant at Waukeen's Promenade. Ask for real stuff, for 
1000 gps she'll tell you to look for Unger in the Copper Coronet. He'll 
tell you Neb (yes, THE Neb, the evil child murderer who lets you out of 
prison in BG1) stole his ilithium and he is in the Bridge area.

Go to the derelict house here, attack Neb. He'll go invisible and cower 
in a corner while four Child Spirits attack you. Now kill him with magic 
(this is one sick man). Take the ilithium and give it to Sales (21750 
xps) and tell Telwyn (1000 gps, 20000 xps and Helm of Glory).

He now gives you a second task. Go to Dawnbringer Sain inside the 
Lathander Temple and accept his task. Go to the N Slums exit by night 
and use some spell (Dispel Illusion, Detect Invisibility, Invisibility 
Purge, True Sight etc.) to reveal Travin.

Pay him 400 gps for information. Enter Borinall's locked house, and 
either (if you are very evil or a priest of Talos) recite the vow OR (if 
you're anything else) refuse and kill him and his muggers. Take the Dawn 
Ring and also search for a Warhammer +1 and gold.

Take the Dawn Ring to Sain and he'll give you 16250 xps and 1000 gps.

At some point after chapter 5 a Githyanki will appear and demand the 
silver blade of you. Fight or give as you desire.


When you've been given a recommendation by Garren Windspear (see 
Windspear Hills), you can enter the High Hall of the Radiant Heart.

Inside, tell Squire Cathras you want to visit the Prelate. Accept his 
offer, then talk to Sir William Reirrac. Accept his first task, head 
over to the Umar Hills directly.

Here, a knight of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart takes you to 
the fight: two ettins, two ogre magi, four orcs and a spotted lion. Kill 
them all, keep the knights all alive.

After the fight, a Squire will congratulate you. Head back to the High 
Hall and accept your next task, taking you to the Umar Hills again 
(10000 xps).

Talk to the Baron in the Inn, then go outside and talk to Brunson, he'll 

Go back to the Order HQ and you get another quest (1000 xps). Go to the 
appointed building at the docks. Talk, don't let her out. Fight the 
assassins upstairs and down. When her guardian arrives, let him take 

Return to the Order. You're given a final task and your reward (magical 
armour and 10000 xps). This task is to kill the Red Dragon under the 
Windspear Hills, this is Fikraag. He is exactly where you last left him. 
This time though, kill him. He carries the 

                    Holy Avenger: Carsomyr +5
                    Cloak of the Shield
                    Red Dragon Scales.

Return to the Order for 35000 xps. You've completed your stronghold 

In the Guarded Compound, go in slowly then kill the summoned monsters. 
Search the downstairs area for

                    Morning Star +2
                    Minor Treasures

Upstairs is a much harder fight. I suggest going downstairs so you only 
get one or two at a time. When successful, search around. The guards and 
the search will get you:
                    Celestial Fury +3
                    Adventurer's Robe
                    Plate Mail +1
                    Mace +2
                    Large Shield +2
                    Battle Axe +2
                    Helm of Defence
                    Helm of Charm Protection
                    Two Handed Sword +2
                    Full Plate +1
                    Short Sword +2
                    Leather Armour +3
                    2x Spear +3
                    Asp's Nest
                    Sling +2
                    Many minor treasures and several wands

Nice selection, eh?

2.e. Government District

Athkatla often seems highly disorganised, but the truth is that there 
are groups of either dishonest ne'er-do-wells or greedy governors. This 
is a place where corruption is rife in Athkatla.

Monsters: none so far.

Treasure: Techno-Gloves (Jan), Spectroscopes (Jan), Flasher Bruiser Mate 
(Jan), Metal Repelling Adventure Wear (Jan), Ring of the Ram.

NPCs: Viconia deVir, Jan Jansen.

VICONIA (elf; female; neutral evil; cleric; str.10 dex.19 con.8 int.16 
wis.18 cha.14; upon joining party loses reputation 2)

JAN (gnome; male; thief/illusionist; str.9 dex.17 con.15 int.16 wis.14 

If Keldon is with you, he'll ask to visit his family.

Just outside the prison Viconia is about to be burnt at the stake. Untie 
her and you'll have to fight three fanatics, then she can join.

Visit Keldon's estate and his wife will admit to seeing another man. Go 
to the Mithrest Inn at the Promenade. Talk to Sir William and suggest a 
peaceful return to Keldon's home. Here, talk to his wife, and say Keldon 
must stay with you, at least for now (15500 xps).

Head through the park and talk to Delon, accept. Carry on to the Council 
of Six building. Agree to Madeen and Tolgerias. 

Anomen will eventually demand he visit his father when he finds out his 
sister is dead. Take him to his home. In the dialogue, convince him to 
take the path of the magistrate (10500 xps), he'll be exiled from his 

Talk to the magistrate in the Council of Six building for 7500 xps, just 
convince Anomen to let things be.

Jan is here and tries to sell you his inventions. Trax will come and try 
to arrest him. Tell Trax you were just discussing the weather for 8500 
xps and the chance to let Jan join up (11500 xps).

If you have Valygar's body, go to Tolgerias, threaten him for a promise 
of death or give it to him for 11250 xps, 500 gps, -1 reputation and the 

                    Ring of the Ram

Talk to Corneil after doing this and for 5000 gps he'll let you cast 
spells in Athkatla legally - very useful, and worth every penny.

2.f. The Bridge District

Connecting the two sides of Athkatla is a gigantic bridge, where you can 
drown your sorrows in salty taverns, but as of late a shadows has been 
hanging over the area - the shadow of gruesome murder.

Monsters: 1 Shadow Fiend, 1 Fire Elemental, 1 Ice Salamander, Githyanki, 
Umber Hulks, 1 Wyvern, 1 Elemental Lich, Muggers, Ghasts, Rune 

Treasures: Kundane +2: Sword of Quickness, Staff of Air +2, Melodic 
Chain +3, Cloak of the Shield, Bracers of Defence AC6, Horn of Valhalla, 
Boomerang Dagger +2, Neb's Nasty Cutter, Boots of Avoidance.

NPCs: none.

If Haer'Dalis is with you, go to the playhouse beneath the Five Flagons. 
Here he will give Raelis Shai her portal gem and she will open a portal 
and let stuff through, kill them.

When they go through, follow. In here, basically go right round killing 
everything (avoid the disgusting bulbous things, they are portals into a 
room of spell-casting and invisible Githyanki).

When you get the Orb of Mastery off of the Demon, use it on the brazier 
near the beginning to destroy it. This makes the fight against the 
warden much easier. 

Now when you fight the warden, it doesn't have its thralls to help it. 
Kill the Hulks and it (10000 xps for the warden).

W of here is a jail, it contains Haer'Dalis and the other bards, beware, 
there is a Flesh to Stone trap! When you get through, Haer'Dalis can 
rejoin. Everyone now leaves.

In a house S of Delosar's Inn, there is a basement containing an 
Elemental Lich.

In Delosar's Inn itself there is a group of tough mercenaries, kill them 
for good experience, cash and a magical item.

In a house in the NW there are several traps, minor treasures and the 

                    Horn of Valhalla

a handy item in a tight combat.

In the E by the docks there is a house containing four people who fight 
you and a bunch of brigands.

Lieutenant Aegsfield in the N tells you about some recent murders you 
can investigate. Go to the Merchant Square, buy Rampah's hide and get 
Rose's information on berries.

Now talk to Bel, he'll give you samples of things that small like guril 
berries and identify Rampah's hide. Rose will tell you that it was the 
tannin she smelt.

Go to the tanner and attack him, he'll admit to the crime and flee 
(23250 xps). 

On the second floor down, there are several traps as well as damning 
evidence (be sure to get the letter) and minor treasures.

One more floor down and you're attacked by two ghasts and rune 
assassins. Kill them and search for the Gesen Shaft.

By the edge on the far W you find Am-Si, Tirdir's kidnapper. Talk to 
him, tell him you know and follow him into the house. He'll be killed. 
Now pursue the two others outside and kill them. One carries the

                    Boots of Avoidance

Back inside on the top floor, either free Lady Elgea (16750 xps) or get 
cash by arranging to meet for the ransom outside the Copper Coronet.

2.g. Graveyard District

Once a peaceful resting place for the dead, and on the surface still the 
same, underneath this is a hive for kidnappers and other illicit 
workers. And in the darkest crypts, can be found the vampire-run guild 
than opposes the Shadow Thieves...

Monsters: Mummies, Skeleton Warriors, 1 Crypt King.

Treasure: Two-handed sword +1, Nether Scroll, Namarra +2.

NPCs: none.

The main purpose of this area is as a staging ground for Chapter 3. 

There is a tomb to the E of the main entrance to the Lower Crypts 
containing a dangerous Crypt King who attacks. Kill him and search the 

There are several other tombs exactly like this, with a few undead 
monsters and various treasures.

There are two quests: Firstly, you will see two gnomes mourning at 
Wellyn's grave. Eventually Wellyn appears as a spirit and asks for his 
teddy, explaining a man in the Copper Coronet's back rooms stole it.

Also, again E of the entrance to lower crypts, Tirdir has been buried 
alive (you must "use" the grave). He'll give you a piece of red fabric 
that points to his kidnapper. He is found in the Bridge District 
(above), as told by Sethle to the E.

Both Edwin and Korgan want texts found in the Southern Dungeons of the 
Lower Crypts, found S of the big spider nest thing. For more information 
on the lower crypts, look in section 3.a.

When you reach the branch in the southern dungeons, head E first. Here, 
if you have Edwin, you will meet Neveziah, a not especially powerful 
lich. Talk twice, BE NICE. On the second time, Edwin will initiate a 
combat. Just keep at him to disrupt spellcasting for an easy win.

If you win you get the Nether Scroll. Let Edwin keep it as his own if 
you want to progress further with the spell (11750 xps).

Korgan finds the tomb he intended to rob already looted (11250 xps) and 
begs you to give chase by going to Pimlico's house - you'll find it 
empty (8750 xps) except for dead.

Go now to the Copper Coronet's roof. Kill Shagbag and his party, and you 
can recover the Book of Kaza (purely for gold - 5000 xps).

Edwin's Nether Scroll - after a few days he translates a bit, and a day 
later, regardless of warning, he casts a transformation spell intended 
to turn him into a kind of living lich, but fails and turns into a 
touchy woman (hilarious JJ).

2.h. The Planar Sphere

A recent arrival in Athkatla, and guided by the dreaded Lavok, the only 
key to the Sphere is the body of Valygar Corthala, and nobody knows what 
horrors will be uncovered inside...

Monsters: Sahaugin, Mephits, Halfling Warriors, Ettercaps, Sword 
Spiders, 1 Clay Golem, Stone Golems, Fire Elementals, 1 Elder Orb 
Beholder, Lizardmen, Myconids, Salamanders, Imps, Quasits, Demons, Ice 
Salamanders, 1 Snow Troll, 1 Efreeti.

Treasures: Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Ripper +2, Stiletto of Damarche +2, 
Battle Axe +2, Ninja-to +1, Leather Armour +2, Sling +2, Ring of the 
Ram, Helmet of Defense, Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles, Staff of Fire 
+2, Ring of Acuity, Golden Girdle.

NPCs: None.

The only way to enter the Planar Sphere is with Valygar, or his body. 
Inside, go through the W door, kill the Golem, and get everything. Use 
the piece of the Control Panel to fix it so you can go through the N 

Through here are some Knights of Solamnia. Don't kill them - if you 
want, they offer advice. The N door leads to a group of Sahaugin, with 

                   Cloak of Protection +1
                   Minor treasures

To the W are Feral Halflings. There are three group of Halflings. The 
first, as you enter their village, is easy. The second is tougher, but 
the rewards are greater:
                   Gauntlets of Ogre Power
                   Ripper +2

And the third guards the furnace room, and have

                   Stiletto of Damarche +2

In the Golem room, add the arm to the machine and search. When you have 
three coals, use one on each furnace to activate them. When activated, 
they create a Fire Elemental to kill you.

The Golem's head is found in the clockwork room (guarded by Stone 
Golems) E of the furnace room, there's a nook by the big spindle.

Add the Head and the Golem gets up (23500 xps) and declares he must kill 
the intruder - a Beholder. Follow through here and into the Navigator's 

In here, use Breach to pull down Lavok's combat protections and he'll 
eventually repent, apologising for his wrongs. He asks you to take him 
back to the Prime Material Plane (ie yours), accept for 28750 xps.

The two doors lead to lightly guarded area with medium treasures 
including most the +1 and +2 items listed above. Search the Navigator's 
Room for minor treasures in a locked capsule.

Leave the Planar Sphere. From where you are, you enter the Abyss. You 
need a Demon's heart so you can power the Sphere to travel again. The 
best way is to kill the Demon Tanar'ri, who is Northwest of the Sphere, 
just beware his guardians getting in your way.

With the heart, go to the room with four runes on the floor. Activate 
them in this order:


              4         3


And then go down the stairs.

In the next room, you must fight Tolgerias and one of his lackeys. Use 
one Breach for each of them or you have no chance against their barrage 
of spells.

The two doors lead to Trapped and guarded rooms with nice treasures in - 
I recommend sweeping both. The Ice Room contains:

                   Helmet of Defense
                   Minor treasures

The Fire room contains:

                   Staff of Fire +2
                   Large Shield +1, 4 vs Missiles
                   Minor treasures

Onwards one, you'll find a room where you can get some treasures, might 
have to fight some Golems, and will have to place the heart in the 
machine (45500 xps).

Now return to Lavok, and take him outside, where he'll die (????? xps). 
He carries the

                   Ring of Acuity

and if you're a Mage, gives you the Planar Sphere as a stronghold.


There are several things to do in this Stronghold.

At first, the Knights of Solamnia will ask you to help them home. 
Directly afterwards, a Cowled Wizard called Teos will force you to join 
with his group. If you ask him to help you free the Knights, he'll refer 
you to Ribald in the Adventurer's Mart.

Ribald, for a small fee, will organise you a mage. In one day exactly, a 
mage will teleport in and free the Knights. You'll be given 45000 xps 
and the Golden Girdle (CHEAT: If you're really quick, you can talk to 
her multiple times and get the reward multiple times)

The less useful alternative is to talk to Wessellan in the Radiant Heart 
HQ, and he'll fix up accommodation for them. Tell them this for 45000 
xps (Note that for the Girdle, you can pickpocket the leader of the 

3.a. The aid of the Shadow Thieves

Having discovered how to find Imoen, you must attain the help of the 
Shadow Thieves. However, to get their help, they will require yours.

Monsters: Vampires, Phase spiders, Sword spiders, Spiders, Giant 
spiders, Fledgling Vampires, Greater ghouls, Grimwarders, Grimwarder 
archers, Ettercaps, 1 clay golem, Shadows, 1 Shadow fiend, Wights, 
Wraiths, Ghasts, Mummies, Skeleton warriors. 

Treasures: Amulet of power, Ring of protection +2, Mace of Disruption 
+1, Spear +1, Halcyon, Black spider figurine, Ashen Scales +2, Katana 

NPCs: none.

Go to Gaelan Bayle and accept his offer of 15000 gps (???? xps). Go to 
the Shadow Thieves' and head E then down the passage. Carry on, head NE 
from this room.

Accept Aran Linvail's first quest. Head down to the shipyard docks. Talk 
to Mook. Lassal will appear and kill Mook, fight him, he'll eventually 
run away.

Head back to Aran and accept again. Go to the Bridge and enter the five 
flagons. Upstairs, enter the far NE room of the four, kill the traitors. 
Then the contact will appear, his name is Gracen. Kill him (1400 xps).

Again accept Aran's quest. Head to the graveyard district, enter the 
tomb S of where you meet Uncle Lester and his relative.

Inside, follow on, beware of traps. Head N through the spiders' lair, 
then meet Haz and his golem. Kill the warders then purge the inner 
sanctum through the blue doors.
In the NW door, kill and search the blood pool. Head S, kill the clay 
golem and stake the vampires in their coffins (9000 xps each).

Head SE. Kill Tanova - don't enter the next room.

Along the spider area, enter the "cocoon" thing over the "drawbridge". 
Kill those inside.

Enter the Southern Dungeons. Kill all the monsters, beware the painting 
on the floor - it's trapped.

Head S, killing as you go. At the junction, go E. Open the sarcophagus, 
kill the skeleton warrior and take his magical weapon:

                    Spear, Halcyon +1

Further on is a small room with treasures.

On the S branch, beware traps and enter room for more minor treasures.

Head back to the Inner Sanctum. Go down the NE stairs. Go along, enter 
and fight the vampires and grimwarders.  Search the NW and NE rooms for 
treasure. Lassal will appear and tell you to meet him upstairs.

Head to the room full of spikes, blood and very deadly traps. Lassal is 
on the far E side. Kill him.

Now head back to the room where you staked the vampires in their 
coffins. Stake the last one and Bodhi will appear, talk a bit, then 
attack you - you can't kill her, she'll run when wounded sufficiently 
(18750 xps).

Now go back to Aran and he'll take you to a ship, which will take you 
all the way to Spellhold Island (??? xps). He also rewards you:

                    Ring of Protection +2
                    Amulet of Power

4.a. Spellhold Island

The quiet Brynnlaw, is another place with a dark interior - ruled by 
tyrannical pirates, the residents are mostly enslaved. It is also home 
to Spellhold, the dark and forbidding asylum of the Cowled Wizards.

Monsters: Pirates.

Treasures: Quaterstaff +2, Flail +2, Leather Armour +3, Longbow +2, 
Light Crossbow +1.

NPCs: none.

Leave the ship, you'll be attacked by Del, Parisa and Valen, vampires. 
Kill them.

Head to the tavern (The Vulgar Monkey), and talk to Sanik. He'll get 
assassinated (kill the assassin) before he can help you at all. Great.

Now talk to the innkeeper who'll tell you to find Claire. To do this, go 
to Lady Galvena's Festhall and talk to the appropriate courtesan 
outside. For 100 gps you'll be taken to an inner room. Inside, tell her 
you'll leave then give her 100 gps to shut up about it.

Outside, head NW, kill the guards. Enter the room guarded by the first 
guard and take the skeleton key.

Head through the far NW door to the prison. Enter the NE door and kill 
Vadek and Galvena. Be nice to Claire and she'll take you to see her 
captain by the docks (10000 xps).

Take his information (2000 xps).

Go to Ginia, and agree to help her. Go to Chremy and kill him. Now head 
to Calahan and agree to pay (2000 xps). Go back and tell Ginia, she'll 
be very happy (9000 xps).

Now go to the Pirate Lord's home. Tell the door guard and the lord 
himself that Golin sent you. Tell him you need to get into Spellhold and 
act mad. If Yoshimo is in your party, this is very easy (36500 xps 

Inside, get out and open the locked door S of where you are (talk 
several times to the bloke on the left and you get gems every time).

Attack Wanev and Irenicus appears and takes you in. He'll explain 
Yoshimo's treachery and you'll be put in the same process Imoen went 

In your dream, enter the Library and talk to Imoen. Go back out, head W 
and tell Bhaal to "catch you if he can". Run back to Imoen and fight 
Bhaal. If you win, you're sent back to Irenicus' lab.

You'll be put in the labyrinth under the asylum.

4.b. Spellhold

Spellhold is an asylum, but there is a way of "testing" the unfortunates 
who claim to be sane and safe - they are thrown into one of the world's 
most dangerous dungeons where they will die. You're unlucky enough to be 
another inevitable victim of this deadly maze.

Monsters: Yuan-ti, Ice salamanders, Salamanders, Gibberlings, Mutated 
Gibberlings, Mephits (Ice, Fire, Air, Smoke, Steam), 1 ruhk, Umber 
hulks, 1 mist horror, kobolds, kobold commandos, kobold witch doctors, 
imps, quasits, shadow fiends, skeleton warriors, trolls, spirit trolls, 
minotaurs, shadows, wraiths, 1 mind flayer, murderers, goblin commandos, 
1 djinni, clay golems, 1 stone golem, 1 spectral troll, 1 greater 

Treasures: Spear +3, Ring of Regeneration, Ring of Free Action, Malakar 
+2, Flame of the North, Cloak of Reflection, Bone Club +2, +3 vs undead.

NPCs: Imoen.

Inside, Bodhi will gloat a bit and give you a "fighting chance". Talk to 
Imoen, she can join again (hurrah!). Head through the SW door, fight, 
loot the statue will give you a clue to how to leave (this is the exit). 
Head through the NW door. In the W door, search, E, fight and search - 
easy enough. Go through N door. The N from here leads to a tough fight. 
The E door leads to a room full of faces. Activating these faces will 
lead you to the Statue of Riddles who will pose a riddle. The answers 
(in no order) are: darkness; stars; candle; coffin; fire; ice; shadows; 
sponge; breath; fish; a secret; a hole. Answer all the riddles for 5000 
xps per head.

Carry on through, fight the yuan-ti, carry on again - beware squashing 
mechanism. Enter the room, fight the clay golem and search.

In the next area (use the door from the main square), fight the umber 
hulks (v. hard, obviously).

At the end of the corridor, head NE. Keep going until you find a 
yellowed book. Keep using it to make these enemies (in order) appear: 
Kobold captain, sword spider, umber hulk, mind flayer, beholder). Kill 
them all, the re-use the book for 

                   2 spells
                   Ring of Free Action 

and 8000 xps each. In the secret door, kill all the enemies. In the room 
with the kobolds' crystal, kill the "avatars" to get a crystal shard, 
which you need.

Back to the end of the corridor. Head SW. Kill the enemies, there is a 
lot to search for here and in the library just N of your position.

Go onwards, enter and kill Dace Solan, a very powerful vampire. When he 
retreats to his coffin, stake him for the hand you need to escape.

Go back to the statue on the first level, use the hand on it to open the 
door (29500 xps per head). Go through.

Down here, enter the W door. Go along a bit. Enter the S secret door, 
and turn the wheel to open the N one. Enter and kill the trolls, search.

Head on, and when you've killed all the minotaurs, head NE. Search the 
water, then the statues - beware!!!

       W statue: troll painting, disintegrate trap
       N statue: umber hulk painting, cloudkill trap
       E statue: djinni painting, fireball trap

Head right on, you'll soon encounter Bodhi. This bit's fixed. You will 
turn into the Slayer, avatar of Bhaal and attack everything, friend or 
foe. Bodhi will flee, you're the big danger here.

Note: if you have a romance, you will transform again and kill your 

In this room are four globes. If you stand on the mosaic then activate 
them one-by-one, they'll cast spells: slow, heal, haste, lightning bolt.

From this room, head N, wipe this place clean (not easy!!!).

Go back then SW and search. With the two stone horns, use them on the 
statue to open the door - but do this later, first, go right back to the 

Now go down the E tunnel. Kill the yuan-ti, then enter, one by one, the 
doors corresponding to the paintings you should have.

Behind them are: MIND FLAYER: kill the mind flayer (11000 xps). It 

                    Malakar +2

TROLL: Kill the Spirit Troll (8000 xps)

DJINNI: kill the djinni (10000 xps)

UMBER HULK: kill the umber hulk (10000 xps). Go on until you reach a 
junction. Go SW. Kill the Stone Golem guard, search. Now head SW again. 
In here is a machine that gives you magical items for mithril tokens, 
which are scattered around. I've found 21 so far. They get you:

       5 tokens: Boots of the North
       10 tokens: Boots of Grounding
       15 tokens: Boots of Speed
       20 tokens: Jester's Chain +4

Head back NE from the first junction. There is a bit of dexterity needed 
here. Inside is a chest guarded by three clay golems that attack when 
you open the chest.

To do this, send one person in hasted. Unlock the chest then open it and 
pause. Take the contents then RUN! Shut the door behind and for some 
reason (presumably so it's actually possible to get the loot) the golems 
don't come through.

Now leave into a room full of commandos, kill 'em all. Back at the 
stairs an apparition appears. Let him test you, it's the way out. For 
the first test you have to kill a big mushroom with spell abilities - 
not too hard. Now he'll ask a question, the answer is splinter.

Now you go to a dining hall with four apparitions. Search the table for 

                   Robe of Reflection

then talk to any one and you'll get four questions, the answers are: 
nothing, a river, fear, memory. You'll now be taken on to a platform. 
The apparition will free you, go down the invisible steps. Through here 
your treacherous captain will appear again.

Go upstairs and kill Lonik the Sane. You'll be taken to a room full of 
all the captives. Be nice and they'll join you as you attack Irenicus 
himself... Beware, they can be a liability, especially Wanev!

Eventually Irenicus will run away and Yoshimo will arrive with a bunch 
of murderers and you'll be involved in a HUGE battle.

Complete it (be sure to get the heart off Yoshimo's body) and rest. 
You'll have a dream in which you'll be granted the ability to shapeshift 
into the Slayer at will.

Go back up, Saemon will appear again and offer you an exit over sea or 
through the Underdark. I'll be pursuing the sea route this time round.

Back outside, head W and along, killing all and make your way to the SW 
corner where you can finally get to Brynnlaw at last!

Back in the town, go to the Tavern and talk to Saemon. Accept, when it's 
night go to Cayia's house. Fight the guards, the horn is on the table.

Take it to Saemon Havarian and you'll board ship. Desharik will appear, 
kill his lackeys and you'll leave.

On your way your ship will be attacked by two different parties, and 
you're captured by the Sahaugin. 

4.c. The Underwater City

The world conceals many secrets, but deep beneath the waves is the city 
of the shark-like Sahaugin, brutal but clever. Here you must gain their 
trust and aid in re-finding the outside world.

Monsters: Rebels, Sahaugin, 1 Ettin, Sword Spiders, Ettercaps, 1 Bone 

Treasures: Cloak of Mirroring, Cloak of protection +2, Boots of 
Etherealness, Rod of Lordly Power, Scimitar +2, Belm.

NPCs: none.

You'll be taken to the underwater city by the sahaugin. You're taken to 
an audience with their king, Ixilthetocal.

He'll explain you are to save the city as part of an old prophecy by 
their god. To prove your worth, you're put in an arena to kill an Ettin. 
When dead, accept all.

Go to their High Priest and she'll change everything - accept all. 

Go to the Drow SE section, beware traps. Kill as you go. You will come 
to an area where some imps will set you a challenge - accept.

The answer is: Helmet - Piergorian
               Pipe - Elminster
               Scimitar - Drizzt
               Staff - Khelben
               Amulet - Alaustriel

Get the treasures, head N, talk to the Spectator. Kill it (it's a 
Beholder, of course it's hard). The chest contains the tooth you need.

Now head to the NE corner, go down the steps and through the door, 
fighting as you go onwards. Inside the door, accept an offer of an 
audience (if you kept the orb the Priestess gave you).

Accept all his offers and head back to the throne area. Give the false 
heart to the King then you're discovered, so kill them all (the rebels 
will arrive to help you).

At the end, the Prince of the Rebels will give you all the treasures 

                    Rod of Lordly Power

and a way down to the Underdark you tried to avoid in the first place 
(60500 xps/head).

5.a. The Underdark

The most evil and dangerous place in the entire world, the renowned and 
feared Underdark is home to all the most deadly creatures across the 
Planes. So few survive, that you feel your death is at hand.

Monsters: Drow, Drow Warriors, Drow Priestesses, Earth Elementals, Air 
Elementals, Fire Elementals, Lizard Men, Kuo-toa wizard, monitor, 
warrior and leader, Myconids, 1 Balor, Umber Hulks, 1 Greater Elemental 
each of Earth, Air and Fire, 1 myconid king, Mind Flayers, Beholders.

Treasures: Jhor the Bleeder +2, CURSED Spear +3 'Backstabber', CURSED 
Ring of Folly, Rod of Absorption, Bracers of Defence AC 4, Skullcrusher 
+3, Dragon's Breath +4, Necradon's Crossbow +3.

NOTE: Drow equipment is typically better than any magic armour but will 
disintegrate above ground. Be certain to keep hold of old armour and 
weapons for when you leave. Drow equipment: Full Plate +5, Chainmail +3 
(useable by mages!),  Long Sword +3, Light Crossbow +3, Flail +3, Amulet 
of Spell Warding. There are others too, but mostly that's what you'll 

NPCs: none.

From your starting position after the descent (20000 xps/head), head E. 
Talk Duergars, buy a Freedom scroll. Beware the elemental respawn 
points, they keep coming every time you kill one.

Head N. Fight Drow. You'll come to a crystal. By using the panels "lost 
souls" will come out and attack you (except one, who tells you to visit 
his village).

Now cast the Freedom spell. Between the crystal and the duergars a mage 
named Vithal appears and gives you a quest - accept. 

Head back to the crystal and head along E, killing the bridge guards.

Go back to the crystal now and head W, kill all the myconids, just 
further W are three Mind Flayers that come round and attack.

From here, head N to the Dark Gnome village, accept peaceful entry, go 
around and talk to their chief, accept. The cave is in the village, a 
little E. Use the stone and kill the Balor (VERY, VERY, VERY HARD).

Now return to the king for a 

                   Light Gem 
                   Skullcrusher +3.

In the next house along, talk to the Innkeeper and buy Vithal's book off 
him for 300 gps.

The other Gnome is father of the gnome that you freed from the mage 
crystal prison, the one that walked off. Talk to him for 10000 xps and 

                   Bracers of Defence AC 4.

Now go to the Earth portal and give Vithal his book. He'll summon a 
Greater Earth Elemental, kill it (keep Vithal alive!!) and he'll 
disappear and return.

You'll repeat this three times, once for each portal. At the end he'll 
reward you, press for more ONCE - more than once and he'll attack and 
win very easily. Be happy with this good reward.

With the Light Gem go now to the Dark Cave near the entrance to Ust 
Natha. Inside, accept the Silver Dragon's quest. As Drow, enter Ust 

When you are back out again to hunt the illithid, a party of adventurers 
try to kill you, it's a tough fight. One of them carries the

                   Dragon's Breath +4

From here, go to the extreme SE, talk and kill those that appear. Head 
back to the Drow City at your leisure (20000 xps).

When you've escaped the city, go to the Dragon, talk for your reward: 
78500 xps/head and 

                   Necradon's Crossbow +3

You'll be taken to a gate, fight the Drow. Go through, fight again. 
There are fights in the next room, the next and the next. Eventually, 
you'll reach the exit to the Surface!!! At last!!!

5.b. Ust Natha

Safety is not found in a place more than the Drow capital, but still 
this is a place of constant danger, death, assassination, political 
intrigue, and typical Drow brutality.

Monsters: Drow, Mind Flayers, Mustard Jelly, Gray Ooze, Green Slime, 
Ochre Jelly, Beholder.

Treasures: BoneBlade +4, Ring of Spell Turning, Gorgon Plate +4.

NPCs: none.

At the Bazaar, you can buy and sell magical items and mostly scrolls.

Go straight to the Male Fighter's Association. Talk to Solaufein 
outside, accept. Go right back to the exit (if asked which way the 
"quarry" went in a pre-death chase, it was that woman that legged it 
past yelling, respond as you wish).

Now talk to Imrae and accept. You can rest/restock as you wish before. 
Refer back to the Underdark section now.

Back in the city, a Duergar will tell you to talk to his master, go up 
to the tank, talk to Aboleth and accept.

Qilue's house is guarded by Servants, all with up to level 8 spells - 
beware! Kill her, get her brain, take this to Aboleth for your reward, 
10000 xps.

Talk to Phaene as agreed. Accept, go to the extreme SE, talk then murder 
the Beholder (20000 additional xps).

Go back to the tavern.

You're given another task, this time to kill a patrol of sverfneblin. Go 
to the Myconid patch and kill the gnomes. Take the gnomic leader's helm 
as proof of your feat.

Give this to Phaere and she'll tell you to meet her again. Go to the 
Female Fighter's Association and accept.

There is a Drow Priestess, accept her quest, go to the SE and kill the 
lot. There's no xps for completing that though.

Go to Solaufein and kill him. Tell Phaere. If you are male, at this 
point, you sleep with her (I don't know what happens if you're female!).

Go to the Temple of Lolth, accept the quest. Go to the Beholder cave in 
the Underdark (the southern tunnels on the map), and kill the Beholders, 
get the eye from the Elder.

Go back to the temple (22000 xps). Go now to Phaere in her apartments at 
the Female Fighters' again. Accept.

Enter the Temple, the treasury is in the NE. I suggest you cast 
(Improved) Invisibility first. Replace the Egg in the N bowl-thing, the 
golems will attack, shut the door on them. Kill the Egg Guards.

There are now to ways. Hard and Easy:

Take the Egg to Phaere (10000 xps). She'll vanish, an Imp will appear 
and give you instructions. Go to the Temple. In the ritual room, 
interrupt what Phaere is saying, kill the Demon and her (the demon is 
VERY HARD). Outside, every Drow in Ust Natha tries to kill you, you're 
only chance is to peg it outside the city gates. Note that the Matron 

                   Gorgon's Plate +4

Easy: Keep the eggs and leave the city. Nearly no xps for that though.

Refer to the above Underdark section again now.

6.a. Exit from the Underdark

As the sunlight gradually re-finds your party, you find a war-torn out 
post of the surface elves, as they fight their constant war against the 
vicious Drow.

Monsters: none.

Treasures: none.

NPCs: none.

A nice short section. When out of the Underdark, you're taken to an 
audience with Elhan, the War Elf leader. NOTE: Before you leave, remove 
all Drow equipment, there is a bug in some versions that means the dust 
doesn't stop re-spawning!

Agree to everything and be careful to tell the truth. If Viconia is with 
you, she'll be put under a geas. He gives you a quest to find an 
artefact that allows the Elves entry to Suldanesselar.  

This is carried by Bodhi, you can ask for stakes and holy water to sort 
her out.

The most interesting bit is that when you leave, Drizzt and his friends 
meet you. If you're nice, Drizzt will agree to meet you at Bodhi's guild 
and aid you. Of course, you can kill him and his friends, and nick all 
their brilliant items, but it's so hard I wouldn't bother. My advice is 
perhaps kill Drizzt when he's alone in the Graveyard District...

6.b. Small Teeth Pass and North Woods

The Elven forests of Tethir are full of danger and intrigue, and these 
two distinct area will give you the opportunity to discover some evil 

Monsters: 1 Efreeti, 1 Dao, Wolfweres, Ankhegs, Gnolls (Veterans, 
Elites, Slashers, Captains).

Treasures: several +1 items.

NPCs: none.

These two small and boring areas have been put into a single section 
because it's pointless making two tiny sections.

Small Teeth Pass is basically a small monster-thump.

North Woods is a bit different, there are two groups, one of various 
adventurers, one of an efreeti and a dao. Each holds/guards some minor 

7.c. Forest of Tethir

Monsters: Mist Horrors, Vampiric Mists, Poison Mists, Crimson Deaths, 
Panthers, 1 Greater Wyvern, 1 Baby Wyvern, Kuo-toa, Wolfweres, Wandering 

Treasures: Mana Bow +4.

NPCs: none.

The main purpose of this place is as a gateway to Tethir. To navigate 
the map you must walk along the main tree-trunk down the centre and get 
off it at certain points.

In the NW you find an old companion, Coran, who asks you to help him 
rescue Safana. Go to the Wolfwere camp. Here, Safana turns out to be 
very nasty indeed and both Safana and Coran will die. Kill the 

You can search his cabin also. Defeat the nasties inside (Horrors, 
Mists, and Deaths) and search the cabin for several minor treasures and 
some healing/extra healing potions (very useful, but beware, all three 
chests in the N room are trapped with quite hard-to-spot traps.

In the central W you can fight two members of a wyvern-worshipping cult 
and their idols, if you so desire. Not much on their bodies, however.

In the E there is a cave (literally a door in the ground, Alice in 
Wonderland style). Inside is a pool to search for my favourite bow in 
the game, the 

                   Mana Bow +4

and two bands of Kuo-toa.

7.d. Graveyard revisited

Monsters: Vampires, Fledgling Vampires, Vampiric Mists, Skeleton 
Warriors, Grimwarders.

Treasures: Cutthroat +4.

NPCs: none.

At the district entrance, Bodhi appears, runs off and leaves you with 
four vampires to fight.

Now the crypts can only be accessed by the roof of the building in the 
E. Underneath, some minor treasures have been replaced or even changed.

In the NW, Drizzt and his party appear (if you enlisted their aid, that 
is). Eventually only Drizzt will stay for you.

If you got Holy Water from Elhan, you can pour this into the pool of 
blood to stop the vampires regenerating from it.

Head downstairs and kill Bodhi. Go to her coffin in the NE room, stake 
her (55000 xps/head and you get her heart and the Lanthorn).

In the rooms you can also find the 

                   Cutthroat +4.

Tell Elhan of your success, and he takes you to the Elven city of 
Suldanessellar, where a bitter war is raging...

7.a. Suldanessellar

Monsters: Stone Golems, Clay Golems, Adamantine Golems, Iron Golems, 
Rakshasas, Rajahs, Maharajahs, Trolls, Skeleton Warriors, 1 Nabassu, 1 
Sand Golem, 1 Balor, Earth/Fire/Air elementals.

Treasures: Elven Chain Mail, Cloak of Elvenkind, Boots of Elvenkind, 
Girdle of Stone Giant Strength.

NPCs: none.

After entering (74500 xps/head), and talking to Elhan, fight your way to 
Demin's house. Inside, kill all your enemies, and talk to Demin, her 
route is the only way.

Many rooms in the city have level 9 spell scrolls inside, I've uncovered 
Time Stop, Meteor Swarm and Gate so far.

First, go to the House of the Talisman. Inside, use the puzzle box, the 
correct order is: Corellan, Rillifane, Water, Tree of Life, 

Now, go to the House of the Moon. Inside, simply get the Moonblade off 
of the Elf's body.

Head to the NW now, and enter the Woodland Clearing (see that section)

There are also two stone artefacts, a horn and a harp, one held by the 
House of the Horn, the other by the Harpists, which you need.

When you return from the clearing, go to the Temple of Rillifane. Place 
the artefacts on the altar (65000 xps/head) and the avatar will appear 
and grant you access to the palace.

Outside, Reirra will appear with useful items and the 

                   Staff of the Woodlands +4.

In the palace, gather the nuts from the tree. Go through, and use the 
harp/horn on the statues (3000 xps each) and go down (use option 2 when 
talking to party members and they will stay).

Accept Ellesime, and find the three parasites. Attack them, and two 
elementals will appear and attack. Kill them then the parasites.

You are automatically taken to Irenicus, where you must kill him. 
However, instead of this being the end, you and all your friends are 
sucked into hell...

7.b. Woodland Clearing

Monsters: Nizidramonii'yt, a Black Dragon.

Treasures: Bladeslinger Chain +4.

NPCs: none.

Only one thing to do here, but it's a BIG thing, a black dragon. No 
matter what you say, you are forced to kill it.

In its horde is the final artefact of the elven gods that you need to 
summon the avatar. You're nearly there.

7.c. Hell

Monsters: Beholders, Gauth, Elder orbs.

Treasures: Blackrazor.

NPCs: none.

Don't worry about deaths from your fight with Irenicus, all your party 
will be restored with their equipment.

You must go down each tunnel in turn and achieve a Tear of Bhaal. In 
order from right to left, the tunnels contain:

E: PRIDE - show no pride, question why you should kill the enemy and the 
demon will vanish. Walk through and talk to the dragon and you get your 
easiest tear.

SE: FEAR - head along the N passage and kill all the Beholders (if you 
can!). Now grab the tear from the crystals at the end.

S: SELFISH - to get the tear you must choose. Go down the right-hand 
path and your part member will die, and you will become a Fallen 
character, losing class-specific abilities (if you're good).

The left path means you keep your friend and abilities, and also lose 
2HPS from maximum, 1 dex., and some xps. You get the tear either way.

SW: GREED - take the sword. I recommend giving it to the genie, but you 
can fight it (v. hard) instead. You get the tear one way or another.

W: SAREVOK - in here, you are forced to fight a wraith of Sarevok, the 
main bad guy from BG1. Kill him for the tear. Note that he's every bit 
as tough as last time round!

Now use the tears on the Abyssal Door. Save and prepare, this is the 
last battle...

Irenicus will appear and summon two Glabrezus and two Balors to help 
him, in addition he turns into the Slayer!

Here's how I did it. First concentrate on the demons. When dead, get rid 
of the Misleading slayer, then head S. Here, use pierce magic, breach 
etc. to remove his protections. Now fight him - use only hand-to-hand 
combat weapons, and change into the Slayer. With a bit of luck and 
skill, Irenicus will finally die! 

Now you can watch and enjoy the sinister cut-scene... I think there's a 
BG3 for the future...


8.a. D'Arnise Hold

Monsters: Trolls, Ice Trolls, Giant Trolls, 1 Spectral Troll, Yuan-ti, 
Yuan-ti mages, Umber Hulks, Flesh Golems, 1 Stone Golem, Clay Golems, 1 
Iron Golem, 1 Otyugh.

Treasures: Ring of Earth Elemental Control, Dagger +2, Warhammer +1, +4 
vs. Giantkin, Elven Court Bow +3, Battle Axe +3, Frostreaver, Shield 
Amulet, Flail of Ages, Orc Leather +3, Full Plate +1, Boots of 
Grounding, Staff of Striking.

NPCs: Nalia.

If you didn't get her in the Copper Coronet, she's in a palisade in the 
SW corner. See The Slums section for her stats.


When you've completed this section, a fighter gets his Fortress.

Initially, once you have the keep, all you can do is sort out taxes with 
your Major. I advise keeping the taxes as they are for now.

Each week, you get 500 gps and a visitor to deal with.
VISITOR 1: A merchant whose caravan has been robbed by bandits wants to 
be payed for the caravan. You can also hire mercenaries to deal with the 

I suggest this: give the merchant 500 gps (cha.15 or more) or 1000 gps 
(less cha.) and paying 500 gps for the mercs (15000 xps).

VISITOR 2: Captain Cernick has caught a man thieving. H's excuse is that 
he needs money for his wife's medicine. Let him off entirely and buy the 
potions he needs for 15500 xps.

VISITOR 3: Bolumir, Cleric of Tempus, wants to set up a chapel in the 
keep. This is advantageous as not only will you now have access to 
healing, he sells magic items (inc. Staff of Striking and Boots of 
Grounding), and accepting gets you 15500 xps. He is found on the upper 
floor in the room previously full of golems.

VISITOR 4: Roenall himself demands your land. Refuse.

VISITOR 5: Chantelle the maid wants to marry Jessup, but Malvolio wants 
to marry Chantelle also. Let Jessup marry and pay the full dowry for 
15500 xps.

VISITOR 6: Two moneylenders demand 2000 gps. Pay them 1000 and all will 
be fine.

VISITOR 7: Four citizens demand 7000 gps for damage from a great flood 
and to build dikes to prevent further flooding. Pay the lot for 15500 

VISITOR 8: Finally, Lord Roenall attacks. You have a set time to kill 
him, or you lose the keep. If you succeed, you get 50000 xps. He carries 
Full Plate +1 also.

In the SW, there is a secret door in the side of the Keep, marked on the 
map. Enter, the idea on this level is simply wander around killing any 
stray trolls and searching for the treasure littered around.

In the NW, there is a special forge that can be used to repair the Flail 
of Ages (though it doesn't need all three heads, it's much better with 
them). Repair it for the item and 223500 xps.

The second floor, head S. In the library, get the key, this opens the 
doors. Same as before, wander, kill, search. On the W side you can enter 
a room where you'll find Nalia's aunt. Free her. Through the far door 
there are two secret doors. One leads to the stairs that take you to the 
basement where Lord d'Arnise is being held.

In the other room are six golems. Whenever you disturb the alcoves 
(containing powerful magical items), two golems attack. Take them two at 
a time, using your mace/halberd armed men/women to block the doorway and 
kill them all.

You can access the roof from this level, but there isn't much to do up 

In the basement, go through the first two doors, searching - in the 
third room are the leader's pet Umber Hulks.

In the room to the E are the trolls and their grand leader, it's a tough 
fight. Search the shrine and TorGal's body for some gems.

Go up and out to the courtyard, kill the otyugh and leave the dogs 
alone. Nalia now rewards you (10650 gps, ??? xps) and if you're a 
fighter she gives you the stronghold as your, er... stronghold.

8.b. Windspear Hills

Monsters: Ogres, 1 Gnoll Elite, 1 Baby Wyvern, Orcs, Wild Dogs, Ankhegs, 
Black Bears, Goblins, Hobgoblins (wizards, elites, captains), Vampiric 
mists, Shadow Fiends, Ruhk Transmuter, Kamikaze Kobolds, Vampires, 1 
Adamantine Golem, Iron Golems, Stone Golems, Clay Golems, Dread Wolves, 
Wolfweres, Greater Wolfweres, "Guardians", Orc Archers, 1 Greater 
Wraith, Orogs, Trolls, Mutated Gibberlings, Fell Ghasts, Werewolves.

Treasures: Amulet of Protection +1, Battle Axe +2, Large Shield +2, 
Dragon Scale +2, Dragonslayer +2 (Peridan), Studded Leather +2, Two-
handed Sword +2, Heartseeker +3, Holy Avenger: Carsomyr +5, Cloak of the 

NPCs: none.

At the start you are forced to kill some monsters who turn out, when all 
dead, to be paladins (including Ajantis from BG1).

Accept Garren Windspear's aid and be very good to him and all his 
friends who talk to you - some bandits will enter, make a spirited 
attempt to kill you and teleport Garren's daughter off. Say you'll save 

Head to the NE and enter the dungeons. Kill all, and in the main cavern, 
there are two smaller ones. Go through the N door (the only door!), 
fight all inside (beware the golems). Head W, accept Samia. Head NE, NW, 
NW, N, N, N, N and then prepare yourself.

When you've cleared the floor of all its treasure (neat items!) Samia 
reappears with a powerful war-party. Kill 'em all (hard!).

Now head back to the first golem fight and head E. Kill the vampires, 
carry on and take the Greater Wraith. Get the chapel key.

Go now to the entrance to the maze and head down the W branch, kill the 
wolfies, note that Greater Wolfweres regenerate amazingly fast, so 
Disintegrate, Slay Living and similar are about the only ways to kill 

From the circular room, W heads into a room where to "men" try to lure 
you into their "den". To get the treasures w/out a fight, send an 
invisible character through past the two men and get the goodies from 
the rooms past there.

When you re-enter their room they'll tell you to follow them, don't go 
through, nick the goodies from THIS room then leave.

NW heads to a room where some squabble between a troll, a wolfwere and a 
hobgoblin leaves some minor items on the ground.

Through the secret door is a very hard fight with some golems - their 
treasure behind them is the Heartseeker +3 longbow.

The N passage leads to another golem fight, then an orog fight. Go 
through the locked door, over the stairs into the next room, where you 
find DigDag, two orc lackeys and an old "friend" of yours, the ogre 
Tazok. Kill 'em.

Go into the cavern, talk to Fikraag, the red dragon (!) and when his 
wizard dimension doors, run upstairs quickly! Kill him, get the key and 
free Iltha (23750 xps). Now, leave!

Back at Garren's cabin, you'll be rewarded. If you're a paladin, you can 
now enter the High Hall of the Radiant Heart, see Temple section.

If you've kept the acorns from the dryads in Irenicus' dungeon, the 
Fairy Queen is found in the SE section. Give her the acorns for 32500 
xps + 9750 xps.

8.c. Umar Hills

Monsters: Umber Hulks, 1 Killer Mimic, Shadows, Shadow Fiends, Spotted 

Treasures: Corthala Family Armour (Valygar), Corthala Family Blade 
(Valygar), Spear +1, Ilbratha +1.

NPCs: Valygar Corthala.

VALYGAR (human; male; neutral good; stalker; str.17 dex.18 con.16 int.10 
wis.14 cha.10)

There is a quest from the Government District in Athkatla to kill 
Valygar. You can let him join or kill him, it's you to you. He is the 
only way to enter the Planar Sphere in the Slums, I'll cover this in a 
later version.

Most of this section centres around a series of odd murders. Go to the 
village in the SW. Around the fountain, listen, then go to Minister 
Lloyd's house. Accept his quest.

Madaulf and his band are found in the centre of the map. Talk to them 
and they'll propose a peace deal, accept their quest to tell the village 

Go to Lloyd and tell him, he'll wander off (27500 xps). If you speak to 
Vincenzo in the Inn, there is the amusing "Umar Witch Project" tale, 
which takes the rip completely (fine by me because I HATE the Blair 
Witch Project!).

At the entrance to the town a group of youngsters give you 200 gps to 
buy them some swords and ale. Buy the swords and ale from merchants in 
and around the inn, give them the stuff for 2000 xps.

In the village, a mage named Jermien wants some mimic's blood for a 
golem. This is found (along with a killer mimic and other monsters) in 
the Umar Cave - open the chest once you've killed the killer mimic for 
some other stuff as well. Give him the blood for 19250 xps and the 

                   Ilbratha +1

However, his golem will attack - kill it and talk to him for 21250 xps. 
You can now search for spells and potions.

The concerns about a hired ranger voiced in the town can be realised in 
the SW, there are some interesting books to read here too.

Valygar, and whatever fate you have in store for him, are found in the 
NW corner. If you come from the W, there are some rangers who may try to 
stop you, come from the E and you'll meet them on the way out, if you 
head E, anyway.

Jeb, just outside the village will sell you some information for 300 
gps. Accept, he'll tell you about Hendrick's chicken. Tell Hendrick you 
know about his item and offer to buy it for 50 gps - it's a priceless 
gem, worth 600 gps (not quite priceless then).

If you've solved the Skinner murders in the Bridge district you should 
have a letter. Follow the instructions - by the History of the Zhentarim 
off Fael. His "secret name" is Darcin Cole.

If you have the Human Skin on you, you can get silver dragon's blood as 
he requests. I'll continue with this in another, later version.

8.d. Temple Ruins

Monsters: Shadows, Shade Wolves, Shadow Fiends, 1 Greater Shade Wolf, 
Greater Mummies, Skeleton Warriors, Bone Golems, 1 Shadow Dragon, Wild 
Dogs, Giant Lynxes.

Treasures: Cloak of the Stars, Halberd +2: Duskblade, Darkmail +3.

NPCs: Mazzy Fentan.

MAZZY (halfling; female; fighter; lawful good; str. 

The Temple itself is found in the NE of the map. It is swarming with 
monsters. By activating the Stained-glass window, you can dispel any 
shadows that come into the light.

Beneath the dungeon, head N from the junction. Kill everything in this 
room and the next, being sure to find the bones and the jail key.

In the jail is Mazzy Fentan, a famous Halfling knight. She offers advice 
and can join your party.

Head W from the jails and get the sun gem. You can head N as well to 
kill things, if you wish.

With the gem you can pass through the first shadow barrier.  Go through 
and over the bridge, get everything and kill everyone in this Room of 
Fire and the E room.

In the W room from here, give the bones to the ghosts for part of the 
Sun Icon and the Shadow Dragon Wardstone, plus 17750 xps.

Carry on and you'll come to a room with letters on the floor. This is 
done in the same way as Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was done.

The name is Amunator, just walk over those letters in that order and no 
damage is done. Only send one man over.

In the next two rooms: the N room contains important items and the S 
room contains a Shadow that can't be trusted (kill it) and the second 
part of the Sun Icon.

Head back to the Statue at the beginning. Answer his questions on the 
rituals, if you get them all right he gives you the last Sun Icon piece 
(45500 xps) and you'll complete the Icon (21250 xps).

Go right back and now go straight past through the door into the cavern.

If you have the Wardstone the Dragon leaves you alone. Use the exit in 
the NW. Here you have to defeat the Shadow Lord (25000 xps) and his 
Altar. When all the enemies are dead, light returns (44250 xps/head). 
Merella appears and dies.

8.e. Trademeet

Monsters: Dire Wolves, Giant Spiders, Wild Tigers.

Treasures: Staff of the High Forest (Cernd), Cloak of the High Forest 
(Cernd), Shield of Harmony +2, Scimitar +2, Rashad's Talon.

NPCs: Cernd.

CERND (human; male; shapeshifter; true neutral; str.13 dex.9 con.13 
int.12 wis.18 cha.15)

Fight the animals and agree to help the city when challenged by the 
Militia Captain.

Go to the High Merchant Lord's house, accept. Go downstairs and find 

You should now head over to the Druid Grove.

When that matter is resolved, tell the High Merchant (2000 gps) and 
accept his new quest.

Go to the tent of the Dao Genies. Give their Khan the head of Ihtafeer 
(the Rakshasa in the Druid Grove area) for 10000 xps and a sword.

Tell the Guildmistress in the Mayor's home for 7500 xps, gems and a 
magic shield. Tell the High Merchant himself and you'll be honoured and 
get reputation +1, 25250 xps/head and 10750 gps.

You're also given the same quest by two feuding families. The best way 
to do this quest is this: go to either mansion and accept, you'll get 
the key.

Go to the tomb and accept the High Merchant's offer when he appears. Go 
in, kill all and get the Circlet.

Take it to the High Merchant for 250 gps, 8000 xps and reputation +1.

There is found in Trademeet Neeber, presumably cousin of Noober (from 
BG1) or something. Talk to him loads of times and much like Noober, you 
get 1000 xps/head and some 

                   +2 bullets

8.f. Druid Grove

Monsters: Trolls, Ice Trolls, Myconids, Spore Colonies, Rakshasas, Sword 
Spiders, Phase Spiders, Giant Spiders, Spiders, Ettercaps, Spirit 
Trolls, Spectral Trolls, Giant Trolls.
Treasures: Cleric's Staff +3, Amulet of Proof Against Poison, Scimitar 
of Speed +2: Belm, Bracers of Archery, Spear of the Unicorn +2.

NPCs: none.

Once you've agreed to help Trademeet, head to the NW. Here, meet Cernd 
and let him challenge Faldorn. Cernd will win, and you've freed the 
Druid Grove from the depredations of the Shadow Thieves, leaving 
Trademeet safe. That was easy.

There is a cottage in the NE belonging to a woman who is actually a 
Rakshasa. Kill her and her friends. You can get her head, and there are 
some minor treasures in a chest in this cottage.

In the deserted Ogre's Tower, there is a magical scimitar.

There is a Troll Mound in the SW. Enter, kill all the (many) trolls, and 
you can search the bones at the far side for some nice treasures.

9.a. Early Sections


Having killed Irenicus you now live in peace - you think. But now the 
Bhaalspawn are marching, and five armies, each lead by one of the most 
powerful of Bhaal's children, are marching on the Realms, seeking world 
domination and to ascend to the throne of their father. You have been 
told by the elven queen Ellesime to commune with gods in a sacred grove, 
and now you must discover your fate as a child of Bhaal.

Monsters: Kobolds, Kobold Commandos, Dopplegangers, Gnoll Elites, 
Sahaugin, Ogre Mages, Drow.

Treasure: Dagger +2, Boots of Speed, Ring of Protection +1.

NPCs: Sarevok.

Sarevok     18/00  17  18  17  10  15      Human  Fighter  Chaotic Evil  

     Sarevok murdered your father and nearly you, and you have been
     forced to kill him twice. Now he appears, and if you implant a
     piece of your soul in him he will be reborn again, and you may
     fing him a useful ally... or a bitter foe.

     Found: Hell.
     Score: *****
            OK, he's evil, but he is by far and away the best fighter
            in the game. He's incredible with a two-handed sword and in
            combat remains incredibly dangerous.



At the very beginning, simply talk to the gods to hear their rhyme, then 
when you appear in the clearing, prepare for a fight, as another 
Bhaalspawn, Illasera "the quick", appears to try and kill you. She'll 
cast Mirror Image and Monster Summoning first, just kill her, it's not 
too hard. She carries all the treasures listed above and:

     2 Potions of Extra Healing

After this you will be transported to your very own hell, once owned by 
Bhaal. Here two people will appear. The first is Solar, who offers some 
advice and tells you that she will watch over you. The second is 
Sarevok, who appears and will offer to help you if you give him a piece 
of your spirit. Agree, he'll do it and open the first portal of four for 
you. He can also join you - if you want him to, make him swear an oath 
so he can't betray you.


From this hell you can do four things. Firstly, you can summon any NPC 
except Yoshimo to aid you. This makes it far easier to tailor-make 
parties for specific areas. You get 2000 xps each time you do this, and 
they level up.

Secondly, there is Bhaal's imp "butler", Cespenar, who can upgrade 
existing magic items with special items you find during the game. The 
special items are (location in brackets):

-Heart of The Damned
-Liquid Mercury
-Eye of Tyr
-Fflar's Scabbard (Gromnir's castle level 1, Saradush)
-Baalor's Claw (Berenn has in Yaga-Shur's chambers)
-Roranach's Horn (Gromnir Il-Khan wears)
-Serpent Shaft
-Skull of the Lich
-Hindo's Hand
-Starfall Ore (Kiser's basement, Saradush)
-Rune of Clangeddin
-Bowstring of Gond
-Montolio's Clasp
-Montolio's Cloak
-Circlet of Netheril
-White Dragon Scales
-Blue Dragon Scales
-Star sapphires, rogue stones, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires,  
king's tears, nymph's tears. (various)
-Scrolls of Invisibility and Improved Haste. (various)

And this is the combinations of upgrades and what they produce:

-Cloak of Protection +2
     -with scrolls of Invisibility and Improved Haste

-Flail of Ages

-Bag of Plenty +1
     -with King's Tear and 10,000 gps

-Ravager +4
     -with Serpent's Shaft

Thirdly, you can use the portal to access anywhere on the map, though 
you cannot visit everywhere from the start, you must gain access to each 
one, as they appear on your map.

Lastly, the shimmering portals around the edges all hold different tasks 
and challenges you need to complete before you can progress.


When Sarevok opens the first portal, enter it when you've rested and 
prepared. A Bhaalspawn called Gavid will appear and talk to you about 
the nature of Bhaal's children and retribution, before a horde of all 
the monsters above appear in a seemingly never-ending stream, finishing 
with the drow. This can be quite taxing but you should pull through. 
After this Gavid will reappear, say a few more things, and you will get 
25000 quest xps per head. Not bad! You will also gain the Pocket Plane 
special ability, which will allow you to return to your Hell whenever 
you desire.

Now use the portal to leave - on this occassion you will automatically 
go to Saradush.

9.b. Saradush (AR 5000)


Saradush is besieged by one of your brothers, a Fire Giant, and the 
town, which has recently become a haven for lesser Bhaalspawn, has not 
got long left, but the most dangerous threat is their own leader, 
Gromnir Il-Khan, who appears insane, and is starving his own people. Now 
many turn to you for assistance in this darkest hour...

Monsters: Devil Shades, Greater Shadows, Umber Hulks, Elite Orcs, Elite 
Orogs, Fledgling Vampires, Vampires.

Treasure: Shakhti Figurine, Grandmaster Armour +6, Lavender Ioun Stone, 
Quaterstaffs +2, Ice Star +4, Morning Star +3, Full Plate +2.

NPCs: None.



When you first teleport into Saradush you will witness Melissan, a 
fellow Bhaalspawn, pleading with some Il-Khan soldiers (the soldiers of 
Gromnir Il-Khan, the tyrannous local leader) to permit an audience with 
Gromnir. They suspect you to be spies of the besieging armies and will 
attack you. Keep casting area-affect spells and you shouldn't find this 
too hard. They all carry Potions of Extra Healing, and some have magical 
halberds on them. Melissan will then tell you the situation and beg for 
your help in ending the siege. Accept, of course.


You can rest and buy some various items at the Tavern Tree, a small inn 
in the centre of the map (marked). Just South of that is a Temple of 
Waukeen, where you can purchase all the usual services.

Once you have completed the Lazarus' Spellbook quest (see below) you can 
also buy and sell magical items at the magic shop (again, marked on the 


There are two methods to entering the castle proper. The first is 
getting the sewer key and creeping up via the sewers. The second is 
entering via the vampire-filled old jails. Both lead to the same level 
of the castle. The latter is more dangerous but more rewarding.


To enter the sewers you need the key, which is in the Guardhouse of 
Gromnir's soldiers (in the West, marked on map). 

Just wade and kill the host of warriors awaiting you, and ensure you 
search all the bodies and chests in the room to get the key and the odd 
minor treasure, but there's nothing of any real value.

The quickest entrance to the sewers for reaching the castle is the sewer 
entrance right next to the main castle doors near where you teleported 
in at the beginning.

Go down, follow the corridor, and deal with the Devil Shades quickly 
before they can respawn and overwhelm you completely. Next head up the 
Northernmost of the branches at the junction, up here is a secret door 
near which can be found an Umber Hulk and a few NPCs, no real challenge. 
Bands like this litter the sewers. The secret door is along this 
corridor, it leads to a room full of Gibberlings, and then to a set of 
stairs that lead up inside Gromnir's castle.


If you are nonevil, enter the Temple of Waukeen (on map) and ask Sister 
Farielle about entering the castle. She'll give you the key to enter the 
jails, which are full of vampires (3000 xps). In fact, the rumour you 
can hear in the Tavern Tree about the whores being vampires is correct!

Simply enter the jail and work your way around. There are plenty of 
vampires. You can find minor treasures at: x 805 y 520 and x 740 y 395. 
Twice, at x 1295 y 310 and x 540 y 620, you will encounter a silent 
spectre who mimes putting on a necklace, which is the rusted amulet in 
one of the jails next to the area you see him the second time. I must 
admit, I haven't a clue what purpose this has.

At the end you encounter Phylidian, a powerful vampire who makes a last 
ditch effort to stop you. If you succeed in getting through, you'll 
enter the same level as the sewer method but over the other side of the 


If you enter from the sewers, enter the room straight in front of you, 
then keep going North, collecting various minor treasures as you go 
along, the best bits are found at x 960 y 1240 and x 750 y 1210.

If you arrived from the vampire-infested jail you will first encounter 
Amsay Jahag, a fellow Bhaalspawn seeking to escape. She tells you about 
the numerous highly sensitive traps in the building. There are lots of 
traps and lots of guards, all carrying +1 weapons, but they're not ultra 
hard to get past.

There are two prisoners on this level who, if you open their cell doors 
and talk to them, get you Reputation +1 for freeing them. They can be 
found at x 1065 y 1630 and x 1315 y 975 (the latter's called Vinke, for 
no apparent reason).

Follow the corridors around to the same place, it is a circular 
staircase. This leads you up to a small atrium-like room with a band of 
reasonably tough NPCs in it.

Now go upstairs to Gromnir's audience chamber. Here he will talk to 
Melissan and attack you. This a hard fight, but if you take out the 
mages fast and then Gromnir then his other soldiers you should win. They 
carry much treasure, the highlights of which include:

     Rornarch's Horn
     Lavender Ioun Stone
     Full Plate Mail +2
     5 Potions of Superior Healing
     2 Potions of Extra Healing
     Morningstar +3
     Ice Star +4
     Grandmasters Armour +6
     2 Quaterstaffs +2
     1200 gp

Melissan will reappear and tell you about Yaga-Shur's apparent 
invincibility, giving you lots of locations on the map. Now return to 
your hell, using the pocket plane skill in your special abilities bar, 
and then leave it again, asking to go to the home of Yaga-Shur.



If you enter the Militia Jail (on map), you will witness Mateo being 
jailed as a traitor. If you talk to the captain of the guard he will 
tell you that he thinks it is a bit odd. Talk to Mateo, hear what he has 
to say, then visit Kiser in his home (again, map). He'll tell you it is 
in fact Errard.

Now go to the Countess and she'll tell you Kiser's threatening to kill 
her kidnapped son. Now talk to Errard on top of the walls fighting back 
the siege. Tell him about the accusation but say you won't kill him. 
He'll cast a divination that tells you to look in Kiser's house.

Go back, Kiser's downstairs, kill him and his lackeys, search for 
various treasures (nothing special), and free the Countess' son (he's 
round the bend guarded by the mage for 7000 xps/head, then return to the 
Countess for 5000 xps/head and 2000 gps.


Lazarus at the magic store has had his spellbook stolen. He suspects 
Hectan, in the Tavern Tree, he also says he found a boy's muddy 

Talk to Squip just outside the magic shop with some other boys and just 
be generally horrible, he'll tell you he stole it and gave it to Hectan. 
Confront Hectan in the Tavern Tree with this information and he'll ask 
for a teleportation scroll in return from the spellbook.

Get this from Lazarus who will warn you it won't work. Give it to Hectan 
for the book and 5000 xps and if you don't tell him the scroll is 
dangerous he'll die and you get Reputation -1, no change if you do tell 

After doing this quest you can buy stuff from Lazarus.

9.c. Northern Forest (AR 6400)


In your quests to discover the secret of Yaga-Shur, you will have to 
pass through the Mir Forest, and it is nothing short of teeming with the 
Bhaalspawn's evil minions.

Monsters: Fire Giants.

Treasure: Minor treasures only.

NPCs: None.


This map is simple, just wade through the seemingly never-ending horde 
of soldiers and fire giants to get to the other side. If you go North at 
first rather than South you'll meet Karthis al-Hezzar, a merchant 
vivtimised by the soldiers you just killed. Be nice to him and you get 
Reputation +1 and 100 gps, plus of course he sells things. The ford 
across the river is to the South, you have to march through dozens of 
soldiers to get to the other end, but when you do leave for the Forest 
of Mir and the Bhaal Temple there.

9.d. Forest of Mir - Temple

Monsters: Swamp Horrors, Devil Shades, Vampiric Mist, 1 Master Wraith, 
Skeletons (Warriors/Clerics/Mages/Assassins), Shambling Mounds, Nymphs.

Treasures: Ring of Animal Friendship, Cleric's Staff +3.

NPCs: None.



As you walk along the clear causeway, Gorion will appear (apparently). 
Regardless of what you say Gorion says you were cunning to "resist" him 
(5000 xps/head), and he shows his true colours as a Master Wraith and 
summons a number of mists to fight with him. This battle is very hard, 
and from this point on the game really does get difficult for even the 
best players. If you defeat them all, head into the ruins of the Bhaal 
temple. Here a group of skeletons will attack you to protect their home. 
Concentrate on using fighters to down the warriors and assassin and 
mages and clerics to use Magic Missiles, Breaches and Pierce Magics to 
stop the cleric and mage casting and keep the vulnerable.

Having killed the group, you can find 40 +3 bullets at x 750 y 1250.


Now go up the stairs to find Nyalee, who gives you an important quest to 
retrieve both her heart and Yaga-Shur's from the fires of the Marching 
Mountains. Accept this or you have no way to defeat Yaga-Shur. Nyalee is 
at x 545 y 610.

Now leave this area and carry on to the marching mountains.

When you return with the hearts, she'll go mad and attack you, summoning 
two nymphs and two shambling mounds, dispatch them all.

9.e. Marching Mountains (AR 5200)

Monsters: Outside - Fire Giants. Inside - Fire Giants, Elite Fire 
Giants, Fire Salamanders, Fire Trolls, 1 Clay Golem, 1 Adamantine Golem, 
1 Magic Golem, Flaming Skulls, Fell Cats, 1 Erinyes, Bone Fiends, 
Burning Men, Greater Fire Elementals.

Treasures: Girdle of Fire Giant Strength, Psion's Blade +5, Bag of 
Plenty +1, Ravager +4, Amulet of the Master Harper.

NPCs: None



The entrance to the caverns is found at x 2165 y 290. If you go the 
fastest route, to the East staying as far South as possible, you'll only 
face three Fire Giants, but there are others. When located, enter the 


In here you are immediately waylaid by Fire Giants. Once dead, enter the 
rooms to the East and West, killing their Elite Fire Giant guardians. 
Inside each are gongs, one with a Hammer symbol at x 425 y 1995 and one 
with a Skull at x 1705 y 2020. We will come back to these later.

Go up both flights of stairs. Note - you can step in the lava channels 
but not the circular pools, they deal fire damage. At the top you find a 
weird machine with symbols on it at x 1935 y 1235. Go up the West stairs 
first. Around the pool are traps. When you open the container (x 1185 y 
720) Fire Salamanders and Fire Trolls appear. In the container is the 
Hammer wardstone (matching the gongs, see?), a book that is useful to 
read, and the Fire Giant Strength girdle.

Up the East stairs, guarded by Fire Giants, at x 2685 y 1470 is the 
second container, in it is minor treasures, the same book (odd), and the 
Skull wardstone. This time three golems warp in to be dispatched.

Now go to the gongs and insert the appropriate wardstones into the 
gongs, for 5000 xps/head each. Now the shields blocking the rooms on the 
second floor are removed. The West room first - both are guarded by a 
group of Fire Salamanders, Burning Men, Flaming Skulls and Fell Cats. 
Watch out for the Skulls' and Men's spell-like attacks, and worry about 
the Fell Cats in combat. Now the container can be opened (guarded by 
Burning Men and Greater Fire Elementals), to get the Psion's Blade +5 (a 
fantastic weapon) and one of the two remaing wardstones. In the East 
area you get the other one, this time the after-opening guards are two 
bone fiends and an erinyes. Take all the four stones to the machine and 
place them in it for 20000 xps/head and the doors to Yaga-Shur's 
chambers open.


Now in his chambers, wade through the opening guards then go left or 
right down the tunnels, along the lava channels, and then you're into a 
long room full of enemies. Just kill them all, searching the containers 
as you go for various items. When you find Yaga-Shur's heart at x 2075 y 
1095 remove it from the flames (20000 xps/head).

Open either set of doors and go through. Along this corridor are a 
number of traps and enemies, but in a trapped container at x 2485 y 670 
you'll get the Bag of Plenty +1, and in the plinth in the centre of the 
corridor you find Nyalee's heart and some other items. There is also on 
this section a trapped slave woman, if you free her you get 15000 
xps/head, she's at x 2485 y 670.

With the hearts use your pocket plane to get out and back off to the 
ruined temple and Nyalee, see above.



Outside, at x 1030 y 655 you find a four-strong and completely bizarre 
party of Bhaalspawn, including a goblin, a kobold and... a chinchilla. 
An easy fight, they usually run away given a chance.


At a certain point you gain the ability to shapechange at will into the 
Slayer, an incredibly powerful avatar form of Bhaal.

This may seem like an excellent idea, but I warn against it. Use only 
when ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Once the ability is used, you get one chance to turn back and stay as a 
human. If you continue the transformation, you first lose 2 reputation 

After a short period you will start taking damage due to your slipping 
control on your self. Most likely if you start taking wounds as the 
Slayer you might die before you can change back - you can only use the 
change once a day, so if damage interrupts your "Shapeshift normal form" 
ability you're stuck as the Slayer for a day.

You continue to sustain damage for roughly one turn.

The Slayer's merits though is that it has huge strength, high 
resistances, causes horrific cold damage and looks very cool indeed.


Creating a character
Due to higher levels than BG1, mages are finally powerful from the very 
start. At the end? Well, they're amazing.
For experienced role-players, a mage can be extremely deadly, and is 
probably the best choice. For a novice or one who is not into the 
magical arts (or, like me, just loooves paladins), the cavalier is 
probably the ideal class. Loads of protective and healing abilities, 
resistances to acid and bonuses against the tougher monsties make them 
perfect at combat.

However, the lack of ranged power is probably a bitter blow to the real 
newbie, so I recommend beginners pick a fighter. No restrictions and 
easy to get to grips with, there is no easier class to use.
Class by class rundown:

Fighter: easy to use, no restrictions, ideal for those new to TSR.
     Kensai: an even more dangerous fighter. Not recommended to new 
players due to the lack of any armour - careful use required.
     Berserker: probably a bit better than the bog-standard fighter due 
to the beserk ability but the disadvantages mean that it isn't as easy 
to handle as the standard fighter.
     Wizard Slayer: in my humble opinion the second weakest class. Sure 
they can do serious damage to all wizards including the game's main 
protagonist, but the lack of magical items means that against non-
wizards they can be very weak late on in the game, which is when it 

Mage & Specialist Mage: excellent now for a clever or experienced 
player. The reason they are not as good for beginners is their lack of 
staying power. Always choose a specialist over a standard one - the 
extra spells can make a HUGE difference to your game.

Sorcerer: strong in the hands of a good player, but very hard to get to 
understand properly. Beginners should stay well clear until they have 
reached a respectable level of ability. Play up its strengths and try to 
hide its weaknesses.

Ranger: Ahh, a characterful and powerful warrior. Racial enemies and 
stealth make them very dangerous when used correctly. Use them as 
trackers and hunters. The only real weakness is their lack of large 
bonuses, but stacks of minor ones can be nasty.
     Stalker: Good a stalking (obviously), high stealth, pretty good. A 
few mage spells are handy too. They lack metal armour, but it's a fair 
     Beastmaster: Good for bringing help to the fray and no lack of 
combat strengths. They just aren't powerful enough to over-rule other 
     Archer: Again, not an ideal beginner choice due to lack of armour, 
they are perfect snipers. Very good class this. Use called shots often.

Bard: fairly weak at the lower levels, only really useful for 
identifying stuff and boosting morale.
     Blade: Good defensive power but they have a lack of rogue-ishness 
as the penalty. Can be good used carefully, but very poor in the thick 
of things, though they have staying power.
     Jester: Appalling. The ability to cause confusion against weak 
enemies (which are in short supply) traded for rogue abilities and just 
about everything worthwhile in a bard. Stay well clear, everyone.
     Skald: Nothing special at lower levels, but a very strong addition 
later on. Huge bonuses from their bard songs at high levels can swing 
entire battles.

Paladin: tough, many abilities and ideal for beginners. Can't say much 
      Inquisitor: a worthy addition to the class list, their ability to 
almost ignore defensive magics mean that they actually beat the wizard 
slayer at their own job.
      Cavalier: my favourite. Stacked full of defensive upgrades and 
offensive bonuses against the super-powerful monsters make them 
characterful and dangerous in the extreme. The lack of any ranged power 
is a gripe but is easily outweighed.
      Undead Slayer: very powerful against the undead, but there isn't 
enough dead activity in the game to recommend them - they're just too 

Monk: Weird and super powerful at high levels. Ki energy abilities means 
that they can get away with costing little to equip and doing powerful 
damage. A bit complicated but very good. My second favourite.

Cleric: Can't get to high enough levels and their spells are mostly a 
bit rubbish. Not that bad, but in my opinion not worth bothering with. 
Priests are better but a bit similar.

Thief: Cunning and guile in a PC can turn these not too tough characters 
into stealthy killing machines. Setting traps makes them even better.
      Swashbuckler: good in combat, but not good enough at their 
thieving skills to be as good as the standard thief.
      Assassin: a cunning player can take out very powerful characters 
very quickly with this kit. Deadly but quite difficult to use and not as 
good at thieving stuff as they could be.
      Bounty Hunter: the best thief, their custom traps and nasty 
abilities make up for the lack of thieving effectiveness.

Druid: More poor priest spells, low armour and poor weapons. WTF is 
going on? Don't even bother.
      Totemic druid: a druid with very weak bonuses. Don't bother.
      Shapechanger: A better option but still not really worth your 
      Avenger: the most powerful druid, but it still suffers from the 
often woeful restrictions of its mother class. Stay clear of all these 
classes if you want my advice (and if you don't, why are you here?).

NOTE: I've had a lot of e-mails telling me Avengers are very good. Why? 
They lose 2 on two vital stats, their spells are mostly poor until level 
6/7, they make poor fighters and can't use most weapons/armour.

Multi-classes: Hmm... the best for a cunning player is the mage/thief. 
Annoying weapon restrictions aside, they can make themselves invisible 
and stab the enemy in the back, hard.
If you insist on priest spells, a fighter/druid is the best bet. The 
fighter knocks off the terrible restrictions of the standard druid and 
improves the class vastly. I prefer to steer away from multi-classers, 
as they take too long to level up to satisfactory levels and often never 
reach high enough levels to do any real damage.
My character is: human; male; lawful good; cavalier, with weapon 
abilities spread across all sorts of weapons and fighting styles. This 
gives you a close-combat monster.


Charisma - use it! A high charisma is your best friend and can get you 
cheaper goods and makes people generally kinder to you. Coupled with a 
high reputation and it's a huge bonus. However, I say skip it. Why? 
Because before it becomes at all useful you can get the Ring of Human 
Influence. Problem solved.

Wisdom - unless you're a type of spellcaster, I'd keep it down to 9 
unless you have plenty of extra points.

Intelligence - vital for mages but not that hot for anybody else. Mages 
should get it up, but keep it to 10 for others.

Constitution - the most important. Get an 18 here if at all possible. It 
makes your character tougher, more resistant to all sorts of things and 
more likely to stay on his feet.

Dexterity - handy for mages, thieves, bards and druids but those capable 
of wearing decent armour might as well forget about it. If the Gauntlets 
of dexterity turn up you might be able to ignore it altogether.

Strength - second most important after constitution. Again, do your best 
to get 18+ on this. The 19s possible on str. And con. Make half-orcs an 
enticing prospect.


Stone Golems (Edwin's first quest): Use polymorph self to get a mustard 
jelly, much less killable and more dangerous, then use magical spears to 
finish the job. It's the only way...

The Umber Hulks' room in Spellhold: This is so @!"%* hard I'd just turn 
the difficulty down to Easy to do it. Cast spells galore and with a 
little luck you can take them down. It's not easy though.

Drow parties: Drow AI means they are very hard. Aside from being fast, 
all carrying magical equipment as standard, having a huge magical 
resistance and being able to cast spells (now see why I love Viconia?), 
they help each other - great AI - if one Drow can't get to the fight but 
is near another taking a battering he'll cast healing spells, which 
showcases the AI. This is more to notify you of their cunning (they hide 
round corners too, just when you think you've finally got rid of them...), 
but I recommend this course of action - use your warriors and other 
tanks as a front line to fill the narrow Underdark corridors, and use 
sling/bow armed thieves/mages at the back to mop up the healers and 
spell-casters hanging about ruining everything - you won't do the damage 
to kill, but you can easily disrupt their spells in this way. Good luck!

The d'Arnise Hold golems: Take them on two at a time by pillaging the 
alcoves one by one. Retreat to the doorway and use mace-armed, spell 
protected characters to take out the golems as they appear in the 
doorway. Easy when you know how!

All especially hard characters (ie dragons): If you have to talk to them 
to attack, click to talk, then stop and attack. You've now got plenty of 
time to thump it before it wakes up and starts thumping back!

Dealing with Mind Flayers: Simply summon a few Invisible Stalkers 
(you're a fool if you don't have this spell memorised), preferably 
buffed up a bit (a buff is a purely beneficial spell ie Bless, Chant, 
Haste etc), and use them to attack the 'Flayers. The 'Flayers special 
abilities have no effect on them whatsoever. Sometimes the swirly 
Confusion thing appears on their heads, but they're not confused, and 
will easily tear the 'Flayers apart!

Dealing with Beholders: Easy really - if you haven't got the Robe of 
Reflection you need to cast spell turning, and the Beholder will drop 
dead of its own spells, unless you're unlucky and it makes all its saves 
before the spell turning wears off.


The ideal party should be capable of performing any task, and should 
include about one of each main class section. If I'm playing as the 
cavalier, my party is always as follows:

  Mazzy (a great fighter, pure and simple)
  Jan (the best thief with good stats and a few spells)
  Minsc (tough, good stats and versatile)
  Edwin (a very good caster)

  Viconia (VERY good dex. And wis., high magic resistance, useful in the 

I also like Valygar, Keldon, Aerie, Haer'Dalis and Jaheira in my party. 

Select your formations carefully, based on ease of movement and various 
combat situations.

That's my advice anyway.

The part I use mostly now is this:


Valygar (Probably just me, but does he EVER fail a saving throw?)


Anomen (Just for variety, you understand!:))

Yoshimo (Good, and when he leaves you get Imoen).

I still prefer the top part though.


Here is a complete list of the NPCs by category to make it easier for 
you to select your party:

WARRIORS (Fighters, Rangers, Paladins)

Name           Class    Align.   Str  Dex  Con  Int  Wis  Cha

Keldorn         Inq      LG      17    9   17   12   16   18
Korgan          Fig      CE     18/77 15   19   12   9    7
Mazzy           Fig      LG
Minsc           Ran      CG     18/98 16   16   8    6    9      
Valygar         Sta      NG      17   18   16   10   14   10

PRIESTS (Clerics, Druids)

Cernd           Sha      TN      13    9   13   12   18   15
Viconia         Cle      NE      10   19   8    16   18   14


Edwin           Con      CE      10   10   16   18   10   10

ROGUES (Thieves, Bards)

Haer'Dalis      Bla      CN      17   17   9    15   13   16
Yoshimo         Bou      TN      17   18   16   13   10   14


Aerie         Mag/Cle    LG      10   17   9    16   16   14
Anomen        Fig/Cle    LN     18/52 10   16   10   12   13
Imoen         Mag/Thi    NG      9    18   16   17   11   16
Jaheira       Fig/Dru    TN      15   17   17   10   14   15
Jan           Ill/Thi    CN      9    17   15   16   14   10
Nalia         Mag/Thi    CG      14   18   16   17   9    13

I hope this helps you select your party - for more detailed information 
on the locations of the NPCs see the appropriate location pages. I've 
summarised the locations here:

Aerie: Waukeen's Promenade
Anomen: The Slums
Cernd: Trademeet
Edwin: The Docks
Haer'Dalis: Temple District
Imoen: Irenicus' Dungeon
Jaheira: Irenicus' Dungeon
Jan: Government District
Keldorn: Temple District
Korgan: The Slums
Mazzy: Ruined Temple
Minsc: Irenicus' Dungeon
Nalia: The Slums
Valygar: Umar Hills
Viconia: Government District
Yoshimo: Irenicus' Dungeon     

The cheat features are largely unchanged since the original Baldur's 
Gate. There are some minor differences, but that is to be expected. To 
get the cheats activated do these steps: 

Step One: Open the game's directory C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - 

Step Two: Open the Baldur.ini file in notepad. 

Step Three: Find the line [Program Options]. Under it are a variety of 
settings for your game. Add this line: Debug Mode=1. And it must be 
Debug Mode=1, not debug mode=1 or anything else. Save and close notepad. 

Step Four: Now when you are in the game, press CTRL-SPACE to bring up 
the Console. This is where you will enter all the cheats. Anyone 
familiar with the original Baldur's Gate cheats will find that the 
cheats are mostly the same from this point. At any point in the game, 
press CTRL-SPACE to bring up the console. There you enter in your cheat 
and press ENTER to execute the cheat.

Open console and type CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP(xxxx)

Where xxxx is the number of xps you want your character to have.

Note this has no bearing on your level.

Open console and type CLUAConsole:CreateItem(xxxxxx,yy)

Where xxxxxxx is the item code (see below) and yy is the amount you 
want. If you just want one, don't type this.

Item Codes:

AMUL01 - Necklace of Missiles 
AMUL02 - Necklace 
AMUL04 - Studded Necklace with Zios Gems 
AMUL05 - Bluestone Necklace 
AMUL06 - Agni Mani Necklace 
AMUL07 - Rainbow Obsidian Necklace 
AMUL08 - Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace 
AMUL09 - Silver Necklace 
AMUL10 - Gold Necklace 
AMUL11 - Pearl Necklace 
AMUL12 - Laeral's Tear Necklace (3000 gp) 
AMUL13 - Bloodstone Amulet 
AMUL14 - Amulet of Protection +1 
AMUL15 - Shield Amulet 
AMUL16 - Amulet of Metaspell Influence (+1 2nd level spell) 
AMUL17 - Greenstone Amulet 
AMUL18 - Wolfsbane Charm +2 vs Lycanthropes 
AMUL19 - Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance 
AMUL20 - Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance 
AMUL21 - Amulet of Power 
AMUL22 - Periapt of Proof Against Poison 
AMUL23 - Periapt of Life Protection 
AMUL24 - Necklace of Form Stability 
AMUL25 - Amulet of Spell Warding 

AROW01 - Arrow 
AROW02 - Arrow +1 
AROW03 - Arrow of Slaying 
AROW04 - Acid Arrow 
AROW05 - Arrow of Biting 
AROW06 - Arrow of Detonation 
AROW07 - Arrow or Dispelling 
AROW08 - Arrow of Fire 
AROW09 - Arrow of Ice 
AROW10 - Arrow of Piercing 
AROW11 - Arrow +2 
AROW12 - Arrow of Biting 
AROW1A - Arrow +2 (different picture) 

AX1H01 - Battle Axe 
AX1H02 - Battle Axe +1 
AX1H03 - Battle Axe +2 
AX1H04 - Throwing Axe 
AX1H05 - Throwing Axe +2 
AX1H06 - Throwing Axe +2 
AX1H07 - Bala's Axe (miscast magic) 
AX1H08 - Hangard's Axe +2 
AX1H09 - Rifthome Axe +3 (thrown) 
AX1H10 - Azuredge Axe +3 
AX1H11 - Battle Axe +2 
AX1H12 - Battle Axe +3, Stonefire 
AX1H13 - Battle Axe +3, Frostreaver 

BAG02 - Gem Bag 
BAG03 - Scroll Case 
BAG04 - Bag of Holding 

BELT01 - Girdle 
BELT02 - Golden Girdle 
BELT03 - Girdle of Bluntness 
BELT04 - Girdle of Piercing 
BELT05 - Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity 
BELT06 - Girdle of Hill Giant Strength (19 STR) 
BELT07 - Girdle of Stone Giant Strength (20 STR) 
BELT08 - Girdle of Frost Giant Strength (21 STR) 
BELT09 - Girdle of Fortitude (sets CON to 18 for 8 hours) 
BELT10 - Belt of Inertial Barrier (resist damage) 

BLUN01 - Club 
BLUN02 - Flail 
BLUN03 - Flail +1 
BLUN04 - Mace 
BLUN05 - Mace +1 
BLUN06 - Morning Star 
BLUN07 - Morning Star +1 
BLUN08 - Flail 
BLUN09 - Kiel's Morningstar 
BLUN10 - The Root of the Problem Club +1, +3 vs. unnatural creatures 
BLUN11 - Mace 
BLUN12 - Mace of Disruption +1 
BLUN13 - Flail +2 
BLUN14 - Flail of Ages +3 (complete, Fire + Acid + Cold) 
BLUN14A - Flail Head (Cold) 
BLUN14B - Flail Head (Fire) 
BLUN14C - Flail Head (Acid) 
BLUN14D - Flail of Ages (Fire + Cold) 
BLUN14E - Flail of Ages (Acid + Cold) 
BLUN14F - Flail of Ages (Fire + Acid) 
BLUN14G - Flail of Ages (Cold) 
BLUN14H - Flail of Ages (Fire) 
BLUN14I - Flail of Ages (Acid) 
BLUN15 - Morning Star +2 
BLUN16 - Morningstar + 2: The Sleeper 
BLUN17 - Morningstar +2: Wyvern's Tail 
BLUN18 - Mace +3: Skullcrusher 
BLUN19 - Mace +2: Mauler's Arm 
BLUN20 - Mace +1: Ardulia's Fall 
BLUN21 - Mace +2 
BLUN22 - Club +3, Blackblood 
BLUN23 - Bone Club +2, +3 vs. Undead 
BLUN24 - Club +2, Gnasher 
BLUN25 - Mace of Disruption +2 

BOLT01 - Bolt 
BOLT02 - Bolt +1 
BOLT03 - Bolt of Lightning 
BOLT04 - Bolt of Biting 
BOLT05 - Bolt of Polymorphing 
BOLT06 - Bolt +2 
BOLT07 - Flasher Master Bruiser Mate (Jan Jansen) 
BOLT08 - Blessed Bolt 

BOOK01 - Magical Book 
BOOK02 - Spell Book 
BOOK03 - Manual of Bodily Health +1 Con 
BOOK04 - Manual of Gainful Exercise +1 Str 
BOOK05 - Manual of Quickness of Action +1 Dex 
BOOK06 - Tome of Clear Thought +1 Int 
BOOK07 - Tome of Leadership and Influence +1 Chr 
BOOK08 - Tome of Understanding +1 Wis 
BOOK09 - Normal Book 
BOOK10 to BOOK67 - Various Histories
BOOK68 - Book of Ancient Knowledge/History of the Nether Scrolls (must 
be Identified) BOOK70 - Yago's Book of Curses 
BOOK71 to BOOK86 - Various Dusty Books
BOOK87 - Balduran's Log Book 
BOOK88 - The Recipes and Ruminations of One Dradeel of Tethir 
BOOK89 - The Book of Kaza 
BOOK90 - Golem Building Book 
BOOK91 - Tome of Amaunator 
BOOK92 - Merella's Journal 
BOOK93 - Orcish Cookbook 
BOOK94 - The Vapiricus Omnibus: Unabridged 
BOOK95 - Dea Vampir Becomos 
BOOK96 - Conjur Ota Servanta 
BOOK97 - Lellyn's Journal 
BOOK98 - Book of King Strohm III 

BOOT01 - Boots of Speed 
BOOT02 - Boots of Stealth 
BOOT03 - Boots of the North 
BOOT04 - Boots of Avoidance 
BOOT05 - Boots of Grounding 
BOOT06 - Worn Out Boots 
BOOT07 - Boots of Elvenkind 
BOOT08 - Boots of Phasing 
BOOT09 - Boots 
BOOT10 - Boots of Lightning Speed (double haste) 
BOOT11 - Boots of Etherealness 
BOOTDRIZ - Drizzt's Boots of Speed 

BOW01 - Composite Long Bow 
BOW02 - Composite Long Bow +1 
BOW03 - Long Bow 
BOW04 - Long Bow +1 
BOW05 - Short Bow 
BOW06 - Short Bow +1 
BOW07 - Long Bow of Marksmanship 
BOW08 - Eagle Bow (Short Bow +2) 
BOW09 - Ripper +2 
BOW10 - Heartseeker +3 
BOW11 - Strong Arm +2 
BOW12 - Elven Court Bow +3 
BOW13 - Mana Bow +4 
BOW14 - Tuigan Short Bow +1 
BOW15 - Tansheron's Short Bow +3 (needs no ammo) 
BOW16 - Composite Long Bow +2 
BOW17 - Long Bow +2 
BOW18 - Short Bow +2 
BOW19 - Short Bow of Gesen (needs no ammo) 
BOW19A - Gesen Bow Shaft 
BOW19B - Gesen Bow String 
BOW99 - Eagle Bow (short bow +2) 
NPBOW - Bow of Arvoreen (Mazzy) 

BRAC01 - Bracers of Defense AC 8 
BRAC02 - Bracers of Defense AC 7 
BRAC03 - Bracers of Defense AC 6 
BRAC04 - Bracers of Archery 
BRAC05 - Bracers 
BRAC06 - Gauntlets of Ogre Power 
BRAC07 - Gauntlets of Dexterity 
BRAC08 - Gauntlets of Fumbling 
BRAC09 - Gauntlets of Weapon Skill 
BRAC10 - Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise 
BRAC11 - Bracers of Binding (cursed item) 
BRAC12 - Bracers 
BRAC13 - Bracers of Defense AC 5 
BRAC14 - Bracers of Defense AC 4 
BRAC15 - Bracers of Defense AC 3 
BRAC16 - Bracers of Blinding Strike (improved haste once a day) 
BRAC17 - Gloves of Pick Pocketing 
BRAC18 - Gloves of Missile Snaring 
BRAC19 - Gauntlets of Crushing (extra fist damage) 
BRAC20 - Gloves of Healing 

BULL01 - Bullet 
BULL02 - Bullet +1 
BULL03 - Bullet +2 
BULL04 - Sunstone Bullet +1 

CHAN01 - Chainmail 
CHAN02 - Chainmail +1 
CHAN03 - Chainmail +2 
CHAN04 - Splint Mail 
CHAN05 - Splint Mail +1 
CHAN06 - Mithril Chain Mail +4 (Drizzt's Chainmail) 
CHAN07 - Chain Mail +3 
CHAN08 - Chain Mail +2 
CHAN09 - Darkmail +3 
CHAN10 - Jester's Chain +4 
CHAN11 - Crimson Chain +5 
CHAN12 - Elven Chain Mail 
CHAN13 - Elven Chain +1 
CHAN14 - Sylvan Chain +2 
CHAN15 - Melodic Chain +3 
CHAN16 - Bladesinger Chain +4 
CHAN17 - Ashen Scales +2 
CHAN18 - Armor of Faith +3 
NPCHAN - Corthala Family Armor 

CLCK01 - Cloak of Protection +1 
CLCK02 - Cloak of Protection +2 
CLCK03 - Cloak of Displacement 
CLCK04 - Cloak of the Wolf 
CLCK05 - Cloak of Balduran 
CLCK06 - Cloak of Non-Detection 
CLCK07 - Nymph Cloak 
CLCK08 - Algernon's Cloak 
CLCK09 - Mage Robe of Cold Resistance 
CLCK10 - Mage Robe of Fire Resistance 
CLCK11 - Mage Robe of Electrical Resistance 
CLCK12 - Knave's Robe 
CLCK13 - Traveller's Robe 
CLCK14 - Adventurer's Robe 
CLCK15 - Robe of the Good Archmagi 
CLCK16 - Robe of the Neutral Archmagi 
CLCK17 - Robe of the Evil Archmagi 
CLCK18 - Knave's Robe 
CLCK19 - Robe of the Good Archmagi 
CLCK20 - Cloak of the Shield 
CLCK21 - Holy cloak 
CLCK22 - Shandalar's cloak 
CLCK23 - Cloak of Elvenkind (hide in shadows bonus) 
CLCK24 - Cloak of Reflection 
CLCK25 - Cloak of the Stars 
CLCK26 - Cloak of Mirroring 
CLCK27 - Cloak of the Sewers (AC +1) 
CLCK28 - Shadow Thief Cloak 
CLCK29 - Robe of the Apprenti 
CLCK30 - Cloak of Bravery 
NPARM - Jansen AdventureWear 
NPCLCK - Cloak of the High Forest (Cernd) 

DAGG01 - Dagger 
DAGG02 - Dagger +1 
DAGG03 - Dagger +2 
DAGG04 - Dagger +2, Longtooth 
DAGG05 - Throwing Dagger 
DAGG06 - Nester's Dagger 
DAGG07 - Kylee's Dagger 
DAGG08 - Hentold's Dagger 
DAGG09 - Silver dagger - Werebane 
DAGG10 - Soultaker Dagger 
DAGG11 - Boomerang Dagger +2 (thrown, returns) 
DAGG12 - Dagger of Throwing +3 Firetooth 
DAGG13 - Pixie Prick +3 
DAGG14 - Dagger +4: 'BoneBlade' 
DAGG15 - Dagger +2 
DAGG16 - Poisoned Throwing Dagger 
DAGG17 - Stiletto of Demarchess +2 
DAGG18 - Shadow Thief Dagger 
DAGG19 - Dagger of <CHARNAME> 
DAGG20 - Dagger +4, Life-Stealer 
NEBDAG - Neb's Nasty Cutter 

DART01 - Dart 
DART02 - Dart +1 
DART03 - Dart of Stunning 
DART04 - Dart of Wounding 
DART05 - Asp's Nest (poison) 
DART06 - Giant Rock 
STARDART - Darts +5 (lasts for 4 hours) 

DWBLUN01 - Drow Flail +3 
DWBOLT01 - Drow Bolt of Sleep 
DWBOLT02 - Drow Bolt of Stunning 
DWBOLT03 - Drow Bolt +1 
DWCHAN01 - Drow Elven Chain +3 
DWCHAN02 - Drow Adamantine Chain +5 
DWCLCK01 - Drow Piwafwi Cloak 
DWDUST - Adamantine Dust 
DWHALB01 - Drow Halberd +3 
DWPLAT01 - Drow Full Plate +5 
DWSHLD01 - Drow Shield +3 
DWSPER01 - Drow Lance +3 
DWSW1H01 - Drow Scimitar +3 
DWSW1H02 - Drow Longsword +3 
DWXBOW01 - Drow Crossbow of Speed 

FAMCAT - A familiar, cat 
FAMDUST - A familiar, dust mephit 
FAMFAIR - A familiar, fairy dragon 
FAMFER - A familiar, ferret 
FAMIMP - A familiar, imp 
FAMPSD - A familiar, pseudodragon 
FAMQUAS - A familiar, quasit 
FAMRAB - A familiar, rabbit 

HALB01 - Halberd 
HALB02 - Halberd +1 
HALB03 - Halberd +2 
HALB04 - Halberd +3: Dragon's Bane 
HALB05 - Halberd +4 Dragon's Breath 
HALB06 - Halberd +4 Blackmist 
HALB07 - Halberd +2 
HALB08 - Halberd +2, Duskblade 
HALB09 - Wave Halberd +4 
HALB09A & HALB09B - Wave Shaft & Blade 

HAMM01 - War Hammer 
HAMM02 - War Hammer +1 
HAMM03 - War hammer +2 
HAMM04 - Warhammer +1,+4 vs giant humanoids 
HAMM05 - War Hammer +2 
HAMM06 - Dwarven Thrower +3 
HAMM07 - Dwarven Warhammer of Thunderbolts +3 
HAMM08 - War Hammer +2 
HAMM09 - Crom Faeyr (best weapon in the game) 

HELM01 - Helmet 
HELM02 - Helm of Opposite Alignment 
HELM03 - Helm of Glory 
HELM04 - Helm of Defense 
HELM05 - Helm of Infravision 
HELM06 - Helm of Charm Protection 
HELM07 - Helm of Balduran 
HELM08 through HELM13, HELM15 - Helmet 
HELM14 - Kiel's Helmet 
HELM16 - Helm of Brilliance 
HELM17 - Skull of Death 
HELM18 - Pearly White Ioun Stone (regenerate HP) 
HELM19 - Dusty Rose Ioun Stone (AC +1) 
HELM20 - Pale Green Ioun Stone (bonus HP and THAC0) 
HELM21 - Dragon Helm 
HELM22 - Amnish Helmet 

ICEWIND ITEMS (with the Preorder Bonus CD): 
WAAXE - Hrothgar's Axe +3 
WAFLAIL - Defender of Easthaven +2 
WAMACE - Jerrod's Mace 
WANINJA - Scarlet Ninja-To +3 
WAS2H - Joril's Dagger +3 
WASLING - Sling of Everard +5 (needs no ammo) 
WASPEAR - Spear of Kuldahar +3 
WASTAFF - Staff of Arundel 
WASTAR - Everard's Morning Star +2 
WAWAK - Kachiko's Wakizashi +3 

KEYS: (that aren't "MISC" codes) 
EDWINKEY - Mae'Var's Strongbox Key 
KEY01 - Cult Key 
KEY02 - Gaal's Key 
KEY03 - Planar Key 
KEY04 - Sun Ray Symbol 
KEY05 - Dawn's Light Symbol 
KEY06 - Lightstone Symbol 
KEY07 - Chapel Key 
KEY08 - Chain Key 
KEY09 - Firkraag Prison Key 
KEY10 - Keep Key 
KEY11 - Planar Prison Cell Key 
KEY12 - Key to Aran's Lair 
KEY13 - Shadow Thief Prison Key 
KEY14 - Piece of Burial Mask 
KEY15 - Piece of Burial Mask 
KEY16 - Piece of Burial Mask 
KEY17 - Piece of Burial Mask 
KEY18 - Piece of Burial Mask 
KEY19 - Piece of Burial Mask 
KEY20 - Burial Mask of King Strohm III 
KEY21 - Samia's Key 
KEY22 - Shadow Prison Key 
KEY23 - Symbol of Amaunator 
KEY24 - Sahuagin Treasury Key 
KEY25 - Despana Treasury Key 
KEY26 - Sekolah's Tooth 
KEY27 - Guildhouse Key 
KEY28 - Jon's Key 
KEY29 - Sewer Key 

LEAT01 - Leather Armor 
LEAT02 - Leather Armor +1 
LEAT03 - Leather Armor +2 
LEAT04 - Studded Leather Armor 
LEAT05 - Studded Leather Armor +1 
LEAT06 - Studded Leather Armor +2, missile attraction 
LEAT07 - Studded Leather Armor +2 
LEAT08 - Shadow Armor (Studded Leather +3) 
LEAT09 - Leather Armor +3 
LEAT10 - Hide Armor 
LEAT11 - Leather Armor +2 
LEAT12 - Leather Armor +3 
LEAT13 - Skin of the Ghoul +4 
LEAT14 - The Night's Gift +5 
LEAT15 - Studded Leather Armor +2 
LEAT16 - Orc Leather +3 
LEAT17 - Armor of Deep Night +4 
LEAT18 - Armor of the Viper +5 LEAT19 - Shadow Dragon Scale LEAT20 - 
Aeger's Hide +3 LEAT21 - Human Flesh +5 
LEAT22 - Human Flesh (not finished) 

C6LANTHO - The Lanthorn 

MAGE01 - Ring of Invisibility 
MAGE02 - Ring of Barkskin 
MAGE03 - Ring of Mirror Image 
MAGE04 - Pseudo Ring of Blur 
MAGE05 - Pseudo Ring of Free Action 
MAGE06 - Ring of Haste

MISC01 - Winter Wolf Pelt 
MISC02 - Mirror 
MISC03 - Small Box 
MISC04 - Bassilus' Holy Symbol 
MISC07 - Gold Piece 
MISC12 - Ankheg Shell 
MISC13 - Samuel (body) 
MISC16 - Fire Agate Gem 
MISC17 - Lynx Eye Gem 
MISC18 - Sunstone Gem 
MISC19 - Turquoise Gem 
MISC1A - Bottle of Wine 
MISC1B - Butter Knife of Balduran 
MISC1C - Sea Charts 
MISC1E - Evan's Body 
MISC1F - Dradeel's Spell Book 
MISC1G - Farthing's Dolly 
MISC1H - Gong Mallet 
MISC1I - Belladonna flowers 
MISC1J - Glittering Beljuril Gemstone 
MISC20 - Bloodstone Gem 
MISC21 - Skydrop Gem 
MISC22 - Andar Gem 
MISC23 - Jasper Gem 
MISC24 - Tchazar Gem 
MISC25 - Zircon Gem 
MISC26 - Iol Gem 
MISC27 - Moonstone Gem 
MISC28 - Waterstar Gem 
MISC29 - Ziose Gem 
MISC2A - Doppelganger Wardstone 
MISC2B - Level 1 Exit Wardstone 
MISC2C - Islanne Wardstone 
MISC2D - Kiel Wardstone 
MISC2E - Fuernebol Wardstone 
MISC2F - Teleportation Wardstone 
MISC2G - Level 2 Exit Wardstone 
MISC2I - Wardstone Forgery 
MISC2K - Compass Wardstone 
MISC2L - Bone Wardstone 
MISC2M - Dwarven Rune 1 Wardstone 
MISC2N - Dwarven Rune 2 Wardstone 
MISC2O - Lock of hair from Kirinhale 
MISC2P - Harp of ? 
MISC30 - Chrysoberyl Gem 
MISC31 - Star Diopside Gem 
MISC32 - Shandon Gem 
MISC33 - Aquamarine Gem 
MISC34 - Garnet Gem 
MISC35 - Horn Coral Gem 
MISC36 - Pearl 
MISC37 - Sphene Gem 
MISC38 - Black Opal 
MISC39 - Water Opal 
MISC3A - Book of Infinite Spells (Fireball) 
MISC3A1 - Book of Infinite Spells (Invisibility) 
MISC3A2 - Book of Infinite Spells (Protection from Evil) 
MISC3A3 - Book of Infinite Spells (True Seeing) 
MISC3A4 - Book of Infinite Spells (Farsight) 
MISC3A5 - Book of Infinite Spells (Spell Turning) 
MISC3A6 - Book of Infinite Spells (Wyvern Call) 
MISC3A7 - Book of Infinite Spells (Stinking Cloud) 
MISC3A8 - Book of Infinite Spells (Lightning Bolt) 
MISC3A9 - Book of Infinite Spells (Burning Hands) 
MISC3C - Efreeti Bottle 
MISC3D - Golden Lion Figurine 
MISC3E - Black Spider Figurine 
MISC3F - Jade Hound 
MISC3H - Horn of Blasting 
MISC3I - Silver Horn of Valhalla 
MISC3J - Bronze Horn of Valhalla 
MISC3K - Iron Horn of Valhalla 
MISC3L - Horn of Silence 
MISC3M - Harp of Discord 
MISC3N - Azlaer's Harp 
MISC3O - Methild's Harp 
MISC3P - Glasses of Identification 
MISC40 - Moonbar Gem 
MISC41 - Star Sapphire 
MISC42 - Diamond 
MISC43 - Emerald 
MISC44 - Kings Tears 
MISC45 -Rogue Stone 
MISC47 - Golden Pantaloons 
MISC48 - Idol 
MISC49 - Melicamp the Chicken 
MISC4A - Activation Stone 
MISC4B - Jail Cell Key (Jaheira) 
MISC4C - Air Elemental Statue 
MISC4D - The Genie's Flask 
MISC4E - Energy Cells 
MISC4G - Portal Key 
MISC4H - Wand of Fire Key 
MISC4I - Wand of Frost Key 
MISC4J - Wand of Summoning Key 
MISC4K - Wand of Lightning Key 
MISC4L - Wand of Cloudkill Key 
MISC4M - Wand of Missiles Key 
MISC4N - Acorns 
MISC4O - Sewage Golem Key 
MISC4P - Key to Frennedan's Room 
MISC4Q - The Ogre's Sword 
MISC4R - Haegan's Key 
MISC4S - Key to Shadow Thieves Cellar (Gaelan's Key) 
MISC4T - Letter of Transfer 
MISC4U - Embarl's Dagger 
MISC4V - Mae'Var's Letter 
MISC4W - Edwin's Documents 
MISC4X - Statuette of Lathander 
MISC4Y - Necklace of Talos 
MISC4Z - Beastmaster Key 
MISC50 - Skull 
MISC51 - Lock of Nymph's Hair 
MISC52 - Wyvern Head 
MISC53 - Bowl of Water Elemental Control 
MISC54 - Child's Body 
MISC55 - Duke Eltan's Body 
MISC56 - Broken Weapon 
MISC57 - Broken Shield 
MISC58 - Broken Armor 
MISC59 - Broken Miscellaneous 
MISC5A - Rift Device Part 
MISC5B - Rift Device Part 2 
MISC5C - Rift Device 
MISC5D - Harper Bird 
MISC5E - Harper Amulet 
MISC5F - Renfeld's Body 
MISC5G - Exotic Hide 
MISC5H - Guril Berries 
MISC5I - Am-si's Key 
MISC5J - Writ of Innocence 
MISC5K - Illithium Ore (200 pounds) 
MISC5L - Littleman The Stuffed Bear 
MISC5M - Inspector's Body 
MISC5N - Piece of Red Cloth 
MISC5O - Silver Pantaloons 
MISC5P - Ransom Note 
MISC5Q - Blood of Quallo's Friend 
MISC5R - The Lover's Ring 
MISC5S - Hand 
MISC5T - Shaman's Staff 
MISC5U - Montaron's Body 
MISC5V - Lock of Jaheira's Hair 
MISC5W - Keepsake Locket 
MISC5X - Harper Pin 
MISC5Y - Jaheira's Note 
MISC5Z - Rift Device (used) 
MISC60 - Spider Body 
MISC61 - Bottle of Wine 
MISC62 - Dead Cat 
MISC63 - Chew Toy 
MISC64 - Telescope 
MISC65 - Brage's Body 
MISC66 - Farmer Brun's son (DEAD) 
MISC67 - Brun's Dead Son 
MISC68 - Abela the Nymph 
MISC69 - Helshara's Artifact Fragment 
MISC6A - Tanner's Letter 
MISC6B - Dennis' Mother's Gong 
MISC6C - Guril Berries 
MISC6D - Solik Berries 
MISC6E - Oak Bark 
MISC6F - Quataris' Confession 
MISC6G - Bust of Sune 
MISC6H - Mekrath's Mirror 
MISC6I - Anarg's Cup 
MISC6J - Golem Head 
MISC6K - Golem Arm 
MISC6L - Golem Brain 
MISC6M - Demon Heart 
MISC6N - Sun Gem 
MISC6O - Sun Gem 
MISC6P - Shadow Dragon Wardstone 
MISC6Q - Amuana's Bones 
MISC6R - Note to Order 
MISC6S - Chunk of Illithium Alloy 
MISC6T - Planar Stone 
MISC6U - Firkraag's Challenge 
MISC6V - Smuggled Shipment 
MISC6W - Wooden Stake 
MISC6X - Portal Gem 
MISC6Y - Mimic's Blood 
MISC6Z - Beljuril 
MISC70 - Delorna's Statue 
MISC71 - Delorna's Spellbook 
MISC72 - The Claw of Kazgaroth 
MISC73 - The Horn of Kazgaroth 
MISC74 - The Candle 
MISC75 - Dagger of Venom 
MISC76 - The Dream Potion 
MISC77 - Skull of Kereph 
MISC78 - Invitation 
MISC79 - Female Body 
MISC7A - Chicken 
MISC7B - Chicken 
MISC7C - Contact's Note 
MISC7D - Barl's Antidote 
MISC7E - Fairy Dust 
MISC7F - Ti'Vael's Head 
MISC7G - Jaheira's note for <CHARNAME> 
MISC7H - Umar Witch Project Journal 
MISC7I - Chaos Tome 
MISC7J - Wand of Activation 
MISC7K - Head of Cotirso 
MISC7L - Valygar's Body 
MISC7M - Corthala Tax Notice 
MISC7N - Wand of Lightning 
MISC7O - Note (from Cragmoon) 
MISC7P - Tombelthen's Journal (first half) 
MISC7Q - Tombelthen's Journal (2nd half) 
MISC7R - Mithril Medallion 
MISC7S - Lord Tombelthen's Note 
MISC7T - Moon Dog Figurine 
MISC7U - Dog Stew 
MISC7V - Dog Meat 
MISC7W - Lavok's Tome 
MISC7X - Mastery Orb 
MISC7Y - Thrall Collar 
MISC7Z - Coal 
MISC80 - Male Body 
MISC82 - Ancient Armor 
MISC83 - Key to River Plug 
MISC84 - Boo 
MISC85 - Mulahey's Holy Symbol 
MISC86 - Bandit Scalp 
MISC87 - Contaminated Iron 
MISC88 - Rabbit's Foot 
MISC89 - Edwin's Amulet 
MISC8A - Note (for Shadow Thieves) 
MISC8B - Note (for Shadow Thieves 2) 
MISC8C - Morn Ritual 
MISC8D - Noontide Ritual 
MISC8E - Dusk Ritual 
MISC8F - Playhouse Deed 
MISC8G - Rune of Imprisonment 
MISC8H - Blood of a Silver Dragon 
MISC8I - Note from Imnesvale 
MISC8J - Boots of the West (CHA +1) 
MISC8K - Ihtafeer's head 
MISC8L - Mantle of Waukeen 
MISC8M - Trademeet Tomb Key 
MISC8N - Isaea's Financial Statements 
MISC8O - Isaea's Signet Ring 
MISC8P - Isaea's Slavery Document 
MISC8Q - Rebel's Orb 
MISC8R - Fake Rebel's Heart 
MISC8S - Rebel's Heart 
MISC8T - Cernd's Baby 
MISC8U - Silver Blade (Vorpal Sword piece) 
MISC8V - Wardstone for Asylum 
MISC8W - Opal Stone 
MISC8X - Ruby Stone 
MISC8Y - Sapphire Stone 
MISC8Z - Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard 
MISC90 - Chelak's Body 
MISC91 - Grapes 
MISC92 - Switch for engine 
MISC93 - Odd looking key 
MISC94 - Mallet head 
MISC95 - Mallet handle 
MISC96 - Peladon 
MISC97 - De'Tranion's Baalor ale 
MISC98 - Durlag's goblet 
MISC99 - Cursed Plate mail armor (belt icon) 
MISC9A - The Hand of Dace 
MISC9B - Vampire Stake 
MISC9C - Lium's Journal of Malevolent Magicks 
MISC9D - Giant Troll's Head 
MISC9E - Minotaur Horn 
MISC9F - Minotaur Horn 2 
MISC9G - Pirate Horn 
MISC9H - Neb's Head 
MISC9I - First journal of Jon Irenicus 
MISC9J - Second journal of Jon Irenicus 
MISC9K - Third journal of Irenicus 
MISC9L - Deed to the Windspear Hills 
MISC9M - Pipe 
MISC9N - Pendant 
MISC9O - Staff 
MISC9P - Helmet 
MISC9Q - Scimitar 
MISC9R - Light Gem 
MISC9S - Mind Amplification Device 
MISC9T - Dragon Eggs 
MISC9U - Fake Dragon Eggs (Phaere's) 
MISC9V - Fake Dragon Eggs (Solaufein) 
MISC9W - Drow Piwafwi Cloak (Solaufein's) 
MISC9X - Control Circlet 
MISC9Y - Brine Potion 
MISC9Z - Corrupted Tadpoles 
MISCA1 - Gem ? 
MISCA2 - Sulphurous Poison 
MISCA3 - Book of Rituals 
MISCA4 - Potion of Squirrel Change 
MISCA5 - Stoneshape Scroll 
MISCA6 - Patrol Leader's Helmet 
MISCA7 - Kuo-Toan's Blood 
MISCA8 - Eyestalk of an Elder Orb 
MISCA9 - Star Medallion 
MISCAA - Golden Circlet 
MISCAB - Jar of Water 
MISCAC - Sundial 
MISCAD - Sun Medallion 
MISCAE - Sword Medallion 
MISCAF - The Gagged Man 
MISCAG - Mirror 
MISCAH - Hourglass 
MISCAI - Worn Out Boots 
MISCAJ - Grinning Skull 
MISCAK - Warden's Note 
MISCAL - Mithril Token 
MISCAM - Galvena's Key 
MISCAN - Galvena's Medallion 
MISCAO - Mind Flayer Painting 
MISCAP - Umberhulk Painting 
MISCAQ - Troll Painting 
MISCAR - Djinni Painting 
MISCAS - Sleeping Draught 
MISCAT - Mug of Ale 
MISCAU - Elven Holy Water 
MISCAV - Golden Skull 
MISCAW - Golden Arm and Leg 
MISCAX - Golden Leg 
MISCAY - Golden Torso 
MISCAZ - Beholder Eye 
MISCB1 - Talisman of Rillifane 
MISCB2 - Golden Goblet of Life 
MISCB3 - Moonblade 
MISCB4 - Tree of Life Nuts 
MISCB5 - Tears of Bhaal 
MISCB6 - Tears of Bhaal 
MISCB7 - Tears of Bhaal 
MISCB8 - Tears of Bhaal 
MISCB9 - Tears of Bhaal 
MISCBA - Tears of Bhaal 
MISCBC - Blackrazor, Long Sword +3 
MISCBD - Dog Bones 
MISCBE - Gilded Rope 
MISCBF - Jae'llat Wardstone
MISCBG - Lich's Tooth 
MISCBH - Deirex's Gem 
MISCBI - Magical Rope 
MISCBJ - Qilue's Brain 
MISCBK - Illithid Serum 
MISCBL - Aerie's Body 
MISCBM - Anomen's Body 
MISCBN - Jaheira's Body 
MISCBO - Viconia's Body 
MISCBP - Bodhi's Black Heart 
MISCBQ - Tree of Life Nuts (edible) 
MISCBR - Stone Harp 
MISCBS - Stone Horn 
MISCBT - Elven Priest Stone 
MISCBU - Yoshimo's Heart 
MISCBV - Elder Brain Blood 
MISCBW - Sahuagin Scribe's Notes 
MISCBX - Note (to Ployer) 
MISCBY - Tainted Dragon Eggs 
MISCBZ - Tizzak's Journal 
MISCCA - Demin's Note 
MISCCC - Drow Note 
NPMISC1 - Jansen Spectroscopes 
NPMISC2 - Jansen Techno-Gloves 

PLAT01 - Plate Mail Armor 
PLAT02 - Plate Mail +1 
PLAT04 - Full Plate Mail 
PLAT05 - Full Plate Mail +1 
PLAT06 - Ankheg Plate Mail 
PLAT07 - Plate Mail 
PLAT08 - Plate Mail +3 
PLAT09 - Mithral Field Plate Armor +2 
PLAT10 - Plate Mail +1 
PLAT11 - Delver's Plate +2 
PLAT12 - Doomplate +3 
PLAT13 - Gorgon Plate +4 
PLAT14 - Full Plate Mail +1 
PLAT15 - Pride of the Legion +2 
PLAT16 - Armor of the Hart +3 
PLAT17 - T'rahcie's Plate +5 
PLAT18 - Red Dragon Scale 
PLAT19 - Full Plate + 2 
NPPLAT - Firecam Full-Plate Armor (Keldorn) 

POTN02 - Potion of Fire Resistance 
POTN03 - Potion of Hill Giant Strength 
POTN04 - Potion of Frost Giant Strength 
POTN05 - Potion of Fire Giant Strength 
POTN06 - Potion of Cloud Giant Strength 
POTN07 - Potion of Storm Giant Strength 
POTN08 - Potion of Healing 
POTN09 - Potion of Heroism 
POTN10 - Potion of Invisibility 
POTN11 - Potion of Invulnerability
POTN12 - Potion of Stone Giant Strength 
POTN13 - Oil of Firey Burning 
POTN14 - Oil of Speed 
POTN15 - Red Potion 
POTN16 - Violet Potion
POTN17 - Elixir of Health 
POTN18 - Potion of Absorption 
POTN19 - Potion of Agility
POTN20 - Antidote 
POTN21 - Potion of Clarity 
POTN22 - Potion of Cold Resistance 
POTN23 - Oil of Speed 
POTN24 - Potion of Defense 
POTN25 - Potion of Healing 
POTN26 - Potion of Explosions 
POTN27 - Potion of Firebreath 
POTN28 - Potion of Fortitude 
POTN29 - Potion of Genius 
POTN30 - Potion of Infravision 
POTN31 - Potion of Insulation 
POTN32 - Antidote 
POTN33 - Potion of Magic Blocking 
POTN34 - Potion of Magic Protection 
POTN35 - Potion of Magic Shielding 
POTN36 - Potion of Master Thievery 
POTN37 - Potion of Mind Focusing 
POTN38 - Potion of Mirrored Eyes 
POTN39 - Potion of Perception 
POTN40 - Potion of Invulnerability 
POTN41 - Potion of Power 
POTN42 - Potion of Regeneration 
POTN43 - Potion of Insight 
POTN44 - Potion of Strength 
POTN45 - Potion of Freedom 
POTN46 - Potion of Stone Form 
POTN47 - Marek's Antidote (better than normal antidote) 
POTN48 - Vial of Mysterious Liquid (used in Nashkel mines to poison iron 
POTN52 - Potion of Extra Healing 
POTN53 - Festule the Alchemist's Potion 
POTN54 - Empty Potion Bottle 

RING01 - Plain Ring 
RING02 - Ring of Fire Resistance 
RING03 - Ring of Animal Friendship 
RING04 - Ring of Clumsiness 
RING05 - Ring of Invisibility 
RING06 - Ring of Protection +1 
RING07 - Ring of Protection +2 
RING08 - Ring of Wizardry 
RING09 - Ring of Free Action 
RING10 - Gold Ring 
RING11 - Silver Ring 
RING12 - Onyx Ring 
RING13 - Jade Ring 
RING14 - Greenstone Ring 
RING15 - Bloodstone Ring 
RING16 - Angel Skin Ring 
RING17 - Flamedance Ring 
RING18 - Fire Opal Ring 
RING19 - Ruby Ring 
RING20 - Ring of Energy 
RING21 - Ring of Infravision 
RING22 - Ring of Holiness 
RING23 - Ring of Folly 
RING25 - Koveras' Ring of Protection (+1) 
RING26 - Ring of Djinni Summoning 
RING27 - Ring of Fire Control 
RING28 - Ring of Air Control 
RING29 - Ring of Earth Control 
RING30 - Ring of Human Influence 
RING31 - Ring of Regeneration 
RING32 - Ring 
RING33 - Ring of the Ram 
RING34 - Ring of Spell Turning 
RING35 - Ring of Lock Picks 
RING36 - Ring of Danger Sense 
RING37 - Storm Ring 
RING38 - Dawn Ring 
RING39 - Ring of Gaxx 
RING40 - Ring of Acuity 
NPRING01 - D'Arnisse Signet Ring (Nalia) 

RODS01 - Rod of Absorption 
RODS02 - Rod of Lordly Might 
RODS03 - Rod of Resurrection 
RODS04 - Rod of Smiting 
RODS05 - Rod of Terror 

SCALEB - Shadow Dragon Scales 
SCALER - Red Dragon Scales 

SCRL02 - Spell Scroll 
SCRL03 - Protection from Acid 
SCRL04 - Protection from Cold 
SCRL05 - Protection from Electricity 
SCRL06 - Protection from Fire 
SCRL07 - Protection from Magic 
SCRL08 - Protection from Poison 
SCRL09 - Protection from Undead 
SCRL10 - Cursed Scroll of Weakness 
SCRL11 - Cursed Scroll of Clumsiness 
SCRL12 - Cursed Scroll of Foolishness 
SCRL13 - Cursed Scroll of Ugliness 
SCRL14 - Cursed Scroll of Summon Monster 
SCRL15 - Protection from Petrification 
SCRL16 - Cursed Scroll of Petrification 
SCRL17 - Cursed Scroll of Ailment 
SCRL18 - Cursed Scroll of Stupidity 
SCRL1B - Agannazar's Scorcher 
SCRL1C - Ghoul Touch 
SCRL1D - Clairvoyance 
SCRL1E - Dispel Magic 
SCRL1F - Flame Arrow 
SCRL1G - Fireball 
SCRL1H - Haste 
SCRL1I - Hold Person 
SCRL1J - Invisibility 10' radius 
SCRL1K - Lightning Bolt 
SCRL1L - Monster Summoning I 
SCRL1M - Non-Detection 
SCRL1N - Protection from Normal Missiles 
SCRL1O - Slow 
SCRL1P - Skull Trap 
SCRL1Q - Vampiric Touch 
SCRL1S - Dire Charm 
SCRL1T - Ghost Armor 
SCRL1U - Confusion 
SCRL1V - Stoneskin 
SCRL1W - Fireshield (Blue) 
SCRL1X - Ice Storm 
SCRL1Y - Improved Invisibility 
SCRL1Z - Minor Globe of Invulnerability 
SCRL2A - Monster Summoning II 
SCRL2B - Stoneskin 
SCRL2D - Animate Dead 
SCRL2E - Cloudkill 
SCRL2F - Cone of Cold 
SCRL2G - Monster Summoning III 
SCRL2H - Shadow Door 
SCRL2I-SCRL3F - Letters 
SCRL3G - Vocalize 
SCRL3H - Protection from Evil 
SCRL3I - Letter 
SCRL3Z - Letter 
SCRL56 - Cure Serious Wounds 
SCRL58 - Free Action 
SCRL59 - Neutralize Poison 
SCRL5A - Mental Domination 
SCRL5B - Defensive Harmony 
SCRL5C - Protection from Lightning 
SCRL5D - Protection from Evil 10' radius 
SCRL5E - Champion's Strength 
SCRL5F - Chaotic Commands 
SCRL5G - Remove Curse 
SCRL5H - Emotion 
SCRL5I, SCRL5W - Greater Malison 
SCRL5J - Otiluke's Resilient Sphere 
SCRL5K - Spirit Armor 
SCRL5L - Polymorph Other 
SCRL5M - Polymorph Self 
SCRL5N - Domination 
SCRL5O - Hold Monster 
SCRL5P - Chaos 
SCRL5Q - Feeblemind 
SCRL5T - Protection from Electricity 
SCRL5U - Reflected Image 
SCRL5Z - Fireball 
SCRL61 - Cure Critical Wounds 
SCRL62 - Flame Strike 
SCRL63 - Raise Dead 
SCRL66 - Grease 
SCRL67 - Armor 
SCRL68 - Burning Hands 
SCRL69 - Charm Person 
SCRL6D - Find Familiar 
SCRL6E - Power Word, Sleep 
SCRL6F - Ray of Enfeeblement 
SCRL6G - Minor Spell Deflection 
SCRL6H - Protection from Fire 
SCRL6I - Protection from Cold 
SCRL6J - Spell Thrust 
SCRL6K - Detect Illusion 
SCRL6L - Hold Undead 
SCRL6M - Enchanted Weapon 
SCRL6N - Fireshield (Red) 
SCRL6O - Secret Word 
SCRL6P - Minor Sequencer 
SCRL6Q - Teleport Field 
SCRL6R - Spider Spawn 
SCRL6S - Spell Immunity 
SCRL6T - Protection from Normal Weapons 
SCRL6U - Breach 
SCRL6V - Lower Resistance 
SCRL6W - Oracle 
SCRL6X - Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental 
SCRL6Y - Protection from Acid 
SCRL6Z - Phantom Blade 
SCRL70 - Color Spray 
SCRL71 - Blindness 
SCRL72 - Friends 
SCRL73 - Protection from Petrification 
SCRL75 - Identify 
SCRL76 - Infravision 
SCRL77 - Magic Missile 
SCRL78 - Protection from Evil 
SCRL79 - Shield 
SCRL7B - Conjure Lesser Air Elemental 
SCRL7C - Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental 
SCRL7D - Minor Spell Turning 
SCRL7E - Invisible Stalker 
SCRL7F - Globe of Invulnerability 
SCRL7G - Tenser's Transformation 
SCRL7H - Flesh to Stone 
SCRL7I - Death Spell 
SCRL7J - Protection from Magic 
SCRL7K - Mislead 
SCRL7L - Pierce Magic 
SCRL7M - True Sight 
SCRL7O - Protection from Magical Weapons 
SCRL7P - Power Word, Silence 
SCRL7Q - Improved Haste 
SCRL7R - Death Fog 
SCRL7S - Chain Lightning 
SCRL7T - Disintegrate 
SCRL7U - Contingency 
SCRL7V - Spell Deflection 
SCRL7W - Wyvern Call 
SCRL7X - Conjure Fire Elemental 
SCRL7Y - Conjure Air Elemental 
SCRL7Z - Conjure Earth Elemental 
SCRL80 - Shocking Grasp 
SCRL81 - Sleep 
SCRL82 - Chill Touch 
SCRL83 - Chromatic Orb 
SCRL84 - Larloch's Minor Drain 
SCRL85 - Blur 
SCRL86 - Detect Evil 
SCRL87 - Detect Invisibility 
SCRL89 - Horror 
SCRL8A - Carrion Summons 
SCRL8B - Summon Nishruu 
SCRL8C - Stone to Flesh 
SCRL8D - Spell Turning 
SCRL8E - Protection from the Elements 
SCRL8F - Project Image 
SCRL8G - Ruby Ray of Reversal 
SCRL8H - Khelben's Warding Whip 
SCRL8I - Cacofiend 
SCRL8J - Mantle 
SCRL8L - Spell Sequencer 
SCRL8M - Sphere of Chaos 
SCRL8N - Delayed Blast Fireball 
SCRL8O - Finger of Death 
SCRL8P - Prismatic Spray 
SCRL8Q - Power Word, Stun 
SCRL8R - Mordenkainen's Sword 
SCRL8S - Summon Efreeti 
SCRL8T - Summon Djinni 
SCRL8U - Summon Hakeashar 
SCRL8V - Control Undead 
SCRL8W - Mass Invisibility 
SCRL8X - Spell Shield 
SCRL8Y - Protection from Energy 
SCRL8Z - Simulacrum 
SCRL90 - Invisibility 
SCRL91 - Knock 
SCRL92 - Know Alignment 
SCRL93 - Luck 
SCRL94 - Resist Fear 
SCRL95 - Melf's Acid Arrow 
SCRL96 - Mirror Image 
SCRL97 - Stinking Cloud 
SCRL98 - Strength 
SCRL99 - Web 
SCRL9A - Pierce Shield 
SCRL9B - Summon Fiend 
SCRL9C - Improved Mantle 
SCRL9D - Spell Trigger 
SCRL9E - Incendiary Cloud 
SCRL9F - Symbol, Fear 
SCRL9G - Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting 
SCRL9H - Maze 
SCRL9J - Power Word, Blind 
SCRL9L - Spell Trap 
SCRL9M - Spellstrike 
SCRL9N - Gate 
SCRL9P - Absolute Immunity 
SCRL9Q - Chain Contingency 
SCRL9R - Time Stop 
SCRL9S - Imprisonment 
SCRL9T - Meteor Swarm 
SCRL9U - Power Word, Kill 
SCRL9V - Wail of the Banshee 
SCRL9W - Energy Drain 
SCRL9X - Black Blade of Disaster 
SCRL9Y - Shapechange 
SCRL9Z - Freedom 
SCRLA1 - Wizard Eye 
SCRLA2 - Deafness 
SCRLA3 - Glitterdust 
SCRLA4 - Limited Wish 
SCRLA5 - Melf's Minute Meteors 
SCRLA6 - Spook 
SCRLA7 - Remove Magic 
SCRLA8 - Contagion 
SCRLAG - Scroll of Crom Faeyr 
SCRLAI - Ray of Enfeeblement 
SCRLAJ - Farsight 
SCRLAK - Remove Curse 
SCRLAL - Sunfire 
SCRLAM, SCRLAO - Symbol, Death 
SCRLAN - Symbol, Stun 
SCRLPET - Stone to Flesh 
SCRLZZ - Summon Cow 

SHLD01 - Small Shield 
SHLD02 - Small Shield +1 
SHLD03 - Medium Shield 
SHLD04 - Medium Shield +1 
SHLD05 - Large Shield 
SHLD06 - Large Shield +1 
SHLD07 - Large Shield +1, +4 vs Missiles 
SHLD08 - Buckler 
SHLD09 - Buckler
SHLD10 - Buckler 
SHLD11 - Small Shield 
SHLD12 - Small Shield 
SHLD13 - Medium Shield 
SHLD14 - Medium Shield 
SHLD15 - Large Shield 
SHLD16 - Large Shield 
SHLD17 - Buckler +1 
SHLD18 - Large Shield 
SHLD19 - Large Shield +2 
SHLD20 - Kiel's Buckler 
SHLD21 - Dragon Scale Shield +2 
SHLD22 - Sentinel +4 
SHLD23 - Fortress Shield +3 
SHLD24 - Reflection Shield +1 
SHLD25 - Shield of Harmony +2 
SHLD26 - Shield of the Lost +2 
SHLD27 - Saving Grace +3 
SHLD28 - Small Shield +2 
SHLD29 - Medium Shield +2 
SHLD30 - Large Shield +2 
NPSHLD - Delryn Family Shield (Anomen) 

SLNG01 - Sling 
SLNG02 - Sling +1 
SLNG03 - Sling +3
SLNG04 - Sling +2 
SLNG05 - Sling +3 : 'Arla's Dragonbane' 
SLNG06 - Sling of Arvoreen +4 
SLNG07 - Sling of Seeking +2 

SPER01 - Spear 
SPER02 - Spear +1 
SPER03 - Spear +3, Backbiter 
SPER04 - Spear 
SPER05 - Spear +2 
SPER06 - Spear +3 
SPER07 - Spear of the Unicorn +2 
SPER08 - Spear +3, Impaler 
SPER09 - Spear +1, Halcyon 
SPER10 - Spear of Withering +4 

STAF01 - Quarterstaff 
STAF02 - Quarterstaff +1 
STAF03 - Quarterstaff 
STAF04 - Quarterstaff 
STAF05 - Staff of Striking 
STAF06 - Staff Mace 
STAF07 - Staff Spear +2 
STAF08 - Quarterstaff +3 
STAF09 - Staff of Command 
STAF10 - Staff of Curing 
STAF11 - Staff of the Magi 
STAF12 - Staff of Power 
STAF13 - Staff of Thunder and Lightning +2 
STAF14 - Staff of the Woodlands +4 
STAF15 - Staff of Air +2 (looks like a machinegun) 
STAF16 - Staff of Earth +2 
STAF17 - Staff of Fire +2 
STAF18 - Quarter Staff +2 
STAF19 - Cleric's Staff +3 
STAF20 - Staff of Rynn +4 
NPSTAF - Staff of the High Forest (Cernd) 

SW1H01 - Bastard Sword 
SW1H02 - Bastard Sword +1 
SW1H03 - Bastard Sword +1, +3 vs. Shapeshifters 
SW1H04 - Long Sword 
SW1H05 - Long Sword +1 
SW1H06 - Long Sword +2 
SW1H07 - Short Sword 
SW1H08 - Short Sword +1 
SW1H09 - Short Sword +2 
SW1H10 - Short Sword of Backstabbing 
SW1H11 - Odd Flame Sword (Creature Attack?) 
SW1H12 - Hull's Long Sword 
SW1H13 - Moonblade 
SW1H14 - Short Sword +1 
SW1H15 - Scimitar +3, Frostbrand 
SW1H16 - Scimitar +5, Defender 
SW1H17 - Perdue's Short Sword 
SW1H18 - Sword of Balduran 
SW1H19 - The Vampire's Revenge (cursed) 
SW1H20 - Scimitar 
SW1H21 - Short Sword 
SW1H22 - Scimitar +1 
SW1H23 - Scimitar +2 
SW1H24 - Long Sword +1, Flame Tongue 
SW1H25 - Kundane +2: Sword of Quickness 
SW1H26 - Ilbratha, Short Sword + 1 
SW1H27 - Arbane's Sword +2 
SW1H28 - Cutthroat +4 
SW1H29 - Short Sword +2 
SW1H30 - Scimitar of Speed +2: Belm 
SW1H31 - Sunblade: Daystar 
SW1H32 - Long sword +2: Dragonslayer (Peridan) 
SW1H33 - Long Sword +2: Ras, The Dancing Blade 
SW1H34 - Bastard Sword +1: Albruin 
SW1H35 - Adjatha the Drinker, Long Sword +2 
SW1H36 - Namarra, Long Sword +2 
SW1H37 - Taragarth the Bloodbrand, Bastard Sword +1 
SW1H38 - Jhor the Bleeder, Bastard Sword +2 
SW1H39 - Blade of Searing, Bastard Sword +3 
SW1H40 - Blade of Roses, Long Sword +3 
SW1H41 - Long Sword +2 
SW1H42 - Bastard Sword +2 
SW1H43 - Katana 
SW1H44 - Katana +1 
SW1H45 - Katana +2: Malakar 
SW1H46 - Wakizashi 
SW1H47 - Wakizashi +1 
SW1H48 - Ninja-To 
SW1H49 - Ninja-To +1 
SW1H50 - Scimitar +1, Shazzellim 
SW1H51 - Celestial Fury Katana +3 
SW1H52 - Scimitar +3: 'Water's Edge' 
SW1H53 - Sword of Flame +1 
SW1H54 - Long Sword: The Equalizer 
SW1H54A, SW1H54B, SW1H54C - Pieces of the Equalizer 
SW1H55 - Katana +2 
SW1H56 - Scimitar 
NPSW01 - Sword of Arvoreen (Mazzy) 
NPSW02 - Katana +1 (Yoshimo) 
NPSW03 - Hallowed Redeemer +2 (Keldorn) 
NPSW04 - Corthala Family Blade +2 (Valygar) 
NPSW05 - Entropy (Haer'Dalis) 
NPSW06 - Chaos Blade (Haer'Dalis) 

TORMENT ITEMS (with Collector's Edition Bonus CD): 
WA2AMU - Sensate Amulet 
WA2DAK - Dak'kon's Zerth Blade 
WA2HALB - Harmonium Halberd 
WA2HARP - Harp of Pandemonium 
WA2HELM - Vhailor's Helm 
WA2PLAT - Plate of Balduran 
WA2RING - Mercykiller Ring 
WA2ROBE - Robe of Vecna 
WA2S1H - Sword of Balduran 
WA2SHIEL - Shield of Balduran 

SW2H01 - Two Handed Sword 
SW2H02 - Two Handed Sword +1 
SW2H03 - Two Handed Sword, Berserking 
SW2H05 - Two Handed Sword (no image) 
SW2H06 - Spider's Bane 
SW2H07 - Two Handed Sword +3 
SW2H08 - Two Handed sword +2 
SW2H09 - Two Handed Sword +4, Warblade 
SW2H10 - Holy Avenger (Two Handed Sword +5) 
SW2H11 - Two Handed Sword +2 
SW2H12 - Two Handed Sword: Flame of the North + 2 
SW2H13 - Spider's Bane + 2 
SW2H14 - Lilarcor (Sentient Sword) 
SW2H15 - Silver Sword (Vorpal Sword) 
SW2H15A - Silver Hilt (piece of Vorpal Sword) 
SW2H16 - Sword of Chaos +2 
SW2H99 - Cursed Berserking Sword +3 
SW2HDEAT - Soul Reaver +4 

WAND02 - Wand of Fear 
WAND03 - Wand of Magic Missiles 
WAND04 - Wand of Paralyzation 
WAND05 - Wand of Fire 
WAND06 - Wand of Frost 
WAND07 - Wand of Lightning 
WAND08 - Wand of Sleep 
WAND09 - Wand of Polymorphing 
WAND10 - Wand of Monster Summoning
WAND11 - Wand of the Heavens
WAND12 - Wand of Wonder 
WAND13 - Wand of Cloudkill 
WAND14 - Web Sack 
WAND15 - Wand of Apprenti 
WAND16 - Potion of Icedust 

XBOW01 - Heavy Crossbow 
XBOW02 - Heavy Crossbow +1 
XBOW03 - Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy 
XBOW04 - Light Crossbow
XBOW05 - Light Crossbow +1 
XBOW06 - Light Crossbow of Speed 
XBOW07 - Heavy Crossbow +2
XBOW08 - Giant Hair Crossbow +3 
XBOW09 - Light Crossbow +2 
XBOW10 - Necaradan's Crossbow +3 
XBOW12 - Flasher Launcher 
XBOW13 - Crossbow of Affliction +4 
XBOW14 - Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1



Write in the console CLUAConsole:AddGold(xxxx)

Where xxxx is the amount of gold you want.


Write in the console CLUAConsole:MoveToArea(ARxxxx)

Where xxxx is the area number (ie AR1000)

There are a couple more cheats and lists to do (including an area list) 
but I haven't got them yet so you'll have to wait...


Modraikinnen's Sword is not alone, it would seem - if it dies (can be 
poisoned) or you pickpocket it, it actually carries a magical Greenstone 
Amulet (casts Mind Blank, for some reason not in BG2)!

If you have over 100% resistance to anything (usually fire), then it 
HEALS you rather than hurting you!

Tactic: Put two invisible party members to cover a doorway completely. 
Move your character through them, then when an enemy pursues, they won't 
be able to move through your human blockade (provided they don't 
attack). The target is now easily defeated from range.


There's loads of BG2 stuff on the net - try the following brilliant 

Information and Downloads-
   http://bg2.dbtavern.com (this is brilliant!)
   http://www.bgdungeon.com/bg2 (so is this!)
   http://www.interplay.com/bgate2 (the official one)
   http://www.planetbaldursgate.com (this is the best!)
   http://www.bg2world.com (not as good as the others)

I think all those links are correct.


If you like BG2, I urge you to get BG1, it's possibly even BETTER than 
the sequel - the best use of sound in any game, the best dungeons by far 
(really scary - good lighting, great sound, brilliantly designed), and 
it had this indefinable charm to it that makes it easily the equal of 
its sequel - and possibly even better - imagine mixing the best of both 
games... what a game that would be! (BioWare, are you listening for BG3 

But for £15 with the expansion pack (essential), it's a knockdown 
bargain, and it's even less if you buy it of gameplay.com, so go and buy 
it now!


Monster               Experience   Notes

Mephit (all types)    420 xps      spell abilities
Ogre Mage             650 xps      spell abilities
Goblin                20/60 xps    some carry bows (60 xps)
Duergar               420 xps      ranged weapons
Cambion               6000 xps     protective field?
Lesser clay golem     1000 xps     magic resistance
Otyugh                650 xps      non-magic resistance
Vampire               8500 xps     level drain, undead
Greater doppelganger  3000 xps     ---
Assassin              varies       ---
Shadow                420 xps      ability drains, non-magic
Shadow Thief          varies       ---
Thug                  varies       ---
Mugger                varies       ---
Stone golems          8000 xps     only magical spears/
                                   blunts kill 
Slaver                varies       ---
Orog                  600 xps      ---
Sea Troll             1400 xps     use fire/acid to kill
Kobold                6 xps        ---
Kobold captain        14 xps       ---
Kobold commando       34 xps       uses fire arrows
Kobold shaman         64 xps       minor magical spells
Kobold witch doctor   64 xps       minor magical spells
Rakshasa              3000 xps     very resistant
Gibberling            34 xps       ---
Mutated gibberling    14 xps       ---
Salamander            2000 xps     minor spells
Ice Salamander        3000 xps     medium spells
Fanatic               2000 xps     ---
Dire Wolf             124 xps      ---
Phase spider          850 xps      poisonous
Skeleton              varies       undead
Pirate                varies       ---
Sword spider          2000 xps     poisonous
Spider                10 xps       ---
Giant spider          450 xps      poisonous
Fledgling vampire     8500 xps     vampire
Grimwarder (archer)   4000 xps     immune to normal weapons
Greater ghoul         2000 xps     haste, paralysis
Skeleton warrior      4000 xps     undead
Clay golem            8000 xps     only magical blunts kill
Ettercap              650 xps      poisonous
Wraith Spider         2000 xps     poisonous, immune to 
                                   normal weapons.
Zombie                974 xps      undead, immune to normal 
Ghast                 650 xps      hold person, disease
Vampyre               2000 xps     level drain, immune to
                                   normal weapons
Mummy                 3000 xps     undead, immune TNW
Wraith                2000 xps     immune TNW
Shadow Fiend          2000 xps     immune TNW
Bandit                varies       ---
Guard                 varies       ---
Yuan-ti               1500 xps     ---
Yuan-ti mage          7000 xps     spell abilities
Ruhk                  7000 xps     immune to magic, minor 
                                   spell abilities
Umber Hulks           4000 xps     confusion, burrowing
Mist horror           3000 xps     minor spells, immune TNW
Mind Flayer           9000 xps     major spells, magic 
Beholder              14000 xps    very major spells
Imp                   1400 xps     ---
Quasit                2000 xps     ---
Troll                 1400 xps     regenerate, use fire/acid
Spirit Troll          12000 xps    minor spells, as trolls
Minotaur              3000 xps     ---
Goblin Commando       34 xps       ---
Spectral Troll        3500 xps     minor spells
Myconid               420 xps      confusion
Sahaugin/Rebel        3000 xps     some cast spells
Bone Golem            18000 xps    magic resistance
Ettin                 5000 xps     ---
Air Elemental         7000 xps     immune TNW/air
Earth Elemental       7000 xps     immune TNW/earth
Fire Elemental        7000 xps     immune TNW/fire
Greater Elementals    10000 xps    immune TNW/xxx
Lizard Man            270 xps      ---
Drow (all kinds)      varies       spells, magic resistance
Efreeti               8000 xps     medium spells
Kuo-toa Leader        2400 xps     ---
Kuo-toa Monitor       1400 xps     ---
Kuo-toa Wizard        2000 xps     medium spells
Kuo-toa Warrior       1000 xps     ---
Hobgoblin Warrior     34 xps       ---
Hobgoblin Archer      34 xps       ---
Hobgoblin Shaman      34 xps       minor spells
Hobgoblin Elite       94 xps       ---
Hobgoblin Captain     420 xps      ---
Carrion Crawler       974 xps      hold person, disease
Mustard Jelly         2000 xps     immune TNW, magic 
                                   resistance, slow
Ochre Jelly           5000 xps     immune TNW, magic
Myconid King          1200 xps     ---  
Sverfneblin           1250 xps     ---
Sverfneblin Leader    4000 xps     ---
Green Slime           64 xps       magic resistance
Gray Ooze             274 xps      magic resistance 
Flesh Golem           2000 xps     immune TNW, magic
                                   resistance, electric heals
Iron Golem            13000 xps    only magic blunt/pierce
                                   weapons kill.
Ice Troll             174 xps      troll
Orc (Archer)          varies       ---
Baby Wyvern           6000 xps     poison 
Spotted Lion          974 xps      ---
Killer Mimic          5000 xps     hold person 
Fell Ghast            850 xps      disease, undead 
Lich                  22000 xps    major spells, undead         
Giant Lynx            174 xps      ---
Wild Tiger            650 xps      ---
Poison Mist           3500 xps     poison, immune TNW
Crimson Death         9000 xps     level drain, immune TNW
Gnoll                 10 xps       ---
Gnoll Captain         120 xps      ---
Gnoll Veteran         34 xps       ---
Gnoll Elite           64 xps       ---
Gnoll Slasher         64 xps       ---
Dao                   5000 xps     medium spells, immune TNW
Rajah                 7000 xps     medium spells, resistances
Nabassu               16000 xps    immune TNW, magic 
Pit Fiend             16000 xps    magic resistance, gated
Adamantine Golem      25000 xps    magic blunts/piercing 
Gauth                 9000 xps     mini beholder
Rune Assassins        4500 xps     short swords +1, potions
Child Spirit          1500 xps     immune TNW, magic resist.
Crypt King            15000 xps    immune TNW, magic resist.
Goon                  164 xps      ---
Black Bear            200 xps      ---
Grizzly Bear          1150 xps     ---
Leopard               270 xps      ---
Panther               420 xps      ---
Winter Wolf           974 xps      cold breath
Elite Orc             650 xps      Battleaxes +1
Elite Orog            850 xps      ---
Fire Giant            16000 xps    fire damage and resistance
Elite Fire Giant      26000 xps    "                        "
Skeleton Mage         7200 xps     spellcasting, undead
Skeleton Cleric       10000 xps    spellcasting, undead
Skeleton Assassin     6000 xps     undead
Burning Man           12000 xps    fire, spells
Fire Salamander       3500 xps     fire
Fire Troll            3500 xps     fire, ice or acid kills
Magic Golem           8000 xps     immune TMW
Flaming Skull         9000 xps     fire, spells
Fell Cat              9000 xps     fire, immune TNW
Bone Fiend            12000 xps    cold, undead
Erinyes               15000 xps    fire, demon
Shambling Mound       16000 xps    plant


Ilyich                520 xps      Mail of the dead +2
Kalah                 2000 xps     Girdle/Piercing, 
                                   Ring/Human Influence
Mencar Pebblecrusher  10000 xps    Full Plate, W/hammer +1
Smaulev Orcslicer     4000 xps     Cursed sword/berserking +3
Pooky                 4000 xps     ---
Sorcerous Amon        6000 xps     Cloak/non-detection, 
                                   wand of lightning
Rayic Gethras         9000 xps     quaterstaff +2, BoD AC7
Eldarin               480 xps      plate mail +1, mace +1
Suna Seni             4480 xps     arbane's sword +2, s sword   
Bessen                2500 xps     BoD AC6
Kail                  3000 xps     short sword +1
Iko                   3000 xps     Katana +1
Nardinal              ???? xps     cloak/protection +1, ring
                                   of wizardry, q/staff +1
Amalas                1800 xps     ---
Mekrath               14000 xps    major spell abilities
Gaius                 4000 xps     spell caster
Zorl                  2000 xps     spell caster
Gallchobhair          7200 xps     spell caster
Rengaard              6000 xps     ---
Draug Fea             7000 xps     wyvern's tail +2
Tarnor the Hatchetman 8000 xps     full plate +1, helmet/
                                   charm prot., hangard's axe 
Bregg                 4000 xps     ---
Cohrvale              6000 xps     ---
Embarl                750 xps      ---
Gorch                 14 xps       ---
Mae'Var               14000 xps    shadow armour
Caehan                1400 xps     ---
Jaylos                1400 xps     ---
Gellal                14500 xps    vampire
Embarl                750 xps      ---
Durst                 14500 xps    vampire
Tanova                ---          vampire, major spellcaster
Pai'na                4000 xps     black spider figurine
Lassal                11500 xps    vampire
Vadek                 8000 xps     spells, q/staff +2
Galvena               4000 xps     flail +2, l armour +3
Dale Solan            8500 xps     vampire
King Ixilthetocal     4000 xps     ---
Alchra Diggot         22000 xps    major spells
Riti                  8000 xps     backstabber spear
Raevilin Strathin     20000 xps    major spells
Madman Agnalo         6000 xps     jhor the bleeder +2
Simbja                5000 xps     ---
N'ashtar              4000 xps     medium spells
Chandrilla            4000 xps     medium spells
Boz                   6000 xps     dragon's breath +4
Damien                4000 xps     minor spells
Qilue                 4000 xps     BoneBlade +4
Phaere                12000 xps    minor treasures
Solaufein             6000 xps     drow stuff
Glacias               9500 xps     minor treasures
TorGal                15000 xps    troll
Samia                 9000 xps     ---
Legdoril              6000 xps     s leather +2, m shield +1
Akae                  8000 xps     plate mail +1
Chak                  6000 xps     b axe +2, l shield +2
Kaol                  8000 xps     ---
Chieftain DigDag      2000 xps     ---
Tazok                 6000 xps     2-handed sword +2
Conster               6000 xps     medium spells
Fikraag               64000 xps    major spells, red dragon
Adsaan                15000 xps    rakshasa
Sarevok               20000 xps    ---
Captain Dennis        7300 xps     boomerang dagger +2
Valeria               12000 xps    priest spells
Falchar               12000 xps    ---
Dracondro             8000 xps     minor spells, BoD AC6
Pitre                 6000 xps     ---
Neb                   3500 xps     Neb's nasty slasher.
Shagbag               4000 xps     Book of Kaza
Scrooloose            1950 xps     --- 
Tabitha               650 xps      animal
Ama                   2000 xps     poison t. daggers
Sir Greshal           1600 xps     mace +1
Reti                  1250 xps     boots of avoidance
Camitis               3000 xps     ---
Unseeing Eye          30000 xps    amulet/5% resistance
Phlydian              19500 xps    vampire
Illasera              10000 xps    medium spells, medium treasures
Kiser                 6500 xps     shakti figurine
Eler Had              12500 xps    grandmaster armour +6
Berena Elkan          12500 xps    spear +3
Karun the Black       21250 xps    major spells, quaterstaff +2
Gromnir Il-Khan       22500 xps    multiple powerful magic items
Berenn                40500 xps    fire, balor's claw
Toop the Brave        6000 xps     ---
Imix, Prince of Fire  50000 xps    fire, spells, ravager +4,
                                   amulet/master harping
Nyalee                12000 xps    spells, ring/anim. friend, cleric's
                                   staff +3

One day I'll put this in some kind of order. Don't hold your breath.

Note that many of these characters carry potion etc. but I have only 
noted the most valuable items they have.


There are countless different spell combinations that can lead to 
victory. Here I'll show you through a handful of them.

"Lay Down And Die!": A tactical spell to put any opponent out of the 
picture. Either naturally or in a Sequencer cast Greater Malison 
followed by Emotion (both level 4). This should make any opponent fall 
down on the ground in despair. If it still doesn't work, try a Stinking 
Cloud, but the original effects with a -8 penalty should be enough. 
Doesn't work on magic resistance though.

"Don't cast that spell at me!": Similar to above, but replace Emotion 
with Creeping Doom or Miscast Magic. No spellcaster can handle that. 
Couple with a Wizard Slayer for maximum effect.

The Elemental Risks: I don't recommend summon elemental spells 
(especially the lesser summonings) with mages as either one of two 
things tends to happen: they either attack you or stand about doing 
nothing (this is especially true of Air Elementals, they just sit there 
doing nothing). Do it with priests, it works then.

The many uses of Magic Missile: Annoying spell protections nos. 1 and 2: 
Mirror Image and Stoneskin. Either of these (and Iron Skins too) fall 
quickly to one or two Magic Missiles. A level 9 missile will inflict 
this spell removal against any of these with almost guaranteed effect.

Of course, Greater Malison is one of the game's best spells, and nearly 
all spells work under its effects.


Welcome to the most comprehensive spell guide in the world. This 
contains a brief introduction to spell types and choice, and includes 
the effect and my advice for every last spell in the entire game.

There are three spell types - Mage, Cleric, Druid.

Mages have the largest selection of spells and are generally better 
casters. They have the strongest offensive magics as well as a broad 
range of effects. Their magic is written from scrolls allowing the 
player choice of spells.

Cleric magic focuses on healing spells and other buffs. Defensively 
speaking, they have the best whole-party spells (though mages get better 
one-person abjurative spells). All priests get a set selection of spells 
dependant on their god, alignment etc.

Druids are basically clerics that put more emphasis on elemental power 
(especially fire) and summoning (though they have less choice, they are 
more effective). In all other respects, Druid spellcasting is identical 
to Cleric spellcasting.


Mages can be Specialist Mages, allowing extra spells/level at the cost 
of another school opposite to the one they have selected.

Abjuration - protective spells. Opposite school - Alteration.

Alteration - changing things for the caster's benefit. Opposite school - 

Conjuration - bring things to the caster from elsewhere. Opposite school 
- Divination.

Enchantment - change items or enemies somehow. Opposite school - 

Divination - reading the future or the unknown. Opposite school - 

Illusion - making things appear what they are not. Opposite school - 

Invocation - calling upon divine powers or similar channelling for 
offensive spells. Opposite school - Enchantment.

Necromancy - spells relating to the dead, or the restoration of the 
wounded. Opposite school - Illusion.


Mage Spells - Level 1

ARMOUR (Conjuration)
Range: 0  
Casting Time: 1 round  
Duration: 10 turns  
Saving Throw: N/A  
Area of Effect: Caster

Creates a magical field of force equal to Splint Mail (AC 6). It is 
cumulative with other AC bonuses and does not hinder movement, 
spellcasting, nor create encumbrance.

ADVICE - The weakest protective spell, not really worth the spell slot. 
Useful however, when the Mage has a decent AC anyway, as unlike Shield 
it is cumulative with other effects.

BLINDNESS (Illusion)
Range: LoS (Line of Sight)
Casting Time: 2 
Duration: 10 turns
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Blinds the target. Upon a failed save causes -4 to hit on attack rolls 
and +4 AC penalties.

ADVICE - A good spell. Like all spells, great in conjunction with 
Greater Malison (that applies to every spell here). Use one the most 
dangerous enemy.

BURNING HANDS (Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: Small Wedge in front of Caster

Causes a wedge of flame to leap from the wizard's hands. Any creature 
hit takes 1d3 damage plus 2 per level of the caster, up to 1d3 + 20. A 
saving throw causes half damage.

ADVICE - Not bad at all, but I prefer Magic Missile as the lesser damage 
is countered by no saving throw and better range - use of Burning Hands 
requires dangerous proximity to the target.

CHARM PERSON (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 5 rounds
Saving Throws: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature.

Affects any one human(oid) creature it is cast upon. That creature is, 
if the saving throw is failed, under complete control of the caster, 
though it cannot talk or attack a non-hostile target. Any attempt to 
harm the charmed creature removes the spell. If more than 1 charm spell 
effects a person the most recent works. Note also that the charmed 
person may dislike you after the spell's duration is complete.

ADVICE - Handy against enemies simply to make them help you. However, 
named NPCs often give you quests and may not after being charmed, so 
it's not very good on non-hostile NPCs.

CHILL TOUCH (Necromancy)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 1 turn
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Caster

This creates a weapon the mage may use that causes d8 damage and -2 
THAC0 unless a saving throw is made.

ADVICE - Nothing to write home about. OK if your mage is virtually 
unarmed, otherwise useless.

CHROMATIC ORB (Invocation)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Causes a sphere to fly from the caster to the target. The effect of the 
sphere depends on the caster's level.
1st level - 1d4 damage and blinds for 1 round
2nd level - 1d6 damage and inflicts pain
3rd level - 1d8 damage and burns the victim
4th level - 1d10 damage and blinds for 1 turn
5th level - 1d12 damage and stuns for 3 rounds
6th level - 2d8 damage and causes weakness
7th level and higher - 2d8 damage and paralyses for 2 turns
A successful saving throw negates all effects.

ADVICE - A good spell, as at higher levels it can be really very 
effective - most likely you'll paralyse any enemy you attack in this 
manner. The saving throw once again takes it below Magic Missile however 
- but I say have one or two in your memory anyway.

COLOUR SPRAY (Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Medium-size wedge

Creates a lurid fan of colour. Up to six creatures in the Area of Effect 
must roll a saving throw or be rendered unconscious.

ADVICE - Awful against tougher/smaller groups of enemies, but when used 
on a large swarm of weaker enemies can be surprisingly effective.

FIND FAMILIAR (Conjuration)
Range: N/A
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 familiar

When cast summons a familiar to aid the caster (note Find Familiar can 
only be cast by the main protagonist). The familiar acts as a 
guard/spy/guide etc, and talking to it reveals its many functions. A 
familiar grants a permanent hit point bonus of half its total hit 
points. If a familiar dies, however, the mage loses the extra hit points 
and also 1 point of constitution permanently.

ADVICE - Worth casting once, but unless you want Con.3, you'll just 
leave it in your pack most of the time. Some can be handy, so it's 
probably worth it once, but note NPCs can't cast the spell, so don't 
bother trying.

FRIENDS (Enchantment)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 1d4 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: caster

The wizard, by means of this spell, makes himself more impressive. He 
temporarily gains 2d4 charisma, and is more likely to receive a 
favourable reaction from NPCs.

ADVICE - A must for evil mages - they tend to get band responses so 
Friends is a good spell if your reputation is suffering. Good/Neutral 
mages should use their spell slot on another Magic Missile though.

GREASE (Conjuration)
Range: 10 yards
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: 15-foot radius

Causes an area to become filled with slippery sludge. Any creature in 
the area, friend or foe, must roll a saving throw or slip and slide and 
be rendered immobile. You must continue making saves until the spell 
duration expires.

ADVICE - A bit rubbish, but survivable. Again, a reasonable spell 
against large bands of lesser foes but no match for other spells of its 

IDENTIFY (Divination)
Range: N/A
Casting Time: N/A
Duration: N/A
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 item

By means of Identify a wizard can discover the function of any item he 
carries. Just right-click on the item in your inventory, click 
"Identify" then "Spell" or "Scroll". The item's full information is 
displayed to you.

ADVICE - The best Divination, extremely useful as identified items are 
much better than unidentified ones. One or two spell slots is a 
reasonable amount to give up to this not at all bad spell.

INFRAVISION (Divination)
Range: 0
Casting Time: Instant
Duration: 10 turns
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature.

The recipient of this spell gains the ability to see in the dark like an 
Elf or Dwarf.

ADVICE - The worst spell in the game. Even if you actually notice 
infravision, only one character gets it and if you feel it even remotely 
important you'll have Group Infravision on anyway. Don't bother even 
writing it, at 50 gps for this spell scroll, it's much better to get the 

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell transfers the life force of the victim to the wizard. The 
target takes 1d4 damage, which then heals the caster. If this takes him 
over his maximum hit point level, he loses the extra hit points after a 
few rounds.

ADVICE - For lower level wizards with very small hit point levels, a 
great spell, equal almost to Magic Missile. At higher levels, nearly 
useless as it doesn't have enough effect to really make a difference. 
Can be handy though, and perhaps some casters might like a couple of 
them available.

MAGIC MISSILE (Invocation)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature.

Creates one or more glowing missiles to hit the target. One missile per 
two levels of the caster, starting at one at first level but having no 
more than five at ninth level, strike the enemy, dealing an automatic 
1d4 + 1 damage per missile.

ADVICE - By far and away the best level 1 mage spell. Can do surprising 
damage at most levels, there's no save and no chance of missing. It's 
also great against Mirror Image, Stoneskin and Iron Skins as well as the 
amount of hits normally entirely removes those particular spells. Over 
half your level 1 slots should be Magic Missile.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 10 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The recipient of this spell gains a magical barrier that protects him 
from any evil-aligned creatures. Any evil creatures attacking the 
protected creature get -2 to all attack rolls. Also, all attacks made by 
the protected creature against evil creatures get a +2 bonus.

ADVICE - Not bad, though the level 4 priest spell PFE 10' radius is much 
better. Basically, before all fights with evil creatures cast it. It 
might not make a big difference but it can help. Note that paladins get 
it automatically so if you have a paladin you're wasting spell slots 
with this.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The creature touched by the mage with this spell gains complete immunity 
to all petrification attacks, like Basilisk gaze or Flesh to Stone 

ADVICE - Obviously, if you know you're up against such attacks, have a 
few ready so your party is immune. These situations are very rare 
(unlike BG1), which is why it has been demoted to level 1 for BG2.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: caster

Creates another image of the caster that does everything he does. There 
is a fifty-fifty chance that attacks will hit the other image, in which 
case it will disappear, having taken damage for the caster.

ADVICE - A watered-down Mirror Image, and as such a bit useless. 
Absorbing one attack? Not worth it when Shield and Armour will last much 
longer. Don't bother.

SHIELD (Invocation)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 5 turns
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: caster

Creates a barrier of magical energy in front of the caster. It sets the 
caster's AC to 4 versus normal weapons and 2 versus missile weapons.

ADVICE - A pretty good defensive spell, one is always a good idea. 
Particularly good against weaker enemies, of course, but still good 
against tougher ones though. If you already have a lower AC this 
actually RISES your AC as it sets it, unlike Armour. When you have 
better than these Acs, drop it.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Causes an electric charge to build up around the caster's hand. The 
unfortunate victim takes 1d10 electrical damage.

ADVICE - Simply, at low levels it's good, but at the higher echelons of 
magery not any worth. Does a decent dame but at level 5 Magic Missile 
will almost always do better. Also there's no range, creating the same 
problem as Burning Hands.

SLEEP (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 5 rounds/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 30-foot radius

Any creature hit by this spell must make a saving throw at -3 or fall 
asleep for the duration. Monsters with 4 + 3 hit dice or more, 
Elves/Half-elves and Undead are immune to this spell. There are great 
bonuses to attacking sleeping enemies.

ADVICE - Like so many level 1 spells, great against the weak stuff but 
in BG2 most monsters are immune to it. OK sometimes, but mostly it's not 
worth it.

SPOOK (Illusion)
Range: 30 feet
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Causes the victim to become afraid of the shadows around him. A failed 
save (the save is reduced by 1 every 2 levels up to -6 at 12th level) 
causes the target (except intelligence 1 creatures or undead) to flee 
for the duration.

ADVICE - Would be a good spell were it not for the poor duration. At 
higher levels this is actually pretty good due to the big save modifier, 
but again the terrible duration reduces what is quite a good spell from 
what it could have been.

Mage Spells - level 2

Range: 20 yards
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 2 by 60 foot beam

This spell creates a burning beam of flame to launch from the caster's 
fingertips. Any creature hit by the flame takes 3d6 damage.

ADVICE - Simply, a good damage-dealer. It's nothing stunning, but 
perhaps worth a spell slot or two. Note that for me it never seems to 
hit more than one creature, so if that's this spell's appeal for you, 

BLUR (Illusion)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: caster

Causes the caster's form to blur and waver, making it hard to land an 
accurate hit. All attacks made against the mage suffer a -3 to hit 
penalty. In addition the wizard receives +1 to all saving throws.

ADVICE - Really a very good protection. The problem is many creatures 
are powerful enough to hit you anyway. The saving throw up however mean 
this spell is worth having.

DEAFNESS (Illusion)
Range: 60 yards
Casting Time: 2
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Successful casting causes the target to become completely deaf, causing 
50% spell failure rates. The only way to remove the effects is with 
Dispel Magic or Cure Disease.

ADVICE - The permanent duration would make this very good if the effects 
were more pronounced. Nevertheless a handy spell for wizards if other, 
better, higher-level spells to perform the same function have been 
pushed out of their spell slots.

Range: 10 yards/level
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 4 turns
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special

This spell automatically causes all invisible creatures within the area 
of effect to be rendered visible for the duration.

ADVICE - Another great spell, this is absolutely vital to you as a mage, 
as several creatures are invisible. Only one is normally necessary in 
your spell slots, but it is necessary.

GHOUL TOUCH (Necromancy)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 5 rounds
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: caster

Similar to Chill Touch, this creates a more powerful hand. Any touched 
creature must make a saving throw or be paralysed for 5 rounds.

ADVICE - Not that bad, but the short duration combined with minimal 
effect means it's not really worth the spell slot. Avoid.

GLITTERDUST (Conjuration)
Range: 10 yards
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: 1 foot radius

Creates sparkling dust that settles over everything. All creatures 
touched must make a saving throw or be blinded (-4 to attack rolls, 
saving throws and +4 to AC) for 4 rounds. In addition, all invisible 
creatures are revealed for 4 rounds.

ADVICE - Another great spell, one of my favourite at this level as it 
creates a mass blindness and combines watered-down Greater Malison and 
Detect Invisibility spells too. Definitely use this, especially against 
large groups of creatures with possible invisibilities.

HORROR (Necromancy)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 1 turn
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 15-foot radius

All enemies within the Area of Effect must roll a saving throw or flee 
in terror.

ADVICE - A simple spell with a simple effect, however it is really quite 
good for rendering your enemies useless when it's necessary. On some 
occasions it should be worth the slot it takes up.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 2
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The touched creature is made totally invisible. He will remain unknown 
until they attack or do anything other than move or cast defensive 
spells, when he is revealed. If he is not revealed, the spell will last 
for a full game day.

ADVICE - Handy for keeping poor fighters that you want to keep out of 
trouble safe. Generally, however, this spell is not as good as could be 
hoped for.

KNOCK (Alteration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 lock

This spell will automatically unlock any lock, or open any door. The 
exception is locks that are magically warded against unlocking spells - 
these are normally openable by keys.

ADVICE - Handy to have so you can memorise and then use it when your 
thief is not adequate for the job in hand. Write it and use it when you 
need it (which is not often).

Range: 10 yards
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell will reveal the alignment of the target (evil will glow red, 
neutral blue, and good green). If a saving throw is made nothing is 
learnt by the caster.

ADVICE - a bit pointless as in general you don't need to know a 
creature's alignment. If, for some bizarre reason, you do want to know, 
it takes a while to cast and then the target has a saving throw. Like 
Infravision, you're better off with the money from selling the scroll.

LUCK (Enchantment)
Range: 10 yards
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This charm grants the recipient a bonus of +1 or -1 (which ever is 
appropriate) to all rolls they make for the next 3 rounds.

ADVICE - Mediocre. The short duration makes it not especially 
worthwhile, but sometimes you need to do something and can't, in which 
case Luck may make it possible. Worth having in your book for such rare 
occasions, but don't waste spell slots.

MELF'S ACID ARROW (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 2
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This makes a magical arrow that burns at flesh it touches. It hits 
automatically and causes 2d4 acid damage. For every three levels of the 
caster, it lasts for another round, causing a further 2d4 damage.

ADVICE - The "Magic Missile" of level 2. Always have a few ready. Not 
only quite powerful, few creatures have acid resistance, it can kill 
trolls, and is generally handy.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: caster

Creates 2d4 exact duplicates of the mage, in a fashion similar to the 
level 1 spell Reflect Image. Enemies are unable to distinguish between 
the duplicates and so hits will be allocated randomly. Once a duplicate 
is hit it will vanish.

ADVICE - My second favourite protection of this level, after Blur. The 
fact that there is still the possibility of hitting the mage is what 
makes it weak - Blur reduces the odds to a bit less but they don't 
change, Mirror Image's does - quite rapidly. Also, there is no saving 
throw bonus. Good, but stick to Blur.

Range: 30 yards
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 5 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Causes one creature (not undead, elves/half-elves or creatures of over 
20 hit points) to fall asleep for the duration.

ADVICE - Not that good. OK, there's no save but it works on very few 
creatures and doesn't even last that long. Another forgettable spell.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell causes a beam to strike the target and instantly weaken it. 
This spell reduces its target's Str. to 5 for the duration, unless a 
save is made.

ADVICE - Not bad at all - if there was no save I'd say very good indeed. 
If the save is made it turns even Drizzt into a rabbit. However, there's 
no saving throw penalty. Worth considering. Note you should only ever 
use it on warriors of some kind, as it doesn't really affect a mage.

RESIST FEAR (Abjuration)
Range: 10 yards
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell makes the target totally immune to fear or fear magic. The 
recipient's morale will gradually reset.

ADVICE - Ignore completely. The level 1 priest spell Remove Fear does 
exactly the same for more people.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 20-foot radius

Creates a noxious cloud of green vapours to overwhelm foes. All 
creatures inside the cloud must make a saving throw or be rendered 
unconscious for 1d4 + 1 rounds. You must keep making saving throws every 

ADVICE - Similar use to Horror (for taking out enemies), but can affect 
your own party or at least not let you close enough. Better to use 
Horror, though this is second best.

STRENGTH (Alteration)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 1 turn
Duration: 1 hour/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The affected creature become much stronger. This spell automatically 
alters the recipient's strength to 18/50, regardless or prior score.

ADVICE - A good spell for obvious reasons. I recommend using it with 
mages or priests who need to be better in a battle. The long duration 
makes it worthwhile. 

VOCALISE (Alteration)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 5 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 spell caster

The recipient of Vocalise finds themselves able to cast spells without 
use of voice. All spells cast by the affected caster have the vocal 
component removed - in other words they can still cast spells if unable 
to speak.

ADVICE - If you know Silence 15' is coming a perfectly good spell, but 
that happens so rarely another spell would be better.

WEB (Invocation)
Range: 5 yards/level
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 2 turns/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Special

Creates a giant spider's web to trap foes. Anyone in the area must make 
a save at -2 or be caught, immobile. If the save is successful you may 
make your way out, but must continue making saves each round. No 
physical attacks can be made in the web.

ADVICE - The best spell of its type due to the fact not only does it 
render your enemies useless, they keep still to be attacked rather than 
run around like Horror. In addition the duration is massive so it just 
keeps going. Worth a slot, even above Horror.

Mage Spells - Level 3

Range: N/A
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 1 round
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Whole area

This spell allows the wizard to see the entire map.

ADVICE - Rarely used as most areas are now fog-less (unlike BG1), so it 
is only useable a couple of times. Perhaps have it available, but don't 
waste spell slots on it.

Range: N/A
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 20 foot radius

All illusions of third level or lower within the radius are instantly 
dispelled, including friendly creatures. Note magic resistance has no 
effect on this spell.

ADVICE - Not that useful as only the odd mage uses Mirror Image and 
otherwise the only common illusions are invisibilities, revealed by the 
much better Detect Invisibility. Wait for True Sight.

DIRE CHARM (Enchantment)
Range: 20 yards
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 10 rounds
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell is almost identical to Charm Person. The exception is that 
the creature goes beserk, attacking any enemies of the caster. Otherwise 
all the limitations of Charm Person apply.

ADVICE - A very good spell, if beaten by (Mental) Domination at higher 
levels. I recommend having one, as extra allies are always very useful.

DISPEL MAGIC (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 30 foot cube

Everyone within the radius touched by the spell has all magic dispelled 
instantly, whether friend or foe. There is a percentage chance of the 
spell dispelling all magic - the base chance of success is 50%. For each 
level higher the caster is than the target, the chance increases by 5%, 
for each level lower it decreases by 5%.

ADVICE - A very important spell. Most people use it on enemies, but 
don't, use Remove Magic for that so your men don't have protections 
removed. Use Dispel Magic to rid your party of hostile magics first, 
then as an enemy protection-remover second.

FIREBALL (Invocation)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: 20 foot radius

FireBall causes a blossoming ball of flame to explode, causing great 
damage to all hit. All hit suffer 1d6 damage/level (up to 10d6 at level 
10). There is a save for half damage.

ADVICE - Level 3's very best spell. About two spell slots should be 
given over here - up to 60 damage over a wide area flattens weak 
opponents and softens tougher ones. Very good indeed.

FLAME ARROW (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Creates one flaming arrow for every five levels of the caster. Each 
arrow inflicts 1d6 points of piercing damage (no save), and 4d6 points 
of fire damage (save for half).

ADVICE - One of the finest lower-level offensive spells. 5d6 points of 
damage will floor many creatures, and the fact it does two kinds of 
damage (immunities to ranged weapons will block off the piercing but not 
the fire etc), fires multiple bolts the higher your level and allows no 
full saves, is a lot of gravy indeed. Very worthwhile.

GHOST ARMOUR (Conjuration)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 10 turns
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell creates an ethereal shield around the recipient's body, that 
has an AC2, that stacks with other bonuses. It adds no encumbrance and 
permits spellcasting, stealth and so on.

ADVICE - Not a bad defensive spell by any means but as you can get 
better spells from the start (the FireShields, for instance), there's 
just no point. For fighter/mage/thieves, however, this is a truly great 
spell - AC2 plus any shield or bracer bonuses, with stealth and spells 
available. It brings out the best in that triple-class. Otherwise, best 

HASTE (Alteration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 20' radius

All allies in the area of effect affected by this spell find their 
movement doubled and gain a -2 initiative bonus. They also gain an extra 
attack each round. All non-movement/attacking effects are not sped up. 
At the end the recipients may also suffer a whole day's worth of 

ADVICE - One of the best utility spells at lower levels, the speed it 
gives you can serve two purposes - make difficult fights simple as you 
can attack far faster than your opponent, and if that doesn't work, you 
can easily flee, regroup and go back for another attempt. One spell slot 
should be freed for this spell.

HOLD PERSON (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Special
This spell holds 1-4 humanoid creatures totally immobile for 1 
round/caster level. They cannot perform any actions but are aware of 
their surroundings still. Otherwise they remain exactly as they were 
before the spell was cast.

ADVICE - The save means that this is essentially only useful very early 
in the game. Later on it is absolutely useless. Mage/thieves may find it 
more useful because they can cast this on a target for pick-pocketing 
then can easily pick-pocket from the victim and get away quickly.

HOLD UNDEAD (Necromancy)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Special

1-4 undead creatures are affected by this spell in exactly the same way 
as living ones are affected by Hold Person, except the duration is 

ADVICE - When you know you will be fighting undead this is more useful 
than Hold Person because of the doubled duration. Even so, few targets 
will be affected simply because the saves will mostly be made.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 10' radius centred on caster

All affected creatures are affected exactly as if the spell Invisibility 
had been cast on them. The durations of each recipients invisibility are 

ADVICE - A good spell for creeping up on unfortunate victims unaware, or 
creeping past enemies you are not confident of defeating. Remember when 
invisible you can still be heard.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: Special

Creates a bolt of sizzling lightning that leaps from the caster's hands 
directly towards its target. It passes through victims and bounces off 
walls until it has travelled its maximum distance. It deals 1d6 electric 
damage/level, up to 10d6. There is a save for half.

ADVICE - At first it seems as good as Fireball, but don't think that. 
Why? With Fireball you know exactly where the area of effect will be. 
With this it bounces all over the place and is almost as likely to 
frazzle your allies as your enemies. Absolutely never use in tight 
streets with dead ends - it will bounce back at you. In long corridors 
filled with enemies though, this is utterly lethal. Use down dungeons 
but nowhere else.

MELF'S MINUTE METEORS (Invocation, Alteration)
Range: 70 yds
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special

This spell creates 1 fiery missile for each caster level. When thrown 
like missile weapons they deal 1d4+3 normal damage +3 fire damage. They 
also do 1d4 fire damage to every creature in 1' radius. There is a +5 
attack roll bonus. A wizards can throw up to 5 per round.

ADVICE - OK, very good hitting chances but not much damage done. This is 
little more than lots of pathetic flame arrows. The only benefit is you 
get a few. They aren't even guaranteed to hit like many offensive 
spells. Leave alone, but if you want it, get it at the beginning as 
scrolls are very rare indeed.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

A total of 4 spell levels are absorbed by this spell. It only affects 
spells directly cast at the caster. Spells over its level limit will 
cancel the spell and have their affect.

ADVICE - The very worst spell protection spell around. Don't waste spell 
slots with this fairly awful spell.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Special

This spell calls 8HD of monsters to aid you. They are under your 
complete control, and can perform any action you bid them. They vanish 
when they die or the duration expires.

ADVICE - On paper, this is a great spell. However, 8HD of monsters will 
do so little against most opponents it's a poor spell. The foes they 
will be useful against are so easy to defeat anyway that this is no good 
really at all. Don't bother.

NON-DETECTION (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 20 turns
Saving Throw: N?A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The recipient of this spell is totally immune to the effects of all 
divination spells that would usually reveal him.

ADVICE - Most NPCs don't use divinations so it has limited use though. 
On invisible creatures creeping up on foes this is a handy spell. A 
thief that is invisible and non-detectable can pick pocket anybody. Use 
when needed but don't keep it in a spell slot.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The recipient of this spell is, for one turn per caster level, 
invulnerable to all normal cold damage and absorbs 50% of all magical 
cold damage.

ADVICE - When facing cold creatures, a good spell but there are two 
reasons it is pointless. One - cold is so rare you will almost never 
need it, and two - FireShields have the effects of protecting from 
elements and dealing damage back, so really there's no point in using 

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 6
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 Creature

This makes the recipient immune to normal fire, and absorbs 80% of all 
magical fire damage.

ADVICE - See Protection From Cold advice above. It's the same, in other 
words don't bother.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 1 turn/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell's recipient is totally invulnerable to all normal arrows, 
bolts and bullets.

ADVICE - In BG1 this was a great spell because normal missiles were so 
common. Not so in BG2. You will so rarely be attacked by normal missiles 
that you simply will be wasting time with it. The cash from selling the 
scroll is more worthwhile than writing it into your spellbook.

REMOVE MAGIC (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 30' cube

This will dispel any magic affecting all foes within the radius. This 
does not include curses. The base chance of a successful dispel is 50%. 
For each level the caster is higher than the target the chance is 
increased by 5%, and it is decreased 5% for every level the caster is 
lower than the target.

ADVICE - This is almost as important as Dispel Magic. There are two 
instances this spell should be selected above Dispel Magic. Firstly, if 
you are going to cast lots of buff spells on yourself and your party. 
Secondly, if you know your enemies will cast loads of buffs on 
themselves but have few enchantments that will adversely affect you. 
Otherwise, use Dispel Magic.

SKULL TRAP (Necromancy)
Range: 20 yds
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Until triggered
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 30' radius

This spell creates a trap that remains in place until triggered by 
moving too close to it. When this happens the trap explodes causing 1d6 
damage/caster level.

ADVICE - A much underrated spell this will stay in place and then do 
lots of damage (for a level 3 spell) with no save. This is perfect in 
ambushes, and is effectively a slightly dampened-down Fireball that can 
be laid as a trap. Certainly worth considering for a spell slot.

SLOW (Alteration)
Range: LoS
casting Time: 3
Duration: 10 rounds
saving Throw; Neg.
Area of Effect: 40' cube

All foes struck by this spell have their movement halved, and have an AC 
penalty of +4 and an attack penalty of -4. A save at -4 negates the 
spell. This spell negates Haste and is negated by Haste.

ADVICE - This spell is brilliant if your party relies heavily on ranged 
fire (ie every party based on a classic BG1 style). It is also good for 
fleeing or chasing. Consider it whenever you are facing large groups of 

SPELL THRUST (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell will automatically remove all the target's spell protections 
of 5th level or lower. Spell resistance does not affect this.

ADVICE - This would be a good spell were it not for the fact that you 
seldom encounter these spell protections. Higher level protections are 
quite common but you will find little use for this particular spell.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

When the caster touches an enemy with this spell, the victim loses 1d6 
hit points for every 2 levels of the caster, to a maximum of 6d6. These 
hit points are added to the caster's total, with extra hit points 
lasting 5 turns.

ADVICE - Powerful but the caster must get into combat to use it and this 
means the mage will quite likely sustain damage quickly using this 
spell. Hence fighter/mages should use it, but otherwise it is wise to 
ignore it.

Mage Spells - Level 4

CONFUSION (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 2 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 30' radius

Unless the targets succeeds in a saving throw at -2 the victims become 
dazed and confused, and wander about randomly, go beserk, stand around 
or attack party members. They can still attack people attacking them.

ADVICE - This is a very powerful spell and it can render entire hordes 
of enemies totally useless. It is always best to have a Confusion-type 
spell handy. With Greater Malison it becomes the best level 4 spell.

CONTAGION (Necromancy)
Range: 30 yds
Casting Time: 4
Duration: Permanent
Saving throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

Causes a major disease in the victim. Strength, Dexterity and Charisma 
are all reduced by -2. They also suffer being slowed. The spell can only 
be removed by Cure Disease.

ADVICE - Quite nasty but no save reduction means it will rarely have any 
affect. When it does though, It greatly reduces the fighting ability of 
a foe. Use on powerful NPCs with low saving throws.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 2 rounds + 1/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 30' radius

The first effect of this spell is to, upon a failed save, cause all 
enemies to lay down with the utter hopelessness of it all. The second 
affect is to instil upon the caster a feeling of courage that counters 
all forms of fear or panic.

ADVICE - While the affects of this spell are more deadly than Confusion, 
the save is easy. Against low-level, low-save enemies this is a superb 
spell. Otherwise stick to confusion.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 1 day
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell calls into being a mace, axe, longsword or short sword 
(caster's choice), with a +3 enchantment bonus.

ADVICE - Early on, this is good because it allows you to get good 
weapons free. Later, though, when better weapons are available, it's 
just a waste of space. You can do much better in your slots. It just 
isn't productive enough to make the grade.

FARSIGHT (Divination)
Range: Special
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special

When this spell is cast, an area of unexplored map is made visible so 
that the caster can spy on what is coming.

ADVICE - In theory you might think a spell that lets you know what's 
coming is great, but there is a better way to find out what's coming, 
without wasting spell slots. Save, wade in, if you die, you know what to 
do in advance. If you survive, no problem. Hence, there's no point in 
making use of Farsight.

FIRESHIELD (BLUE/RED) (Invocation, Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Caster

These spells create an elemental barrier around the caster. They confer 
50% resistance to the corresponding element. They also protect from 
melee attacks. Opponents hitting the caster take damage of the 
appropriate element.

ADVICE - Always have one handy, as they are the only spells that get 
their revenge on opponents as well as conferring protection, and they're 
good protection. Use the red shield unless you know you'll be facing 
cold damage as fire is far more common.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 2 rounds/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 30' radius

All opponents affected suffer a -4 penalty to all saving throws. Spell 
resistance does not apply.

ADVICE - The best level 4 spell. Not only does it mean that your magical 
equipment will work far better, it improves the potency of spells beyond 
belief. ALWAYS use this against groups of enemies with good saves. Note 
that there are NO scrolls in the game, so if you want it, get it at the 

ICE STORM (Invocation)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 40' diameter

Great ice blocks rain down from the sky and deal 2d8 points of damage to 
all enemies in the area.

ADVICE - Three words: Virtually no damage. This spell is awful because 
2d8 damage is simply not enough to be dealing at level 7. Forget this 
spell entirely.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 1 turn
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The touched creature is affected as if by Invisibility, with one major 
difference - when they make a hostile action rather than becoming 
visible they appear only as a faint distortion in the air.

ADVICE - This is a great spell for protecting fragile 
archers/spellcasters, as well as being brilliant at helping along 
thievery. If you think you have characters that could make constructive 
uses out of this spell, use it, it's surprisingly versatile.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This creates an immobile sphere in the air that prevents any 1st-, 2nd-, 
or 3rd-level spells targeted directly at the caster from touching the 
caster, they are automatically countered. Spells can leave the sphere. 
Dispel Magic brings down the globe.

ADVICE - A good spell, if not great, against low-level wizard NPCs this 
is very powerful as the enemy will almost always become powerless. 
However there are better spells that will find more general use so most 
of the time this spell should be let alone.

Range: N/A
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: N/A
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell creates a glyph or sequencer that can contain up to two 
spells of 2nd level or lower. The glyph can be hurled at any time using 
the special abilities button. The effects of the stored spells then 
apply to the target. Note you can carry only one sequencer at a time.

ADVICE - This would be powerful but the range of spells available for 
use is small and unpowerful, so there's little point in using it. If you 
cast it once then rest then you aren't losing out, but this spell is 
poor for general use.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell conjures 12HD of monsters to fight at your side, in the same 
way as Monster Summoning I.

ADVICE - The same advice applies here as to MS1, the summoned beasts 
just aren't powerful enough. The MS spells get better as they go along 
though, but even so there are far more worthy spells around.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The target of this spell becomes frozen in the sphere. They cannot 
perform any actions, but at the same time actions cannot affect them. 
They are effectively not there.

ADVICE - A double-edged blade if ever there was one. This spell is a 
boon and a curse at once. The best use of this spell is to freeze the 
most powerful foe out of things for a while so you can destroy the rest 
of the group before taking him on, or even to protect a vital NPC in 
serious trouble.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell, if the save is failed, turns its unfortunate victim an all 
his equipment into a squirrel.

ADVICE - This seems like a hugely dangerous spell, but in reality most 
saves will be made. Hence unless you're fighting low-save enemies this 
is a weak spell. Otherwise, it's deadly.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 1 turn + 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

When this spell is cast the caster can, from his special abilities 
button bar, transform into any one of the following creatures:

1 - Gnoll, with a halberd +3, +1 fire damage.
2 - Mustard Jelly
3 - Ogre
4 - Spider
5 - Druid forms (black bear, brown bear, wolf)

ADVICE - This is a very handy spell because it allows you to tailor 
yourself for any eventuality. Lots of spells flying around? A mustard 
jelly is invulnerable. Can't scratch your enemy? An ogre will sort that 
out. It is very useful and thus deserves a place in your spellbook.

REMOVE CURSE (Abjuration)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 6
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

If this spell is cast upon a cursed character, the cursed item he/she is 
stuck with can be dropped, removing the curse.

ADVICE - Never put it into general use but have a copy handy for when 
you need to remove a curse. Then rest, cast, rest and back to normal. 
It's useful but doesn't come into use often enough.

SECRET WORD (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

When this spell is cast at a target, that target has one spell 
protection of eighth level or lower dispelled. Magic resistance does not 
affect this.

ADVICE - A specialist use spell, keep it tucked away until you face any 
wizard, as against wizards this is a peach of a spell for fourth level. 
Otherwise, don't use it.

SPIDER SPAWN (Conjuration)
Range: 40 yds
Casting Time: 6
Duration: 5 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell creates 1 or 2 (20% chance) spiders depending on the casters 
level. They obey the caster just like summoned monsters from MS. The 
types are:

7th level - Giant spider
9th level - Phase spider
12th+ level - Sword spider

ADVICE - There is only one benefit of this over MS, that is you know 
what is coming. However this means it lacks the versatility. This is 
just an altered MS, so avoid it, really.

SPIRIT ARMOUR (Necromancy)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 10 turns
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This creates a shadowy set of armour around the caster, with an AC1 that 
stacks with all other bonuses. He will also gain a +3 bonus to his saves 
vs. Spells. The armour does not hinder movement, add encumbrance or stop 
spellcasting/stealth etc. At the end of the duration, the caster takes 
2d4 damage unless he makes a save vs. Spells.

ADVICE - A potent set of armour that will protect a fragile character 
very well is a good spell indeed. The damage at the end is low and will 
seldom come into affect anyway. This is a good protection spell that 
should be considered. Note that of the three good lvl4 defensive spells 
(FireShield, Spirit Armour and Stoneskin), this is the only one that can 
be cast on other people.

STONESKIN (Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 12 hours
Saving Throw: N?A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell creates layers of solid stone around the caster. They hinder 
the wizard in no way. A wizard gains 1 layer for every 2 levels he has 
achieved. Each time the caster would suffer damage, a skin is removed 
instead. This only works against physical attacks of any kind.

ADVICE - The best defensive spell of lvl4. Always have this one ready - 
it's fast to cast and it doesn't matter if you take 200 damage, you 
don't get scratched. It's best because rather than decreasing your 
chances of getting hit it stops it entirely.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 1 turn
saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 30' radius

This spell creates an area of distortions where creatures will be 
randomly teleported around the area of the spell.

ADVICE - There is only one advantage in this abysmal spell - it gives 
you time to regroup, heal, and activate defences. Really though it's not 
a particularly good spell, so don't bother with it.

WIZARD EYE (Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Special

This creates an eye that can see for 60' around it with infravision. It 
is invisible hence it makes a good spy. It is solid and can be divined 
and cannot pass through walls. Any gaze attacks met by the eye affect 
the caster.

ADVICE - See my comments on Farsight for why you shouldn't use this 

Mage Spells - Level 5

ANIMATE DEAD (Necromancy)
Range: 10 yds
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Special

This spell raises one skeleton or zombie for each level of experience of 
the caster. The serve the caster fully until they are killed or turned. 
They cannot be dispelled.

ADVICE - A powerful spell, repeated castings create a horde of skeletons 
at your command. While they are emminently usful as a shield, they often 
get in your way. I recommend using this spell in large areas to screen 
your party and distract spells, I won the final battle easily by casting 
this 100 times (literally - 1,000+ skeletons filled up the room so I had 
to stop). Useful, but can get in your way, basically).

BREACH (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell automatically removes any combat protections the target has. 
Magic resistance does not apply.

ADVICE - A great spell, makes NPCs casting spells making them immune to 
your attacks a thing of the past. This makes life far easier, hence I 
recommend using it.

CHAOS (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 5 rounds + 1/6 levels
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 30' radius

In all respects this spell is like Confusion. However 4th level or lower 
characters get no save and above this it is made at -4.

ADVICE - Well, what are you waiting for?!? An improved version of 
Confusion makes this a first class spell, so get out there and use it!!!

CLOUDKILL (Invocation)
Range: 10 yds
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: 20' radius

This spell causes a billowing cloud of poisonous vapours to asphyxiate 
all foolish enough to enter its radius. Creatures with up to 4+1HD get 
no save and die instantly. Up to 6HD there is a save at -4 or death is 
caused. Above this there is no save for 1d10 poison damage every round 
spent in the cloud.

ADVICE - Utterly lethal, this will cause devastation against lesser 
enemies. Use it, but with caution - hit your own party and they'll start 
taking damage fast.

CONE OF COLD (Invocation)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: Special

When this spell is cast, a cone of ice spreads out in an area five feet 
long and one foot in diameter for every level of the caster. It drains 
all heat and causes 1d4+1 damage per level of the caster.

ADVICE - A dangerous spell, again it is worthwhile using if you are 
careful to avoid hitting your allies. The other benefit of this is it 
does cold damage, which few foes have protections against.

Range: 15 yds
Casting Time: Special
Duration: 1 turn + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special

All these spells summon an 8HD elemental to do their caster's bidding. 
Every time this is cast there is a 15% chance the summoned elemental 
will attack its supposed master. After being summoned, the caster must 
engage in a battle of psyche for 3 rounds. If the caster wins control is 
established, otherwise the elemental goes beserk.

ADVICE - Why you'd want to cast this is beyond me. Let's see, what 
you're doing is taking MS1 up 2 levels, giving a good chance of getting 
attacked and taking ages to cast. Ignore these spells utterly.

DOMINATION (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 9 rounds
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell allows the caster to fully control the actions of the target. 
The target gets a saving throw at -2.

ADVICE - The only problem with this respectable spell is that there is a 
high chance of the intended victim escaping it. Don't discount it, but 
think hard before using a spell slot on it.

FEEBLEMIND (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Permanent
Saving throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell causes the subject's intellect to degenerate masively. The 
victim gets a save at -2 to prevent this.

ADVICE - This can have a very pronounced affect on spellcasters but 
still there is a problem of the save. There is not enough versatility in 
this spell to justify anything other than an occassional slot.

HOLD MONSTER (Enchantment)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 30' radius

This spell holds 1d4 creatures of any time immobile just like Hold 
Person. At the beginning and every nine rounds after, a save at -2 is 
made to shake off the effects.

ADVICE - Better than hold person but like that spell the chances of 
enemies avoiding it are too likely. You'd be better off with other 
spells, though this is no terrible spell.

LOWER RESISTANCE (Abjuration, Alteration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The victim of this spell has their magic resistance automatically 
lowered by 10% + 1% per caster level. There is no save and magic 
resistance does not apply. This spell is not affected by Dispel Magic.

ADVICE - A good spell but only really useful when you know you're up 
against a big dragon or something. Don't use generally, but have it 
available for unusual scenarios.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell rebounds a total of 4 spell levels back at the original 
caster. It only works if the spell was directed at the caster. This 
works only on spells of 4th-level or lower. Dispel Magic functions 

ADVICE - A potent effect, but lasts very short periods of time and the 
spells it works against are enough of a threat enough of the time. Leave 
it be, I say.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 4 rounds + 1/level
saving Throw: N?A
Area of Effect: N/A

This is exactly the same as MS1 except it creates 16HD of monsters.

ADVICE - Like the others, the monsters simply aren't good enough to make 
this spell worth casting at all.

ORACLE (Divination)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 20' radius

When cast, all illusions of 5th-level or lower in the area are 
automatically dispelled. Note this also works on allies. Magic 
resistance does not apply.

ADVICE - A good effect, but there are simply not enough low-level 
illusions hanging around to make general use feasible. But in certain 
situations this can be a godsend.

PHANTOM BLADE (Invocation)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This creates a weightless blade in the caster's hand. It acts as a +3 
sword, with a extra +10 damage bonus against undead. This sword can only 
be used by the caster.

ADVICE - The same applied as did to Enchanted Weapon, unless you're 
fighting undead, in which case +13 damage makes it utterly lethal. Don't 
use in non-undead-infested areas though.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 6/5
Duration: 1 turn/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The affect of these spells is to confer complete invulnerability from 
the appropriate elements.

ADVICE - Powerful, but so rare it is to find these elements that they 
should again only be used when it is absolutely necessary, otherwise 
they are nearly never needed.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell confers complete invulnerability to all non-magical weapons. 
This cannot be cast on someone who is Protected From Magical Weapons.

ADVICE - Very potent, this spell, and despite the short duration will 
keep you well protected against any lesser creature. Its use becomes 
less as the game wears on though.

SHADOW DOOR (Illusion)
Range: 10 yds
Casting Time: 2
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell creates the illusion of the caster stepping through a 
shimmering door and vanishing, in reality he is invisible and can act 
freely under the effects of Invisibility.

ADVICE - The only reason to cast this above Invisibility is that enemy 
creatures don't try to find you if you cast it in combat. Is that worth 
paying three levels for? Nope, so don't bother wasting slots on this 

Range: 0
Casting Time: 5
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell grants total immunity to any spells of a single school of the 
caster's choice.

ADVICE - Very potent if you know what spells your foe will be casting at 
you, but in encounters where you don't know what you're doing, this is 
no help at all.

SPELL SHIELD (Abjuration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 8
Duration: 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell will counter the effects of one spell which would normally 
cause your spell defences to drop.

ADVICE - As it only works once there is very limited appeal in the 
spell, but if you're obsessed with protecting yourself, in which case 
you may want to make more general use of it.

SUNFIRE (Invocation)
Range: Caster
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: 30' radius

This is identical to Fireball but for two differences. Firstly the 
effects are centred on the caster (causing no harm to them), second the 
maximum damage is 15d6.

ADVICE - Quite why you'd want to pay 2 levels for additional damage at 
higher levels and probably to put your party in danger, is beyond me. 
This is more dangerous to your party except in circumstances too rare to 
make it worth using spell slots on it.

Mage Spells - Level 6

Range: 40 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 7 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell calls into being a magically mutated carrion crawler that 
will obey all the orders of the caster. There is a 35% chance that two 
carrion crawlers will be summoned instead of one.

ADVICE - While the carrion crawlers are nasty, it's the same problem 
with the majority of summoning spells, that the monsters just aren't 
hard enough. Like MS, best ignored.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: Special

This creates a bolt of electrical energy that leaps from foe to foe, 
doing 1d6 damage for every 2 levels of the caster.

ADVICE - Though the damage isn't very high, it hits several enemies and 
they all take some damage, making it good, but when Fireball is acually 
more dangerous, it makes this spell seem a bit weak. Usable, but not 

Range: LoS
Casting Time: Special
Duration: 1 turn/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

When this spell is cast, there is a 60% chance of summoning a 12HD 
elemental, a 35% chance of a 16HD elemental, and a 5% chance of a 24HD 
elemental. The caster must concentrate on controlling the elemental for 
3 rounds after the spell is cast.

ADVICE - The first half-decent summon spell, it still has a high chance 
of getting you a poor creature that won't help. However if you insist 
upon a summon elemental spell use fire, it's damage is super effective 
against more kinds of enemy.

CONTINGENCY (Invocation)
Range: N/A
Casting Time: 1 turn
Duration: 1 day/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell allows the caster to store one spell of a level no higher 
than one-third his experience level, and set conditions under which it 
is automatically cast. For instance you might want to cast Protection 
from Evil if you are attacked. No more than one contingency may be held 
at a time.

ADVICE - A superb spell - it can really save your skin if you put a 
sufficiently powerful spell in it. Always have a contingency on you, 
they really do work wonders.

DEATH FOG (Invocation)
Range: 10 yds
Casting Time: 6
Duration: 15 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 20' radius

This creates a solid cloud of acidic vapours. Animal life suffers 8 
damage per round in the vapours. Summoned creatures are instantly killed 
by the fog.

ADVICE - Against casters that like to summon creatures, this is 
brilliant, but like so many spells, it is best used only when you're in 
a particular situation.

DEATH SPELL (Necromancy)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 6
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 30' radius

This spell instantly kills all creatures under 6HD and summoned 
creatures in the area. They cannot be resurrected.

ADVICE - The only problem with this is that most creatures are well 
above 6HD. The only time this spell becomes useful is when you're facing 
huge hoards of orcs or the like.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 6
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The target of this spell must make a save vs. Spells or be turned to 
dust, along with much of his equipment.

ADVICE - Hugely powrful, with two drawbacks - the save (with greater 
malison, though...), and the equipment destroying. When you're fighting 
big monsters with no stuff, get lucky and you can kill them very easily.

FLESH TO STONE (Alteration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 6
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell instantly turns the victim and everything they carry to 
stone, unless they make a save vs. Spells. They can be shattered if they 
are attacked, and can only be restored if the reverse spell is cast 
(Flesh to Stone).

ADVICE - Simply, this is Disintergrate where ALL the equipment is 
destroyed and the victim can be restored. So use disintergrate instead.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 4
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell is identical to the Minor Globe Of Invulnerability, except 
all spells up to 4th level are blocked.

ADVICE - The same as the Minor version - how often do lower level spells 
get cast at you? Not often. So leave this spell on the scroll where it 

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 3
Duration: 3 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell doubles movement and attack rates of its subject. They gain a 
-2 initiative bonus. This spell causes no fatigue. It is not cumulative 
but negates Slow.

ADVICE - Powerful, but only one subject means you'll have one guy 
zipping miles ahead, getting into potential danger. Hence a lot of 
micro-management will be involved but if you're OK with thay, this is a 
good spell.

Range: 40 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 9 hours
saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell summons an Invisible Stalker. It has 8HD and obeys the caster 

ADVICE - The Invisible Stalker is a dangerous creature and hence this is 
a good summon spell. It isn't great in a slogging fight though - use 
subtlety and its natural invisibility.

MISLEAD (Illusion)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell causes the caster to become improved invisible, and also 
creates an immobile duplicate of the caster, which remains until reduced 
to 0HP of dispelled.

ADVICE - This is effective against low intellegence monsters as they 
will attack the dummy, allowing you to prepare or even continue fighting 
with the monsters unknowing. This is a worthwhile spell, so I recommend 
keeping one available.

PIERCE MAGIC (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 6
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The first affect of this spell is, for 1 round/level of caster, to 
reduce the target's magic resistance by 1%/level. The second is to 
remove one spell protection of 6th level or lower. Magic resistance does 
not apply.

ADVICE - This is dangerous when you're facing enemies with MR and spell 
protections, so use it if you know you're coming up against such NPCs, 
but otherwise, ignore.

Range: 30 yds
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell totally silences the victim and all within 1 foot for the 

ADVICE - The abysmal duration makes this spell terrible, but I used it 
once in the game... when fighting Irenicus at the end for 3 rounds he was 
totally unable to defend himself while I lopped hit points off him. 
That's the only situation it's any use in - buying time against tough 

Range: Touch
Casting time: 6
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This confers 50% invulnerability to all magical based attacks.

ADVICE - A very good spell protection, half a chance of causing problems 
with spells, I recommend this spell.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This confers total invulnerability to all magical weapons. It cannot be 
cast on someone who is protected from normal weapons.

ADVICE - Highly powerful, but with short duration, it's high speed 
casting means that it's built for the thick of combat to buy time. Use 
it for no other purpose.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 6
Duration: 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of effect: Caster

This identical to Minor Spell Deflection except it it affects a total of 
up to 10 spell levels.

ADVICE - At last a decent spell protection, that will find decent usage. 
Problem is it will deflect 2 spells at best, so it doesn't last long. 
But for that time you're well protected.

STONE TO FLESH (Alteration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 6
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This automatically turns any petrified creature back to life, along with 
their gear.

ADVICE - You'll use it rarely if at all, but always have it to hand in 
case, you never know when you'll need it. Don't waste slots on it 

SUMMON NISHRUU (Conjuration)
Range: 40 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This will summon a deady, magic consuming Nishruu into being totally 
under the power of the caster.

ADVICE - Easily more powerful than any summon so far, always have this 
in a slot, it creates a creature possibly more dangerous than any other 
to magic users.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 6
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell turns the wizard into a veritable fighting machine. H's HPs 
double, his AC is 4 better, his fighting abilities are that of a fighter 
of his level, each attack is made at +2 and has +2 damage.

ADVICE - Weak spellcasters should use this regularly, it really does 
turn the caster into a capable fighter - when combat looms, this is a 
vital spell to use.

TRUE SIGHT (Divination)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 6
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 20' radius

This automatically dispels all hostile illusions in the area.

ADVICE - By far the best divination around, this chops all 
invisibilities away - you'd be amazed how many invisible characters 
there are. Always give over a spell slot.

WYVERN CALL (Conjuration)
Range: 40 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 1 rund/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This calls a wyvern to appear under the influence of the caster, and it 
will obey his every command.

ADVICE - This is quite powerful, but to tell you the truth a Nishruu is 
far better, so use that summon spell, not this one.

Mage Spells - Level 7

CACOFIEND (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: Special
Duration: 15 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This will summon a powerful demon into existence that fights anyone, 
unless they are Protected From Evil.

ADVICE - The danger of it attacking you is non-existent if you have 
Keldorn in your party, he can cast PFE repeatedly. However, it just 
seems... the demon never does much damage. No idea why. Maybe it's just me 
- anyway, I leave it alone for that reason.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 7
Duration: 6 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell control 1-4 undead creatures in the area. They serve the 
caster utterly for the duration. Undead of up to 3HD get no save, 4HD+ 
they may make a save to negate.

ADVICE - The attraction of controlling huge undead is obvious, but they 
almost always make the save. Weeny undead get no save but if you cast 
Animate Dead, you save two levels and get more minor undead. This makes 
this spell fairly poor.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 7
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: 30' radius

This spell is identical to the spell Skull Trap, except it deals 14d6 

ADVICE - Simply, this spell deals so much damage it can floor several 
creatures - plus you can use it as an ambush trap as well. I recommend 
giving over a spell slot to it.

FINGER OF DEATH (Necromancy)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The target of this spell must make a save at -2, or die instantly.

ADVICE - Incredibly powerful, casting this on lower-save, greater 
malisoned creatures means a kill most times. Even without these the 
chance of a kill is still good, plus it can affect ANYONE, no 
limitations on HD. Definitely worth using.

LIMITED WISH (Conjuration)
Range: N/A
Casting Time: 9
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Special

This spell allows the caster to pick a wish from a list. The higher the 
wisdom of the caster, the more likely the spells will have beneficial 
effects - you won't know until they're cast.

ADVICE - The more powerful the wish, the higher the wisdom needed. Never 
attempt this without high wisdom, but if you do have good wisdom, cast 
at will.

MANTLE (Abjuration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

The effect of this spell is to confer invulnerability to the caster from 
all weapons less than +3 in enchantment.

ADVICE - Quite powerful, designed to buy time in the middle of combat, 
to tell the truth I'd rather spend my time casting an offensive spell. 
Your wizards shouldn't be in the thick of it anyway.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 7
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 30' radius

All allies in the radius of this spell are affected by the spell 
Improved Invisibility.

ADVICE - A very potent spell, causing your entire party to become 
invisible, the short duration is the only problem. Otherwise, this a 
recommended spell.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 7
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This creates a sentient sword under the control of the caster that 
attack and moves independantly of a wielder. It has the THAC0 of a 
fighter half the wizard's level, and acts as a +4 weapon, dealing 1d16 
(+4) damage.

ADVICE - As mentioned above, this bizarrely has a Greenstone Amulet in 
its protection, which you can pick-pocket of it. Note it can be 
poisoned! This sword is powerful and can lend an edge in combat, and for 
the duration it can be used to take on especially scary enemies without 
the caster and allies getting involved - it can't take normal damage, 
after all. Not brilliant, but very versatile and often useful.

POWER WORD STUN (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The target becomes stunned - if it has up to 29 HPs are stunned for 4d4 
rounds, 30-59 for 2d4 rounds, 60-89 for 1d4 rounds, and 90+ are not 
affected. Note the current HPs are used.

ADVICE - Powerful, as no save is allowed, and I stunned a dragon once 
when it was down to Injured. However, it only has one target, so if 
you're facing 1 enemy, this is good otherwise leave it alone.

Range: 20 yds
Casting Time: 7
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: 70' long cone.

When this is cast, a clolourful spray of magic is thrown out. Any 
creature under 8HD is blinded for 5 rounds by the spell. Also if struck 
by the rays they suffer other affects, even if over 8HD:

Red - 20 HPs damage, save for half
Orange - 40 HPs damage, save for half
Yellow - 80 HPs damage, save for half
Green - Save or die, if saved 20 HPs damage
Blue - Save or be petrified
Indigo - Save or be feebleminded
Violet - Save or be disintergrated.

ADVICE - Obviously, this spell is shockingly potent, the only problm 
being you need good range judgement for full effect, but with practice 
this spell is awesomely dangerous. Worth using, especially against low-
save creatures like Umber Hulks.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This creates a copy of the caster that is identical in every respect. 
The caster cannot move while his copy is alive. If he is hurt or the 
copy killed, he can move again.

ADVICE - Essentially, this is giving the caster a second life. Because 
of this it can be very helpful indeed provided you find a safe place for 
the actual caster.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 7
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell confers 75% resistance to all forms of magical or non-magical 
element-based attacks.

ADVICE - Very powerful indeed - a reasonable duration, and if you add 
Protection from Magic Weapons and Normal Missiles (a nasty combo), 
you're nearly invincible. Many attacks will be absorbed by this, so it's 
probably the best defensive level 7 spell.

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This will immediately remove one spell protection of the highest level 
on the target. Magic resistance does not apply.

ADVICE - This isn't weak, but it's far too high a level, so wasting high 
slots on it is pointless.

Range: N/A
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This spell is identical to Minor Spell Sequencer, except that you can 
store 3 spells of up to 4th level.

ADVICE - When you reach the stage of the game where you're casting 7th 
level spells, 4th level spells just aren't good enough. Hence this 
sequencer isn't particularly useful.

SPELL TURNING (Abjuration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 7
Duration: 3 rounds/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This is identical to Minor Spell Turning, except it reflects up to 12 
spell levels.

ADVICE - Like all spell protections, despite this being very potent, it 
doesn't last very long. The effect is good though, and you may want to 
consider using this.

SPHERE OF CHAOS (Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 7
Duration: 1 turn
Saving Throw: Special
Area of Effect: 30' radius

In the area a save must be made every round or they will be randomly 
either: polymorphed into a squirrel, confused, set alight, paralysed, 
disintergrated, healed 20 HPs, randomly teleported, made unconscious or 

ADVICE - You need to know what you're doing when you cast spells, and 
this is far too random and dangerous to your party. Never cast this, 
EVER, unless you're only playing for fun, in which case it can be quite 
amusing and spectacular!

Range: 40 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 1 round/level / 8 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This summons the appropriate magical beast to fight on your side. Note 
they will turn on casters who mistreat them badly.

ADVICE - Powerful creatures, yet the only summon spell on level 7 that's 
truly fantastic is the Hakeashar one, so while these are fine, use that 

Range: 40 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 8 rounds + 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This summons an even more powerful version of the deadly Nishruu, with 
similar effects to that spell.

ADVICE - Nishruu are deadly, these are so dangerous I'll go as far as to 
say I fear them far more than any other summonable creature. Keep this 
available, use it often, it is simply astonishing how incredible this 

WARDING WHIP (Abjuration)
Range: 10 yds
Casting Time: 7
Duration: 3 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This will remove one spell protection from the target, highest level 
ones first, one each round for the duration.

ADVICE - The Ruby Ray times 3 on the same level - why bother with the 
other one? This is an excellent spell protection remover, very good when 
you need it.

Mage Spells - Level 8

Range: LoS
Casting Time: 8
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: 15' radius

This drains bodies of water. It does 1d8 damage/level, save for half. 
Water and plant creatures have a -2 penalty to their save.

ADVICE - Very powerful indeed, and one of the better offensive spells, 
while I didn't use it much, don't discount it by any means. The big 
problem is the small area.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell offers protection from all weapons of enchantment under +4.

ADVICE - Like Mantle, it is useful for fighter/mages in the thick of 
things, but for most casters it shouldn't be used because you shouldn't 
be in combat in the first place. Very powerful though.

Range: 10 yds
Casting Time: 8
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Half
Area of Effect: 20' radius

This creates a cloud of flame. For every round in it you suffer 1d4 
damage/level, save for half.

ADVICE - Bad, because the damage is low and the area too small too keep 
enemies in it so they take lots of damage. Use Horrid Wilting instead, 
it's much better.

MAZE (Conjuration)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This traps the victim in an extraplanar maze. The time it takes him to 
escape depend on his intellegence. When escapes they are returned to the 
spot they left. Freedom prematurely dispels the maze.

Intellegence under 3     2d4 turns trapped
3-5                      1d4 turns
6-8                      5d4 rounds
9-11                     4d4 rounds
12-14                    3d4 rounds
15-17                    2d4 rounds
18+                      1d4 rounds

ADVICE - A great combo is with Feeblemind here, they stay gone for ages. 
This is very powerful, instantly, no save, removing the toughest of NPCs 
from the equation. Use it to make a fight easier or regroup, heal and 
preapre, but use it.

PIERCE SHIELD (Abjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 8
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

The victim of this spell first loses 10% + 1%/level magic resistance. 
Then they lose one spell protection of any level. Magic resistance does 
not apply.

ADVICE - Powerful, but there are far better spells here, so I leave it 
alone, you'd be better off with most the level 8s.

POWER WORD BLIND (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 6 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 10' radius

The affected creatures become blind for the duration.

ADVICE - At this level, blindness is simply not a great enough effect 
for 6 rounds. It won't help much, so leave this spell well alone.

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 8
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell confers 75% resistance to all non-physical attacks.

ADVICE - Very powerful, the best defensive spell at this level. It's 
good because your wizard should be out the fighting, but spells can 
still get him. With Protection From Normal Missiles he's almost 

Range: 0
Casting Time: 9
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This creates a duplicate of the caster, with 60% the level but otherwise 

ADVICE - Why bother? You don't need another caster, for that 9 you could 
cast spells that affect the combat. The spells from your duplicate are 
of lower level hence a good bit weaker. If it's for misleading enemies 
try Mislead or Shadow Door.

SPELL TRIGGER (Invocation)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This is identical to Spell Sequencer, except the spells stored may be up 
to 6th level.

ADVICE - Better than the others, but still the comments I made for them 
apply, though I think much more of this than the other two.

SUMMON FIEND (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 9
Duration: 15 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

The same as Cacofiend, but the summoned demon is more powerful.

ADVICE - The same as for Cacofiend.

SYMBOL, DEATH (Conjuration)
Range: 30 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Special

This symbol remains like a Skull Trap, except that it kills any creature 
under 60 HPs failing their save. Creatures of over 60 current HPs are 

ADVICE - Very powerful effect, but most creatures will make their save, 
and you have to reduce many to 60 HPs, which is hard when you can't set 
the symbol off by coming too close. Dangerous, but not vastly.

SYMBOL, FEAR (Conjuration)
Range: 100'
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Special

This symbol causes all creatures to make a save at -4 or flee for the 

ADVICE - More likely to work but less powerful, also inconvenient as 
some enemies just right away so you lose them.

SYMBOL, STUN (Conjuration)
Range: 30 yds
Casting Time: 1 round
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: Special

This symbol is identical to the Fear one except victims are stunned.

ADVICE - Simply brilliant - your enemies stunned totally making them 
easy targets. This is essential, the best spell at this level. Always 
have one handy!

Mage Spells - Level 9

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1
Duration: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This confers complete invulnerability to all weapons except of +5 or 
better enchantment.

ADVICE - Very powerful but not the best spell on level 9 by any stretch, 
so there's no point in using because of the considerably better spells 
around. Otherwise, use in the same fashion as the Mantle spells (buy 
time in combat). See those entries for further advice.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 9
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

This creates a sword like rift in the fabric of reality. It acts as a +5 
sword the caster is proficient with. It deals 2-24 damage. The sword 
gives the caster the THAC0 of a fighter of half his level. Every target 
hit must make a save at +4 or be disintergrated.

ADVICE - For fighter/mages, immensely powerful. For ordinary casters 
though, they should never get close enough to wield a sword - they 
should be well out of the way, hence you shouldn't need this spell 
unless you're a fighter/mage.

Range: 0
Casting Time: 1 turn
Duration: Special
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell is identical to Contingency except you can store three spells 
of up to any level.

ADVICE - Simply, the greatest spell in the game. Always be able to use 
it, and try it with Time Stop, Shapechange and Spell Trap! Don't forget 
to remove Contingency if you get slots at 9th level.

ENERGY DRAIN (Necromancy)
Range: Touch
Casting Time: 3
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell automatically drains 2 levels from the target.

ADVICE - Incredibly powerful, but beware you must get close to cast it. 
Any victim of this spell is going to be considerably less of a 
challenge. Brilliant for fighter/mages.

FREEDOM (Abjuration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 9
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Current map

Everyone affected by Maze or Imprisonment in the area is automatically 
freed and returned to the point they were standing when they were 

ADVICE - Never generally use it, but this can potentially be a vital 
spell. Have it available but not in spell slots.

GATE (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 9 rounds
Duration: 33 rounds
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: N/A

Similar to Summon Fiend, except the summoned monstrosity is of immense 

ADVICE - The creature here is vastly powerful and hangs around for an 
age. Note that the duration sometimes means Protection From Evil runs 
out while the Pit Fiend is still around! I don't use it much but if you 
want a summoning this is serious stuff!

Range: Touch
Casting Time: 9
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell automatically imprisons the touched creature many leagues 
into the Earth's crust, only to be freed when Freedom is cast, otherwise 
the victim will be stuck for all time.

ADVICE - I'm not even bothered by the range of this spell - instant 
imprisonment? Effectively, they're dead, I've never seen any NPC cast 
Freedom. Instant death, no save. OK, you don't get their equipment, but 
by the time you can cast this you should have most the game's best stuff 

METEOR SWARM (Invocation)
Range: 90 yds
Casting Time: 9
Duration: 4 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special

This calls burning rocks to rain upon the area. Any struck will take 4-
40 damage, no save.

ADVICE - No save but the 4d10 damage rarely does too much. Plus it can 
hurt friends, hence I never use this spell, it's far too weak for level 

POWER WORD KILL (Conjuration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 1
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This spell automatically slays and creature with 60 or less current HPs, 
no save.

ADVICE - Another hugely powerful spell. This can floor badly injured 
dragons even. Really is capable of big things, but I prefer Imprisonment 
as it just outright destroys, regardless of HPs.

SHAPECHANGE (Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 9
Duration: 5 turns
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This spell is like Polymorph Self, except the available creatures are: 
Mind Flayer; Iron Golem; Greater Wolfwere; Earth or Fire Elemental; 
Giant Troll.

ADVICE - A superb spell, which allows you to get into the thick of 
things. I like to first stun as a Mind Flayer then turn into an Iron 
Golem, if I get damaged (fat chance!), a Greater Wolfwere to regenerate. 
Use this spell often.

SPELLSTRIKE (Abjuration, Alteration)
Range: LoS
Casting Time: 5
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: 1 creature

This totally destroys all spell protections of the target. Magic 
Resistance does not apply.

ADVICE - Very good whenever you're up against wizard NPCs late on, they 
are fond of protections like this. Only use if you know you're oppoenent 
will be casting spell protections though.

SPELL TRAP (Abjuration)
Range: 0
casting Time: 9
Duration: 1 round/level
Saving Throw: N/A
Area of Effect: Caster

This creates an effect similar to Spell Deflection, that affects up to 
30 levels of spells. In addition, it restores to your memory cast spells 
of equal level to those absorbed.

ADVICE - A superb spell protection - restores spells of yours as it 
blocks out (lots of) enemy ones. If you want a spell protection, this is 
the only one to use!

TIME STOP (Alteration)
Range: 0
Casting Time: 9
Duration: 6 rounds
Saving Throw: None
Area of Effect: Special

This spell totally freezes time for all but the caster for the duration. 
He may cast spells and attack, but the effect will not appear until the 
spell stops.

ADVICE - Highly powerful, allows you to run away, cast important spells 
faster and generally sort things out without any difficulties. I suggest 
using it.

Range: 0
casting Time: 9
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: Neg.
Area of Effect: 30' radius

The spell causes a ghostly wail to echo from the caster's lips. Those 
who fail the save die instantly. Friends are immune.


A valuable tool that lets you make your own party meaning maximum effect 
against all enemies. I recommend this party:

Human cavalier: The ultimate unkillable combat monster.
Elf archer: The ultimate ranged beast.
Halfling thief: Full thief skills, essential.
Human conjurer: Spell casting power doesn't come any easier.
Human priest of xxxxx: For healing and creeping doom.
Half-orc Kensai: Tres tres nasty, my friends, with str. and con. at 19!

The alternative is the classic BG1 party - the Ranger bash.

Human ranger: combat nasty with bonuses.
"           ":"                        "
Elf archer: nastier from range.
Human Cleric: Buff/healing/creeping doom.
Human specialist mage: the obvious
Halfling Thief: for the obvious.

I prefer the first one, but it's entirely up to you, I certainly used 
the second in BG1 (Me, Minsc, Kivan, Branwen, Dynaheir, 

Of course there are countless combinations and you can experiment, those 
are just the most common ones. Themed parties are great for a bit of fun 


Possibly the most powerful and diverse species you encounter is the 
dragon. There are five in the game, all of different species, that do 
different damage. And you might think that your hero with 125% magic 
resistance, cloak of mirroring and the Dragonslayer sword is safe, but 
oh no...

Here's a run down on the three dragons you fight (you help the Silver 
Dragon, and she helps you, see Underdark section, and the other one is 

Red: The Red Dragon is actually Lord Jierdan Fikraag. He is found 
underneath the Windspear Hills.
   BREATH TYPE: fire damage, circular radius.
   MAGIC RESISTANCE: very high.
   ITS MAGIC: level 3/4 spells (hold person, dispel magic, stoneskin).
   HORDE: money, red dragon scales, Holy Avenger Carsomyr +5.

Shadow: This Dragon is under the Ruined Temple. You can be rendered 
invisible to it by a Wardstone.
   BREATH TYPE: electric damage, cone radius.
   ITS MAGIC: level 3/4 spells.
   HORDE: money, shadow dragon scales, crom faeyr scroll.

Black: Called Nizidramonii'yt, this is Irenicus' steed, found in the 
Woodland Clearing NE of Suldanessellar.
   BREATH TYPE: acid damage, cone radius.
   ITS MAGIC: equivalent to level 1/2 with stoneskin too.
   HORDE: money, cup of life, bladeslinger chain +4.

In addition all dragons do great damage with their slashing claws and 
have "wing attack", which blows your party away unconscious (I believe 
there is a save vs. Spells, but it has a very large penalty).

Of course if you have Lower Resistance then suddenly that high magic 
resistance is not so much of a problem, and Finger of Death preceded by 
Greater Malison will finish off most any beast. 


Credits: To Rasskazov Konstantin and eagle3 for information  on the 
Plane of Air bit.
         Jay h cunningham for some player character info.
         Medanmann for far too much stuff to list here!
         Michael Koo for plenty of stuff.
         Jody Hehenkamp for even more help.
         Jordan Cherncev for a large heap of useful stuff also.
         Drogo (keep up the Dragon's Breath Tavern!), Cyber_bob and 
many, many others for bringing stuff to my attention. There are 
literally dozens so instead of mentioning everybody here, I'll thank you 
all as a whole!
         I'd especially like to re-mention Medanmann, Mike Koo and Jody 
H, as they gave hordes of help and were very supportive, polite and 
         To everyone who's helped with finding magic items so far, I've 
been inundated with e-mails about this!
         To all of you who send e-mails of encouragement -  it's 

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