1. Mike Grills Additional Artists
  2. Rob Sugama Additional Artists
  3. Ryan Blanchard Additional Cinematic Modeling
  4. Matthew Goldman Additional Cinematic Modeling
  5. David Hibbeln Additional Cinematic Modeling
  6. Ryan Blanchard Additional Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  7. Yunkyung Kim Additional Cinematic Texturing
  8. Rick Li Additional Cinematic Texturing
  9. Enrique Deo Perez Additional Cinematic Texturing
  10. Rob Bartel Additional Design
  11. John Gallagher Additional Design
  12. Drew Karpyshyn Additional Design
  13. Matt Goldman Additional GUI's
  14. Gilles Beauparlant Additional Programming
  15. Noel Borstad Additional Programming
  16. Rob Boyd Additional Programming
  17. Mark Brockington Additional Programming
  18. Howard Chung Additional Programming
  19. Michael Devine Additional Programming
  20. Brenon Holmes Additional Programming
  21. Casey Hudson Additional Programming
  22. Charles Randall Additional Programming
  23. Dean Anderson Additional Promotional Art/Portraits
  24. Matthew Goldman Additional Promotional Art/Portraits
  25. Todd Grenier Additional Promotional Art/Portraits
  26. Marc Holmes Additional Promotional Art/Portraits
  27. Lisa Wasserman Additional VO Casting
  28. Rick Li Animation
  29. Enrique Deo Perez Animation
  30. Larry Stevens Animation
  31. Henrik Vasquez Animation
  32. Tony de Waal Animation
  33. David Hibbeln Animation Director
  34. Marcia Tofer Art Director
  35. Douglas Avery Associate Producer
  36. Scott Greig Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
  37. Marc Holmes Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
  38. Kalvin Lyle Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
  39. Cassidy Scott Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
  40. Dan Walker Baldur's Gate and TOTSC Art Content
  41. David Hibbeln BioWare Director of Art
  42. John Gallagher BioWare Director of Concept Art
  43. Mike Sass BioWare Director of Production Art
  44. Dave Bibbeln Cimematic Scripts Team
  45. Steve Gilmour Cimematic Scripts Team
  46. Luke Kristjanson Cimematic Scripts Team
  47. Steve Gilmour Cinematic Animation
  48. Rick Li Cinematic Animation
  49. Enrique Deo Perez Cinematic Animation
  50. Larry Stevens Cinematic Animation
  51. Henrik Vasquez Cinematic Animation
  52. Tony de Waal Cinematic Animation
  53. David Hibbeln Cinematic Animation Director
  54. David Chan Cinematic Audio
  55. John Gallagher Cinematic Concept Art Team
  56. Marc Holmes Cinematic Concept Art Team
  57. Mike Sass Cinematic Concept Art Team
  58. Dave Hibbeln Cinematic Effect Animation
  59. Russell Rice Cinematic Effect Animation
  60. Alex Scott Cinematic Effect Animation
  61. Tony de Waal Cinematic Effect Animation
  62. Lindsay Jorgenson Cinematic Modeling
  63. Mike Sass Cinematic Modeling
  64. Elben Schafers Cinematic Modeling
  65. Steve Gilmour Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  66. David Hibbeln Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  67. Rick Li Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  68. Enrique Deo Perez Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  69. Russell Rice Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  70. Mike Sass Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  71. Larry Stevens Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  72. Henrik Vasquez Cinematic Scene Set up and Lighting
  73. Steve Gilmour Cinematic Storyboard Team
  74. Kelly Goodine Cinematic Storyboard Team
  75. Dave Hibbeln Cinematic Storyboard Team
  76. Ryan Blanchard Cinematic Texturing
  77. Matthew Goldman Cinematic Texturing
  78. Marc Holmes Cinematic Texturing
  79. Mike Sass Cinematic Texturing
  80. Matthew Fisher Cinematic Video Art
  81. John Gallagher Concept Art
  82. Dean Andersen Core Art Team
  83. Matt Goldman Core Art Team
  84. Kelly Goodine Core Art Team
  85. Yunkyung Kim Core Art Team
  86. Arnel Labarda Core Art Team
  87. Chris Mann Core Art Team
  88. Elben Schafers Core Art Team
  89. Dave Gaider Core Design Team
  90. Brent Knowles Core Design Team
  91. Luke Kristjanson Core Design Team
  92. John Winski Core Design Team
  93. Scott Greig Director of Programming
  94. James Ohlen Director of Writing and Design
  95. Primo Pulanco Division Operations Assistant
  96. Benson Division Operations Manager
  97. Feargus Urquhart Divison Director
  98. Ray Muzyka Executive Producer
  99. Greg Zeschuk Executive Producer
  100. Laura Macias Foley Artist
  101. Eric Thompson Foley Mixer
  102. Kevin Yee German Localiztion Editor
  103. Todd Grenier GUI Creation
  104. Gilles Beauparlant Infinity Engine Programmers
  105. Mark Brockington Infinity Engine Programmers
  106. Mark Darrah Infinity Engine Programmers
  107. David Falkner Infinity Engine Programmers
  108. Scott Greig Infinity Engine Programmers
  109. Daniel Morris Infinity Engine Programmers
  110. Cameron Tofer Infinity Engine Programmers
  111. John Winski Infinity Engine Programmers
  112. Don Yakielashek Infinity Engine Programmers
  113. Steven Gilmour Lead Animator
  114. Kevin Martens Lead Designers
  115. James Ohlen Lead Designers
  116. Mark Darrah Lead Programmer
  117. Don Moar Lead Tools Programmer
  118. Nathan Plewes Line Producer
  119. Ron Valdez Mastering Assistant
  120. Tom Baker Mastering by
  121. Craig Duman Mastering by
  122. Frank Szick Mastering by
  123. Craig Duman Mastering Supervisor
  124. Cassidy Scott Modeling
  125. Howard Drossin Music by
  126. Michael Hoenig Music by
  127. Howard Drossin Music Editing by
  128. Rick Jackson Music Editing by
  129. Ron Valdez Music Editing by
  130. Mark Brockington Network Programmer
  131. Paul Roffel Network Programmer
  132. Scott Greig Original Baldur's Gate Game Design
  133. Ray Muzyka Original Baldur's Gate Game Design
  134. James Ohlen Original Baldur's Gate Game Design
  135. Greg Zeschuk Original Baldur's Gate Game Design
  136. Mike Sass Portraits and Promotional/Marketing Art
  137. Ben Smedstad Producer
  138. Daniel Morris Programmer
  139. Paul Roffel Programmer
  140. Jason Manley Promotional Artwork
  141. Kevin Craig Scripting and Data Entry
  142. Ross Gardner Scripting and Data Entry
  143. Mike Geist Scripting and Data Entry
  144. Andrew 'Colonel Bob' Nobbs Scripting and Data Entry
  145. Chris Parker Senior Producer
  146. Chris Borders SFX Recordist
  147. Charles Deenen SFX Recordist
  148. Ana Deenen SFX Recordist
  149. John Fasal SFX Recordist
  150. Al Nelson SFX Recordist
  151. Frank Szick SFX Recordist
  152. Tim Gedemer Sound Designer
  153. David Farmer Sound Designers
  154. Mike Kamper Sound Designers
  155. Adam Levenson Sound Designers
  156. Paul Menichini Sound Designers
  157. John Morris Sound Designers
  158. Al Nelson Sound Designers
  159. Ann Scibelli Sound Designers
  160. Tim Walston Sound Designers
  161. Stephen Miller Sound Editing by
  162. Frank Szick Sound Editing by
  163. JP Watson Sound Editing by
  164. Caron Weidner Sound Editing by
  165. Fred Hatch Sound/Localization Producer
  166. Rafael Lopez Spanish Localiztion Editor
  167. Chris Mann Special Efefcts and Background animations
  168. Russell Rice Special Efefcts and Background animations
  169. Elben Schafers Special Efefcts and Background animations
  170. Alex Scott Special Efefcts and Background animations
  171. Charles Deenen Supervising Dound Designer
  172. Marc Audy Tools Programmer
  173. Patrick Chan Tools Programmer
  174. Chris Christou Tools Programmer
  175. Aaryn Flynn Tools Programmer
  176. Jeremy Sheldon Tools Programmer
  177. Dave Cravens Video Services
  178. Bill Stoudt Video Services
  179. Dan Williams Video Services
  180. Eric Lewis VO Assistant
  181. Chris Borders VO Casting/Direction Supervision
  182. Stephen Miller VO Editing by
  183. Jeremy Simpson VO Editing by
  184. Frank Szick VO Editing by
  185. JP Walton VO Editing by
  186. Mike Draghi VO Engineer
  187. Charles Adler VO Talent
  188. Dee Bradley Baker VO Talent
  189. Michael Bell VO Talent
  190. Jeff Bennett VO Talent
  191. Gregg Berger VO Talent
  192. Cam Clarke VO Talent
  193. Jonathan Cook VO Talent
  194. Jim Cummings VO Talent
  195. Grey Delisle VO Talent
  196. Melissa Disney VO Talent
  197. Bill Farmer VO Talent
  198. Michael Gough VO Talent
  199. Wayne Grace VO Talent
  200. Jennifer Hale VO Talent
  201. Amber Hood VO Talent
  202. James Horan VO Talent
  203. Rodger L. Jackson VO Talent
  204. Cherity James VO Talent
  205. Nick Jamison VO Talent
  206. Maurice LaMarche VO Talent
  207. Tress MacNeille VO Talent
  208. John Mariano VO Talent
  209. Jason Marsdn VO Talent
  210. Bill Martin VO Talent
  211. Jim Meskimen VO Talent
  212. Alan Oppenheimer VO Talent
  213. Jeff Osterhage VO Talent
  214. Valerie Pappas VO Talent
  215. Rob Paulsens VO Talent
  216. Dian Pershing VO Talent
  217. David Prince VO Talent
  218. Jack Roth VO Talent
  219. Dwight Schultz VO Talent
  220. Hidi Shannon VO Talent
  221. Jane Singer VO Talent
  222. Kath Soucie VO Talent
  223. John Vernon VO Talent
  224. B.J. Ward VO Talent
  225. David Warner VO Talent
  226. Frank Welker VO Talent
  227. Billy West VO Talent
  228. Donovon Workun VO Talent
  229. John Demita Walla Cast
  230. Annelies Goldman Walla Cast
  231. Daamen Krall Walla Cast
  232. Marsha Kramer Walla Cast
  233. Richard Penn Walla Cast
  234. David Randolph Walla Cast
  235. Barbara Harris Walla Casting


Data and credits for this game contributed by a0me, Blk_Mage_Ctype, ccurcillo, Fenriswolf, necropenguin, and SSpectre.

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