Where can I find The "Ring of Gaxx" and what must be killed?

  1. Where is The Mentioned Ring located and what must i tear through with to obtain it?

    User Info: Mephitso

    Mephitso - 11 years ago

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  1. www.gamefaqs.com/computer/doswin/file/258273/34147

    QUEST: Restore Kangaxx the Demi-Lich [from Taganath]

    Kangaxx's House - Docks (AR 0300, x 2700 y 2270)
    Arms & Legs - Sewers (AR 0202, x 1700 y 500)
    Torso - Bridge (AR 0500, x 1600 y 3340)

    The house to the right of the Sea's Bounty Inn holds a terrible
    secret. De-trap and unlock the door, go into the house and into
    the basement. When you double-click on the sarcophagus, Kangaxx
    asks you to retrieve his body, which has been scattered around
    Athkatla. His arms and legs are in the sarcophagus in the sewers
    under the temple district on the same screen as the cult of the
    eyeless. You have to fight the Shade Lich for them. His torso is
    located in the basement of a house in the Bridge section in yet
    another Sarcophagus and is guarded by the Elemental Lich. (you can
    find more detailed instructions on these Liches in the appropriate

    Once you have both pieces, return to Kangaxx and he gloats at you,
    then attack you. When you kill him he becomes a Demilich. I think
    the Demilich is only hit by +4 weapons or better and you need be at
    a very high level to have any chance of killing him. The easy way
    to kill him (or any creature that relies on magic) is to get
    several green scrolls of protection from magic and use them on your
    party, then simply surround him with your protected characters and
    attack until he is dead, as all of his offensive magic is useless
    and he has no physical attack. Your reward for doing this is the
    excellent Ring of Gaxx (Regen., Protection from Poison, AC +2) and
    55,000 experience.

    User Info: Requiem

    Requiem - 11 years ago 2   0

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