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Walkthrough by Spit_it_out

Updated: 11/18/00


When choosing the inventory, make sure you have:
*Car bomb/trigger (essential)
*Silenced Beretta  (essential)
*Piano wire        (essential)
*Ammo              (essential)

The rest is optional, yet I do not advise the shotgun, as it cannot be 

+Kill the Target
+Kill the Targets guards (the ones in blue)
+Get back to the rendezvous point

As soon as the game begins, (check that you have no weapons in hand) you 
will find yourself in front
of a black car. This is the rendezvous (finishing) point. Walk straight 
ahead, careful not to run or pull
A weapon, as the guards nearby get suspicious. Head towards the open grating 
opposite you.
(Near the yellow dumpsters). Wait around here for a while, until a short FMV 
sequence comes on,
showing the gangsters exiting a limo. A few moments later, you will see a 
message appear saying
"Target is in the restaurant". The limo driver will soon come round the 
corner, to take a whizz down
the grating. Wait until all civilians surrounding are gone, and strangle him 
with the with the 'Fiber wire'.
Be quick or he'll shoot.  When he's dead, steal his clothes and his gun, and 
drag his sorry @$$ into the
open sewer/drain grating. Hide all weapons and go round the corner to the 
limo. Walk (don't run) to
the drivers side. Select the car bomb from the inventory, and right click 
the car door. You will see the
option "Place bomb". Select it, and (after the FMV) calmly walk away.
Go back the yellow dumpster area, and wait until a message appears that the 
target has left the restaurant
Wait until everyone's in the limo, and trigger the explosive. (Use the 
trigger option in the inventory).


After the cool little movie, go around the corner and down the little 
alleyway. You should see a
Conveniently placed sniper rifle....
Now, walk around the level and kill every guy in blue and anyone who try's 
to kill you. Watch your
back and you'll be fine. When everyone's worm food, Take a cool stroll 
toward your car.
                     ....MISSION COMPLETE....

*Always keep your weapon concealed when near big groups of gangsters*
*During close combat, aim for the head*
*When sniping a target, try to fire two consecutive shots as two won't 
always do the job*
*If you are diguised, act cool. Don't run or sneak and NEVER pull out a 
weapon unless necessary*
*Civilians will shout out for help, or rat you out if they see you killing 
someone, so try to get the person
*And most importantly, design your plan beforehand, and always watch your 

                           GoOd LuCk!

This document was written by: Spit_it_out. (copyright 2000)

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