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FAQ/Walkthrough by Ghost_72429

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/17/09

**Hitman - Codename 47 Stealth Guide**
by Kurinax
Note: This guide was produced for free distribution to the public; however, 
it is a copyrighted work.  Please ask for permission before posting the guide 
on any third-party sites (i.e. not GameFAQs or GameSpot).  If the contents of 
this guide are found, in part or in whole, to be profiting anyone other than 
me, legal action will be taken.  All trademarks and copyrights are the sole 
property of their respective trademark and copyright holders. 
Weapons and Tools of the Trade
  Close Combat Weapons----------------------------------------------------2.1
  Sub-Machine Guns--------------------------------------------------------2.3
  Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, and Shotguns------------------------------2.4
  Sniper Rifles-----------------------------------------------------------2.5
  Miscellaneous Items-----------------------------------------------------2.6
Hints and Tips------------------------------------------------------------3.1
  Hong Kong, People's Republic of China-----------------------------------4.2
    Kowloon Triads in Gang War-------------------------------------------4.2a
    Ambush at the Wang Fu Restaurant-------------------------------------4.2b
    Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant--------------------------4.2c
    The Lee Hong Assassination-------------------------------------------4.2d
  Columbian Rainforest, Columbia------------------------------------------4.3
    Find the U'Wa Tribe--------------------------------------------------4.3a
    The Jungle God-------------------------------------------------------4.3b
    Say Hello to my Little Friend!---------------------------------------4.3c
    Budapest, Hungary-----------------------------------------------------4.4
    Traditions of the Trade----------------------------------------------4.4a
  Rotterdam, The Netherlands----------------------------------------------4.5
    Gunrunners Paradise--------------------------------------------------4.5a
    Plutonium Runs Loose-------------------------------------------------4.5b
  Satu Mare, Romania------------------------------------------------------4.6
    The Setup------------------------------------------------------------4.6a
    Meet Your Brother----------------------------------------------------4.6b
    Final Conclusion-----------------------------------------------------4.7c
1.1 Introduction
The predominant reason that I decided to write this guide in the simple fact 
that very few guides and walkthroughs take extensive notice of 47's greatest 
asset, stealth.  I played Codename 47 after playing the three sequels, so I 
had a somewhat preferential way of playing stealthily as opposed to leaving a 
mound of bodies behind.  Now Codename 47 does not have a rating system, and 
if it did, it would be impossible to get silent assassin like in the sequels 
due to the fact that there is simply no way to take out targets non-lethally.  
However, this guide will attempt to explain a way to play through the game 
with minimum enemy casualties, and with very few exceptions, completely 
unshot at.  Also, I have made no attempt to conceal the storyline, so there 
will be many SPOILERS featured throughout the guide.

Note this is my first guide, so any questions, advice, or constructive 
criticism would be appreciated.  My e-mail address is Ghost_72429@yahoo.com.  
Be sure to make the subject Hitman FAQ or Codename 47 or something like that, 
or I won't think it is spam and delete it.  I will also delete any messages 
that have any attachments. Don't send me spam, porn, or viruses.  Also, make 
sure you have made absolutely 100% sure that what you need is not already 
featured in the guide.  I will not answer e-mails that refer to things 
already answered in the guide.  Alright.  Let's go make a killing!
Weapons and the Tools of the Trade

This will list every single weapon and item that can be purchased that can be 
used to make a kill, and several other useful items such as the compass and 
the Kevlar vest.  Item info is based on the actual measurements of the 
weapons, not what is listed in the game.

2.1 Close Combat Weapons

Fiber Wire $110
This is the weapon of choice for the professional contract assassin.  Many 
other guides will tell you to use the knife instead but there is one 
absolutely enormous problem that is often ignored - the death scream.  The 
fiber wire is 100% quiet 100% of the time, and will cause the death of many 
of your targets.  Always take the fiber wire.

Pentagon/Oyabun Knife $50
Fun, but as I said above, not very practical.  The knife is fast and makes 
you feel like a crazed psycho, but when used from behind to silently kill an 
enemy, they often have enough time to scream out before your razor sharp 
blade slides through their windpipe and jugular vein, making very bad things 
happen very quickly.  It can also be used to attack from the front, but it 
often takes several swings and thrusts to bring a target down.

Kitchen Knife/Meat Cleaver
Found in the kitchen on the mission "Traditions of the Trade," these weapons 
can let you be like Norman Bates and make you both of your kills in the 
They work identically to the pentagon knife.

Found in the mission, "The Setup," this is a sterilized steel syringe 
containing a massive dose of a lethal mix of chemicals, likely pancuronium 
bromide or potassium chloride from the sound a target makes when injected. It 
is an interesting weapon and the only way to stealthily eliminate enemies on 
the last two levels.

2.2 Pistols

.45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP) Acadia Machine and Tool (AMT) Hardballer
Caliber:        .45 ACP (uses pistol ammo)
Magazine:       7
Total Length:   8.5"
Barrel Length:  5"
Total Weight:   38 ounces
First Produced: 1977
Firearm Price:  $550
Clip Price:     $5
This weapon, designed by AMT in 1977 as a copy of Colt's 1911 .45 that was 
the standard sidearm of the US military for most of the twentieth century, is 
47's pistol of choice.  Unfortunately, due to the fact that, in this game at 
least, it does not come in silenced varieties, it is therefore not very 
practical.  Still, when dual wielded, 47 has considerable stopping power.

Berretta 92
Caliber:        9 x 19 mm Luger Parabellum (uses pistol ammo)
Magazine:       15 
Total Length:   8.5"
Barrel Length:  5"
Total Weight:   33.5 ounces
First Produced: 1975
Firearm Price:  $475 (SD $775)
Clip Price:     $10
This is the civilian version of the M9, the pistol that has, at least for the 
time being, replaced the Colt .45 as the US Military's sidearm of choice.  It 
has decent accuracy, but the 9mm NATO round does considerably less damage 
than the hardballer.  The predominant advantage of this weapon is the fact 
that it comes in silenced varieties, allowing 47 to kill targets very 
quietly.  Take the Berretta 92SD on missions whenever possible.

Israeli Military Industries Desert Eagle Mark XIX
Caliber:        .50 Action Express (uses magnum ammo)
Magazine:       7
Total Length:   10.25"
Barrel Length:  6"
Total Weight:   70.5 ounces
First Produced: 1995
Firearm Price:  $1200
Clip Price:     $6
One of the world's most powerful handguns, this pistol fires a bullet half an 
inch wide at several hundred feet per second.  Unfortunately, this translates 
into one incredibly loud shot, and since this guide emphasizes stealth, this 
will rarely be used.  However, it can be fun to go on a rampage with this if 
you ever get frustrated.

Deutsche Waffen-und Munitions Fabriken Luger Parabellum-Pistole 08
Caliber:        9 x 19 mm Luger Parabellum (uses pistol ammo)
Magazine:       8
Total Length:   8.75" (does not account for silencer)
Barrel Length:  4" (does not account for silencer)
Total Weight:   30.75 ounces (does not account for silencer)
First Produced: 1890
Firearm Price:  N/A
Clip Price:     N/A
This is an antique pistol of German make that someone has attached a silencer 
to.  It serves its purpose as an instrument of death with only moderate 
efficiency, and can only found in Franz Fuchs's hotel room in the mission, 
"Traditions of the Trade."

Sawn-off Shotgun
Caliber:        12-guage shotgun shells
Magazine:       2
Total Length:   ?
Barrel Length:  ?
Total Weight:   ?
First Produced: N/A
Firearm Price:  N/A
Clip Price:     N/A
This is a generic shotgun with nearly the entire barrel removed, causing a 
very large spread.  It has horrific accuracy at anything but point-blank 
range, but it is absolutely devastating.  One problem though.  It is only 
available by looting the bodies of the two bartenders on the third and fourth 
missions, and it only comes with two rounds.  I placed it in the pistol 
category because it is concealable.

2.3 Sub-Machine Guns

Heckler & Koch Maschinenpistole 5A2
Caliber:        9 x 19 mm Luger Parabellum (uses SMG ammo)
Magazine:       30
Total Length:   26.75"
Barrel Length:  9"
Total Weight:   90 ounces
Rate of Fire:   800 rounds/min.
First Produced: 1966
Firearm Price:  $2200 (SD $2700)
Clip Price:     $21
The weapon of choice for SWAT teams worldwide, the German designed MP5 is one 
of the world's greatest sub-machine guns.  It has fantastic accuracy (for a 
fully automatic weapon) and reasonable stopping power.  With the 
Schalldampfer (literally muffler, but in this case integrated silencer), this 
is probably the best weapon in the game in that it can be concealed and fires 
a fully automatic stream of bullets without making a sound.

Israeli Military Industries Uzi
Caliber:        9 x 19 mm Luger Parabellum (uses SMG ammo)
Magazine:       32
Total Length:   25.5"
Barrel Length:  9"
Total Weight:   123.5 ounces
Rate of Fire:   600 rounds/min.
First Produced: 1951
Firearm Price:  $900
Clip Price:     $22
The AK of the SMG world, the Uzi is an Israeli designed SMG.  It has poor 
accuracy and does not come suppressed, so I would not recommend this weapon.  
Many of the bad guys in the earlier part of the game will have this weapon, 
and you can often enough carry it in uniform.

2.4 Assault Rifles, Machine Guns, and Shotguns

Avtomat Kalashnikova 1947
Caliber:        7.62 x 39 mm
Magazine:       30
Total Length:   34.25"
Barrel Length:  16.25"
Total Weight:   151 ounces
Rate of Fire:   600 rounds/min.
First Produced: 1947
Firearm Price:  $700
Clip Price:     $30
Quite possibly the most common firearm in existence, the AK-47 is one of 
histories most outstanding weapons.  To quote the movie "Lord of War," the AK 
is an elegantly simple 9 pound amalgamation of forged steel and plywood. It 
doesn't break, jam, or overheat. It'll shoot whether it's covered in mud or 
filled with sand. It's so easy, even a child can use it; and they do.  It has 
pretty good accuracy and absolutely incredible stopping power.  This weapon 
will take out anyone with a few shots, but it will be used only rarely 
because of its loud report.

Avtomat Kalashnikova 103
Caliber:        7.62 x 39 mm
Magazine:       30
Total Length:   37"
Barrel Length:  16.25"
Total Weight:   120 ounces
Rate of Fire:   600 rounds/min.
First Produced: ?
Firearm Price:  N/A
Clip Price:     N/A
The AK 103 is an updated version of the AK-47.  It adopted many of the 
improvements of the AK-74, such as rail mounts and dual lug gas operation.  
Also, many of the wooden parts were replaced with plastic to make the weapon 
considerably lighter.  As far as the game is concerned, it is virtually 
identical to the AK-47.

Caliber:        5.56 x 45 mm NATO
Magazine:       30
Total Length:   39.5"
Barrel Length:  20"
Total Weight:   137.5 ounces
Rate of Fire:   900 rounds/min.
First Produced: 1957
Firearm Price:  $900
Clip Price:     $24
This is actually an M16A1, because the A2 fires only in three round bursts to 
help conserve ammunition.  It has a very high rate of fire and is very 
damaging, but the loud report of the gun makes it less useful for the 
stealthy situations of this game.

Caliber:        7.62 x 51 mm
Magazine:       50
Total Length:   42.5"
Barrel Length:  22"
Total Weight:   370.5 ounces
Rate of Fire:   550 rounds/min.
First Produced: 1957
Firearm Price:  $1900
Clip Price:     $50
One of your two fully automatic machine guns, the M60 is incredibly powerful, 
incredibly fast, and incredibly inaccurate.  Though recently replaced by the 
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon as the US Army's primary machine gun, it is still 
in circulation.  There is one instance in the game where you would use it, 
but my walkthrough avoids this dangerous and less than stealthy approach, so 
use it only for fun rampaging.  

M134 Minigun
Caliber:        7.62 x 51 mm
Magazine:       1000
Total Length:   ?
Barrel Length:  ?
Total Weight:   1358 ounces
Rate of Fire:   6000 rounds/min.
First Produced: 1962
Firearm Price:  $10750
Clip Price:     $1000
It is technically impossible for a human to use this weapon, because fully 
loaded it weighs over eighty pounds, and would produce such a large amount of 
recoil that no one would be able to control it.  But this is a game so it 
doesn't matter.  Takes a moment for the barrels to begin spinning, but once 
they do, everything within a small radius in front of you ceases to exist.  
If holstered, 47 can sprint with this eighty pound weapon carried in one 
hand, but hey, we all love bugs, right?  Only one instance where this will be 
used and it makes an impossibly difficult level simple.

Mossberg 500 Persuader Shotgun
Caliber:        12-gauge shotgun shells
Magazine:       1
Total Length:   38.5"
Barrel Length:  18.5"
Total Weight:   108 ounces
First Produced: ?
Firearm Price:  $285
Clip Price:     $1
You basic run of the line pump-action twelve-gauge shotgun.  Horrific 
accuracy, but when used it annihilates anyone near the end of its barrel.  
Ungodly loud, there are no instances where this is useful.  Leave it.

Franchi SPAS PA3/213
Caliber:        12-gauge shotgun shells
Magazine:       8
Total Length:   41"
Barrel Length:  21.5"
Total Weight:   155.25 ounces
First Produced: 1979
Firearm Price:  $350
Clip Price:     $6
Not entirely sure where IOI got the name.  This shotgun, and the above 
measurements, is based on the SPAS 12, which is the shotgun as close as I can 
tell in the game.  A semi-automatic shotgun, it can be used to kill the 
target on the second to last mission and it is possible to sneak it into the 
final mission, but in my opinion it is far more trouble than it is worth.

2.5 Sniper Rifles

Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Tactical
Caliber:        .300 Winchester
Magazine:       1
Total Length:   42"
Barrel Length:  23.5"
Total Weight:   175.5 ounces
First Produced: 2000
Firearm Price:  $1550
Clip Price:     $2
Your best friend in Columbia.  A very good bolt action sniper rifle, this one 
only holds one round at a time, though the real one can hold five.  When 
zoomed the scope will bob up and down with 47's breathing, but there is 
rarely a situation in which this is a problem, since you often have all then 
time in the world to take your shot.

Walther WA2000
Caliber:        .300 Winchester
Magazine:       6
Total Length:   35.5"
Barrel Length:  25.5"
Total Weight:   245 ounces
First Produced: 1970
Firearm Price:  $9525
Clip Price:     $12
This weapon was designed to kill people, not modified from a hunting weapon 
like the R93 (indeed, Jagdwaffen means hunting weapon).  It is also 
incredibly rare and 47's sniper rifle of choice.  Interesting note: due to 
the incredible rarity of this weapon (less than 200 were ever produced), it 
in reality would cost somewhere around $75000.  With an effective range of a 
kilometer, this is the best weapon in the game, albeit not the most 
practical.  There really isn't any instance where this is needed, 

2.6 Miscellaneous Items

Compass $80
Take on every single mission without fail.  Many of my instructions will be 
based on direction, and this is difficult without a compass.

7 x 50 Military Grade Binoculars $750
These can be useful in Columbia and Rotterdam for scouting ahead, but for the 
most part I find them unnecessary.

Kevlar Body Armor $900
Kevlar is a chemical invented by DuPont in 1965 that, when spun into tight 
fibers and woven together, creates a material that is very highly resistant 
to bullets.  When 47 wears Kevlar any damage to his torso is reduced by a 
considerable amount.  Headshots still cause full damage though.  Useful a few 

Composition 4 Explosive Car Bomb with Remote Detonator $3000
This is a small amount of hand-malleable plastic explosives that, when placed 
on a car will destroy the vehicle as well as anything within said vehicle.  
Detonated by remote or set to explode upon ignition, C4 allows 47 to kill his 
targets without ever being suspected.

Global Positioning System Transmitter and Receiver $4000
Used in the mission "Gunrunner's Paradise to try and find Boris, the GPS 
tracker is necessary to beat this mission.  When the receiver is activated in 
inventory, it will display radar telling 47 where the GPS bug is.

3.0 Hints and Tips


47 has the ability to move in complete and total silence.  This is necessary 
to commit many of the stealthy takedowns that are necessary in this game.  
Use this behind your target when pulling out the knife or wire, or they will 
hear you and either run or attack.  It can also be used to sneak through 
places you should not be.


It is often desirable and necessary to move at great speed.  Some of the maps 
in Codename 47 are massive, and running allows for quick movement.  Note 
however that running in a restricted area without a disguise is a good way to 
get shot at.


Almost any male character's clothes can be reappropriated by 47 when said NPC 
is no longer among the living and is necessary in all but two missions.

Hiding Bodies

VERY IMPORTANT!  When 47 kills someone, the body usually needs to be hidden, 
especially if said body is only wearing boxers.  If a naked body is 
discovered, any disguises become useless.  Dragging bodies takes a very long 
time though.  However, IOI left a bug in that allows 47 to drag enemies while 
running.  Press either of the sidestep buttons and then run to "strafe drag" 
bodies.  This is necessary to quickly hide bodies.


47 can lean around corners to shoot, and if a silenced weapon is used, no one 
will suspect him.  I call this the pistol leaning technique.  The problem is 
that the wall/tree/crate/etc. 47 is hiding behind sometimes gets in the way.  
Still, pretty useful.


When using a sniper rifle, the view will bob up and down with 47's breathing.  
There are a variety of ways to compensate for this, the easiest being line up 
a shot so the head is either at the top or bottom of the bob.


4.1 Training

This is very simple and straightforward.  Simply follow the professor's 
instructions.  It is possible to stealthily kill the guard with the taser at 
the end either by shooting him with the sniper rifle or running up and 
knifing or wiring him.  Now, for the real missions.

4.2 Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

The United Kingdom returned Hong Kong to the PRC in 1997, on the condition 
that Communism would not influence the economy of one of the richest areas in 
Asia for at least fifty years.  47 is in Hong Kong in pursuit of Lee Hong, 
leader of the Red Dragon Triad.  He spent his youth in France, serving in the 
French Foreign Legion, and when he returned, he ruthlessly assumed control of 
the Red Dragon.  The triads are the largest criminal organization in the 
world and they are predominantly based in Hong Kong.  Since Lee Hong is the 
head of the most powerful Triad in Hong Kong, it could be said that he is the 
most powerful criminal in the world.  Well protected by a private army of 
loyal triads and the Hong Kong Police Chief, 47 will have to remove all the 
layers of protection before going after Hong.

4.2a Kowloon Triads in Gang War

Kowloon is the mainland peninsula part of Hong Kong.  Your target here is the 
chief Red Dragon negotiator.  He is extremely paranoid and will run at the 
first sign of trouble.  This is a nice easy setup mission, but don't be too 
confident, because it is very possible to die here.

Recommended Equipment

R93 Sniper.  You don't even need to buy any ammo for it, because it will come 
with one bullet.  More will be redundant because the target will flee if he 
hears a gunshot (and feels a bullet moving a few thousand feet a second in 
his general vicinity).  Don't miss.


NONE - The best disguise for this level is none at all.
CIVILIAN - As far as I can tell, this is identical to your suit.  But you get 
charged for an innocent kill.  So don't use it.
BLUE LOTUS - You might think this would have some potential.  You would be 
wrong.  It is possible to take out a Blue Lotus quietly, but then you cannot 
take his clothes.


Before you even start the mission take a look at the map.  You should see 
three elevators, one west, north and east.  As soon as you start turn west 
until you see an unfenced alley to the south.  Cross the street and go behind 
the large red building west of the park.  This is the west elevator and the 
easiest to get away from unshot at.  Ride it to the top.

Once at the top, unpack your rifle and go to the southwestern corner 
(directly to the right as you step off the elevator) and wait for a few 
minutes.  You will get a cutscene showing the Blue Lotus Negotiator arriving 
and another one a few minutes later showing your target arriving.

You will see the Red Dragon Negotiator walk south to the large Buddha.  You 
will have a narrow shot between a lantern and the Blue Lotus Negotiator, so 
aim carefully and take your shot.

As soon as you drop your target, DROP your rifle and run back to the elevator 
and take it to the street.  This is why we used the western elevator.  The 
Blue Lotus called in a helicopter, and one of the triads is leaning out the 
door with a very large M60 machine gun that can really ruin your day.  He 
seems to know you are the shooter regardless of how you are dressed and 
whether or not you are carrying anything.  If you are fast, it shouldn't be a 
problem.  Run back to your car to end the mission.



If you are having trouble making the shot from the west elevator, you can try 
either the north or east one, though the helicopter often sees you.  


There is a large yellow dumpster raised up directly to the east of the north 
entrance of the park.  It is possible to take your shot from here as the RDN 
gets out of the car, but again, the helicopter often sees you running to your 


It is possible to do this with the hardballer.  Run to the park and hide 
behind the tree to the left of the south entrance.  When the RDN arrives, 
lean to the left and aim at his torso.  It is extremely unlikely you will get 
a headshot, but you can try.  Fire a few rounds to drop him.  Holster you gun 
and you can walk nonchalantly back to the exit, but you still have to avoid 
the helicopter.

4.2b Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

This is actually Lee Hong's restaurant, but you cannot take him out, not yet 
anyway.  You have to solidify the anger and launch the Triads into a full 
scale war.  Your primary target here is an elder member of the Blue Lotus, 
and the negotiator from the previous mission.  However, the Agency has 
decided that you need to kill all of his bodyguards as well, in order to make 
it look like a payback hit for the park incident.  Fun, eh?

Recommended Equipment

Fiber Wire
Car Bomb w/ Remote Detonator


CHAUFFER- Very useful, and the fact that he is armed means he doesn't count 
as an innocent.
RED DRAGON- Can carry an UZI or a shotgun, but cannot get into the 
BLUE LOTUS- Same as above.
CIVILIAN- Same as your suit.

As soon as the mission starts, run north to the restaurant.  DO NOT ATTEMPT 
TO GO IN!  They are closed and will shoot at you if you attempt to enter.  
Stay on the other side of the street and eventually a limousine will pull up.  
This is the first mission in the Hitman series that has established a well 
known fact.  Urinating in public places is a very dangerous thing to do.  The 
chauffer will walk past you into a back alley.  Do follow.

He will walk up to a wall near a sewer grate to, er, relieve himself.  Be 
sure the nearby civilian has gone around the corner before taking him out 
with the fiber wire.  Drag his body into the sewer and take his clothing.  
Don't forget to holster the wire.

Walk up to the driver side of the car, pull out the bomb, and plant it under 
the dash.  Go back to where you started.  You can change back into your suit 
if you desire.

You will get a notice that the targets are leaving the restaurant.  Wait a 
few moments and you will see the limousine leaving (the fact that their 
chauffer is hiding in the sewer apparently must have skipped their notice; I 
bet he'd be rather angry, if he wasn't dead).  As the car begins to turn the 
corner, push the BOOM! button.  If timed properly, your target and all of his 
bodyguards will have been killed at the same time.  Leave.


To be completely honest, this is really the only practical way of doing this 
level.  You can bring some heavier fire power and try to take out all the 
targets, but it probably won't work.  There is a sniper rifle in an alley in 
the far western reaches of the map, but there isn't any real practical use 
for it.

4.2c Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

If you only kill two people, does it still count as a massacre?  The Triads 
are ready for war, but the chief of police is stepping in to attempt to stop 
the bloodshed.  He is, even at fifty-eight years of age, a powerfully built 
man.  Kill him, place the blame on the Red Dragon, and all Lee Hong's 
protection will be removed, thus allowing you to go after the Hong himself.

Recommended Equipment

Fiber Wire
Gun of your choice.  No really.  You can take any gun you wish, even the 
shotgun, though it makes things slightly difficult.  I usually take the 
silenced berretta or the deagle, just so I can have an opportunity to use 
this powerful weapon.


RED DRAGON- While it is technically possible to beat the entire mission 
without a disguise, it requires a bit of luck and considerably more work.  
This man isn't really your target, but he must die to make way for you to 
kill the head cop in charge.
COP- Unusable and you get charged for killing a police officer.  Avoid it.
CIVILIAN- Same as your suit.

When the mission loads, head east to the restaurant.  Go inside and ask the 
bartender for the key to the bathroom.  Go into the bathroom, close the door 
and drop whichever weapon you brought (if you brought the shotgun, you will 
have to go though the alleyways and climb through the window; don't forget to 
get the key).  Leave the restaurant and head north.  

There will be a sewer grate ever so slightly to the right.  Head east and at 
the end of the street look north.  If he hasn't showed up already, the red 
dragon negotiator should soon be coming towards you. Let him turn the corner 
and start heading west toward the sewer grate.  Observe your surroundings, 
and when all civilians and cops have looked away, run up to him and wire him.  
Strafe-drag his body over to the sewer, let it drop inside, follow him down 
and take his clothes and amulet.

Climb up out the sewer and go south to the restaurant.  You will be searched 
as you attempt to enter the front door, and any weapons except the wire will 
be removed.  Walk into the restaurant and walk ever so casually into the 
Drop the amulet.  Close the door behind you.  Pick up your weapon, open the 
door and make the police chief's head go boom.  Close the door and holster 
your weapon.  MAKE SURE TO DROP THE AMULET.  Check the area outside the 
window to make sure it is clear and climb out.  If you try to leave the 
bathroom, the bartender pulls out a sawn-off, which can kill in one hit on 

Head back to your car.  You'll probably get a message saying objectives 
aren't complete because you forgot to drop the amulet.  I still do it after a 
hundred plays.  Run back to the restaurant, climb in the window, drop the 
amulet, and head back to the car.

You could also forgo taking the red dragon costume, stealthily climb in and 
out of the window, and do the entire mission without changing clothes, which 
can make you feel like a super-assassin god.  You still have to kill the red 
dragon negotiator and hide his body, and you still have to drop the 


4.2d The Lee Hong Assassination

You can finally go after the head of the Red Dagon Triad.  His police 
protection has been removed, and the new police chief is likely forming a 
case against him.  The Blue Lotus is preparing for a full scale war.  Hong 
has no friends outside of the Red Dragon Triad.  But he still has a small 
army of heavily armed guards, and his own personal bodyguard, Tzun, whom is 
skilled in both firearms and unarmed combat.  Hong himself is a martial arts 
master, and is well versed in the use of the Chinese Jian.  

This is your first officially difficult mission.  There are quite a few 
places where a guard turning his head a different way can have deadly 
consequences.  It is also large and rather convoluted.  Use your map if you 
are having difficulty finding something.  There are three (well, more like 
three and a half) different methods for beating this level, but you must keep 
track of your numerous objectives.

Recommended Equipment

Fiber Wire
Silenced Berretta with lots of bullets (especially if you plan on attempting 
either of the alternative methods)


BODYGUARD- These are the people with the velvet tuxedo shirts and sunglasses, 
seen mostly in the main restaurant area.  Useful for moving around in the 
beginning of the level.
TRIAD- These are the Red Dragons you have seen it the previous two levels.  
You will finish the mission with this outfit.
WAITER- Necessary for the main method.  Possible to do without, but it makes 
it far more difficult.

Upon loading, you should note that this level is the same as the second one, 
simply with FAR more content.  The sniper rifle from level two is gone, but 
there are another two inside.

Head directly north and go into the restaurant.  You will see a bodyguard 
standing in front of a storage room and can wire him and take his clothes, 
but I recommend another one, so simply pass him by.  Go into the bar and look 
to the left.  Go up and talk to the bartender, and he will give you a flyer 
for the brothel (the two waiters will recommend this if you speak to them).  
You can get a sawn-off with two shells if you kill the bartender, which is 
possible, albeit sometimes difficult, to do stealthily.

Turn around and go east and you should eventually come to a room with a sign 
that says bathroom and a door immediately ahead guarded by a bodyguard.  
Ignore that door for a second, and go into the bathroom.  See that bodyguard 
with the sunglasses and the suit?  You need to expire him, which can be 
tricky because the two waiters come through here at random intervals and can 
really ruin your day.  Kill him, drag him into the right bathroom (no one 
ever goes in there) and take his clothes.  And now go back to the...no.  Er?  
Go back into the bathroom lobby and chill for a little bit, and you will 
eventually see a waiter come to go to the bathroom.  It doesn't matter if it 
is the green one or yellow one, but you need to kill the waiter.  WHAT?  YOU 
WANT ME TO KILL AND INNOCENT CIVILIAN?  Yep!  This is the only time in the 
entire game where this is necessary, and it can be avoided, but makes the 
level considerably more difficult.  Drag him into the bathroom with the 
bodyguard and leave him there.

Now go back to the aforementioned guarded door.  The guard will welcome you 
and tell you of the wonders that lay ahead.  Go through the hall and slightly 
to the left and ahead as you walk into the next room, you will see an 
overweight man in a purple jacket.  (No, you can't wear his clothes.  I don't 
think even IOI can make that one fit him, in reference to the fact that all 
clothes in the entire Hitman series fit like a perfectly tailored suit of 
clothes, irregardless of the original owner's dimensions, but enough 
rambling).  He will either repeat the message of the previous guard, or tell 
you have chosen well. Continue through the door and up the stairs to the 
right and you will see two women, one old and decrepit, another, young, 
beautiful, rather, er, lascivious, and quite scantily clad.  Talk to the 
Madame, and she will introduce the girl as Lei Ling.  Ling will begin to walk 
towards a room; follow her.  When you get behind closed doors, she will offer 
you the combination to Lee Hong's safe if you help her escape, which is very 
easy.  She runs out the room.  Follow her and she will eventually bring you 
to a ladder, walk up to it to activate a cutscene, and you will appear on the 
other side of the wall.  Go south to the gate and she will tell you there is 
an American agent captured in the basement, give you the combination, and 
give you something else to make this a memorable hit.  One objective down.

Go back to the restaurant and you will see three doors; go through the one in 
the middle.  Look the left for a small narrow staircase (it will be the 
second opening) leading to the basement.  Go down the stairs and you will see 
two triads guarding this area.  Take a left, then another left, go straight 
all the way to the end of the hall, and then look right and you will see a 
guard standing in front of a door.  Agent Smith is in there (actually I don't 
think they ever call him Smith in Codename 47, hmm, oh well).  It is possible 
to get behind him between all of his "Leave immediately!'s" and "Restricted 
area!'s" to wire him , but if you watch the area ahead you will eventually 
see a Triad pass by.  If you follow this one, he will go to a room and stand 
by one of the level's two R93's (this one is all but impossible to smuggle to 
a good vantage point without leave a massive pile of corpses, so ignore it), 
where you can wire him.  You can also simply time it so he doesn't see kill 
the door guard, but this can be unreliable and can force a restart.  Kill 
both of them.  Take the door guard's clothing and drag his body into the 
interrogation room if you didn't take out the patrolling guard (if you did, 
you can leave both bodies where they lay).  You will see a heavily abused 
red-headed man with Old Glory boxer shorts.  Weird.  Talk to him, and do not 
skip the cutscene until he has told the location of the safe.  There are four 
possible locations, and opening the wrong one sounds an alarm and draws just 
about the entire baddie population to your current location.  The safe can be 
located in the brothel, a storage room, the VIP area, or upstairs in the 
guard quarters.

If he says the safe is in the brothel, thank Lady Luck for giving you the 
easy one.  Go back to the brothel to where you first met Lei Ling, but 
instead of going into the door straight ahead, take the door to the left, and 
the one straight ahead and you will see the safe with one lone guard.  Either 
sneak behind him and wire him or shoot him from behind with the silenced 
pistol.  Drag his body into a corner so it will not be seen when you open the 
door.  Open the safe, take the jade dragon figurine, and be sure to holster 
the statue before leaving.

If he says the safe is in the storage room, it is still very easy, with the 
only real challenge being finding it.  The easiest way to get there is to go 
back to the room with a fat man in purple, but instead of going through his 
door, go through the door on the left hand wall, and then through the door 
immediately in front of it.  You are in the storage room.  Same old song and 
dance as in the brothel.  I've never successfully gotten behind this guard 
here, so just lean around the corner and put a nine millimeter cartridge into 
his cerebellum.  Take the statue.

The other two locations are considerably more difficult, and this next one, 
the VIP area, requires a bit of luck.  To get there, go back to the main 
entrance, but instead of going straight ahead to the bar, take a left, go up 
the stairs take a left and then a right.  This will put you in a large room 
with an indoor stream.  Go down the stairs and you will see a set of double 
doors dead ahead.  This is the VIP area.  There are two guards in here, one 
that stands by the safe, and one that patrols from the entrance foyer to the 
depression that is the VIP area.  Wire the patrolling guard when he is up 
near the entrance, and hope, yes hope, that the guard by the safe doesn't 
turn and see you.  DO NOT SHOOT THE SAFE GUARD.  More than half the time he 
gets out a death scream that brings people with big guns rushing in to just 
ruin your day.  Instead, while sneaking, drop behind him and wire him.  Take 
the statue.

The guard quarters are another area that requires a bit of luck.  If he says 
guard quarters, you may want to reload.  It may be a wasted five minutes, but 
unless you happened to bring you heavy firepower with you (like the uzi) you 
will probably die if you screw up.  But if you insist, follow the instructions 
for getting to the VIP area, and when you get to the double doors, go right.  
You will see an elevator that will allow you to go up to the guard quarters.  
Ride it up.  Go right and then left around the wall to see your situation.  
You have one guard that patrols in a circle around the wall in front of the 
elevator, and he can be wired when he is on the elevator side of the wall.  
But the stationary guards in the room with the safe cannot be taken out 
stealthily.  This requires a quick finger on the mouse, but you can take them 
out without causing an alert.  See that door to the right of the safe?  Go in 
there turn around and line up your crosshairs so that both heads are 
relatively with the reticule.  Close the door without moving the mouse.  Now 
pull out your silenced berretta and shoot both of them very quickly in the 
head before they can get a shot off, and hope you don't miss.  Take the 

The next objective tells you to take the statue to the herbal shop.  To get 
there, you should go to the bar, through the northern door, and then through 
the northwestern most door in this room.  You will an old man walking towards 
the counter; talk to him and he will take the statue and give you a vial of 
white powder, that, though never officially stated as such, is probably (get 
ready for this one) Tetramethylenedisulfotetramine, an extremely potent rat 
poison banned throughout the world but still available on the Chinese black 
market.  So he apparently intends you to have Lee Hong ingest this poison 
somehow.  Cool, this should be easy. Remember the waiter that we killed back 
in the beginning of the level.  It's time to go pay him a visit and strip his 
clothes off.  Go immediately left as you leave the bathrooms to get into the 
kitchen, where you will be immediately ordered to take soup to Lee Hong.  
Go add a little spice to the soup and go back towards the herbal shop.  You 
will see Lee Hong sitting a table with his (damn that's a big man!) 
bodyguard, Tzun.  As you approach, Lee Hong will try to take the soup, but 
the very large and enormous man, Tzun, decides to test it for poison.  This 
could complicate things.  Tzun takes a sip of the soup, and though he 
initially seems to find it acceptable, he coughs as the poison begins to shut 
down his organ systems, but manages to pull out a hardballer.  Unfortunately 
for Tzun, the nerve agent has already done its work and he twitches off three 
shots before falling to the ground.  Hong runs away and 47 tries to follow, 
but Tzun, in a last display of endurance, grabs 47's foot, dragging him to 
the ground.  47 then uses Tzun's hardballer to kill him. 

As soon as you get control again, IMMEDIATELY holster the Tzun's gun.  Now 
RUN back to the bathroom, grab the triad suit, and RUN north to Lee Hong's 
compound.  If you got lucky, you might make it before they lock the front 
door.  If not you will have to go down to the basement.  Check you map and 
you should see a path to the north on the basement map.  Follow the very 
linear path, and you will eventually reach an elevator that will take you to 
a sub-basement, and from there up to Hong's fortress.  Go upstairs and you 
will Hong pacing about on the second floor of the fortress.  Follow him 
around and you will eventually see him go into a small office where he is 
very temporarily out of the sight of any of his guards.  Wait for him to come 
back, and, when he turns his back, very quickly wire him.  He has a note from 
a later target, that can provide you with a little bit of backstory.  To 
escape, go down to the lower level, find the metal door, take the elevator 
down to the dock, and then jump in the boat.



If you are extremely uncomfortable with killing an innocent, you can kill 
Hong in his fortress, but this process in complicated by the fact that Tzun 
is still alive, and that he is patrolling the bottom floor and seems to know 
personally every single guard that works in the fortress, meaning he will 
recognize you instantly, blowing you cover and surrounding you with people 
who desire you to be dead.  However, if you can sneak past Tzun up the 
stairs, you can kill Lee Hong with the above method.  This will allow you 
avoid killing a waiter, but you will also have to sneak past Tzun on you way 
down.  You can probably keep running if he sees you and get to the elevator 
and down to the dock alive.


There is an R93 sniper rifle in the guard quarters that can be used to kill 
Lee Hong, but if will require you to make a large pile of corpses between you 
and your vantage point.  But if you desperately want to use the sniper rifle, 
first make sure you have a bodyguard or Triad disquise, then go up to the 
guard quarters.  Take a right after getting off the elevator, another right, 
and then a left through the double doors.  Ignore the two guards of either 
side of the door.  Look immediately to the left as you pass through the 
double doors and you will see a Triad.  Sneak behind him and wire him.  Drag 
him into one of the empty rooms (the second dormitory on the left is empty I 
believe) and go to the end of the hall taking the door to the right.  Open 
the door and line up both Triads so that you can take them out with a few 
quick bursts from the silenced berretta.  After they are dead, look to the 
right and go through that door.  The rifle will be on a crate as you enter 
the room.  Take it back to where you wired the first Triad and drop it.  
Follow the method for cleaning out the safe room in the walkthrough.  Once 
all three guards are dead, go into the room with the double doors and hide 
behind the corner so you cannot be seen.  Lean out and shoot both guards.  
There are two clips of ammo in this room and another on a crate to the left 
of the elevator.  Go down.

There will be three people here you must take out: the one directly in front 
of the elevator, and the two standing guard in front of the VIP safe area 
double doors.  Eventually, one of the door guards will begin to walk towards 
the elevator, follow him and wire him when he is out of site.  Now go back 
and lean around the corner and shoot the elevator guard.  This will cause the 
other door guard to come rushing to him.  Rinse and repeat.  One more you 
have to kill before you can take your shot.  From the elevator, take a right 
through the door, a left, and then another left.  This will put you in a 
large outdoor area.  Look to the left as you step out and you will see a 
bodyguard.  Wire him and drag him inside, staying wary of the patrolling 

Now pick up the rifle and start taking potshots at the five guards in your 
sight (there should be one patrolling, one guarding a gate in the wall around 
Hong's fortress, two in the towers, and one guarding the door to the 
restaurant).  Look to the fortress balcony and you will eventually see him 
walk out onto it.  If you do not take him down with a single shot to the 
head, he will run back and forth around the top floor of the fortress, 
occasionally entering the balcony, but always running, making the shot 
tremendously difficult.  Also, he now takes colossal punishment before going 
down.  So hit him in the head the first time.  Note that Tzun is still 
patrolling the bottom floor, and since I can almost guarantee the fortress 
door is locked, you will have to come up through the elevator, a very tricky 


This one is a bit unreliable.  Play through the mission until you give the 
statue to the old man and Lee Hong and Tzun come to the restaurant.  Now go 
to the guard quarters and collect all the 7.62 ammo you can find.  Now kill 
the two guards in the room before the sniper rifle silently.  Go outside.  
You have to kill all the guards up here.  The two that patrol can be taken 
out with the wire, and the two stationary guards can be killed with the 
pistol leaning technique.  Pick up one of the AK's and go over to the 
northwestern window.  You will see Lee Hong, but Tzun will see you, recognize 
you as a round eye and attempt to shoot you.  It will probably take an entire 
clip to take out Lee Hong, and, after he is dead, use another clip or two (or 
three or four, depending on your accuracy) to take out Tzun.  He can take 
absolutely colossal punishment before falling.

Go to the guard quarters elevator and take it all the way down to the 
basement; take the underground route to the fortress.  If you did not kill 
Tzun, he and all the rest of the Triad will be waiting for you at the top of 
the elevator.  You will probably die, but you might make it on your next 
life.  Note that neither this method nor the sniper method will allow you to 
read the note.  Since the first alternative is so very iffy, you might want 
to follow the main walkthrough to beat the mission.  Unfortunately, this will 
not allow you to take the Deagle on the next mission, which can be rather 

4.2e Hong Kong Missions Conclusion

So you've performed your first major assassination.  Congratulations.  You 
will be presented with a strange cutscene with five shadowed men standing 
around.  The voices are indistinct, but you will hear a gravely voice say 
something about needing killing machines, not just machines.  A voice with a 
slight Asian accent will ask "Will he be able to *indistinct.*" Then you hear 
the voice from the walkthrough say "Don't worry!  He will be perfect."  Hmmm.  
Wonder what that could mean.  A dream.  A stray memory.  An actual event.  
Also of note is the letter.  It is from a man named Franz, and he speaks of 
tiring of an old man and a desire to split the fruit.  I wander what this 
could mean.  More good info is to come.

4.3 Columbian Jungle, Columbia

Welcome to the Columbian Jungle, one of the most miserable locations on the 
face of the planet.  It is hot and extremely humid, and it is also several 
thousand feet above see level, meaning there air is very thin.  But 47 is one 
tough hombre, and runs at a flatout sprint through this miserable 
environment. Your target is a drug lord named Pablo Belisario Ochoa, whom 
broke all the rules and eliminated his enemies ruthlessly, ignoring the laws 
of the cartels.  He resembles Tony Montana from the movie "Scarface" 
remarkably.  He was born in Cali and is likely the head of the Cali Cartel.  
He spent time in France in the French Foreign Legion, returning to ruthlessly 
overthrow all of the other drug lords of the Cartel.  His ruthlessness has 
led the Cartels to unite against him, driving him deeper and deeper into the 
jungle.  He now lives in a mansion near one of his processing sites, guarded 
by what can only be called an army.  Dozens of soldiers patrol these forests, 
alert for the slightest sign of disturbance.  You must contact the local 
tribes, and they will escort you to a hidden path leading to the rear of 
Ochoa's complex.  Many complaints have been filed about this series of 
missions in that it is "impossible" to beat them without getting shot at and 
acting more or less like a soldier as opposed to a Hitman.  Well, through 
HIGHLY extensive research and LOTS of trial and error, I have found ONE way 
to beat these missions stealthily.  I doubt IOI intended anyone to follow 
this path, but it does exist.  

4.3a Find the U'Wa Tribe

Everyone hates this mission.  Everyone.  It was designed to force you to play 
like a commando.  Your goal is to rush to the crash site of one of Ochoa's 
planes and take a golden statue that is an idol of the local tribe, the U'Wa 
(an actual indigenous tribe of Columbia, though much more technologically 
advanced that depicted in the game) so that they may show you a secret route 
to Ochoa's camp.  For the most part, the only way to do this was to rush a 
patrol, kill them all, steal a uniform, and continue to run through the 
jungle, killing almost indiscriminately.  I disliked this approach so started 
experimenting.  By running through the jungle in random directions for two 
hours, I found a somewhat convoluted route that allows 47 to arrive at the 
crash site unshot at, and in a series of kills that would really freak me out 
if I were one of the guards, steals the statue and a disguise.

Recommended Equipment
(Note: What you bring must last you for this level and the next two)

Fiber Wire
Compass.  This level is massive and you will probably get lost without it.
A pistol.  This is the only instance in the entire game where you can use the 
Desert Eagle, so bring it if you want (if you killed a waiter in the previous 
mission, it will grayed out an unavailable).
AK-47 (see alternatives)
M-16 (see alternatives)

SOLDIER- Anyone wearing green, these disguises will allow you to move around 
unshot at, and allow you to carry an AK, but that's about it.
OFFICER- These are the ones in the Khaki uniforms.  This uniform allows you 
to carry the sniper rifle, which is VITAL to beating this mission and the 
actual hit of Ochoa.

You are greeted with a cool cutscene of 47 fast roping out of an ICA 
helicopter, dressed in BDU's with camo paint smeared on his face.  Activate 
you compass and head directly south.  Eventually you will pass a dry 
riverbed.  Your goal is to get south of the dry river beds to the west (gray 
lines on the map) but not so far that you run into the guards to the south.  
It is a narrow slice just to the south of the western river beds.  I usually 
count to 12 after I cross the southern river bed and then turn east, but 
since you probably don't count at the same pace I do, check your map and, 
when you are parallel with the bottom of the river beds, head east.  The big 
yellow circle in the middle of the map represents the location of the crash 
site, but it is general as the agency is not exactly sure where the plane 
went down.  Continue to head east until you reach the outer edges of the 
yellow circle, then head northeast for 7-10 seconds, and then east again.  
You should eventually come upon a flaming wreck.  It is in the southeastern 
corner of the circle, near the green blob representing mountains.  If you ran 
the entire time, you beat the soldiers arriving to secure the crash site by 
quite a bit.  Hide behind a tree to the north of the wreck where you can see 
the upturned wing of the plane.  When the soldiers arrive, you should see one 
run up this wing and stand guard at the top.  Start sneaking towards the 

This part can be a little iffy.  Sneak around the left hand side of the 
plane, advancing VERY slowly.  To the right you will see an officer.  Sneak 
up to him and wire him.  He has a tendency of looking your way, so watch him 
carefully before advancing.  Leave the body where it is and carefully but 
quickly sneak back behind the plane, and then run behind a tree.  Wait a few 
minutes while all the guards discover the body.  Eventually they return to 
their positions.  When the guard on the wing is back, sneak up on him, wire 
him, and take his uniform.  You can see three guards from here, one each 
facing east, south, and west.  You want to walk up behind the eastern guard 
and wire him, hoping the southern guard doesn't see you.  You may also want 
to take out the western guard as well.  When he is dead, go back to the 
officer you killed first and then take his uniform.  This ensures no one sees 
the body.  Pick up the golden statue and head east around the ruins to the 
camp, represented by several round dots.  

Make sure to equip the statue when heading into the village, or you may be 
attacked by the tribals with their blowguns (one of the more damaging weapons 
in the game). You will be approached by a tribesman and told to go see the 
chief.  He is located near the center of the southern complex.  When you give 
him the idol, he says he will tell of a secret route to Ochoa's camp, but 
first you must free his brother from the guards.  You didn't think it would 
be that easy, did you?

Open your map.  Look WAY to the southeast and you will see a bridge.  Start 
running.  When you finally get there, you will see the heavily guarded bridge 
to the left, and a guard tower to the right.  Climb up the tower.  You will 
see an R93 with some ammo sitting around.  Make sure you have a khaki 
officer's uniform, and then pick it up.  Climb back down the ladder, and 
follow the bank to the west, looking through the rifle's scope constantly.  
Your goal is to get far enough away from the bridge so that you can see the 
guards, but they can't see you.  You only have to kill the three on the 
bridge standing around the tribal.  Take out the one in the back first, or 
this will be a painful lesson in the fact that sniper bullets can pass 
through more than one target (you can accidentally kill the tribal).  Once 
the three guards are dead, wait a few moments and you see him start to run.  
He does not need an escort.

Run all the way back to the camp, and wait several minutes for the tribal to 
catch up.  47 runs like an Olympic class sprinter, and can leave anyone in 
any of the games eating dust.  Unfortunately, this means slower companions 
can leave our assassin waiting for some time.  The tribal will eventually get 
to the camp (you can track his progress by following the pulsing yellow 
circle on the map).  When he does, go talk to the chief to get the next 


Since this mission is so non-linear and so large in both scope and scale, 
there are nearly limitless opportunities and possibilities.  At the beginning 
of the level, you can go in virtually any direction and you will likely 
eventually hit a patrol.  The following are a few I have found reliable.


Open you map when the level begins and you will see eight yellow squares with 
pistols engraved on them.  These are weapon drops, probably dropped by the 
plane at the crash site during its descent.  There is one to the west, three 
to the northeast, one to the north, two to the northeast, and one standing 
alone in the middle of the map.  Their contents are as follows:
West:       7 @ 7.62 ammo
Northwest:  9 @ 5.56 ammo
            8 @ Pistol ammo
            2 @ Berretta 92
North:      7 @ 5.56 ammo
Northeast:  5 @ Machinegun ammo
            4 @ 5.56 ammo and M16A2
Standalone: 7 @ 7.62 ammo
You should definitely not run out of ammo.


Let's say you are having too much difficulty getting a disguise at the crash 
site.  There is another way to get a disguise, but it requires a bit of luck.  
At the kit selection screen, choose an M16 with no ammo.  Run to the northern 
cache, and hug the western wall, running all the way to the top of the 
canyon.  Grab all the ammo from the cache, and start to run down the 
riverbed, still hugging the wall.  You should eventually see a patrol walking 
south away from you.  Ambush, anyone?  You can unload with the M-16 while 
leaning from behind a tree and you SHOULD be able to take out the entire 
patrol without getting shot at.  You can then take the officer's uniform and, 
if you were fast, you SHOULD beat the soldiers to the crash site and be able 
to take the idol.


Just because it's the way IOI wants you to play this mission, let's go over 
the commando version.  You are not 47 in this mission, you are Arnold 
Schwarzenegger from "Commando."  Bring the knife and the AK and as much ammo 
as you can.  Note if you are playing the game on hard, this method is very 
difficult.  You only get one reload, so shoot fast and hard.  As soon as the 
mission starts, head east and you will run into a patrol pretty quickly.  
Kill them all and take a uniform.  Run to the crash site and grab the idol.  
Take it to the chief and then run to the bridge.  This part is where it gets 
tricky.  Climb the tower and knife the guard up here.  Pick up his weapon, an 
M60, and gun down all the enemies below.  Remember, the tribal ducks when the 
fighting starts, so aim high.  When you are no longer being shot at, pick up 
the sniper rifle and kill the guard on the other side of the river.  Run back 
to the camp and wait for the tribal.  Not recommended, but if you want 
something different, it is there.

4.3b The Jungle God
All tremble!  Tezcatlipoca, the jaguar God of Death (from Aztec mythology in 
Mexico, not Columbian natives, and actually the God of night and lots of 
other things) is standing guard over the secret passage to Pablo's camp.  
And, much like in Aztec mythology, you must offer the god a in order to pass 
his alter.  This is probably the easiest mission in the game.  Hell, it's 
probably the easiest mission in the entire series.  

Recommended Equipment

You only get what you had at the end of the last level (you remembered the 
sniper rifle, didn't you?)

SOLDIER- Anyone wearing green, these disguises will allow you to move around 
unshot at, and allow you to carry an AK, but that's about it.

Cross the bridge across the river and head south.  Pass the pyramid-like 
ruins to the right and keep going south until you come up on a stone temple.  
You should see two guards standing around talking.  They must die.  You can 
pull out the desert eagle and shoot them from behind a pillar, snipe them 
from far away, or drop down into the hole inside the temple and grab the M-16 
and gun them down.  

After they fall, grab one and strafe-drag him to the southern yellow interest 
point (the ! on the map).  Drag the body onto the altar and back off quickly.  
Tezcatlipoca will jump onto the altar and begin to munch on your "sacrifice."  
You can now pass by him calmly without the fear of getting eaten.  Easy, but 
make sure you have the sniper rifle.



If the idea of sacrificing a fellow human being to a pagan symbol of 
superstitious natives bothers you somewhat, then there is another method.  
Take a look at the map.  To the east there is another point of interest.  
This represents a bunch of peccaries (jungle pigs) running around.  You can 
take one of these to the altar, but the soldiers will shoot you if they see 
you with a 50 pound pig under your arm (I mean, come on, what would you do in 
a situation like that?).  So you will have to kill most of them or take a 
large amount of punishment.  You can kill most from the end of the bridge at 
the beginning with the sniper rifle, but make sure you have at least one 
bullet left when you leave.


Irregardless of what the briefing says, you can kill the jaguar, but then the 
four tribals standing above will attack with their blowguns, and unless you 
get lucky, they'll bring you down.  You could shoot them as well, but at five 
grand a kill, that's a $15000 loss for this mission.  You don't really need 
money if you've been playing by this guide, but this method reeks of, 
unprofessionalism.  You can also just try to run over the altar to the secret 
passage, but you will probably get taken down and dragged away for lunch.

4.3c Say Hello to My Little Friend!
You come out of the secret passage on the north side of Ochoa's camp.  You 
are close to your target now, but this place is guarded by 50+ guards, most 
armed with automatic weapons.  You WILL die if you try to take them all on.  
Stealth and subterfuge is definitely the better option here.  If Ochoa 
detects you, he will go into a crazed killing spree reminiscent of Tony 
Montana in Scarface.  Tread lightly.

Recommended Equipment

You only get what you had at the end of the last level (you remembered the 
sniper rifle, didn't you?  You didn't?  You just made this level much more 


SOLDIER- Anyone wearing green, these disguises will allow you to move around 
unshot at, and allow you to carry an AK, but that's about it.
OFFICER- These are the ones in the Khaki uniforms.  This uniform allows you 
to walk into the drug lab.

When the mission starts, you are standing to the north of a massive fenced in 
compound patrolled by dozens of soldiers.  Slightly to your left you should 
see a weapons cache with some knives and a vest.  Stand in front of it and 
bring up your scope.  Look towards the mansion and you should just be able to 
see a man in a white suit chomping a cigar.  Hit him in the head, and don't 
miss.  Primary target destroyed!?  Ten seconds into the mission and I've 
already killed Ochoa?  If you missed, he will start strafing your position 
with ungodly accurate fire from an M60, so, er, don't miss.  If you have 
enough ammo left, go to the left a little bit until you can see the guards 
inside the hangar on the other side of the fence.  If you're fast and 
accurate, you can take out all three of them without raising an alert.  Drop 
the sniper rifle (the soldiers will now shoot at you if they see you carrying 
it), and run down around the compound either way (west is faster), and you 
will eventually see the gate to the compound.  The interest point to the 
south contains two AK-103s and some 7.62 ammo.  

Go inside and head northeast and you should see the mansion.  You want to go 
around back to the southern entrance, the single door off to the side.  Go 
into the main staircase room and look up.  Those double doors are where you 
need to get, but there is a guard who attacks if you try to open them.  Go up 
the left staircase and into the first door.  Wire the guard in here and take 
the silenced berretta and ammo.  Go into the next room and wire the guard and 
drag him into the room with the other guard.  Now open the door and line up 
your crosshairs with the door guards head.  Let the door close.  Draw the 
berretta, plug him in the head, and let the door close.  The guard downstairs 
will see him fall and come up to investigate.  When he walks back downstairs, 
sneak behind him and wire him.  You can now go into the room and grab the 
bomb sitting on the desk (I mean, who doesn't have C4 sitting on their desk.  
Pablo also has a letter, this one from this mysterious professor.

Leave the mansion and go west until you see an area that in fenced in.  Go 
down the right hand staircase.  The guards will tell you to leave.  Ignore 
them.  Go inside the door, close it behind you, and enter sneak mode.  Wire 
the guards directly in front of you, and equip the bomb.  Place on the crates 
labeled "explosives" and leave the same way you came in.  Close the door to 
the drug lab before opening the other one or they will see the body and 
complicate matters.  Run far to the west and when you get to about the 
mansion, blow the bomb.  You will get a cutscene showing the results.  Run to 
the hangar.  As soon as the guards by the plane see you, they will attack.  
Just ignore them and run to the plane to escape.



Didn't I tell you to bring your rifle?  You forgot?  You weren't paying 
attention?  *Sighs in exasperation* What am I going to do with you people?
If you remembered to bring the rifle, but for some reason got a tad bit 
trigger happy in the last mission and don't have any ammo left, you can still 
use the sniper method and save yourself a headache.  Drop your rifle as soon 
as you start.  You'll notice several guard towers around inside the base.  
The middle tower to the far west has a spare R93 and one clip of sniper ammo.  
Don't take the rifle because everyone will try to kill you.  You can, 
however, pick up the clip, run back to where you started.  Pick up you rifle 
and follow the above guide.

If you don't feel like doing this, or you completely forgot the rifle, you 
still have a couple of options.  You can face Ochoa directly.  However, he 
has an almost divine amount of endurance, so he will not go down easily.  You 
may wish to stock up on weapons scattered throughout the tents.  Starting 
from the first tent you see to the left when you enter the base and going 
clockwise, the contents are: empty; Kevlar, silenced 9mm, and four pistol 
ammo; empty; Minigun (yes, a Minigun, see the below for the strategy) and 
four machinegun ammo; 2 M16s and eight 7.62 ammo (which is the wrong kind for 
the M16); and empty.  All the guard shacks and all of the towers except for 
the one mentioned above are also empty.  There are also two M60s and four 
machinegun ammo in the southwest corner of the hanger, but since this is a 
restricted area regardless of your uniform, you'll take fire before you can 
reach the weapon.

Anyway, after you are loaded up (preferably with an AK103 and lots of ammo) 
go into the house through the same aforementioned entrance.  You will see 
Ochoa snort from a massive mound of cocaine when you get close enough to the 
house.  Now proceed to kill everyone in the house.  All but the two in the 
western room on the bottom floor can be taken out stealthily.  After everyone 
else is dead, go into their room with the AK, line both of them up, and drop 
them both with a short burst.  The two guards standing outside the front of 
the manor should come run in to see what the shooting is about.  Kill them 

Now you are ready to take on Ochoa.  Please note that he is extremely high 
and extremely resistant to the traditional methods of parting one's body with 
one's soul.  Keep shooting!  Try to hide behind the door and lean out and 
fire controlled bursts at his head.  After he falls, you should be able to 
follow the rest of the mission with the main walkthrough.  Nobody should know 
that you just took out their boss, so there shouldn't be any problems.


I really don't recommend this unless you are playing on easy.  But just 
because it is there, and it can be fun, so if you want to try, go ahead.  
Take out as many guards as you can with your rifle when the level begins.  
Try to make every shot count.  If you were careful in the last two, you 
should have about fifteen shots.  Try to connect with every one of them.  
After you run out of ammo, drop the rifle and run to the tent with the 
Minigun in it.  Pick it up and all of the ammo.

Now the Minigun consumes ammo at a frightening rate, but it pretty much 
destroys everything in its path.  It takes a moment for the barrels to spin 
up to speed, but if you click once before you start to fire, the barrels will 
automatically spin, allowing you to shoot instantaneously when needed.  Kill 
everyone who is shooting at you, and, when you have a moment of peace, strafe 
the windows of Ochoa's office until you get the "Primary Target Destroyed" 
message.  Proceed through the base.  You pretty much have to kill everybody 
in the level to make this work, but with your deathstick, it should not be 
too much of a problem on the lower difficulties.  Once the area is bad-guy 
free, get the bomb from Ochoa's office, blow up the drug lab, and leave.

4.3d Columbia Missions Conclusion

So after proceeding through the jungles of Columbia and beating the most 
frustrating series of levels in the game, you get another letter from this 
mysterious professor.  He reminds Ochoa that 47 belongs to him but that he 
might just send him to Ochoa for a demonstration.  Well he sure got a 
demonstration.  You will get another cutscene of a bunch of people standing 
silhouetted in the dark.  But enough on this.  Let us proceed to Hungary.

4.4 Budapest, Hungary

There is a summit being held at the Thermal Bath Hotel in the Hungarian 
capitol.  A large number of powerful world leaders will be attending, along 
with a Frantz Fuchs (AKA Heinrich Wulff), an Austrian terrorist.  In his 
early teen years during the Second World War, Fuchs was heavily involved in 
Hitler's regime, joining several Youth Soldier Groups.  When the Russians 
reached Berlin, he knew he would likely be persecuted for the atrocities he 
committed under the Nazi regime.  He fled to France and joined the French 
Foreign Legion, where he became an expert with explosives and also at covert 
assassination.  He would later go on to become one of the world's most 
renowned mercenaries and terrorists.

4.4a Traditions of the Trade

So you need me to save the world?  Well I guess since you're paying me so 
well I can save all the presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and kings.  
You want me to kill Fuchs as well?  God you people ask for a lot.  Alright, I 
guess I can do this.  This mission will strike you with just how absolutely 
horrible the voice acting is.  Anyway, since half of the world's leaders are 
in the hotel, there is rather a large amount of security.  There are metal 
detectors everywhere, so refer to your map to try to find ways around them 
whenever possible.

Recommended Equipment

Fiber Wire (anything else will set off the metal detector)


BELLHOP- It allows you to go around the hotel freely, but the alternate 
method of killing Fuchs is kinda iffy.
SECURITY- Can carry a Berretta 92 visibly and can walk through metal 
detectors without setting off alarm, but must kill a security guard to get 
one, which takes a $5000 cut out of your profits.
BODYGUARD- All of Fuchs's bodyguards seem to know each other, so the costume 
is for all intents and purposes the same as your suit.  You cannot walk 
through the metal detector and there is no practical application.
BARTENDER- You can wear the bartender's clothes, but killing him stealthily 
is all but impossible, and there is only one instance I think of it being 
CHEF/FLORIST- Neither of these outfits are wearable.

You will be dropped off in front of the hotel.  Run inside and talk to the 
receptionist.  You will see the logbook that Mr. Heinrich Wulff (the alias of 
Frantz Fuchs) is staying in room 202.  The receptionist will also comment 
that if you turn in your key, he will give you your mail.  There is a grand 
wide staircase ahead with two doors to either side.  Take the one on the 
right and you will fight yourself in a locker room.  In the easternmost 
stall, there is a spare bathing suit.  Put it on and head into the pool area.  
On the right-hand side of this room there is a sauna with a fat man in a 
purple bikini bottom.  This is not your target.  This is actually the 
target's brother.  But you will have to kill him eventually, and he is much 
easier to kill now.

If you talk to him, he will remark that he needs to be careful in the sauna, 
as he has a weak heart.  Well, I personally think he needs to lose some 
weight, so I'm going to walk outside and turn the sauna up much higher.  Why 
is he trying to get out?  I better hold the door shut.  Oh.  He's dead.  Oh 
well.  Grab the key off his body, change back into your suit, and head into 
the lobby.

You will want to follow the grand staircase up to the right, and then run 
around to the right.  Run until you see a white and blue key hanging off of 
one of the doors.  When you have a master key, head to the southern hall of 
the eastern wing, and you should see a bodyguard standing outside of room 
202.  If you talk to him, he refuses to let you in.  Head over to room 201 
just to the right, and go inside.  Walk out onto the balcony and look left at 
Fuchs's balcony.  Eventually, a white-haired bodyguard will come out.  When 
he goes back inside, jump to Fuchs's balcony, sneak up to the bodyguard, and 
wire him.  Now open the door, still in sneak mode, and wire the other guard.  
Now go pick up the "Do Not Disturb" sign and put in on the outside of the 
door.  Pick up the Luger P08 off of the desk, along with everything else.  
You'll notice the same letter you got off of Lee Hong's body in Hong Kong, as 
well as a letter from your most recent target, Pablo Ochoa.  In case you have 
not figured it out yet, all these men are connected.  You can use the Luger 
to kill Fuchs.  Taking a shower.  In a speedo.  Anyway, drop the pistol, pick 
up the briefcase, make sure the coast is clear, and take the stairs up to the 
third floor.

If you check your map, you will notice that there is a path connecting the 
east and west wings on the third floor.  Go out onto this path and turn 
north.  You'll climb over the A/C units.  Go to the west wing and you will 
see an open window.  Go into sneak mode and climb in.  There is a guard in 
here, and while I'm not 100% sure if he ever sees you, it is a good idea to 
kill him just to be sure.  Make sure you have the briefcase and the key off 
of Fritz's body (the first Fuchs brother we killed).  Follow the wall to the 
west and you will eventually come to the x-ray room.  With a bomb filled with 
deadly nerve gas inside of it.  Pick up the bomb with the briefcase equipped 
and 47 will put the bomb in the briefcase.  Now you just have to leave.

Go out of the dentist office the way you came in, get back to the path, and 
walk into the west wing.  Check your map for the location of the stairs and 
follow them all the way down to the ground floor.  You will come out in the 
kitchen.  Take a right, go out the back door, and leave the mission.



If for some reason you miss Fritz in the sauna, he will move out to the pool 
for a little while.  His secretary in his office will tell you exactly where 
he is at any given time.  At this time, you can use the fiber wire on him, 
but instead of strangling him, 47 will drown him.  It's actually kinda cool.  
Just make sure no one sees you.  If you wait a little longer, he will move 
into the restaurant; there is no practical way to kill him here that I have 
found, though he does mention something about loving fatty foods, even though 
they are bad for his heart.  If you want to, you can wire him or use the 
kitchen knife or meat cleaver from the kitchen to slit his throat.  Just so 
you know, it is impossible to do this without witnesses, so if you miss him 
in the pool, I'd head straight up to the casino.  

You should probably kill Frantz first if you want to use this method, so you 
can take the Luger.  You can get it from Frantz's room to the casino by 
taking the stairs up to the third floor, crossing the path connecting the two 
wings, and proceeding to the unguarded elevator, which will take you to the 
second floor.  If you head to the casino bar, you will see a bodyguard 
standing near the bartender.  If you wait long enough, eventually the bar 
will be empty except for these two.  That's your cue; line them up and drop 
them both with a shot from the Luger.  You should have time to hide the 
bodies before Fritz gets there.  For style points, you can even change into 
the bartender's outfit and stand behind the bar.  Anyway, when he sits down, 
plug him with a silenced shot too.  I don't like this method because you have 
to kill an innocent, and it's damn easy to get caught trying to take out the 
bodyguard and bartender and hide their bodies.  But if you wait too long, it 
may be your only option.


If you want a different way to kill Frantz, there are two that seem to work 
relatively well.  Both require an outfit, a master key, and a weapon.  The 
first (and somewhat easier methods is to get a police uniform.  I have not 
found one lying around, so you will have to kill a cop, which brings a $5000 
pay cut.  But if you want to do it...well, anyway, get his gun and go to 
Frantz room.  Sometimes you can actually pull this off without anyone hearing 
the shots.  Shoot the guy standing guard at the door, shoot the white-haired 
bodyguard when he comes running out, and go run into the bathroom and shoot 
Fuchs.  Pick up the briefcase and run away, preferably changing back into 
your suit, and as long as no one was too close, you should be fine.

You can also use the bellhop uniform.  There are two lying around spare.  One 
is in the florist's closet on the second floor, and one is in the middle of 
the dentist office.  Anyway, if you talk to the bodyguard, he will let you in 
to give Mr. Wulff fresh towels, but any action you take will be noticed by 
both of the guards and you will thrown into the hall after just a few 
seconds.  The only way to make this work is to have a weapon beforehand, but 
since the only weapon lying around free in the level requires Frantz's room 
key, you will have to kill a security officer or bodyguard to get their 
weapon.  Both of these methods are clumsy and lack finesse, so I would 
recommend you use the main walkthrough method.


This level feels incomplete to me.  There is a lot of stuff that looks like 
it could have been done if IOI had had more time.  If you take Frantz's key 
to the front desk, the receptionist will give you a letter confirming the 
Fritz Fuchs on the business card is Frantz's brother as well as a letter from 
the florist informing that the "roses" are ready.  If you take the letter to 
the florist, he will indeed give you a box of roses, but the box will also 
have a shotgun in it.  There is no real practical use I could find for this, 
but it is there if you want to go on a rampage.  Also, there is no way to 
poison or otherwise stealthily kill Fritz once he leaves the pool.  From the 
dialogue you have in the restaurant, it sounds as though there should be a 
way to poison his food, but I have currently not found away.  Also, I will 
give anyone who can make both kills with the kitchen knife in the shower a 
magic cookie.

4.4b Budapest Missions Conclusion

This single mission does a good job of bringing the story together.  All 
three of your main targets have served in the French Foreign Legion around 
the same time, and now it seems that they have all served together.  The 
letter from Pablo.  Lee Hong having a letter from Frantz.  The silhouette's 
you see after every series of mission are your targets.  You can see the 
cigar in Ochoa's mouth.  You can see Lee Hong's enormous mustache and 
ponytail.  You can see Fuchs's rotund, misshapen head.  So that leaves two 
more targets.  Hmm.  One man even remarks he thinks "he has my nose, I 
think."  Is 47 somehow related to these men?  Only time will tell.

4.5 Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Rotterdam comes close to being the busiest port in the world, edged out only 
slightly and recently by Shanghai in the PRC.  The Netherlands, despite 
having legalized drug use, has a considerably lower crime rate, than, oh say, 
the United States, but the Rotterdam is a port city, filled with its fair 
share of slums and ghettos.  These areas invariably spawn gangs, and it is 
one of these gangs that will allow you to get at your next target, Arkadij 
Jegorov, also known as Boris Ivanovich Duruska, a gunrunner born in 
Kazakhstan in the early days of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  
Born in a poor part of a satellite territory and terrorized by the 
Apparatchik (Communist party leaders), he quickly developed a hatred for the 
Marxist system.  He began running weapons to Cossack rebels by the age of 
fifteen.  With the police on his heels, he fled the great Communist nation 
and went west to France, where he joined the French Foreign Legion.  By the 
end of his military service, he had established massive networks throughout 
Europe and the Middle East.  It is rumored he is now seeking nuclear weapons.

4.5a Gunrunner's Paradise

Unfortunately, Jegorov has hidden himself, apparently terrified with the 
recent deaths of his comrades from France.  However, a one Ivan Zilvanovitch, 
a mediocre criminal whom, after an almost laughable failed suicide attempt, 
joined a circus, eventually rising to the top, can be used to find Jegorov.  
Zilvanovitch is one of Jegorov's most trusted advisors, and uses his circus 
as a front to sell weapons throughout Europe.  He is mentally unstable and 
severely paranoid, but a deal has been arranged with a local Dutch gang.  If 
you replace the gang as the buyer of the weapons, a GPS tracker can be fixed 
to the payment briefcase, which will no doubt lead you straight to Jegorov.

Recommended Equipment

Fiber Wire
GPS Transmitter and Receiver
MP5SD with LOTS of ammo.  You have to kill like serveral people in this 
mission, as well as several attack dogs.
Walther WA200 Sniper Rifle (for alternate method)

GANG MEMBER- This is really the only disguise you can actually get, and you 
really to need it to do pretty much anything.


As soon as the mission starts, run southeast, and you should see a gang 
member walking west.  Run behind him and wire him.  Take his clothes, and 
using strafe-dragging, hide him behind the boxes WAY over by where you 
started.  Now if you continue to go southwest you should see a squat brick 
building with a large Kinky Cola sign above it called Goedkoop Opwinding, 
which, roughly translated, means Cheap Arousal.  It's a third-rate strip club 
and also the unofficial headquarters of the Dutch gang making the deal with 
Zilvanovitch.  The red car parked outside will lead you to the warehouse 
where the deal is to be done, but there is a gang member looking right at it.  
Head inside.

You will see a dancer with purple hair to your left as you walk in.  Talk to 
the bartender and he will allow you to meet with her.  Take the first door to 
the left of the entrance and she will walk down.  Talk to her and she will 
agree to, er, distract, the guard outside.  Follow her out, and as soon as 
they've turned the corner, plant the transmitter on the car.  Now walk back 
north until you run into the tracks.  If you look on your map, you will see 
three yellow icons that show a railway switchover.  These icons represent 
levers that will change the direction of the train.  There are several 
warehouses scattered across the map, but the most important ones are labeled.  
They are much larger and stand alone on the western, southern, and eastern 
parts of the map.  One of these is where the meet is to take place, but there 
is a gate in the way.  You have to use the levers to guide the train into the 
gate guarding the appropriate warehouse, so you can take care of the handoff.

There are three levers.  Regardless of which warehouse it is, all three of 
them require the northernmost lever to be pulled, so go ahead and do that.  
After a short while, the gang members will get in the bugged car and drive to 
the appropriate warehouse.  You can see it on the map as a pulsing red dot, 
or, if you equip the receiver, it will put up a kind of radar showing you the 
location of the car.  If they go to the southern warehouse, you need not trip 
any more levers.  If they go to the eastern warehouse, change the middle 
lever.  And if they go to the western warehouse, change the southernmost 
lever.  Run to the appropriate warehouse.

Now each of these buildings are guarded by three to six vicious Dobermans who 
really want to rip your throat out.  Use your MP5SD to deny them this 
privilege.  When they are all dead, go to the car and retrieve the 
transmitter.  Now there are nearly a dozen gang members inside each of these 
warehouses armed with automatic weapons.  The easiest way to do it is to open 
the door from the side and stand behind the wall and just lean out and unload 
with your silenced SMG until they are all dead.  You can also take the stairs 
up to the catwalks and pick them off, but almost every time someone will see 
you and come run up the stairs to shoot at you.  This is actually kind of 
advantageous.  You see, Zilvanovitch's paranoid nature will cause him to run 
at the sign of trouble, and I am pretty sure a bullet-riddled corpse counts 
as trouble.  As soon as you kill the last gang member, you will get a notice 
saying "Ivan will arrive in three minutes."  Use this time to hide all of the 
bodies.  The safest place is upstairs on the catwalks, and using strafe-
dragging, you can take care of that in no time.  Put the transmitter in the 
briefcase and wait for Zilvanovitch to arrive.  When the exchange is 
complete, make sure not to do something stupid like shooting the car because 
this will cause you to lose after all of that hard work.



If you are having trouble with the dogs ripping you apart before you can get 
to the warehouse (understandable, they are fast and their attacks hurt fully 
even if you are wearing armor), then the best way to deal with it is to take 
them out from afar.  I mean, they include the awesomeness that is the Walther 
WA2000, it would be a pity not to use it.  And anyway, if you've been 
following my guide at all, then you have more money than you could ever hope 
to spend, so why not.  From the beginning snipe or wire the first guy from 
the above walkthrough, take his clothes, hide his body and drop the rifle.  
Now go to the strip club and follow the above walkthrough to plant the 
transmitter.  Now go back to where you started, pick up your rifle, and climb 
up the southwestern post of the crane.  This gives you a good vantage point.  
There a seven more people you have to kill.  One is approaching from the 
east; three are grouped around a fire inside the fence to the southeast; and 
three more are grouped around a fire just slightly east of the middle track 
switch.  You can kill the first four from your vantage point, but just be 
careful coming down, because not using the ladder will make you very dead.  
You can then take out the remaining three by approaching them, but remember, 
you can shoot them long before you can see them (you can see much further 
through the scope).  After you take those three out, you are free to take out 
just about all of the dogs with no fears of getting eaten alive.  
Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a reliable way to use the rifle to 
cleanse the warehouse, so make sure you bring your MP5SD to take care of 

4.5b Plutonium Runs Loose

Zilvanovich took the payment suitcase directly to Jegorov.  You now know 
exactly where your target is; he is hiding on his ship in Rotterdam harbor.  
However, there is a small army of mercenaries standing between you and him, 
and it is suspected that he has a nuclear bomb in the bellows of his cargo 
ship.  It is also suspected he will arm said nuke if he feels threatened.  It 
will not be a simple matter to get at him.  If any bodies are discovered, a 
guard will run to the Jegorov to inform him, in which case he will arm the 
bomb for three minutes and stomp on the detonator.  Proceed with caution.

Recommended Equipment

Fiber Wire
MP5SD with a couple of clips
Walther WA2000 (see alternate method)


MERCENARY- They can move freely about the harbor and can carry visibly a 
Berretta (normal or silenced), an MP5 (again, normal or silenced), and an 
SAILOR- Can carry no visible weapons, but is necessary to get onto the ship.

You begin on a small quay.  Climb up the ladder and run towards the warehouse 
to the northwest.  You should see a merc facing away from you.  Wire him, 
take his clothes, and, using strafe-dragging, go hide his body behind the 
boxes near where you started.  Run north until you run into a fence, and 
follow it west until you get to a gate.  Two mercenaries routinely patrol 
through this gate.  You should see one coming through towards you any moment.  
After he gets through the gate, he will head east and follow the fence to the 
end of the pier, and then turn around and go back through the gate.  You have 
to follow him (and I mean glue yourself to him) while he walks through the 
gate.  This way, you can get through unshot at.

Now, RUN northeast until you get to another gate.  You should see another 
merc about to go through the gate, but if you run the whole time, you should 
be able to get behind him in time to follow him through the gate.  Now follow 
the fence in front of you around to the northeast, and you should soon come 
upon another gate with a merc just about to go through the gate, but if you 
run, you should be able to get behind him with time to spare.  You now have 
access to the ship.

As you run south, you will see the ship to your right.  There is a staircase 
next to it allowing access, but we have to get a sailor uniform first.  
Behind the staircase, you should see a lone sailor.  Stand behind him and 
wait for the merc patrolling the warehouse to turn the corner.  Wire him, 
take his clothes, and strafe-drag his body behind the boxes to the south.  Go 
onto the ship.

From the catwalk onto the ship, turn right, and take the first door to the 
left.  Turn and go down the staircase.  Take two lefts and go out onto the 
catwalk.  Go through two doors onto a second catwalk.  Cross this and go 
through the next door.  Two sailors patrol the two catwalks and come in here, 
where they can be ambushed.  Make sure the sailor on the lower level cannot 
see you before wiring them.  You can hide both bodies behind the door 
immediately across from the one that gives access to the catwalk.  After both 
of them are dead, follow the catwalks back to the room with the two 
stationary guards.  Using your MP5SD, hide behind a wall and try to take both 
of them out stealthily.  If one of them sees you with a weapon, Jegorov is 
immediately alerted and arms the nuke.  If you manage to take both of them 
out silently, go along either side and open the door at the end.  Jegorov is 
standing here, looking towards you.  You can lean out and shoot him with your 
MP5.  One time I missed and he wound up looking at the opposite wall, 
allowing me to sneak up and wire him.  Anyway, as soon as he is dead, the 
nuke is automatically armed.

Go back into the main room and turn right at the intersection.  You should 
see a staircase going down to your right.  Take it down and then do a 180 
degree turn to the left.  Go through the door at the end and then turn left 
and go down the staircase.  If you managed to kill Jegorov without him seeing 
you, no one should both you.  There are three armed engineers and sometimes 
Ivan Zilvanovich.  It is possible, using leaning, to kill all four of them 
without raising an alert.  Anyway, when they are all dead, follow turn right, 
go through the engine room, and you will come to a room with a large missile 
to the right-hand side.  Disarm it.  Now climb back up to the main deck of 
the ship, but don't go outside.  Instead, at the top of the staircase, turn 
around and you should see another staircase.  Go up that staircase and 
through the door.  Now turn either right or left (depending on what staircase 
you chose), and you will see a ladder.  Climb the ladder and go through the 
door straight ahead.  Kill the captain and start the engine.  Sometimes there 
is still a crewmember left in the engine room that will stop the engine; if 
that happens, go back down and kill him.  After that is done, return to the 
bridge and you should be able to leave.



Before I even get started, this method requires quite a bit more work and 
honestly is considerably more difficult to pull of cleanly.  Especially 
towards the end, it seems a body almost always gets discovered.  But it is 
there if you want to try it so here we go.

Bring the sniper rifle with as much ammo as you can carry, the MP5SD with as 
much ammo as you can carry, and Kevlar.  From the start, wire the stationary 
merc to the northwest and the one patrolling away from you a little further 
north.  Take an outfit and drop the rifle.  You can leave the bodies where 
they are.  Go to the northeast and wait at the end of the tracks.  
Eventually, a mercenary will walk down here and turn his back.  When he does, 
wire him and strafe-drag his body between the two warehouses and run back.  
The next guard should be approaching.  Wire him.  You can leave the body.  
Now run west along the fence until you see the two gate guards.  Line them up 
and take them both down with a quick burst from your silenced MP5.  Go get 
your rifle and snipe the merc standing on the northwest corner of the 
northern warehouse.  Proceed to the next area.

Run to the northeast and drop your rifle when you can see the tracks.  Now 
run to the gate and wait until you see a mercenary come through.  Follow him 
until he stops and makes to turn around, then wire him.  You can hide his 
body between the two sheds to the west.  Do the same to the next guard.  Go 
grab your rifle and snipe the merc standing on top of the water tower.  Don't 
get close enough for the two gate guards to see you.  When he's dead, drop 
the rifle, and go mow down the gate guards as above.  Proceed to the next 

This is the part where it gets hard.  There are the two gate guards, one more 
stationary merc standing between some barrels just slightly northeast of the 
two gate guards, two patrolling guards, and a sniper on the other side of the 
fence.  Pulling this off silently is difficult but possible.  You cannot wire 
them because there really isn't time to hide the bodies.  But there is a way 
to take them out silently.  If you follow them on their patrol, you will see 
they stop between two warehouses.  Look on the other side of the fence 
between the two buildings and you will see a Doberman.  Kill it and wait.  
When the guard comes back around, he will see the body and run to 
investigate.  Wait until he gets there and kill him.  Do the same to the 
other guard.  Now go grab your rifle and shoot the rooftop sniper on the 
other side of the fence; you will be able to shoot him over the building to 
the west of the gate guards.  Now shoot the guard standing between the 
barrels.  This will cause the gate guards to run and inspect his body.  Snipe 
them quickly.

Don't go through the gate yet.  Run to the east and watch the fence to the 
north.  Right before you get to some circular tanks, you will see an 
unguarded side gate you can go through.  Go out of it and follow the fence 
east and then south.  A dog will likely start to chase you, but you have to 
make it follow you far enough so nobody will see the body.  Keep running 
south and you will see two large warehouses.  Go to the east and when you are 
behind the warehouse it will be safe to kill the dog.  There are two more 
dogs to the west between the two warehouses, but if you stay to the east, you 
can probably get away with not killing them.  Continue south until you come 
to an open tractor trailer.  Two dogs will come after you here, one to the 
east along the fence, and one just south of the trailer.  Kill them both and 
go up the ramp to the trailer.  Inside, you will find all kinds of weapons.  
Another WA2000, a MP5, and MP5SD, a Franchi automatic shotgun, a silenced 
Berretta, and a small brick of C4 that would make an excellent car bomb.  
Pick up the bomb.  You can get the pistol and the SMG's, but the rifle and 
the shotgun will result in you being shot at.  Run ALLLLLL the way back to 
the third gate, go through it and go south.  To the east of the first 
warehouse you see, there will be the white limo Ivan Zilvanovich was riding 
in on the previous level.  There is a guard standing right in front of the 
driver-side door.  Wait until there are no patrolling guards in sight (which 
can take a little while) and take him out with a headshot from your MP5.  Run 
up to the door, get out the bomb, and plant it under the dash.  There is no 
where to hide the body so just run to the west and hide behind the staircase 
going up to the ship.  Wait a short while.

Eventually, someone will see the car guard's body and run to tell Jegorov.  
He will arm the nuke and step on the detonator.  He will then run out to his 
car with a couple of guards and get in.  As soon as he turns the key in the 
ignition, the car will explode.  Kill the solitary sailor, hide his body, and 
take his clothes.  You likely have less than three minutes to get down into 
the engine room and disarm the nuke, so hustle up.  After the nuke is 
disarmed, go up to the bridge, kill the captain, and leave.

4.5c Rotterdam Missions Conclusion

All four of your targets knew each other.  They all served together in the 
French Foreign Legion.  And, as you will find out in the next mission, the 
client for each of the hits was the same.  Frantz sent a letter to each of 
the four.  Two missions left.  Let's finish this.

4.6 Satu Mare, Romania

Satu Mare is a decent-sized city in northwestern Romania.  The last two 
levels take place in an insane asylum within the city.  The opening brief 
tells you that all of the hits were placed by the same customer, and he wants 
47 to make one more kill.  It seems that this mysterious professor wanted his 
comrades dead.  Diana Burnwood, your contact at ICA, shows concern as she 
reveals this information to you.

4.6a The Setup

The setup?  What kind of name for a mission is that?  The loading screen 
gives you a close-up of 47's tattoo. It translates as 640509-040147. The 
first part represents his date of birth, May 9, 1964.  The second part 
translates into series four, lot one, number forty-seven.  This will be 
explained in the final conclusion.  Anyway, your target is an Odon Kovacs, a 
physician employed at the Satu Mare asylum specializing in behavioral science 
and subconscious mind control.  There is high security at the asylum, so you 
cannot bring any weapons whatsoever.

Recommended Equipment
You can only select the compass, binoculars, and Kevlar, but if you follow 
this guide, the Kevlar won't really be necessary.  You may want to take the 
compass however.


DR. KOVACS- Can go anywhere, and the body is never found.  Best disguise.
ORDERLEY- Essentially the same as Kovacs, but the body will probably be 
discovered, ruining the disguise.
SWAT- Possible to ambush an officer, but the body will be found.  Each 
officer has a suit of Kevlar on them however.


Run up to the building and go inside.  Speak to the orderly behind the desk 
and he will let you into the building and give you directions to Kovacs's 
office.  Shortly thereafter, you will get a cutscene of this same orderly 
calling a Dr. Ort-Meyer and informing him of your arrival.  Go up the stairs 
and into the large circular operating theater.  Run to the door directly 
across from you and another cutscene will pop up, this one of Ort-Meyer 
calling the police.  A SWAT team is being deployed to take you out, but if 
you hurry they should not be a problem.  Run through the door ahead of you 
and turn right.  This is Dr. Kovacs office.  But you need a weapon first.  
Keep going straight and you will see a bathroom area.  Go in there and look 
to the left, near the sink.  You will see a first aid kit.  There is a 
syringe filled with lethal chemicals.  Grab it and go back towards Kovacs's 
office.  Go inside and talk to him.  You will recognize him as "the man with 
the needle."  He will protest that it wasn't him, it was all Dr. Ort-Meyer.  
Well, since he used to poke you with needles, it only seems fair that you 
return the favor.  Kill him and take his clothes.  The body lies in plain 
sight, but it is never discovered.  Take the key on the back wall to the 
right of the desk and leave.

You can now go anywhere in the hospital.  Several of the patients will ask 
you to find certain things for them.  One will ask for a book, which is 
located in a library in the eastern wing on the first floor.  Some will ask 
for a rubber duck, which can be found in the showers in the west wing on the 
first floor.  And others will ask for a teddy bear, located in the second 
floor northern wing.  When you give the patient what they desire, they will 
mark the location of the TV room on your map, which is where you need to go.  
But first you'll want to find a weapon.  
They are scattered everywhere, most in the attic.  Across from Kovac's office 
is another office with a WA2000, three sniper ammo, a Franchi shotgun, and 
two shotgun ammo.  In the third-floor northern wing, going from north to 
south, there is a shotgun, three SMG ammo, three SMG ammo, an uzi, 4 shotgun 
ammo, a hardballer, and two pistol ammo.  Some of this is hidden inside of 
cabinets, so be sure to check every thing.  Do not take anything that is not 
concealable, or the SWAT teams will attack you, and they are very tough with 
their body armor.  There are two shotgun ammo in the eastern wing of the 
attic.  There is an M16 and six 5.56 ammo in the western wing of the attic.  
In the lab up the stairs across from where you entered are a syringe, an uzi, 
a Franchi shotgun, and three shotgun ammo.  And on the roof there is a locker 
with a shotgun and four shotgun ammo.  Load up, but, again, avoid the non-
concealable weapons.  

When you are satisfied, check your map and make your way to the western wing 
of the second floor and go into the TV room.  You will see Agent Smith 
sitting in a chair; if you speak to him, he will be nearly delirious 
(Kovacs's mind-control chems, no doubt), but he will ask you to find him the 
antidote, which is located on a desk in the cage behind him.  When you 
administer the antidote, he will tell you the secret entrance to Ort-Meyer's 
lab is under the elevator.  Follow him.  You'll have to open the doors since 
Smith doesn't have the key, but you will eventually reach the elevator.  He 
will take the elevator up, revealing a hidden staircase underneath.  You can 
dash over to the office with all the weapons and grab the shotgun or the 
rifle, but the hardballer or uzi will serve your purposes in the next level.


There really isn't any other clean method of doing this.  You really don't 
even have to kill Kovacs, but his uniform is so useful that I always do.  I 
suppose you could run to the TV room and kill anything that gets in your way, 
but again, the SWAT officers are very tough, especially on the higher 
difficulties.  I'd stick with the above method.

5.6b Meet Your Brother
"The return of the prodigal son - now this calls for a celebration!  
Heeeere's daddy!  Welcome home!
I gave you the best start in life - perfect genes!  You are a perfect 
diamond, but it seems there is a bit of grinding to do, before you're 
You little ingrate!  I should have known you would rebel against your old 
man - not at all like no. 48.  Now there is a loyal and trusting clone.
Man was made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired.  I greatly 
improved on all of the built-in flaws.  I'll prove to the whole world who's 
right - and decide who will be left!  A little play on words, my boy - I 
know you like that sort of thing.
Son - I hope you know that you will hurt me more than you.  The effort to 
make you!  Every little manipulated gene!  Oh you were so pampered!  You are 
the apotheosis of Man!  When I created you, I was standing on the shoulders 
of midgets.  But I ironed out all the wrinkles - and still you turn on me!
I discovered the true power of 47 chromosomes.  Do you think that was easy?  
As always, I was ahead of my time.  They shook their bony little heads, 
looked at me with their beady little eyes and said I was crazy.  You, my 
friend, and living proof I'm not!
I know you want me dead, my boy, and I forgive you!  But let me tell you - 
dying is the last thing I plan to do!  You wouldn't believe what my 
experiments in recombinant DNA have made possible!
It's such a comfort to see you working so perfectly - I knew I was on the 
right track.  I will close this chapter, and turn a fresh page!  You have 
problems with subordination, and we can't have that, can we?
I have the power to create life, to mold, tailor and perfect humans - do you 
have any idea of the potential - no mushy sentiments, no quirky traits - and 
no betrayal! - DO YOU HEAR ME?"
If you only knew what painstaking research went into this project.  I had a 
clear vision of it - but you look into the sun, and all you see is darkness!  
I had the power to shed new light, to erase all previous scientific 
knowledge in this field.  I was setting new standards - don't you 

This is the speech Dr. Ort-Meyer will give you over the course of the 
mission.  You have to stand off against ten clones that look just like you, 
and have all of your abilities.  They are as fast as you.  They are as 
accurate as you.  And they all want to kill you.  Well we can't have that.

Recommended Equipment

You have whatever you ended the previous mission with.


*Smiles* Disguises won't help much in this mission.


Walk around the corner and you will see a gate in front of you.  To the left, 
an armed orderly is sitting at a desk.  You can lean out and shot him, or 
just charge in.  If you forgot to bring a weapon, there is a locker next to 
the orderly with a shotgun and some shells.  You'll take quite a bit of damge 
this way, so try to remember to bring a weapon.  Head into the hallway and 
you will see ten copies of you lining up.  They are all armed with MP5s, and 
they are deadly accurate with them.  Ort-Meyer will begin to ramble.  His 
whole speech is in the introduction.  RUN to the right until you get to a 
gate, turn right and RUN to the next gate, and then RUN straight across into 
the closet and grab the Minigun.  If you holster it, you can run.  Now RUN 
back into the hallway, all the way to the closed gate and turn around.  If 
you ran the whole time, you should just start to see the first clone turn the 
corner.  Unload on him.  A trick with the Minigun is that if you click once 
while the gun is inactive, the barrels will spin up to speed, allowing you to 
unload on a seconds notice.  Just stand here and kill the clones as they come 
at you.  It will take a few minutes.  There are ten of them, and after you 
kill the last one, you will not see the "Clone Released" message.  
When they are all dead, go grab one of their bodies and strafe-drag him to 
the left.  Just follow the left hand wall and you'll eventually come into the 
scanner room.  47 will hold his "brother's" tattoo up to the scanner, opening 
the door.  If you do not have a clone's body, poisonous gas will be released 
into the chamber, killing you.  Head around the corner and Ort-Meyer will 
come out, saying how proud he is of you.  Take him out before he gets too 
close.  He has a stun gun in his hand, and if he tazes you, you will wake up 
in the bed where you started the training mission.  When he is dead, you get 
a brief cinematic where 47 breaks Ort-Meyer's neck.  Congratulations.  You 
just beat Hitman - Codename 47.

4.6c Final Conclusion

47 is a clone created from the DNA of the five main targets of the game: Lee 
Hong, Pablo Belisario Ochoa, Frantz Fuchs, Arkadij Ivanovich Jegorov, and Dr. 
Otto Wolgang Ort-Meyer.  They all served in the French Foreign Legion after 
World War II, where they became friends.  Even at this early stage, Ort-Meyer 
had radical ideas, and he proposed the idea of creating super-soldiers 
(killing machines, as Ochoa puts it) using recombinant DNA and cloning.  As 
the other participants in the plan begin to grow inpatient with Ort-Meyer's 
apparent lack of progress (despite what Ort-Meyer says in his speech, 47 is 
the 47th clone in the fourth series of clones.  Most of the other series died 
too quickly or simply never worked out, and they threaten to pull their 
funding from the Project.  So Dr. Ort-Meyer allows 47 to escape, and some 
months later he contacts the International Contract Agency, dealing in Merces 
Letifer, which is Latin for Lethal Trade.  Ort-Meyer then takes out hits on 
all of his "friends," and 47 kills them off one by one.  The Agency then 
sends 47 to take out Kovacs.  Ort-Meyer though this would tie up the last 
"loose end" and also believed the SWAT team would take out 47.  
Underestimating his "son" after all the damage he had previously done was a 
mistake, as 47 proves when he gives Dr. Ort-Meyer a massive cervical 

5.1 Acknowledgements
Thanks to Misteuraix for informing me of killing the hangar guards with the 
sniper rifle at the beginning of "Say Hello to my Little Friend!"

Credits to Jaap Wagenaar for telling me the correct translation of 

I hope this walkthrough and guide proves useful.  Please, feel free to 
contact me at Ghost_72429@yahoo.com with any questions, concerns, hopes, 
joys, moans, groans, compliments, complaints, criticism, or whatever.  But 
again, make sure your question has not already been answered in the guide, 
and do not send me spam, porn, or viruses.

(c) John Mathis, 2008

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