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FAQ/Walkthrough by GamingHyena

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 04/04/03

GamingHyena's Walkthrough to Hitman Codename 47 v1.03

	Although hated by many people for having long levels and no save system, 
Hitman Codename 47 is a fun, if frustrating game.  I've decided to write a walkthrough to 
help you get the most fun out of the game without endlessly restarting.
	Let me quickly explain the basics of this walkthrough.  Background is a 
summary of the information given to you about the mission in the briefing.  Objectives 
are the listed tasks you must complete to beat the level.  Required Equipment is the 
barebones equipment that is absolutely necessary to complete the mission.  Optional 
Equipment is equipment that makes the level easier to beat if you are having difficulty.  
Although I did not put bullets in the equipment list for each gun, it's still a good idea to 
buy them  : )

This FAQ cannot be put on any website, public or private, without express permission of 
the author.  Want permission?  E-mail:  Happyhyena2000@yahoo.com.  Also, if you send me any tips
I can use, I will be sure to credit you in the FAQ.  Check out my 
website for reviews and more walkthroughs at http://gaminghyena.tripod.com/
Copyright 2003 All rights reserved

v1.00:  Initial Release
v1.01:  Minor spelling errors and typos fixed.
v1.02:  Added list of sites where FAQ can be posted
v1.03:  Added AIM screename, revised list.  (4/4/03)

The following websites have my permission to post this FAQ.  If you see it on any 
unauthorized sites, please let me know:


This level is fairly straightforward.  Simply follow the instructions given to you 
and try out Hitman's different moves and weapons.  The only trouble you can get into is 
when the orderly comes to get you.  Kill him and take his clothes.  Don't let him get too 
close with the shocker or else you will have to start over.  The next guard at the gate will 
let you through.  Kill him and proceed down the hall.  It will switch to a cutscene and end 
the level.

Kowloon Triads Gang War

	Your ultimate goal is to assassinate Lee Hong, leader of the Red Dragon Triad.  
However, you must weaken the Triad first to have a chance.  It is hoped that by killing 
the Red Dragon negotiator, it will trigger a gang war.

-Kill the Red Dragon Negotiator
-Blue Lotus Negotiator must survive

Required Equipment:
$1550 Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper

Optional Equipment:
$30 Compass

	Follow the street until you see a yellow dumpster at the curve.  Duck into that 
alleyway, and on your right you should see the park where the meeting will take place.  
Take a right down the main street, and then a left.  Go until you see a blue building.  In 
the alleyway there should be an elevator.  Take the elevator to the roof.  You should now 
have a perfect vantage point over the park.  
	Wait until you see the cutscene of the negotiator getting out of the limo.  The two 
negotiators end up standing near the statue in the middle of the park.  Line up a clear shot 
and fire (remember, kill the red one).  A helicopter with two Blue Lotus guards shows up.  
Immediately put your rifle back in the suitcase and get off the roof.  Now just go back the 
way you came to the extraction point.  The guards won't hassle you provided you get off 
the roof fast enough.

Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant

	The Blue Lotus have sent an emissary to explain the events at the park.  If you can 
kill the emissary, it will look like the Red Dragons have retaliated.  The meeting will be 
held at the Red Dragon's headquarters, the Wang Fou Restaurant.

-Eliminate Blue Lotus Emissary
-Kill all Blue Lotus gang members
-Return to Rendezvous Point

Required Equipment:
$110 Fiber Wire
$550 AMT 1911 'Hardballer'
$3000 Car Bomb with Remote Detonator

Optional Equipment:
$900 Kevlar Body Armor
$1200 Desert Eagle Mark XIX

	Go up through the alleyway with the yellow trash bin and the open sewer line.  
This sewer line will become very important shortly.  If you continue going up, you will 
find yourself in front of the restaurant.  Wait there until the limo pulls up.  The emissary 
will get out and the driver will go into the alleyway to relieve himself in the sewer line.  
Make sure the coast is clear (usually there is a civilian in the alleyway, so wait until he 
leaves) and kill the driver with the fiber wire.  Throw his body into the open sewer and 
take his clothes.  
	Now you can go back to the limo and plant the bomb without anyone noticing.  
Wait until the emissary gets in the car, duck into the alley (the blast can kill you too), and 
detonate the bomb.  If you wait too long, the guard on the sidewalk will walk up to you 
and realize you aren't the driver.  The blast should take all the Blue Lotus out, but if it 
doesn't you should shoot the survivors.  Head back to your car and look down the street.  
You should see some Blue Lotus guards standing around.  Mow them down and run back 
to the extraction point.

The Massacre at Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant

	You've done such a good job at causing a war between the Triads that the local 
police have become concerned.  The chief of police has arranged a meeting between the 
Triads to try and broker a truce.  If the police think the Red Dragons are responsible for 
killing the chief, then they will remove their protection for Lee Hong.

-Kill the Red Dragon Emissary
-Hide the Red Dragon Emissary's body
-Place Red Dragon Amulet inside the restaurant
-Kill the Chief of Police
-Return to the Rendezvous Point

Required Equipment:
$110 Fiber Wire
$775 Beretta 92 Silenced

Optional Equipment:
$900 Kevlar Body Armor
$550 AMT 1911 'Hardballer'
$900 Israeli Military Industries Uzi

	Head left up the street until you reach the restaurant.  Go inside and talk to the 
bartender to get the bathroom key.  Go to the bathroom, and if you are carrying any guns 
(except the Beretta 92) stash them in here.  Then go outside and right down the street 
until you see the sewer line.
Wait there until the Red Dragon emissary shows up.  Kill him with the fiber wire and 
dump him in the sewer.  Make sure to take his clothes and the amulet.  
	Go back to the restaurant.  You will be searched and any weapons (except the 
Beretta 92) will be taken from you.  Drop the amulet on the table.  If you did not talk to 
the bartender before, you can get the bathroom key now.  Stand in the entranceway to the 
bathroom and kill the chief.  Then immediately put your gun away and go through the 
window in the bathroom.  The guards out front will be in the restaurant with the chief, so 
head back down the road to the rendezvous point.

It is important that should things go awry, you not get into a gun battle with the 
police.  Not only are they well armed, but money is deducted from your account if you 
kill them.  If they start shooting at you, run in a side-to-side pattern to make yourself a 
harder target.

The Lee Hong Assassination

	With the Triads at war and no police protection, Lee Hong is holed up in his 
restaurant.  However, he still has a small army guarding him, and the compound is more a 
fortress than restaurant.  It will take stealth, deception, and a bit of luck to succeed.  
Although this is one of the two extremely hard missions of the game, it can be beaten if 
you stay sharp.
-Find Safe Combination
-Find Safe Location
-Deliver Jade Figure to Herbal Shop
-Eliminate Lee Hong
-Captured Agent must survive
-Escape to Rendezvous Point

Required Equipment:
$110 Fiber Wire
$775 Beretta 92 Silenced
$900 Kevlar Body Armor

Optional Equipment:
$900 Israeli Military Industries Uzi
$1200 Desert Eagle Mark XIX

	Go into the building, and head to the bar.  Talk to the bartender to get the flyer, 
which will allow you into the VIP area and the second floor.  Now, follow the signs to the 
bathroom.  You should see a guard in the little entranceway.  Strangle him, and put him 
in the women's bathroom (women apparently don't go to the bathroom in this game).  Put 
on his clothes and take his Uzi.  Since everyone thinks you are a guard now, (apparently 
not noticing how white and bald you are compared to the other guards) you can openly 
carry the Uzi.  Personally, I would put it away since the chances of an accidental shooting 
are greater when you have it ready to fire.
	Go into the door next to the bathroom sign and the guard should welcome you.  
Go through the hall and talk to the fat man.  Go up the stairs to the second floor.  Talk to 
the old woman and follow the girl into the room.  Talk to her and follow her out onto the 
roof.  Go to the ladder, and it should switch to a cutscene.  Kill the Red Dragon member, 
and take his clothes and AK-47.  Go back and talk to the girl, and she gives you the safe 
combination and a kiss (how cute).
	Now, walk through the kitchen and down the stairs to the basement.  Again, I 
would holster the AK-47.  Follow the corridor down another flight of stairs, then take a 
right down yet another flight of stairs.  If there's a Red Dragon guard down at the bottom 
of the short fight of steps, you know you came to the right place.  There is a guard 
walking around this level of the basement; kill him and hide his body.  Then go back to 
the guard at the stairs, kill him, and hide him as well.  Now, all that should be left is a guy 
guarding a door, who tells you to leave if you get too close.  Kill him, and drag his body 
into the room with the CIA guy.  Talk to the CIA guy, and pay attention to his cutscene, 
as he tells you which safe holds the jade figure.  The location of the figure switches every 
game.  Retrace your footsteps back up the stairs to the kitchen, then head out to the large 
room in the front of the restaurant (the one you went through at the beginning to go to the 
bar).  Depending on what the CIA guy said (and you did pay attention, didn't you?), the 
jade figure is in one of two places:

Storage Room:
	Head through the doors with the two vases and two guards, and you'll end up in 
the large room with the fat man (the one you talked to before to get to the second floor).  
Go forward, through the door with the one guard and down the hall.  There is a large 
room with several boxes, a guard, and the safe.  Kill the guard quietly (the silenced 
Beretta is good for this) and hide him behind the boxes.

VIP Room:
	Head through the doors at the top of the staircase with the guards and you should 
see some double doors guarded by two guards.  Go through the doors and you should see 
two guards and the safe.  One of the guards walks around, so quietly kill him when the 
other guard next to the safe can't see you.  Then drop down behind that guard and 
strangle him.

	Open the safe, get the figure, and get out quickly.  Go to the herbal shop (the large 
double doors behind the banner in the dining room) and give the old man the figure.  In 
return, he will give you poison.  Run to the bathroom and wait for one of the waiters.  
Kill him, hide the body, take his clothes, and go to the kitchen.  Pour the poison in the 
bowl and serve it to Lee Hong.  His bodyguard will taste it first and die, letting Lee Hong 
	Now, you may be asking yourself why didn't you just kill Hong at the dinner 
table and be done with it?  Well, the guards would mow you down in a second.  Plus, the 
bodyguard is the only one that can recognize you aren't a real Red Dragon, so it makes it 
easier now that he's dead.  Best of all, Hong retreats to the heart of his base, only two 
floors away from the extraction point.  
	Quickly go back to where you left the Red Dragon uniform.  It is vital that you 
not change clothes if guards are coming after you, as they will probably not be fooled and 
the disguise will be blown.  Kill any that chase after you, then when the coast is clear 
change back into the Red Dragon uniform and go into the kitchen.  Go back down the 
stairs to the basement, only this time walk through the door guarded by the two red 
dragon members.  Follow the passage to the elevator.  Go down to basement 2 and go 
down the passage.  Follow the passage to the next elevator, and go up.  Congratulations, 
you are now in Lee Hong's stronghold.  Go up the stairs and you'll see Lee Hong and a 
bunch of guards.  Wait until he goes into one of the rooms and strangle him (make sure 
none of the guards can see you).  Go back down the stairs to the first level, and take the 
other elevator to the docks.  Kill the last guard next to the boat and drive off.  

	Since you are so heavily outnumbered in this level, it is vital that you avoid long 
battles.  Gunfire will only bring more and more people into the fray, and will probably 
get you killed.    If you do happen to get involved in a loud gun battle, kill the person as 
quickly as possible and run away from the area.  If you can do this, the guards will find 
the dead guy but not associate him with you.  
	Under no circumstances should you take the dead guy's clothing, as the guards 
will recognize him and will be on the look out for a suspicious guy in that clothing (you).  
Also, under no circumstances should you change clothes if your enemies are in hot 
pursuit. Odds are they will catch you and not be fooled by that set of clothing either.  

Find the U'wa Tribe

	You have been contracted to kill Pablo Belisario Ochoa, a powerful Columbian 
druglord.  However, intelligence is sketchy about there whereabouts of his camp.  The 
local Indian tribe knows, and if you recover their artifact from the plane crash they will 
show you.  

-Secure Religious Idol
-Bring idol to the Indian village
-Rescue the Chief's brother from the soldiers

Required Equipment:
$110 Fiber Wire
$550 AMT 1911 'Hardballer'
$900 Kevlar Body Armor
$30 Compass

Optional Equipment:
$750 Binoculars
$700 Kalashnikov AK-47

	Unlike previous missions, the Columbian jungle is one big wide-open space, 
making it easy to get lost.  Therefore, it is easier to show you on the map where to go.  
Once you drop down from the chopper, head northwest and take the ammo from the 
crates.  The continue heading northwest until you reach the second group of crates.  Take 
the guns and the ammo and head southwest to the crash site.  It is essential that you hurry 
and beat the soldiers to the crash site.  If you don't, then it becomes very difficult to take 
them out.  Along the way down there, you should see a group of soldiers and an officer.  
Kill them, and take their weapons and their clothing (there is no difference between 
officers and soldiers in this game, but I would still take the officer's clothing).  Head to 
the crash site and pick up the idol.  
	Head northeast to the next group of crates on your map.  Two soldiers guard the 
crate, but since you are wearing a uniform you can just take the ammo.  Keep going 
northeast to the village.  The chief is in the southern part of the village.  Give him the 
idol, and he will ask you to free his brother from some heavily armed soldiers (did you 
really think it would be that easy?).  Follow the river down until you see a bridge and a 
guard tower.  Go up to the guard tower, kill the guard, and pick the rest off with the 
sniper rifle (pick up the ammo before getting the rifle because they will immediately 
shoot you when you pick up the rifle).  When they are all dead, the brother will run back 
up to the village, and an armed helicopter will show up.  It's not hard to avoid; just run 
back into the jungle and you shouldn't have any problems.  Go back to the village and 
talk to the chief to end the mission.  

	Although you don't have to, you can explore and grab the other caches of 
weapons shown on your screen.  Although most just contain ammo, there is one group at 
the top of the map that gives you some pretty heavy weaponry.  

The Jungle God

	This mission is a walk in the park compared to your previous assignments.  The 
tribe has shown you a secret passage into Pablo's camp, through the temple ruins.  A 
hungry jaguar the natives call Tezcatlipoca, or the God of Death, guards the entrance.  
Since the animal is sacred to the tribe, you can't kill it.

-Find the secret passage to Pablo's camp

*No additional equipment will be provided

	This mission is about as easy as they come.  Head south until you reach a large 
temple.  Go through the temple and you should see the cliffs up ahead.  Go through the 
little maze of walls until you see a large bloody rock.  Run for the cave, dodging left and 
right to avoid being a target for the jaguar.  Even if the jaguar mauls you a little, you 
should have enough health to get to the cave (your health will replenish between levels).  
Don't kill the jaguar, since there are three natives armed with lethal blowguns guarding 
the entrance.
	If you kill one of the wild pigs and drop it off near the bloody rock, the jaguar will 
go for it instead of you.  It isn't really necessary since it's just as easy to avoid the jaguar, 
but it's your option.  Plus you cannot carry a rifle and a pig at the same time.  The pig is 
marked on your map as a little exclamation point southwest of your starting position.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

	You end up just a few feet from Pablo's camp.  The base also has a drug lab that 
must be destroyed as well.  A small passenger plane near the runway will provide a quick 

-Eliminate the Drug Lord
-Blow up the laboratory
-Use the plane to escape

*No additional equipment will be provided

	This will be by far the toughest mission you have faced.  Not only are there 
several difficult objectives, but the base is crawling with heavily armed soldiers.  
Fortunately, your enemy uniform will make getting to those objectives a bit easier.  
	If you've used up your body armor, there is a set of armor nearby along with 
some knives.  Head west and then south, following the base's perimeter.  When you get 
to the base's entrance, head south and pick up the cache of weapons.  Make sure you get 
all the ammo; you'll need it.  Go into the base and search the tents.  You should find 
some more armor, a silenced Beretta, and some pistol ammo.  Near the mansion you 
should grab some more AK-47 ammo.  You'll also come across a minigun, but in this 
mission it's more trouble than it's worth (soldiers will shoot you on sight if they see you 
with the minigun, but not with the AK-47).  
	Head around to the back of the house and find the door.  The guard inside won't 
say anything to you, so kill him and the nearby guards as silently as possible.  Eventually, 
someone will notice you and start shooting.  For once, that's fine.  It will only attract the 
guards in and immediately outside the mansion, so kill them all.  Then clear out the 
second floor, but do not open the double doors on the second floor until you have cleared 
out the entire mansion.  When you are ready to get Pablo, open the double doors.  Pablo 
is pretty easy to beat if you move to the side until you can only see half the room.  Wait 
until you see Pablo and aim for the head.  Pablo doesn't go down easily, so prepare to 
endure his insults for a while.  Since Pablo is incredibly high on cocaine at the moment, 
he tends to shoot wildly about the room.  Make sure neither he nor you shoot out a 
window, since this seems to alert everyone to your presence.  When he does die, grab the 
bomb on the table and change clothes just to make sure.  If all goes well you should be 
able to walk out without anyone shooting you.  
	Follow the road until you get to the interior compound.  You will find a bunch of 
soldiers guarding the entrances.  Shoot them all and clear out the lab.  Set the bomb on 
the crates and get out.  It's remote controlled, so blow it whenever you're clear.  Run 
back to the mansion, with lots of enemy soldiers in hot pursuit.  Go inside the mansion 
and shut the doors, shooting anyone dumb enough to follow you.  Open the doors and kill 
any that might be milling about outside.  That should clear out most of the soldiers that 
were chasing you.  Make your way to the back of the mansion and run to the airplane 
shed.  Hop on the plane and get out of there.

	I don't recommend initially getting the minigun, as it will attract too 
much unwanted attention towards you early in this mission.  It does make a great tool to 
use against all the soldiers that run after you after you blow up the drug lab.  Plus it's on 
the way to the airplane.  If you want to have the minigun and still run, holster it.

Traditions of the Trade

	The Thermal Bath Hotel is holding a world summit.  Although security is very 
tight, a terrorist, Frantz Fuchs, has smuggled in a chemical weapon.  You must eliminate 
Fuchs and retrieve the chemical weapon.  

-Eliminate Frantz Fuchs
-Secure Terrorist Bomb
-Escape to Rendezvous Point

Required Equipment:
$110 Fiber Wire

Optional Equipment:
$900 Kevlar Body Armor
$1550 Blaser Jagdwaffen R93 Sniper

	Its kind of frustrating to finally be able to buy some decent guns when the only 
thing you can bring with you is the fiber wire.  Anything else triggers the metal detector, 
and the guards will shoot you without hesitation.  The only exception is the sniper rifle, 
which for some reason passes through the metal detector.  Too bad it's the worst gun for 
close quarters combat.  That aside, this is still my favorite level due to all the James Bond 
sneaking around you get to do.  You finally have a real assassination job to do.
	When you enter the hotel, check in with the front desk.  In the ledger you see that 
Frantz Fuchs (Heinrich Wulf is his assumed name) is in room 202.  Immediately run into 
the men's pool area and change.  Once in the pool room, head to the steam bath.  You 
should see a man in a purple bathing suit in the steam room.  Talk to him and he will tell 
you he has a weak heart.  Turn up the steam until he dies, then go back and grab the X-
Ray key.  Why did you just murder this seemingly innocent man?  He is the hotel dentist, 
Fritz Fuchs, and inside the X-Ray room is the chemical weapon (Fritz Fuchs, Frantz 
Fuchs, you see the connection?).  Killing him now only saves you the trouble of tracking 
him down later.  There are two ways to kill Frantz Fuchs (the terrorist):

The Bellboy of Death
	Get dressed and leave the pool area.  Go up the main stairs to the right and look 
for a hotel staff member cleaning the rooms.  When he goes in, he will leave the master 
key in the door.  Grab it and go through the Authorized Personnel Only door.  Change 
into hotel staff clothes and go to room 202.  
	Talk to the guard outside and tell him you have clean towels for Mr. Fuchs.  He 
will step aside to let you through.  Wait until the coast is clear (if the hotel staff are 
cleaning near you, take their master key and they will go downstairs and get a new one) 
and strangle the guard.  Hide the body in a nearby room for now.  Then go into room 202 
and walk around the room.  The guard will throw you out.  Go back in and he will be 
looking into the mirror.  Run in and strangle him.  Now take the Do Not Disturb Sign and 
put it on the outside of the door to make sure the maid doesn't find all the bodies.  You'll 
need to drag the guard in the other room back into room 202 or else the cleaning staff will 
eventually find him.  Or don't (even if they find his body, they won't link it to you unless 
you hang around).  Now, go into the bathroom and strangle/shoot Fuchs in the shower.  

Agent 0047
	Take the master key from the bellboy and go to room 201.  Go outside to the 
balcony and jump across to the next balcony.  Congratulations, you are now in room 202.  
Kill the guard in the room, then open the door and strangle the guard at the door (watch 
out for the cleaning staff and guard).  Alternatively, you can wait for the guard in the 
room to go out on his balcony, and kill him with the sniper rifle if you so choose.  
However you do it, immediately go out and put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door, then 
kill Fuchs.

	Before you leave, drag the bodies of the guards into the bathroom.  Should the 
security guard pass by when you are leaving and see the bodies in the room, he freaks and 
alerts all the other guards in the area, possibly even associating you with the murders (it's 
happened to me before).  Take the silenced pistol, letters, and bomb case with you and 
use the upper walkway path to go to the other side of the hotel to avoid the metal 
detectors.  Follow the arrows until you reach the dentist office.  Kill the guard and 
receptionist, and retrieve the bomb from the X-Ray room.  Remember that the chemical 
bomb will trigger the metal detectors.  Now run towards the exit.  You will probably 
trigger the metal detector as you flee, but just ignore it and get out.  You can go out the 
front doors, which is a tad dangerous but looks really cool when the limo races around 
the corner and picks you up while the guards try and shoot you.  Alternatively, you can 
go down the stairs through the restaurant's kitchen and out the back, avoiding the metal 
detectors, which is safer but less dramatic.  

	Ever wonder what the florist is for in this mission?  Bring Frantz Fuchs' key to 
the front desk to pick up his mail.  There will be a letter from the florist.  Go to the florist 
to get a shotgun hidden in a box of roses.  You can walk around with the box of roses 
undetected, but don't go through the metal detectors.  Not necessary for the game (in fact 
the shotgun will get you into more trouble than it's worth), but cool anyways.  If you do 
choose this route, don't talk to the clerk at the front desk until you've got Fuchs' key.  

	Another unnecessary but cool thing to do is to kill a security guard and take his 
clothes.  You can then carry pistols without setting off the metal detector (of course you 
are docked cash for killing the cop, so its not a good idea to do this unless you are just 
messing around).

	An alternative route to get to the X-Ray room is to take the emergency exit out to 
the roof, then climb through the window.  Kill the guard in the dentist's office, then go to 
the X-Ray room.  It's a less bloody way to grab the chemical bomb.

	If for whatever reason you don't immediately kill Fritz Fuchs (the dentist), then 
you will have to track his sorry butt down.  Ask the receptionist where he is, and she will 
either say the pool room, casino, or dining room.  You know what to do if he's in the pool 
room.  If he ends up in either the casino or dining room, wait for him to go to the 
bathroom and kill him (silently).

Gunrunner's Paradise

	Arkadij Jegorov, AKA Boris, was supplying the both Triads and the drug lords 
with weapons.  Your job is to take him out.  He is hiding out in a ship somewhere in the 
harbor, but we don't know which one.  A small Dutch gang has arranged a meeting with 
his group to buy guns.  Track the gang to find the location of the meeting, then hide a 
GPS locator in the briefcase to find Boris' hideout.  

-Place GPS tracker in gang car
-Move GPS tracker to money suitcase
-Give the suitcase to Ivan

Required Equipment:
$110 Fiber Wire
$900 Kevlar Body Armor
$0 GPS Receiver
$4000 GPS Transmitter
$30 Compass
$550 AMT 1911 'Hardballer'

Optional Equipment:
$2700 Heckler & Kotch MP5SD

	Your first target is the strip club where the Dutch gang is hanging out.  However, 
you can't walk into a strip club dressed like you are and not expect to get noticed.  If you 
head right, you should see a drifter.  Kill him silently and take his clothes and MP5.  
When you get to the strip club, talk to the bartender.  When the stripper is done, meet her 
in her dressing room.  She will go out and "entertain" the gang member watching the car.  
This should give you ample time to place the GPS tracker.  
	Wait until the car takes off and watch it on your map.  It should end up in one of 
two enclosed warehouses.  Switch the levers near the train switches to force the train to 
run into the fence gate.  Shoot any dogs around and go in the warehouse.  Kill all the 
gang members in the warehouse and you'll have 3 minutes to hide the bodies.  There's a 
group of boxes near the wall that makes good cover.  Remove the GPS tracker from the 
car and put it in the suitcase.  When the limo shows up, give Ivan the briefcase and you're 

Plutonium Runs Loose

	The GPS tracker gave us the location of Boris' ship.  Now, all that remains is to 
take him out.  Once he is dead, pilot the ship into international waters.  By the way, 
intelligence has just indicated that Boris has an old nuclear bomb on board the ship.  Just 
thought you should know…

-Eliminate Boris
-Nuke must be disarmed
-Take ship to international waters

Required Equipment:
$110 Fiber Wire
$2200 Heckler & Koch MP5
$775 Beretta 92 Silenced
$900 Kevlar Body Armor

Optional Equipment:
$750 Binoculars
$30 Compass

	Unfortunately, like in Pablo's camp mission, you must be a soldier first and 
assassin second.  Another bit of bad news is that you will be unable to just slip through 
the checkpoints littered throughout the level.  Worse yet, if any of Boris' guards warn 
him, he will arm the bomb and try to escape.  If you can't be silent, at least be thorough.  
If any guards start to run away, make them your primary target.  Do yourself a favor and 
try and keep your kills quiet; this mission is tough enough without adding a time limit as 
	Kill the guard next to the warehouse and take his uniform and gun.  Go around 
and clear out all the guards in the area (don't forget about the one on the roof) with either 
the fiber wire or silenced Beretta.  Now head north and slip through the open door.  Kill 
all the guards at the next checkpoint and head to the pier.  There are several guards on the 
dock and guarding the limo.  Make sure none of them sound the alarm, then grab the 
thug's clothing (the purple suit) and head on the ship.  
	Should Boris be alerted, kill him as quickly as possible before he escapes in his 
limo.  Head down to the bottom level of the ship (you should see several large 
containers).  There will be a stairway leading down to the engine room.  Kill the guards 
and disarm the bomb in the next room.  Make sure you have cleared everyone off the ship 
and go up to the bridge.  Kill the captain, grab the controls, and you're in business.  

	Boris' boat is in the middle pier, but on the last pier there is a cache of good 
weapons (MP5SD, a sniper rifle, and some ammo among other things).  The problem?  
It's guarded by lots of dogs and soldiers, and there's an excellent chance you will be 
detected killing them all.  Plus, you can't carry most of the weapons openly and still 
sneak unnoticed aboard the ship.  If you're finding yourself constantly outgunned, go for 
the cache.  It's not really necessary to complete the mission though.  

The Setup

	It turns out all of your contracts have been with one person, not four.  This 
mysterious person has asked you for one final hit.  Doctor Kovacs is your target this time.  
You are to infiltrate the high security mental hospital and eliminate him.  Be careful, this 
job sounds suspicious (as if any mission called 'The Setup' didn't sound suspicious).

Mission Objectives:
-Kill Doctor Kovacs

Required Equipment:
$900 Kevlar Body Armor

Optional Equipment:

	Go into the hospital and talk to the receptionist.  He will tell you that the doctor is 
on the second floor, but first you should prepare yourself.  There will be a cutscene with 
the receptionist phoning Professor Ort-Meyer, and the Professor calling the cops.  
Doesn't sound good.  Go straight through the double doors, and up the stairs to find the 
shotgun and Uzi.  Take all the weapons and proceed back up the main stairs to the third 
floor.  There is more ammo in the cabinets.  Now go to the second floor, and straight 
through the operating room and right to the office.  Feel free to explore the asylum for as 
long as you like until you stay away from Dr. Kovacs' office.  Talk to the doctor and you 
should see a cutscene with what look like SWAT team members creeping up to the door.  
It's easier to avoid detection if you just shoot the good doctor right away and change into 
his clothes, so if you go that route this is the conversation you missed:

Hello and welcome Mr. Rieper - how may I assist you?
That depends – are you the only Doctor Kovacs here?
Yes I am.
Hey… I recognize you -  you were the one with the needle.
It wasn't me - I was hardly involved with the experiments.  It was Professor Ort-
Meyer, he was the one in charge – yes, yes, he's the one to blame, not me!

	Kill the doctor quickly (he'll try to run), take his clothes, and drop the shotgun if 
you still have it (don't forget to take the keys on the wall).  The SWAT team members 
should not bother you if you've done in time.  Head back to the first floor, and take the 
stairs up that lead to the T.V. room.  Open the doors to the receptionist area to get the 
antidote, and give it to the man in the chair (this is the same CIA guy you saved in the 
basement in Hong Kong).  He will take you down to the basement.

	Some of the other mental patients want their stuff back (a children's book, duck, 
and bear to be precise).  In turn, they will tell you useless information on where stuff is in 
the asylum (like where the guns and antidote are kept).  It's kind of cool just to hear them 
talk though.  The children's book is on the first floor in the office.  The bear is on a bench 
behind a gate on the second floor (you'll need the key to open the gate), and the duck is 
in the shower.

	For a high security insane asylum, there sure are a lot of weapons lying around.  
In addition to the guns I mentioned, there are also some on the roof, should your 
encounter with the SWAT team go awry.

	If you kill the orderly (the guy in blue herding the patients around with the 
shocker) and hide his body, you can take his clothes and the SWAT team won't bother 
you as long as you are not showing a weapon.  

Meet Your Brother

This mission is the final battle.  It all comes down to this.  While certainly not the 
most difficult mission you've faced, it can be tricky if you aren't careful.
-Kill Professor Ort-Meyer

*No additional equipment will be provided

	Kill the guard by the desk and take the shotgun and ammo out of the locker.  You 
will flash to a cutscene with several Hitman clones.  Head left, kill the guard, and loot the 
other locker.  Hitman clones will come out armed with MP5's to kill you.  Wait in that 
corridor for them to come to you and kill all ten.  The Professor will begin speaking to 
you while the clones come out.  It's hard to both fight the clones and listen to the doctor 
prattle on, so here is what he says:
	The return of the prodigal son – now this calls for a celebration!  Heeeere's 
daddy!  Welcome home!
	I gave you the best start in life – perfect genes!  You are a perfect diamond, but it 
seems there is a bit of grinding to do, before you're finished!
	You little ingrate!  I should have known you would rebel against your old man – 
not at all like no. 48.  Now there is a loyal and trusting clone.
	Man was made at the end of the week's work, when God was tired.  I greatly 
improved on all of the built-in flaws.  I'll prove to the whole world who's right – and 
decide who will be left!  A little play on words, my boy – I know you like that sort of 
	Son – I hope you know that you will hurt me more than you.  The effort to make 
you!  Every little manipulated gene!  Oh you were so pampered!  You are the apotheosis 
of Man!  When I created you, I was standing on the shoulders of midgets.  But I ironed 
out all the wrinkles – and still you turn on me!
	I discovered the true power of 47 chromosomes.  Do you think that was easy?  As 
always, I was ahead of my time.  They shook their bony little heads, looked at me with 
their beady little eyes and said I was crazy.  You, my friend, and living proof I'm not!
	I know you want me dead, my boy, and I forgive you!  But let me tell you – dying 
is the last thing I plan to do!  You wouldn't believe what my experiments in recombinant 
DNA have made possible!
	It's such a comfort to see you working so perfectly – I knew I was on the right 
track.  I will close this chapter, and turn a fresh page!  You have problems with 
subordination, and we can't have that, can we?
	I have the power to create life, to mold, tailor and perfect humans – do you have 
any idea of the potential – no mushy sentiments, no quirky traits – and no betrayal! - DO 
	If you only knew what painstaking research went into this project.  I had a clear 
vision of it – but you look into the sun, and all you see is darkness!  I had the power to 
shed new light, to erase all previous scientific knowledge in this field.  I was setting new 
standards - don't you understand?
	The best way to kill the clones is to use the MP5 or Uzi.  Stay in the hallway with 
the locker wait for the clones to come to you.  They will either come down that long hall 
or through the doors to you left.  When you kill them, run and get their MP5's as quickly 
as possible and repeat.  The shotgun is too slow and very inaccurate at long distances, 
making it a bad choice for fighting in a long hallway.  There is a minigun in one of the 
closets, but the problem with the minigun is that it takes too long to fire.  After all ten 
clones are dead, drag one with you to the biohazard door where all the clones came out 
and stand one the footprints.  A cutscene will show him holding the body up to the 
scanner to get through.  Make sure you are carrying a body before you step on the 
footprints.  If you aren't carrying a body, then Hitman will be scanned and the doors will 
lock and deadly gas will flood into the room.  After the body is scanned, get a weapon 
ready, and step into the next room.  Finally, you meet the Professor himself.
	You proved to be my greatest son – I am so proud of you!
	He then charges you with a shocker.  Don't let him get you, or it starts you over at 
the cutscene at the beginning of the game (Noooooo!).  When you shoot him, it will show 
a slow motion death sequence (like when you die).
	Y-You…I…should have known.  I-I-I didn't even recognize m-my own son.  Y-You 
broke my heart, my son.  W-What good is a b-bullet-proof vest, if dead strikes within?	
	The Professor goes down for the count, and Hitman leans over his father, cradling  
him in his arms (awww).  Then he grabs his head and snaps his neck!  The credits roll.  

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