Additional DesignJonathan Dudlak
Additional DesignEric Embree
Additional DesignEd Kaminski
Additional DesignDavid Leary
Additional Design/Art/Sound EffectsTom Carter
Additional ProgrammingJames Conrad
Additional ProgrammingSharif Elcott
Additional ProgrammingGage R. Galinger
Additional ProgrammingAdam Klein
Additional ProgrammingJames Richmond
Additional ProgrammingJeffrey E. Ruediger
Additional ProgrammingLee Saito
Additional Programming/Sound Effects/Voice Recording/Additional Voice TalentMichael Grayford
ArtErik Asorson
DesignPeter Bartholow
DesignBrigand Green
DesignNoah Tool
ProgrammingBilly Khan
ProgrammingMark Kornkven
ProgrammingBenjamin Newell
ProgrammingAndrew Schnickel
ProgrammingDavid Szymczyk


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, Fossil, and misschu.

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