• Developer Mode

    Submit the thedayismine code, then push ~ to see the console window. After that submit what cheat you want.

    All Doors Unlockeddoor_ignore_locks = 1
    Change CharacterF8
    Clipping Mode (0 to disable 1 to enable)chr_nocollision 0 or 1
    Cycle through all possible weaponsF7
    Display Frame RateCTRL + SHIFT + Y
    Display Opponent LogicCTRL + SHIFT + B
    Kill all nearby AIai2_kill
    Playback RecordingF11
    Start RecordingF9
    Stop RecordingF10
    Toggle Slow MotionCTRL + SHIFT + G
    Toggles TexturesCTRL + SHIFT + S
    View Console Commandsdump_docs

    Contributed By: Undergrads2003.

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  • Oni Cheat Codes

    Go to the Menu (F1) and type following code:

    Big Headbighead
    Change Character (Press F8 to change)shapeshifter
    Daodan Powerchenille
    Enables developer modethedayismine
    Fat Lootfatloot
    Fists of Legendfistsoflegend
    Gatling Gunroughjustice
    Glass Furnitureglassworld
    Godzilla Modebehemoth
    Instantly Lose Levelloselevel
    Instanty Win Levelwinlevel
    Last Man Standingreservoirdogs
    Mini Modeminime
    Phase Cloakermoonshadow
    Slow Motioncarousel
    Super Ammo Modesuperammo
    Ultra Modekillmequick
    Weapon Lockermunitionfrenzy

    Contributed By: white_leaf and eli0918.

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  • Quick-Reloading Mercury Bow

    You can circumvent the reload time for the Mercury Bow by dropping the weapon after firing and then picking it back up. It will instantly be ready for another shot.

    Contributed By: Ryusui.

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Easter Eggs

  • Activate ''big head'' mode in level 12

    In Level 12 ''Dr Hasagawa's Lab'', there's a part early on where four tiny strikers rush at you. If you manage to kill them all before one of them runs back into the wall (good luck!), the ''Big Head'' cheat will automatically turn on, giving you and enemies in the level big noggins.

    Contributed By: Dais.

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  • Activate Cheat Codes

    Before you can use the codes, you must activate them. If you haven't beaten the game yet, then you must hex-edit one of the files.

    (This is from

    ''Open up the 'persist.dat' file with your Hex Editor. Go to location 0x44 and change the value there to 07. Once that is done, to run the cheat codes press [F1] while in the game to open the menu and type in the cheats you want to use.''

    (If you don't have a hex-editor, you can get a free one at

    Contributed By: PrEyX.

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