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Song Lyrics by Fransiska Ike

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/01/07


         **    **   ***   *****     ***** *****    ***   ****** *******
         ** ** ** **   ** **  **   **   * **  ** **   ** **     *******
         ** ** ** ******* ******  ***     ****** ******* ******   ***
          ******  **   ** **   **  **   * **   * **   ** **       ***
           ****   **   ** **   **   ***** **   * **   ** **       ***

                                 **  **  **
                                 **  **  **
                                 **  **  **
                                 **  **  **
                                 **  **  **

        *** * * ***  *** *** *** *** *** ***  *** * * *** *** *** ***
         *  *** **   **  *** * *  *  **  * *   *  *** *** * * * * **
         *  * * ***  *   * * *** *** *** * *   *  * * * * *** * * ***

                       (With Patch 1.20e installed)
                            PC & MAC Compatible

                           Ending Music Lyric FAQ
                     Version 1.0 (Last Updated 30/01/2007)
                              By Black_Zero_X

    This file is Copyright (c) 2007 Black_Zero_X . All rights reserved.

                  |     This FAQ is dedicated to my     |
                  |    fiancé, Ryan. I love you dear. <3|


* The Warcraft III logo above was created by Black_Zero_X.
Copyright (c)2007 Black_Zero_X. All rights  reserved. No part  of the  logo can
be reedited, reused or remodified without the author's permission.

* This file is created and edited with metapad, default font, 80 characters per
line. Best viewed in 1024 x 768 resolution.

[1]. Version Info

******** Version 0.1 ********
->  29 January 2007 - Started the FAQ. General format were arranged.

******** Version 1.0 ********
->  30 January 2007 - Completed the FAQ, submitted to GameFAQs.

[2]. Frequently Asked Questions

PLEASE read this before sending me any  emails about 'How to extract  the music
from Warcraft 3?'........................ :P

1. Where can I hear the music?
Answer: You can hear this at Warcraft 3  the Frozen  Throne  game  (obviously).
HOW? You  can  press   'Enter'  and   type  'TenthLevelTaurenChieftain'   while
playing 'Campaign' (regardless the chapters and events) of 4 races,  the  music
should  play by itself and won't repeat itself unless you put another cheat in.
So,there is funny way to  hear  this good song via Frozen Throne, quite stange,
eh? =x

2. How do I get/buy the music?
Answer: First, You can try Google/Froogle. This is for 'buy' method, obviously.
OR,  you  could  visit  www.gamemusic.com and order your music there (I haven't
tried this.)
Second, if you have Warcraft 3 CD, you  can obtain  this music  easily by using
World Editor and extract it yourself. Here's how:
        - Open World Editor.
        - Press F5, this should bring out Sound Editor menu.
        - Go  to  'Sound'  branch  and  select  'Music' path,  you  should  see
        'mp3music' section by now.
        - Click 'PH1.mp3' and right click the 'sound'.
        - Choose  'extract sound' and  VOILA  you  can  extract  it now and use
        Winamp to hear that good music. Just make  sure  you  don't  change its
        extension (.mp3) or you'll be unable to play it via  Winamp (or Windows
        Media Player).
NOTE: The musics from Warcraft do not  need any  codecs  to be played. Most  of
them are  encoded  with  MPEG  format   which  is  readable  by Windows itself.

And there's one other way to get the music, here's the last  (but the hardest).
Third, you could  analyze 'war3x.mpq' file  on  your  Warcraft 3  directory and
extract  the  musics  there. BUT, this  is  FAR  harder and requires a bunch of
mathematical analysis (or easier if you're using external tools). Nevertheless,
I recommend you to use the second way to get the music, it's easier and faster.

3. Can I do the same to the rest of the musics/ WAVs, MP3s?
Answer: Yes, you can do the same trick for  EVERY  musics  at  Warcraft 3 game.
Basically World Editor provides  everything  you  need to get the musics, icons
and stuffs from Warcraft 3. It's really powerful and easy to use  and  with it,
acquiring the whole-mass soundtrack from Warcraft 3 files is no longer a dream.
Well,  there  are bunch  of nice sound effects and bakcground music ready to be
ripped off :D, all of them can be seen at Sound Editor menu.

4. What is 'World Editor'?
Answer: A small program  which is shipped together with your  Frozen Throne CD.
They are  developed  and  maintained by  Blizzard themselves so it's guaranteed
that World Editor  is a nice addition for your Warcraft 3 experience. You could
create a map yourself, and  play  it  via  Warcraft  3 (either alone or by your
friends). Be wary however, the  Editor features are quite complex and cannot be
learned in single day. If you want to  seek  help, don't send email to Blizzard
for most  likely  they  will  ignore  your mail, instead go to GameFAQs' Frozen
Throne Board and ask for help around there. For  some o ther  info about 'World
Editor'  please  see my 'Night Elf Heroes Guide FAQ'  which  is  also posted at
GameFAQs  and can be  found  via  my recognition link (see last section for the

5. Do you have any extra info about this music?
Answer: I've put everything I know on this FAQ  and  at the music lyrics below.
Read  the  lyrics  section  to  see them. NOTE: I  got  the  extra  info  after
analyzing  the  ORIGINAL  music  from  Warcraft  III  itself  by  MYSELF (using
Winamp) and didn't  get  the info from another source. You can use  these  info
to  compare  your newly extracted mp3 once  you  get it  to  determine  whether
you've  done everything right or not. :P

6. What's your opinion about this music, its score etc? Why did you write this?
Answer: I'd give it 8.5/10. It's a cool song, especially the Guitar Solo in the
middle of the music. That's the main  reason  why I  wrote this FAQ. The  minor
reason is... there's no Ending Lyrics FAQ at GameFAQs.... ^^; heheheh.....

7. Can  I  send  you an  email  regarding this FAQ (for questions, corrections,
suggestions and comments)?
Answer:  Yup, but there are rules to send  an  email to me: (PLEASE READ THIS!)
- Please send me an email in ENGLISH!
- Please write  meaningful  subject. Gibberish  or  no  sense subject  will  be
  ignored and deleted straightly.
- No SPAM, hate mails, chain letters, and viruses. I'll hunt you down if you do
  so, promised.
- No emails about technical support for  programming  language  such as VB.Net,
  Java and C/ C++.
- CONSTRUCTIVE contributions, critics, suggestions are welcome!
- Do not ask for  updates  to  be sent  to  your  email! Grab  the  updates  at
  www.gamefaqs.com, I sent it there for a reason....

Send your mail(s) to: blackzero85@gmail.com, YIM: blackzero85

Yup, only send your mail here and nowhere else. I DO have YIM (yahoo messenger)
but I do not use it often because it is my private  connection  with my friends
and if you want to contact me  via Yahoo Messenger, you must mail me  first and
ask  to  be added. If not, then  I will simply  block your message, thinking it
as a spam.

[3]. Legal Stuff

This  FAQ  was  written and is  maintained by  Black_Zero_X. This  FAQ  may  be
published only for www.gamefaqs.com for now, though I may grant  another site a
permission if they ask for it  first. Black_Zero_X @ 2007. All rights reserved.
This FAQ in whole or in part may  be  not be reproduced under any circumstances
except for personal and private  use. Any use of this guide in whole or in part
for  financial  profit  is  strictly  prohibited. All trademarks and copyrights
contained  in this  document  are  owned  by  their  respective  trademark  and
copyright holders.

Note  that  these  sites  are  allowed to put my FAQs, they have   asked for my
permission: www.neoseeker.com, www.supercheats.com

[4]. Ending Lyrics

Title           : Power Of The Horde
Artist          : Tenth Level Tauren Chieftain
Album           : WarCraft III Expansion
Year            : 2003
Genre           : Blues
Language        : English
Extra Info      : Original Filename- OST Warcraft III Official Sountrack.mp3
(taken from       Size             - 4505182 bytes
Winamp)           Length           - 282 seconds
                  Type             - MPEG-1 layer 3
                  Quality          - 128kbit, approx. 10803 frames
                                     44100Hz Joint Stereo
                  Emphasis         - None


Storm, Earth and Fire, Heed my call!

(opening instruments)

I am the son of The Wind and Rain,
Thunder beckons and I heed the call.
If I die upon this day, in battle I will fall.
Hear me brothers gather up the wolves, (+wolves' howls)
To battle we will ride!
War drums echo the beating heart, pounding from inside.

        * STORM! Black clouds fill the sky.
          EARTH! hear my battlecry.
          FIRE! and Thunder will bring forth.
          DEATH! from the power of The Horde.

Farseer to The Warsong Clan,
To no men will I kneel.
Feel The Power and The Energy,
Born of Black Blood, Honour and Steel.
Feel The Fire burning in my veins,
Lightning strikes (+sounds of lightning) at my command.
By Storm and Earth, Axe and Fire,
We come to claim this land.

        * STORM! Black clouds fill the sky.
          EARTH! hear my battlecry.
          FIRE! and Thunder will bring forth.
          DEATH! from the power of The Horde.

(An EXCELLENT Guitar solo-run here!)


Surrounded by the enemy,
The wolf among the hounds.
Thunder turns to silence, sek-ta,
The hundred to bring me down.

Wolf brothers failing at my side,
With honour I will die.
Upon the Altar of the Storms,
I will be reborn.

       ** STORM! Black clouds fill the sky.
          EARTH! hear my battlecry.
          FIRE! and Thunder will bring forth.
          DEATH! for I've been reborn!

DEATH! (Uwaaaa!)


(/End of lyrics)

Personal Comment: A great song, I really  like the tones  and the lyrics! Good
job Blizzard, good job. <3 So go ahead and get the music NAO! xD

General description: Pretty damn nice instrument  arrangements, especially  the
bass and the guitar tones. Starts with slow tone, added with good opening then.
The background sound effects are quite prefect and  well  timed  too, like that
'wolves' howls' and 'lightning strikes'. Overall  in  overall, this beats  some
creepy OST musics I ever heard badly.

[5]. Special Thanks

These people deserve my thanks, without them I  wouldn't be able to write  this
FAQ. Anon, they're (in no particular order):

- Blizzard Entertainment ------------------------------------------------------
  Link: www.blizzard.com
  They made this awesome game and thus I was able to write this FAQ. Simple and
  obvious, isn't it? Oh, I also need to thank them for  their  wonderful  World
  Editor (from which I extracted those musics) . Without it, I won't be able to
  write this FAQ completely.

- Ryan ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  He gave me his Battle Chest, taught me  how to  play  this  game, and  became
  an inspiration to  write this FAQ. He  always there to support me, whatever I
  have done and I   will done,   also being everything I want in a man. I can't
  thank you enough in the past,  now and  in  the future.. You're the light  in
  my heart, dear.

- Melly -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  For  being  my  best  friend, for  loving  me, for  encouraging  me, and  for
  teaching me how to deal with "them" .....  Our friendship will last  forever,
  Melly. Rock on, Sister! Rock on! xD

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasey ---------------------------------------------------------
  For creating and maintaining the best site in the  whole  universe, GameFAQs,
  and of course for posting my FAQ. GameFAQs  is  truly my second home....Thank
  you, Sir!

- Black_Zero_X a.k.a Fransiska (Me!) ------------------------------------------
  Hey, she is this FAQ's writer. Without her, you wouldn't be able to read this
  FAQ. Special thanks goes to her of course.........yay for me (and my ears for
  listening this music)! :P

- Winamp ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  Link: www.winamp.com
  For making such wonderful software that helped me immensely to find some very
  annoying values ^-^ from Warcraft 3 OST file.

- ASCII Generator/ Asciigen ---------------------------------------------------
  Because  I don't  have to  create  anymore ascii art, I used it to  create my
  initial below. Quite nice, huh? Thanks to Ascii gen. (http://go.to/ascgen/)

- Everyone on GameFAQs' Warcraft III The Frozen Throne message board. ---------
  Whhhoops, they helped me when I was but a newbie  player AND helped me out of
  my misery when things got  tough. If it  wasn't  for  these guys, I  would've
  packed this game  up  long  time ago and thrown it away to my soapbox.... >_>

[14]. Future Plan & Closing                                              [PLAN]

Oh, typos and other errors may exist within this document for I don't have time
to check everything now >_> so critics and corrections (however small they are)
will be accepted gladly. AND if you send me contributions and  I  don't respond
your email in  the next  day, please be patient. I check my mailbox once a week
and  probably  haven't  gotten  around  your message yet or I'm backlogged with
emails. Short answer: BE PATIENT!

Next update (and it will be a FINAL version) will  be  done  shortly, for this,
I've set a deadline till  1 May 2007 for  your  contributions. After that, I'll
make final arrangements  and mark this FAQ as FINAL version (meaning there will
be no other update).

Few plans for the next update are:
- 'Index' section will be added (if needed or requested, but I doubt that).
- Spellchecking ^o^ and fixing (if any) typos.
- Question and Answer additions to 'FAQ' section.
- Lyric Translations for my native language and/or other languages as well.

Here's the link to list of my works (as promised, hehe):


T h a n k  y o u  f o r  r e a d i n g . See ya!

                                        Those who wield too much powers....
                                                 Those who only bring chaos....

-End of Documents-


     ZW2 MMi MM,        .MMMMMMMMMM        ;aMM,    - Life is like a painting..
   aM   MM   @M7               MM,        W7 MM7  M    You paint over blank
  MM   MM   :M7              MM              MMi.M      canvas called future
      rMM MMZ              MM                MMM         by living.
      MB  MM            0MM                  @Mr
    ;MM    M          8MZ                 ;Mi MS
    B     MM        MM:      XM         BM    M.
aMMMZMMWMa         MMMMMMMMMM,      .MMMX     MM

                    Copyright (c)2007, Black_Zero_X
                         All rights reserved.


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