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Dark Ranger Hero FAQ by Earthshaker

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/29/06


Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Specialty FAQ - Dark Ranger Hero. 
Version 1.0
Started on 8/21/2005 by Earthshaker, finally submitted on 12/29/2006 
Copyright 2005-2006 by Earthshaker (Honatuto@yahoo.com)

Anyone may reproduce this FAQ electronically, but do not sell it for 
money.  If you wish to place this on your website, TOUGH BEANS.  The 
*only* place this walkthrough will EVER be published is www.GameFAQs.com 
(or its affiliates.)  If you host without my permission or GameFAQs, you 
are hosting without GameFAQs's express legal consent, and I'm fairly 
certain that the legal repercussions for that are, at best, undesirable.

You can also email your INTELLIGENT comments, questions, gripes, 
suggestions, submissions, love letters, etc. to the above address; 
however, I have a special Email now set up that I check every so often  
regarding video game help.  This email is Honatuto (at) yahoo (dot) com 
(spammers begone!)

1.) Revision history
2.) "Lolz omg wut is a neutral hero?  Kan I kill it?!" (an overview)
3.) Dark Ranger - an Overview
    A.) Stats
    B.) Abilities
4.) Dark Ranger by Race
    A.) Human/Alliance
    B.) Orc/Horde
    C.) Night Elf/Sentinel
    D.) Undead/Scourge
5.) Final Summary
6.) Repeat Copyright

^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* 1. Revision History *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^

12/29/2006 - Version 1.0. I wrote this FAQ so very long ago and forgot 
to submit it.  It was originally intended to be an in-depth view of 
certain specific heroes that people tend to have troubles using, but 
since then, I've looked over it, tacked on some grammatical fixes, etc.  
Also, it was very difficult to read as it was rather... long, so it has 
been broken up into several sections that will become FAQs in their own 

Still, while DotA:Allstars reigns supreme as one of the most played 
games on Battle.net, there are still people attracted to the main online 
game.  This is who the FAQ is for: those brave souls willing to risk it 
in a melee map.  TO THE DEATH!


8/21/2005 - Version Alpha - The madness begins, after a summer of having 
worked at a bank.  I am also legally old enough to drink, and as such, 
*legally* insane.  Well, enough about me.  On with the show!

^*^*^*^*^ 2.) lolz omg wut is a neutral hero? Kan I kill it?! *^*^*^*^*

(Please, PLEASE refer to Dandude's awesome terminology FAQ located under 
the Frozen Throne FAQs and Guides here at www.GameFAQs.com.  If you do 
not, some of this language might scare or disorient you.)

   The titling for this section comes because, quite frankly, the 
majority of the Battle.net population is comprised of idiots, lowlifes, 
and degenerates.  Notice that I, the pot, am calling the kettle black, 
but I'm sorely offended by the fact that opponents submit hacking 
reports just because they wonder how their units keep missing while 
bubbles are floating out of their heads (yes, I have had someone attempt 
a hacking report because I used a hero skill.)

   But maybe you're new to the Warcraft 3 expansion.  Well, here's the 
concept of where neutral heroes come into play: a neutral hero is a 
mercenary hero that, provided you own an altar, can be hired out of a 
Frozen Throne exclusive building called the tavern.  At this tavern, 
eight heroes of various races are boozing around, just waiting to go get 
beat up for a pithy amount of resources.

   To select a hero from a tavern, you must first build an altar at your 
base.  Once this is completed (or, more recommended, while it is in the 
process of building, move ANY unit under your control (or a partners 
control, if shared control has been enabled) near the tavern (a building 
with a large, red roof, usually equidistant from any of the starting 
locations.)  When the unit is within "shopping distance" of the tavern, 
the grayed-out portraits of the eight heroes within will become vibrant 
and colorful (providing you built that altar!)  Click on the portrait of 
the hero you wish to hire.  There are some things to note about 
selection of a hero from the tavern, however!  They are as follows.

1.) While the hero is free if it is your first hero, hiring a neutral 
hero as your second hero requires a small amount of additional lumber on 
top of the original cost (compared to if you hired a hero from your own 
altar, where you only need 425 gold and 100 wood.)


3.) If you wish to hire a neutral hero as your second or third hero, you 
must be on the appropriate "tier" level (refer to Dandude's terminology 

4.) Heroes that are hired from a tavern appear INSTANTLY upon selection.  
Make sure you do not miss the proper hotkey or portrait, or else you may 
wind up with a Beastmaster when you wanted a Naga.

5.) While heroes appear instantly from the tavern, they CAN NOT be hired 
for the first few minutes of a game.  It takes almost exactly the same 
amount of time to immediately build an altar upon the start of a game 
and train a hero from the completed altar as it does for the neutral 
heroes to become available in the tavern.  Fancy that... having to wait 
for them to finish their drinks before they'll die for you.

SUPPLY OF FOOD.  The tavern provides the ability to hold off on 
production of your altar for a little while, but you *still* need a 
completed one.  Be sure you have the 5 food necessary for hiring by 
building that extra farm/moon well/ziggurat/burrow!

7.) The tavern isn't just used for hiring neutral heroes.  Dead heroes  
(both neutral and racial) have the option to revive their spirits (pun 
intended) at the tavern!  Heroes revived in this manner revive 
instantly, but there are several pitfalls from using this alternative.  
First off, a hero that is revived at the tavern is rehired instantly 
with half of his/her maximum health, and NO MANA.  Second, it requires a 
LOT of resources to revive a hero instantly there, and it escalates 
depending on the level.  Just for example, and this is off the top of my 
head, but I believe that reviving a level 1 hero at the tavern requires 
the same amount of gold and lumber as it costs to train a second hero 
from an altar (425G100L.)  It is obviously VERY inefficient to revive 
level 1 heroes at a tavern except in desperation - this feature is best 
reserved if you were horrible enough/unlucky enough to lose a level 9 or 
10 hero to an opponent.

   Now that we've covered the basics of the tavern, let's cover the 
basics of a neutral hero.  One statement describes the usage of a 
neutral hero - ALL NEUTRAL HEROES ARE SITUATIONAL.  While true even for 
the racial heroes, THEY ARE *SITUATIONAL.*  For example, it is POINTLESS 
to get, say, a Pit Lord for your first hero as an Undead, since his main 
purposes (area damage and a [poor] tanking job) are overshadowed by the 
abilities of the other Undead heroes.  A Lich will cover the AOE needs 
with Frost Nova better than a Pit Lord's Rain of Fire (which has poorer 
range, does not slow targets, and requires multiple waves to hit for 
full effectiveness,) whereas a Crypt Lord will utilize impale and spiked 
carapace to SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the amount of damage he takes.

   Instead, try COMBINING the neutral heroes to fill gaps in your army.  
Again, let's consider the Undead.  Suppose one of their main problems is 
the quick onset of enemy necromancers from an opposing UD?  Hire a dark 
ranger to silence both the necromancers and enemy obsidian statues, then 
utilize black arrow to pick off any Raise Dead bait.  While she is 
performing her duties, use a Lich to Frost Nova any enemies focusing 
her, heal her with a Death Knight's Death Coil, or utilize the 
Dreadlord's Vampiric Aura to ensure a bit of protection for Dark Minions 
raised from Black Arrow.

   The trick is to find the neutral hero of your choice's niche in the 
army and run with it.  With the possible exceptions of Tinker and the 
Pandaren Brewmaster, few of these heroes can effectively be utilized as 
your primary hero.  Still, a little variety never hurts, right?

   With all that said, let's get the actual meat of the FAQ completed: 
individual analysis (analyses?  Analysises?) of the Dark Ranger.  First 
comes an introduction to the character, an in-depth look at his/her 
abilities, an in-depth look at her pros and cons, an in-depth look at 
how she can be effectively utilized during online play, with a few 
dashes of tips for use.

   This FAQ will "borrow" information from Blizzard's official Warcraft 
3 Expansion site, www.blizzard.com/war3x

   As a final notice for this introduction before we get started... all of 
the information FIRST provided is based off of MY personal experiences 
and opinions.  You are welcome to agree or disagree, or even make some 
submissions!  Any other views that are not redundant are very much 
appreciated (except if they're stupid, in which they are appreciated 
after being cleansed in a vat of boiling oil sprayed with Lysol and 

^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* 3.) Dark Ranger - An Overview *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^

"So I went on a job interview the other day, and they were like 'ohh, 
what's that smell?'  And I was, like, 'oh, sorry, that's me.'  And then 
they figured I wouldn't be able to fit in with the other employees 
because they're living, and I'm, y'know, dead, so I wouldn't be a team 
player? But then I said that I could work 24 hours and they were like 
'Allllright! You can work the graveyard shift!'

   The Dark Ranger is a small-sized, crafty manipulator of enemy forces.  
From her own hatred of the living, this undead elf has risen from the 
ranks of being a mere banshee and now can inflict the shadowy fears of 
death in other opponents, causing them to animate into skeletons when 
they fall under the pressures of her Black Arrows.  With her will, she 
can also halt enemy magicians from uttering the incantations necessary 
to perform any spells in a circular area, or she can steal the very 
essence of life from a target, replacing her own vitals.  Experienced 
dark rangers use allure from beyond the grave to Charm their enemies 
into defection.

   The Dark Ranger was, at first, the only available Neutral hero during 
Frozen Throne's beta period.  Still, with the other seven heroes to 
choose from, this agility-based hero is still a solid choice.  She has a 
fairly large range on her attack, compounded with a fast move speed.  
Best of all, she can provide herself with a tank with a little bit of 

   Also, out of ANY hero in the Frozen Throne, or heck, even any of the 
other heroes, she is my personal favorite.

(Please note that all stats are disregarding other factors such as 
auras, tomes, or items.)

Primary Attribute: Agility
Attack Range: 60
Base HP: 550                        Level 10 HP: 975
Base MP: 225                        Level 10 MP: 570
Base strength: 18                   Level 10 strength: 35
Base agility: 21                    Level 10 agility: 34
Base intelligence: 15               Level 10 intelligence: 38
Base damage: 1d11+22                Level 10 damage: 1d11+35
Base armor: 4                       Level 10 armor: 8
Base attack speed: 1 ranged attack every 2.42 seconds
Move speed: 320 (Fast)

Special attributes:
UNDEAD - Being Undead, the Dark Ranger can be harmed by Holy Light and 
can be healed by Death Coil.  Friendlies can not use Holy Light on a 
Dark Ranger because of this, and likewise, enemies can use a Death Coil 
against her.


Mana Cost: 75  Cooldown: 15 seconds.
- After selecting this skill, a targeting circle will appear.  Upon 
placement of the circle, the Dark Ranger moves into range (maximum range 
of 90) and places a debuff on every enemy non-magic-immune unit or hero 
which prevents magical abilities from being used.  Passive skills and 
auras will still remain in effect.  Increasing levels of Silence improve 
the duration and area of effect (mana cost and range remain constant.)

- Silence can be dispelled.  Silence lasts for half duration (I.e. 8 
seconds instead of 16 at level 1) on heroes or units with spell 

LEVEL 1 - 16 second duration.  Area of effect (AoE) - 20.
LEVEL 2 - 20 second duration.  AoE - 27.5
LEVEL 3 - 24 second duration.  AOE - 35


- Fast cooldown - with the exception of heroes or units with spell 
resistance, a Dark Ranger can constantly keep a group of enemies 
Silenced, even at level 1.

- Interrupts channeling - any ability that requires concentration, such 
as Blizzard, Stampede, Earthquake, Starfall, etc., will stop functioning 
after Silence is placed on it.

- Because of its area targeting ability, units may be moved out of range 
of Silence before it fires off.  Take care that your Ranger is in range 
before targeting, or she will waste time wandering to the targeted 

- Silence's mana cost, while relatively low, may become a problem if you 
constantly need to use it in conjunction with Black Arrow.  She will 
usually have enough for one or two, but in a large melee, mana can run 
out at the worst time.  Consider carrying a mana potion (200 gold) to 
remedy this.

Mana Cost: 6  Cooldown: N/A
AUTOCAST ABILITY - Right clicking the icon will allow this spell to 
activate automatically.
- When Black Arrow is activated, a dark aura surrounds every arrow the 
Dark Ranger fires from her bow.  This aura deals additional damage to 
the targeted enemy, and if the enemy dies within a short time of being 
struck by one, it will become a Dark Minion under the Dark Ranger's 
LEVEL 1 - 2 additional damage per shot, creates a 215 HP Lesser Dark 
Minion (9.5 average damage per hit, attacks once every two seconds.)
LEVEL 2 - 10 additional damage per shot, creates a 290 HP Dark Minion 
(16 average damage per hit, attacks once every two seconds.)
LEVEL 3 - 20 additional damage per shot, creates a 405 HP Greater Dark 
Minion (17.5 average damage per hit, attacks once every two seconds.)

- This is the Dark Ranger's essential skill.  Additional damage for a 
low mana cost is great, and if you are skilled with using the alt button 
to examine low HP units based on their health bars, you can quickly pick 
off dying units to create a skeleton army.

- Caution should be taken using this ability around enemies with dispel.  
If you see a priest, destroyer, spirit walker, or an approaching wisp, 
consider turning off Black Arrow to avoid feeding your opponents the EXP 
obtained from killing Dark Minions.  Remember that Dark Minions give the 
same EXP as a level 2/3/4 creep (depending on the level of Black Arrow.  
Consider Silencing the offending tauren or blood elves, if you can catch 
an entire group of them. If the dispeller is a destroyer, you should 
take it down BEFORE using the black arrow! If you don't want to turn it 
off, you can always take potshots at an enemy hero, as the added damage 
bonus is wonderful.

Mana Cost: 75  Cooldown: 8 seconds
- When Life Drain is targeted on an enemy, the Dark Ranger moves within 
50 range and starts siphoning green energy out of the targeted enemy 
(who knew we were all squishy, glowing, and green on the inside?)  As 
the enemy loses this energy, it loses HP, which is transferred over to 
the Dark Ranger, healing her if she is damaged.  
CHANNELING ABILITY - The Dark Ranger cannot perform any other actions 
while casting this spell to maintain its full effect.  Abilities such as 
Sleep or Ensnare will stop the effect of this spell. 
SPECIAL NOTE: If the targeted enemy moves beyond a range of 80, the 
spell will abruptly terminate.
LEVEL 1 - 25 HP transferred per second.
LEVEL 2 - 40 HP transferred per second.
LEVEL 3 - 55 HP transferred per second.

- I'm not really a big fan of this spell.  It's excellent in theory, 
really, but it's overshadowed by her other two primary skills in most 
cases.  The only situation I would ever pick Life Drain over Silence is 
if I've already been using Silence for the match and the opponent 
stopped using casters altogether.  I would buy a tome of retraining at 
this point and invest the Silence points into LD.

- It CAN be a great hero killer spell, since the hero resistance factor 
seems to be weak on here, but the problem I find with it is that 
everything Life Drain can do a Black Arrow can do better in terms of 
damage.  Really, it'd only be useful for healing the ranger if you have 
no other options, which you should as every race (Priests for Human, 
Witch Doctors and a Shadow Hunter for Orcs, Death Knight for the Undead, 
and... er... Moon Wells for the Night Elves.


Mana cost: 150  Cooldown: 45 seconds  Range: 70
ULTIMATE SKILL - Can only be obtained when the Dark Ranger's experience 
level is 6 or higher.
- Upon using this skill, the Dark Ranger dominates the thoughts of a 
targeted enemy unit, causing it to defect and be controlled by the DR's 
commander.  It is like the banshee spell Possession, with some notable 
differences: First, it can be used on aerial units, and second, Charm is 
INSTANT, while Possession is channeling, and third, the Dark Ranger does 
not die after using this spell.


- I LOVE this ultimate, but it must be used carefully.  You don't just 
want to parade into a base with a lone Ranger and charm a tauren... no, 
don't even ATTEMPT that unless you're positive you can run the unit away 
(otherwise, you'll just feed the enemy hero experience.)  It can really 
turn the tides of battle if used on a 4-food or higher unit (such as a 
knight, mountain giant without resistant skin, or my personal favorite 
act of larceny, a frost wyrm.)  

- The cooldown for Charm is VERY low - so low, in fact, that a problem 
will crop up from repeated use: the Dark Ranger will lack the mana 
necessary to cast it.  A remedy for this is a 200 gold mana potion, 
easily purchased at the tier 2 stage of the racial shop.  Also consider 
mana-boosting abilities of other races: the Brilliance Aura of an 
Archmage, Reverse Mana Siphon from a Blood Mage, or the Mana restoration 
ability of Obsidian Statues.  Also, consider turning off autocast Black 
Arrow and using it only when absolutely necessary.

^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ 4.) Dark Ranger by Race *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*


   While some may consider a Dark Ranger for Human a bit... crappy, they 
are correct, in a sense. Really, the only situation in which a Dark 
Ranger would be preferable would be when a Paladin is not useful. 
Silence, while an excellent anti-caster spell, pales in comparison to 
both the dispel abilities of a Priest or a Spell Breaker. In fact, Life 
Drain might be necessary for early healing if you obtain her first for 
some reason, since she can not be healed by a Paladin's Holy Light (only 
a slower heal from a Priest.) Consider Life Drain as a combination 
attack with a Blood Mage using Banish. 
Bear in mind that friendly dispel spells do not affect your own summon 
units, so do not be afraid to dispel a buff-happy group of casters in 
the fear that your Dark Minions will bite the dust.  DO bear in mind 
that Dispel Magic WILL remove Silence from enemies (although Spell Steal 
will not!) 
   WITH A PALADIN - Just avoid this combo. The only worthy thing coming 
off of a Paladin would be a Devotion Aura boosting the armor rating of 
the Dark Minions; however, if and when the Ranger gets focus-fired, she 
will need to carry additional Healing Potions or do her pitiful death 
scream that sounds COMPLETELY out of character with her voice. 
   WITH A MOUNTAIN KING - This combination can function decently well as 
a hero killer, with a combination of Storm Bolt/Bash and Life Drain. 
However, every moment you Life Drain is a moment you could be picking 
off weak enemies with a Black Arrow; what's more, with a decent attack 
speed through Gloves of Haste or an attack bonus from Claws of Attack, 
you may be dealing MORE damage with Black Arrow on a hero than you would 
with that spell. If you want to experiment, you can, but the MK works 
better with other heroes. 
   WITH AN ARCHMAGE - Brilliance Aura is a lovely aura, and can ensure 
that a Dark Ranger can Silence an additional time or two during a 
battle. In addition, the Dark Minions summoned from Black Arrow make an 
excellent addition to a Water Elemental. Just be wary on a purge/dispel-
happy opponent with this combination.  
   WITH A BLOOD MAGE - The Blood Mage currently has the stigma of being 
a weak hero, and it is shown through this matchup. Flamestrike can not 
be decently linked to any of the Dark Ranger's spells unless she Life 
Drains from one direction while he casts Flamestrike from the other, and 
is just as likely to nuke Dark Minions as it is enemies. Still, an 
interesting combination from this hero link-up is combining a Dark 
Ranger's Drain with a Blood Mage's Mana Siphon, ESPECIALLY if coming 
from two different directions. If you must use this combo, consider 
casting Banish on a hero or strong unit, then cast Life Drain on the 
Banished unit. Make sure to replenish the Ranger's mana on occasion with 
a Reverse Siphon Mana (leave enough for Banish, however.) 

   UTILIZING THE ARCANE VAULT'S ITEMS - The Dark Ranger can definitely 
get away with not having to use Mana Potions if a Blood Mage or Archmage 
is on the battlefield, but keep a lesser clarity potion on hand during 
the early game in case you need a boost traveling from, say, one creep 
camp to another. It's useful for her to carry a Staff of Sanctuary also, 
ESPECIALLY if she reaches level 6. Using Invisibility on her and a 
sorceress, waltzing into an enemy base, and charming something like a 
Chimera or a Tauren and sending it back home with the staff JUST before 
having Invisibility recast by the sorceress and sneaking back out leads 
to some priceless comments along the lines of "omg u hor give dat 
   Oh, and as with every race for the Dark Ranger, do NOT purchase the 
race's orb (in this case, the fire orb.) First, the fire orb SUCKS, and 
second off, an activated Black Arrow will override the Orb's effect. 

   The Dark Ranger's Life Drain ability, while seeming subpar using 
other races, really shines in a matchup with Orc. Use immobilization 
tactics, utilizing abilities like Ensnare, Stasis Wards, or a Tauren 
Chieftain's War Stomp to ensure the opponent will stay put. Dark Minions 
can replace Wolves as scouts and aid in buffing up the usually small 
(but beefy) Orc army in the early game, and since Spirit Walkers are 
something of a no-show despite their usefulness, Silence provides a bit 
of necessary anti-casting should the need arise. really has no practical 
use in this matchup with the exception of immobilization tactics like 
Ensnare, Stasis Wards, or a combination with a Tauren Chieftain's War 
   WITH A FAR SEER - While a great hero on his own, the Far Seer really 
can't do anything useful with a Dark Ranger. Dark Minions can scout just 
as effectively as Feral Spirits, while Chain Lightning has the nasty 
tendency to kill off weakened enemies that you may otherwise be picking 
off with Black Arrow. The only benefits he has over her are that his 
wolves are more damaging and he can carry the awesome racial orb. 
   WITH A SHADOW HUNTER - This makes for an interesting combination, one 
you might consider retraining your Dark Ranger from. Hexing a target 
during/before Life Drain will make its movement speed HORRIBLE so the 
target will not be able to get out of range effectively, and where the 
Shadow Hunter provides powerful glass cannons for summons, the Dark 
Ranger provides meat to prevent the enemies from reaching them. Healing 
Wave can easily keep both heroes alive, too, since neither hero has high 
   WITH A TAUREN CHIEFTAIN - Awesome. Endurance Aura's attack and 
movement increase will ensure that, except in the cases of Stun or a 
one-track-minded Death Knight, an enemy can NOT chase down the littlest 
archer. He provides excellent tanking support with high HP, and can 
freeze a group of fleeing units with War Stomp, allowing the Ranger to 
pick off weak units with Black Arrow. If you wanted to use the TC 
because of Shockwave, consider picking a different hero combination, 
because with the Dark Ranger, she cannot provide AoE spam which seems to 
be effective in larger team games. 
   WITH A BLADEMASTER - Personally, I hate the Blademaster, but this 
combination of heroes can allow for one heck of a startling moment for 
an enemy. Keep him under the effects of Wind Walk outside a battle, then 
move close with the Dark Ranger to activate Life Drain. If the hero 
sticks around before his/her health starts getting lower, utilize the 
Backstab damage for a ridiculous amount of pain. Most likely, you will 
have a dead hero using this combination if the Life Drain is high 
- it grants the burst of speed necessary for her and her skeletons to 
chase down fleeing units or heroes, and can also allow for a quick 
getaway should the need arise. Healing Salve is a must for any Orc 
player, as is the Orb of Lightning; however, you must avoid, at all 
costs, putting this on a Dark Ranger - while the orb is EXCELLENT, it 
will A.) be overridden by Black Arrow when Black Arrow is in effect, and 
B.) purge any silenced targets if you use it with Black Arrow 
deactivated. Removing debuffs that you cast is NOT a fun thing to do. 

   Being a former elf, you'd expect the Dark Ranger to be excellent with 
this superior-range race. You'd be right ;). The Night Elf army is 
fragile by nature with poor anti-casting abilities, which the Dark 
Ranger can remedy easily by using Dark Ranger to provide meat shields 
and silence to stop the nasty evil spell casters. You'd still run into 
problems due to Night Elves overall weakness to units with siege damage, 
too, so make sure you use her ranged attack and groups of skeletons to 
focus on any stray mortar teams or demolishers first. The only thing a 
DR CAN'T provide is healing, which becomes limited for Night Elves until 
their Moon Wells become improved with a T3 upgrade (or a Keeper of the 
Grove gets his ultimate. As a side note, if you're smart enough to 
ACTUALLY utilize wisps dispel capabilities, please, for the love of all 
that is holy, DON'T use them on silenced enemies unless you're positive 
his/her mana will be damaged enough to prevent the more damaging of 
spells (Inner Fire/Bloodlust/Polymorph/Cripple/Slow/etc.) 
   WITH A WARDEN - This combination would mainly be used for 
assassination. Have the Warden blink in front of a fleeing hero or 
strong unit's path, and shadow strike it. Use the movement speed 
decrease to focus Black Arrow shots or Life Drain on it. Fan of Knives 
can also be used, if the Warden has the mana to spare (which, let's face 
it - without mana potions, she usually doesn't.) Sadly, this combination 
lacks what a good elf needs - a steadily reliable tank for absorbing 
damage and drawing fire from archers. Consider a different hero 
   WITH A DEMON HUNTER - Despite everyone else IDOLIZING this hero, I 
think he's rather subpar in general... being supported by a Dark Ranger, 
on the other hand, becomes demi-godlike. Silence and Mana Burn used in 
conjunction punish the use of ANY casters, and while Immolation is 
terrible, focusing both the demon hunter's strong melee abilities (high 
attack with evasion to reduce damage) and the Dark Ranger's Black Arrow 
on low Max HP units such as Ghouls or enemy archers can quickly form a 
skeleton army. Of last notice is Metamorphosis... that Chaos ranged attack 
is godlike. Using it with Black Arrow will completely WRECK any 
   WITH A PRIESTESS OF THE MOON - A Priestess of the Moon is a pseudo-
assassin with an emphasis on ranged damage. And.. Hey, guess what, the 
Dark Ranger is a ranged hero! Trust me on this one - a Black Arrow / 
Searing Arrow / Trueshot Aura combination is just plain BRUTAL for the 
enemy on the receiving end. Even without immobilization, these two 
heroes can make short work of any non-magic-immune unit out there. Scout 
can also be used to keep an eye on the opponent, but it's really not 
worth it to pass up this massive damage bonus, and besides, Dark Minions 
can always double as scouts. 
   WITH A KEEPER OF THE GROVE - These heroes work well enough together, 
I suppose. The combination of Entangling Roots and Life Drain works 
surprisingly well on non-heroes, but should not be attempted on enemy 
heroes at low levels of Entangle (it would barely last 3 seconds, if 
that.) Another interesting combination, providing the opponent is 
lacking area dispel capabilities, is a Dark Minion / Treant swarm. 
Experiment, and have fun! Just don't get Thorns Aura by conscious choice 
unless the Keeper is above level 7; as of the time of this writing, it 

   UTILIZING THE ANCIENT OF WONDER'S ITEMS - Unless the opponent doesn't 
yet know you're an elf (if you picked Random, that is) try to keep using 
Moon Stones often. They're cheap, and they allow your moon wells to 
refill a tiny bit, helping to heal a hurt DR without Life Drain. Try to 
avoid using the Moon Wells if your mana is low - use the lesser clarity 
potion first. A Staff of Preservation works just as well as the Human's 
staff of Sanctuary - pick one up after level 6, sneak into a base, and 
Charm a unit. Afterwards, immediately send it home using the staff. 
Isn't petty theft fun? As with every race, however, DON'T USE THE VENOM 
ORB. It does not stack with Black Arrow, dangit!  
   The earlier comment for elves goes for the Undead, too. You figure 
she'd be an excellent addition to the Undead? You'd be right ;). Undead 
are the only units without a dispel until tier 3(.25, if you consider 
researching the upgrade at tier 3 an additional portion of a tier.) 
Black Arrow makes excellent tanks for the essential tier 1.5 unit, the 
crypt fiend, especially if you're vehemently anti-necromancer (like me, 
for some reason) As for Life Drain, it really has no situations in which 
it would be useful. If you're going to use a Ranger as Undead (which is 
an alternative, if you're tired of the Undead's awesome heroes) then 
leave that ability well alone until level 8. 
   WITH A DEATH KNIGHT - The DK, regarded as the essential Undead hero, 
is a decent choice for a hero to use with a DR, as all of his abilities 
nicely complement hers. Death Coil provides healing without the usage of 
Life Drain, and if the DK himself gets hurt, he can always Death Pact a 
Dark Minion or two. Unholy Aura enhances the Dark Ranger's running 
speed, which is excellent if she needs to flee in a hurry. The only 
abilities that don't work well together with a DR, in fact, is Animate 
Dead - Black Arrow consumes enemy corpses. If you intend to use that 
horrible ultimate, you can, by all means! Just turn off Black Arrow for 
a bit beforehand so you don't wind up raising two stray ghoul corpses, 
or something. 
   WITH A LICH - I love the Lich, but I dislike how he pushes my 
favorite hero into the role of a support whore. Sure, you can nuke a 
target you're attacking with Black Arrow with a Frost Nova, creating a 
minion, but what is the Lich going to provide if either he or the Ranger 
get attacked? Neither can heal each other except if the Ranger gets Life 
Drain (just don't.) In reality, neither hero should be getting hit by 
melee forces, but if they are, and if you INSIST on using this hero 
combination, consider investing in a point of Frost Armor to run away if 
the need arises.  
   By the way, don't underestimate Dark Ritual on a Dark Minion. While 
it will not replenish a lot (if any) mana at level 1 Dark Ritual on a 
Lesser Dark minion, try a level 3 ritual on a Level 3 minion and see 
what happens. Enjoy your unlimited Frost Nova. 
   WITH A DREADLORD - No. Just don't. These heroes work HORRIBLY 
together. Sleep might be immobilization, but casting it on something the 
Ranger is attacking turns her attention away. Sleep might have a 
practical use here in the form of skeleton surround, but if you're 
surrounding an area attacking hero like a Tauren Chieftain or a Mountain 
King, you're just asking to feed it experience. Carrion swarm doesn't 
work too well in this combination either, since the Dark Ranger doesn't 
have any AoE damage skills, and finally, while Vampiric helps the 
Minions a little bit, it's nothing too wonderful unless you combine BOTH 
a Ranger and a Dreadlord with a Carrion Beetles using Crypt Lord. 
Finally, Infernal overshadows Dark Minions, and I don't like that. :-(. 
Dreadlord rocks otherwise, just for the love of all that is (un?)holy, 
don't use him with a Dark Ranger. 

   WITH A CRYPT LORD - This matchup is a maybe. The Crypt Lord's whole 
focus point is to be a tank, and while the Ranger's Dark Minions can 
help with that task, he really does it better with Spiked Carapace and 
Carrion Beetles. Still, if the idea of mass summons is feasible (I.e. 
you're fighting a night elf far from base, you're rushing another 
Undead, etc.) you might want to give this combination a try. Try to 
avoid using Impale in conjunction with Life Drain (if you even use it at 
ALL, which you really shouldn't as an Undead) as Impale will interrupt 
the middle of a casting of Drain. 
   UTILIZING THE TOMB OF RELICS'S ITEMS - She's undead, and so are her 
minions, so if you're sitting around doing nothing for some ungodly 
reason after a battle, consider bring a cheap sacrificial scroll along 
for some added healing. Also, do NOT underestimate the potential of a 
Dark Ranger with Minions and a Scroll of healing. However, do not 
forget, and I will repeat myself here again... NO ORBS FOR A RANGER. It 
^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^ 5.) Final Summary  ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*
   Bear in mind that the Dark Ranger is NOT BUILT FOR ARMY SLAUGHTERING. 
If you want something like that, go for a Chainwave orc hero combination 
or the mass Human AoE triple threat of doom (Blizzard, Flamestrike, Rain 
of Fire.)   
   The Dark Ranger is NOT MEANT to absorb damage - that's the job of her 
summons. She might have decently high armor at higher levels, but if a 
melee force starts chasing after her, run them in circles. Try to avoid 
hero nukers too, unless you can pick up a health boosting item or two 
somewhere.  In fact, there is an advantage on your side: out of ANY hero 
in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, the Dark Ranger has the smallest collision 
size (meaning she can fit through a gap of units that a larger hero, 
i.e. a Keeper of the Grove, would not be able to.)  The only time a hero 
will EVER have a smaller collision size than her is if A.) a hero is 
under the effects of Hex and B.) if a Blademaster or Wind portion of a 
Pandaren Brewmaster's ultimate uses Wind Walk and receives a ludicrous 
zero collision size. 
   In case it hasn't been stressed enough in the racial matchups, DO NOT 
USE ORBS WITH A DARK RANGER. Black Arrow is awesome, and its awesome 
levels of awesomeness will awesomely... knock out the abilities of an 
orb, even if said orb is equally awesome. HOWEVER, Claws of Attack are 
excellent, and even recommended, because every damage point dealt is 
another greater chance of raising a Dark Minion. 
   With the races, if you're one for variety, it is wise as either a 
Night Elf or an Undead to choose her as a supporting hero (and heck, she 
even makes a great primary hero with the elves!) Orcs and Humans should 
look elsewhere unless they're playing her for fun or desperately need 
some additional anti-caster backup.

^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^  6.) Repeat Copyright  ^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Specialty FAQ - Dark Ranger Hero. 
Version 1.0
Started on 8/21/2005 by Earthshaker, finally submitted on 12/29/2006 
Copyright 2005-2006 by Earthshaker (Honatuto@yahoo.com)

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