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Undead FAQ by Dandude776

Version: 4.7 | Updated: 06/15/04

                     ______ ______ ______
                     \    / \    / \    /
                      |  |   |  |   |  |
  __        __  _   __|__|   |__|  _|__|_     _    ___/\_________
 |_ \      / _|/_\ /_   _ \ / _ \ /_   _ \   /_\   \ __/\__   __/
   \ \    / / //_\\_ | |_)| |/ \/   | |_)|  //_\\_ ||_     | |
    \ \/\/ / / ___ _\|  _ / ||  |   |  _ / / ___ _\| _|    | |
     \_/\_/ /_/   \\ |_| |\ |\_/\   |_|||\/_/   \\ |_\    /___\
                     /____\ /____\ /____\

    _      _    _     _    ____     _______      __      ____
   | |    | |  | \   | |  | __ \   |  _____|    /  \    | __ \
   | |    | |  |  \  | |  ||  \ \  | |__       / __ \   ||  \ \
   | |    | |  | |\\ | |  ||  | |  |  __>     | /__\ |  ||   | |
   | \____/ |  | | \\| |  ||__/ /  | |_____   | ____ |  ||__/ /
    \______/   |_|  \__|  |____/   |_______|  |_|  |_|  |____/
                             F A Q
Last updated 6/15/04                                   By Dandude776

T A B L E    O F    C O N T E N T E N T S
*NEW!!!* I just added the shortcut system. Pick the section you want to read and
look at its shortcut. Hold down the Control key and press the F key to start the
find program. Then, copy and paste the shortcut into the search. Press find to
skip to that section. I'm still fixing some bugs, so some shortcuts may not
work. E-mail me if any are glitched!!

-CONTENTS-                                            -SHORTCUT-
1. Version History/Coming Soon!.........................$Hist
2. Introduction/Terms...................................$Intro
3. Nerfs and Notes (Patch 1.15/402 BETA Info)...........$Nerfs

4. Undead Buildings.....................................$Bldng
  4.1 Necropolis........................................$Ncrop
  4.2 Halls of the Dead.................................$HotD
  4.3 Black Citadel.....................................$BCit
  4.4 Haunted Gold Mine.................................$Gold
  4.5 Ziggurat..........................................$Zigg
  4.6 Spirit Tower......................................$SprtT
  4.7 Nerubian Tower....................................$NrbnT
  4.8 Crypt.............................................$Crypt
  4.9 Graveyard.........................................$Grave
  4.10 Altar of Darkness................................$Altar
  4.11 Temple of the Damned.............................$TotD
  4.12 Slaughterhouse...................................$Slght
  4.13 Sacrificial Pit..................................$Scrif
  4.14 Boneyard.........................................$BYard
  4.15 Tomb of Relics...................................$ToRlc

5. Undead Units.........................................$Units
  5.1 Acolyte...........................................$Aclyt
  5.2 Ghoul.............................................$Ghoul
  5.3 Crypt Fiend.......................................$Fiend
  5.4 Gargoyle..........................................$Garg
  5.5 Necromancer.......................................$Necro
  5.6 Banshee...........................................$Bnshe
  5.7 Meat Wagon........................................$MWagn
  5.8 Abomination.......................................$Abom
  5.9 Obsidian Statue...................................$Obsid
  5.10 Destroyer........................................$Dstyr
  5.11 Shade............................................$Shade
  5.12 Frost Wyrm.......................................$FWyrm
  5.13 Skeletal Warrior.................................$SkelW
  5.14 Skeletal Mage....................................$SkelM
  5.15 Infernal.........................................$Infnl
  5.16 Carrion Beetle...................................$Beetl
6. Undead Heroes........................................$Heros
  6.1 Comparisons.......................................$Cmpar
  6.2 Death Knight......................................$DKngt
  6.3 Dreadlord.........................................$DLord
  6.4 Lich..............................................$Lich
  6.5 Crypt Lord........................................$CLord
7. Neutral Heroes and the Undead........................$Neutl
  7.1 Pit Lord..........................................$PLord
  7.2 Dark Ranger.......................................$DRngr
  7.3 Pandaren Brewmaster...............................$BrewM
  7.4 Beastmaster.......................................$Beast
  7.5 Naga Sea Witch....................................$SWtch
  7.6 Goblin Tinker.....................................$GTink

8. Short Strategies.....................................$Short
  8.1 Undead Basics.....................................$Basic
  8.2 Undead Advanced...................................$Advnc
  8.3 Harassment........................................$Haras

THE GOLDEN RULE!!!......................................$Goldn
9. Combos...............................................$Combo
  9.1 Meat Wall.........................................$MWall
  9.2 Night of the Angry Dead...........................$NotAD
  9.3 Fiends and Statues................................$F&Obs
  9.4 Wyrm Frenzy (Thanks to Dan Harris)................$WyrmF
  9.5 Ultimate Handicap (Thanks to blood_s3m)...........$Hndcp
  9.6 Possess and Destroy (Thanks to Daltamare).........$Poss
  9.7 Infernal Distraction (Thanks to LichKing).........$IDist
  9.8 Nuke and Possess (Thanks to temlavxeno)...........$NukeP
10. Allied Assault......................................$AllyA
  10.1 Revenge (Thanks to Stephen Hsu)..................$Rvnge
  10.2 Oops, I missed (Thanks to Stephen Hsu)...........$Oops!
  10.3 Lost Temple Wyrm Frenzy (Thanks to blood_s3m)....$LTFrn
  10.4 Rumbling Decay (Thanks to The Silver Skull)......$RmDcy
  10.5 Spider Pigs (Thanks to Slasher_Weiyou)...........$SpdPg
11. Heroes Startegy.....................................$HeroS
  11.1 Tri-Nuke.........................................$Nuke
  11.2 Surprise Winter (Thanks to The Silver Skull).....$Wintr
  11.3 Big, slow and... STEALTHY!? (The Silver Skull)...$Stlth
  11.4 Better than Real (Thanks to The Silver Skull)....$BReal
  11.5 Return of Dracula (Thanks to Janus5000)..........$Drcla
12. Other Strategies....................................$Other
  12.1 Expand and Conquer (Thanks to Sanquinsactis).....$Exp&C
  12.2 Stone Wall Hammering (Thanks to Daltamare).......$SWHam
  12.3 Stampede of What!? (Thanks to Daltamare).........$Stmpd
  12.4 Creep's Revenge (Thanks The Silver Skull)........$Creep
  12.5 My Strategy (Thanks to me).......................$Dndud
  12.6 Fast Expansion...................................$Expo
  12.7 Tastes Like Chicken..............................$Crpse
  12.8 The Great Cornholio (Thnks to Avatar of Dragonia)$Decoy
  12.9 Kill the Messanger (Thanks to Avatar of Dragonia)$Mssag
  12.10 Like Flies in a Web (Thnks 2 Avatar of Dragonia)$Flies

13. Versus Humans.......................................#V.HUM
  13.1 Seeing the Light (Versus Paladin)................#Pally
  13.2 Shortening the Dwarf (Versus Mountain King)......#MKing
  13.3 Magically Delicious (Versus Arch Mage)...........#AMage
  13.4 Bloody Elves (Versus Blood Mage).................#BMage
14. Versus Orcs.........................................#V.ORC
  14.1 Hoofin' It (Versus Tauren Chieftain).............#Taurn
  14.2 Dances with Wolves (Versus Far Seer).............#FSeer
  14.3 Chop Sui (Versus Blademaster)....................#BlMas
  14.4 Jamaican Me Crazy (Versus Shadow Hunter).........#SHunt
15. Versus Night Elves..................................#V.ELF
  15.1 Searing Pain (Versus Priestess of the Moon)......#PotM
  15.2 Thorny Situation (Versus Keeper of the Grove)....#KotG
  15.3 Panda-Blades (Versus Demon Hunter)...............#DHunt
  15.4 Silent but Deadly (Versus Warden)................#Wardn
  15.5 Will-O-Wisp (Thanks to Stephen Hsu)..............#WillO
16. Versus Undead.......................................#V.UND
  16.1 Knight of the Living Dead (Versus Death Knight)..#DKngt
  16.2 Darkness Calls (Versus Dreadlord)................#DLord
  16.3 A Cold Day in Heck (Versus Lich).................#Lich
  16.4 Insecticide (Versus Crypt Lord)..................#CLord
  16.5 Necro-Drop.......................................#NecDR
  16.6 Thanks for the Upgrades! (The Silver Skull)......#Upgrd
17. Versus Everyone.....................................#Every
  17.1 Instant Diet (Versus Pit Lord)...................#PLord
  17.2 End the Silence (Versus Dark Ranger).............#DRngr
  17.3 Hangover Cure (Versus Pandaren Brewmaster).......#BrewM
  17.4 To the Zoo (Versus Beastmaster)..................#Beast
  17.5 Fishsticks for Everyone (Versus Naga Seawitch)...#SWtch
  17.6 Power Surge (Versus Goblin Tinker)...............#GTink
  17.7 Creeping.........................................#Creep
  17.8 Build Orders.....................................#Order

18. Frequently Asked Questions..........................$FAQ
19. Contributor Info....................................$Cntrb
20. Contributor Recognition.............................$Recog
21. Thanks..............................................$Thnks
22. Legal Stuff.........................................$Legal

 *NEW!!!* I just added the shortcut system. Pick the section you want to read
and look at its shortcut. Hold down the Control key and press the F key to start
the find program. Then, copy and paste the shortcut into the search. Press find
to skip to that section. I'm still fixing some bugs, so some shortcuts may not
work. E-mail me if any are glitched!!

 ___  _   ___ _____   ___ _   _____ _  _ ___   ___ _   ___
| _ \/_\ | _ \_   _| |_ _(_) |_   _| || | __| | __/_\ / _ \
|  _/ _ \|   / | |    | | _    | | | __ | _|  | _/ _ \ (_) |
|_|/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|   |___(_)   |_| |_||_|___| |_/_/ \_\__\_\

1.  V E R S I O N   H I S T O R Y / C O M I N G   S O O N !

 Version 1.0 - 7/23/03
 -First version done!

 Version 1.1 - 7/26/03
 -Tons and tons of spelling and grammatical corrections, some strategies, and
info about using Neutral Heroes with your army. I also added Undead Basics and
removed the skill-point-orders for heroes, because it's too hard to come up with
orders that satisfy every situation. Also, I'll be away for the next 2 weeks,
but if people keep contributing, there will be a BIG update when I return!

 Version 1.6 - 8/10/03
 -I've decided to jump the version up 5 points, due to the bunches of
contributions I got. New strategies, changed section 3 to Nerfs and Notes, 3 new
websites to host the FAQ... lot's of new stuff! Keep contributing, and enjoy!

 Version 1.7 - 8/13/03
 -A few new strategies, some typo corrections, and better info about Locust
Swarm. Also, I tried to organize the Undead Advanced section a little better.

 Version 1.8 - 8/14/03
-A new harassing technique and stats for the Pit Lord and the Dark Ranger. Plus
I organized the In-Depth strategies into different races. Please send Race-
specific strats!!

 Version 2.0 - 8/17/03
 -Stats are done for ALL the Neutral Heroes and new stuff has been added to
Undead Basics. Plus, I put in some mini-strategies for fighting each race. If
you have any strategies for other races AND Undead counters to those strats,
send them to me! On a smaller note, for every unit and hero I added whether or
not they could attack air. That's all.

 Version 2.01 - 8/18/03
 -About the smallest update someone could possibly make. A bunch of spelling
mistakes, and some slightly modified stuff about the Dreadlord's Inferno spell.
I'm going away for a week, but when I come back you can expect a bunch of new
strategies as long as people keep e-mailing me. Also, I'm going to add the
cooldowns of each spell and ability that has... well... a cooldown. Keep e-mailing!
I really need some race specific strats.

 Version 2.1 - 8/25/03
 -I added a bunch of new strategies, and this Coming Soon! section where I'll
list the things that you can expect me to add eventually, and a few things that
I'll probably never get around to. Keep contributing new race-specific strats!

 Version 2.2 - 8/27/03
 -There is now a much better layout for spells under each unit and the Undead
heroes, and a few new additions to the race-specific strategies. I desperately
need people's race-specific ideas, and mission-specific strats. That's it!

 Version 2.3 - 8/27/03
 -Well I just got back from a friends' house and have nothing to do, so I'm
updating. The new spell layout has been used for the Neutral heroes, there are
now 2 new strategies, thanks to The Silver Skull, and I just tinkered around
with the numbers in the Table of Contents. I can't stand using #.#A so I just
changed around everything to make it fit nicer! I still need more race-specific
strats and mission strats.

 Version 2.35 - 8/28/03
 -This just in... I'm a moron! In the last update I wrote in the Version History
section that the layout was changed for all the Neutral heroes, and forgot to
actually change it! Okay, NOW the layout has been changed done. Also, I realized
that I had been spelling Altars as alter, so I changed that. I may have missed a
few though. Also, I tried to make the Banshee's Possession Upgrade bonus easier
to understand due to a few people being confused on the gameFAQs message boards.

 Version 2.4 - 8/29/03
 -Just thought I'd do a few more updates before I have to go to school next
week. Just added the "Thanks for the Upgrades!" strategy versus Undead and fixed
a few random typos. I also realized that you can't Possess allies so I changed
that too.

 Version 2.5 - 9/5/03
 -Still waiting for more contributions :D. So while I wait I'm just adding some
Undead counters to other heroes. I have the Human heroes done (Although I still
need contributions). I'll try to complete the other races within the next week
or so. I also added a section on Harassment in the Short Strats section, but it
too is really lacking. Anyone who contributes will get... their name in the
credits! Or something. So please contribute something.

 Version 2.8 - 9/5/03
Woot! Woot! To celebrate the 14th update to this FAQ I redid the title, added a
few new strats (Thanks to The Silver Skull!) and finished up the hero counters!
Hurray! Anyway, I'm still waiting for the great hero-counter contributions I
know (hope?) to receive... eventually. So contribute! Right now! GOGOGO!!!

 Version 2.9 - 9/8/03
 -A bunch of new strategies thanks to The Silver Skull (Is he the only one out
there who has strats!?) and LichKing. Also, thank to the guys on the GameFAQs
message board for telling me that units pass through Shades, and Kodos can't
regurgitate. My school started a few days ago so updates will become rarer now,
although there have been rumors about a new WC patch floating around, and if
it's true, a new update will be released soon!

 Version 3.0 - 9/12/03
 -The FAQ's 51 day anniversary! Yes, it's been around for exactly 51 days and
counting. Wow. Just note that because people haven't really been SUMBITTING
HERO-COUNTERS I'm inserting lots of subliminal messages into this update. Maybe
it will work (SUMBIT HERO-COUNTERS!!). Maybe not (SUMBIT HERO-COUNTERS!!). Oh
well. Just in case you missed it, SUMBIT HERO-COUNTERS!! Got it? Good. Anyway in
this update you'll find the usual: More strategies (Thanks - as usual - to The
Silver Skull), and little changes here and there. Oh, I also finally came up
with a name for the Versus Death Knight section (Knight of the Living Dead).

 Version 3.01 - 9/15/03
 -Just a new web host (www.actiontrip.com) and a few minor tweaks. It's almost
time for a big layout change... When I get around to it I will organize the in-
depth strats into better section including:
Combos (Necros + A-Bombs, Fiends + Statues... etc)
Allied Assaults (Undead + Orc, Undead + Human... etc)
One Creature Armies (Surprise Winter, Big, slow and... Stealthy!?... etc)
Beefed Up (Frost Wyrm Frenzy... etc)
And I'll think of more eventually. It will just be easier to find useful
strategies. Also, a Creeping/Mercenaries section is on the horizon. Look for
this and more... eventually!!!

 Version 3.1 - 9/20/03
 -OK, like I kept saying, I finally redid the layout so it's easier to find
strats you're looking for. A few more race specific stuff, and little changes
here and there. I'm sure that there are a bunch of new glitches/mistakes due to
the layout change (Such as strategies missing, strategies that are posted twice,
bad numbering... etc). So next update, I'll fix stuff. Also, in this update I
once again put in skill orders for UD heroes, so Neutral skill orders are coming
soon! As usual, CONTRIBUTE ALREADY!! To quote "Bonzai" (Which is both the
funniest and the stupidest show ever)... "WHAT YOU WAITING FOR, STUPID?!?!"

 Version 3.15 - 9/21/03
 -Another tiny update. LichKing noticed that I spelt Paladin wrong so I changed
that. Also, so sorry Silver Skull (say that 3 times fast...), but I have to
remove the Infernal Extinguisher strategy due to the fact that Infernals are
unsnareable (no, that's not a word). Also, I put in my skill-orders for the
neutral heroes. That's all, folks.

 Version 3.16 - 9/22/03
 -I'm just allowing IGN to host my FAQ. That's all.

 Version 3.2 - 10/1/03
 -The new layout is almost complete. I finally added a shortcut system to the
table of contents so you can skip ahead. I'm still working some shortcut kinks
out, so e-mail me if you try a shortcut and it's messed up. I also noticed that
in the Table of Contents I listed the Crypt Lord as a Crypt Fiend. Silly me.
Anyhoo, there's just a few little tweaks and changes, but not much.

 Version 3.25 - 10/7/03
 -Some small changes here and there. Plus, some typos in the Brewmaster area.
New layout for the In-depth strategies section. I'm almost half way done with
that layout change. Look for the rest soon!

 Version 3.5 - 11/11/03
 -Wow. I've been busy for a while, but I decided to go back and update. More
strategies, some corrections, and other stuff. Janus500 convinced me to
eventually do a neutral/creeping section, so that's coming soon. And thanks to
Blood s3m for noticing all the strategies and tips that don't work (Kodos can't
be devoured, Shades don't get backpacks, Phoenix Eggs are spell immune, and
Devour Magic can't eat auras) Anyway, due to some glitch on my computer, some
strategies that people submitted got deleted. If you sent one in, but it's not
here, resend it. Thanks. Also, I WILL finally finish the in-depth strategy
layout changes soon. Really.

 Version 3.6 - 11/15/03
 -OK, thanks to Janus5000 for (re)sending me strategies. Some new hero counter
stuff, more changes, layout switch complete, neutral stuff (Creeping, items,
neutral hero counters) coming soon.

 Version 3.7 - 12/16/03
 -Neutral/Creeping Stuff will be done next time, but for now I'm just adding in
patch 1.13 information. Hurray! Patch! Unfortunately, not a lot of people are
happy. Too bad. Changes have been made, along with the addition of a fast expo
strategy. Expect strategies to change in the next update due to patch changes.

 Version 4.0 - 1/6/04
 -HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HURRAH!!! OK, now that that's over with, on with the
updates. Neutrla stuff complete, but highly lacking. Any neutral hero counters,
creeping tips, build orders, or questions for the actual FAQ section are
appreciated. As usual, submit stuff, but now it can Build Orders or Creep Tips
too. Also, this FAQ is now, officially, a FAQ, with the addition of a Frequently
Asked Questions section. Ask me questions by mail, and if it's good, it might go

 Version 4.1 - 1/15/04
 -Well patch 1.14 came out pretty quickly, so I'm updating. A few more questions
added to the FAQ section, minor changes, and other junk.

 Version 4.25 - 2/14/04
 -Pretty big update. More strats, little changes, and other stuff you probably
won't notice. Enjoy. :D

 Version 4.3 - 2/16/04
 -Reread the entire FAQ, changing a whole bunch of stupid comments I made when I
first wrote this. I noticed that under Aboms, I said that Disease Cloud is
pretty good. What was I thinking?! So just changes all over the place.

 Version 4.4 - 3/6/04
 -Realized that I had some bad info in the upgrading stealing areas, so they're
changed. More itty bitty changes all over the place.

 Version 4.5 - 3/21/04
 -Been working on my Warcraft map lately, so haven't updated in a bit. I added
my big strategies for Orcs and Night Elves (They're found under the basic tips),
so Humans and Undead will come soon.

 -Version 4.6 - 5/2/04
 -Woohoo! Blizzard has released the open beta test for version 1.15, which
includes lots of balance changes, new clan/battle.net features, and a 6th neutral
hero, the Goblin Tinker. This FAQ version will have a few parts that are
slightly messed up, as it includes lots of in-progress features from the beta,
so expect a lot of stuff to change. Also, the section on the Goblin Tinker now
includes very little, as his stats/ability stats are changing quickly with each
update patch, and I have yet to really use him extensively. Enjoy for now, and
look forward to the full 1.15!
 -Version 4.7 - 6/15/04
 -Some more update stuff, along with updated Goblin Tinker stats now that he's
real. Yup.

In this section I'll be listing stuff that's, well, coming soon. E-mail me with
ideas for new sections/additions. Seriously. Anything you can think of.

-More Goblin Tinker stuff will be added as I use him more

2.  I N T R O D U C T I O N / T E R M S
Hey, hey! Welcome to my Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Undead FAQ. I've been
playing Warcraft since the very first game, and I must say that the Undead is
definitely my favorite race. I saw that there were no FAQs detailing Undead
units and stuff, so I decided to write this. MAKE SURE to e-mail any strategies
you have to me, at Dandude776@aol.com. Build orders, skill-point distribution,
hero use... whatever - just MAKE SURE to e-mail with whatever you think of!

All of the strategies that you'll find in the rest of the FAQ are just my or
other people's ideas. To win, I guarantee that you will have to modify the
strategies. Totally feel free to add or remove units from the ones suggested,
whatever. Also, don't e-mail me that the strategies suck because you lost with
them. It's called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM. Tell me what I should change! Thanks in

Now, here is a short glossary of terms I might or might not use in the FAQ. I
know that most of them are painfully obvious, but I know some people who won't
know this stuff:

 -UD: Undead.
 -HU: Humans.
 -NE/NElf: Night Elves.

 -PASSIVE: This aura/spell/whatever is not cast, and is always activated.
  -EXAMPLES: True Sight, Unholy Aura, Cleaving Attack, Disease Cloud
 -CHANNELING: This spell requires the caster to be immobile and channel it. So
if a Beastmaster is casting Stampede (A Channeling spell) he must stand still
while the stampede occurs. It will end prematurely if the Beastmaster is
interrupted by attacks such as Impale or given a new order.
  -EXAMPLES: Death and Decay, Possession, Blizzard, Flamestrike
 -AUTO-CAST: Right-clicking on this spell allows the caster to continuously use
the spell whenever it has the chance, and enough mana to spare.
  -EXAMPLES: Raise Dead, Curse, Carrion Beetles
 -NUKE: A combination of high-powered direct damage spells cast on one unit in
an effort to kill or seriously weaken it. The Undead Tri-Nuke is any combination
of Death Coil (Death Knight), Carrion Swarm (Dreadlord), Frost Nova (Lich), and
Impale (Crypt Lord).
  -EXAMPLES: Holy Light (Versus UD), Frost Nova, Shadow Strike, Storm Boly
 -INTERRUPT: Interruptions are spells that are used to stop Channeling spells
(see above)
  -EXAMPLES: Sleep, Impale, Cluster Rockets, Inferno (The stun from the drop)
 -BUFFS: Buffs are bonuses or status effects to units. It is also a term for
making a unit stronger in a new patch. So if a unit does 20 damage and costs 100
gold in version A, but Blizzard makes a patch and in version B the same unit now
does 25 damage and costs 90 gold, this unit has been buffed.
  -EXAMPLES: Any aura, Inner Fire, Spirit Touch, the healing from Healing Wards
 -NERF: A nerf is the opposite of a buff: When a unit is made weaker in a new
 -FOCUS-FIRE: The act of having all or most of your units focus on destroying
one specific unit. This is mostly accomplished with ranged units, because only a
limited number of melee units can surround and attack a target at once.
  -EXAMPLES: Having all your Fiends attack one low-HP Footy as it tries to run.
 -AOE: Area of effect. Attacks and Spells with AOE damage hurt multiple targets
with one strike. Spells with AoE buffs give the buff/effect to multiple units.
  -EXAMPLES: Blizzard, Frost Nova, Drunken Haze, Fan of Knives, Warstomp

 -TIERS: Your tech-tree is divided into tiers. Tier 1, is all units and
buildings that require a Necropolis. Tier 2 is all buildings and units that
require a Halls of the Dead. Tier 3 is all buildings and units that require a
Black Citadel. Fiends are considered tier 1.5, because they are tier 1 but
require a Graveyard. Frost Wyrms and Destroyers are considered tier 3.5, because
they require tier 3, and also other buildings/upgrades.
 -MICRO: The art of micromanaging your armies/units. You NEED to get good at
this if you want to do well. It's basically just controlling individual units,
instead of telling your entire army to attack-move. Here are some basic skills:
Moving damaged units out of battle and back in once the enemy redirects, focus-
firing on the weak, using spells effectively, moving your hero around a lot to
make the most of its bonuses, attacking ranged/caster units to fry them before
they fry you.
 -MACRO: The art of managing your base/economy. Not too hard, especially with
Undead. Just have 5 Acos on gold, about 3-4 Ghouls on wood, get expansions, and
organize your base! Upgrade your units when you've hit max food and are waiting
for more Ziggs, and don't build buildings for no reason. Don't let heroes get
stuck between buildings!
 -HP: Hit points, health, whatever you want to call it. When a unit loses all of
it's HP it is dead.
 -MANA: Magical energy. Required to cast spells.
 -MP: Magic points. Another name for Mana.
 -TP: Town Portal. Your first hero starts with a Scroll of Town Portal, which
allows the hero and nearby units to teleport back to base. Try to always carry

 -A-BOMBS: Abominations. The Undead's tier 3 heavy-assault melee unit.
 -NECROS: Necromancers. The Undead's primary spell-caster.
 -FIENDS: Crypt Fiends. The Undead's anti-air support unit.
 -SKELLIES: Skeletons. These refer to all types of Skeletons: Skeleton Warriors,
Skeleton Mages, Lesser Dark Minions, Dark Minions, and Greater Dark Minions.
 -FROSTIES: Frost Wyrms. The Undead's aerial tank.
 -STATUE: An Obsidian Statue. An Undead unit that can heal your troops.
 -ACOS: Acolytes. The Undead's worker units.
 -DESTROS: Destroyers. The Undead, heavy-flying-anti-magic unit.
 -ZIGG: Ziggurat. Undead Farm.
 -HotD: Halls of the Dead. Tier 2 Undead Command Center.
 -ToR: Tomb of Relics. Undead shop.

 -FOOTIES: Footmen. Human tier-1 melee.
 -RIFLES: Riflemen. Human tier 1.5 ranged.
 -SORCS: Sorceresses. Human casters.
 -BREAKERS: Spell Breakers. Human Anti-casters.

 -HH/ZERKS: Head Hunters and Berserker upgrades, the Orc tier 1.5/3 ranged.
 -GRUNTAPULT: Not an Orc catapult which fires Grunts. It's a common Grunt
strategy which uses a combo of Grunts and Demolishers.
 -SHAMS: Shamans. Orc casters.

 -HUNTS: Huntresses. Night Elf tier 1.5 melee.
 -FDs: Faerie Dragons. Night Elf light-flying-anti-casters.
 -HIPPOS: Hippogriphs. Night Elf flying-anti-air. Can mount Archers to attack
 -MGs: Mountain Giant: Night Elf massive tanks.
 -CHIMS: Chimeras. Night Elf heavy-assault air.

 -DK: Death Knight. Undead healer, nuker, supporter.
 -DL: Dreadlord. Undead supporter, anti-harasser.
 -CL: Crypt Lord. Undead tank, AoE attacker.
 -Lich. Undead super-nuker, frail but powerful caster.

 -AM: Arch Mage. Human summoner, AoE attacker, supporter, caster.
 -PALLY: Paladin. Human healer, nuker (versus UD), and defender.
 -BM/BlM: Blood Mage. Human AoE attacker, supporter, mana blaster.
 -MK: Mountain King. Human nuker, tier-1 killer, army of one (With Avatar).

 -Warden. Night Elf harasser, tier-1 killer, hero assassin, nuker, army of one.
 -PotM: Priestess of the Moon. Night Elf supporter.
 -KotG: Keeper of the Grover. Night Elf harasser, nuker, supporter, caster.
 -DH: Demon Hunter. Night Elf tier-1 killer, mana blaster, nuker.

 -BM: Blademaster. Orc harasser, hero assassin.
 -FS: Far Seer. Orc harasser, summoner, supporter, caster.
 -TC/Marn: Tauren Chieftain. Orc tank, AoE attacker, tier-1 killer.
 -SH: Shadow Hunter. Orc supporter, healer, anti-air.

 -PL: Pit Lord. Huge tank, AoE attacker, status ailer.
 -BM/BeM: Beastmaster. Summoner, power creeper.
 -BM/BrM/Panda: Brewmaster. Support, status ailer, tank.
 -DR: Dark Range. Summoner, support, status ailer/anticaster, FFA power.
 -SW/Naga: Naga Seawitch: Support, status ailer, caster.
 -GT: Goblin Tinker. New support hero, siege weapon of doom at higher levels.

Ummm... That's all I could think of off the top of my head. If anyone asks me what
a word means I will add it to the glossary.

3.  N E R F S   A N D   N O T E S
Okay, Frozen Throne's been out for long enough so I'm changing this section.
Now, whenever a new patch is released, I will list the updates. These are only
stuff that affects everyone, or just UD. And also, for those of you who don't
know, a nerf is basically just a tweak on a unit, such as changing it's HP or
strength. Okay, these are for version 1.15 BETA, and also included changes for
402 BETA (Both of these are only available on the beta Westfalls server). (By
the way, thanks to LichKing for suggesting I add this section)

--------PATCH 1.15 BETA CHANGES--------
 -New neutral hero: The Goblin Tinker.
 -In an attempt to reduce "smurfing", accounts are now matched up for ladder
 games based on their win/loss record, not level.
 -Clan updates:
  -There is a now a clan ladder, so your wins/losses contribute to your clan
  -There is now clan info in your player profile.
  -When in a clan channel, the icons of clan mods are now changed.
 -FFAs have been changed. You can now no longer see the names of the other
 players, in an effort to stop pre-teaming.
 -For Orc and NE: You can now select your worker while it's building.
-Glitch fixes:
 -No more getting stuck in Zeppelins and other loadable structures.
 -AMS now shows up fine after Fiends unburrow.
 -Your TP is no longer wasted if you teleport as your town hall is destroyed.
 -Inferno now stuns magic immune units.
 -Glitches involving Web not showing up properly.
 -Brewmaster now regains HP correctly when split.
 -Breath of Fire aims better.
 -Acolytes are registered as idle if they are Entangled while mining.
 -Blight is not removed when enemy structures are built on it.
 -Blight can be correctly dispelled.
 -Animate Dead no longer gives you free upgrades. :'(
-Undead Balance changes
 -Frost Nova: Cold only lasts 2/3/4 seconds on heroes instead of 4/6/8
 -Animate Dead costs 175 mana instead of 250.
 -Death Coil cooldown is now 6 seconds instead of 5.
 -Banshees now take 166% damage when Possessing, instead of 225%
 -AMS now costs 75 mana, and can be self cast.
 -Ziggurats have 1 armor now instead of 5.
 -Devour Magic cooldown is 7 seconds instead of 8.
 -Aboms now have 1175 HP instead of 1080.
 -Obsidian Statues now have 550 HP instead of 700.
 -Frost Wyrms take 65 seconds to build instead of 80.
 -Boneyards take 70 seconds to build instead of 80.
 -Necromancer build time is now 24 seconds instead of 30.
 -Skeletal Longevity costs 50 gold and 75 wood (Instead of 100/75), and takes 30
 seconds to research instead of 60.
 -Exhume Corpses is now tier 2 (Needs HotD) instead of tier 3
 -Level 2 and 3 Carrion Beetles are now smaller.
-Neutral Balance changes
 -Dark Ranger starts with 21 agility instead of 19
 -Breath of Fire now dead 65/130/195 instead of 50/100/150, and has different
 -Level 3 Quillbeasts have less splash
 -Zeppelins are available at start of second day.
-Item changes
 -Boots of Speed are now level 3 permanent items, are available at first
 nightfall, and cost 250 gold.
 -Red Drake Eggs are level 4 instead of level 5
 -Talisman of the Wild is level 5 instead of level 4
 -Legion Doom Horn is level 5 instead of level 4
 -Wand of Lightning Shield has 2 charges
 -Auto-cast buffs now all have a 1 second cooldown
 -All heroes now have 30% spell resistance (Used to be 25%)

 ___  _   ___ _____   ___ ___ _  __   _____  _   _ ___   ___   _   ___ ___
| _ \/_\ | _ \_   _| |_ _|_ _(_) \ \ / / _ \| | | | _ \ | _ ) /_\ / __| __|
|  _/ _ \|   / | |    | | | | _   \ V / (_) | |_| |   / | _ \/ _ \\__ \ _|
|_|/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|   |___|___(_)   |_| \___/ \___/|_|_\ |___/_/ \_\___/___|

4.  U N D E A D   B U I L D I N G S
Undead buildings are basically a mix between the Protoss and the Zerg from
Starcraft. Like the Zerg's Creep, Undead Buildings need to be made on Blight.
The only exceptions are the Necropolis and the Haunted Gold Mine. Those two
building create a field of Blight anyway. Like the Protoss, Undead Buildings
aren't "built," they are summoned. You can have one Acolyte summon one building
and then move away and the building will summon itself. Therefore, you only need
one Acolyte to build, as he can just run around summoning each building before
the others are finished. This can be very helpful. Now, I will go in depth
describing each building, its stats, and its role. Here's how to read each
building's section:

NAME (The building's name)
ROLE (The building's role in the scourge)
GOLD (How much Gold the building costs)
WOOD (How much Lumber the building costs)
HP (The building's Hit Points, or how much damage it can take before exploding)
ARMOR (How much armor the building has)
GROUND ATTACK (How damaging the building's ground attack is) (Averaged)
AIR ATTACK (How damaging the building's air attack is) (Averaged)
RANGE (How far the attack reaches)(Also, if the attack hits air units)
COOLDOWN (How long between each attack)
DAY SIGHT / NIGHT SIGHT (How far the building can see in the day and the night)
SUMMONING TIME (How long it takes for the building to be summoned)
REQUIRED BUILDINGS (Buildings that need to be summoned before this building)

If one of these things doesn't apply to the building, it just won't be included.

The Tomb of Relics (Store) is set up a little differently. It's just a list of
each item sold, the price, the cooldown between charges (if it has charges), how
long before the shop gets more in stock, and a comment about each item.

4.1  N E C R O P O L I S
NAME: Necropolis
ROLE: Command Center
GOLD: 255
HP: 1500
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 120 seconds
 -TRAIN ACOLYTE: Trains an Acolyte to work for the Scourge.
 -BACKPACK (20 seconds) (Requires Tomb of Relics): This upgrade allows some
Undead units to carry (BUT NOT USE) items. Not very useful in my opinion.
 -UPGRADE TO HALLS OF THE DEAD: Upgrades the Necropolis to the Halls of the
Dead, which allows for the building of tier 2 buildings and units.
The Necropolis is the Undead's Command Center, and is therefore very important.
Due to the new anti-hide-the-farm rule, which requires you to have a Command
Center or else the enemies will eventually see your base, it's important to
build a Necropolis in your expansions. Make sure to upgrade the Necropolis
quickly, as its upgrades (Halls of the Dead, and Black Citadel) can actually
attack enemies and are extremely durable. I don't find the backpack upgrade very
useful, but you should experiment and decide whether you like it or not.
I'm just adding this because I've played a few Battle.net games with newbies.
you're new. If you have some extra cash, you might want to build a Necropolis at
the expansion farthest from your base (Although you should only have 1 or 2
expansions anyway). That way, you can use a Scroll of Town Portal to warp there
if you need to get somewhere fast, or if an enemy is attacking the expo.

4.2  H A L L S   O F   T H E   D E A D
NAME: Halls of the Dead
ROLE: Command Center/Heavy Tower
GOLD: 320 (In addition to Necropolis Cost)
WOOD: 210
HP: 1750
SIGHT: 120/80
SUMMONING TIME: 140 seconds
REQUIRES: Necropolis
 -TRAIN ACOLYTE: Trains an Acolyte to work for the Scourge.
 -BACKPACK (20 seconds) (Requires Tomb of Relics): This upgrade allows some
Undead units to carry (BUT NOT USE) items. Not very useful in my opinion.
 -UPGRADE TO BLACK CITADEL: Upgrades the Halls of the Dead to the Black Citadel,
which allows for the building of tier 3 buildings and units.

Adds a cold element to all of the Halls' attack which slows down the targets.
The Halls of the Dead is a great building. It acts as the Undeads Command
Center, and has its own attack (Although it's gotten weaker over the (past few
updates). Plus, with the addition of this, you can start building tier 2
buildings, including the Temple of the Damned, the Slaughterhouse, and the
Sacrificial Pit. Upgrade to this quickly.

4.3  B L A C K   C I T A D E L
NAME: Black Citadel
ROLE: Command Center/Heavy Tower
GOLD: 325 (In addition to Necropolis and Halls of the Dead Costs)
WOOD: 230 (In addition to Necropolis and Halls of the Dead Costs)
HP: 2000
SIGHT: 120/80
SUMMONING TIME: 140 seconds
REQUIRES: Halls of the Dead, Alter of Darkness
 -TRAIN ACOLYTE: Trains an Acolyte to work for the Scourge.
 -BACKPACK (20 seconds) (Requires Tomb of Relics): This upgrade allows some
Undead units to carry (BUT NOT USE) items. Not very useful in my opinion.

Adds a cold element to all of the Citadel's attack which slows down the targets.
The Black Citadel is great during the late-game, because it allows you to get
those all important tier 3 units and upgrades. You need this to build the
Boneyard, which allows you to build the Undead tanks, the Frost Wyrms. Also,
it's required if you want Abominations. Plus, it's more powerful than the Halls
of the Dead, so it can defend itself quite well.

4.4  H A U N T E D   G O L D M I N E
NAME: Haunted Goldmine
ROLE: Gold Source
GOLD: 255
WOOD: 220
HP: 800
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 100 seconds
The Haunted Goldmine is by far one of the most important Undead Buildings,
because you must haunt a goldmine before your Acolytes can harvest from it. The
Undead have a great advantage to the other races, because the Haunted Goldmine
does not need to be near you Command Center. Therefore, once you want to expand,
send your scouting party out (Your heroes, and a few units) to clear out a
goldmine. Once the creeps are dead, have your Acolyte come over and summon a
Haunted Goldmine. Unfortunately, Blight will not appear until the goldmine is
done being Haunted, so you might want to drop a Sacrificial Skull so the Aco can
summon a Zigg and upgrade it for safety. If you have enough gold, you should
also eventually build a Necropolis and upgrade it to Halls of the Dead. This is
for two reasons: It's a tower with a lot of HP, and its good incase your primary
base gets destroyed.

4.5  Z I G G U R A T
NAME: Ziggurat
ROLE: Food Supply
GOLD: 150
WOOD: 50
HP: 550
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 50 seconds
 -UPGRADE TO SPIRIT TOWER (35 seconds, 145 Gold, 40 Wood): Upgrades the Ziggurat
into a Spirit Tower.
 -UPGRADE TO NERUBIAN TOWER (30 seconds, 100 Gold, 20 Wood): Upgrades the
Ziggurat into a Nerubian Tower.
Obviously, Ziggurats are important, because they are your main food source.
Therefore, you need a lot if you want to build a big army. However, one thing
that sets the Ziggurat apart from other race's food sources is that the Ziggurat
is upgraded into either of the Undead's two towers. If the enemy is NE or Orc,
build your first few buildings close to the goldmine and Necropolis, and
consider upgrading the Zigg closest to the Acos into a Nerubian tower. This can
be handy against harassers. However, later on towers aren't as effective.

4.6  S P I R I T   T O W E R
NAME: Spirit Tower
ROLE: Food Supply/Primary Tower
GOLD: 145 (In addition to Ziggurat costs)
WOOD: 40 (In addition to Ziggurat costs)
HP: 550
SIGHT: 160/80
SUMMONING TIME: 35 seconds
REQUIRES: Graveyard, Ziggurat
Spirit Towers are one of the 2 upgrades you can build from Ziggurats.
Essentially, Spirit Towers are more powerful, but Nerubian Towers are cheaper
and slow down enemies. Only build a Spirit Tower if the enemy is harassing, or a
few to guard an expansion. They're not very powerful for real defense.

4.7  N E R U B I A N   T O W E R
NAME: Nerubian Tower
ROLE: Food Supply/Support Tower
GOLD: 100 (In addition to Ziggurat costs)
WOOD: 20 (In addition to Ziggurat costs)
HP: 550
SIGHT: 160/80
SUMMONING TIME: 30 seconds
REQUIRES: Ziggurat
Adds a cold element to all of the Tower's attack which slows down the targets.
Nerubian Towers are one of the 2 upgrades you can build from Ziggurats.
Essentially, Spirit Towers are more powerful, but Nerubian Towers are cheaper
and slow down enemies. Try to have a Nerubian Tower if the enemy is Orc or NE,
so you'll be ready if they ahrass. If you're building an expo, build 2 Spirit
Towers and 1 Nerubian Tower. Frost is very helpful when used in conjunction with
a group of Spirit Towers, especially when the enemy is sending melee units. The
frost slows down the melee units that are running towards your towers, and the
Spirit Towers can focus fire and eliminate each slowed threat before they reach

4.8  C R Y P T
NAME: Crypt
ROLE: Primary Troop Production Building
GOLD: 200
WOOD: 150
HP: 1300
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 60 seconds
 -TRAIN GHOUL (18 seconds, 120 Gold): Trains a Ghoul. Ghouls are your tier 1
melee units. More info later.
 -RESEARCH CANNIBALIZE (30 seconds, 75 Gold): Cannibalize allows Ghouls and
Abominations to devour nearby corpses and regain HP.
 -RESEARCH GHOUL FRENZY (45 seconds, 100 Gold, 150 Wood): Ghouls move faster and
attack more often. Requires Black Citadel.
 -TRAIN CRYPT FIEND (30 seconds, 215 Gold, 40 Wood): Trains a Crypt Fiend. Crypt
Fiends are powerful, ranged, tier 1 units. More info later. Requires Graveyard.
 -RESEARCH WEB (30 seconds, 150 Gold, 150 Wood): Allows Crypt Fiends to become
effective anti-air units that can bind enemies to the ground. Requires Halls of
the Dead.
 -RESEARCH BURROW (45 seconds, 75 Gold, 75 Lumber): Allows Crypt Fiends to
burrow like the Zerg in Starcraft. When burrowed, Crypt Fiends are invisible to
enemies, and regain HP quickly. Requires Halls of the Dead.
 -TRAIN GARGOYLE (35 seconds, 185 Gold, 30 Wood): Trains a Gargoyle. Gargoyles
are light, ranged, air-units. Requires Graveyard, and Halls of the Dead.
 -RESEARCH STONE FORM (40 seconds, 75 Gold, 150 Wood): Allows Gargoyles to turn
into stone. While in stone form, Gargoyles cannot attack, but they get extra
armor and regain HP quickly. Requires Graveyard and Black Citadel.
The Crypt is your primary troop production building, and should therefore be
built quickly. Cannibalize is important for creeping, because after destroying
each creep-camp, your Ghouls can eat the corpses and prepare for the next creep-
camp strike. Ghoul Frenzy is important if you plan on using your Ghouls
extensively, but you might also consider getting it as a defense. If your
enemies attack and you aren't prepared, you'll only have your lumber-harvesting
Ghouls as a defense until your main force returns. Therefore, you might consider
upgrading your Ghouls so you'll be prepared. Web is very important, because
Crypt Fiends are one of the Undead's only anti-air units. Make sure to get this.
Burrow is great for watching chokepoints. Burrow your Crypt Fiends near Gold-
mines (so you'll know if your opponents are building an expansion), outside your
opponents base (So you can strike as soon as the enemy attack-force leaves), and
right outside the edge of your base (So you'll have a trip-wire system for when
your opponents attack. The Gargoyle's Stone Form can be used like Cannibalize
during creeping or even during battle when you want to recharge.

4.9  G R A V E Y A R D
NAME: Graveyard
ROLE: Primary Upgrade Building
GOLD: 215
HP: 900
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 80 seconds
 -UNHOLY STRENGTH (60 seconds, 125 Gold, 50 Wood): Increases strength of Ghouls,
Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeleton Mages.
 -IMPROVED UNHOLY STRENGTH (75 seconds, 200 Gold, 150 Wood): Increases strength
of Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeleton Mages.
Requires Halls of the Dead.
 -ADVANCED UNHOLY STRENGTH (90 seconds, 275 Gold, 250 Wood): Increases strength
of Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeleton Mages.
Requires Black Citadel.
 -UNHOLY ARMOR (60 seconds, 125 Gold, 50 Wood): Increases armor of Ghouls, Meat
Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeleton Mages.
 -IMPROVED UNHOLY ARMOR (75 seconds, 200 Gold, 150 Wood): Increases armor of
Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeleton Mages.
Requires Halls of the Dead.
 -ADVANCED UNHOLY ARMOR (90 seconds, 275 Gold, 250 Wood): Increases armor of
Ghouls, Meat Wagons, Abominations, Skeleton Warriors, and Skeleton Mages.
Requires Black Citadel.
 -CREATURE ATTACK (60 seconds, 150 Gold, 50 Wood): Increases strength of Crypt
Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms.
 -IMPROVED CREATURE ATTACK (75 seconds, 200 Gold, 125 Wood): Increases strength
of Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms. Requires Halls of the
 -ADVANCED CREATURE ATTACK (90 seconds, 250 Gold, 200 Wood): Increases strength
of Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms. Requires Dark Citadel.
 -CREATURE CARAPACE (60 seconds, 150 Gold, 75 Wood): Increases armor of Crypt
Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms.
 -IMPROVED CREATURE CARAPACE (75 seconds, 200 Gold, 200 Wood): Increases armor
of Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms. Requires Halls of the
 -ADVANCED CREATURE CARAPACE (90 seconds, 250 Gold, 325 Wood): Increases armor
of Crypt Fiends, Gargoyles, Destroyers, and Frost Wyrms. Requires Dark Citadel.
The Graveyard is important because it is where you upgrade all of your troops.
Also, it is needed to build some higher tier buildings and units. At the
beginning of a game, decide whether you want to focus on researching the Unholy
upgrades or the Creature upgrades, because it is far too expensive to upgrade
everything unless it is very late in the game. If you are playing with allies,
make sure to coordinate with them. It's normally better to have more units than
more upgrades, though, so only upgrade if you don't have enough food and are
waiting for more Ziggs, or just have way too much gold.

4.10  A L T A R   O F   D A R K N E S S
NAME: Altar of Darkness
ROLE: Hero Facility
GOLD: 180
WOOD: 50
HP: 900
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 60 seconds
 -TRAIN CRYPT LORD: Trains the Crypt Lord Hero.
 -TRAIN DEATH KNIGHT: Trains the Death Knight Hero.
 -TRAIN DREADLORD: Trains the Dreadlord hero.
 -TRAIN LICH: Trains the Lich hero.
 -REVIVE HERO: Revives your slain heroes.
If you are a newbie, you should know that Heroes are just about the most
important determining factor in a battle. The Altar of Darkness is where new
heroes are trained, and dead heroes are revived. Wait. Dead, Undead heroes.
Weird. Anyway, although the Undead have 4 heroes, they may only have 3 per game,
and the second hero may only be trained once you reach tier 2, while the third
hero may only be trained once you reach tier 3. Also, you need an Altar to hire
a neutral hero. Finally, remember that the first hero is always free. Reviving
heroes take longer and cost more in proportion to the level of the dead hero.
Higher level heroes cost more.

4.11  T E M P L E   O F   T H E   D A M N E D
NAME: Temple of the Damned
ROLE: Caster Production Building
GOLD: 155
WOOD: 140
HP: 1100
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 60 seconds
REQUIRES: Halls of the Dead, Graveyard
 -TRAIN NECROMANCER (30 seconds, 145 Gold, 20 Wood): Trains a Necromancer.
Necromancers are your primary spell casters, and are great for massing. More
info later.
 -RESEARCH NECROMANCER ADEPT TRAINING (30 seconds, 100 Gold, 50 Wood): This
important upgrade gives Necromancers more HP, more MP, damage, faster MP
regeneration, and the ability to cast Unholy Frenzy.
 -RESEARCH NECROMANCER MASTER TRAINING (45 seconds, 100 Gold, 150 Wood): This
upgrade gives Necromancers even more HP, more MP, damage, faster MP
regeneration, and the ability to cast Cripple. Requires Black Citadel.
 -TRAIN BANSHEE (35 seconds, 155 Gold, 30 Wood): Trains a Banshee. Banshees are
your support spell casters, and while I don't use them often, their spells can
be very helpful in certain situations.
 -RESEARCH BANSHEE ADEPT TRAINING (60 seconds, 100 Gold, 50 Wood): This
important upgrade gives Banshees more HP, more MP, damage, faster MP
regeneration, and the ability to cast Anti-Magic Shell.
 -RESEARCH BANSHEE MASTER TRAINING (75 seconds, 100 Gold, 150 Wood): This
upgrade gives Banshees even more HP, more MP, damage, faster MP regeneration,
and the ability to possess units. Requires Black Citadel.
 -RESEARCH SKELETAL LONGEVITY (60 seconds, 50 Gold, 75 Wood): This upgrade is
very important if you plan on using Necros often. It makes Skeleton Warriors and
Skeleton Mages last 15 seconds longer, which can be very helpful in battle.
 -RESEARCH SKELETAL MASTERY (45 seconds, 125 Gold, 150 Wood): Like the above
upgrade, this is crucial if you plan on using Necromancers a lot. It makes one
of the 2 skeletons raised from each corpse to be a Skeletal Mage, basically a
long-ranged, more powerful Skeleton Warrior. Requires Black Citadel.
The Necromancers' Raise Dead ability is very important for increasing the size
of your army, and Skeletal Longevity, and Skeletal Mastery help increase the
power of your skeletons. Also, it is important to train your spell casters to
Master Training, because they will need all the HP and MP they can get. If you
are planning on using spell casters a lot, try building 2 Temples: One to pump
out units, while the other researches upgrades. This will give you a powerful
army twice as fast.

4.12  S L A U G H T E R H O U S E
NAME: Slaughterhouse
ROLE: Advanced Troop Production Building
GOLD: 140
WOOD: 135
HP: 1200
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 60 seconds
REQUIREMENTS: Halls of the Dead
 -TRAIN MEAT WAGON (45 seconds, 230 Gold, 50 Wood): Trains a Meat Wagon. Meat
Wagons are invaluable because they are your only Siege weapon. Plus, they are
very beneficial to your Necromancers, due to the fact that they can collect and
store corpses for later use.
 -RESEARCH EXHUME CORPSES (20 seconds, 125 Gold, 100 Wood): This upgrade allows
Meat Wagons to generate a fresh corpse every 15 seconds. Requires HotD.
 -TRAIN ABOMINATION (45 seconds, 240 Gold, 70 Wood): Trains an Abomination. The
A-Bombs are very powerful tier 3 melee units that should be used as tanks in
late-game. Requires Black Citadel.
 -RESEARCH DISEASE CLOUD (45 seconds, 100 Gold, 200 Wood): This upgrade gives A-
Bombs and Meat Wagons a noxious aura that damages enemies nearby. Requires Black
 -TRAIN OBSIDIAN STATUE (45 seconds, 200 Gold, 35 Wood): Trains an Obsidian
Statue. These statues are great support units that can transform into powerful,
magic-support air-units. Requires Tomb of Relics.
 -RESEARCH DESTROYER FORM (60 seconds, 175 Gold, 150 Wood): Allows Obsidian
Statues to transform into Destroyers. Requires Tomb of Relics, and Black
Later in the game, the troops that your Crypt produces just won't be enough.
That's when it's time to break in the Slaughter House. This is where you'll buy
your late-game units, including the Meat Wagon, your siege weapon, the
Abominations, your tanks, and the Obsidian Statues, your support. Actually, if
you combine those three units, you've got yourself a party. Obsidians should be
a must for any army: One for healing and one for mana. Meat Wagons are less
useful, but helpful if you're using Necros. Aboms are fairly good tier 3 melee,
but don't bother wasting gold on Disease Cloud. It stinks. If you scout ahead
and see an enemy getting lots of buffs, get some extra Obsidians and Destroyer

4.13  S A C R I F I C I A L   P I T
NAME: Sacrificial Pit
ROLE: Special Ops Center
GOLD: 75
WOOD: 150
HP: 900
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 45 seconds
REQUIRES: Halls of the Dead
 -SACRIFICE (15 seconds): Targets an Acolyte for Sacrifice. Once an Acolyte
sacrifices itself it turns into a Shade.
The Sacrificial Pit is a very important building, because it allows you to keep
an eye on your enemy and prepare for attacks. If you have enough food and
Acolytes, Sacrifice 2 Acolytes. Have 1 stationed at the enemy's base so you'll
know what types of troops your opponent is building. Then use this trick: have
your 2nd Shade follow (Right click on) your enemy's hero. That way you can see
where the other team's main force is. If you have another Acolyte to spare, have
him patrol the most direct route from your base to your enemy's base. This way,
you'll know when your enemy is attacking so your force can teleport back home if
they were out creeping. Also, you might consider keeping a Shade at your base,
because its True Sight allows you to watch for invisible enemies.

4.14  B O N E Y A R D
NAME: Boneyard
ROLE: Heavy-Assault Weapon Production
GOLD: 175
WOOD: 200
HP: 1500
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 70 seconds
REQUIREMENTS: Black Citadel, Sacrificial Pit
 -TRAIN FROST WYRM (60 seconds, 385 Gold, 200 Wood): Trains a Frost Wyrms. Frost
Wyrms are your late-game heavy artillery. They are essentially big, powerful,
flying tanks. They cost a lot of food (7!) so you probably won't mass them
(anti-air can bring them down quickly anyway), although it's handy to have a
pair or so around.
 -RESEARCH FREEZING BREATH (60 seconds, 150 Gold, 275 Wood): This upgrade allows
Frost Wyrms to Freeze enemy buildings solid, disallowing towers from attacking,
and temporarily halting unit/upgrade production. Very handy for demolishing
enemy bases.
There's not much you can say about the Boneyard, other than the fact that this
is where you get your heavy-assault weapons, the Frost Wyrms. Late game, these
guys can really clean up, as long as your opponents don't have anti-air. Frost
Wyrms are multi-use, super weapons: Their Freezing Breath kills towers and acts
like a siege unit, they destroy buildings insanely fast, and by focus-firing,
they can wipe out heroes in the blink of an eye. Just bring along some powerful
melee units (A hero and some A-Bombs are nice) to wipe out the anti-air, and
you've got yourself a party.

4.15  T O M B   O F   R E L I C S
NAME: Tomb of Relics
ROLE: Store
GOLD: 130
WOOD: 30
HP: 475
SIGHT: 90/60
SUMMONING TIME: 45 seconds
------ITEMS FOR SALE------
 -ROD OF NECROMANCY (150 Gold, 3 charges, 22 Seconds Cooldown, 60 Seconds
Restock): Creates 2 skeleton warriors from a corpse. Very useful early game. You
can use it from your graveyard to help instantly creep an orange creep camp, and
it will help you to creep stronger and faster. It's nice for rushes too.

 -SACRIFICIAL SKULL (50 Gold, 60 Seconds Restock): Creates a small area of
Blight at the target location. Handy for a few reasons: If you're building an
expansion, it's good because you won't have to wait for the Necropolis to finish
or the Mine to be haunted. Also, if you're just haunting a Gold Mine somewhere,
it's a good idea to build 2 or 3 spirit towers to defend. Also, if you're
attacking an enemy, it's helpful to build some kind of troop-building nearby, so
you can create reinforcements as the battle wages on.
                      *BIG THANKS TO Sanguinsanctis FOR THIS*
In case you didn't notice, Undead units regenerate HP much faster on
Blight. So during a big battle, sprinkle it around! It will heal your

 -DUST OF APPEARANCE (75 Gold, 4 charges, 20 Seconds Cooldown, 60 Seconds
Restock): Reveals any invisible units in the target area for 20 seconds. Not
very useful, because you can just get shades. Only buy it if you're sure that
your opponent is building cloaked units, the enemy is harassing with Shadowmeld
(NE), or if they rush you with a Blademaster.

 -POTION OF HEALING (150 Gold, 120 Seconds Restock): Heals 250 HP. Important
item for your hero to have, but you should sell it later in the game when you
start getting Potions of Greater Healing, and stuff like that. Requires Halls of
the Dead.

 -POTION OF MANA (200 Gold, 120 Seconds Restock): Restores 150 MP. Pretty much
same as above. Important at first, but not strong enough later. Requires Halls
of the Dead.

 -SCROLL OF TOWN PORTAL (350 Gold, 120 Seconds Restock): After 5 seconds of
channeling, teleports your hero and all of your nearby units to the selected
Necropolis (Or similar Command Center). Plus, you can just double-click and warp
to your highest upgraded Necropolis. This item is a must have, and luckily all
heroes start out with 1. Great for a bunch of reasons: If you're attacking and
the enemy is destroying you, warp back home. Make sure that you definitely have
no chance, because in an allied game, your allies will get angry if you ruin the
assault by wussing out. Anyway, this is also a great item in case the enemy is
attacking your base and you're away. Just teleport back. This also goes for if
your ally is taking a beating. Finally, try hit-and runs to piss your enemies
off. Just run in, kill a few units, and then teleport out. Remember the 5 second
channeling though, as that can ruin everything. And if the enemy kills your hero
as your channeling, well, too bad. Also keep at least 1. Requires Halls of the

 -ORB OF CORRUPTION (375 Gold, 120 Seconds Restock): Adds 5 bonus damage to your
hero's attack, gives your hero a ranged attack against air-units, and reduces
enemy units' armor by 5 for 5 seconds. If you have a Crypt Lord, Death Knight,
or Dreadlord it gives you an anti-air defense, and if you have a Lich it gives
him some extra strength. Plus, the armor reduction is very helpful. If you have
Destroyers, you can strike enemies and then devour the armor-loss for +20
damage! Requires Black Citadel.

 -SCROLL OF HEALING (250 Gold, 120 Seconds Restock): Heals 150 HP to all
friendly biological units around you. That means that Meat Wagons, Obsidian
Statues, and any mechanical units your allies have are not healed. Anyway, this
item is great. Just carry 1 or 2 and use them during a fight. Very useful if
you're massing dual-aura Ghouls. Don't waste it though. Requires Black Citadel.

 ___  _   ___ _____   ___ ___ ___ _  __   _____  _   _ ___
| _ \/_\ | _ \_   _| |_ _|_ _|_ _(_) \ \ / / _ \| | | | _ \
|  _/ _ \|   / | |    | | | | | | _   \ V / (_) | |_| |   /
|_|/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|   |___|___|___(_)   |_| \___/ \___/|_|_\
       __  __ ___ _    ___ _____ _   _____   __
      |  \/  |_ _| |  |_ _|_   _/_\ | _ \ \ / /
      | |\/| || || |__ | |  | |/ _ \|   /\ V /
      |_|  |_|___|____|___| |_/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|

5.  U N D E A D   U N I T S
The Undead have a wide variety of units, including a few powerful summons. In
this section, I will take an in-depth look at each unit, and discuss its
strengths and weaknesses. Also, note that every Undead unit besides the Meat
Wagon and the Obsidian Statue is classified as Undead. The Meat and Wagon and
the Obsidian Statue are both mechanical. Here's how to read each unit's section:

NAME (The unit's name)
ROLE (The unit's role in the scourge)
GOLD (How much Gold the unit costs)
WOOD (How much Lumber the unit's costs)
FOOD (How much Food the Unit requires)
HP (The unit's Hit Points, or how much damage it can take before dying)
MP (The unit's maximum Mana, or how much energy the unit has for casting spells)
ARMOR (How much armor the unit has)
ARMOR TYPE (The type of armor the unit has)
GROUND ATTACK (How damaging the unit's ground attack is) (Averaged)
AIR ATTACK (How damaging the unit's air attack is) (Averaged)
ATTACK TYPE (The type of attack)
RANGE (How far the attack reaches, if ranged)
COOLDOWN (How long between each attack)
DAY SIGHT / NIGHT SIGHT (How far the unit can see in the day and the night)
UPGRADES (Upgrades this unit benefits from)
SPEED (How fast the unit moves)
TRAINING TIME (How long it takes for the unit to be trained)
TRAINED AT (The building where this unit is trained)
REQUIREMENTS (Buildings required before this unit can be trained)
The unit's abilities
Comments and strategies for using the unit

If something doesn't apply to a unit, it won't be included.

5.1  A C O L Y T E
NAME: Acolyte
ROLE: Primary Worker Unit
GOLD: 75
HP: 220
RANGE: Melee
TRAINED AT: Necropolis/Halls of the Dead/Black Citadel
 COST: Depends on length of restoration
It's repair with another name. This very important ability allows you repair
buildings and mechanical units that need HP. A building regains HP more quickly
if more Acolytes are repairing!

Allows you to harvest Gold from a Haunted Gold Mine.

-SUMMON BUILDING (Cost depends on the building)
Obviously, this summons a building. See the Buildings Section for more details.

This skill is unique to the Undead. It allows you to "Unsummon" a building and
recover half of the resources you spent building it.

Kills the Acolyte at a Sacrificial Pit and turns it into a Shade. See the Shade
section for more. Requires Sacrificial Pit.
Acolytes are your main worker units, so you obviously need them. Make sure to
have 5 Acolytes harvesting Gold from your Gold Mines at all times, while another
Acolyte summons the buildings. Also, if you're attacking with either Meat Wagons
or Obsidian Statues, you might want to have an auto-casting Acolyte following.
Unsummon is helpful for 2 reasons: If the enemy is destroying one of your bases
(Assuming you have an expansion), Unsummon some buildings to save money. Also,
if you REALLY need money and your allies won't give you any, Unsummon buildings
that you don't need anymore. This includes the Sacrificial Pit if you already
have a Shade and the Graveyard if you've already upgraded. Use the money to
Haunt a Goldmine and then just rebuild. Remember that the more Acolytes
restoring a building, the faster it regains HP! Sacrifice is important for
scouting, but kills the Acolyte.

5.2  G H O U L
NAME: Ghoul
ROLE: Basic Melee Unit/Secondary Worker Unit
GOLD: 120
HP: 340
ARMOR: 0/6 when upgraded
GROUND ATTACK: 13/17.5 when upgraded
RANGE: Melee
COOLDOWN: 1.3/1.05 when upgraded
UPGRADES: Unholy Strength/Armor Upgrades, Cannibalize, Ghoul Frenzy
SPEED: Average/Fast when upgraded
Devours a nearby corpse to heal 10 HP/sec.
Ghouls are your bread & butter units, but they also get you your lumber.
Therefore, even if your main force is out hunting, the Ghouls getting lumber at
your base can defend in case of attack. This is very handy, due to the fact that
Scrolls of Town Portal need 5 seconds of channeling now. Once fully upgraded
Ghouls become more powerful than you'd think. They can swarm enemies and quickly
rip them to shreds with Ghoul Frenzy researched. Also, if they take a beating
they can Cannibalize and regain health. Use Ghouls as your front line while your
higher-end units take down the enemy from the side.
Also, Ghouls become insanely good when they are fully upgraded and have both the
Death Knight's Unholy Aura, and the Dreadlord's Vampiric Aura. They move
extremely fast, are very pretty powerful, and regain health very quickly.
Massing them makes a force to be reckoned with, as long as you have some Gargs
for anti-air.
Also, make sure to use Scrolls of Healing to heal bunches of them at once.

When doing early creeping don't forget that you can kill critters like Sheep and
Pigs and Cannibalize the corpses!

5.3  C R Y P T   F I E N D
NAME: Crypt Fiend
ROLE: Support Unit/Anti-Air Defense/Sentry (With Burrow)
GOLD: 215
WOOD: 40
HP: 550
ARMOR: 0/6 when upgraded
GROUND ATTACK: 28.5/39 when upgraded
RANGE: 55 (Ground)
SPEED: Average
UPGRADES: Creature Attack/Carapace Upgrades, Burrow, Web
The Crypt Fiend buries itself underground. It is invisible to opponents, and
regains 5 HP/second. Unburrow takes the Crypt Fiend out of the ground.

 COOLDOWN: 12 seconds
 RANGE: 40
Allows the Crypt Fiend to bind enemy air-units to the ground, so your ground
units can attack it.
Crypt Fiends are very powerful support units that are also great anti-air.
Decide whether to use Fiends or Gargs, though, because they basically contradict
each other's bonuses. Fiends web enemies which weakens the Garg attacks, but
when Gargs use their powerful melee, Fiends can't attack. If you clear out the
Creeps by a Gold Mine but don't want to use it as an expansion, burrow a Crypt
Fiend right there. That way you'll know if the enemy is expanding there. Also
burrow a Crypt Fiend or 2 along the path from your base to the enemy. If you are
playing on a map with a large central zone, burrow there too. This allows you to
keep a constant watch around the map, and is very helpful. However, don't even
bother trying to harass opponents by attacking their base, burrowing when they
attack you, and then repeating when they leave. Eventually they will get a Gem
of True-Seeing or a detector and you just wasted a few valuable Fiends. Anyway,
Web is crucial for your anti-air support. It brings enemy flying units to the
ground so that your ground units can pound them. Make sure to set Web to auto-

5.4  G A R G O Y L E
NAME: Gargoyle
ROLE: Light Air Support Unit/Anti-Air
GOLD: 185
WOOD: 30
HP: 410
ARMOR: 3 (15 Stone)/9 (21 Stone) when upgraded
ARMOR TYPE: Unarmored
GROUND ATTACK: 19.5/27 when upgraded
AIR ATTACK: 65.5/82 when upgraded
ATTACK TYPE: Pierce (Ground)/Normal (Air)
RANGE: 30 (Ground)/Melee (Air)
COOLDOWN: 2.2/1.4
SPEED: Average
UPGRADES: Creature Attack/Carapace Upgrades, Stone Form
REQUIREMENTS: Graveyard, Halls of the Dead
 COOLDOWN: 30 seconds
Stone Form allows Gargoyles to turn into stone, giving them lots of bonus armor,
HP regeneration, and Spell Immunity. Has 30 second cooldown.
First of all, note from the stats above that Gargoyles are pretty average when
attacking ground units, but rip air units to shreds. Got it? Good.
Gargoyles are excellent air support for your Ghouls, but don't work well with
Fiends. Decide whether to use Fiends or Gargs, though, because they basically
contradict each other's bonuses. Fiends web enemies which weakens the Garg
attacks, but when Gargs use their powerful melee, Fiends can't attack. When in
the heat of battle, make sure to put your Gargoyles in Stone Form whenever they
take a lot of damage. This allows them to heal quickly and gives them lots of
armor. Gargoyles are also very powerful against enemy air-units, so build them
if you know you need anti-air. Also, use Gargoyles for hit-and-runs. It's very
fun to fly around to the back of your enemy's base, kill some of their
Peasants/Peons/Wisps/Acolytes. This can really disrupt your opponent's economy,
and is great because most players don't build lots of towers and defense in the
back of their base. Finally, remember that Gargoyles are only tier 2, so you can
build them earlier than you used to. Finally, don't underestimate the cost!
Gargs are very cheap, and take only as much food as a Ghoul.

5.5  N E C R O M A N C E R
NAME: Necromancer
ROLE: Primary Spell Caster
GOLD: 145
WOOD: 20
HP: 305/380 when upgraded
MP: 200/400 when upgraded
ARMOR TYPE: Unarmored
RANGE: 60 (Air/Ground)
SPEED: Average
UPGRADES: Necromancer Adept/Master Training, Skeletal Longevity/Mastery
TRAINED AT: Temples of the Damned
 COST: 75 mana
 COOLDOWN: 8 seconds
 RANGE: 60
Raises 2 Skeleton Warriors from a corpse. Can be auto-cast.

 COST: 50 mana
 COOLDOWN: 1 second
 RANGE: 50
Increases the target units attack rate by 75%, but makes them lose 4 HP per
second. Lasts 45 seconds. Requires Necromancer Adept Training.

 COST: 175 mana
 COOLDOWN: 10 seconds
 RANGE: 60
Slows the target by 75%, reduces their attack rate to 50%, and weakens their
attacks by 50%. Lasts 60 seconds against normal units and 10 seconds against
heroes. Requires Necromancer Master Training.
Due to the fact that Necromancers are your primary spell casters they are used a
lot, and everyone has different strategies for using them. First of all, make
sure to get their upgrades, but especially their Training. At Master Training,
Necros have twice as much MP as they started with! If you're serious about using
your Necros as a main unit, build 2 Temples of the Damned: 1 to train and 1 to
upgrade. Now for the spells. Raise Dead starts of turned off, and you should
auto-cast it after you move away from any useless corpses (like the skeletons
outside your Graveyard). Raise Dead is very helpful because it increases the
size of your army and creates tons and tons of meat shields. This is very
important for a ranged army, because the Skeleton Warriors will rush at the
enemies and create a wall in front of them as your ranged units attack from
afar. Once you get Skeletal Mastery, one of the two skeletons will be a Skeleton
Mage. These Mages are a great 2nd line of defense in case the enemy breaks
through the Warrior meat shields, and they are more powerful. Early game, if you
kill Creeps and raise the skeletons, make sure to send the skeletons to scout
the enemy base. This really annoys the enemy too, and if you're playing against
a really twitchy opponent, they may teleport their hero back to base thinking
that you're attacking with your full force. A great way to waste the enemy's
Scrolls of Town Portals. However, be wary of enemies using dispels. They can
easily wipe out entire armies of Skellies, and it just gives their hero extra
Unholy Frenzy is a great spell for your Hero, because the Heroes HP regeneration
counters the HP loss. It's really just making your Hero faster. If you're
playing online, be careful about casting this on allies. They may get angry
about the HP loss. Now for something that very few people think of: Cast Unholy
Frenzy on the enemy. This is especially helpful if the enemy is retreating.
Quickly cast Unholy Frenzy on as many of their units as possible. Any units with
under 180 HP will die, and the others will be severely weakened. If you and your
allies have lots of Hero Spells that stun the enemy, cast Unholy Frenzy on the
enemy, and take turns using your stun moves. Take that! Also, check out the
Strategies Section for a few strategies involving Necros.
Cripple is an amazing spell. It slows the enemy to a crawl, makes them attack
only half the time, and weakens them like crazy. Cripple enemy heroes quickly,
and have other Necros cripple them again after the 10 seconds are up. Also try
crippling normal enemy units like Frost Wyrms, Wyverns, etc. Because they are
normal units they stay crippled for a full minute. Ha. Remember to add Cripple
in with a Tri-nuke to weaken the target even more.

5.6  B A N S H E E
NAME: Banshee
ROLE: Secondary Spell Caster
GOLD: 155
WOOD: 30
HP: 285/365 when upgrade
MP: 200/400 when upgraded
ARMOR TYPE: Unarmored
RANGE: 50 (Air/Ground)
SPEED: Average
UPGRADES: Banshee Adept/Master Training
TRAINED AT: Halls of the Dead
 COST: 50 mana
 COOLDOWN: 1 second
 RANGE: 40
Causes the target unit to miss 1/3 of the time for 2 minutes.

 COST: 75 mana
 RANGE: 50
Cause the target unit to be able to absorb up to 350 points worth of spell

 COST: 250 mana/Your Banshee
 CHANNELING (For 4 seconds)
 RANGE: 30
Begins channeling (From a longer range than it used to), stunning the Banshee
and the target for 4 seconds. During this time the target is invulnerable, while
the Banshee takes 225% damage. After this time, the Banshee possesses the target
as usual, killing the Banshee but giving you control of the unit. The target
must be level 5 or below and cannot be flying. Any upgrades the target has are
instantly researched for you. So if you Possess an enemy Master Necromancer,
you'll automatically research Master Necros for free, and instantly!
Not many people use Banshees, but they have some important abilities. Curse is
an okay support spell, but the other 2 spells are much more useful. Anti-Magic
Shell is great when cast on your Heroes because it renders then invincible to
enemy spells. Also, try casting Anti-Magic Shell on the enemy hero so that the
enemy can't cast positive spells on themselves. If the enemy is focusing on
Magic, make sure to get Banshees. Also, cast Anti-Magic Shell on your units with
heavy-armor. Heavily-armored units take extra damage from spells, so this will
protect them. Also, cast Anti-Magic Shell on your heroes (And allies) when
casting channeling spells (Earthquake, Big-Bad-Voodoo, etc.), because normally
spells can interrupt you.
I'd say that Possession is the real reason that a lot of people get Banshees:
This powerful spell allows the Banshee to sacrifice herself and take control of
a target unit. Unfortunately, you can't Possess Creeps above level 5, flying
units, or heroes. Oh well. This spell is still great during big fights, because
you can possess high end units like Tauren and Knights, but also spellcasters
and support units like Kodo Beasts. Always try to Possess Level 5 Creeps,
because they are typically very powerful. A highly underused aspect of
Possession is that it gives you access to upgrades you don't have. Look at the
strategy "Thanks for the Upgrades!" for more details and stuff. Note that now in
patch 1.13, the spell is channeled for 4 seconds, during which time the Banshee
and the target are immobile. The target is invulnerable, but the Banshee takes
225% damage while channeling.

5.7  M E A T   W A G O N
NAME: Meat Wagon
ROLE: Siege Weapon/Skeletal Support
GOLD: 230
WOOD: 50
HP: 380
GROUND ATTACK: 79.5/108 when upgraded
RANGE: 115 (25 minimum)(Ground)
UPGRADES: Unholy Strength Upgrades, Disease Cloud, Exhume Corpses
TRAINED AT: Slaughter House
Allows the Meat Wagon to pick up a nearby corpse for use later.

Allows the Meat Wagon to drop all the corpses it is carrying.

This aura allows thrown corpses to explode is a cloud of poisonous gas which
lasts for 2 minutes and deals 1 damage/second to enemies in the clouds.
Meat Wagons serve a dual purpose: First, they are your siege units, which means
that you will need them for wrecking enemy towers. Second, they can hold corpses
which can be eaten by Ghouls and Abominations, and raised from the dead. Because
of the siege ability, Meat Wagons are a must for all base assaults. They are
crucial for destroying enemy towers and luring troops to you. Because in many
maps each player has a small area for their base, with a tight opening, it can
be hard to squeeze your entire army in. Instead, keep your army out in the open,
and send a Meat Wagon in. Have the Wagon attack the enemy from just out of their
range, and the enemy will target your Meat Wagon. Now just roll the Wagon out
and have your main troops rush in.
Meat Wagons are also crucial for Skelly Strategies. You can pick up the bodies
of creeps and drag them into a big battle so your Necros can raise the dead
quickly. Exhume Corpses is also a must. Note that the corpses are all Ghouls,
just in case you are using a DK to Animate the Dead.
Finally, make sure you have some backup, because Meat Wagons cannot hit enemies
that attack from really close.

5.8  A B O M I N A T I O N
NAME: Abomination
ROLE: Heavy-Assault Melee Tank
GOLD: 240
WOOD: 70
HP: 1175
ARMOR: 2/8 when upgraded
GROUND ATTACK: 36/48 when upgraded
RANGE: Melee
UPGRADES: Unholy Strength/Armor upgrades, Cannibalize, Disease Cloud
SPEED: Average
TRAINED AT: Slaughter House
Devour a nearby corpse to heal 15 HP per second.

Gives the Abominations a cloud of gas (farts?) that damages nearby enemies for 1
HP per second.
Abominations are melee, heavy-assault tanks. They have a variety of uses. If you
were using Ghouls during the early game, then these guys are a logical next
step, due to the fact that they share most of the same upgrades. Aboms are very
powerful, and don't forget that they can Cannibalize like Ghouls. Coil them to
keep them alive. Finally, don't research Disease Cloud. It's basically a waste.

When doing early creeping don't forget that you can kill critters like Sheep and
Pigs and Cannibalize the corpses!

5.9  O B S I D I A N   S T A T U E
NAME: Obsidian Statue
ROLE: Support
GOLD: 200
WOOD: 35
HP: 550
MP: 600
RANGE: 57.5 (Air/Ground)
UPGRADES: Destroyer Form
SPEED: Average
TRAINED AT: Slaughter House
REQUIREMENTS: Tomb of Relics
 COST: Up to 10
 COOLDOWN: 2 seconds
 AOE: 60
The Obsidian Statue can heal up to 6 nearby units for 10 HP each. The mana cost
is proportional to the number of targets.

 COST: Up to 10
 COOLDOWN: 2 seconds
 AOE: 60
The Obsidian Statue can give up to 6 nearby units 5 mana each. The mana cost is
proportional to the number of targets.

 COST: The Obsidian Statue
The Destroyer within the Obsidian Statue breaks free, destroying the Statue but
giving you access to a Destroyer.
Get Obsidian Statues as soon as you can, because they are one of the most
important support units in the Undead army. These great units can heal allies or
give back mana. Start out with 2 Statues for every group: 1 to heal HP, and 1 to
give mana. Just note that you can only auto-cast one or the other. The only bad
thing about these guys is that they are mechanical so they can't heal each
other. Whenever they stop back at your base though, repair them with your
Acolytes. Destroyers are fairly helpful magic, flying units. You can morph some
Obsidian Statues but always keep some around. The best way to use Statues is to
just right-click on your hero so they'll follow your army and heal them from
++CHEAP DOUBLE-BUFF++ (Thanks to Redmage)
Here's a really sneaky strategy that allows you to get double the buff from one
statue. Auto-cast one of the spells, and then just click really quickly on the
other. Depending on your speed-clicking ability you can heal health and mana at
almost the same speed!
Also, Jerry Shen e-mailed me that with a group of statues, you can keep clicking
on the heal button to heal the group at once. This is very helpful during, or
after a fight.

5.10  D E S T R O Y E R
NAME: Destroyer
ROLE: Aerial Ant-Magic Support
GOLD: 0 (200 including Statue cost)
WOOD: 0 (35 including Statue cost)
FOOD: 2 (5 including Statue cost)
HP: 900
MP: 400
ARMOR: 4 (10 when upgraded)
GROUND ATTACK: 22.5 (30 when upgraded)
AIR ATTACK: 22.5 (30 when upgraded)
RANGE: 45 (Air/Ground)
UPGRADES: Creature Attack/Carapace Upgrades
TRAINING TIME: N/A (45 including Statue time)
TRAINED AT: N/A (Upgrades from Obsidian Statue)
REQUIREMENTS: Black Citadel, Destroyer Form Upgrade, an Obsidian Statue
 COST: All of the target's mana
 RANGE: 90
Takes Mana from one of your units and gives it to the Destroyer.

 COOLDOWN: 7 seconds
 RANGE: 60
 AOE: 20
Removes all Magic buffs (positive and negative) from an area. The Destroyer
receives 50 HP and 75 MP for each unit that loses a buff. Summoned units lose
180 HP.

 COST: 25 mana
This auto-cast spell makes the Destroyer attack more powerful (+20) and adds AOE

Just what it sounds like: The Destroyer is immune to spells.
The Destroyer is extremely helpful if your opponent is using lots of casters.
For those Human players, Destroyers are pretty much flying, extra-powerful, tier
3 Spell Breakers. The main weakness of the Destroyer is that it is constantly
draining mana, and it starts with 0. You can use Absorb Mana to steal energy
from friendly units, so the best way to handle this is to absorb your hero's
mana and then have the hero drink a Potion of Mana or something. Devour Magic is
great for if your opponent is using lots of buffs (buffs include moves like
Roar, Lightning Shield, and those Scrolls of Speed and stuff), and it damages
Summoned Units too! Helpful if your enemy is using moves like Slow (Dang
Sorceresses), or massing weak summons like Skellies. Orb of Annihilation should
be auto-cast because it makes the Destroyer much more powerful. You won't be
able to use it until you get some mana anyway. Really, Destroyers are only worth
their cost if the enemy is using lots of casters, but when they're needed, they
work wonders. And besides, it's inevitable that the enemy will get casters
eventually, and because Destroyers are the only UD anti-casters you might as
well get some now and then.

~EAT MY SHORTS~ (Thanks to blood s3m)
Destroyers need  mana to use their powerful Orb of Annihilation. But what if the
enemy has no buffs for you to eat? Well if you let your heroes carry Orbs of
Corruption, the armor-reduction counts as a buff. Run in, reduce the enemy's
armor, and then eat it for mana!

~HEAVY METAL~ (Thanks to Johannes Brun)
About the Destroyers: They are not just good against magic users, but also
against most heavy armor using armies like Orcs. Think about it: Destroyers do
26 damage as average when fully upgraded. And their attacks are magic which
means they do a whopping 200% damage against heavy armor, which means 52 damage
per shot. Add to that Orb of Annhilation (+20 damage and splash) and you have a
pretty darn good and heavy armor unit. It's flyer to so heavy armors can't hit
them themselfs. Now, if where Orc, and had lots of Grunts and Taurens, I would
be pretty scared if I had 6-7 destroyers attacking my army. Look out for anti-
air though.

5.11  S H A D E
NAME: Shade
ROLE: Scout
GOLD: 0 (75 including Acolyte cost)
FOOD: 0 (1 including Acolyte cost)
HP: 125
MP: 0
TRAINING TIME: 15 (30 including Acolyte cost)
TRAINED AT: Sacrificial Pit
The Shade can see invisible enemies.
Shades are amazing Scouts. They are invisible, so you can just sneak them into
an enemy's base. If you have enough food and Acolytes, Sacrifice 2 Acolytes.
Have 1 stationed at the enemy's base so you'll know what types of troops your
opponent is building. Then use this trick: have your 2nd Shade follow (Right
click on) your enemy's hero. That way you can see where the other team's main
force is. If you have another Acolyte to spare, have him patrol the most direct
route from your base to your enemy's base. This way, you'll know when your enemy
is attacking so your force can teleport back home if they were out creeping.
Also, you might consider keeping a Shade at your base, because its True Sight
allows you to watch for invisible enemies. Just beware if you suspect your
opponent has detectors.
NOTE: Shades cannot pass through other units and buildings
DOUBLE NOTE: I used to have the Invisible Robbery strategy here, but Blood s3m
told me that backpack doesn't affect Shades. Whoops.

5.12  F R O S T   W Y R M
NAME: Frost Wyrm
ROLE: Aerial Heavy-Assault Tank
GOLD: 385
WOOD: 120
HP: 1350
MP: 0
ARMOR: 1/7 when upgraded
GROUND ATTACK: 95/113 when upgraded
AIR ATTACK: 95/113 when upgraded
RANGE: 30 (Air/Ground)
UPGRADES: Creature Attack/Carapace Upgrades, Freezing Breath
This skill allows the Frost Wyrm to freeze enemy buildings, which halts
unit/upgrade production, and renders towers unable to attack.
Frost Wyrms are the Undead's late-game tanks. They take a ton of time and money
to build, but they can really mop the floor with your opponents. Because they
take a full minute to train, you should build multiple Bone Yards if you are
really serious about building them. I instead prefer to just build 2 or 3 to tag
along with my troops. While Frost Wyrms are powerful, anti-air units can destroy
them easily. Get Freezing Breath before you assault an enemy base. Make sure to
freeze towers and unit-production buildings. If you kill and enemy hero, quickly
freeze the Alter and destroy it when you get the chance. Once you wipe out the
enemy troops, they won't be able to make any more and you can just destroy their
+Orc Warning+
A few Troll Batriders can use Unstable Concoction to blow your Frost Wyrms'
Minds, so beware. Therefore, it's probably better not to mass Frosties, because
when your opponent finds out, they WILL get Batriders.

5.13  S K E L E T A L   W A R R I O R
NAME: Skeletal Warrior
ROLE: Summoned Meat Shield
HP: 180
ARMOR: 1/7 when upgraded
GROUND ATTACK: 14.5/19 when upgraded
RANGE: Melee
UPGRADES: Unholy Strength/Armor Upgrades, Skeletal Longevity
SPEED: Average
TRAINING TIME: N/A (Summoned by Necromancer)
Skeletons aren't that powerful, but that's not what they are meant for. They are
meant to be meat shields. Upgrade their armor, and then when you attack the
enemy, set Raise Dead to auto-cast for your Necros. The raised skeletons will
overwhelm the enemy and make it hard for them to reach your fragile Necros. Many
times, your enemy will simply be overwhelmed by the dozens of skeletons
attacking them. Unfortunately, Skeleton Warriors can be dispelled easily. Now
for upgrades. Skeletal Longevity is helpful, but Skeletal Mastery is more
important. More info on that in the Skeletal Mage section. Even during Creeping,
raise the dead and send the Skellies to harass your opponent. This will also let
you scout his base. Sometimes, a twitchy opponent will even TP back to base,
thinking that you are mounting a full scale attack.

5.14  S K E L E T A L   M A G E
NAME: Skeletal Mage
ROLE: Summoned Caster
HP: 230
ARMOR: 0/6 when upgraded
GROUND ATTACK: 11.5/16 when upgraded
AIR ATTACK: 11.5/16 when upgraded
RANGE: 70 (Air/Ground)
UPGRADES: Unholy Strength/Armor Upgrades, Skeletal Longevity
SPEED: Average
TRAINING TIME: N/A (Summoned by Necromancer)
REQUIREMENTS: Skeletal Master
Once Skeletal Mastery is researched, 1 of the 2 skeletons that a Necromancer
raises will be a Skeletal Mage. These guys are slightly weaker than Skeletal
Warriors, but they are ranged and can attack air. Over all these guys are worth
it and you can use the same strategies for them that you would use for a
Skeletal Warrior.

5.15  I N F E R N A L
NAME: Infernal
ROLE: Ultimate Summon
HP: 1500
RANGE: Melee
TRAINING TIME: N/A (Summoned by Dreadlord)
The Infernal burns nearby enemies for 10 HP per second.

The Infernal is immune to spells.

Negative spells have a decreases duration when cast on the Infernal.
The Infernal is the ultimate summon. A Level 6 Dreadlord can summon one of these
giants to wreck complete havoc on the enemy, and there isn't much strategy. When
you're in the heat of a huge battle, summon one of these guys and watch the fun
begin. Hahaha!!!

5.16  C A R R I O N   B E E T L E
NAME: Carrion Beetle
ROLE: Basic Summon/Scout
HP: 140/275/410
GROUND ATTACK: 8.5/16.5/24.5
RANGE: Melee
SPEED: Average
TRAINING TIME: N/A (Summoned by Crypt Lord)
The Carrion Beetle buries itself underground. It is invisible to opponents, and
regains 5 HP/second. Only available to Beetles of levels 2 and 3.
Beetles are great permanent summons that are made by the Crypt Lord.
Unfortunately, you can only have 5 of these guys at a time. When fully upgraded
these guys are actually pretty strong, and they get burrow which is awesome. If
you clear out the Creeps by a Gold Mine but don't want to use it as an
expansion, burrow a Beetle right there. That way you'll know if the enemy is
expanding there. Also burrow a Beetle or 2 along the path from your base to the
enemy. If you are playing on a map with a large central zone, burrow there too.
This allows you to keep a constant watch around the map, and is very helpful.

6.  U N D E A D   H E R O E S
The Undead have some great Heroes. The Dreadlord is great for putting enemy
heroes out of action with Sleep, and Vampiric Aura is awesome. The Death Knight
is both an amazing healing and hero killer, plus he can use Death Pact to stay
alive. The Crypt Lord is one of the best tanks in the game, with a lot of HP,
Spiked Carapace, and Beetles for backup. And the Lich, while fragile, is a force
to be reckoned with if microed properly. Just a note: Whenever you see a few
numbers with a / between them, these are normally referring to what a spell does
in Level 1/2/3.

6.1  C O M P A R I S O N S
These are just comparisons between the heroes. Right now it's only stat-wise,
but soon I'll add more (Which heroes are good in which situations, etc.) Yay.

Health: Crypt Lord -> Death Knight -> Dreadlord -> Lich
Mana: Lich -> Dreadlord -> Death Knight -> Crypt Lord
Damage (Early-Mid Game): Crypt Lord -> Death Knight -> Dreadlord -> Lich
Damage (Late Game): Crypt Lord -> Lich -> Death Knight -> Dreadlord
Strength: Crypt Lord -> Death Knight -> Dreadlord -> Lich
Armor: Death Knight -> Dreadlord -> Crypt Lord/Lich
      (NOTE: The Spiked Carapace ability bumps the Crypt Lord's armor up a lot)
Agility (Early-Mid Game): Dreadlord -> Crypt Lord/Lich -> Death Knight
Agility (Late Game): Dreadlord/Death Knight -> Lich -> Crypt Lord
Intelligence: Lich -> Dreadlord -> Death Knight -> Crypt Lord

6.2  D E A T H   K N I G H T
NAME: Death Knight
ROLE: Warrior Hero/Healer
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: Melee
TRAINED AT: Altar of Darkness
|  1  | 675 | 255 |   30    |    23     |   4    |    12    |      17       |
|  2  | 725 | 270 |   32    |    25     |   4    |    13    |      18       |
|  3  | 800 | 300 |   35    |    28     |   5    |    15    |      20       |
|  4  | 875 | 330 |   38    |    31     |   5    |    16    |      22       |
|  5  | 925 | 360 |   40    |    33     |   5    |    18    |      24       |
|  6  |1000 | 390 |   43    |    36     |   6    |    19    |      26       |
|  7  |1075 | 405 |   46    |    39     |   6    |    21    |      27       |
|  8  |1125 | 435 |   48    |    41     |   7    |    22    |      29       |
|  9  |1200 | 465 |   51    |    44     |   7    |    24    |      31       |
| 10  |1275 | 495 |   54    |    47     |   8    |    25    |      33       |
 COST: 75 mana
 COOLDOWN: 6 seconds
 RANGE: 80
This useful spell damages non-Undead enemies for 100/200/300 damage, or heals an
allied Undead unit for 200/400/600 HP.

 COST: 50 mana/1 unit
 COOLDOWN: 15 seconds
 RANGE: 80
Kills a target allied unit and heals the DK for 100%/200%/300% of the targets
remaining HP.

 AOE: 90
Nearby allies regain HP 50%/100%/150% faster than usual, and move 10%/20%30%

 COST: 175 mana
 COOLDOWN: 180 seconds
 RANGE: 40
 AOE: 90
Raises 6 nearby corpses who become invulnerable and fight for your team for 40
seconds. The raised dead have the same stats (besides HP) that they did when
they were alive. This spell can be used to revive members of the other team, and
if there are more than 6 corpses, the 6 most powerful will be animated.
While the Death Knight can be used as a tough warrior, he is also a superb
support hero. Death Coil is great for early creeping, and is a great hero-killer
later in the game. If a hero is giving you trouble, hit them with the Undead's
tri-nuke: Death Coil, Carrion Swarm, and Frost Nova. This should kill them
quickly. Death Coil is also your primary healing early game. Use it wisely.

Death Pact basically kills one of your own units, but heals the DK. You may not
like killing units, but learn to use it. Killing a Ghoul (120 gold), heals 330
HP, while buying a Potion of Healing (150 gold) heals only 250 HP! At level 3,
Pact kills a lowly Ghoul to heal 990 HP!! Your enemy will likely focus-fire on
your DK, as he acts as the backbone of the UD army a lot of the time, but a
quick pact can help.
-"Avatar of Dragonia" writes:
Much of the logic I have applied to Dark Ritual here could also apply to the
Death Knight's Death Pact skill as well, except that Death Pact is more
forgiving.  Even at level 1 sacrificing a healthy ghoul gets you a good 330 HP,
which is a larger boost than most health potions give you.  At level 3 a healthy
ghoul would net you 990(!) HP, excellent when the enemy player tries to focus
fire on the Death Knight.  As with Dark Ritual, however, beware the long

Unholy Aura is an amazing aura, and is very helpful for Ghouls. Fully upgraded
Ghouls with Unholy Aura move blazingly fast. Plus, if you get a Dreadlord, get
Vampiric Aura too, which just makes even stronger Ghouls.

Animate Dead is great during a big battle. Try to animate power units like
Knights, A-Bombs, Taurens, or Bears. The best part is that they are
invulnerable! Even Animated Ghouls are helpful. They move so fast that you can
rush them into the enemy base and easily kill off a bunch of workers. Then get
the farms. After a battle, even if you are retreating, send the Animated into
the enemy's base to wreck some quick havoc.
One problem with the Death Knight is that he has a painfully slow rate of
attack, so try to get items that make him swing faster, along with a few Mana
Potions to refill him for Death Coils.

-Skill order (General):
Death Coil, Unholy Aura, DC, UH, DC, AD, UH, Death Pact, DP, DP

6.3  D R E A D L O R D
NAME: Dreadlord
ROLE: Warrior Hero/Control
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: Melee
SPEED: Average
TRAINED AT: Altar of Darkness
|  1  | 600 | 270 |   27    |    20     |   3    |    16    |      18       |
|  2  | 650 | 300 |   29    |    22     |   3    |    17    |      20       |
|  3  | 725 | 345 |   32    |    25     |   3    |    18    |      23       |
|  4  | 775 | 375 |   34    |    27     |   4    |    19    |      25       |
|  5  | 850 | 420 |   37    |    30     |   4    |    20    |      28       |
|  6  | 900 | 450 |   39    |    32     |   4    |    21    |      30       |
|  7  | 975 | 495 |   42    |    35     |   5    |    22    |      33       |
|  8  |1025 | 525 |   44    |    37     |   5    |    23    |      35       |
|  9  |1100 | 570 |   47    |    40     |   5    |    24    |      38       |
| 10  |1150 | 600 |   49    |    42     |   6    |    25    |      40       |
 COST: 110 mana
 COOLDOWN: 10 seconds
 RANGE: 70
 AOE: 15
Sends out a wave of bats that deal 75/125/200 damage to enemies in the way.

 COST: 100/75/50 mana
 COOLDOWN: 6 seconds
 RANGE: 80
Puts the target unit to sleep for 20/40/60 seconds. Heroes are put to sleep for
5/10/15 seconds. The sleeping unit wakes up if it is attacked.

 AOE: 90
Friendly melee units gain HP equal to 15%/30%/45% of their attack damage for
every successful attack they make.

 COST: 175 mana
 COOLDOWN: 180 seconds
 RANGE: 90
 AOE: 25
Calls down an Infernal. The initial drop causes a small earth-quake that deals
50 damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for 4 seconds (2 for heroes, air
units aren't stunned). The Infernal lasts for 180 seconds, and more info on
Infernals can be found in the Units section. Also, notice that the Infernal
lasts for as long as the spell's cooldown. That means that you summon a new
Infernal the instant your old one's time is up. Unless your Infernal is killed,
you should always have around.
The Dreadlord is a common choice for a first hero, because he has so many uses.
For early creeping, sleep is a great choice. When you attack a camp, put the
strongest creep to sleep and then kill his cronies. Once he wakes up, you can
surround and kill him. This is also great for attacking enemies: You can put
their hero to sleep and wreck their army! If your enemy hero rushes you, Sleep
the hero, surround him with Ghouls, and then wipe him out.

Carrion Swarm is helpful also, and at higher levels it can do a lot of damage to
heroes. Try the line-of-fire strat: Move your Crypt Lord and Dreadlord to the
side of a battle. You can use Impale to stun all the enemies in a straight line
and then Carrion Swarm them to death.

Vampiric Aura is very helpful, especially when used in conjunction with Unholy
Aura (DK). A good early strategy is for you and your allies to all get heroes
with auras and attack the enemy with super-charged units. Just remember not to
get it if you're massing Fiends. They don't get the Aura's bonuses due to their
ranged attacks.

Inferno is the ultimate summon. Use it in the heat of battle to stun entire
armies and then let the Infernal wreck havoc. Try hit and runs too: Run your DL
into an enemy base, drop and Infernal, and get out of there!

-Skill Order (General):
Sleep, Vamp Aura, S, VA, S, Inferno, Carrion Swarm, VA, CS, CS

-Silver Skull's Rush Skill Order:
Sleep, Carrion Swarm, CS, S, CS, Inferno, S, Vamp Aura, VA, VA

-Silver Skull's Normal Skill Order:
Sleep, Vamp Aura, VA, Carrion Swarm, VA, Inferno, Sleep, CS, S, CS
The logic behind the above is that Sleep and Vamp Aura are great for creeping.
The level 2 Sleep comes after Inferno, because by then you're opponent will
probably have some Channeling spells, and Sleep is a great interrupter.

6.4  L I C H
NAME: Lich
ROLE: Caster Hero
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: 60 (Air/Ground)
SPEED: Average
TRAINED AT: Altar of Darkness
|  1  | 475 | 300 |   25    |    15     |   2    |    14    |      20       |
|  2  | 525 | 345 |   28    |    17     |   3    |    15    |      23       |
|  3  | 575 | 390 |   31    |    19     |   3    |    16    |      26       |
|  4  | 625 | 450 |   35    |    21     |   3    |    17    |      30       |
|  5  | 675 | 495 |   38    |    23     |   3    |    18    |      33       |
|  6  | 725 | 555 |   42    |    25     |   4    |    19    |      37       |
|  7  | 775 | 600 |   45    |    27     |   4    |    20    |      40       |
|  8  | 825 | 645 |   48    |    29     |   4    |    21    |      43       |
|  9  | 875 | 705 |   52    |    31     |   5    |    22    |      47       |
| 10  | 925 | 750 |   55    |    33     |   5    |    23    |      50       |
 COST: 125 mana
 COOLDOWN: 8 seconds
 RANGE: 80
 AOE: 20
Hits the target for 100 damage and damages nearby enemies for 50/100/150 damage.
It also slows enemies and lowers their attack rate for 4/6/8 seconds (Heroes are
slowed for 2/3/4 seconds).

 COST: 40 mana
 COOLDOWN: 2 seconds
 RANGE: 80
Gives the target 3/5/7 bonus armor, and slows enemies for 5 seconds whenever
they attack (melee only) the armored unit.

 COST: 25 mana/1 unit
 COOLDOWN: 15 seconds
 RANGE: 80
Kills the target allied unit and transforms 33%/66%/100% of its HP into mana for
the Lich.

 COST: 250 mana
 COOLDOWN: 150 seconds
 RANGE: 100
 AOE: 30
Everything within the AOE loses 4% of its max HP per second for 35 seconds. Also
damages buildings and trees.
The Lich is a difficult Hero to use, due to its low HP and armor. The trick is
to use heavy units (such as A-Bombs) as meat shields. I don't really get the
Lich that often, but when I do I like having a Crypt Lord around to shield. The
leveled-up Crypt Lord acts as a super-meat-shield for the Lich, absorbing tons
of damage while the Lich wrecks havoc. Frost Nova is the Lich's power spell. It
is extremely powerful, and it slows units. Use it often. The only problem is its
high mana cost....

And that's where Dark Ritual fits in. It kills one of your units, but gives you
some good mana in return. Ghouls are cheaper than Potions of Mana, and you don't
need to wait for tier 2 to buy them, so if you decide to Lich+Ghoul rush, get
Nova first, and Ritual as your second skill. Don't be afraid to kill of Ghouls.
Nova is more powerful than a Ghoul anyway.
-"Avatar of Dragonia" writes:
Your suggestion that the Lich use Dark Ritual on Skeletons is not likely to pay
off very well.  The more health a unit has, the more mana the Lich gets.  Even
at full power, using Dark Ritual on a skeleton warrior is not going to get you
more than 155 mana (factoring in the 25 mana cost of Dark Ritual), and only 185
mana if used on a skeletal mage.  Not exactly a lot of mana since the Lich has
rather expensive spells.  Sure, skeletons are expendable, but Dark Ritual itself
has a rather high cooldown of 15 seconds--even with skeletal longevity, you will
not be able to get many sacrifices before the skeletons disintegrate, plus most
of them will be below full health at that time, making it less efficient.  You
can get comparable results by sacrificing a cheap-and-quick-to-build ghoul at
level 1 for 85 mana, or for 195 mana at level 2.  Even better would be
sacrificing crypt fiends.  While they take noticeably longer to
build, sacrificing one at level 1 gets you 158 mana, and 341 mana at level
2.  This is noticeably more cost effective than buying and using a mana potion
at your tomb of relics.

Frost Armor is a useful spell, but the mana is probably worth better spent on
Nova. Use it on Aboms, or a Crypt Lord for better tanking.

Death and Decay works much like the Far Seer's Earthquake spell, in that it's
very useful for wrecking enemy towns. Unfortunately, it's a channeling spell,
which means that the Lich cannot do anything while casting it, and if the Lich
is interrupted the spell will stop. Remember that Death and Decay hurts your own
units, so focus on using it to destroy towers and stuff. Also, it's important to
know that when you are aiming Death and Decay every building that is being
affected (They will turn green) will take EQUAL damage! Don't think that
buildings on the edge of the AOE take less. Therefore, make sure to hit as many
buildings as possible. Just be careful because focus-fire can easily kill you.
The Lich benefits from carrying Potions of Health and Mana, and a Boots of
Speed. The best way to use the Lich is to run him in, cast Frost Armor on allied
heroes, Frost Nova clusters of units and then run out.
Also, check the In-Depth Strategies section for the Lich strategy Surprise

-Skill Order (General):
Frost Nova, Frost Armor, FN, Dark Ritual, FN, Death & Decay, FA, DR, FA, DR

-Avatar of Dragonia's Order:
Frost Nova, Frost Armor, Dark Ritual, DR, FN, FA, FN, DR, Death & Decay, FA.
This skill order is eminently more practical if you plan on using the lich as
your first or second hero, as it will ensure that the Lich should always have a
good amount of mana  Death and Decay _can_ kill anything that is continuously
exposed to it for 25 seconds, but it is a channeling spell, hurts your own units
too and has a rather small area of effect. Thus it is best used with targets
that cannot run--ideally buildings--or in combination with strategies/spells
that give no room for the enemy to run (perhaps a Keeper of the Grove who spams
entangling roots?). Because of this, it is best to leave Death and Decay out of
the Lich's repertoire unless or until you plan to assault an enemy base or you
have a strategy that will allow your enemy no escape. Remember, 25 seconds is a
long time to fight your way out of any trap, and while you could hasten the
enemy's defeat by sending your own units in, they too would most likely take
heavy damage from the spell, and from the enemy units.

6.5  C R Y P T   L O R D
NAME: Crypt Lord
ROLE: Warrior Hero/Super Tank
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: Melee
SPEED: Average
TRAINED AT: Altar of Darkness
|  1  | 675 | 210 |   31    |    26     |   2    |    14    |      14       |
|  2  | 750 | 225 |   34    |    29     |   3    |    15    |      15       |
|  3  | 825 | 255 |   37    |    32     |   3    |    16    |      17       |
|  4  | 900 | 270 |   40    |    35     |   3    |    17    |      18       |
|  5  | 975 | 300 |   43    |    38     |   3    |    18    |      20       |
|  6  |1075 | 330 |   47    |    42     |   4    |    20    |      22       |
|  7  |1150 | 345 |   50    |    45     |   4    |    21    |      23       |
|  8  |1225 | 375 |   53    |    48     |   5    |    22    |      25       |
|  9  |1300 | 390 |   56    |    51     |   5    |    23    |      26       |
| 10  |1375 | 420 |   59    |    54     |   5    |    24    |      28       |
 COST: 100 mana
 COOLDOWN: 9 seconds
 RANGE: 70
 AOE: 25
Slams a spike through the ground that impales enemies in a line. Enemies that
get impaled are thrown up into the air, take 50/80/110 damage, and are stunned
for 2/3/4 seconds. Heroes are stunned for 1/2/3 seconds.

The Crypt Lord gets 3/5/7 bonus armor, and each time a melee unit attacks the
Crypt Lord they take damage equal to 15%/25%/35% of their attack.

 COST: 30 mana
 COOLDOWN: 6 seconds
 RANGE: 90
The Crypt Lord creates a Carrion Beetle from a corpse. Carrion Beetles are
permanent, and more info on them can be found in the units section.

 COST: 150 mana
 COOLDOWN: 180 seconds
 AOE: 80
The Crypt Lord releases a ton of angry Locusts that fly around dealing damage to
enemies and healing the Crypt Lord with each successful strike. This releases 20
locusts, which do 0.75 damage per second for one locust. The maximum number of
locust attacking one unit is 7 locusts. That means that with 7 locusts attacking
one unit, they will do 5.25 damage/sec. 7 Locust can do up to 157.5 damage to 1
unit (5.25 damage/sec for 30 seconds). The locusts return to the Crypt Lord
after 30 seconds and heal him. So if all 20 locusts are doing 0.75 damage/sec
for the entire 30 seconds, they will do 450 damage total and heal the Crypt Lord
for 450 HP. Whew. Too many numbers. (Thanks to Redmage for the basic numbers,
and Falcon20386 for the calculations)
The Crypt Lord is a great all around hero. Early on, Carrion Beetles are
excellent for scouting, and when they level up you can just send a few to
different expansion-locations and burrow them. Impale is great for damaging
groups of enemies, and stunning retreating heroes. Early on, a lot of people
like harassing by sending one hero to your base. You can impale the hero as it
tries to get away and then surround it with your Ghouls! Free experience! Spiked
Carapace is great, because it increases the Crypt Lord's armor and deals damage
to enemies. Use the Crypt Lord as a tank for your spellcasters: He can absorb
the damage from the front lines. In a 1 vs. 1 or 2 vs. 2 game you should get
Carrion Beetles first for scouting and burrowing near important chokepoints.
Plus, they make great meat shields if you're rushing and using Fiends. For 3 vs.
3 or 4 vs. 4 games Impale is probably a better choice since there will be so
many enemies anyway.

Locust Swarm is a great Ultimate that works a lot like the Carriers from
Starcraft, but also gives you back health! For a nice Crypt Lord strat, read the
"Big, Slow, and... Stealthy!?" strategy later on. Finally, you might want to stock
the Crypt Lord with a bunch of Mana Potions because he very limited mana early

-Skill Order (1 vs. 1/2 vs. 2):
Carrion Beetles, Spiked Carapace, CB, SC, Impale, Locust Swarm, CB, SC, I, I
The logic behind the above is that Beetles are great meat shields. Impale comes
at level 5 so you can interrupt enemy channeling spells.

-Skill Order (3 vs. 3/4 vs. 4):
Impale, Spiked Carapace, I, SC, I, Locust Swarm, SC, Carrion Beetles, CB, CB
Beetles aren't very helpful in large team games.

-Silver Skull's Skill Order:
Impale, Carrion Beetles, I, Spiked Carapace, CB, Locust Swarm, CB, I, SC, SC
Impale is for early creeping, and Carrion Beetles are for reinforcements. Pretty
simple order.

7.  N E U T R A L   H E R O E S   &   T H E   U N D E A D
One of the best new features in The Frozen Throne is the addition of Neutral
Heroes. A few of the maps (I want more!) have a building called a Tavern where
you can hire Neutral Heroes. Neutral Heroes work the same as normal heroes: They
level up, gain new skills, and really put the smack down on enemies. Here are
some things to know about Neutral heroes and Taverns.
-Like items at Goblin Merchants, and mercenaries, Neutral heroes aren't
available until a certain item.
-However, they appear immediately (Instead of training)
-You need an Altar to hire a Neutral hero.
-You may hire a neutral hero with any unit.
-Neutral heroes (And your race-specific heroes) may be revived at the Altar or
the Tavern.
-Reviving heroes at a Tavern is instant, but costs twice as much. Plus the hero
will have half health and no mana.

7.1  P I T   L O R D
NAME: Pit Lord
ROLE: Super Warrior Hero/Super Tank (NOTE: footprint deceased in patch 1.13)
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: Melee
|  1  | 700 | 210 |   31    |    24     |   2    |    14    |      14       |
|  2  | 775 | 225 |   34    |    27     |   3    |    15    |      15       |
|  3  | 850 | 255 |   37    |    30     |   3    |    16    |      17       |
|  4  | 925 | 270 |   40    |    33     |   3    |    17    |      18       |
|  5  |1000 | 300 |   43    |    36     |   4    |    18    |      20       |
|  6  |1100 | 315 |   47    |    40     |   4    |    20    |      22       |
|  7  |1175 | 345 |   50    |    43     |   4    |    21    |      23       |
|  8  |1250 | 360 |   53    |    46     |   5    |    23    |      25       |
|  9  |1325 | 390 |   56    |    49     |   5    |    24    |      26       |
| 10  |1400 | 405 |   59    |    54     |   6    |    25    |      28       |
 COST: 85 mana
 COOLDOWN: 8 seconds
 RANGE: 80
 AOE: 20
Rain of Fire casts down fire balls from the sky for 3 seconds that burn all
units in their path (Even yours). Now has damage cap (Only hits 5 units per

 COST: 75 mana
 COOLDOWN: 12 seconds
 AOE: 50
Enemies' attacks are 30%/40%/50% weaker for 15 seconds. Kind of like a reversed

With every attack the Pit Lord makes, 25%/45%/65% of the damage will be splash
damage. Now has longer race in patch 1.13.

 COST: 150 mana
 COOLDOWN: 120 seconds
 RANGE: 65
The target (non-hero) unit takes 40 damage per second until it dies. Once it
dies, the unit is transformed into a Demon that fights for you.
The Pit Lord is a natural choice for an Undead player, because the Pit Lord is
Undead. This allows you to heal the Pit Lord with the Death Knight's Death Coil.
The Pit Lord is a huge, uber-powerful tank. This is good, because he is
extremely powerful, but it's bad because his gigantic size makes it difficult
for him to get out of a jam. There are two basic ways to use the Pit Lord: as a
spell caster and as a meat tank. You can have him hang back with your spell
casters, using Howl of Terror to scare enemies and Raining Fire on their skulls.
Rain of Fire is like an extra-powerful Blizzard. Just make sure to have your
Banshees cast Anti-Magic-Shield on you tough units that get caught in the
blasts. The other way to use a Pit Lord is to have him rush into the battle
headfirst, Cleaving his way through the enemy. Make sure he has some Potions of
Healing though. Doom is a lot like the Dreadlord's Inferno, but it kills a
target no matter what. Try to target tough enemies like Taurens and Knights. Or,
if you want to really piss off an opponent, rush a Pit Lord into an enemy base,
Doom a Peasant/Peon/Acolyte/Wisp, get out of there, and watch the fun begin.

-Skill Order (Version A):
Howl of Terror, Cleaving Attack, HoT, CA, HoT, Doom, CA, Rain of Fire, RoF, RoF

-Skill Order (Version B):
Rain of Fire, Cleaving Attack, RoF, CA, RoF, Doom, CA, Howl of Terror, HoT, HoT
The logic behind the above 2 is that the Pit Lord lacks mana most of time so
it's better to focus on 1 spell. Pick one and go with it.

7.2  D A R K   R A N G E R
NAME: Dark Ranger
ROLE: Cunning Hero/Super Banshee
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: 60 (Air/Ground)
|  1  | 550 | 225 |   26    |    18     |   4    |    21    |      15       |
|  2  | 575 | 255 |   27    |    19     |   4    |    22    |      17       |
|  3  | 625 | 300 |   29    |    21     |   5    |    24    |      20       |
|  4  | 675 | 330 |   30    |    23     |   5    |    25    |      22       |
|  5  | 725 | 375 |   32    |    25     |   6    |    27    |      25       |
|  6  | 775 | 420 |   33    |    27     |   6    |    28    |      28       |
|  7  | 825 | 450 |   35    |    29     |   6    |    30    |      30       |
|  8  | 875 | 495 |   36    |    31     |   7    |    31    |      33       |
|  9  | 925 | 525 |   38    |    33     |   7    |    33    |      35       |
| 10  | 975 | 570 |   39    |    35     |   8    |    34    |      38       |
 COST: 75 mana
 COOLDOWN: 15 seconds
 RANGE: 90
Stops all units in a target area from casting spells for 16/20/24 seconds.
Heroes are stopped for 8/10/12 seconds.

 COST: 6 mana
 COOLDOWN: 0/0/0 seconds.
The Dark Rangers attack gets a +2/10/20 bonus, and enemies that are killed by
Black Arrows turn into Dark Minions (skellies) with 200/260/320 health. Level 1
Dark Minions now do less damage to compensate for the 0 cooldown.

 COST: 75 mana
 COOLDOWN: 8 seconds
 RANGE: 50
The Dark Ranger sucks 20/35/50 HP/second from the target over the course of 8

 COST: 150 mana
 COOLDOWN: 45 seconds
 RANGE: 70
Allows you to take control of a non-hero unit that is under Level 6. The
creature can also be flying or spell immune, which possessible units may not.
When you Charm and enemy, you automatically get all of it's upgrades. So
Charming an enemy A-Bomb with Poison Gas researched, automatically gives you
Poison Gas for your A-Bombs.
Like the Pit Lord, the Dark Ranger is an easy pick because she is Undead and can
be healed by Death Coil. Silence is very powerful, as it prevents enemies from
casting spells. As soon as you run into an enemy army, silence their casters,
hero, anything. It's especially important to stop enemies late game before they
can cast level 6 ultimates, or any powerful spells.. Use it if your enemy has a
bunch of casters grouped together. Black Arrows require micro, because the kill-
shot needs to be a Black Arrow for the victim to turn into a Dark Minion. Useful
if you are using Necros a lot, because it just adds more powerful skellies into
the fray. Life Drain is a great move, because it damages an enemy while healing
the Dark Ranger. Unfortunately, because it's channeling, enemies can cancel you.
Try to Drain heroes. Charm is an awesome Ultimate. You can use Charm every 45
seconds to add a unit to your army, be they neutral, enemy, flying, or spell
immune (Thanks to bloods3m) Remember that you can get free upgrades by Charming.
See the strategy "Thanks for the Upgrades!" for more details and stuff.

-Skill Order:
Life Drain, Black Arrows, LD, Silence, BA, Charm, S, BA, LD, S
The logic behind the above is to get Silence for your 5th skill, which is usually
around the time the enemy is using casters. If you know that you're opponent is
going with a caster hero, then by all means get Silence first and then follow
the order.

7.3  P A N D A R E N    B R E W M A S T E R
NAME: Pandaren Brewmaster
ROLE: Strength Hero/Tank
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: Melee
SPEED: Average
|  1  | 650 | 225 |   29    |    22     |   3    |    14    |      15       |
|  2  | 725 | 240 |   32    |    25     |   4    |    15    |      16       |
|  3  | 800 | 270 |   35    |    28     |   4    |    17    |      18       |
|  4  | 875 | 285 |   38    |    31     |   4    |    18    |      19       |
|  5  | 950 | 315 |   41    |    34     |   5    |    20    |      21       |
|  6  |1025 | 330 |   44    |    37     |   5    |    21    |      22       |
|  7  |1100 | 360 |   47    |    40     |   6    |    23    |      24       |
|  8  |1175 | 375 |   50    |    43     |   6    |    24    |      25       |
|  9  |1250 | 405 |   53    |    46     |   7    |    26    |      27       |
| 10  |1325 | 420 |   56    |    49     |   7    |    27    |      28       |
 COST: 70 mana
 COOLDOWN: 10 seconds
 RANGE: 50/70/70
 AOE: 15
Blows a cone of fire at enemies that deals 65/130/195 damage. Units that are in
a Drunken Haze ignite and take 7/14/21 damage per second for 5 seconds!

 COST: 70 mana
 COOLDOWN: 12 seconds
 RANGE: 55
 AOE: 20
Drenches an enemy is beer, slowing them by 50% and making them miss 45%/65%/80%
of the time for 12 seconds (5 seconds for heroes). Drunken enemies also burn if
they are hit by Breath of Fire.

The Brewmaster dodges attacks 7%/14%/21% of the time, and 10% of the time his
attack is 2/3/4 times as powerful as usual!

 COST: 150 mana
 COOLDOWN: 180 seconds
The Brewmaster splits into 3 pandas, each representing a different element.
After 60 seconds, if any of the elements survived, the Brewmaster is remade!

-STORM: Has 1000 HP, and can cast Dispel Magic, Cyclone, Windwalk, and has
Resistant Skin.
-EARTH: Has 1500 HP, and can cast Pulverize, Taunt, and has Spell Immunity and
Resistant Skin.
-FIRE: Has 900 HP, and has Permanent Immolation and Resistant Skin.

First of all, he has a good one-two punch: You can drench an enemy in beer, and
then light them on fire! ALWAYS use Drunken Haze on an enemy before using Breath
of Fire, but don't be afraid to use Drunken Haze a lot. Heroes get really messed
up if you get them drunk, even if it is only for 5 seconds. I like getting
Drunken Haze as my first spell, because it is handy for rushes and for creeping.
Drunken Brawler is another awesome spell. It not only gives you evasion, but
gives you a chance to do extreme damage. If you have Drunken Brawler and a
drunken enemy swinging at you, there is VERY LITTLE chance of them hitting.
Storm, Earth, and Fire is a very unique spell, because it gives you 3 units that
you only have a few seconds to learn to use properly. Earth the tank of the
group, with high HP, Spell Immunity, and Resistant Skin, he is a powerhouse.
Taunt is great if your casters are taking a beating, because it requires your
opponent to micro a lot. And it doesn't matter if Earth dies, because only one
Panda needs to survive! If you really want to play it safe, get one of the
elements out of the battle to safety, so no matter what the Pandaren Brewmaster
will come back. Storm is the trio's spell caster. Dispel enemies, cast Cyclone
on tough enemies, and use Wind Walk if you want to get your Panda out of the
action for a little. There's not much to using Fire. He has Permanent
Immolation, so you'll probably want to get him right in the action. Basically,
leave all the Pandas in the fight, and if Storm starts taking a beating, Wind
Walk him out of there. This also gives you a safety in case the other Pandas
fall. The Brewmaster doesn't do much to benefit only the Undead, but he still is
an awesome hero! Pandas bring Panda-Monium!!!

-Skill Order:
Drunken Haze, Drunken Brawler, DH, DB, DH, Storm Earth & Fire, Breath of Fire,
DB, BoF, BoF

7.4  B E A S T M A S T E R
NAME: Beastmaster
ROLE: Strength Hero/Summoner
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: Melee
|  1  | 725 | 225 |   32    |    22     |   2    |    14    |      15       |
|  2  | 775 | 240 |   34    |    27     |   4    |    15    |      16       |
|  3  | 850 | 270 |   37    |    30     |   4    |    16    |      18       |
|  4  | 925 | 300 |   40    |    33     |   4    |    17    |      20       |
|  5  |1000 | 330 |   43    |    36     |   5    |    19    |      22       |
|  6  |1075 | 360 |   46    |    39     |   5    |    20    |      24       |
|  7  |1150 | 375 |   49    |    42     |   5    |    21    |      25       |
|  8  |1225 | 405 |   52    |    45     |   6    |    23    |      27       |
|  9  |1300 | 435 |   55    |    48     |   6    |    24    |      29       |
| 10  |1375 | 465 |   58    |    52     |   7    |    25    |      31       |
 COST: 125 mana
Summons a Bear with 600/900/1200 HP. At Level 2, the Bear gains Bash, and at
Level 3 it gains Blink. The bear lasts 70 seconds, so you'll be able to have 2
bears at once (Summon again when the cooldown wears off)

 COST: 75 mana
 COOLDOWN: 20 seconds
Summons a Quilbeast with 425/515/600 HP. At Level 2, the Quilbeast gains Frenzy,
and at Level 3 it gains splash damage. The Quilbeast lasts 20 seconds, so you
can summon more when the cooldown is over.

 COST: 35 mana
 COOLDOWN: 70 seconds.
Summons a Hawk with 300/450/650 HP and True Sight (can see invisible enemies).
At Level 2, the Hawk can attack, and at Level 3 it is invisible. The Hawk lasts
70 seconds.

 COST: 150 mana
 COOLDOWN: 180 seconds
 RANGE: 30
 AOE: 100
Summons a stampede of explosive Thunder Lizards that do 60 damage per victim and
wreck buildings. The stampede lasts 30 seconds or as long as the Beastmaster is
The Beastmaster is the master of summoning. With 3 powerful summons and a crazy
Ultimate, he is pretty powerful. The Bear is a tank, the Quilbeast is a long-
range killer, and the Hawk is a scout but later becomes a Harasser. Most people
get the Bear first because he is a tank, but the Undead already have enough
(Crypt Lord, A-bombs...). Bears are awesome meat-shileds that eventually do insane
damage due to Bash. And Blink is just crazy. Hawks are insanely helpful. They
only cost 35 mana. Later, the Hawk gets invisibility, which gives you a great
harasser. Just fly the Hawk behind enemy lines and kill of their worker units.
Ha! The Quilbeast starts off fairly weak, but quickly becomes very powerful
thanks to Frenzy. Plus, the Quilbeast is great for killing casters. Get him as
close as you can and kill them from long-range. The AOE hurts multiple casters
at a time! Stampede is considered by many to be cheap, because it totally wrecks
buildings. Unfortunately, a smart enemy knows that because this is a channeling
spell, it can be cancelled. Therefore, you need to protect the Beastmaster while
he rampages. Note that the Beastmaster is a quick pick for enemy NE players,
because Moon Wells can give him a large mana pool for more summoning. Beware.

-Skill Order:
Bear, Hawk, B, H, B, Stampede, Quilbeast, H, QB, QB

7.5  N A G A   S E A   W I T C H
NAME: Naga Sea Witch
ROLE: Mystical Hero
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: 60 (Air/Ground)
SPEED: Fast (Slowed a bit in patch 1.13)
|  1  | 475 | 330 |   29    |    15     |   3    |    16    |      22       |
|  2  | 525 | 375 |   32    |    17     |   3    |    17    |      25       |
|  3  | 575 | 420 |   35    |    19     |   3    |    18    |      28       |
|  4  | 625 | 465 |   38    |    21     |   4    |    19    |      31       |
|  5  | 675 | 510 |   41    |    23     |   4    |    20    |      34       |
|  6  | 725 | 555 |   44    |    25     |   4    |    21    |      37       |
|  7  | 775 | 600 |   47    |    27     |   5    |    22    |      40       |
|  8  | 825 | 645 |   50    |    29     |   5    |    23    |      43       |
|  9  | 875 | 690 |   53    |    31     |   5    |    24    |      46       |
| 10  | 925 | 735 |   56    |    33     |   6    |    25    |      49       |
 COST: 110 mana
 COOLDOWN: 11 seconds
 RANGE: 60
Blasts up to three units with lighting dealing 100/175/250 damage per unit.

 COST: 7 mana
Attacks slow the enemy's attack rate and movement speed by 30%/50%/70% for 5
seconds or 1.5 seconds for heroes. Also adds 5/10/15 damage to attacks (Thanks
to Robbert)

 COST: 25 mana to activate
 COOLDOWN: 10 seconds
While activated, the Naga Sea Witch loses 1 point of mana for every 1/1.5/2
points of damage. Essentially, mana becomes health.

 COST: 250 mana
 COOLDOWN: 120 seconds
 RANGE: 70
Creates a user-controllable Tornado that hits nearby enemies with cyclone and
deals 50 damage/second to buildings under it. The tornado lasts 40 seconds
I don't know why, but the Sea Witch is my least favorite hero. Anyway, Forked
Lighting is a good hero-killer, but is also useful for killing units that are
grouped together. Frost Arrows are pretty nice, as you can slow an entire army
with good micromanagement. However, I seem to prefer the Lich for Nova ability.
Mana Shield is a great spell, but there's no point in protecting a fairly
average hero, when you could just get a better one. If you do plan on using the
Sea Witch, give her a bunch of Mana Pendants and Mana Potions. Tornado is a
great spell for wrecking bases, but the enemy can easily interrupt you. If you
want a cold hero, stick with the Lich.

7.6  G O B L I N   T I N K E R
*****NOTE*****: As the Goblin Tinker is currently in Beta stages of testing, his
stats are highly generalized, and his spells are unbalanced. When he is actually
put into the normal servers, expect lots of changes.

NAME: Goblin Tinker
ROLE: Support/Melee-Intelligence Hero/Becomes a seiger at level 6
GOLD: 425
WOOD: 100
RANGE: Melee
SPEED: Average (With his abilities factored in, he becomes Very Fast)
|  1  | 600 | 300 |   25    |    20     |   5    |    15    |      20       |
|  2  | 650 | 330 |   27    |    22     |   5    |    16    |      22       |
|  3  | 700 | 375 |   30    |    24     |   5    |    17    |      25       |
|  4  | 775 | 405 |   32    |    27     |   5    |    18    |      27       |
|  5  | 825 | 450 |   35    |    29     |   6    |    19    |      30       |
|  6  | 900 | 495 |   38    |    32     |   6    |    20    |      33       |
|  7  | 950 | 525 |   40    |    34     |   6    |    21    |      35       |
|  8  |1000 | 570 |   43    |    36     |   7    |    22    |      38       |
|  9  |1075 | 600 |   45    |    39     |   7    |    23    |      40       |
| 10  |1125 | 645 |   48    |    41     |   7    |    24    |      43       |
 COST: 125 mana
 COOLDOWN: 40 seconds
 RANGE: 50
The Tinker tosses out a small factory which lasts for 45 seconds. Every few
seconds, the factory produces a small Clockwerk Goblin, which has little health,
deals small damage, and only lasts a few seconds. When it's timer runs out or it
is killed, the Clockwerk Goblin explodes, dealing 30/60/80 damage, and small
splash at level 3. If creeps are blown up by Goblins, they now go straight for
the Factory.

 COST: 75 mana
 COOLDOWN: 7 seconds
 RANGE: 80
The Tinker fires a barrage of rockets which stun the targets for 1 second and
deal damage. Each rocket does 30/55/80 damage. Can be used on buildings.

The Tinker upgrades himself, dealing +2/+4/+6 damage and moving 10%/20%/30%
faster with each level. Each level of upgrade also makes the Tinker's other
spells more powerful. With each level of Engineering Upgrade, the Pocket Factory
produces Clockwerk Goblins faster, the Tinker fires more Cluster Rockets at
once, and Robo-Goblin increases in armor, strength, and Demolish effectiveness.

 COST: 25 mana
 COOLDOWN: 1 seconds
In this unusual Ultimate, the Goblin Tinker transforms into a Robo-Goblin or
back to normal Tinker Form. Note that this works like the Druid of the Claw's
Bear Form, in that it is activated or deactivated, not like the Demon Hunter's
Metamorphosis which only works temporarily. While in Robo-Goblin form, the
Tinker has bonus strength and armor, has the Demolish ability (Deals up to 3X
damage to buildings), and is mechanical (Is immune to most spells and effects,
and can be repaired by workers).
As I've mentioned, the Tinker is still in Beta testing and thus will be changed
a lot when he is fully released, and I have not had much time to practice with
him and therefore don't really know him that well yet. The first thing to notice
is that he's a melee, intelligence hero. That means that he fights in the front
lines, but isn't very powerful. Make sure to constantly heal him and move him
back if he's getting pounded.
So far I have not been able to use Pocket Factory very well, but have seen some
replays of it being put into good use. It no longer works for power-creeping (As
it did early in the patch), as the creeps now go for the Factory instead of the
Goblins. It is slightly bad at low levels, but once at level 3, with a few
levels of Engineering Upgrade, you end up with a fast stream of powerful
Clockwerks. It works very well in large team games, when there's so much chaos
that no one will easily notice and destroy the Factory, and the splash can
devastate large groups of enemies.
Cluster Rockets are fairly useful. The stun is good fun interrupting channelers,
but it's so small that it's negligible. Get some Engineering Upgrade with it for
a large supply of rockets. The damage is really only good when you have a lot of
rockets. Luckily, to make up for the small damage, the mana cost and cooldown
are very small, so you can be firing constantly throughout a fight.
Engineering Upgrade is an awesome spell. The speed boost is actually very
powerful, and at later levels the Tinker runs blazingly fast. The upgrading of
your other spells is also very nice. For your build-order, choose either Factory
or Rockets, and just alternate with EU.
Robo-Goblin is a very nice ultimate. The Tinker becomes a powerful siege
machine, and with all the speed boosts you get you can do some very nice hit-
and-runs. Just drive in, pound a building a bit, and get out when the enemy
arrives. If your enemy likes nuking you, just Robo to stop them. Beware though
that the Tinker becomes immune to many beneficial spells, so either move him out
of the front lines, de-Robo, heal, and get back in, or keep some Acos handy to
repair him.

 ___  _   ___ _____   _____   ___   _____ ___ ___  ___   _ _  _ _
| _ \/_\ | _ \_   _| |_ _\ \ / (_) |_   _|_ _| _ \/ __| ( ) \| ( )
|  _/ _ \|   / | |    | | \ V / _    | |  | ||  _/\__ \ |/| .` |/
|_|/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|   |___| \_/ (_)   |_| |___|_|  |___/   |_|\_|

 _____ ___ ___ ___ _  _____
|_   _| _ \_ _/ __| |/ / __|
  | | |   /| | (__| ' <\__ \
  |_| |_|_\___\___|_|\_\___/

8.  S H O R T    S T R A T S
These are just short strategies and basics. E-mail me!!! Basics are aimed
towards newbies who have no idea how to play the Undead, while Advanced is aimed
towards those that know the different units and such but don't really know
specific strategies.

8.1  U N D E A D   B A S I C S
These are just the basics for using the Undead and are really just for newbies.
E-mail me if you think there are any other important basics that I left out!

-The Undead have two worker units.
 -Acolytes harvest gold, while Ghouls harvest lumber
 -Ghouls are also your tier 1 basic units.
 -You really only need 5 Acolytes for every goldmine you control.
 -A goldmine must be "haunted" before you harvest gold.
 -Try to have about 3 Ghouls harvesting lumber.
 -Ghouls harvest 20 lumber at a time.
 -Acolytes "summon" buildings instead of actually building them.
 -One Acolyte can summon every building, and then go back to the goldmine.
 -You don't need a Necropolis (Command Center) to harvest gold.
 -Once you control a goldmine, just send an Acolyte over to haunt it.

-All Undead buildings besides the Necropolis (Command Center) and the Haunted
Goldmine require Blight on the ground.
 -The Necropolis and the Haunted Gold Mine create Blight.
 -Every new building you build generates more blight.
 -You can create Blight by using an item called the Sacrificial Skull.
 -The Sacrificial Skull can be bought at the Undead buildings, Tomb of Relics.
 -All Undead units regain HP much faster when on Blight.

-Looking for the Undead tower?
 -The Ziggurat (farm) upgrades into one of the two Undead towers
 -Spirit Tower is more powerful
 -Nerubian Tower is weaker, but cheaper and slows enemies

-The Undead tier 1 units are:
 -Acolyte (worker)
 -Ghoul (worker/basic melee unit)
 -Crypt Fiend (anti-air/support unit)

-The Undead tier 1 buildings are:
 -Necropolis (command center)
 -Haunted Goldmine (allows Acolytes to harvest gold)
 -Ziggurat (farm)
 -Nerubian Tower (tower/upgrades from Ziggurat)
 -Spirit Tower (tower/upgrades from Ziggurat)
 -Crypt (basic troop production)
 -Altar of Darkness (hero production)
 -Graveyard (upgrades)
 -Tomb of Relics (shop)

-The Undead tier 2 units are:
 -Gargoyle (light air support/anti-air)
 -Meat Wagon (siege/caster support)
 -Obsidian Statue (support)
 -Necromancer (primary caster)
 -Banshee (secondary caster)
 -Shade (scout)

-The Undead tier 2 buildings are:
 -Halls of the Dead (command center/upgrades from Necropolis)
 -Temple of the Damned (spellcaster production)
 -Slaughterhouse (advanced troop production)
 -Sacrificial Pit (specialized scout production)

-The Undead tier 3 units are:
 -Abomination (heavy melee tank)
 -Frost Wyrm (heavy air tank)
 -Destroyer (flying anti-magic unit/upgrades from Obsidian Statue)

-The Undead tier 3 buildings are:
 -Black Citadel (command center/upgrades from Halls of the Dead)(Thanks to
Janus5000 for pointing out that I stupidly forgot this)
 -Boneyard (specialized heavy-assault unit production)

8.2  U N D E A D   A D V A N C E D
These are more advanced Undead strategies. Contribute!!

-The following are all courtesy of blood_s3m. Thanks a lot!!
 -Massing Ghouls
 -Most players know that undead early unit, the Ghoul, is quick to build, and
cheap. With DK and DL, some players suggest the Double Aura (Vampiric Aura,
and Unholy Aura) with mass Ghoul, especially with full upgrades, of course.
Moreover if you're paired with Human (auto-cast inner fire), NE(roar), or
Orcs (Kodo, Bloodlust), Ghouls become very powerful.
-Keep in mind that there are some spells that can do area damage. A lv.3
Shockwave (Tauren Chieftain) + Chain Lightning (Far Seer) is more than enough
to nail many of the Ghouls. If they are paired with Warden's Fan of Knives,
Dreadlord's Carrion Swarms, or Mountain King's Thunder clap, they can kill
many of Ghouls in an instant, regardless of any Aura they have, since they
have only 340 HP.

-Casters and Meat Shield Warnings
   -If you're thinking about massing casters and using Abominations as shields,
watch out for siege units (Mortar Team, Meat Wagon etc). It can mess up your
casters without piercing through your meat shield. (Siege attacks do extra
damage to unarmored). Casters have low HP while Siege do AOE damage.
-A massive amount of auto-casted spells can be broken by a single AOE type of
dispel (Dispel, Disenchant, Devour magic, Wisp's Detonate). That means you've
lost mana for nothing. Though Dryads have no area dispel, she can autocast.
Devour-Magic will do even worse for you.
-If you're thinking of massing skeletons, better worry about dispels again. a
mass of destroyed skeletons will cost you only corpses and mana, right?!
Think again! It gives plenty of Experience to enemy Heroes. So while your
Hero works hard for Exp, they get plenty in 2 or 3 dispels.

  -Massing in General
   -Don't harass with burrow-unburrow Crypt Fiends. Dust of Appearance, Faerie
Fire, Shades etc will ruin it. Besides, certain spells could still damage
them if done correctly. Use Burrow only for ambushes or to regenerate HP.
-Don't mass Gargoyles. Web or Ensnare will fail it. Besides, Gargoyle's
ground attack is poor and has slow attack rate. Use some Gargoyles against
air units if you're not using Crypt Fiend's web.
-Don't mass Frost Wyrms also. Ever seen 4 Unstable Concoction crush 4 Frost
Wyrms? Not a pretty site.

-Take a Shade with your troops to avoid raids by Shadow-melding Elves, Stasis
Traps, Burrowed Fiends, and other invisible units.
-Give Anti Magic Shell to Heavy Armor Unit, so Magic Damage won't hurt them.
In the late game, tier 3 creatures (Frost Wyrms, Chimeras, Gryphons...) can do
massive damage to Heavy armored unit. Give it also to (allied) Heroes while
performing Channeling Spells, so they won't be cancelled by other spells,
e.g. Sleep, Stun.

8.3  H A R A S S M E N T
This section is devoted to Harassment in Warcraft. Unfortunately, the Undead do
not have any particular means of harassment early in a game, so this is mostly
going to be about defending against harassment. I could use some contributions

-Building your base
-Try to build your base as tightly as possible, unless they're Human
-DO NOT build your base tightly packed if the enemy is Human. An Arch Mage or
Blood Mage will use their AOE spells, and the tighter your base, the more
damage they'll do
-Put a few Ziggurats in between the Gold Mine and your Necropolis (Acos don't
need to deliver gold anyway).
-You can build your Altar and Crypt right next to the Ziggs. As long as you
rally your units to the front of the base, they will always pop out on the
tight side and never get stuck.
-The point of this, is that if an enemy harasses you, their primary targets
will be your workers and their secondary targets will be Ziggs (Your source of
-Due to this set-up, harassers will have a very hard time getting to your
workers and food.

-Cheap Trick
-The main goal of harassing is to make you waste time and/or money.
-If you see a harasser entering your base, use this cheap (free, actually)
-Immediately select all of your Ziggs and have them all start upgrading into
either type of tower.
-The harasser may continue to kill a worker or two, but once they see the
towers upgrading they'll run off, thinking that they have accomplished their
task of forcing you to waste money on defense.
-Lucky for you, as soon as the harasser leaves you can just cancel all of the
-Your opponent will (probably) not return to harass, because he will think that
your base is now surrounded by expensive towers. Haha.

 ___  _   ___ _____  __   ___   ___ _  _     ___  ___ ___ _____ _  _
| _ \/_\ | _ \_   _| \ \ / (_) |_ _| \| |___|   \| __| _ \_   _| || |
|  _/ _ \|   / | |    \ V / _   | || .` |___| |) | _||  _/ | | | __ |
|_|/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|     \_/ (_) |___|_|\_|   |___/|___|_|   |_| |_||_|
           ___ _____ ___    _ _____ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
          / __|_   _| _ \  /_\_   _| __/ __|_ _| __/ __|
          \__ \ | | |   / / _ \| | | _| (_ || || _|\__ \
          |___/ |_| |_|_\/_/ \_\_| |___\___|___|___|___/

OK, here's how the new In-depth strategy layout works:
UNITS: The units used in the strategy. Some of them are required for the
strategy, while others are optional. The strategy itself will outline which
units are needed. I kind of assume that you will always have a pair of Obsidian
Statues, by the way.
ITEMS: Any items your hero will/might need
ALLIES: You might need specific allies with specific units/skills
SKILLS: Any hero skills, or unit skills that are used.
CIRCUMSTANCES: When to use this strategy. Just a suggestion by the way.

G O L D E N   R U L E ! ! !
This is the golden rule to winning: Scout and counter!! Did you get that? SCOUT
AND COUNTER!!! Good. The way to win to scout early, find out what units your
enemy is producing, and counter them. If you're opponent is going air, make
anti-air!! If your opponent is using lots of casters, use Destroyers!! If
they're using ground units that have no air attack, use air!! Just remember to
scout early and counter your opponent.

9.  C O M B O S
These are combinations of your troops that complement each other and work pretty
well. If you have any good ideas that are not already listed, e-mail them to me.
Got it? OK.

9.1  M E A T   W A L L
UNITS: Necromancers
       Crypt Lord
       Death Knight
ITEMS: Wand of Necromancy
SKILLS: Auto-cast Raise Dead (Necromancers)
CIRCUMSTANCES: When the enemy has only melee, and no dispels (Priests or Spell
Breakers for Humans, Spirit Walkers for Orcs, Dryads for Night Elves, Destroyers
for the Undead)

This strategy is awesome if your enemy is focusing on melee, but still works on
ranged. Get a bunch of upgraded Necros ready, along with A-Bombs and A Crypt
Lord. When the enemy attacks, the A-Bombs will swarm the enemy making a huge
meat shield. The huge wall will make it very difficult for the enemy to get
through and kill your fragile Necros. The Crypt Lord acts as a tank, and can
also impale any enemies that sneak through. Make sure the Necros have Raise-Dead
on auto cast, and you'll also get a new line of skeletons as each line of the
enemy's army is killed. This strategy also works well if you have a Lich as your
hero. The Lich is powerful, but VERY fragile, and can hang back behind the lines
as your A-Bombs block the enemy. Also, if you have a Death Knight he can easily
Death Coil any dying units.

9.2  N I G H T   O F   T H E   A N G R  Y   D E A D
UNITS: Necromancers
       Meat Wagons
       Death Knight
       Dark Ranger
ITEMS: Wand of Necromancy
ALLIES: Human (Paladin)
        Night Elf (Warden)
SKILLS: Animate Dead (Death Knight)
        Resurrection (Paladin)
        Avatar of Vengeance (Warden)
        Auto-cast Raise Dead (Necromancers)
        Black Arrows (Dark Ranger)
CIRCUMSTANCES: If your enemy has no dispels (Priests or Spell Breakers for
Humans, Spirit Walkers for Orcs, Dryads for Night Elves, Destroyers for the

This is the ultimate way to swarm your enemy with skeletons. Mass Necros, a few
Obsidian Statues and bring a Death Knight and a Dark Ranger as your hero. As you
fight, the Necros will keep raising the dead, while the Statues supply mana and
health. You need to constantly micro so that the Necros and the Death Knight
keep switching targets as soon as an enemy is about to die. Then have the Dark
Ranger hit them with a Black Arrow and raise a Dark Minion. Once some of the
enemy's higher end units die (Tauren, Knights, A-Bombs, and Bears), have your
Death Knight Animate the Dead. If you really want to make it nearly impossible
for the enemy to drop your guys, have a Human ally train a Paladin until they
get Resurrection, and a Night Elf ally train a Warden until they get an Avatar
of Vengeance.
WHOOPS!! I forgot to add that you should definitely bring a corpse-exhuming Meat
Wagons. Thanks to a bunch of people including LichKing and olipark for reminding

9.3  F I E N D S   A N D   S T A T U E S
UNITS: Crypt Fiends
       Obsidian Statues

One of the most currently popular strategies, this involves simply massing Crypt
Fiends, using your heroes effectively, and throwing in a pair of Obsidian
Statues. It works fairly well if used correctly, but you may have a tough time
against Humans who's Footmen can Defend against the Fiends. Make sure to get Web
for anti-air.

9.4  W Y R M   F R E N Z Y

UNITS: Necromancers
       Frost Wyrms
       Death Knight
SKILLS: Unholy Frenzy (Necromancers)
        Freezing Breath (Frost Wyrms)
        Death Coil (Death Knight)
CIMCUMSTANCES: Works best if enemy has no anti-air

The Necromancers' Unholy Frenzy can turn a pack of Frost Wyrms into a very fast,
very efficient, base-destroying machine.  Group 4-6 Wyrms with 5 Necromancers,
and cast unholy frenzy on all of the Wyrms before entering an enemy base.  The
Wyrms will attack so quickly that buildings will fall at an alarming rate.  Even
enemy units, ground or air, will take so much damage from the cold attacks
coming at an increased rate that even decent anti-air measures won't be able to
stop it.  Throw a Death Knight with Death coil into the mix, and there's not a
lot that can stop them.  I usually leave Raise Dead off of auto-cast for the
Necromancers, until the actual battle begins, to conserve mana for
Frenzy.  Having a wall of skellies will help keep them alive to Frenzy the Wyrms
again later.

9.5  U L T I M A T E   H A N D I C A P

UNITS: Pit Lord
       Dark Ranger
ITEMS: Staff of Silence (If you don't have a Dark Ranger)
SKILLS: Howl of Terror (Pit Lord)
        Silence (Dark Ranger)
        Cripple (Necromancers)
        Curse (Banshees)
CIRCUMSTANCES: If your enemy has no dispels (Priests or Spell Breakers for
Humans, Spirit Walkers for Orcs, Dryads for Night Elves, Destroyers for the
Undead), or magic immune units

This strategy needs a Pit Lord, a Dark Ranger, many Necros, a few Banshees and
Obsidian Statues. Pit Lord's Howl of terror reduces 30/40/50%
of enemies' damage. Necro's Cripple reduces 50% damage of enemies' reduced
damage. Dark Ranger needs to cast Silence on dispellers (Priests/Spirit
Walkers/Shamans/Banshees). Banshees may auto-cast Curse and Statues provide
mana. With Level 3 Howl of terror, Enemies' has 66% chance to hit you with about
25% damage and very slow movement and attack rate. Silence keeps it effective
for (16/20/24) seconds. Oh, that's not all, if you're using Lich also, get Frost
Armor, so the damage done to you will be reduced even more. Don't use it if
they're massing Spell Immune unit, especially Spell Breakers.

9.6  P O S S E S S   A N D   D E S T R O Y

UNITS: Ghouls
       Death Knight
       Dread Lord
SKILLS: Dual Auras (Unholy and Vamparic)
        Possession (Banshees)
        Frost Nova (Lich)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Much better if enemy lacks air. Anywhere where you can flank your

This one is actually highly effective. When Ghouls are on their own, dual aura
is useful. Regardless of whom you are, with good micro, this is a winning
combination over and over. However, taking 6 - 10 Banshees can pose a terrifying
strategy and a damaging alternative. The Curse concentrated on the enemy's air
assault (that may cause Ghoul armies issues) can twist a battle into the favor
of the Ghouls dramatically. However, the strategy being Possess and Destroy,
you're relying mostly on Possession here. People make the underestimation of
believing Banshees must be defended. However with dual aura Ghouls ... well, try

Standard undead start: mass Ghouls. Amass dual aura army and continue as normal.
This should do you fairly well but occasionally you will go under. This is when
Possess and Destroy can swerve the odds to your favor again. Taking another
Ghoul army, create 6 - 10 Banshees with possession. Attack head on with your
ghouls while training a 3rd hero to walk with your ghouls. The Lich is a good
choice. Now take your Ghouls head on to battle and bring your banshees and Lich
around to the side of there army to flank them. A quick nova blast against their
Archers or ranged units can cripple. Let the Banshees do a few Curses and then
Possess their stronger units: Preferably the ones across the front line just
behind the first line of attack. This means the first line of attack will get
sandwiched, while you have removed a chunk of his army into attacking your
Banshees. The possessed units will "crunch" the first line, and then become your
meat shield while your Lich runs in and out with Nova and Dark Ritual,
sacrificing any units you might not need, while obviously hitting level 2
somewhere in the occurrence of the battle. This can switch favors hilariously

9.7  I N F E R N A L   D I S T R A C T I O N

UNITS: Dreadlord
       Meat Wagons
ITEMS: Infernal Stone (If you don't have a Dreadlord)
SKILLS: Inferno (Dreadlord)
        Possess (Banshees)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy has Possession-worthy troops/lacking air

Use a Dreadlord, Banshees, and some Meat Wagons. Keep the Banshees away from
the army as opponents will focus-fire on the banshees quickly. Summon an
Infernal in the heat of a battle, stun the enemies, then micro all the Meat
Wagons and focus-fire at the enemy hero, hoping that the enemy will focus-fire
on the Infernal and ignore your troops for a while. Possess the units of the
opponent as he will be distracted for a while...

9.8  N U K E   A N D   P O S S E S S

UNITS: Death Knight
SKILSS: Death Coil (Death Knight)
        Sleep (Dreadlord)
        Frost Nova (Lich)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy has mainly biological units (No mechanical units)

In this strategy you use your heroes as hero killers-Death knight heals
your heroes-Dread Lord sleeps enemy heroes-Lich novas enemy heroes. The
banshees use possess to control any enemy ground units while the
gargoyles will wipe out the enemies air units.

It is an interesting strategy that works fairly often and can devastate
orcs and night elves. If the Gargoyles do not seem to work that well,
try to focus on Crypt Fiends or possibly a combo of Gargoyles/Wyrms to
slow the enemy air.

10.  A L L I E D   A S S A U L T S
All of the following strategies depend on you and your teammate(s) working
together to achieve a really great victory. If you have any good ideas that are
not already listed, e-mail them to me. Got it? OK.

10.1  R E V E N G E

UNITS: Crypt Lord
ITEMS: Orb of Corruption
       Wand of Lightning Shield (If you don't have allied Shamans)
ALLIES: Night Elf (Keeper of the Grove)
        Night Elf (Druid of the Talon)
        Orc (Shaman)
SKILLS: Spiked Carapace (Crypt Lord)
        Frost Armor (Lich)
        Thorns Aura (Keeper of the Grove)
        Faerie Fire (Druids of the Talon)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy is massing melee units.

Crypt Lord's Lvl. 3 Spiked Carapace + Lich's Lvl. 3 Frost Armor + Keeper of the
Grove's (allied) Lvl. 3 Thorns Aura + Orb of Corruption + Faerie Fire = dead
melee attackers everywhere.  Fully powered, this combination is brutal. Cast all
of these things on your Crypt Lord (BESIDES FAERIE FIRE) and let him tank. And
we all know that the Undead work best when corpses lie around.

Use a Wand of Lighting Shield, too, and you've got a party!

10.2  O O P S ,   I   M I S S E D

UNITS: Banshees
       Pandaeran Brewmaster
ITEMS: Talisman of Evasion (If you don't have an allied Demon Hunter)
ALLIES: Night Elf (Demon Hunter)
SKILLS: Curse (Banshees)
        Evasion (Demon Hunter)
        Drunken Haze (Pandaeran Brewmaster)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy has no/few spell immune units, and no dispellers.

While Banshees are given little respect nowadays, Curse is still one heck of an
overpowered spell. Combined with an allied Demon Hunter's Lvl. 3 Evasion, high
ground, and Drunken Haze (Brewmaster) - that Demon Hunter is NOT going to die
any time soon.

10.3  L O S T   T E M P L E   W Y R M   F R E N Z Y

UNITS: Frost Wyrms
       Death Knight
       Forest Troll High Priest
       Gnoll Overseer
ITEMS: Alleria's Flute of Accuracy (If you don't have a NE ally)
       Scroll of the Beast (If you don't have a NE ally)
ALLIES: Night Elf (Priestess of the Moon)
        Night Elf (Druid of the Claw)
SKILLS: Inner Fire (Forest Troll High Priest)
        Command Aura (Gnoll Overseer)
        Trueshot Aura (Priestess of the Moon)
        Roar (Druids of the Claw)
        Possess (Banshees)
        Unholy Frenzy (Necromancers)
        Unholy Aura (Death Knight)
        Frost Armor (Lich)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Works best if enemy has no anti-air or dispellers, and doesn't
expect what you're doing. Mix and match the different auras and moves to create
super Wyrms.

Okay, first, this strategy is very situation-specific. It works in the map Lost
Temple or any other map with the following creeps: Forest Troll High Priest and
Gnoll Overseer. Also, your ally has to be Night Elf. Pretty much just pick and
choose from your options to make the best Wyrms you can. Now for the strategy:

In certain maps with certain creeps (Lost Temple), and with a NE Ally, you can
create Super Frost Wyrms. Get the full Upgrades of Creature's attack and
Carapace. Possess/hire a Forest Troll High Priest for Inner Fire (+10% damage &
+5 armor). Possess/hire a Gnoll Overseer for Command Aura (+10% damage). Get
Priestess of the Moon Trueshot Aura (+10/20/30% damage) Get Druid of the Claw to
cast Roar (+25% damage) (Scrolls of the Beast do the same effect) If any enemy
using Kodo Beasts, possess it for (+10/20% damage), beware of being Devoured!
Cast Unholy Frenzy to the Wyrm for very fast attack speed. Get Death Knight for
Regeneration and Movement Rate. Get Lich for Frost Armor for (+3/5/7) additional
armor. Well, you do not want any Heavy Armor units to be blown by this super
Frost Wyrm. That's why I do not recommend to bring Ghouls (340 HP) for late

10.4  R U M B L I N G   D E C A Y

       Necromancers (If you don't have an Orc/Human ally)
ALLIES: Orc (Far Seer)(If you don't have a Human ally)
        Humans (Sorceresses)(If you don't have an Orc ally)
SKILLS: Death and Decay (Lich)
        Cripple (Necromancers)
        Earthquake (Far Seer)
        Slow (Sorceresses)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy lack flying units. Enemy base has two entrances, or there
are 2 ways to get to where you are attacking.

Here's how it works:
Have your bait units (The Ghouls) attack the edge of the base -FROM ONE SIDE-.
Make sure that there's enough that the enemy will actually retaliate seriously.
Now, have your real force attack from the back. Have your allies cast their
slowing spell: Either Earthquake, or slow. If you don't have an ally, cast
Cripple on as many enemy units as possible. Meanwhile, have your Lich cast
Death and Decay on the enemy units! You're enemies will be sandwiched between 2
forces, while being slowed, and poisoned!

10.5  S P I D E R   P I G S
THANKS TO SLASHER_WEIYOU, and his friends Cal and Revan
Sorry, this was the best name I can think of. Slasher, if you have a better
anem, e-mail me again.

UNITS: Dread lord
       Death knight
       18 Crypt Fiends
       5-6 Obsidian Statues
       Necromancers (Unholy frenzy)(optional)
ITEMS: Orb of lightning
       All other items give to Chieftain
ALLIES: Orc (Tauren Chieftain)
        5 Taurens
        5 Spirit Walkers
        Shamans (Bloodlust)(optional)
SKILLS: Triple auras
        Spirit walkers with all spells
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemies masses ANY air/melee with zero casters. Best used in
Ice crown map and other big maps. (Share unit control with bases side by
side)(Tauren and crypt fiends fully upgraded)

How to place them:
Tauren Chieftain and his Tauren in front. 1st group of 12 Crypt Fiends behind,
together with Dread Lord and Death Knight. Spirit Walkers and Obsidian Statues
behind 1st group of crypt fiends. 2nd group of 6 crypt fiends

Orc ally must build ONLY his hero at the beginning and upgrade all the way to
tier 3 as fast as possible to get Taurens and spirit walkers. Let orc ally use
5 ghouls and undead heroes to creep. Return to base after each creep to let the
heroes regain life and the ghouls to continue harvesting lumber. Orc can
provide lumber aid to undead if there is insufficient lumber. Keep creeping to
get Tauren Chieftain to lvl 5 ASAP.

Since all units are highly exp and high on the tier, both must get another mine
ASAP and another if possible. Defend undead base with Spirit towers and orc
base with burrows and towers. Don't give a damn about the 2nd base. Let it die
if enemy attacks and don't bother even defending it with any towers. Just order
all units to escape somewhere safe. The point is that everyone is spread far
out that everyone will be creeping instead of looking for each other.

This tactic can be used to wipe out a base SUPERFAST. If his/her army comes to
engage with no casters to curse/banish etc. your ally's Tauren, he/she is DEAD.
Tauren are hard to die in the first place, together with the statues stacked
healing and 40% life steal Vampiric aura, and he's practically invincible. If
they die, what are the spirit walkers for? Just use Ancestral Spirit whenever
any of them dies. The Crypt Fiends web all air units for the Tauren to chop on
and help with their piercing attack. If any AOE hero comes along, give him the
tauren stomp/dread lord sleep to stop him in the tracks long enough for the
taurens to surround him and send him back to his altar.

11.  H E R O   S T R A T E G Y
These are good strats for wrecking havoc with your heroes. Some are tips for
using specific heroes, while others are just cool tricks. If you have any good
ideas that are not already listed, e-mail them to me. Got it? OK. Also, note
that while the following are fun, they probably shouldn't be used in serious
situations. If the enemy can deplete your hero's mana, or stun them before they
teleport away, they're toast.

11.1  T R I - N U K E
UNITS: Death Knight
       Crypt Lord
SKILLS: Death Coil (Death Knight)
        Carrion Swarm (Dreadlord)
        Impale (Crypt Lord)
        Frost Nova (Lich)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Hero/target unit is not spell-immune!

I know that I mentioned this in the Heroes section, but I thought that I'd just
post it here too. For killing an enemy hero, use any combination of the
following moves: Impale, Death Coil, Carrion Swarm, and Frost Nova. Hit a hero
with 3 of those at level 3, and that hero will be dead (or close). Plus, these
spells have fairly quick cooldowns, so you can hit them again!

11.2  S U R P R I S E   W I N T E R

ITEMS: Lesser/Greater Potion of Invulnerability
       Lesser/Greater Potion of Invisibility
       Mana Potion
       Any summoning item
       Scroll of Town Portal
ALLIES: Human (Sorceress)
SKILLS: Frost Nova (Lich)
        Frost Armor (Lich)
        Invisibility (Sorceress)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy is not Night Elves.

For this annoying strategy, you'll need to get your Lich into the enemy base
unnoticed. You can use a Potion of Invisibility, or if you have a Human ally,
have them cast Invisibility on your Lich.
Move your Lich to the enemy command-center (Castle/Fortress... etc)
Near the enemy command-center there will probably be some empty space where the
enemy cut his first bunch of trees... so move the Lich there (don't go too far
though from the enemy main building and gold mine)
Suddenly, fire Frost Nova in the middle of a bunch of workers!!! If there are
any survivors attack them with your normal attack. Target the weakest workers if
you have the Orb of Darkness to turn them into skellies. As soon as your spell
is ready again, blast any survivors if mana allows you to. Also, summon and
units you can with items.
If no enemy forces have started to charge on the poor Lich, continue to either
Frost Nova anything that moves nearby, if you have enough mana to spare
(REMEMBER TO SAVE 250 MANA FOR THE GRAND FINALE) or drink a potion of mana.
If the enemy has decided to get a move on the Lich, activate the Potion of
Quickly target the enemy command center or any clumped group of important
buildings and fire DEATH ANY DECAY. Keep on for as long as the Lich can survive.
If you go under 200, immediately double-click the Scroll of Town Portal to
become invincible and teleport away.

You can also bring a Shade into the enemy base and then use a Staff of
Teleportation (Available at any Goblin Merchant) to warp in.

11.3  B I G ,   S L O W   A N D . . . S T E A L T H Y ! ?

UNITS: Crypt Lord
ITEMS: Cloak of Shadows
       Mana Potion
ABILITIES: Carrion Beetles (Crypt Lord)
           Impale (Crypt Lord)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy is not Night Elf or Undead, and enemy has no detection.

From the beginning, get a Crypt Lord and a few Ghouls. Creep about as usual
until you find a Cloak of Shadows. Bring the Ghouls and the Crypt Lord to the
enemy base AT NIGHT! Send in the Ghouls as a diversion for the enemy's
defenders, while the Crypt Lord sneaks around the perimeter of the base to the
gold mine/lumber area and Hide.
Once the enemy has destroyed your Ghouls and left to Creep, simply fire Impale
at the worker units, make Carrion Beetles out of the corpses and then hide again
while the Beetles kill any remaining workers. Continue unhiding throughout the
night and repeating this until your enemy has no more workers and thus, very
little resources. Then, get your Crypt Lord out of there once the night has
ended. If the enemy returns to stop you, try to fight your way out, and then
just use a Scroll of Town Portal to teleport away once you go below 200 health,
or earlier if the enemy hero has a stun move.

You can also bring a Shade into the enemy base and then use a Staff of
Teleportation (Available at any Goblin Merchant) to warp in.

11.4  B E T T E R   T H A N   R E A L
*NOTE* Sorry, Skull, I lost your e-mail so I made up my own name and tried my
best to recreate the strategy! Sorry!

ITEMS: Wand of Illusion
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy has no detectors

This is basically useful for tricking your opponent into attacking your
illusions (Due to the Wand of Illusions, of course!). Pretty much, after the
illusion appears, have your Necros cast Unholy Frenzy on it, and give it some
other buffs. Hopefully, this will make your opponent believe you're pumping up
the real hero, and focus-fire on the fake! This can save your hero's life (Or at
least postpone it...), although it requires some good micro to treat all of your
heroes (Real and fake!) like the real thing. Although, be sure not to use a move
like Impale which makes it pretty obvious which hero is real.

Just a little change on the above strategy. As soon as you create the copies,
take one copy and move them away from battle. If the enemy is experienced,
they'll assume that that's the real hero being moved away and will direct
attention to the escaping illusion, hopefully leaving the real hero alone for a

11.5  R E T U R N   O F   D R A C U L A

UNITS: Dreadlord
ITEMS: Potion of Invisibility
       Inferno Stone (If you don't have Infernal)
       Scroll of Town Portal
ABILITIES: Carrion Swarm (Dreadlord)
           Inferno (Dreadlord)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy has no detectors, and they're not in their base (Use a
Shade to scout)

I have decided since the Lich has Surprise Winter and the Crypt Lord has
Big, Slow, and Stealthy?? the Dreadlord needs a harassing technique. Use a
Potion of Invisibility (beware of detectors) to sneak into the enemy base
near the workers. Suddenly Carrion Swarm the ones harvesting gold (or lumber
in NE). Now send and Infernal down on the lumber harvesters and watch them
die. Finish off the ones harvesting gold with your bare hands. Then have your
Dreadlord help the Infernal kill the wood cutters. Now focus your units on
the town hall structure. If the army comes, ignore them and keep hacking
apart the town hall. To buy some time, put the strongest enemy hero to
sleep. Now continue wrecking the town hall until your Dreadlord goes under
200 hp. Then it would be wise (read: do this) to use a scroll of TP far

12.  O T H E R   S T R A T E G I E S
These are strategies that just don't fit into any of the above categories. Some
of them are weird and mostly for fun, while others are highly-effective but are
difficult to do. Some of them just didn't have any where else to go. If you have
any good ideas that are not already listed, e-mail them to me. Got it? OK.

12.1  E X P A N D   A N D   C O N Q U E R

UNITS: Crypt Lord
       Death Knight
       Crypt Fiends
ABILITIES: Carrion Beetles (Crypt Lord)
           Death Coil (Death Knight
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy doesn't rush.

Because Ghouls make good melee units, it allows you to stay at tier 1 long
enough to build an expansion. Build the expansion, train the Acolytes, and then
get to upgrading. Make sure you have enough Ghouls to defend the expansion (11
Ghouls, plus a Crypt Lord and Carrion Beetles is enough). Use a Sacrificial
Skull to help build defenses at the expansion and creep near it so you can go
back there if the need be. While you're upgrading to the Halls of the Dead get 2
or 3 Crypt Fiends so that when you hit tier 2 you can research web for some
anti-air. As soon as you reach tier 2, train a Death Knight with Death Coil, and
get Death Pact as he reaches level 2. Then, build a Temple of the Damned and a
Slaughterhouse. When you have enough cash, build another Temple of the Damned
and a Sacrificial Pit (With the expansion, you'll make money quickly). Get
Necros, a pair of Statues, 2 Shades, and some Gargs. Upgrade to Black Citadel as
well. From then on it's just a matter of teching and upgrading one of the
Statues into a Destroyer. Because of the Shades you should know what your
opponent is doing, so you should balance out your units accordingly. The whole
idea is based around getting an early expansion and defending until your force
is ready. It works well unless your opponent rushes during tier 1.

12.2  S T O N E   W A L L   H A M M E R I N G

UNITS: Gargoyles
ABILITIES: Stone Form (Gargoyles)
CIRCUMSTANCES: Enemy has big units (Size-wise), or lots of anti-air and you
accidentally built Gargs.

This one is a good multiplayer strategy. In multiplayer, when you are undead,
you may be asked to tower air defense. Gargoyles make great bait and excellent
micro-strikers but crappy ground based assault. Their worth in a mostly ground
based battle is limited, and especially against Bat Riders. However when your
Night Elf ally goes mass archers, you will find that a large melee-based army
can pose an extreme problem.

This strat uses this ordeal to abuse the gargoyles stone form ability. With a
little micro you can drop the gargoyles in a wall from tree to tree (Keep an
eye on the shadow of the gargoyle to watch where he will land). Throw a few
Necros behind them to Frenzy any bigger allied units and a with few meat wagons
you have an almost impenetrable wall that melee enemies will be throwing
themselves against. This is especially useful against the likes of "AOW RUSH"
where if you separate the Gargs slightly your units will pass without problem
and the AOW will not be able to get by.

12.3  S T A M P E D E   O F   W H A T ! ?

UNITS: Dark Ranger
       Crypt Lord
       Any creeps you can find
ITEMS: Any summoning items (Red Drake Egg, Demonic Figure... etc)
SKILLS: Possession (Banshee)
        Charm (Dark Ranger)
CIRCUMSTANCES: You feel like trying a weird strategy/Funnier if enemy is low
level and doesn't know about Possession and stuff

This again is REALLY an irritating multiplayer strat. You need to learn to use
your Banshees as a support unit. Preferably you will be wanting to get a strong
first hero, murdering any small creeps you can get your hands on, while also
power-teching to Banshees and Possession ASAP. Pull out all the stops and kill
as many smaller creeps as you can manage, including in enemy territory. Try
starting there and moving back towards your base. A few ghouls and the DK is a
great way to do this from their speed.

After amassing Banshees, you want to move across the map Possessing every
single high-level creep you have left behind (Remember, level 5 is the limit).
The beast master is a good addition to this team, as is the Crypt Lord with
beetles. You should also buy mercenaries with the extensive gold you will have
managed to gain during the run. Grab a few Necros, too, just for skeletons and
perhaps frenzy. And when you have an army of creeps, rush your opponent's base,
cast Stampede, and listen to their reactions. You'll receive some of the usual
comments ("WTF?!") but also a few crazy ones ("OMG! YOU ARE HAX!!"). This
strategy seems like it's just for fun, but it can be really useful. Also, use
and items your heroes may have collected to summon more creeps (Furbolgs, Fel
Stalkers, and a few more can be summoned).

NOTE: The Dark Ranger is a good hero for this strategy, if you can get her to
level 6 and start Charming away.

12.4  C R E E P ' S   R E V E N G E

UNITS: Necromancers
       Goblin Zeppelin
SKILLS: Raise Dead (Necromancers)
        Unholy Frenzy (Necromancers)
CIRCUMSTANCES: You know where your enemy is creeping

For this strat you need a Zeppelin full of Necros and a Shade following your
enemy's hero. Keep the Zeppelin just out of your opponent's sight and follow
him while he's creeping. Once the enemy's attack a Creep Camp, drop some Necros
and cast Raise Dead to raise the fallen Creeps! Also, you can Cripple your
enemy's hero for more fun! Your opponent will go nuts trying to figure out how
the Creeps are reanimating. If you really want to annoy your opponent, drop
your Necros ahead of his heroes and cast Unholy Frenzy on the Creeps! Take

12.5  M Y   S T R A T E G Y
This is my strategy, build order and all. Yeah.

UNITS: Crypt Lord
       Crypt Fiends
       Death Knight
       Frost Wyrms
SKILLS: Carrion Beetles (Crypt Lord)
        Spiked Carapace (Crypt Lord)
        Death Coil (Death Knight)
        Unholy Aura (Death Knight)
        Death Pact (Death Knight)
CIRCUMSTANCES: This strategy is used from the start of the game, so adjust
according to what your opponent is getting.

So this is my strategy. Start out by sending your Acolytes to go harvest gold,
the Ghoul to harvest wood, and queue an Acolyte from your Necropolis to the
mine. Now take an Acolyte out and summon an Altar, a Graveyard, and then a
Ziggurat as resources allow. Once you have enough gold, queue up another
Acolyte. As you accumulate gold, summon a Crypt, and then summon another Crypt
when you have the cash. As soon as the Altar finishes, you might need to wait a
second before the Ziggurat is done. Then train a Crypt Lord. As the Crypts
finish, train 2 Ghouls, and queue them both to wood. Then train a Crypt Fiend,
and summon another Ziggurat. Once the Crypt Lord is done, get Carrion Beetles
as a first skill, and begin summoning Beetles from your Graveyard. Once you
have 5 Beetles, your Crypt Fiend should be done, and you should go out and
creep a weak camp. Train more Fiends when your Ziggurat is done, and queue them
to the Crypt Lord. Continue creeping weak camps, get Spiked Carapace when you
have the exp., summoning more Ziggs, and training more Fiends, until you have
about 5-6 Fiends creeping with your Crypt Lord. Then begin upgrading your
Necropolis, and summon a Tomb of Relics. As your Crypt Lord gains experience,
get Spiked Carapace upgrades and better Beetles.
Once you hit tier 2, send some of the Beetles out to search for your enemy.
When one of them finds them, have the Beetle burrow there, and burrow another
one of your Beetles at an important chokepoint. Summon a Slaughterhouse, train
a Death Knight, and begin training some Gargoyles. Once the Slaughterhouse is
done, train an Obsidian Statue (or 2), and continue creeping with your CL, DK,
Fiends, and Gargs. Attack any time now if you have the opportunity, but if not,
upgrade to tier 3 and summon a Sacrificial Pit. At tier 3, summon a Boneyard
and begin getting Frost Wyrms when you have the cash. If your enemy has lots of
anti-air units, get Abominations instead. If you have spare cash, train a Lich
for your third hero. Eventually, you should have a buff enough attack force to
destroy your opponent. Good luck.

12.6  F A S T   E X P A N S I O N
UNITS: Crypt Lord
       Carrion Beetles
       Crypt Fiends
ITEMS: Wand of Necromancy
       Sacrificial Skull
SKILLS: Carrion Beetles (Crypt Lord)
CIRCUMSTANCES: It's a fast expand. Use it to get a nice stream of gold early

This is a fast expansion strategy, which means you'll expand very early on.
Start the game by summoning an Altar and a Ziggurat, while training an Acolyte
rallied to the mine. Summon a Graveyard when gold permits, followed by another
Aco rallied to the mine. Summon a Crypt followed by a Tomb of Relics when you
have the cash. When the Altar's ready, train a Crypt Lord, and once the Crypt
is ready train a pair of Ghouls for wood. Summon a second Crypt when you have
the gold. When the Crypt Lord comes out, summon 5 Carrion Beetles from the
Graveyard, train a Crypt Fiend rallied to your CL, and buy a Sacrificial Skull
and Rod of Necromancy from the Tomb of Relics. When you have a Crypt Lord, 5
Beetles, a Fiend, and the items, use the Wand of Necromancy to summon a pair of
Skellies from the Graveyard, and head off for the nearest Gold Mine. Once
there, plop the Sacrificial Skull down, and let your Skellies and Beetles
absorb most of the damage. While this is going on, rally more Fiends from your
Crypts, summon another Ziggurat... the usual. Also send an Acolyte out to Haunt
the mine and go back to base. Continue with your usual strategy, and as the
Haunted Gold Mine comes to completion rally 5 more Acolytes from your
Necropolis over there. You should have an expo is no time, and your CL will
have good experience from quickly taking down an expo camp.

12.7  T A S T E S   L I K E   C H I C K E N
Just a little tip regarding corpses. Never forget that the almighty critter
(Sheep, lobster, stag, or anything else!) leaves a nice juicy corpse upon
death. If a Ghoul is low on health, kill a sheep and cannibalize it. Preparing
for battle and want extra Beetles or pair of Skeletons? Kill a stag and summon.
Want to pick up a boar corpse so you can use Animate Dead on it later? Go
ahead. If you're doing some early creeping or fast expanding and ever want a
quick pair of Skellies from your Wand of Necromancy, don't forget this!

12.8  T H E   G R E A T   C O R N H O L I O

The name of this strategy comes from a constantly-heard line on the old MTV
show "Beavis and Butthead": "I need TP for my bunghole!"  In a Warcraft III
setting, this strategy is really just another way to stop or delay enemy
reinforcements when attacking bases or expansions by making sure they don't
have a Scroll of Town Portal (hence TP).  For example, if you plan on attacking
an expansion of the enemy's and don't want to fight his hero's army head on,
launch a decoy attack (preferably with cheap units, but at least enough to make
him/her think it's serious) on his main base.  Their hero will TP in, joining
the battle, while you take advantage of the situation by destroying your real
target--the (often poorly defended) expansion.  Try to destroy their store with
the decoy attack so he doesn't have TP for the next little while.

This strategy can also be used in team games to keep your enemy's allies from
interfering.  Launch a decoy attack on one enemy player's base, make sure you
provoke the whole (or at least most of the) enemy team to TP in, and then use
your real force to destroy one of their (now undefended) bases.

Judicious use of this strategy will make the enemy wish they had "TP for their
bunghole"--the bunghole in their base's defenses that is spewing forth your
attack force. Haha!

To avoid falling prey to this strategy yourself, defend your expansions well
with towers and/or a necropolis to allow you to TP there, have more than one
hero, each with their own army so that you can fight a war on multiple fronts
if necessary, and summon more than one tomb of relics.  While this may seem
like overkill, having more than one store will allow you to buy items faster,
making sure you "always have TP for your bunghole"--so as to clean up any mess
the enemy throws your way.

12.9  K I L L   T H E   M E S S E N G E R

This strategy is really just a way to get items to your hero without having
to go back to your base--while your creeping, attacking, or defending an
expansion, for instance.  Anytime your Necropolis is idle and you have a tomb
of relics, research backpack.  It's cheap, and it allows fast ground units
(like ghouls) to carry a pair of items to your heroes, which could save
precious time spent heading back to your store and/or save the hero's life by
providing much needed healing potions/scrolls.  Though I have not confirmed
it myself, I believe it also allows ground units that can carry items to use
goblin merchants/marketplaces too!

And as if that weren't enough, you could always sacrifice the fresh unit for
your Death Knight/Lich once it's finished its deliveries!

12.10  L I K E   F L I E S   I N   A   W E B

If your opponent is twitchy and likes to chase you if you attack his base,
exploit this weakness with this strategy.  First, mass a good force, including
several crypt fiends/carrion beetles with burrow.  Now line them up from tree
to tree near an enemy's base as to form a wall, then burrow
them.  Next, begin attacking with a good but ultimately expendable force
(preferably with a hero to help).  When the enemy's army comes to chase you,
lead them out past the line of burrowed crypt fiends/carrion beetles, making
sure your enemy cannot see your real force, and when a sufficient number of
your enemy's units cross the line (preferably along with their hero), spring
the trap by unburrowing your crypt fiends/carrion beetles and attacking with
your main force.  The enemy will be caught and unable to maintain formation,
attacked as they are from the front and the rear.  Then proceed to devour them-
-like a spider does with flies in its web.

 ___  _   ___ _____  __   _____ _   _   _ _  _ ___  ___   _   ___
| _ \/_\ | _ \_   _| \ \ / /_ _(_) | | | | \| |   \| __| /_\ |   \
|  _/ _ \|   / | |    \ V / | | _  | |_| | .` | |) | _| / _ \| |) |
|_|/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|     \_/ |___(_)  \___/|_|\_|___/|___/_/ \_\___/
    __   _____     _____ _  _ ___  __      _____  ___ _    ___
    \ \ / / __|   |_   _| || | __| \ \    / / _ \| _ \ |  |   \
     \ V /\__ \_    | | | __ | _|   \ \/\/ / (_) |   / |__| |) |
      \_/ |___(_)   |_| |_||_|___|   \_/\_/ \___/|_|_\____|___/

13.  V E R S U S   H U M A N S
These are strategies that are particularly effective against Humans.
Unfortunately, there aren't any right now! If you have any ways to destroy
Humans or counter Human strategies, send them to me!

-The best way to fight Humans is with lots of dual-aura Ghouls. Start with a
Dreadlord, and get Sleep first for creeping. Fiends don't work against Defend,
so don't get them if you can. Try to keep your Ghouls moving around, since AOE
spells can toast them.
-Always wipe out enemy Priests first, or else they will just heal their troops.
-One of the best ways to deal with Priests is with a pair of Meat Wagons.
Because Priests are unarmored, they take extra damage from the flying corpses.
-If your opponent is using lots of spellcasters, get Destroyers. They can Devour
Inner-Fire, and eat Slow for breakfast.
-Necros are risky against Humans, because they have Spell Breakers.
-Watch out for the infamous Human fast-expand.
-Rushing is a pain, because Footmen can easily overpower Ghouls and can Defend
against Crypt Fiends. Try to just use quick hit and runs to cripple the opponent
(killing Peasants and destroying Farms), since Humans usually have big
advantages over the Undead.
-While Ghouls and Spirit Towers usually provide adequate defense in your base,
Dragonhawk Riders can easily cloud your towers and wreck havoc from the safety
of the air.
-Watch out when using Shades to view the enemy base. Towers with Magic Sentry
can spot you.
-Siege Engines are a huge pain in the behind. Just try to swarm them with Ghouls
while Crypt Fiends attack from behind. They're tough to deal with no matter
what, though.
-Kill any Critters that enter your base, especially the ones that are doing
stuff unusual. They may be Human spies.
-Beware of using Frosties, because Dragon Hawks can just Shackle you. Pump out
Gargs to deal with the Dragon Hawks and Gryphons.
-AMS is good for defending against Polymorph

13.1  S E E I N G   T H E   L I G H T

-Thanks to LichKing for noticing that I misspelled Paladin. Whoops.
-The Pally is just the Human Death Knight.
-Try to defeat the Pally before you destroy the other heroes, because he can
just use Holy Light to heal.
-Remember that Holy Light can do heavy damage to your units, too.
-Use Anti-Magic-Shell on your heroes to defend them from Holy Light.
-If you have a Death Knight, use Animate Death before your opponent uses
Resurrection. Resurrection only brings back Human units, so you can Animate some
Humans and steal the dead!
-Divine Shield is a pain. If the Pally uses it, just try to get away from him
until it wears off. Thanks to Blood s3m for noticing that you can't Anti-Magic-
Shell a Pally to stop him from using Divine Shield.
-Thanks to Janus5000: Your army should be master Banshees and a Dark Ranger.
Unless your enemy massed air, you will now mess them up. When your armies meet,
use your excellent micro (if you have it :P) to possess and charm the entire
enemy army. If you kill any enemy troops, make sure you used a Black Arrow. Now
surround the Pally and Silence him. Use any surviving Banshee to curse him. Now
he is messed. Even when Silence wears off, Holy Light and Resurrection are
useless. Divine Shield will still mess you up, but keep him surrounded and it
will wear off. Devotion Aura won't save him. Life Drain will quicken his demise.

13.2  S H O R T E N I N G   T H E   D W A R F

-Do not mass Ghouls if you know the enemy is using an MK.
-Thunder Clap can easily fry Ghouls or Skellies that are surrounding the MK.
-You can use Anti-Magic-Shell to protect your Heroes from Storm Hammer.
-The MK isn't that fast so you can hit it from afar, then run away a bit and
-Use Tri-Nuke to pick off the MK fast.
-Thanks to Janus5000: Make your hero a Lich and get a good sized army that
should include Necros and a corpse exhuming Meat Wagon. When your forces meet in
battle, make sure to have at least four Necros survive. When you see the MK,
Frost Nova or cripple him. Now pray he doesn't use Avatar. Use your necros to
raise any corpses (Make sure you have skeketal mastery) and have the warriors
surround him. Constantly have your necros and Lich retreat, casting Frost Armor
on your skellie warriors. Dump exhumed corpses to raise, rinse and repeat until
you have a dead dwarf. Ha.
-If the MK is level 6 or above, it's very important to use Tri-Nuke and focus
fire to kill the MK before he uses Avatar.

13.3  M A G I C A L L Y   D E L I C I O U S

-The Arch Mage doesn't have too much HP, so you can easily use a Tri-Nuke, focus
fire, or even just surround the Arch Mage to kill him.
-Later on in the game, you'll want to get a Destroyer or 2 to deal with him.
-Destroyers can use Devour Magic to just eat Water Elementals alive. Mmmm...
Good, fresh, spring water...
-Use either Sleep (Dreadlord), or Impale (Crypt Lord) to just interrupt a
-If you have a bunch of Banshees, cast Anti-Magic-Shell on a bunch of your
units. Then if the Arch Mage casts Blizzard, he'll only be damaging his own
units. Very fun to do.
-Remember to kill Critters in your base. Easily one of the most annoying things
is when an Arch Mage Mass Teleports his army to a Mecha-Critter in your base.
-Keep a Shade around. Mass Teleporting to an invisible unit kills you.

13.4  B L O O D Y   E L V E S

-Like with the Arch Mage, you can cast Anti-Magic-Shell on a bunch of units.
Then, when the Blood Mage casts Flame Strike he'll only hurt his own units.
-With good micro you should be able to get a few, if not more, of your units out
of the way of a Flame Strike.
-It is pretty difficult to interrupt the Flame Strike before it occurs, so don't
bother unless you're really prepared.
-Thanks to Janus5000 for reminding me that if the BM casts Banish on itself to
protect itself, a good tri-nuke will do an insane amount of damage and kill him
if the nukes are high enough
-If the BM is Banishing lots of his units, use Carrion Swarm or Impale to deal
damage to groups of them
-Siphon Mana can be a pain, but you can cancel it by running the Siphoned unit
out of the BM's range or just interrupting the BM.
-The Phoenix is annoying, but lucky for you it helps you by burning itself to
death. Just have some ranged units focus fire on it take it down.
-Gargs can tear through a Phoenix
-I used to have here that you can nuke the Phoenix Egg to destroy it, but Blood
s3m told me that the egg is spell immune. Whoops.

14.  V E R S U S   O R C S
These are strategies that are particularly effective against Orcs. If you have
any ways to destroy Orcs or counter Orcs strategies, send them to me!

-If your opponent is getting lots of spellcasters, get Destroyers.
-If Witch Doctors are spamming wards, just use Devour Magic (Destroyer) to wipe
them out.
-Keep a Shade with you so you don't run into a Stasis Trap Ward.
-Don't plan on massing Frost Wyrms, because a Batrider can just use Unstable
Concoction and blow your Frosties back to the stone-age.
-If an enemy Shadow Hunter is casting Big Bad Voodoo just use Impale to
interrupt the spell.
-Leave a Shade in your base so Wind-Walking Blademasters don't harass you.
-From the start of the game, build your base in a sort of maze with your Crypt
and Altar blocking your Ziggurats which are blocking your Gold Mine. This makes
it a pain for harassing Far Seers to micro their wolves through every thing. And
remember to upgrade the Ziggs into towers so they can destroy any Wolves that
sneak in.
-Don't mass Ghouls. A Chain-Lightning trained Far Seer and a Tauren Chieftain
can easily exterminate Ghouls. Stick with Fiends.
-Bring a Shade with your army so a Windwalking Blademaster can't escape battle.
-Early game, Grunts will mop the floor with you. It's best to creep and just try
to avoid the Orcs until tier 2. Don't rush.
-Hot-key a few ranged units (A group of 2-4 Gargoyles are good) and use them as
"ward-hunters". Whenever a Ward is plopped down, have them focus-fire and
destroy it fast.
-If the enemy uses Raiders have your Necros Cripple them. A really irritating
tactic (That I use when playing Orc) is to lead you out of your base, Ensnare
about all of your guys, then rush in and destroy a few buildings! Therefore,
Cripple them to slow them down.
-If enemy Raiders are rushing at your Necros, Cripple them and run! Raiders do
Siege damage so they'll mop the floor with Necros. (Thanks to the Silver Skull)
-When attacking the Orc base, get the Burrows early. Not only will it stop the
static defense, but it also cuts off their food.
-Use ranged units to attack buildings while the melee units fight the enemy.
Those spikes can hurt.

For Orcs, you must decide early what to do, as your early strategy can determine
the rest of the game. After playing numerous games with your brother, you should
know whether he likes to harass or not. If he does not harass, go with Crypt
Fiends, and use either a Death Knight or Crypt Lord. If he does harass, get a
Dreadlord and focus on Ghouls. If he harasses with a Far Seer, get a Nerubian
Tower, and try to block of the entrance to the Gold Mine area as much as
possible. On the map Turtle Rock, it's actually possible to put an Altar on one
side of the Necropolis, and a Graveyard on the other to completely block of the
gold mine to attackers. When the Seer comes, use Sleep on him, and have the
Nerubian Tower and a Ghoul or two destroy the Wolves (Or just let the Wolves do
their thing. If you can manage the Acolytes, they'll survive). Then surround the
Far Seer with Ghouls and the Dreadlord, and start ripping him up. With some
practice you'll be able to completely surround him, and attack him until he dies
or teleports away.

If he harasses with a Blade Master it's slightly more annoying. Try and
Sleep+Surround again, but make sure to have a Tomb of Relics before hand. If he
Windwalks, buy a Dust of Appearance, and sprinkle it to attack. It may take some
practice as a Windwalking BM is quick and tough to surround, but you'll get it.

If he does not harass, you'll want to try and avoid confronting the Orcs early
game. Grunts with Speed Scrolls can take down Fiends, and Ghouls die to Orc AOE
spells (War Stomp, Shockwave, Chain Lightning... etc). Creep normally while
teching, and work towards tier 3. You'll probably plan on getting Destroyers
eventually for devouring Bloodlust and Healing Wards. The Orc will most likely
get casters, so always kill the casters first, then the main force. A
Blademaster is best left alone as many of his spells are based on avoiding
damage, and you probably won't kill him. Focus on the army first. A Tauren
Chieftain isn't that tough at low levels (Unless you went Ghouls, in which case
he'll rip them up), but later on he's a huge annoyance. Far Seers and Shadow
Hunters fall to tri-nukes. Eventually, you may want Frosties, as Tauren will
probably be attacking, and they will get slaughtered by Frosties.

14.1  H O O F I N '   I T

-The Chieftain is a Ghoul exterminator. A few Shockwaves/War Stomps will put
your Ghouls away.
-Try to lay the smack down on the Chieftain when it's still at a low level
-While low-level Chieftains aren't that great, once they hit level 6 you're in
for it
-Reincarnate is easily one of the most annoying Ultimates. Do. Not. Let. The.
Chieftain. Hit. Level. 6.
-If the Chieftain has reached Level 6, remember that every 4 minutes Reincarnate
will be ready again. This means that whenever it's revived, you will have 4
minutes before it has yet another life to kill you with.
-Endurance Aura is annoying but you have bigger things to worry about.
-A high level Chieftain is a force to be reckoned with. As I've been stressing,
put the Chieftain away early.

14.2  D A N C E S   W I T H   W O L V E S

-The Far Seer is currently the most popular Orc hero (At least I seem to
think...), so expect to see a lot of this wolf-riding green dude.
-If your opponent does go Far Seer you're likely to be harassed by some wolves
very early on so be prepared and read my Harassing Section
-If you're too lazy to read the whole Harassing section, I'm just going to
repeat some good ways to stop Harassing
-Build your base in a way that makes it difficult for the Wolves to get to your
fragile Acos. You'll have to prepare for this very early on.
-When you do see Wolves coming try to micro your Acos through the maze making it
tough for the Wolf to attack. You should be able to distract the Wolves long
enough for your hero to be trained, and then you can just destroy it and get
some free experience.
-Try this: When the Wolves come in, immediately select all of your Ziggs and
start upgrading them into towers. This will scare your opponent into pulling
their Wolves out early, in fear of the towers quickly destroying them. They'll
still think they've accomplished something by forcing you to waste money on
towers. However, you can just cancel the build order and save your gold.
-Okay, now that harassing is done, onto actually fighting the Far Seer.
-Unlike most summons, only 2 Wolves can be out at a time, even if the Far Seer's
cooldown is ready.
-Your opponent is using Wolves as a meat shield, so have a few units tackle the
wolves, while your main force focus-fires on the Far Seer.
-Don't get distracted and chase the Wolves half-way around the map. It's just
free shots for the enemy. Know how close you are to actually killing a Wolf, and
only send a unit or 2 after it if you are positive you can kill it before it
-There isn't much to say about Chain Lighting or Far Sight I guess.
-Earthquake is a big pain because it can reduce your base to rubble FAST.
However, it's a channeling spell, so you can just interrupt it.

14.3  C H O P   S U I

-The Blademaster's primary purpose in battle is to waste your time while the
other Orc heroes slaughter you.
-Mirror Image shouldn't be very tough to stop. Just see which Blademaster is
actually doing damage and go for it.
-The real image will usually be the one that the enemy micros, while the others
just attack randomly.
-Also, you can dispel Mirror Images.
-Hold down the Alt key to display the health bars and just watch the units
getting hit the Blademasters. The ones whose health bars don't decrease are
being attacked by fakes.
-Wind Walk is only really a pain when the BM is harassing so ignore it. If you
really don't like it, get a Shade.
-Critical strike is annoying, but rarely occurs. To reduce the chances further,
have a Banshee Curse the BM.
-Okay, Blade Storm is serious. This move can literally rip your guys apart like
a giant blender of doom. Just try not to let the Blademaster reach level 6.
-I've actually seen lots of people ignore the Blademaster in battles, and that's
a good strategy. He's not all that powerful, and 2 of his moves are meant to run
away or distract you, focus on the other heroes first, and then the Blademaster.

14.4  J A M A I C A N   M E   C R A Z Y

-The Shadow Hunter is a common choice for second hero, so be ready for him.
-He should be your primary target because of Healing Wave. Just focus-fire or
use a tri-nuke.
-Use Anti-Magic-Shell on your heroes to block Hex, which is normally a big pain.
-If a hero or important unit IS Hexed, try to just get them out of the battle,
your opponent may not even notice them anyway!!
-Try to destroy Serpent Wards if you can. There will be 2 or 3 of them out at
-A level 3 Serpent Ward does 43 damage per attack! That's the same as a fully
upgraded A-Bomb!! Never underestimate those flaming snake heads.
-Big Bad Voodoo is easy to beat. Just interrupt the spell, or use a tri-nuke to
try and kill the Shadow Hunter.

15.  V E R S U S   N I G H T   E L V E S
These are strategies that are particularly effective against Night Elves. If you
have any ways to destroy Night Elves or counter Night Elf strategies, send them
to me!

-If your opponent is getting lots of spellcasters, get Destroyers.
-Keep a Shade with you so you don't run into a group of Shadow-melding Elves.
-The Night Elf heroes are all fairly weak (HP wise), so nukes deal lots of nice
damage. Fry them!
-Mountain Giants are annoying, but by swarming them and focus-firing you can
kill them relatively easily.
-When attacking there base use Meat Wagons to take out all the Moon Wells. If
you don't, the enemy will just keep healing.
-Can someone e-mail me whether or not using Frosties to freeze Moon Wells stops
the healing? If it does, it is great to bring a Frosty with you just for
freezing Wells.
-If you're fighting a Warden, keep your Necros' Raise Dead on Auto-Cast. The
more corpses you raise, the less there will be for the Avatar of Vengeance! If
you really want to annoy your opponent have your Death Knight use Animate Dead
when the Avatar is summoned.
-When attacking the NE base, bring along a Meat Wagon or two to focus on
wrecking Moon Wells. Otherwise, the NE units will just keep healing.
-Use ranged units to attack buildings while the melee units fight the enemy.
Those fighting trees will take damage.
-Obsidian Statues get killed by those annoying Faerie Dragons. The Faeries will
burn the Statues EVERY TIME THEY HEAL. So have Gargs or Fiends pound the Faeries
-Be prepared to deal with the Beastmaster when facing the Night Elves. He's
tough, so try to fast expand (See the fast expand strat) and out creep him if
you can. Remember that when you fight, try to get the Huntresses and Archers out
of the way , followed by the Beastmaster. Don't waste time trying to kill the
summons, they're main purpose is to be meat, so don't let them.

For Night Elves you probably want to go with Crypt Fiends, and either Death
Knight or Crypt Lord as your hero. Fiends do extra damage to unarmored
Huntresses early game, so they're nice, and a Crypt Lord can be good for Impale
(Night Elves tend to have lots of Hunts or Archers lined up or in packs). Death
Knight can be good as Coil is good for healing Fiends (Just make sure to dance
the DK, as the Night Elves will probably focus-fire on him), and Unholy Aura can
speed up Fiends for chasing the Elves if they try to do some hit and runs. If
you know that your brother likes to harass early on, consider building a
Nerubian Tower by your mine, and build a Tomb of Relics early. If the Elves
harass with Warden (Or Priestess, though she can't harass very well) and tries
to Shadowmeld, just buy a Dust of appearance and try to kill her.

Try and rush the Elves early, but if you can see that you're not going to make
it, back off or you'll allow your enemy to counter for the win. Creep-jack him
if you can, or at least draw him out of his base, as Moonwells can be a pain.
You don't have to win with the rush, just try and delay his economy. You want to
avoid letting him tech to Mountain Giants, as they can be a pain. Once you hit
tier 2, build a pair of Obsidian Statues, and get a second hero. If your first
hero was a Crypt Lord, Death Knight is a good choice for Coil support. If you
got Death Knight first, either get a Crypt Lord or a Lich. If your enemy is
still using Archers, you can choose to get a Dreadlord, and tech to tier 3 for
Abominations to rip through the Archers.

Now you really have to alter your strategy depending on what your enemy is
doing. You're probably going to want to reach tier 3 fast, but decide what to
get. If the enemy is going casters, you'll plan on getting Destroyers (Faerie
Fire can be a pain, and it's always nice to Devour any Rejuvenation or Roars.),
if he sticks with Huntresses or Archers, get Abominations and a Dreadlord for
Vamp Aura, if he has any Faerie Dragons, get some Gargs to rip through and stop
them from Mana Flaring whenever your Obsidians heal, and if he gets Mountain
Giants, either try to ignore them and focus on the powerful but frail archers,
or use Aboms to try and kill them. If he ends up with Chimeras, either Web them,
or just use Gargs. Once at tier 3, either get a Dreadlord or Lich, depending on
what he's been doing. And no matter what he does, remember that the Night Elf
heroes are all fairly frail (Even their "tank", the Demon Hunter", can't stand
up to as much as other tanks), so the infamous tri-nuke (Death Coil + Impale +
Frost Nova), or any type of nuke, will waste them quickly. If he decides to use
the neutral Beastmaster, either nuke him to death, or ignore him and go straight
for the frail archers, dryads, or huntresses in back. If he summons, either use
Devour Magic (If you have Destros), or just ignore them all together.

15.1  S E A R I N G   P A I N

-Bring a Shade with your army so the PotM can't Shadowmeld.
-Priestess of the Moon = PotM
-The PotM is really just a souped up Archer.
-Just use some quick focus-fire, or Sleep and surround here to kill her fast.
-There's nothing you can do about Scout. That stupid Owl just won't die.
-Nothing much about Searing Arrows either. It just makes the PotM stronger.
-Trueshot Aura just helps ranged units. If you see that the PotM has gotten
this, they're probably going Archers
-Starfall can be canceled by any interruptions spell

15.2  T H O R N Y   S I T U A T I O N

-Keeper of the Grove = KotG
-Cast Anti-Magic-Shell on your heroes so that the KotG cannot use Entangling
Roots on you.
-The KotG harass is a pain. If at all possible, try to surround him with Ghouls,
although it is difficult.
-Be warned that Entangling Roots interrupts Channeling spells, and stops units
from teleporting (Scroll of Town Portal).
-Don't use a Scroll of Town Portal if one of your heroes is entangled. They'll
get stuck.
-Treants from Force of Nature are stupid. Just dispel them or run away until
they disappear.
-Thorns Aura is pretty stupid too. Use ranged from the beginning if you scout
and find a KotG.
-The KotG isn't very powerful, so just use focus-fire/Tri-Nukes to waste him
-If he starts casting Tranquility, interrupt it FAST. You obviously don't want
any healing going on.

15.3  P A N D A   B L A D E S

-Why does the Demon Hunter use Panda Blades? We may never know...
"There is an actual reason why he has panda's on his blades.  He originally had
another symbol on the blades, but people believed it looked like a
swastika.  Too many people felt "offended" about it, and made a huge fuss about
the Demon Hunter being a Nazi.  Thus, Blizzard changed it to a panda.  You can
still see the old symbol on the Demon Hunter Concept Art.
If you already knew this, and just put that statement there for fun, sorry for
wasting your time :)"
-Cast Anti-Magic-Shell on your heroes to defend against Mana Burn.
-Also cast Anti-Magic-Shell on your casters. You don't want them losing mana and
-Don't surround the Demon Hunter with Ghouls due to Immolation. Just use ranged
to attack, run away a bit, and repeat. Your enemy might even forget to turn
Immolation off...
-Evasion is a pain. Just make it harder for him to hit you by either drenching
him with beer (Brewmasta) or Cursing him.
-If he goes into demon form just use a Tri-Nuke, Cripple him, Curse him,
whatever it takes to finish him before he wrecks havoc on you.

15.4  S I L E N T   B U T   D E A D L Y

-Bring a Shade with your army so the Warden can't Shadowmeld.
-Fan of Knives can hurt invisible units and burrowed units so be careful if you
have a Shade following a Warden during creeping, or Crypt Fiends recovering HP
during battle.
-Use Anti-Magic-Shell to defend against Shadowstrike.
-Try to Cripple/Curse the Warden. She'll be Blinking around the battle field a
lot and you don't want her attacking you back lines.
-Beware when using Impale (CL). A fast Warden can Blink out of the way just in
-Unlike what I originally assumed, Avatar of Vengeance raises your corpses too!
-Use Animate Dead or have Necros around to try to steal corpses before the
Avatar of Vengeance can use them.
-If the Avatar is summoned, just use focus-fire and stuff to try to kill it

You will need.............
1 Wand of Mana Stealing
A meat wagon or 2
A Necro with cripple
Try to clean the place of dead bodies.......... If you really want to raise
them, keep your Wagon in the back to supply corpses. Anyway, when the Warden
comes out Cripple her to slow her down. Now, use the Wand of Mana Stealing to
drink her mana!
The enemy will be left with a good-for-nothing Warden. If the enemy was really
looking forward to letting an Avatar of Vengeance out, they'll stupidly not cast
any spells in an attempt for the mana to fill back up. Yay! No Fan of Knives!!
*ghouls cheer.......GHWARTHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!*....
If the enemy is stupid enough to use a Mana Potion, just steal the mana again!

15.5  W I L L - O - W I S P

Just cast Unholy Frenzy on the Elves' lumber-harvesting Wisps. Wisps only have
120 HP, so they'll die from the spell (unless they're next to a Moon Well). Even
better, the Night Elves don't dispel effectively. Doing this doesn't trigger an
"under attack" warning. Most of the time, players won't notice their Wisps dying
off until they're short of lumber.

Just to add to that, if you have a Human ally, have them cast invisibility on
the Necro, rush him in, cast it a few times, and rush out. Take that!

16.  V E R S U S   U N D E A D
These are strategies that are particularly effective against Undead. If you have
any ways to destroy Undead or counter Undead strategies, send them to me!

-Just fight fie with fire!
-It's probably best to go Ghouls against an UD. Fiends don't do too well against
Ghouls, and if you just have more, better microed Ghouls you'll do fine.
-If the enemy goes Ghouls too, I find it best to tech towards Frosties for the
splash freeze. Impale, Carrion Swarm, and Frost Nova are all great against
masses of Ghouls.
-If your opponent uses Necros/Banshees, bring out the Destroyers!
-Use Devour Magic if they're massing skeletons.
-Destroy Obsidian Statues whenever you get the chance.
-Bring a Shade with your army so you don't hit enemy Shades or burrowed Crypt
-Use a Zeppelin to drop a few Necros behind enemy lines. They can raise Skellies
from the Graveyard and then use the Zeppelin to get out of there! Then just use
the Skellies to easily kill the weak Acolytes.
-Use Gargoyles to whack Frost Wyrms.
-Check this out: let's say you've been building Banshees and your opponent has
fully upgraded Necros. If you possess one, you instantly get all the upgrades
for free! This works for other units too.
-Using Sacrificial Skulls to create regenerating HP for your units is kind of
pointless because your opponent benefits too!
-Make sure to abuse the enemy Graveyard if you're attacking their base. You can
use the corpses.
-When attacking the enemy base, unless they have towers, it's best to push them
into their base so you can use their blight regen to your advantage.

16.1  K N I G H T   O F   T H E   L I V I N G   D E A D

-If you have a Human ally, tell them to get Holy Light eventually. It will make
killing the Death Knight much easier.
-The Death Knight already has a painfully slow attack rate, but if he's
Crippled, he'll be even slower!!
-Lucky for you, Death Coil can't hurt any of your units.
-If you get Destroyers, Devour the Unholy Aura that the Death Knight will
obviously be releasing.
-Use Necros and a DK of your own to animate corpses before the enemy DK can.

16.2  D A R K N E S S   C A L L S

-Try to surround the DL with units and destroy it.
-Use Anti-Magic-Shell to prevent Sleep on your heroes.
-If one of your units are put to sleep, have a weak unit like a Carrion Beetle
attack it once to wake it up and then stop.
-An Infernal is a pain, but it's large size makes it vulnerable to Ghoul
-Use focus-fire and Tri-Nuke to kill the Dreadlord and stop it's Vampiric Aura.

16.3  A   C O L D   D A Y   I N   H E C K

-The Lich shouldn't give you much trouble.
-Use focus-fire and the Tri-Nuke to melt it fast.
-As usual, Anti-Magic-Shield your important units to defend against Frost Nova.
-If your opponent keeps moving the Lich in and out of battle, Cripple him to
reduce his speed and then kill him as he slowly tries to escape.
-Death and Decay is easily interrupted

16.4  A R A C H N O P H O B I A

-The Crypt Lord is used as a Tank...
-So try to stop him in his tracks.
-Cripple and Curse work wonders against the big guy.
-Melee units have a tough time due to Spiked Carapace so stick to Fiends.
-You need to constantly move your units around so he can't get a good Impale in.
-Carrion Beetles should be ignored. They're meant to just soak up damage for the
Crypt Lord (Who is also a damage soaker...) but are fairly weak.
-Remember to bring a Shade with your army. Carrion Beetles are commonly used as
scouts and guard expansion areas.
-Nothing much to do about Locust Swarm. Just try to waste the Crypt Lord before
he gets healed.

16.5  N E C R O - D R O P
Here's a little strategy that I tried today that actually worked fairly well! If
you're playing against the Undead, buy a Goblin Zeppelin at a Goblin Laboratory
and fill it with 5 Necromancers. Make sure the Necros have Raise Dead on Auto-
cast. Now fly the Zeppelin around to the rear of your opponent's base and find
their Graveyard. Drop the Necros, let them raise the skeletons around the
Graveyard, pick them up, and get out of there! If you've researched all the
Necromancer upgrades and a few Unholy Strength/Armor upgrades your enemy will
have 10 angry skeletons wrecking havoc in his base! Try to have them kill the
enemy Acolytes, and if you have time, go for the Ziggurats/Spirit
Towers/Nerubian Towers. With enough upgrades you can wreck your enemy's food
production! This trick usually only works once, because the enemy will probably
build/upgrade a tower or two to destroy your Zeppelin. This move is very fun

16.6  T H A N K S   F O R   T H E   U P G R A D E S !
I pretty much said this stuff under the Banshee and Dark Ranger sections, but
I'm just putting this here to reinforce how great it is. If you take a
Banshee/Dark Ranger and Possess/Charm an enemy Gargoyle with Stone Form, you'll
instantly get that upgrade for all your Gargs, FREE OF CHARGE! Take advantage of
this. For instance you can Possess a Master Necromancer, and then just start
pumping out your own Necros, all of which will already be at Master status.
Nice. You can steal upgrades like Initiate/Master caster status, Poison Cloud,
Cannibalize... etc. Make sure to get used to the new Possession (Patch 1.13),
delay, triple damage, range, and everything. You'll get used to it.

17.  V E R S U S   E V E R Y O N E
This section is for dealing with the rest of everything: Creeping, fighting
neutral heroes, building... Anything that didn't fit anywhere else. The neutral
heroes need lots of counters, so anything will be appreciated.

17.1  I N S T A N T   D I E T

-The Pit Lord is pretty gigantic and can't maneuver very well through battle
-Try massing lots of dual-aura Ghouls and surrounding him. He won't be able to
get out easily and will be messed up.
-You can use any interrupt to stop him from channeling Rain of Fire
-If he's got a level 3 RoF, you might consider getting some Banshees for AMS to
block against the damage.
-Remember that Death Coil can't hurt him. He's Undead.
-If he Dooms a unit, you might want to use Death Coil to heal it and try to
prolong the arrival of the Doom Guard. The later in the battle it arrives, the

17.2  S T O P   T H E   S I L E N C E

-Remember that Coil can't hurt her, she's UD
-If you're massing casters, get Destroyers eventually to eat up Silence when it
-Devour Magic can also eat Dark Minions that are summoned.
-If the Dark Ranger is using Life Drain, try to just maneuver your hero away and
cut off the draining.

17.3  H A N G O V E R   C U R E
-Drunken Haze can be Devoured by Destroyers... but until then you'll just have
to deal with it.
-Breath of Fire is annoying
-If units have been hazed, get them away so the Brewmaster can't light them on
-Although I haven't used AMS much since the patch, it might be a cheap way to
defend your Ghouls from being toasted by Breath of Fire (BoF should not be
-If he uses Storm Earth and Fire, take care of Storm first because of his
spells, then Fire, and then Earth. He will most likely be planning on keeping
Storm alive (Windwalk) to revive the Brewmaster after, so take care of him
before he escapes. Fire should be dealt with next (He is nukable). Earth is just
meant to tank, so constantly micro to avoid being Taunted. Also note his spell

I've been crushed for a few times now by this extremely annoying style that lvl
15-30 Night Elf players seem to practice... They are now getting Pandaren
Brewmaster for the first hero and Naga for the second hero! You can see what's
comin' to my ghouls, don't u? :D

I can't see any other solutions against this panda abuse, other than a powerful
heronuke, followed by Infernals. However, Dreadlord is not very ideal for early
heronuking. The heroes I use are DK and DL(normally) for the usual plan of dual
aura ghouls/Destros when countering Night Elf Archer/Talon packs. :P That Panda
is blowing everything up *SDAGFT"#%"%$2!1/2!!!!!

I'm suggesting to add into FAQ just below the panda -section, that you should
SLEEP him, SURROUND him, NUKE him, and finally RIP HIM APART with a pack
of Ghouls.. and repeat this time after time after time until the panda doesn't
rise up again.. ever. He is far too dangerous when the opponent is Night Elf (in
solo) so the UD people should not underestimate him. That Drunken Haze/Breath of
Fire is UNCAPPED goddamnit!!! He will go through your Ghouls and Fiends like
BUTTER!!! Kill the panda, respect! :DDD

17.4  T O   T H E   Z O O

-If you see the Beastie being used by NE, remember that his purpose is to be a
tank and meat shield for the fragile yet powerful NE units. There are too ways
to deal with this. If you have a DL you can either put him to sleep and rush
around to pound the Archers and Huntresses, or sleep and surround him. Try to
just work around and deal with the Archers. They're fragile, but very damaging.
Later on, you'll want to tri-nuke and kill him off fast. Try to avoid wasting
time on the summons.
-Thanks to Janus5000 for submitting a strategy, and thanks to bloods3m for
correcting it. YOU CAN'T CHARM/POSSESS SUMMONS so don't try.
-If he starts channeling a Stampede, use any interrupt to stop it.
-You can use a Destroyer to Devour, but the damage isn't that powerful. Use it
for eating Hawks and Quillbeasts, but Bears are too strong.

17.5  F I S H S T I C K S   F O R   E V E R Y O N E

-Cold Arrows are a pain, but you just have to deal with them. Just beware
because she can hit your heroes as you run them away.
-Forked Lightning is just something to deal with. You can't really counter it.
-Mana Shield is good for you. Be happy that she's wasting mana that could be
used for Cold Arrows or Forked Lightning.
-For Tornado, either run your units away, or interrupt her

17.6  P O W E R   S U R G E

Now I have not played against him much, and don't really have that good a
counter, as he has just been added, but I'll get better info eventually.
-As the Tinker is melee-intelligence, he can't take much of a beating and is in
the front a lot. As usual, some nuking can put him down quickly.
-At early levels, Pocket Factories are not much to worry about, but if he has
high level, Engineer-Upgraded Factories, consider destroying them when he drops
-Robo-Goblin is a pain, because you can't nuke anymore. Try and surround him the
best you can and wittle away, or just hang back and try to avoid him. Make sure
to kill any workers that are trailing and repairing him.

17.7  C R E E P I N G
These are just random tips for creeping. Contribute here!!

-Obviously let summons like Carrion Beetles or Skellies attack first and let
them take the damage.
-If you have a melee hero up front and a creep drops an item, you might as well
pick it up while the creep fighting is going on. It will prevent you from
forgetting it, gives you the bonuses while fighting the creeps, and is good if
you get creep-jacked.
-If you use a DL, put the most dangerous/highest level creep to sleep
-Always spread the damage out across your units. Move damaged units away, and
let tank heroes soak up damage.
-Remember that if creeps are sleeping, you can just use the neutral shops
they're guarding. You can abuse Fountains of Life/Mana when creeps sleep
-If creeps are sleeping, you can line your CL up for a good impale.
-Remember to get Ghouls to cannibalize the corpses to stay alive.
-Never leave any items/runes behind
-If you're expanding to the mine that the creeps are guarding, attack the creeps
first, then sneak your Aco around and Haunt the mine from behind. If you have a
Sacrificial Skull, drop it now and let the Aco summon some Ziggs. As long as the
Aco enters after the creeps start fighting you, he'll be fine.
-Wait for creeps to group together before using spells like Frost Nova
-Never let your hero die to creeps. Ever.
-If you know a creep is guarding a Rune of the Watcher (Rune which activates a
permanent Sentry Ward), lead them out to the open before killing them. You'll
get a better spy. For example, the map Turtle Rock has 2 Goblin Merchants, and
the Ogre Magi guarding each carries a Rune of the Watcher. Lead them out, then
-Creep-jacking is always great (Attacking your opponent as they're fighting
creeps, and cornering them between you and the neutral creatures
-Try to get a Shade following the enemy hero to do the above
-If you are creep-jacked, decide quickly what to do. If the creeps you were
fighting are high level but almost dead, or low level creeps try and finish them
off quickly and then deal with the enemy. If the creeps are high level and you
just started, run away and at least get to a better position to fight the enemy.
If the enemy starts to chase you but then goes back, chances are that they are
now fighting those creeps, so if your units can handle it, head back and jack
them. Also make sure to pick up items before you run. You don't want the enemy
stealing items.

17.8  B U I L D   O R D E R S
Probably one of the most contribution heavy sections in the FAQ. I need BOs for
Necros, Frosties, Destroyers, Banshees... etc. Thanks in advance!!

-3 Acos to gold, Ghoul to wood. Start queuing up an Acolyte, rallied to gold
-Pull an Aco out to summon an Altar, Graveyard, and then Ziggurat
-Rally another Aco to gold
-Summon a Crypt and then Tomb of Relics when you have the gold
-Summon another Crypt with gold
-Once Crypt is ready, train 2 Ghouls rallied to wood
-Once Altar is ready, train a CL
-Summon a Ziggurat
-Once second Crypt ready, train a Fiend rallied to the CL
-Have the CL summon 5 Beetles from the Graveyard, and buy a Wand of Necromancy
and Sacrificial Skull
-Continue training Fiends rallied to the CL
-Have CL use WoN to summon 2 Skellies from Graveyard (If the map you're on has
critters, leave early and summon the Skellies from a critter carcass.
-Go attack a gold mine with your CL, 5 Beetles, 2 Skellies, and Fiend
-Make sure the Skellies and Beetles absorb the damage
-If necessary, summon more Skellies during the battle
-Drop the Sac Skull for blight regen
-Train an Aco rallied to the new mine, and summon another Zigg
-Once new Aco comes, haunt the mine, build 1 or 2 Ziggs on the blight, and go on
with your strategy.

-3 Acos to gold, Ghoul to wood. Start queuing up 2 Acolyte, rallied to gold
-Pull an Aco out to summon an Altar, Crypt, and Ziggurat
-Summon another Crypt when resources allow, followed by a Tomb of Relics and
then Ziggurat
-Train either a Dreadlord or Death Knight from the Altar. If DL, go with a
Sleep-Vamp skill point order. If DK, go with a Coil-Aura skill order, stopping
to get Pact at either level 3 or level 5.
-Begin training lots of Ghouls from the Crypts
-Once you have 5-6 Ghouls, begin researching Cannibalize, buy a Wand of
Necromancy, and go creep
-Summon another Zigg, continue with Ghouls
-Once you near the food limit, begin teching, and get a DL or DK once you hit
tier 2
-Remember to reach T3 fast for Ghoul Frenzy

(NOTE: This BO is not preferred against Orcs or NE, because the late-hero is
tough to defend against harassing. Try the Fast-Expo BO, but don't fast-expo)
-3 Acos to gold, Ghoul to wood. Start queuing up 2 Acolyte, rallied to gold
-Pull an Aco out to summon a Crypt, Graveyard, and Ziggurat
-Summon an Altar when resources allow
-When Crypt completes, train 2 Ghouls rallied to wood
-Summon a Tomb of Relics, followed by a Zigg when resources allow
-When Altar finishes, train any hero but the DL. He doesn't mix very well with
-When Crypts are done, just start rallying Fiends to your hero, and creep
-Begin upgrading to HotD when you have 5 or so Fiends
-At tier 2, build a Slaughter House for Obsidians and train a second hero
-Good luck from there

 ___  _   ___ _____  __   _____ ___ _    ___ _    ___  ___ ___ _  _  ___
| _ \/_\ | _ \_   _| \ \ / /_ _|_ _(_)  / __| |  / _ \/ __|_ _| \| |/ __|
|  _/ _ \|   / | |    \ V / | | | | _  | (__| |_| (_) \__ \| || .` | (_ |
| |/_/ \_\_|_\ |_|     \_/ |___|___(_)  \___|____\___/|___/___|_|\_|\___|
                         ___ _____ _   _ ___ ___
                        / __|_   _| | | | __| __|
                        \__ \ | | | |_| | _|| _|
                        |___/ |_|  \___/|_| |_|

18.  F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S
What would an FAQ be, without an actual FAQ? If you have any questions, please
e-mail them to me.

Q: I just got the game! What should I do to start?

A: Dandude's step-by-step guide to learning and eventually winning the game:
1.	Play through the RoC campaign. Entirely.
2.	Play through the Frozen Throne campaign. Again, go the whole way.
3.	Now play a few games against an Easy Computer (Set the comp's handicap to
50% if you have to)
4.	Keep playing and keep changing your race. Your goal is to know every unit
of every race. Keep playing until you know the basic roles of each unit
(Example: Learn what each race's melee is, their casters, anti-casters,
heavy air, and especially heroes).
5.	Choose one race that you feel most comfortable as or win the most with.
6.	Move on to Normal Computer and play with the race you picked. Learn every
unit and what it's good for. Figure out each hero, what they do, and what
each unit counters. Keep practicing with that race until you know it well,
and can pretty much theory-craft a way to counter anything the enemy might
throw at you.
7.	Now either try Insane Computer, or go on battle.net and play solo matches.
See how you do. Start focusing on more in-depth things like build orders,
harassing, and especially micromanaging. Just keep practicing until your
micro improves.
8.	Go on a board like the GameFAQs Warcraft board
(http://boards.gamefaqs.com/gfaqs/gentopic.php?board=2000144) if you still
don't know how to counter one strategy/unit and ask questions.
9.	Save a replay of yourself playing a solo game, and post the replay on a
site like www.wc3addicts.com or www.replayers.com. Post a link to the
replay on a Warcraft board and let better players
Q: I just can't win no matter how hard I try. Help me!!

A: I will try, but be more specific. You probably either can't micro very well,
have a slow build order, are playing too slowly, lag, don't know what roles the
units have, can't counter effectively, don't scout, or just play hard opponents.
Make sure to play the UD single player campaign until you know every UD unit and
what their uses are. Also, learn the other races too. You need to know how to
counter them effectively. Practice against the computer. For micro practice. Try
playing an easy computer with a 50% handicap so they won't beat you, and build a
few towers to defend. Then get 3 heroes, go out, and creep. It's easier to learn
to manage 3 heroes when they're alone, instead of lost in an army. Learn how to
handle them effectively, and let the tank heroes tank, the caster heroes stay
out of harm, and the heroes to play their parts. Learn the hot-keys! It's much
easier to press the C button for Death Coil then to actually click it. Also,
control-group your army. Make a group for ranged units/heroes, a group for melee
units/heroes, and a group for everyone. Have the melee surround while the ranged
focus-fire. It's efficient. Overall, it's just experience that you probably
need. The more you play the more you learn.
Q: My Acolytes can't harvest lumber! Oh no!!

A: It's not a glitch in your game, Acos can't harvest wood. That's what Ghouls
are for.
Q: What are "tiers"?

A: The tiers are your tech level. Tier 1 units/buildings/upgrades are everything
that can be made when you have a Necropolis. Tier 2 units and stuff, require a
Halls of the Dead. And tier 3 requires a Black Citadel.
Q: Can I e-mail you spam?

A: Short answer: No. Long answer: No!!
Q: Does massing Frosties really equal instant win?

A: No. Just because you have a boat-load of Frost Wyrms you will not instantly
end the game victorious. You still have to attack your enemy. Frost Wyrms are
very powerful, but they are incredibly expensive and limit the amount of other
units you can supply. If your enemy has good anti-air, they'll rip through.
However, if you scout and see your enemy massing only melee units, then by all
means go with Frosties.
Q: What are the UD icons on battle.net?

A:       Reign of Chaos                   Frozen Throne
   --------------------------     --------------------------
   Ghoul       ~    25   Wins     Crypt Fiend ~    25   Wins
   Abomination ~    250  Wins     Banshee     ~    150  Wins
   Lich        ~    500  Wins     Destroyer   ~    350  Wins
   Tichondrius ~    1500 Wins     Crypt Lord  ~    750  Wins
                                  Sylvanas    ~    1500 Wins

Q: Will you put this question in your FAQ?

A: Sure!
Q: So is it worth it to try and Possess/Charm enemy Peasants so I can build
their tech-tree? (Thanks to Goht_j)

A: Not really. First of all, it's difficult, unless you rush in to an enemy's
expansion, possess, and run away. Second, you'll need a lot of resources to
build up another tech tree. You'll have to waste valuable time and money waiting
for their buildings to finish, and then you'll need other buildings for more
technical buildings. And let's say you want a Human hero, but you already have
2. You need to build a Town Hall, and then upgrade it to a Castle before you can
get your third hero! It's better to spend money and time on Undead units.

-"Taraea_f" adds that it can be worth it to possess or charm Peons or Wisps.
While there's obviously no point in stealing Acos, and HU can't contribute
anything good, with Wisps or Peons you can build their racial shop. The Orc
Voodoo Lounge sells Speed Scrolls, Healing Salves, and Lesser Clarity Potions.
Scrolls can be good for helping Ghouls surround even faster, or for slower
Fiends to move faster. Healing Salves are always good cheap healing, and Lesser
Clarity Potions are cheap ways to get more Frost Novas. Yay. The Wisp can
contribute a nice Ancient of Wonders, which also ha Lesser Clarity Potions. But
the real nice reason for a Wisp is that it lets you buy some Moon Wells. These
are real nice for healing.
Q: What are some good taunts to annoy my opponent?

Answered by "Avatar of Dragonia":  Adding a little atmosphere to a game is never
unwelcome, and is certainly a good break from the usual "I ROXXORZ J00 SUXXORZ"
chatter that goes on during a game.  And who knows, it just might raise morale
amongst your allies.

Here are a few:
 "You are nothing before the power of DEATH!"
 "Death is not to be feared . . . I AM!!"
 "We won't stop at killing you."
 "Mmmm... Night Elf _is_ a delicacy!" (to be used when cannibalizing enemy
Q: Can you tell me some instructions to defeat a night elf player who picks
demon hunter as his first hero and priestess of moon as her 2nd hero and he uses
huntresses a lot? (Thanks to Bizzare Boy)

A: First of all, it's probably best to go with a Crypt Fiend build rather than a
Ghoul build. A Demon Hunter with Immolation can burn through Ghouls easily, and
due to Huntresses being unarmored (Armor type, not number of armor), they take
more damage from piercing attacks, and thus Fiends do more damage. A Dreadlord
works best with Ghouls, and a Lich doesn't do well without mana (Demon Hunter
mana burns can destroy you), so go with a Death Knight or Crypt Lord as your
first hero. Start with either DK + Fiends, or CL + Fiends, and either creep or
try to harass the enemy (Use hit and runs by attacking and destroying a Wisp or
Moon Well or building being constructed, and running when they teleport back)
while you upgrade to Halls of the Dead.

Once at tier 2, if you started with a Crypt Lord get a DK as your second hero,
and if you got a DK get a Lich as your second hero. A Priestess of the Moon
provides great support for her army (Trueshot Aura + Searing Arrows, equals dead
Undead units. ^_^), but her HP can't stand up to a nuke. Barrage her with Death
Coils and either Impales or Frost Novas to get rid of her quickly while your
Fiends wipe out the Huntresses. Also, Huntresses and/or Archers tend to get
lined up in packs, so a well aimed Frost Nova or Impale (For Impale make sure to
move the Crypt Lord over to the side of the enemy army first) will damage many
at a time. A Demon Hunter is tougher to put down, but he too is weak against a
Nuke, and even if you can just lower his HP enough to make him run, you've
accomplished your goal and wipe out the Huntresses.

Eventually the enemy will probably get support units, so get ready to deal with
them. Dryads fall to Crypt Fiends, Mountain Giants should either be ignored or
pounded by Abominations (Only get Aboms if you have scouted and know the enemy
has MGs), Druids of the Talon/Claw can be pierced by Fiends, Nova'd/Impaled when
they're in packs, and have their buffs Devoured by Destroyers. Again, only get
Destroyers if you know the enemy has Druids. NE air is dealt with depending on
the type. Hippogrifs should be Webbed by Fiends for easy killing, and Chimeras
should be ripped to shreds by Gargoyles. As usual, make sure to scout and find
what the enemy is getting so you can counter accordingly.

19.  C O N T R I B U T O R   I N F O
Okay, here's information for contributing. My e-mail address is:
Please put FAQ, or Warcraft, or Undead, or something like that in the subject.
Otherwise I will trash it. I really welcome e-mails, and could use a lot of
strategies for units and stuff! Oh and by the way, DON'T INSTANT MESSAGE ME! AND
*NOTE* I put the same thing about not IMing me in my Enter the Matrix FAQ, so a
few people (*cough* IEATPASTE *cough*) decided to IM for the sake of it. I will
not get angry at you, but I can't help you via IM. Please... E-mail instead.

Here are some things to e-mail me:
 -If you have ways for the Undead to counter strategies used by other races. If
you e-mail me both another race's strat, and the Undead's counter, it WILL get
in this FAQ, due to the lack of race specific strats I have right now.
 -Asking for help in a certain situation. Be specific though, and don't just
command that I help you. Nicely give me a specific situation that you're having
problems with, and I'll try to help.
 -Grammar corrections
 -Correcting stat mistakes
 -Just thanking me for writing this!
 -Build orders
 -Skill point distribution
 -Constructive criticism
 -Suggestions for new sections.
 -If you find a website besides the ones listed in the Legal section hosting my
 -If you want to post my FAQ on your website! I'll almost definitely do it (The
more people who see the FAQ, the more people who will contribute!!)
 -If you contributed something, I posted it, and I forgot to give you credit!
Tell me!

*NOTE* Be sure to try out your strategy before sending it to me. I've gotten a
few strategies that only worked in older versions, or didn't work at all. So
double check!

Here are some things not to e-mail me:
 -Spam. Just don't. Do I have to give a reason?
 -Flames. Don't yell at me for writing my strategies! Tell me why you think they
don't work, or send your own!
 -Don't send me grammatical corrections for the strategies that others
contributed. I try to fix up the ones that have tons of typos, but I really
don't want to have alter every single contribution I receive.
 -Don't ask for help about other races!
 -Don't ask for help in the campaign!
 -Don't e-mail me about something that has nothing to do with this FAQ!

PLEASE E-MAIL ME!!! I really need contributions! Finally, you can give your
strategy a name and I'll use it, or I might make one up if you don't have one.
If you think my name sounds lame, send me a better one! Finally, thanks in
advance to everyone that contributes. That's all.

20.  C O N T R I B U T O R   R E C O G N I T I O N
This is where I will list the people that contributed! Want to see your name up
here? E-mail me!

 -Stephen Hsu, for e-mailing me a bunch of strategies.
 -Redmage, for sending me the Obsidian Statue cheap strategy, being nice when he
asked me for help, and for sending me Locust Swarm info.
 -MegaTemplar, for clarifying that I had the right units that benefit from the
Backpack upgrade.
 -blood_s3m, for sending me a TON of short strategies (they can be found in the
Shorts Section under Advanced), along with the Ultimate Handicap strat and the
Lost Temple Wyrm Frenzy strat, and also correcting a bunch of strats that don't
work. And sending other stuff.
 -mdinson, for correcting an error under the Crypt.
 -LichKing, for his Invisible Robbery strategy (found under Shades), and for
some corrections. Also, for the Infernal Distraction strat.
 - Jerry Shen, for a little Obsidian Statue strat.
 -Olipark for reminding me to bring Meat Wagons in the Night of the Angry Dead
strategy, and for being cool and e-mailing me to keep up the good work.
 -psduckie, for sending me some nerfs even though I changed the section. Sorry!
 -Sanguinsanctis, for info about the Sacrificial Skull, and for his huge
detailed strat.
 -Dan Harris(sdwoodchuck), for the Wyrm Frenzy strat (forgot to include this
last version).
 -Daltamare, for the Stone Wall Hammering, Possess and Destroy, and Stampede of
What!? strategies.
 -Falcon20386, for a bunch of Crypt Lord Locust Swarm calculations.
  -The Silver Skull, for contributing a TON of strategies, even though some of
them don't work anymore.
 -Jinx36me, for telling me (On the GameFAQs Message Board) that other units walk
through Shades.
 -PervertedPestilence and Louie, for telling me (On the GameFAQs Message Board)
that Kodo Beasts cannot regurgitate units after Devouring them.
 -Janus5000 for some strats, and getting me to make a Neutral/Creeping section.
 -Robert, for telling me of my mistake in the Cold Arrows section of the
 -GWUNLEE, for telling me to make a Build Orders section
 -www.rootsecure.net, which has a free ASCII art generator which was used for
the new section markers. However, I did make the Warcraft title one myself. :D
 -Goht_j, for asking me good questions and congratulating me.
 -Mikster, for the alternate Better Than Real strategy.
 -Avatar of Dragonia, for sending numerous strategies that were really great.
 -Taraea_F, for the comment on possessing workers. I never thought of that.
 -Slasher_weiyou (And his friends), for the Tauren+Crypt Fiends strategy.
 -Spikey2001, for noticing that I was missing the shortcut to build orders
 -Spider64, for the same reason
 -Boysbefree, for noticing the typo in the Black Citadel gold cost
 -Runemaster, for the comments about dealing with a Night Elf player going

21.  T H A N K S
-Thanks to me, for writing this (I'm so modest, aren't I!)
-Thanks to anyone who read this.
-Thanks to Blizzard for making this and a ton of other awesome games.
-Thanks to anyone who contributed!
-Thanks to Mojo StormStout's FAQ (http://www.battle.net/war3) on Blizzard's
website which has stats for everything and made it much easier for me to write
-Thanks to the folks on the GameFAQs Warcraft III: TFT message board, for being
cool (Most of them) and for sometimes helping me clarify stuff.

22.  L E G A L   S T U F F
This FAQ is copyright, Daniel Markowitz, 2003. All rights reserved. It may only
be used on the following websites:
Just note that GameFAQs will always have the lasted version.
Do not use any or all of it without my permission. All of the text is owned and
was written by Daniel Markowitz. You may print it out if you want, but don't
turn it into a strategy guide and sell it, unless you send me the profits! That
would be okay! If you are want to use my FAQ on your website, you must ask my
permission first, and you may not alter or change the text in anyway. All in
all, if you really want to use it for something (litter box for your pets...
whatever.) besides just a personal FAQ, ask me first.

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