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FAQ/Walkthrough by killerdragon

Version: 3.4 | Updated: 07/27/06

                  W      WW  CCC  3333 : TTTTTTT FFFF TTTTTTT
                  W  W  WW  CC       3 :    T    F       T
                  W WW WW  CC     3333      T    FFF     T
                  WW  WW    CC CC    3 :    T    F       T
                  W   W      CCC  3333 :    T    F       T
                             Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Walkthrough
                             By: Killerdragon
                             Version: 3.4
                             Copyright 2003
                             Created on July/9/2003
                             Updated: July/27/2006
                             Bnet account-KillerdragonSOS or teamh0rd
                                  Table of Content
I      Version Numbers And Info
II     Disclaimer
III    Introduction
IV     FAQs
V      Story
VI     New Unit Overview
VII    Campaign(before and after each mission I've written what happens)
               7.1 NIGHT ELF SENTINELS
               7.2 HUMAN ALLIANCE
               7.3 UNDEAD SCOURGE
               7.4 Bonus Campaign-ORC HORDE(Not done)
VIII   Strategies for each race (Redoing in progress)
               8.1 NIGHT ELF SENTINELS (updated)
               8.3 HUMAN ALLIANCE (updated)
               8.3 UNDEAD SCOURGE (redone)
               8.4 ORC HORDE (Left for next time, which will be soon I hope)
IX      Multiplayer (Redone)
X       Codes
XI      Final Words
XII     Credits
                                  I-Version Numbers And Info
Version 3.4 7/27/06
Ok my computer had to be reformatted so I lost the guide, so it's a copy
from the gamefaqs one.  I updated some multiplayer stuff.  I aim to update
orc soon, and hopefully have some good strats (gonna have to go watch some 
replays, I don't really pay attention to orc vs UD or orc vs NE).  Good luck
Have fun Good game and feel free to whisper me on the west server.  

Version 3.3 8/28/05
Ok I've been asked how to get the last 2 acts for the orc campaign
a lot so I've added a pretty good guide to it =D
A new easter egg for UD campaign level one
Updated NE, Human,  and general mulitplayer strats.  
School starts soon :(

Version 3.2 7/21/05
Ok I finally decided to fix the character counts on all the lines
so I can update it again.  I have redone the new unit descriptions as
they are horribly out of date. Expect the strats to be redone soon because
are obsolete now.  

Version 3.1 12/6/04
A friend of mine has inspired me to renovate this for the current patch (1.16)
so i will go through and try to update the stats and strategies for this patch.
Added a new site where this may be found

Version 3.0 2/7/04
Yay first update of the new year
New site where this can be viewed
Now that finals are over I hope to be finishing the 2 orc campaigns soon =D
Added another easter egg to one of the starting stages

Version 2.9 12/30/03
Now New Years is coming up fast =D.
This FAQ is now the longest one I believe.  If no it will be after my next
Added my SN =D
Christmas was great =D
Finished more of Act 2 =D

Version 2.8 12/24/03
Merry Christmas to all =D
Started the FAQ of the Orc Act 2(Act 3 will follow shortly it 
was very short).  I will finish it up soon as it is Winter Break =D.  
The new patch is out.  

Version 2.7 11/8/03
Yay Mario Party 5 officially comes out in 3 days
Added a new strat for human 5 that makes it way too easy even in hard
added stuff to FAQs section
Added more Easter Eggs =D

Version 2.6 10/7/03
Recall in California passed.  Arnold is now our Governor =D
Anyway my ratings are very outdated, so I've updated them

Version 2.5 10/5/03
Added another place this can be found
Cleaned it up a bit
Decided I should put a bit more effort into finding Easter Eggs so I will
do that

Version 2.4 9/23/03
Fixed most of the spelling errors
I can't believe I've been forgetting to update the top part of this.  
It has said Last updated: July 23rd for 2 months.  Finally fixed that.

Version 2.3 9/8/03
Got an e-mail about a secret in the 4th Undead mission from Funkytown277

Version 2.2 9/7/03
I got a new Cheat discovered by Teh Spork
Congrats to Teh Spork
Anyway school has started and you can expect fewer upgrades.  =)

Version 2.1 8/18/03
I got a big contribution to Strategies for each race and Multiplayer
I added my own notes to his ideas in hopes of improving both are strats)
A new site can now hold my Walkthrough.  That brings the count up to 8
sites that can use this site.  

Version 2.0 8/11/03
Thanks to Tim Streett
I got a new Undead Mission 8 strategy
Added a few questions to the FAQs section
Posted new locations this can be found(quite a few now)

Version 1.9 8/2/03
Updated this FAQ based on E-mails(corrections and questions)

Version 1.8 8/2/03
Started Easter Eggs
Added more web sites where this can be posted
New e-mail is added

Version 1.7 7/20/03
Listed all the creeps released on you during the Human Secret Mission
Finished Undead Campaign
Finished credits
Fixed errors again

Version 1.6 7/18/03
I ran it through a Spell Check, and I fixed some errors.

Version 1.5 7/18/03
I finished Undead 2-5.  
Just a bit more until this is done.

Version 1.4 7/16/03
Started Undead Campaign

Version 1.3 7/15/03
Big upgrade for a single day
Added Orc Act One Name(can't believe I forgot)
Added a few questions that I got from people
Finished Orc Campaign Walkthrough
Finished the Human Campaign Walkthrough
Added Orc Act 2 & 3 names(you get them when you finish the Orc Campaign
Act 1)

Version 1.2 7/14/03
Thanks to Tro77Tro codes are done.
Thanks to Bob Blakey the Orc campaign has been upgraded.  You can now 
how to get the Panderan Brewmaster.  
I also fixed some of the spelling

Version 1.1 7/13/03
Finished some more of the Human Campaign
Added a bit here and there

Version 1.0 7/9/03
Finished Disclaimer, Intro, and New Unit Overview
Started FAQs
Started Bonus Campaign
Finished the Night Elf campaign
Wrote up Final Word and Credits
PLEASE don't use this without my permission.  Doing so is against the law, 
and will get you sued.  I'm sure you don't want that, and I don't want 
that either, but it will happen.  Like all FAQs, I have put a lot of work 
into this.  This guide is copywrite 2003 Soshian S.  

Current sites allowed to use this
Note: Assume there is a www. before any of these

Hi.  This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, so bear with me.  This is a 
Walkthrough for the fantastic game, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
Since there are only a few FAQs here I decided to make one.  If anyone has 
questions, doesn't understand what I wrote, has suggestions, or needs 
additional help E-Mail me at Killerdragon83@hotmail.com or 
Faranak83@hotmail.com.  Please write WC3:TFT at the very least in the 
subject. I'll terminate those that don't.  If you can't follow simple 
instructions, then I will not help.  Thank you and have a fun read.  
This is, as you probably guessed, a list of questions sent or just written
by me.  

1.  Can I use this?  

This seems to be the first question asked by people. You can if you ask.  
Check the Disclaimer.   If you see this anywhere besides Gamefaqs, 
faqs.ign.com, or DLH.Net e-mail me. 

2.  Is there a bonus mission?  

Yes, this seems asked a lot too.  In the Human Campaign 3, go to the bottom
of the dungeon.  There should be sheep.  Go to the top, then bottom, then
middle platforms.  If done correctly, you should hear Baa-Ram-Yu(if you've
ever seen BABE, you will understand).  Go North and you will get the 

Note: Though it is from Babe, it is also from WCII as Vulchur
kindly told me.  

And the bah-ram-yu reference is from babe initialy but it's 
actually a reference to warcraft two.  In warcraft 2, as with
all warcrafts everyone says something humorous when you click
on the repeatidly.  The sheep in warcrat 2 did this.  

3.  I looked and looked but I can't find the answers I need here.  What
should I do?  

Send me an e-mail at Killerdragon83@hotmail.com or Faranak83@hotmail.com.
Be sure to put WC3:TFT in  the subject.  BTW if you want to get somewhere
quick, hit ctrl+F and type something.  It should find it. 

Note: The rest of the questions have been sent to me by e-mail.  

4. When will blizzard release the other two acts old hatred and A blaze 
of glory for the bonus campaign as it only have act one now?
They have been released.  

5. How do I get the other two new act?

You will be able to download them.  The easiest way to do this is
to log on to bnet.  This will automatically download the new patch, which
contains the acts.  If for whatever reason you can't do this, go to 
http://www.blizzard.com/support/?id=mwr0744p and download it.  If the link
doesn't work do the following:
Go to www.blizzard.com and click on the top right hand corner (should say
battle.net).  Click on the tab that says files.  Scroll down a bit, and you
will see something that says warcraft III patch 1.18.  Click on it.  Then
click on the place that says go to blah blah to download stand alone
patch.  Download the patch and install it.  Enjoy the new acts.  

6.  How do I pick up an item?  

Right click on the item.  If you have room in your hero(es) inventory,
you will pick it up.  To destroy an item, hit a(or the attack item), 
then click on the item.  

7.  My heroes in the Orc Campaign stopped gaining levels after level 8.
    What is wrong?

Nothing.  In the 1st part, Heroes can only reach level 8.  

Send me an e-mail at Killerdragon83@hotmail.com or Faranak83@hotmail.com.
Be sure to put WC3:TFT in the subject.  BTW if you want to get somewhere
quick, hit ctrl+F and type something.  It should find it. 

8.  Is it possible to get the naga and blood elves in warcraft frozen

No, you can only use them in the campaign.  

Send your questions!!!!
The basic story of WCIII:ROC goes like this...

The human prince, Prince Arthas, discovers the Undead and their nefarious 
scheme to take over the world.  He goes tries to stop them with the help of 
his girlfriend, Jaina Proudmoore and his friend, Prince Uther.  However, he 
goes to extreme measures(killing the innocent to keep them away from the 
Undead, to be exact), and thus is split from Jaina and Uther.  He continues 
on and gets Frostmorne, the powerful sword he uses to kill the undead leader, 
Mal'Ganis.  After killing him, Frostmorne destroys his sanity, and he becomes
a servant of the Lich King.  He goes and kills his father.  

As Undead, he is forced to try to resurrect Kel'Thuzad, a powerful Necromancer
he killed as human.  He succeeds and Kel'Thuzad reveals that the purpose of 
the Undead is to allow the Burning Legion to take over the world.  Kel'Thuzad 
continues on, and with the help of Arthas, he summons Archimonde, the powerful
leader of the Legion, into their world.  

The Orcs, lead by Thrall, go to the aid of Cairne Bloodhoof.  Then they go to 
help out Grom Hellscream and the Warsong clan battle against the humans. 
Mannorath dips his blood into a fountain, and Grom and his clan drink the 
waters.  This changes them into the Legions slaves(basically).  Thrall defeats
defeats human resistance and proceeds to follow Jaina to the Oracle. The Oracle
tells them they must team up to defeat the Legion. They do and then they go to 
save Grom.  They succeed. Grom tells Thrall that Mannorath awaits them and they
head out to meet him. Mannorath and Grom exchange words, and then Grom kills 
Mannorath. However, he sacrifices himself in the process.  

Tyrande Whisperwood quickly discovers the Orc/human encampments, and defeats 
them.  However, the Undead swarm them, raze their base.  Tyrande is forced to 
awaken the druid, Malfurion Stormrage, before the Undead reach him.  She 
succeeds and they go on a quest to awaken all the druids.  While awakening the 
Druids of the Claw, Tyrande releases Illidan, brother of Furion.  He was locked 
up for sinking to the demon's when trying to hunt them.  He seeks to destroy 
Tichondrius.  He first gets an item that transforms him into a demon.  He kills 
Tichondrius.  However, Tyrande and Furion banish him for destroying himself in 
the process. Next the prophet tells the Night Elves to ally with the Humans and
Orcs to defeat the Burning Legion.  They agree. Archimonde plays his hand.  He 
seeks to destroy the World Tree.  With that the elves wouldn't be immortal
anymore. Jaina, Thrall, and Tyrande must delay him as Furion sets up his plan.
Minutes later, Archimonde reaches the World Tree.  Believing he has won, he
climbs up.  Suddenly millions of wisps(that's right wisps)detonate on him.  He 
is destroyed, thus destroying the threat of the Burning Legion.  Unfortunately
the forest and the World Tree are too.  

This ends the WCIII:ROC campaign.  

In TFT, the Night Elves seek to destroy Illidian, the Blood Elves go through
hardships, Thrall builds a permanent settlement(they have nothing to do with
the story),and the Scourge suffers civil war between the Dreadlords and 
Arthas.  Arthas tries to free the Lich King's soul.  

                                  VI-New Unit Overview
(Note: These are in my opinions)

Scale 1-5(5 being the best)
c=channeling required
a=auto cast
Before each unit I'll write what they are/do.  

Some general changes include...
-the ability to queue upgrades like you can units
-more or less decrease in gold cost, but increase in lumber costs
-backpack allows units to carry items(not use, just carry; if they die the 
item is lost)
-shops for each race with items(based on what level of advancement you are)
Heroes can sell items here.  There is one orb for each race
(humans-fire-gives extra damage+splash, orcs-lightning-bonus damage, 
chance of casting purge, Undead-Corruption-reduces armor+bonus damage, 
venom-bonus damage+poisons units for 10 seconds)
-No more wands of negation
-Magic damage
-Unarmored armor
-time limit before you can use a potion

That's all that I can remember...if I forgot any e-mail me.  

Orc Horde


Shadow Hunter-Cunning-3
Healing Wave-sends out waves like chain lighting to heal troops
Hex-turns unit into a useless animal(critter)
Serpent Ward-summons a ward with a cobra on it that spits out venom or 
something that hurts the enemy
Big Bad Voodoo(c)(u)-makes all units AROUND him invulnerable

He's awesome as a second or third hero.  If they retreat, hex lets you get
a free kill or.  It also allows you to surround enemy heroes or finish them 
off since they can't tp or heal while hexed.  Heal wave is pretty buff as 
well.  In Free For Alls (FFA) healing wave is a must.  In solo either get
wave or hex (or a point in hex and then max out wave).  Either way those
wards are really buff if you get them to higher level.  His ultimate is crap,
which is why he's not a good first hero.  


Air-Troll Batrider-4

Batriders can also get liquid fire through an upgrade.  That deals additional 
damage to buildings, prevents repairing until the fire's out, and reduces 
attack rate of towers by 80%. These things are very good antiair and can
take out most any air.  Watch out though cause the damage from unstable 
concotion is affected by armor.  If these pester a lot, get some armor for 
your air and watch the number needed to kill them increase =D.  

Anticaster-Spirit Walker-2
Spirit Link-Links 4 friendly units together so that if any in that link take 
damage some of the damage is split between the other 3.  
Disenchant-Dispels all spells in an area.  Does damage to summons.  
Ancestral Spirit-Bring back a dead tauran(non hero) from a corpse.  
Physical/ethereal form-allow the walker to shift through these 2 forms. 
Ethereal takes away its attack, but renders it immune to nonmagic 
attacks.  It can do and be affected by spells.  

NOTE: Apparently using spirit when you don't have enough food doesn't
bring back tauran. 

Anyway these guys are not too good.  In ethereal form they are pretty
useless so leave them in corporal so they at least do damage.  Their
AOE dispel is nice, and link isn't too bad.  The spells cost some heavy 
mana though so watch out.  I'd prefer shaman purge over these guys


Voodoo Lounge-5

The Orc shop.  Contains items like scroll of speed, healing and
mana potions, and the Orb of Lightning.  A fairly good shop. 
It houses the infamous Orb of GG.  Speed scrolls are damn crazy so
feel free to abuse them.  They let you run away even if slowed or catch
those pesky range units.  Heal salves and clarity potions are fairly good
and cheap.


Headhunters can be upgraded to this.  They are stronger and now can use berserk.
This makes them stronger, but less defended(+50% attack rate, +50% damage taken.
A must have if you get headhunters.  This really helps them and Berserk 
is really nice.  

Reinforced Defense-4

Changes the armor of burrows and watchtowers into fortified armor.  This
will save your burrows from things like mass casters or mass heavy air.  
Since orcs are pretty weak to magic damage as is, this upgrade could 
save you a great deal of rebuilding.  I highly suggest you get it if it 
won't cost you an important unit or something.  

Burning Oil-3.5

Demolishers(replaced catapults) get a flaming attack.  Whenever they attack,
the land catches a fire, damaging everything on the ground in its area.  
This is pretty good, especially vs night elves cause it increases the splash
of demolishers.  

Night Elf Sentinels


Fan of Knives-sends knives out in every direction
Blink-teleports the warden to a nearby place
Shadow Strike-chucks a dagger at a unit doing damage instantly+
damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds
Vengeance(u)-Summons a black thing that is immune to magic, lasts for 120 
seconds, and can use Spirit of Vengeance.  Vengeance summons a Spirit of 
Vengeance, which is an invulnerable spirit from a corpse.  Can have 6 at
a time.  They last 60 sec.  Spirit of Vengeance is auto cast.  

Weak early game, but strong later.  She is a powerhouse at level 10
and a must vs gargs and ghouls.  Her ultimate isn't too good; you are
better off getting lvl 3 SS or something.  


Air/Anticaster-Faerie dragon (this unit is immune to magic) -2
Phase shift(a)-for 1 second, they disappear to avoid damage
Mana Flare(c)-The faerie dragon gets +12 armor, and any spells cast result
in the caster getting zapped for major damage

They are not too good.  You are better off getting dryads unless they 
get necrowagon or something involving mass casters (wisps are probably
better vs necrowagon, but a few of these don't hurt).  

Tank-Mountain Giants(may be called MGs in this guides)-2.5
Taunt-causes enemy units to target the taunter
War Club-MG picks up a tree, causing it to do siege damage and giving the
giant more range for 15 swipes
Hardened Skin-reduces all damage to the MG by 15(damage can't go below 3)
Resistant Skin-Reduces the duration of bad spells+renders the MG immune to
some spells

These take way too long to build and don't deal much damage.  They are
still ok though, but bears are probably better.  In the event that your 
enemy goes mass fiends or rifles (not many casters), these can help.  
The tree club helps a lot with range though and let's you take out towers
pretty quickly.  If they opponent masses towers, these work better than 
ballistas for seige, but that is a matter of pure opinion.  


Ancient of Wonder(Note: like all Ancients this will attack nearby 
enemies and can move)-5

The Night Elf shop.  Contains items like the Orb of Venom, Moonstones, 
lesser clarity potions, and the godlike staff of preservation.  SoP is 
one of the best items in the game.  It lets you save countless bears
and since you will have moonwells to heal them, they can come back to
battle right away.  Switch it to another hero after you use it, cause each
hero holds there own cooldown for it.  By that, I mean that if your warden
uses it on a bear and then switches the staff to your panda, the panda can
immediately use it.  However, if you return it to the warden the cooldown
will be there (the cooldown occurs even if you don't have the item, so it 
will be like 25% done if you return it).  

UPDATE: Staff of preservation is a really nice item to have since it 
allows you to send your wounded to moon wells.  Moon stones are nice
too.  This shop is probably the worst shop of all the races though 
it is still nice.  


Well Spring-4

Increases the mana regeneration rate and mana capacity of moon wells.
This is very useful.  Moon wells are great as defensive structures
because they can heal your troops as they defend.  This makes the
units almost invulnerable(until the wells run out).  This extends
that time.  Get this upgrade if you can spare the resources.  

Mark of the Claw-3.25

Allows the Druids of the Claw to cast roar when they are bears.
Since I usually get several Druids for meat shields and such,
this makes life much easier.  No more keeping one as a druid for
roar. This upgrade also allows you to burn spellbreaker mana
(and your own for that matter, making the feedback nonexistent).  
Laugh at them as they steal your roar, but can't steal anything else.
It's gold cost is pretty low, so get it if you can't get anymore bears
or dryads and have enough wood.  

Mark of the Talon-3

Druids are used in almost any army for their crazy Fairie fire. 
Whether or not this will help depends on the game I guess.
Cyclone is pretty good as well.  In FFAs, getting this can help you 
scout a lot more.  Generally I don't use crow form much unless
I see air, in which case I might get this.  

Undead Scourge


Crypt Lord-Warrior-3.5
Impale-The Crypt Lord slams the ground.  This cause waves to travel
to the enemy causing the enemy(and those around it) to fly in the 
air.  There is also a short stun
Carrion Beetles(a)-Permanent summons.  Summons a beetle from a 
corpse.  At level 2 and up they can burrow.  Can only have 5 at one
Spiked Carapace-gives the Crypt Lord extra armor and reflects a 
percentage of the damage it takes back to melee attackers
Locust Swarm(u)-Sends out a swarm of locusts.  They damage the 
enemies around you and heal the Crypt Lord.  DOESN'T NEED 

A nice tank and adds on to the evil Undead tri nuke
(coil, nova, impale).  He's excellent as a third hero since his impale
doesn't need to be a high level to be strong.  That stun is evil!  I get
Impale, carapace, impale, carapace... if I get him last.  If you prefer
him earlier (I don't suggest since DK is almost always better first),
you might benefit from beetles for creeping.  


Caster-Obsidian Statue-4.25
Essence of Blight(a)-Heals those around him
Spirit Touch(a)-Gives mana to those around him

 Heal is capped to 5 units.  These things are a must.  They give you 
blight everywhere.  What's under the statue you ask.  Well read on...

Devour magic-This removes all enemy spells and hurts summons. 
All it eats turn into health and mana for this beast.  
Orb of Annihilation(a)-Gives additional damage and splash
damage to the Destroyer's attackers
Absorb Mana-Takes all the mana from one of your units and 
gives it to the Destroyer

After researching the ability, an Obsidian Statue can molt
its shell, and become this.  These things are imbalanced, and
will probably get nerfed one day.  They fly, have magic immunity,
have a crazy splash with the orb of annilation, and have nice life.  
Get some armor upgrades vs bats.  When you are about to give
rise to a new destroyer, have your old one absorb mana from the
statue before molting.  Do this right before a battle.  There dispel
is very strong and these things kill casters fast.  


Tomb of Relics-5

The Undead shop.  Contains items like the orb of corruption, potions, and
sacrificial skulls.  If you are gonna harass get the rods of necromancy.  
Those thingsrock.  2 free skellies to kill peasants with YAY (well not
for me cause I like using humans).  Orb of corruption on the Lich is 
pure evil especially when combined with the tri nuke.  

Nerubian Tower-4

This gives an alternative to the traditional spirit tower.  A ziggurat can
upgrade into this.  It has a frosty affect, thus reducing the enemies 
movement and attack speed.  Good to have a few, but the Spirit Towers are
much stronger.  One nerubian tower in the start pretty much crushes most harass



This allows Crypt Fiends to hide in the ground.  They are invisible, but
can't really do anything.  Useful as scouts.  Also if a fiend is near 
death, and you can't heal it, just burrow it. Nice to have since it makes
 microing fiends easier.  Rather cheap and helpful.  If your enemy uses 
this,get yourself a dust of appearence from a shop.  

Exhume Corpse-2

This lets meat wagons to make corpses inside them (ghoul corpses).
This is kinda useless.  You don't really need meatwagons unless they
get mass unarmored, mass towers, or steam tanks.  If you want to do
necrowagon (which is crap if you don't suprise them) get this upgrade.
Other than that I see no use for it.  

Skeletal Mastery-4

Instead of 2 skeleton warriors, necromancers now raise a skeletal mage 
and a Skeletal Warrior.  Much more useful.  It reduces clutter.  All 
the Mages should be able to attack as the Warriors act as meat 
shields.  Mages are effected by Skeletal Longevity.  If you get necroes
you should get this as it really helps to have a mage.  But of course if 
you don't have the resources or time don't get it.  

Human Alliance


Blood Mage-Mystical-4
Flame Strike-Makes a firestorm.  It has a long start up but requires no 
channeling.  After the initial few seconds, it burns the enemy a bit 
Banish-Makes a unit ethereal and slows the units movement.  Ethereal-Unit 
can only use spells and is only affected by spells and magic damage.  
Siphon Mana-Drains mana from an enemy unit.  
Phoenix(u)-Summons a flying unit with permanent immolation.  
It damages itself, but has no timer.  When it dies, it leaves an egg,
that eventually hatches into a new phoenix.  

A great new mystical hero.  Flamestrike is good.  Banish and SM are too.  
His ultimate is good too.  Flamestrike hurts your own troops, but it 
does a LOT of damage.  Banish basically removes a unit from the battles
(unless your stupid, and cast it on a caster).  SM helps you cast your
spells more often and eliminates the need for mana potions.  Phoenix is
strong and useful.   Right now Archmage and Mountain King are 
more or less always used for humans with palidan used last so this is
forgotten a lot.  You might want to get him first to harass though. 


Spell Steal(a)-removes a buff from the enemy and brings it to you or
takes a negative spell from you to an enemy
Control Magic-takes a target summoned unit(wards included) The amount
of mana is based on the summons's HP.
Feedback-Every attack the Spellbreaker does, burns 20 mana and deals 
additional damage based on how much mana is burned.  

These things tear through heroes really quickly.  Even if you don't
kill, the hero is useless now since it has no mana.  They steal spells
so they are really nice if the enemy gets any casters.  Control magic
is not too useful since you can't control some things, and I hardly ever
get it.  These things do lots of damage to bears, due to there large
mana pool.  Use them as quick meat.  

Cloud(c)-A small cloud is summoned by the hawk.  This reduces the 
sight of any enemy buildings in the area to min(thus they can't 
attack with range attacks)
Aerial Shackles(c)-This binds an enemy air unit.  That unit can't
do anything while it is shackled.  It takes damage every second 
until the shackles wear off.

Hawks benefit from the upgrade that gives Gryphon Riders +150 HP.  
Shackle kills heavy air and even light air if you can micro
fast enough.  Cloud is nice vs towers if you can get it fast enough.  
I don't really like cloud though cause it takes a while to get.  These
with gryphons are pretty nice especially vs orc.  All in all, get them
only if you can match there air count (or if they have one less, just
bolt and FF the extra guy).  


Arcane Vault-5

The Human shop.  Has items like the Orb of Fire, healing and mana potions,
Ivory Towers, and Scroll of Town Portal.   Scroll of rejun is really useful 
(though salves are better).  The staff is almost up to par with the 
Nightelf staff, and has the benefit of new cooldowns when switched between
heroes.  Use and Abuse.  Home of the worst orb.  

Arcane Tower-4

A new tower.  This tower attacks ground and air units. 
It has feedback, which burns 20 mana and deals that damage in 
addition to its normal attack, and it has reveal.  This allows the tower 
to reveal an area of the map for 15 seconds every minute or so.  It 
requires magic sentry to get reveal.  One arcane tower pretty much 
crushes harass.  One of these is usually enough per base.  Even so
you may opt to get a few guard towers.  



This lets Siege Engines(formerly known as Steam Tanks) attack air units.
Tanks are really really good antiair vs any light air.  They do AOE anti 
air damage with this.  They counter heavy air fairly well too, but they 
take forever to make and upgrade.  The best part about tanks is that 
you can send 3 to the enemy base or expo and wreck havoc during a
battle.  If the enemy gets mass air, these are your best bet (or gyros, 
both are good).  Just don't get gyros vs bats.  

Flak Cannons-3.5

Gives Flying Machines(formerly known as Gyrocopters) a splash damage 
effect when they attack air units.  If you bother to get any Flying
Machines it will be for air.  Get this if you get Flying Machines.  Gyros
are easily one of the anti air out there with this.  Just don't get them
vs bats.  

Fragmentation Shards-4

This increases the area-effect damage of Mortar teams.  If you get
Mortar This is really good especially vs casters.  Kills casters
and hunts really fast.  Hell, it kills almost any Night Elf unit quickly. 
They are weak, but vs NE I opt to get these instead of rifles cause 
they do much more damage.  



Naga Sea Witch-Mystical-4
Forked Lightning-Sends out 3 bolts of lightning.  Each hits an 
enemy for damage
Frost Arrows(a)-Adds a cold effect to the Naga Sea Witch's 
attack.  (A cold effect slows a unit's attack rate and 
movement speed)
Mana Shield-Uses the Naga Sea Witch's mana as a shield.  
Tornado(c)(u)-Summons a tornado.  Damages enemy buildings by 
50/sec.  Slows enemies and randomly throws them up (cyclone).
The enemy remains up for an amount of time.  While the tornado
is up, you can control it's movement and it has a life bar.  

Frost arrows are excellent.  You can pretty much kill a hero
with them.  The Sea witch can replace Mountain King in games
vs a DH if you want to do a quick push.  Forked lightning is nice too.  
FROST ARROWS OWN!!!  Nice hero.  

Pandaren Brewmaster-Warrior-5
Breath of fire-This drunken Panda breathes out.  A cone-shaped fireball 
erupts from his mouth.  This deals initial damage and ignites those with
Drunken Haze on.  
Drunken Brawler-A mix of Critical Strike and Evasion. Gives a 10% chance to
do extra damage per hit, and a gives a chance that the enemy will miss when
they attack him
Drunken Haze-Drenches enemy units in beer(hey they don't call him BREWmaster
for nothing). The units will ignite on contact with Breath of Fire, and will
miss a lot more than usual(hehe drunk). The unit's movement speed is slowed.
Storm, Earth, and Fire(u)-The Brewmaster splits into, you guessed it, 
a Storm Panda, an Earth Panda, and a Fire Panda. The Storm Panda gets 
cyclone, dispel magic, Wind Walk, and Resistant Skin. The Earth Panda
gets Pulverize, Taunt, Resistant Skin, and Spell Immunity. The Fire
Panda gets Permanent Immolation and Resistant Skin.

Warden and this are a strong counter vs mass gargs and ghouls.
Haze and fire are really nice.  Combined, they are sorta like an
AOE stormbolt.  His ultimate is subpar but still ok.  

Summon Bear-Summons a bear
Summon Quilbeast-Summons a Quilbeast
Summon Hawk-Take a guess.  Summons a Hawk
Stampede(u)(c)-The Beastmaster calls a stampede of exploding Thunder Lizards
to an area. Anyone unfortunate enough to be there will take damage as things
blow up on them.  

As the name implies, he gets to summons beasts. Summon Bear gives him a 
powerful melee unit.  At level 2 the bear not only gets stronger, but he
gets Bash. At level 3, he gets stronger, keeps Bash, and gets Blink(lol,
a blinking Bear). Quilbeasts get stronger and get Frenzy(like Bloodlust)
at Level 2.  Level 3 yields a stronger Quilbeast with Frenzy and splash 
damage. Hawks are very quick. All Hawks have True Sight.  Level 1 Hawk can
only scout.  Level 2 grants the stronger Hawk an attack.  Level 3 gives 
the even stronger hawk invisibility when it's not attacking.  His 
ultimate is subpar and easy to escape.  He is still a pretty good hero, 
even though he got nerfed.  Quilbeast first is really good.  A new plan
vs orcs for humans is to go AM, BM, and mass casters (through in a FL
if you for some reason reach tier three).  Hawk and bear are both good.  
At level one, cast invisiblity on your hawk and you get a nice scout.  

NEW HERO: Goblin Tinker-Inteligent Melee-4.5
Pocket Factory-Summons a factory which summons little pocket goblins.  
These attack for a bit, and when there timer expires, they explode.  If 
they die, they explode.  Factory life and explosion damage increase each
Cluster Rockets-Fires some rockets at an area, doing very little damage,
but stunning as well.  
Engineering (name escapes me, probably wrong)-Gives tinker an increased
movement speed and when he is in robo tinker adds 0.5 times done to 
buildings each level.  It is passive.  
Robo Tinker-Transforms the tinker to a mechanical unit.  It is immune
to magic.  Also gives the tinker additional strength and a multiplier vs
buildings.  The multiplier starts off as 2x, but with each level of 
engineering, it goes up by 0.5.  

If you give him a pair of boots of speed and a staff of 
teleportarion and he gets his ultimatel, you can kiss expos good bye. This
works very well vs humans, since they can't stop you from teleporting
away when you are robo.  Never get cluster rockets.  It does pathetic
damage and pathetic stun.  His other abilities are much better.  If you 
use him, go solo to reach lvl 6 fast.  

Goblin Alchemist-Alchemist guy-1
Healing spray-Heals units in an AOE.  Will heal enemies as well as your 
Chemical Rage-Increases the movement speed and attack speed of the
tinker for a limited time.  
Acid bomb-Throws some chemicals on enemies.  The primary target
takes some damage over time and suffers from reduced armor.  Nearby
units suffer minor damage over time.  
Transmute-Turns a unit to gold for you.  

He's crap.  I see no reason to get him for any race.  Spray isn't too
good in battle (or out of battle for that matter).  Rage isn't too bad,
I guess.  Bomb was really good for a while since the armor was 
splash too, but now it's not up to par with other aoe spells.  
Transmute isn't too bad; the only negative is that usually you will
probably not need the gold because of expos.  That means the skill
just removes a unit from the game.  By this point in the game, that's not
much help (unless neither of you have an expo).  

Note: The next 2 heroes are Undead

Dark Ranger-Cunning-4
Silence-Disables Casters from casting spells
Black Arrow(a)-Gives bonus damage to every attack. Units killed by this will
result in minions(skeletons) being made. Skeletons and damage boost increase
with level
Life Drain(c)-Drains life from a unit
Charm(u)-Takes control of a unit(Can't be used on Heroes or too powerful

You just need to kill the thing within 3 seconds of it being hit by the 
dark arrows.  You only need one point in life drain and silence for
them to be good. Charm is ok.  Silence is amazingly useful though.

Pit Lord-Warrior-2

Rain of Fire(c)-Calls down a rain of fire(like Blizzard)
Howl of Terror-Reduces the attack damage of nearby units
Cleaving Attack-Gives splash damage to Pit Lord(damage increases with
Doom(u)-Deals 40/s to a unit until it dies.  Upon death a Doom Guard is
created.  Doom is cannot be dispelled.  It can be used on your units too.

The pitlord is too big and bulky to really be good.  His ultimate kills no
matter what and spawn as a Doom Guard for you. However, if the enemy
runs the unit into it's base, the Doom Guard won't be too helpful.  Doom
Guards get War Stomp, Dispel Magic, Cripple, and Rain of Fire.  
He's too easy to kill.  He's ok I guess.  You won't find much use 
for him.  

Many new creeps and mercenaries have been added.  When I say many,
I mean it.  =)



Can buy neutral heroes here

If you have neutral heroes, you need somewhere to buy them.  I gave it
a 5 because I like neutral heroes.  

Goblin Shipyard-5

Allows you to buy ships

The ships are mostly transports, but there are a few attackers in the
campaigns.  They are not in games.  


These are all in Normal mode.  

7.1 Night Elf Sentinels-The Tides Of Terror
Try to get blink up to level 3 quickly.  Also Fan of Knives is weak early on.
Ignore SS(or get it and ignore FOK).  You may want to skip Vengeance
till level 7.  
Here's what I did:
You start with Blink and FOK/Blink/FOK/Blink/FOK/Vengeance/SS/SS/SS

A scene of Illidan pops up.  He is angry and seeks power.  He calls forth the
Naga.  They decide to aid him. 
Main Quest                         Optional Quest

1) The Rise of the Naga
A scene of Maiev and several of her troops appear.  Naisha and some of the 
troops remain with Maiev, well the rest split up into 2 groups to search for
Easter Eggs: 
At the start, go up and as close as to the edge as possible.  Blink right 
and destroy the crate.  Kill the monsters and pick up the Runes of Greater
Healing and Mana.  There is also a Ring of Protection +1.  Blink up and
pick up that Rune of Mana too.  Pick up some more and get the Tome of 
Intelligence and the Rune of Mana.  

From Matt
Hails from Louisiana, USA. I recently stumbled upon your FAQ/Walkthrough
on www.dlh.net I found it while searching for WCIII cheats. Now I know, 
there arent any, but this certain map is annoying the heck out of me. 
I found your Walkthrough and decided to start over and pick up everything
I missed along the way. I just meade it through the first Night elf 
mission. It was great to find all the easter eggs there, but I wasnt
just a "script kiddie" I started to explore every "nook and crannie"
as you put it. I cam acros a spider ring that wasnt mentioned in your
easter egg section. I was led to it by your hint on getting to the 
claws of attack +3... theres two ways to get to it, from the cliff
with the spiders blink left, or from the fountain of health, blink
southwest. It is another band of spiders hidden underwater. loading
a spider ring with +1 agility.
Thanks again for all your hard work, Keep up the good work.

Behind the Burning Statue there is a crate.  Destroy it for a Jade Rind(+1

Above the place where you get the Enraged Beast quest, there are some 
spiders.  Blink there and kill them and get the Rune of Lesser Healing
and the Claw of Attack +3.

There are islands scattered around.  After the 1st Naga encounter, go right
and blink onto the island.  Destroy the Naga Sea Witch and take the Rune of
Mana and the Tome of Strength.

After the 1st Naga encounter, go up to the trees and blink up to get a Rune
of Mana and a Scroll of Protection.  

Below the 2nd optional quest, head over to the trees.  Blink right and kill
the creep for Healing Wards.  Get the Rune of Mana.  

Follow Illidan’s trail             Destroy  the mad beast
Save at least 2 ships              Save your fellow warriors

First off remember hit i to hide.  Now go on and follow the path.  Once you
reach the forest, beware of a small ambush(it's tiny, there are only 4 
members).  Finish them off.  By now you should meet up with around 3 more 
troops and the 1st optional quest.  A very easy way to accomplish this is to
follow the beast.  He will go into a U shaped area.  Cover the opening with 
units and hide them all.  Now move all the troops not blocking the path back
and attack.  The beasts shouldn't be able to pass your "invisible wall".  
Pick up the item and keep on going. Soon you should reach a fork in the path.
You get a few more troops+the second optional quest.  Go to the right(the one
with all the walls and stuff).  Just slay the enemies and break the gates.  
You get quite a few troops.  You shouldn't lose anything. Now go on until you
reach the cut scene of Illidan running away, and the Naga burning ships. Now, 
you get the second main quest.  First off there are around 3 Naga that attack
you straight off.  Kill them first.  Then use the archers to destroy the 
flyers.  The hunts+Maiev should attack the ground troopers.  Just move them 
along and save the next few ships.  Their is another small task force to 
destroy after saving 1-2 ships.  Kill them then continue.  Victory
A scene comes up where Maiev and her troops load up into 2 ships and follow

2) The Broken Isles
Maiev, Naisha, and the rest reach a mysterious island.  Maiev explains that
they were recently made.  She realizes Illidan is there, and starts the
establishment of a base.  
Easter Eggs
There are a lot of things spread around on the islands.  Right of your base
there are some Sea Giants.  Kill and blink to the Pendent of Mana +150.  

Find Illidan                       Destroy the 3 Orc summoners         
Kill the Naga guardians

OK, go to the mine where your base should be started(maybe done, I can't
remember).  Take your starting troops and explore your island a bit, until
you reach the old orc.  He will tell you he knows something, but he also 
tells you he is willing to tell you if you rid him of his comrade's ghosts
(like he is in any position to bargain).  Return to your base to defend 
against some Naga.  Your base should look like this(I know it's bad)
      | Water    |T=tower
      |          |H=Huntresses
| T       T AR  T|C=tree of life
| H          T   |M=mine
| H         C   M|
| T              |
Move the 2 ships south of your base to the place marked water.  North to your
base are the summoners.  Go there and destroy the 3 summoners.  One has a
skull.  Pick it up.  NOTE: The orcs are fighting each other, not you! Go back
to the old hermit to pick up something(the name escapes me) that gives you +6
intelligence.  Then build up your forces(Go Maiev, hunts/archers+hire some 
turtles at the mercenary camp)Also bring along some glaive throwers.  Now go
up past the summoners island.  You should find a base. Raze it to the ground.
If necessary run back to the watery corner and hide for a bit(might want to 
bring a moonstone).  Recover and hit hard.  Go on after the base is dead and 
destroy the gate it was guarding.  A cut scene of Illidan going into a tomb 
and telling the Naga to stop Maiev will follow.  Destroy the guards(Shouldn't
be hard).  
Mission accomplished.
Maiev and her forces rush into the tomb of Sargeras.  

3) The Tome of Sargeras
Maiev and Naisha talk. Maiev reads some ruins about the old orc that ventured
in here years ago.  Now you see the Gul'dam and 7 shaman.  He orders them to 
scout out the area, but they run when they hear the rustle of the Tomb's 
guardians.  He kills one and they go out.  
Locate Illidan                     Find all 10 pieces of the shadowball
Escape the tomb in the time given  Destroy the rock barriers to free troops

This is the basic stealth level.  Follow the path, blink to hidden places for
shadow ball pieces(it gives +10 attack, +3 armor, and extra HP regeneration).
It's hard to find them all, but if you want them, you'll have to search every
nook and cranny.  I've gotten them all, but I don't remember all of their 
locations.  I remember that there are 2 hidden near the 1st cut scene(the one
where the Gul'dam thinks something laughs at him).  They are behind the doors
you can't destroy.  Blink around.  Anyway, destroy the rock barriers(you'll 
notice them all because Maiev says something at each one).  I think there are
three. They provide no-very little challenge to reach. Two cut scenes come up
about Gul'dam.  One where he knows his scouts are dead, and he seeks an eye.
He continues on, even though something.  The second one shows him dying.  
Also when you pass a statue, you'll hear about how it is Lady Vashj, a Night
Elf. However, it has a tail(hint, hint). Soon after you will find Naga that
tell you the Naga are mutated Night Elves. Anyway, after you destroy the 2nd 
massive gate, you will find Illidan.  He talks about the Eye of Sargeras.  He
then proceeds to bury the tomb.  Maiev is able to escape, but Naisha and the
others perish.  For the second part, just run.  A good tactic is to hid and 
blink.  Get all the scrolls of speed.  Run and ignore all battles.  Reach the
entrance, and you WIN.  
You now see the Warden blink through battles.  

4)Wrath of the Betrayer
Maiev explains Illidan's plans to her troops outside.  She tells them to run, 
but Illidan has already started the attacks. Only a runner can warn 

Escort the runner to the ship      Destroy all four of the excavations
Escort the runner to open sea      

Easter Eggs

At your base, if you go down from the lower exit and blink up passed the
waterfall, you will find a Naga base.  If you somehow manage to blink passed
the 1st waterfall, just follow that path and kill the Royal Guard.  Destroy
the gate and get the 3 coins.  Now blink south into another passage.  Blink
south again into the last passage for a Mantle of Intelligence +3 and a Rune
of Mana.  

Near the end of the 1st main quest(go directly up and blink into the water
area) there is a Glyph of Fortification(Buildings get extra HP and armor).

From the Glyph go up(blink) then left past the trees(blink).  You should be
in a garden(sort of).  Use the contol box(click, hold, move around) to find
Grank the Rat).  Attacking him will result in you missing.  Click on him
repeatively to blow him up and get a Talisman of Evasion.  

At the place where you unload your people go down and follow that path.  At
its end blink up for a Tome of Strenth.  

Now near the Massive gate, go left on foot.  Kill the Naga and then blink up
then diagnolly left.  You will find a Panderan Brewmaster who will leave and
give you Slippers of Agility +3.  You will also get a message about how you
found a secret, the Brewmaster Drinking Ground.  

Easy enough.  Keep your base strong.  Build dryads/hunts/archers for defense.  
You might want to build an additional tower at the 2 entrances.  Then bring a
wisp to each to repair.  Build moon wells close by and set them to auto.  
Now for the runner.  Follow the path. You should reach a site where there is a
guard and a digger.  The second quest comes up. Each one you destroy gives you
a great item. The first gives you a staff that teleports your hero to friendly
units. Use it to defend and sell items(to make room for new ones)at your base.
BTW one of the sites is able to be reached during the 2nd main quest. When you 
reach the boats you get 2 glaive throwers and 3 hippogriphs.  Use the hippo's
to clear out the two flyers up ahead.  Unload all your troops and explore.  
Destroy the enemy towers(the pools with snakes) and units.  Don't forget the 
gate and site.  Then load the runner and send the empty ship ahead as a 
decoy for anything you forgot.  The runner's ship should follow and make it 
safely.  Victory
The ship goes of.  Maiev sends her prayer and hopes as she watches.  

Tyrande Whisperwood and Shan'do Malfurion are relaxing when a druid of the 
claw comes with the runner. The runners tells of Maiev's distress, and 
Malfurion and Tyrande rush to aid her.

5)Balancing of the Scales
Maiev is shown fighting the Naga.  Tyrande and Malfurion speak and then
decide to hurry to her.  
Save Maiev from Illidan's Naga     Save the 3 ships filled with troops
Destroy Illidan's Base

Go for the ships.  They provide troops for needed for later on(it makes it
much easier).  At Maiev, build only hunts and archers as needed(cash is
limited).  Build a wisp or two to repair the damages.  Rush through the path
as Tyrande and Malfurion.  Fight off the enemies and pick up as many coins
as you can to aid Maiev.  When you reach the 2 War Golems, kill them quickly.
The base ahead is fairly weak.  A very good strategy is to run in and
starfall.  Tranquility as needed.  Then run to the Warden.  A scene comes,
where Maiev is happy, then angered that Tyrande(aka freer of Illidan) came. 
Malfurion reminds them of the Naga threat.  You must now destroy Illidan's
base(his is the upper one).  First off, move everything you can up.  
Remember the base you razed?  Go there.  Research as much as you can at the
hall after you get the cash flowing.  The third ship includes 2 Mountain
Giants.  Build up a force of 2-3 MGs and, you guessed it, 
dryads/hunts/archers. Use taunt as needed(it works ok on computers) Attack
at will.  Leave behind enough to defend against the Naga(they send out 
Illidan sometimes).  If you need more cash above the Fountain of health,
which is next to the hill beginning of Illidan's base, there is a mine 
behind some trees.  Use a glaive thrower(you need the upgrade) to destroy
the trees.  Then move again.  Attack continually.  If time is needed destroy
the bottom base first to reduce attacks against you dramatically.  Once you
raze Illidan's base, You Win.  
Malfurion departs leaving Tyrande and Maiev to search for Illidan.  

6)Shards of the Alliance
Tyrande and Maiev meet up with Kael and some humans, who are moving because
of the Undead.  Tyrande decides to aid them  Maiev unwillingly goes along. 
Guard the caravan                  Find the hidden cash
(at least 2 must live)

Pretty easy.  Follow the path.  Kael is able to defend the back, but you
should always fall back to his aid after destroying any frontal assaults.
The Undead are in small groups so it's easy enough.  The MGs have tough
hides so just taunt a bit.  At the first mercenary camp, the optional quest
comes up.  Seek the first bag and by two healers+1 of either of the two
remaining.  The other 2 money bags don't matter as much.  The healers make
this very easy.  Continue on until the second repair stop.  Time for a 
choice.  Go the long, but easier way or the short path through the Undead
base.  If you want to guarantee victory(in hard it might be better to go
this way too) go the long way.  I suggest the short one though.  Rush in
and starfall if needed.  Fan of Knives is good too.  Use the MG's war club
ability to destroy towers and such.  Now go on.  Right before the end, a
scene follows, where the two heroes worry and want to get on.  Suddenly,
the Undead swarm at the caravan.  Don't listen to all the "Their numbers
are limitless" stuff.  Just starfall to make it easy.  Soon they will all
die.  Cross the bridge after seeing the scene about the 2nd wave.  Victory.
Tyrande bravely decides to hold the bridge.  She uses starfall to eliminate
the Undead.  However, the stars destroy the bridge.  Kael yells and wishes
to go after her.  She is headed for an Undead base.  Maiev tells him to 
remember that he promised to help them find Illidan if they helped him.  He
gives in.  

Interlude-Malfurion reaches a forest and the Earth shakes.  He asks the
spirits(what do you know wisps) to show him the problem.  He sees Illidan
in the North, with 4 summoners around the Eye of Sargeras.  He is 
destroying the very roof of the Earth.  Malfurion rushes to warn Maiev and

7)The Ruins of Dalaran
Malfurion tells Maiev of his vision.  He then notices Kael and the lack of
Tyrande.  Maiev introduces Kael, and says that she saw Tyrande be torn apart
by the Undead on their mission to aid Kael.  Malfurion is sad, but says that
they must stop the summoners.  

Destroy the summoners              Save the Paladin
(before 30 minutes)

This one is hard.  The time limit forces you to rush a bit so don't dally. 
A very easy way to get the Paladin is to summon the Vengeance. 
Send him over to the Paladin(ignore all threats).  Destroy the gate and
get close to the paladin.  Then turn on the Paladin's divine shield and
rush back.  Now build up 1 army of hunts/archers with Maiev(team 1), 1
army with Malfurion, the starting druids of talon/claw+dryads(team 2) and
one army of 3-4 MG+a glaive thrower or 2(not necessary)(team 3).  Upgrade 
your tree of Ages as soon as you made 3 wisps(2 to repair and 1 to build
moon wells.  Upgrade armor for both and research the Hardened Skin for the
Mountain Giants.   Only research that.  Build 2 chimera roast and start
building as many chimeras as you can (8 should be good)(team 4).  Now take
groups 1-3 up to the bases.  Have the MG pick up trees.  Now rush in.  1&2
kill units, 3 destroys buildings.  Use holy light as needed+tranquility.  
Taunt as needed to confuse them(they redirect fast, but every second
counts).  Keep moving inward.  Destroy the building with flyers around it
ASAP, to remove half of that threat(there is another too).  Okay focus on
taking out the towers.  Before you come here be sure to have 2 staffs(from
either the human or elf shop) and 1-2 moonstones.  Heal as needed+Divine
shield to keep him alive.  DON'T LET MAIEV DIE.  Hide her when she is weak.
Okay bring the chimeras in to destroy a few summoners(Focus Fire on one, 
then move on to the other)  Aim to kill 1-2(I only killed one, but I had
very few chimeras).  Now before time runs out, blink the warden next to the
Eye.  Use Fan of Knives to take out the summoners.  Also use Shadow Strike.
Hide until they recharge(the moonstones if it's day).  Keep this up.  If
you need bring a mana potion and a health potion. Don't worry about your 
base, Kael should protect it from the Undead attacks, but build a few 
troops anyway(in case the first wave of your attacks fails).  Victory. 

Illidan is disappointed(an understatement).  Malfurion entangles him.  They
speak and decide he must be killed.  Kael comes(talk about perfect timing),
and he says how Tyrande may still be alive.  Malfurion is furious.  Illidan
claims he wanted to destroy the Undead, and was only after power, not world
conquest.  He wishes to save his only true love, Tyrande.  Malfurion also
loves Tyrande dearly.  He frees Illidan and entangles Maiev (what a twist).
Illidan and Malfurion rush to save Tyrande.  

8)The Brothers Stormrage 
Illidan's Naga find Tyrande.  She battles on, but is extremely weak(you
would be too if you were fighting day and night while your friends "save
the world").  Illidan and Malfurion decide that Malfurion will try to 
protect Tyrande, while Illidan destroys the Undead that attack her.  

Save Tyrande
(Use Malfurion to protect her)     Destroy the 3 Troll Chieftains
(Use Illidan to destroy Red)

You finally get to be the Naga.  You get very few units though.  Start
off at Malfurion's base.  Build 6 MGs.  Also build a bunch of dryads 
and Hunts/archers.  Build moon wells near the fighting grounds and set
on auto.  Build 2 wisps to repair(as usual, 1 at each entrance).  I don't
think you can really help Tyrande.  I may be wrong.  Anyway at Illidan's
base build up a bunch of the Naga casters, snap dragons, the Myrmidon,
and no more than 5 turtles.  Once you have 12 go for the optional
quest.  It provides an easy route to RED.  Kill the First Chieftain.  He
leave a scroll of greater resurrection.  First attack the second, then use
it.  Kill the 3rd.  Now be sure to keep enough defenses at your base. When
you have 12-24 troops+enough defense(units+2-3 towers) attack RED. Use the
turtles to devour. Turn Illidan into a demon(Meta) and turn on Immolation.
Mana burn the heroes.  Destroy the bottom Green base. Now move on to the
to Red. Use the casters+Illidan to destroy the air units while the turtles
and ground units finish of the necromancers, banshees(go for these early
because they can possess), and buildings.  The heroes(I think it's a 
dreadlord and lich) should be killed early too.  If you must devour the
banshees.  Don't venture to high up because green has abominations.  
Destroy the alter and the Black Citidal first.  Then go for the rest.  

Illidan reaches Tyrande.  She worries, but allows him to make a portal to
escape through.  They walk through it.  Malfurion begins to worry.  He is
furious because he trusted his brother.  Illidan arrives with Tyrande.  
Malfurion and Tyrande thank Illidan for his help.  Illidan is forgiven
because of his daring rescue.  He is told that next time he won't be so
lucky. Illidan is forced to leave before his master (Sargeras) makes him
pay for aiding his brother.  He summons a portal and leaves.  Suddenly
out of nowhere(hehe blink) Maiev and her troops appear.  Maiev orders
them to follow Illidan through the portal.  They disappear through it.
Tyrande wishes to stop them, but Malfurion says that she will never stop
chasing Illidan.  He only hopes that in her rage, she doesn't cause more
damage than Illidan.  

The end of the Night Elf Sentinels campaign.  

Human Alliance-Curse of the Blood Elves

As Kael flamestrike is good.  Banish is okay, and Siphon Mana is okay.
I went like this:

For Vashj Forked Lightning is a must, and Mana Shield is rather useless
except in some situations:
She starts with FL and Arrows/FL/Arrows/FL/Tornadoe/Arrows/Shield/Shield

For Akama(he starts at level 7) I went like this:
SS/SS/Feral Spirit

Main Quest                         Optional Quest

Kael'thas reaches Grand Marshal Garithos.  Garithos is mad because they
are late. Kael tries to explain, but Garithos ignores him.  Garithos
tells Kael of an Undead strike force.  Kael and his warriors are eager
to go fight, but Garithos tells Kael that his warriors will be going to 
fight the Undead.  He tells Kael that the Blood Elves will stay 
behind to prepare for a second Undead strike force.  Kael is 
furious(We are warriors, not builders), but since the Blood Elves
work for the Humans, he agrees.  

Repair the 3 observatories         Recover the hidden Cache(4)

This is a very simple level.  Leave the peasant to his repairing
(You actually start at the 1st observatory).  Move through the
path.  You get 3 footmen, 2 spellbreakers, 2 priests, 1 peasant,
and Kael, a level 2 Blood Mage.  Kael knows Flamestrike and 
Banish.  For his skill points max out Flamestrike, and either
go for the rest of Banish, or go for 1 level of Siphon Mana,
then finish off Banish.  His ultimate, unlike the Warden's, is
worth getting at level 6.  As you wander around, kill the weak
creeps(Don't forget to stop and heal your footmen whenever they
get weak).  Soon the 1st observatory should be repaired.  It
reveals a hell of a lot of the map.  Soon you should get the
optional quest(get the cash).  Since it helps if you build a
base.  Go for it.  The first has a tiny Castle, some cash,
and some lumber.  The second has some cash, a tiny barrack,
and a tiny Alter.  (Note: You still have to pay a bit for the
tiny stuff, but it's not too much, and the time it takes to
build is really fast).  The third has 2 riflemens near it.  
Also when you kill the Orge Warchief, you get a rune of 
rebirth.  This will reborn the strongest corpse(probably
the Orge Warchief).  In the package themselves, there is a
scroll of healing, a periapt of vitality(+150 HP to the 
wearer), and a tome of intelligence.  The last one(near the
observatory) has a scroll of healing, healing wards, and a
ring of protection +1.  The level 9 Golem leaves a rune of
greater resurrection(resurrects your dead).  Nearby, there is
an ivory tower in a crate.  Pick it up and build it near the
creeps.  Upgrade and attack.  If you really need lumber, there
is a small bundle of it in a tent(+150).  BTW if you can't 
reach the 3rd cash place, just do this.  Raze the Undead base.
Then bring a ship to the right of where it was.  Load up your
people and go down.  Follow the path.  Ok now back to the main
quest.  Once you reach the shores after the 2nd cache, you'll
be thinking oh no I'm screwed.  How the hell will I cross that
big ocean.  Well never fear, the Naga are here.  That's right,
the Naga.  A scene will ensue, showing the now freed Naga. Lady
Vashj now leads them. Kael and his troops kill several ghouls.
The Naga see how the Humans also fight the Undead. They offer 2
ships to Kael. Go to the mine and build a base. Go and kill 
some creeps. Be back because the Undead base south of yours 
will attack soon. Kill that and go down. There are 2 entrances
for the Undead.  Build like this at each one: 
W     |
FG   C|W=water
F     |F=Farms
F  A  |G=Guard Tower
FG   C|A=Arcane Tower
K     |C=Cannon Tower
W     |K=Knight
W     |
The knight should be in hold position.  Have a priest handy for
heal and inner fire.  Now when your ready to attack(have your
starting forces+3 knights and a few Mortar Teams), move the 
knight and attack.  Raze the base.  Now return back to your
base.  Destroy the rest of the creeps around, and send 3-4 
peasants to the observatory to repair it.  When it's done(and
while it's being done go for cache #3), Load up your troops
into the 2 boats, and fill the empty slots with peasants. 
Go to the final observatory(upper left corner).  First go get
the final cache.  Then plant the tower(look higher up).  Then
rush in and kill the creeps around the observatory.  Now send
the peasants in to repair it.  Wait a bit and Walah you have

A scene comes where Kael meets up with Garithos.  Garithos is
angered.  He has heard of Kael meeting with the Naga.  He
tells Kael not to meet up with the enemy anymore.  Garithos
returns to the front, and tells Kael to remain there.  

2)A Dark Covenant
Lord Garithos has sent an messenger to tell Kael something.
The observatories had spotted a large Undead base.  That base
was building a new strike force.  The messenger tells Kael
that it's his job to destroy it.  Kael figures it will be easy.
However, the messenger tells Kael all troops must report over
to Garithos to cover the front.  Kael is only left with his
Blood Elf kin.  He starts to hate Garithos(ooh wonder what will
happen next).  

Easter Eggs

In the bottom(very bottom) left hand corner there is an Ancient
Hydra that yields 2 Hydra, which each yield 2 Hydra Hatchlings.
After killing everything you get a Ring of Regeneration, a mana 
Stone, and a Tome of Agility +2.  I found this by accidently 
clicking my scout thing in the corner then seeing rock chunks.
Well, being the violent person I am, I destroyed em and found 
the Hydra.  Thus, violence CAN solve problems =D.  

Throughout this level there are tons of items in creeps and such,
but the above is the only real tricky one.

Note: There are creeps in every corner.  

Destroy the Green Undead Base      Build a base at a gold mine

Note: In this level, everything is upgraded to the maximum

At the start you move all the troops at the two upper and the
two lower bases into a safe corner AWAY from the base.  Now
the Undead will attack.  They will destroy your bases(just 
like in Reign of Chaos, when Grom has to destroy Cenarius).
New Undead bases will be made in their places.  Now a scene
comes up, where Kael is told of the grim defeat.  He is left
with no gold mines.  Luckily, Lady Vashj comes with an army
of Naga.  Kael resists because of his orders, but soon gladly
accepts.  The Naga have brought over two ships and your 
hidden troops(the ones from the old bases).  You get 4 Naga
Warriors(names forgotten, hehe), two Naga witches, a Naga 
Royal Guard, and Lady Vashj, who's a Naga Sea Witch.  Use 
them wisely, as you get no more.  Okay, make all the Blood
Elves(Kael included) into Group One and leave them to defend
your main base.  Take the Naga(they can swim through the 
water)(Group Two) and the two Dragon Hawks over to the side of
Undead base.  Prepare for battle.  Use the Hawks cloud ability
to cloud up the vision of their towers(yeah it was a bad pun).
The Royal Guard Naga has many useful spells and is very 
strong.  Don't let him fall.  When the base is destroyed, 
destroy some crates for some cash and a tiny town hall.  
Construct a base here.  Bring over some Blood Elf peasants, 
and build a barrack, altar, etc.  The Green Undead will send
air assaults and some ground assaults at your main base
(mostly air).  Build a 3-4 Guard Towers and 1 Cannon Tower.
Now fill in all the empty slots in team 1 so you have 12
troops there.  Fill it with swordsmen and archers(remember all
human troops are at the front, so you get Blood Elf troops). 
For team 2 fill the slots with spellbreakers, priests, and 
sorcerers.  At this base the Orange Undead will send ground
assaults containing mostly necromancers, crypt fiends, and 
banshees.  Build 2 Guard Towers and a Cannon Tower there.  
Note: The towers at both bases are only support; the units 
should do most of the fighting.  When you have a good amount
of gold make an army of 12-20 troops(I used 12, but it 
requires good micromanagement).  The bulk of the army should
be swordsmen.  Bring a few casters(at least 2 priests and
sorcerers).  The sorcerers are the very important!  Go down
to Purple and raze their weaker base(the one below you).  
Sorcerers should Polymorph the enemies strong units.  You
don't have to do this.  Now if you run out of gold you can
move here.  Bring back the remains to your base. When you're
ready prepare a new strike force (Kael NOT included).  Have
around 3-4 sorcerers and a few priests in it.  Have 12 units
in it.  This will be the new team 3. Bring 2 Dragon Hawks
(team 4).  Take all these units to the Naga.  Now prepare to
kill Orange(yes I know you don't need to, but you need a path
to green).  Cloud the towers and destroy the troops there.  
Then kill the towers.  Destroy the rest of the base.  Don't
forget to polymorph the stronger units.  When that base
is gone heal up and get ready to take out Green.  You should
have most of your troops(maybe lost 2-3 units).  Cloud the
two towers at the entrance, and attack.  Stay near the ramp.
This is so you can pick off the enemy troops.  Next destroy
the towers and Hall of the Dead.  Finish off the rest to win.

Kael thank Lady Vashj for her help.  He tells her his people
are forced to stay with Garithos and the failing alliance.  
He also tells her he and his people hunger for something.  
The Lady tells him it is power and magic.  Since their
hometown was destroyed, Kael asks how he can get that.  The
Lady tells him to get it from Demons, but Kael says he will
never sink that low.  Suddenly Lord Garithos arrives.  Kael
tells the Naga to run.  Grathos sees them and captures 
Kael.  He wishes to kill them for treason.  He takes them
to a dungeon.  

3)The Dungeons of Dalaran
Kael and His Blood Elves await execution at dawn in the 
magical Dungeons of Dalaran.  As Kael's guards chat away,
Lady Vashj kills them with Forked Lightning.  She frees
Kael.  She tells him that they are near a portal to the
other side(The portal Archimonde was summoned through by
Kel'Thuzal).  Illidan awaits them there.  Kael has no
choice but to go there(well he could stay and be killed,
but what kind of story would that be?).  

Free the Blood Elf Lieutenants(4)   Kill the Arch Mage Ghosts
Kill Kassan and the Guards

Go to the right and free the lieutenant there.  Also free the
prisoners to get a Priest and 2 Spellbreakers.  Continue 
this way and kill the spiders for a Medallion of Courage.  
Destroy the egg sacs on the right wall for a Ring of 
Protection +1.  Free the two prisoners(One is being
attacked) for a Spellbreaker and a Priest.  Go the other 
way now.  Cross the bridge and kill the Golem.  Now 
flamestrike the mushrooms and send Lady Vashj to recover
the Stone Token.  Summon it when you need it.  Go back and
kill the guards.  Break the gate.  Don't attack the lever.
If worse comes to worse you'll have to face elite guards.
Go on for the optional quest. Kael sees the ghosts of the 
Arch Mages(In WCIII: ROC Arthas killed 3 Arch Mages.  He 
decides it is his duty to kill them so they can rest in 
peace.  The first is right in front of you.  Stand on the
2 green runes to break the gate.  Attack him.  Note: If he
summons a water elemental, just control magic it.  It 
leaves behind a piece of a ring.  Pick it up.  Each Arch
Mage leaves behind a piece.  It gives +3 to each attribute
and increased mana recovery.  As you go on, there is a 
fight between the guards and the Undead(who to root for, 
your enemies or executers?). Wait and kill whoever is left.  
Free the Lieutenant and the archer.  Destroy the crates for
a rune of mana.  Stand on the 2 purple runes to find the 
next Arch Mage.  Kill and pick up the ring.  Go on and kill
the Undead.  Destroy the sacs in the second prison for a 
Claw of Attack +3.  Head back and cross the bridge.  
Destroy the lever and wait for the creeps to kill the 
guards.  Enter and kill the creeps.  Kill the 2 War Golem
and get the Scroll of Mana and Tome of agility.  Destroy 
the crates for a scroll of regeneration.  Kill the guards.
Destroy the gate(Protect the lever).  Kill all the humans.
Have someone stand on the rune.  Swim Vashj into the water,
pick up the item, and stand on the rune. Kill the Arch 
Mage.  Destroy the Humans and crates for some boots of 
speed.  Destroy the gate, kill the humans(this is getting
stupid), free the lieutenant.  Free the Archer and Priest.
Watch the battle after breaking the gate, and kill the 
survivors.  Go to the side where the sheep wait.  Hit the
top, then bottom, then middle.  Go through the doors and
pick up the secret level.  Watch the rain of sheep =).  
Across this, flamestrike the mushroom. Now go through the
porthole and stand on that rune.  Go to the previous
red rune and stand on this one to get to the Arch Mage.  
Now a scene of the guards releasing Golems to kill you 
will come up.  Kill the Golems and the guards.  Destroy
crates to find the 2nd blue rune.  Go back to the 1st
(leave someone on the 2nd).  Activate both and kill the
beefed up Golem inside.  There is a Undead artifact
(+2 armor and 33% reduced magic damage), a Night Elf 
artifact(Heals hero/permanent), and a Orc artifact(Hero
can casts Purge).  Pick em up and return back to the 
Golem place.  Free the archer.  Now go kill the 
lieutenant's guards and free him.  Go through the gate
and the Jailor will tell you to halt.  Then he tells you
to do what you have to do.  Now go follow the path, 
release the 5 Spellbreakers, 1 priest, and 2 sorcerers.
Kill the humans.  Keep killing as you move on.  The last
battle is big, but not too hard.  Kassan is the big,
hulky thing.  Kill them all.  VICTORY.  

A scene comes, where Kael asks where the portal is.  Lady
Vashj needs time to summon it, so Kael volunteers to 
delay Garithos.  

Secret Level)The Crossing

Kael tells his engineers to prepare the defenses.  Vashj
opens the portal, and begins the exodus.  Garithos 
notices, and tells his troops the destroyer will be a 
hero.  He arms them with explosives.  Kael tells his
engineers to prepare the defenses

Defend the Portal

You can only build towers.  You get 2 heroes, Kael and
Lady Vashj.  Lady Vashj's Forked Lightning and Keal's 
Flamestrike are very useful here.  If you got Freeze
arrows, turn it on auto cast.  It should help a bit.
Start building quickly.  Upgrade ASAP.  The units get
stronger and stronger.  They get meat shields, and such.
Have a hero next to the mana pool(Vashj) and one closer
to the back to kill lucky creeps.  Death Towers are 
super strong.  Cold Towers are damn useful.  Build
like this:
Here is a list of all the enemies that come by.  This
is ordered by Wave Numbers:

3.Footmen Lead by a Captain
4.Flying Machines
5.Mortar Teams led by a level 1 Mountain King
7.Knights led by a level 2 Paladin
8.Gryphon Riders
9.Siege Engines
10.Apprentice Wizards led by a level 3 Arch Mage
11.Enforcers led by a Bandit Lord
12.Forest Troll Berserkers led by a Forest Troll Warlord
13.4 Goblin Sappers in Goblin Zeppelins
14.Ogre Warriors led by a level 4 Mountain King
15.Ogre Magi led by an Ogre Lord
16.Royal Guard led by a level 5 Paladin(starts using 
Divine Shield)
17.Red Drakes
18.Siege Engines led by a level 6 Mountain King(starts
using Avatar)
19.Warrior Arachnathids led by a Overlord Arachnathid
20.Thunder Lizards led by a Storm Wyrm
21.Water Elementals led by a level 7 Arch Mage
22.4 Goblin Shredders in Goblin Zeppelins
23.Rock Golems
24.Ice Revenants led by a Deeplord Revenant
25.Elder Sasquatches led by an Ancient Sasquatch(that's
right they released multiple Big Foots on you)
26.Red Dragons
27.Siege Golem
28.Centaur Khan
29.Gargantuan Sea Turtles
30.Panderans led by a level 15 Panderan Brewmaster
31.Footmen and 1 Panderan(you only have to kill the

A bit after the halfway point, Garithos should "release
the experiment".  Also if a mass of units grouped 
together make it to the Portal, the 1st unit will 
explode, thus taking a bunch of them out.  This is a
very fun and funny level(wait till you see the things
they send).  

Note: The final Panderan is behind the gates and you
must Flamestrike him until he dies to win. 
Kill, Kill, Kill!  Kill the final Panderan and wave
to go on.  

Kael and Lady Vashj go through the Portal.

Kael and Lady Vashj have reached the Outlands, all 
that remains of the Draenor, the Orc homeland.  
Kael recalls being here when Khadjar launched an
attack on the Orc homeland.  Ner'zhul tried to 
escape, but he ended up destroying the planet.  
Vashj and Kael now go to find Illidan.  Why is
Illidan there?

4)The Search for Illidan

The Demon Within: Use your heroes to gain control
of Illidan and prevent him from being taken to 
the Night Elf base
Escort Illidan to Safety

After 3 days of fruitless search, Kael tells Vashj
they are lost, but not alone.  Lady Vashj sniffs 
out the Night Elf base.  Maiev(she's back) has
caught Illidan.  Kael and Vashj must free him 
before Maiev reaches her base.  

Note: If you beat the Secret Mission, you get a 
Panderan Brewmaster.  
Note: Only your heroes can attack on your control.
The units will continually attack the Night Elves.

This mission is very fun.  Buy some mercenaries
and rush into the battles.  Rush all three heroes 
over to the cage.  Kill Maiev(if she is there). The
cage will need to go to your base to be unlocked. 
As soon as you get near it with Vashj or Kael, it 
will turn around(beware Maiev can do the same).
Protect it by continually battling the enemy.  
Kill Maiev as much as you can.  Soon the cage
should reach your base.  Note: Heroes respawn
every 5 seconds at your base if they die.  
This mission shouldn't be too hard. 

Lady Vashj frees Illidan.  She then introduces
Prince Kael'thas and his Blood Elf kin.  She
tells Illidan they wish to help.  Illidan 
accepts them.  

Illidan tells Kael he will feed the Blood Elves
hunger for magic.  Kael swears allegiance to
the Demon Hunter.  Illidan tells of Kil'jaeden.
Kil'jaeden is a great Demon lord of the Burning
Legion.  He had offered Illidan the chance to
get anything his heart desired. Illidan agreed.
Kil'jaeden told Illidan of his creation's, the
Lich, betrayal.  The Lich's soul was trapped in
The Frozen Throne.  Kil'jaeden wanted Illidan
to destroy the throne, thus eliminating the 
Lich once and for all.  Illidan agreed.  
However, the melting spell he was conjuring was
interfered by the Night Elves.  Illidan had to
run over to here to escape Kil'jaeden's wrath. 
He has to make sure non of Kil'jaeden's minions
are in the desolate area.  

5)Gates of the Abyss

Illidan tells Kael and Vashj of Magtheridon. 
Magtheridon is a vile Pit Lord that rallied the
Orcs and used them to take control of the
Orc homeland.  He gets his power from the 4
portals Ner'zhul created in his attempt to 
escape.  Close them to weaken Magtheridon.  

Dimensional Gates                  Draenie Village
(Close all 4 gate)                 (Destroy the 
(To do so bring Illidan            Orange Fel 
to the 4 Dimensional Nexuses       Orcs)
for 3 minutes) 

A new strat.  As I was playing around in Hard mode,
I continually hit a brick wall whenever I went for 
Purple Fel Orcs or the 3rd or 4th Dimensional Gate.
Well, I played around with variations of strats and
found out that a combo that made it VERY easy was to
get 3 turtles with Illidan and like 6 Couatles.  Then
get 3 priest(Mostly for Inner Fire, but after battles
use em to heal) with Kael and around 8 Couatles.  Get
Lady Vashj and 11 Couatles.  That should give you 79
food, just under the high food mark.  Then just watch
everything die.  I went to the 2nd dimensional gate 
and NOTHING got hurt.  Always terminate the Orange 
Orcs first(even before the 2nd gate).  Then I usually
go for the Turquoise ones, then the 2nd gate, then the
Purple Orcs, then the 3rd gate, then the last one.  
This strategy works much better and Couatles are 
really good.  =D

This mission starts with Illidan at the first
gate(which is right next to your bases).  He
must live for 3  minutes.  You have 6 footmen,
3 priests, 1 siren, and 2 crummy little murgals
or something 3 archers, Kael, and Lady Vashj. 
Illidan is also available, but he must do the 
spells.  All the monsters will either go for
your troops or your 2 guard towers.  Use spells
to keep them at bay.  Fel Stalkers go right for
Illidan to mana burn him, then they attack a tower.
Move peasants off your gold mine to repair towers
if needed anytime in the game.  After 3 minutes, 
all the demons die.  In this mission, you control
a Blood Elf base and a Naga base.  They are
side by side.  Build up some sorcerers, archers, 
and Myrmidon.  Some Turtles and Naga Witches are
nice too.  If you just want to try out all the Naga
units, build some of everything.=) Anyway, have all
the Naga and Lady Vashj be team 1.  Kael and the 
elves(should be mostly casters) should be team 2.
Illidan should be team 3.  A bit after the 1st or
second attack on you base(or after you explore a 
bit.  I'm not 100% sure yet), you should get a 
cut scene of Draenie villagers fighting some Orcs.
It's now your job to save them(if you're feeling
sadistic leave them be).=)  Send a phoenix in to
their base to help them a bit.  Make a group of
Myrmidon and archers and priests to keep at your
base as you go around killing things.  Build farms
around you towers, and build additional towers
(either Naga or Blood Elf).  For Blood Elf towers
focus on Guard Towers, with a few Arcane Towers,
and no more than 1 Cannon Tower at each entrance.
Now go down to the Draenie.  After an attack by
the Orcs launch your own.  Have the turtles 
devour.  Illidan should Metamorphis and Kael
should flamestrike.  Vashj should Forked 
Lightning.  Destroy the barracks and beastiary
first.  Once the initial army is dead, ignore
the small forces and kill those two buildings.
Flamestrike(they are rather close together, get
them both in the radius).  Once that is done, kill
the remainder.  They take the Spirit Lodge out.  
The Orcs are basically dead.  The team you left
at your base(4, the one you made to protect your
base), should be handling the enemy well.  Finish
the Orcs off and, build an expansion(have 1-2 
towers just in case).  You should get plenty of 
gold.  Once the optional quest is done, a cut scene
will ensue.  The Draenei sage, Akama, will thank
you and offer his aid.  From now on, the Draenei
will launch constant attacks on the Burning 
Legion's base.  Rebuild your forces.  Build 
sorcerers and priests for Kael, and Myrmidon and
turtles for Vashj. Right next to the 1st closed 
Demon Gate there is another gold mine(if you ever
need cash). When the Draenei start to use 
Destroyers, you should have your troops ready. 
Send teams 1-3 with the Draenei. Near the enemy 
base, there are some cages. Destroy them for 
Draenei units(So now you control Blood Elf, Naga,
and Draenie forces).  Do as you did with orange.
The attacks on your base should subside greatly.
Also there are crates and barrels scattered around
the map.  Destroy them for helpful items.  Attack
the 2nd gate.  Note: For all the Demon Gates, keep
Illidan until the already there demons are dead,
then send him to the Nexus.  Rinse and Repeat with
Gates 3 and 4.  4 is a harder, but there is a 
handy mercenary camp.  Use it.  Note: During this
time Draenei forces should be keeping Magtheron's
Orcs busy.  Use healing wave as needed.  Soon you 
should WIN.  

Kael tells Illidan that Magtheron can't summon
reinforcements anymore now that the Gates are
closed.  Illidan tell him that is true, but
Magtheron's standing forces are still strong.
Attacking his Black Citadel won't be easy.

6)Lord of Outland
Magtheron is warned of Illidan's plans. He
prepares for battle.  
Illidan tells Kael that though they are
outnumbered, they are cunning and full of
will.  As he is saying this, spellbreakers
rush toward the enemy.  However the defenses
kill them all.  Lady Vashj comes to tell Illidan
of new arrivals.  The Draenie have come to kill
the vile orcs.  They rush through the defenses
(They are always invisible unless they attack)
and take out the power crystal, thus shutting
down the enemies defenses.  

Shadow Keys                        Siege Bastion
Slay the Master of Pain            Slay the Demolisher's
Slay the Mistress of Torment       guards

Slay Magtheridon                   Disable Power
Slay the Mighty Pit Lord           Destroy the 4 Power

First off, put Kael and the Blood Elves as Team 2.  
Vashj and the Naga will be Team 1.  Illidan is 
Team 3.  Akama and the Draenie are 4.  Now with
the Naga go out and kill the Hydra at the side and
the ships.  Destroy the shipyard.  Heal up and go
in and destroy the few Fel Orc troops and the 
watchtower around the Fountain of Health.  Heal up
and go left to destroy more ships.  The Royal Guard
are VERY useful so DON'T let them die.  The same 
goes for the Draenie.  Anyway, use the Royal Guard
spells to weaken the ships(the stun spell is good).
Behind them are 3 gold coins worth 250 a piece and
a Robe of Magi +6.  Also if you go back to your 
base, starting from just in front of the entrance,
and going left from there, you should see more Hydra.
Go down for coins, then up to battle 2 level 6 Hydra
and 1 level 10 Hydra.  The level 10 will drop a Claw
of Attack +15.  

The Fel Orcs will occasionally attack your Blood Elf
base.  Use Illidan and the Spellbreakers as melee.
There attacks usually consist of Grunts, Raiders, 
and the occasional Warlock.  

Now take the Draenie and kill the 3 patrol guards.
Feral Spirit is great as a meat shield.  The Draenie
Elite Assassins have Howl, so use it.  The 2 other
Dreanie have Healing Wave.  Akama has Chain Lightning
(level 3), Feral Spirit(level 2),Shadowstrike(level
1), and Reincarnation(ultimate).  The Draenie are
invisible except when they attack so keep your 
finger on the i button(hot key hide).  The enemy
defenses consist of 2 Infernal Juggernauts and 2 Doom
Towers.  It is extremely difficult to get past that.
If you want to have a chance at beating this mission
you will have to destroy the crystals.  Since the
Draenie are the only ones that can do this, they are
very valuable.  The 1st crystal is behind the Orc 
base up ahead.  As you head toward it there are gold
coins around the area.  Scour the area for these
because that is the only source of income you will
get.  The 1st crystal is unguarded.  

Note: If you go left and destroy the gate there is 
a fountain.  Head left a bit more to find The
Butcher(for all Diablo Fans).  He is a beefed up
(3300 life) Abomination.  Kill him and pick up
the items.  The items are Wirt's Other Leg(as
far as I see this is just for show)(Wirt is a
kid in Diablo that lost his leg to the Butcher),
a Stone Token, and 2 Tome of Strength +2.  The
Butcher leaves a Tome of Greater Resurrection,
so you shouldn't really lose anything.  

Note: South of the Fountain there are some cages
with Draenie Elite Assassins.  Break them.  

The next is guarded by monsters.  The 3rd is also 
guarded. The 4th is unguarded.  Anyway, after the 
1st crystal go forward. There are 2 doors and 2 
Infernal Contraptions behind 1 door while 2 Doom 
Guards are in front of the other.  In each gap 
there is an Infernal. Slowly kill each one. Behind
the Doom Guard door there is a Rune of Shielding
(blocks 1 spell). That door is, for now, unbreakable.
The other door(use Feral Spirits to break it) has
some coins(and the Contraptions).  Left of that
there is another door.  Kill the 2 guards
(a real cheap way is to Shadow Strike one,
then hide, SS the other, hide, rinse and repeat)
Go into the area for a coin, and destroy the 
crates for a Periapt of Vitality.  

Go back to the Naga.  Take them to the Fountain.
Now attack the watchtower ahead.  Destroy it and
retreat to the fountain(battles are easier here).
Use Vashj to destroy the pesky Destroyers.  Now
head in again and destroy the Alter.  Retreat.
This time just go in and destroy troops.  Retreat.
Now attack everything(they should be weak).  
Behind the Lumber Mill there are some barrels of
explosives.  Attack them to make a hole in the
trees(or in this case, mushrooms).  Head left 
and destroy the fleet of ships.  Go left and 
destroy the monsters around the Fountain of Mana
(I'll call this FoM).  Pick up the Claw of Attack
+12.  Head back to FoH.  

Move the Draenie forward toward the Fel Orc base.
Now move them > to reach the 2nd crystal.  Destroy
the defenders and the crystal.  Now that the 2 
crystals guarding the Master of Pain are dead, 
build up some Swordsmen and Sorcerars.  Have the
Swordsmen and Spellbreakers form a group of 12
with Illidan(3), and have the Sorcerers and Priests
form a group of 12 with Kael(2).  With teams 2,3,4
attack Green.  Raze the base and rebuild your loses.

Note: To activate the optional quest Siege Bastion,
destroy the gate near this base(left side).  Now 
kill the guardians, and free the 4 Demolishers.
They will be useful in all the base destroying.

Now go raze Turquoise.  

Note: Later when you connect your forces bring Vashj
here.  Now go left.  Swim along the path.  Get the
Manual of Health.  Now go up a bit and kill the 
enemies.  Pick up the 2 Tomes of Agilities, the Helm
of Valor, the Rune of Speed, and the 2 coins. 

Destroy the gate and kill The Master of Pain.  
Destroy the huge crates for Blood fiends.  Step
on the outlined box so a bridge will form.  
Cross the bridge and destroy the crates for a
Ring of Protection +5 and a Potion of Greater
Healing.  Okay move all your troops here over to
the area between the 2 razed bases.  Raise the 
bridge(the box).  Move Vashj over to the other side
(remember the explosive barrels).  Raise the other
bridge.  Join your forces and build 4 Naga Myrmidon.
Prepare to assault.  Note: Just behind the bridges
there is a gate(in the water).  Destroy it and get
the Manual of Health.  

Back to crystal destroying.  Take the Draenie 
forward, then right, then forward. Kill the guardians
and destroy the crystal.  The 4th crystal is for now
invulnerable.  Don't worry though, all the defenses
that matter are out.  

Use your troops to attack the Orc base(Polymorph at
will)=).  Destroy it.  Note: You can take your
Naga around their base(to in front of the 3rd 
crystal).  Attack with your normal troops, then use
the Naga to attack.  Now attack the Mistress of 
Torment.  Kill her.  Once she is dead the doors
hiding the Rune of Shield will open.  The new mission
will be available.  Destroy the big Crates for Fel
Orc Warlocks(They have Fireball, Unholy Frenzy, and
Cripple).  Also pick up the Mask of Death(Gives 
wearer the ability to gain life with attacks)Now
move everyone to the doors that opened(It is around
the center of the map).  Take the rune so that
everyone gets it.  Now send the Draenie forward.  
Keep going, then make a left to reach the crystal.
This crystal is unguarded.  Destroy it to complete
the optional quest.  

Now all that remains is to go forward and kill the
outer guards.  Enter Magtheridon's chamber and 
kill the minions first.  Get rid of the Infernal
Juggernaut first.  Then kill the Blademaster.  
Then finish the rest.  Then kill him.  He has a
LOT of life(4600 to be exact).  Once he is dead
(Use spells to kill him quicker), you WIN.  

Magtheridon asks Illidan if the Burning Legion
sent him to test Magtheridon.  Magtheridon also
tells Illidan his power is vast.  Illidan laughs
and tells Magtheridon he is finished and that
Illidan will now rule the Outlands.  Illidan goes
and tells all the Fel Orcs that he is their leader


Illidan, Kael, and Lady Vashj watch as a storm of
fire and chaos draws near.  Vashj tells Kael to 
duck.  The storm is Kil'jaeden.  He is angered at
Illidan for failing in his quest to destroy the
Frozen Throne.  Illidan tells him he was 
bolstering his forces.  Kil'jaeden looks at Kael
and Vashj and accepts Illidan's story.  He gives
Illidan one last chance to destroy the Frozen 
Throne.  He departs.  Illidan asks Kael and Vashj
if they will help him.  They answer yes.  

The end of the Human Alliance campaign.  

Undead Scourge-Legacy of the Damned

Arthas-Level 10, but loses levels slowly until he
level 2(I suggest keeping Death Coil up high when
you can add points). In the final mission, though
he can get points(there is one other mission 
where he got a point, but I can't remember 
which).  Go like this:
Arthas has Death Coil and Unholy Aura at level 2/
(It might be wise to get pact instead of aura if
you're hero is being Focus Fired on a lot.  
Sylvanas-Here is what I did
She starts with Dark Arrows and Life Drain/DA/LD/DA/Charm/
If you hate casters replace the LA's with Silence

Here is what I did:
He starts with a point in Impale, Carrion Beetle, and
Spiked Carapace/Beetle/Carapace/Swarm/Impale/Impale/
Note: The second point in Beetle is so you can burrow 
and scout.  

He starts with 2 levels of sleep and Vampiric Aura.  He
has 1 level of Rain of Fire/Doom/Aura/RoF/RoF/sleep

He starts with 3 levels of Holy Light, 2 levels of 
Devotion Aura and Shockwave and his ultimate, Avatar/

1)King Arthas
Balnazzar, Detheroc, and Valimathras are speaking to
each other about Archimondes disappearance(The Dreadlords
don't know of his demise yet).  They wonder what has 
happened.  Kel'thuzal and Slyvanas Windrunner watch.
Suddenly, Arthas rushes through the bolted doors.  He
tells the Dreadlords what they have been dreading(yeah
it's a bad pun).  He tells them that the Burning Legion
is through and that once they are dead, all will be under
Arthas's command. The Dreadlords teleport away.  Now, 
Slyvanas Windrunner and Kel'thuzal speak to Arthas.  
Arthas tells them they can address him as King Arthas.  
He tells them he must now destroy all the Humans in the
area.  Kel'thuzal tells him the Humans are fleeing to the
mountains.  They must kill all the Humans before they 

Main Quest                         Optional Quest
Human Refuges
Destroy the Human Refuges
Destroy the 9 Human Refuges
No more than 20 humans can escape

Slay the Paladins
Destroy the 3 Alters

From :  Roscaneanu Bogdan-Stefan 
 I will tell you a secret: In the first Undead mission, take Arthas, some 
abominations and go north at a refugee town(don't pass through the three
 altars!).The camp has two barricaded cannon towers at the entrance
and an arcane tower in the middle, a level four archmage and four casters.
Raze the camp, and you will see that on the left of the arcane sanctum 
there is an entrance in the wood.(use the delete key to see it better)
Go in the wood and you will find a child named Little Timmy. You can't
kill him but you can buy from him Ice Shards that are very useful in the 
next stage(i buyed four in the first time and they helped me a lot in the 
next stage).They have vampiric aura, frost nova, chaos atack, 1100HP, 
500 MP and they last for 180 seconds. They are undead so Arthas can 
heal them (great units,aren't they?)  one ice shard = 750 gold

Well, you have 3 bases. Each has a Voodoo lounge and a
ziggurat.  Each has an Alter.  Arthas is at the lower
left hand corner.  Sylvanas is at the lower right hand
corner.  Kel'thuzal is at the upper right hand corner.
There is a portal behind each where the humans can 
escape.  Every group starts with 2 shades.  Everything
is upgraded.  Use the Shades to scout and put them out
to keep an eye out for the periodic attempts by humans
to escape(they fight back).  Max out food for all the
bases at 1 time(they have separate caps).  Have Arthas
as team 1, Slyvanas as 2, and Kel'thuzal as 3. After a
few talks with the Paladin you get the 2nd main quest.
Here is a breakthrough on each person:

He is a level 10 Lich.  He starts with 2 Necromancers, 2
Shades, and 2 ghouls.  He has a Temple of the Damned that
can only build Necros and a Barrack that can only build
Ghouls.  Build Necros and Ghouls.  Kel'thuzal has Frost
Nova for escapees.  The idea here is to mass skeletons.
This is the one I started with first.  Leave behind some
Necros and Ghouls for defense(only take 1 group).  Move 
up and destroy that base.  There is a Paladin there. Now
heal up and return to your base.  Now head over to the 
one right of the base you razed.  There are some Knights
along the way.  This base has 2 Guard Tower. There is
the same Paladin here(they teleport around).  Raze it.
Head back and heal.  Now there is one last refugee for you 
to destroy with this group.  Move your forces up to the 
left base farther to the side(closer to the borders).  
This base has 3 Arcane Towers and there are 3 Water 
Elementals(1 of each level).  This is a caster base and 
there is a Town Hall here.  Prepare for another assault 
on the Blue Middle Base.  Attack it and Cripple strong
things.  Use your forces to distract the units while you
Death and Decay the Alter(what engineer came up with that
design).  If anything is alive, retreat them.  Now move
on to Arthas.

He starts as a level 10 Death Knight.  He starts with 2 
Abominations, 2 Shades and 2 Ghouls.  He has a Barrack
that can only build ghouls and a Slaughterhouse that
can only build Abominations.  Build up a ton of 
Abominations and a few ghouls.  His Death Coil is good
for killing those pesky "escaped from the wrath of the
Scourge" Humans.  The strategy here is attack with brute
force and heal up.  Take only 12 troops.  Leave the rest
to fend off enemies.  Go up and destroy that base.  
Beware the knights and Paladins.  Attack the farthest 
left base.  There is a tower.  There is a Paladin and a
Commander.  Use Death Coil to finish things off because
the enemy Holy Lights or Healing Waves troops.  Raze the
base.  If needed retreat and rebuild, then attack again.
Be quick.  Now go to the farther away bases(there are 2
on the left side).  Destroy the closer one.  This has 2
Cannon Towers near the entrance and 1 Arcane Tower in 
the middle.  This base is guarded by an Arch Mage and 
casters.  Raze it.  That's about it for Arthas.  

Note: After the 6th base is razed, Arthas will feel pain,
and he will lose a level.  A picture of the Lich King in
the Frozen Throne is shown, and the Lich says he is 
weakening.  Kel'thuzal comes and asks Arthas if he is ok,
and if they should retreat.  

She has 4 Banshees, 2 Shades, and 2 ghouls.  She has a
barrack with ghouls only and 2 Temple of the Damned with
only Banshees.  Sylvanas is a level 2 Dark Ranger.  Build
up Banshees with a few ghouls.  Remember, try to kill as
much as you can with Dark Arrows to get Minions.  The 
idea here is Possession with the Ghouls as Meat Shields.
Now go straight up to the 1st base.  There are 2 Guard Towers
and a Cannon Tower.  There is also a Paladin.  Raze the
base.  Just Possess everything that comes up.  Head back
and rebuild.  Now head right for the next base.  This base
is really weak.  There are only Mortar Teams.  Now go up
and destroy the last base.  There is only a Guard Tower and
some Footmen here.  You WIN.  

Arthas meets up with Sylvanas and Kel'thuzal.  He tells them
the Alliance is through.  Suddenly he feels more pain.  The
Lich King feels danger approaching the Frozen Throne.  He
tells Arthas to go and protect him.  Kel'thazal asks Arthas
if he is Ok(again).  Arthas tells him they must head over to
the capital.  


Sylvanas is running to an area.  The area turns out to be
the place where the Dreadlords are.  The Dreadlords
acknowledge her arrival.  She asks why the Lich King seems
to be weakening.  She says that she can "control" herself.
The Dreadlords tell her as the Lich King weakens, he loses
the ability to command the Undead.  They also tell her that
Arthas gets weaker as the Lich King weakens.  Then, Sylvanas
asks them if they want her help in "getting rid of" Arthas.
They tell her they want that measly human out of the picture.
They tell her that the Lich, Kel'thuzal is too loyal to his
master(Arthas), but that she isn't.  She agrees to take part
in their plan to assassinate Arthas.  She, however, has her
own reasons.  She wants to destroy Arthas for what he did to
her and her people(In Warcraft III, Arthas razed the Night Elf
base of Sylvanas and turned her and the few survivors into
Banshees).  She runs off.  One of the Dreadlords is in doubt of
her loyalty.  However, the others beat down that doubt.  

2)The Flight from Lordaeron
Arthas, Kel'thuzal, and some Necromancers walk through a 
passage.  Arthas tells Kel'thuzal that the Lich King is in a
dire situation, and that if they don't reach him soon, all will
be lost.  They start to walk to the Lich King's aid.  However, 
Arthas goes ahead a tiny bit, and as he passes through a door,
it bolts shut.  The Dreadlords have regained control of most of
the Undead army.  They release ghouls upon Arthas.  Kel'thuzal
(who is on the other side of the gate) tells Arthas it's an 
ambush(wow, it didn't take a genius to figure that out).  Arthas
fights and kills all most of the ghouls when Kel'thuzal tells 
him there are too many of them(It's a bit late for that.  There
are only 3 ghouls left alive).  Kel'thuzal tells Arthas to escape
to the city.  He tells Arthas he will make it on his own.  Arthas

The King's Exit                    Meat Wagon Surprise
Bring Arthas to the City exit      Kill the armory guards
Arthas must survive                Rescue the Meat Wagons

Note: Every few minutes a few enemy Undead come to attack you.  

You are a level 8 Arthas.  Kill the last 3 ghouls(they have very
little life left).  Break the gate and go forward.  You get 2 
Necromancers and a ghoul.  The Necromancers raise dead.  They now
have the Skeletal Mage upgrade, so you have 2 warriors and 2 mages.
Send the Skeletons right.  The iron doors will open and release 2 
Abominations.  Let the skeletons die.  If you pass now, the 
Abominations will ignore you.  Before you pass, destroy the gate 
ahead and kill the enemies.  Destroy the hovering books for a 
Tome of Intelligence and a Tome of Agility.  Go down, and now head
right.  Destroy the crates and go up to get a Shade. Some skeletons
will attack from below, while some Crypt Fiends attack from above. 
Kill them. To the left there is a Fountain of Mana if you are low 
on mana. Now head down and right again.  Kill the zombies and 
continue. You will get an Abomination.  Now go up and kill the 
enemy forces. Break the doors for 2 Crypt Fiends. Head back to 
the Fountain of Mana.

Note: If you choose to continue up then go back, you can kill the
enemies, then pick up the Claw of Attack +3.  There is also a Rune
of Healing in a crate.  

Go up then left. Destroy the gate and step on the box to raise a
platform.  Kill the Fiends then go left some more to get 2 ghouls.
Go up to get the optional quest.  Go up and kill the enemies to
destroy the guards.  Go left to get another Abomination.  Destroy
the gates that are below you for some Meat Wagons. Quest complete.
Now go up.  Use the wagons to destroy the Nerubian Towers. The
Meat Wagons also have the Exhume Corpse upgrade, so you can have 
as many skeletons as you want.  Also, you can heal your ghouls and 
Abominations by cannibalizing the corpses.  Ok, head back to the
path and kill the skeletons guarding the gate. Go through the gate
and destroy the Spirit Towers and the troops. Destroy the towers
with the wagons from outside the room. Then enter and kill the 
Fiends.  Step on the box to open the wall. Go forward and destroy
the 2 more Fiends.  Go up.  Get the Orb of Poison. Go and right. 
Kill the undead.  Soon you should reach a mass of corpses. Use 
Raise Dead to make an army whenever you need one.  Go left and
kill the Undead.  Pick up the Rune of the Revenant for a Ice 
Revenant. Don't forget the Circuit of Nobility. Go up for a 
Fountain of Health. Now head back to the area ahead of the 
razed towers.  Head left and kill the Golems.  Follow the path 
and kill the Nerubian Towers with the wagons.  Head right and
fight the Undead.  Destroy the cages for some Ghouls.  Now 
head left.  Kill the Undead and destroy the crates for a Tome 
of Strength and a Tome of the Revenant.  Now head back to
the middle.  Destroy the gate and help out the Necromancer and
Abomination.  They become yours.  Now destroy the City Gates.
Go up and destroy the enemies near the Corpse area.  Now 
choose a way. Both paths bring you to some Fel Beast and 
a Doom Guard.  Then, once you go up, you will see some 
ghouls, 2 Meat Wagons, and a barrack. Raze all of the 
enemies.  Destroy the City Gates.  Now head over and kill
the Abominations and Fiends, the Dreadlord, and Bloodfest
(a huge Abomination that has 3k HP, 600 mana, and does 
a lot of damage).  Bloodfest murmurs a bunch of stuff 
then a battle will ensue.  Kill them all(save Bloodfest
for last and kill the Dreadlord first).  To be safe, use
Animate Dead to raise some invulnerable corpses, and use
them to kill the Dreadlord(no more Vampiric Aura).  Now,
destroy the gate and WIN.  

Some Abominations stand in the way of Arthas. Some banshees come
and possess 2 of the Abominations.  They will fight and your 
Abominations will prevail.  Arthas thanks the Banshees and asks
where Sylvanas is.  They tell him they were sent by her to escort
him into the Wilderness so he will be safer.  He agrees.  

The Banshees realize they have reached the place, and they tell
Arthas to stop and rest.  Suddenly, Arthas suffers another seizure.
The Lich King tells him he has been deceived, and that Arthas 
should rush to his aid.  The Banshees kill Arthas's guards. Sylvanas 
shoots a special arrow that has a paralyzing effect at Arthas.  
Arthas is trapped.  Sylvanas tells him it is time to feel the pain
he has caused her.  She says, "Go to hell, you son of a *****."(wow
this game is not for little kids).  Suddenly, Kel'thuzal comes with
some Necromancers and wipes out the Banshees.  Sylvanas flees.  
Kel'thuzal(that's a friend I want, loyal and has Nova) takes Arthas
to the ships prepared to sail to the Lich King.  Kel'thuzal tells
Arthas that the poison will wear off.  Arthas calls Kel'thuzal a 
friend and asks him to rule the land in his place as he journeys.  
Kel'thuzal agrees.  

3)The Dark Lady
Sylvanas tells her sisters that even though they are free, they are
still Undead.  She is depressed.  A portal opens(Is it Illidan?  It
could be, it could be, it isn't. )  The Dreadlord, Varimathras comes
through the portal to offer Sylvanas a part in their new leadership 
over the Undead.  Sylvanas tells him all she wanted was a dead Arthas
and that they wouldn't sacrifice their freedom to rule.  Varimathras
tells her to reconsider.  She refuses.  Varimathras leaves.  

Varimathras                        Ogre Warlord
Destroy the Red Undead base        Possess the Warlord Ogre, Mug'thal
                                   Bandit Lord
                                   Possess Blackthorn the Bandit Lord

You are Sylvanas.  You have some banshees and an Obsidian Statue.  
You can only build Obsidian Statues, Banshees, Ghouls, and Meat 
Wagons.  You already have 2 Nerubian Towers, so build the last
Ziggurat into a Spirit Tower.  Now build 2 more towers here and
3 at the other entrance.  Upgrade like this:

S      S|S=Spirit
  N  N  |N=Nerubian
Now build up a ton of Banshees.  If any of Varimathras's forces
come by, possess those you lack(get all the Abominations, but
don't get too many Necromancers or Crypt Fiends).  Group one
will be Sylvanas and the things you possess.  2 will be Sylvanas
and Banshees.  3 will be 4 Obsidian Statues(2 on Mana and 2 on
Heal).  5 will be Sylvanas.  Now take Sylvanas diagonally left
to find some Ogres.  Retreat back to your base and possess 
some/all of them.  You now get the Optional Quest Ogre Warlord.
I suggest doing it to get some Melee units.  Build some more 
Banshees(Sylvanas should have 11 with her in group 2).  Leave
them behind with some Abominations and 2 Obsidian Statues.  
Take the other 2 with Sylvanas.  Anything remaining in 1, 2,
and half of 3 will go on the 2nd optional quest.  Go diagonal
left again and head upward toward the Mercenary Camp and Ogres.
Follow the path and rush toward the rock chunks.  Destroy the
chunks and possess Mug'thal.  Before you do he will say, "Me
am Mug'thal.  Me destroy you."  After you possess him, a scene
will come where Sylvanas asks him what he wants to do now.  He
says, "Me serve pretty ghost now."(I'm sorry I just had to say
those, he says it so humorously).  All the Ogres are yours now.
Put them all in group 1 and put Undead with 4.  Retreat back now.
Go diagonal left again and go down.  Kill or possess the creeps 
and build an expansion at the gold mine.  Destroy the 
cages/crates for a Manual of Health and a Healing Salve.  Head
back to protect your base(initial).  Go diagonal right now.  
Possess/kill the 3 bandits near the Cannon Towers.  You'll get
the optional quest Bandit Lord.  Rush over to Blackthorn and
possess him.  You get a lot of Bandits.  First he says he will
never submit.  Then a scene will come, where he tells the 
Bandits that Lady Sylvanas is their leader.  Retreat back and
base protect.  Build some Meat Wagons and attack Red.  Destroy
all the unit producing buildings to WIN.  

Varimathras begs Sylvanas to let him live.  He tells her that
he has information.  Sylvanas tells him she is listening.  He
tells her he knows his brethrens locations and such.  He pledges
alliance to her.  Sylvanas, still suspicious, accepts.  

4)The Return to Northrend
Arthas has reached Northrend.  A Necromancer tells him they must
build a base, but the area lacks resources.  Suddenly some Blood
Elf Dragon Hawks appear.  Arthas talks to them, then orders them
to be killed.  Suddenly Anub'arak(a Crypt Lord) and some Crypt
Fiends come and web the Elves.  They kill them.  Arthas thanks
them and asks who they are.  Anub'arak tells him the Lich King
sent him and that he was king of Azol-Nerub.  Arthas tells them
that they must hurry to the Icecrown to save the Lich King.  

Easter Eggs

Note: If you want a Ring of Protection +4, go straight down with
1 or 2 heroes(Preferably Arthas) from the Fountain of Health.  
Kill the Polar Bears and continue until you hit the corner. Turn
right and go to the Icy Gate.  It will open and you will see a
scene where the Penguin King will dance and he will give you the
Ring.  He doesn't attack you

Funkytown277 wrote:

Hey dude,
Writing in response to your FAQ/walkthrough of Warcraft III Frozen
Throne.  It is very well done for your first walkthrough guide.  
What I am writing to you about is that on the fourth undead mission
(Return to Northrend) I know about the big King Penguin in the lower
left hand corner.  What I found out is in two seperate areas, there
were what looked like eskimo hunters who had penguins locked away 
behind fences.  In one area on the lower portion of the screen 
around where you start the mission at, there is one fairly decent 
sized penguin and a little one.  Near the upper part of the screen 
at another portion where rocks fall away there is yet another area 
with penguins hidden away behind a fence.  This time there is about
thirteen of them and they are the really small ones.  After breaking
the rocks on either side I had gathered up a bunch of banshees and 
possessed each and every penguin.  Then I took the time to move 
every single penguin down to the penguin king.  Tell me this is a 
secret or something to that effect.  When all of the penguins got 
down there they stood in order in front of the king and danced the 
same way he did.  It almost seems that it has a secret or something
to that effect written all over it, I thought I would get a bonus 
item or mission but much to my dismay nothing happened.  
Have you heard of this before?  Is there something that will happen,
in any way ,for rallying the penguins or was this just something 
that looked too much like a secret and instead ended up being an
enomorus waste of time.
I appreciate any feedback you have
Thanks for your time,

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The Landing                         Dragon Hoard
Destroy the Blood Elves Island      Slay the Dragon Sapphiron

Slay the guardians

You get Arthas, some Necromancers, some ghouls, some Crypt Fiends,
and Anub'arak.  In the ocean you get 2 transports, 2 Frigates, and
a Battle Ship.  Explore and kill the Creeps on the Island.  Now
summon Beetles(they suck but they help at early stages).  Use these
to distract the Island Stronghold while your Battle Ship destroys the
towers.  Use the Frigates to sink enemy ships/air.  Once all the 
shoreline towers are destroyed, take your troops there with the
Transports.  Move in and web the air units.  Use the Meat Wagons to
destroy towers.  When all is gone a scene will ensue.  Arthas wonders
why it was so easy to destroy the Elves.  Kael comes and tells him 
that Illidan is behind the Lich Kings destruction.  Arthas weakens
again and the Lich King tells him danger lies near.  Anub'arak tells
Arthas that a shorter path lies.  They must destroy the guardians.  
You know have a base.  Anub'arak will soon tell you of the optional
quest.  Build some towers around all the holes(including those near
water, NAGA).  Also, destroy the debris for items and resources.  
Soon the Naga will attack a bit.  Fight them off and go north.  Kill
all the Dragons and keep going.  Kill and pick up Sobi Mask.  Follow
the path and kill some more dragons.  Now retreat to build forces.  
The Blood Elves will occasionally fly forces in.  Build 2 Obsidian
Statues for Heal and Mana.  Build and upgrade all your forces.  Build
a few more Necromancers.  Build some more Fiends too.  Build 
Abominations too.  Now go and kill the Dragons that are left(should
be 2 level 10 and a level 15).  A scene will come up where Arthas 
turns Sapphiron into a Frost Wyrm(he has Frost Nova and Breath).  
Pick up all the items/resources.  There is a Horn of the Cloud(hero
can cast Cloud), a Claw of Attack +9, a Tome of Intelligence, a Tome
of Agility, a Tome of Strength, some gold, and some lumber.  Move 
your fleet of ships over to the side of your base to destroy a wall.
Kill the enemy ships.  Drop a beetle over there to burrow.  When you
are ready transport your units over and destroy that base and the
small one above it.  This frees 2 gold mines.  Build an expansion.  
Rebuild your forces.  Go around and kill all the spiders and their
Nerubian homes.  Retreat and heal up.  

Note: The evil Scorpions are strong so you better be prepared.  

Note: If you want a Ring of Protection +4, go straight down with
1 or 2 heroes(Preferably Arthas) from the Fountain of Health.  
Kill the Polar Bears and continue until you hit the corner. Turn
right and go to the Icy Gate.  It will open and you will see a
scene where the Penguin King will dance and he will give you the
Ring.  He doesn't attack you.  

Prepare to destroy.  Build up an attack force and attack the 
guardians (should be accessible by going left at the last 
spider outing).  There are some Blue Drakes and some Blue 
Dragonspawn Sorcerers(level 10).  There is one Blue 
Dragonspawn Lord(level 15). 

Arthas will ask Anub'arak if he is certain that the path will
go to the glacier.  Anub'arak says nothing is certain, but the
risk is worth it.  Arthas says ok and they go on through the

5)Dreadlord's Fall
Sylvanas and Varimathras watch the Dreadlord, Detheroc's base.
Sylvanas notices some Humans. Varimathras tells her that 
Detheroc has taken control over some Human idiot's resistance
force(remember Garithos).  Varithathras tells her that 
attacking the defenses of Detheroc.  Sylvanas tells him that
her Banshees will take over some humans and open the gates.  
The Banshees take over the bodies of 2 footmen scouts.  The
scouts return to their base.  The guards open the gates and
Sylvanas launches her attack.  

Sneak Attack
Destroy the sleeping enemy forces

Destroy Detheroc's base(green)
Destroy Garithos's base(turquoise)

You start with Varimathras, Sylvanas, a few banshees and a
few Fiends/Abominations.  You also have 2 footmen.  
Note: Varimathras has 2 Dreadlord
skills and 2 Pit Lord skills(he has Rain of Fire and Doom
from the Pit Lord and Vampiric Aura and Sleep from 

Put all Banshees with Sylvanas as 2 and all others with
Varimathras.  You have about 8 minutes to kill as many 
units as you can before the enemy starts to attack.  All
enemies are asleep and if you attack some will awaken. 
At your tiny base, never stop building Banshees.  Now choose
which forces you don't like as much.  Go to that base.  
Possess/Charm/kill all the enemies(take all the strong units
and human caster).  Destroy all the unit producing buildings.
Right now, none of the towers are towers(ziggurats are not
upgraded and scout towers aren't either).  Head down and 
destroy that base too.  You should be running short on time.
Head over to the other base and destroy as much as you can
before time runs out.  Whichever base lives will launch a
massive assault against your base.  Town Portal back to your
base and charm/possess/kill the enemies.  Choose a group(I 
choose 1).  When the enemy attacks either Doom or Charm an
enemy unit, then kill them all.  Use the other group(2) to
destroy the bases.  Possess the enemies.  Charm is really
useful as is Dark Arrow(higher levels have no cool down so 
you can mass skeletons a lot easier).  There is another gold
mine to the left of your base if you need one.  If you took
out a lot of enemies during the Sneak Attack, then this will
be very easy.  Destroy the bases to win.  

Note: For a bit more fun, possess a few Human workers.  

Lord Garithos tells his kin that they are free at last.  
Sylvanas comes and tells him that she comes in peace.  She
tells him they have a common enemy, the last Dreadlord,
Balnazzar.  She tells him that even though she is Undead,
she only seeks vengeance.  She tells him that Balnazzar's
base lies in his homelands.  She tells him that she will
get his lands back.  He agrees and goes to rally his 
people.  Varimathras tells Sylvanas he knows that she 
won't give his land back, and Sylvanas tells him an ally
will aid there cause.  

6) A New Power in Lordaeron
Garithos and Varimathras start to argue.  Sylvanas tells 
them to shut up and tells them that Varimathras and her
will attack the front, while Garithos attacks from behind.

Balnazzar                           Ironforge Dwarves
Destroy Balnazzar's Purple          Locate the Missing
Undead Base                         Dwarves

You have a Human Base.  Make everyone there Group 1. You
also have an Undead Base(Casters+Sylvanas=2, Warriors+
Varimathras=3).  Build up a good amount of towers at both

From the start you should be doing this.  Mass Crypt 
Fiends for Sylvanas.  Mass Abominations for Varimathras.
Mass Knights for Garithos. Keep going until you have 
reached max levels.  

Soon, you will see a scene where Garithos is told
by a scout that the Dwarves are lost and that he can go
get them.  Garithos is furious and continues to be the 
racist he is against all, but the Humans.  Anyway, I 
highly suggest getting the Dwarves.  They are the only
Anti Air you can get(you can't build any until you get
these).  Go up and destroy all the creeps you come by.
They are mostly Kobolds, but there are a few Golems.
Destroy the crates near the Gold mine for a Runed 
Bracer(reduces Magic Damage).  

Note: Build an expansion here.  

Destroy the cages for free riflemen.  Free the Dwarves
by destroying the rock chunks.  There will be a short
cutscene where Garithos tells the Dwarves there is a 
battle and he calls them idiots.  The Dwarves agree,
but they mutter under their breaths, "We don't get 
paid enough to put up with this asshole."  Generally
there will be 3 different types of attacks. 

1. Balnazzar will come himself and summon some Infernos
(this is a tough wave because he summons them real fast
and he is a level 9 Dreadlord)
2. He will send Destroyers, Gargoyles, and Frost Wyrms at
your base.  This is hard for Garithos until he finds the
3. He will send Abominations, ghouls, and Crypt
Fiends.  This is rather easy to counter. 
Note: Meat Wagons and a Lich may come along at higher

Abuse your Heroes Ultimates(mostly Sylvanas and 
Varimathras).  Build a versatale force at each base. At
you Undead base, build a good number of Destroyers.  
Attack the Orange Undead base below you.  (Orange has
2 parts).  Build an expansion here for gold. Build up
your forces.  Mass Crypt Fiends for Sylvanas(you will 
need 11).  Mass Abominations for Varimathras(8-9 should
do).  Mass Knights for Garithos(17 should do). Now take
all these groups along with the Dwarves you got and 
launch an all or nothing strike(it should be all). Keep
all your buildings producing units and have them rally
at the enemies base(reinforcements).  Forget any attacks
on your base(they actually lower the enemies your
fighting)=).  Raze Purple to win.  You must do this 
quickly, or your forces will wear thin from defending(the
best defense is a good offense).  All you need to destroy
are the unit producing buildings(generally anything besides
towers, farms, and such).  

Sylvanas has captured Balnazzar.  She tells Varimathras to
kill him.  He tells her it is forbidden for him to kill a
Dreadlord.  She tells him it is a test of his loyalty.  He
stabs Balnazzar.  Lord Garithos tells Sylvanas to get her
troops out of the capital.  Sylvanas tells Varimathros to 
kill him too.  This time Varimathros gladly does the duty.
He does Rain of Fire on Garithos, who dies(Wow, my opinion
on the Undead Scourge just rose to 9 out of 10)=).  Ghouls
come to munch on his corpse.  Sylvanas tells Varimathros
that the Capital is theirs, and that they are no longer part
of the Scourge.  They are known as the Forsaken now.  

7 Part 1)Into the Shadow Web Caverns
Arthas and Anub'arak walk through the passage.  Arthas says
the King is unprotected, but Anub'arak tells him he left tons
of troops behind to protect the Lich King.  Arthas wonders
why there are no Nerubians(Undead or otherwise) around to aid
them.  They are at a gate.  Some Riflemen come out and tell
them they killed all the Nerubians.  They are Murodin's old
men(Murodin is a Mountain King who was Arthas's best friend
when he was Human.  However, Arthas killed him accidently
when he acquired Froustmourne).  They tell Arthas they
wandered around until Baelgun, their new leader, let them into
his castle.  They start shooting at Arthas.  Arthas calls in
Sapphiron to destroy them.  He comes, but the Riflemen flee.
One is stuck outside the gates, and Sapphiron attacks.  He 
destroys the Rifleman and the gates.  Arthas then tells 
Sapphiron that the castle is no place for him and that he
should leave.  Sapphiron leaves.  

The Old Kingdom                     Find the Gold Stashes
Locate the entrance to the Old      Recover the 5 Gold Stashes
Kill Baelgun
Bring the Blood Key to the Old      
Kingdom lock                        
Your heroes mustn't die             
(like all sleath missions)          

You start with a level 5 Arthas, 2 Ghouls, 2 Fiends, 1 Meat
Wagon, and Anub'arak.  Empty some corpses(the Wagon has Exhume
Corpses) and create Carrion Beetles.  Move left and some
Riflemen will lower the floor so you can't cross.  To activate
the lever, you will need to use your Meat Wagon to destroy the
Barrel of Explosives.  This will kill one Rifleman and raise
the platform.  Kill the rest of the Riflemen.  Step on the box
to open the gates and go through for a scene.  The Riflemen 
will light some explosives and blow the bridge up.  Access to
Baelgun has been cut.  There are other ways though.  Go left
and kill the weird Siege Engine(it can attack ground like the
Flame Towers in the Secret Level could).  Also kill the 
Riflemen.  Go up and right a bit.  Destroy the barrels for
a gold coin and the optional quest.  Go left and destroy the
lone Rock Chunk for a lever. Activate is to get the Ring of 
Regeneration.  Destroy the explosives to destroy the chunks
of rocks.  Move on and kill the Nerubians(spiders) that attack
you.  Arthas asks why and Anub'arak tells him some Nerubian 
try to free themselves from the Scourge.  The webbed Riflemen
will turn into spiders.  Destroy the lever up ahead to move 
part of the wall.  Get the gold coin.  Go through the hole.  
Follow the path and destroy the crates for a Tome of 
Intelligence.  Destroy the Rock Chunks and activate the
lever to continue.  Destroy the barrels in this room to 
get another coin(this is up ahead a bit).  Get the Spiked
Collar by destroying the lever on the left(above the collar
gate).  This will deactivate the Spike Traps.  Now break the
gate and go onto the Spiked Trap box.  It will now lower the
collar so you can get it.  Destroy the other lever, kill the
Nerubians, and destroy the vault to get an Orb of Frost.  
This will also open force some Riflemen to open a hole in 
the wall and attack.  Kill them and proceed through the hole.
Retreat and use the Meat Wagon to attack the explosives. This
will destroy all the other explosives and the gates.  The
Riflemen on the other side won't live.  Destroy the barrels
for some Healing Salve.  Follow the path and kill the 
Riflemen and the Siege Engine.  Continue on and destroy the
explosives to get rid of the threats.  Destroy the lever
to raise a platform.  Continue and destroy another to raise
another platform.  Continue(kill all the Humans you come
across).  You will see a battle between Riflemen and 
Nerubians.  Wait and kill the survivors.  Destroy the barrels
for a coin.  Activate the lever to open the gates.  Go 
through and heal up near the Fountain of Restoration(heals
and restores mana).  Behind the Waterfall(on the far left)
there is a coin.  Destroy the gates and continue.  A scene
will come where Baelgun will tell you that in the gates there
are evil beasts.  Arthas tells him he will take the risk.  
Now go and kill Baelgun's troops first.  Then kill Baelgun.
Pick up the Blood Key and continue onto the circle to WIN.

They enter and Arthas tells Anub'arak that something smells
awful and that he feels as if something is wrong.  Anub'arak
tells him that the Dwarf's story may have been true.  He 
tells Arthas that the stairway leads into the heart of the
Nerubian lands.  He tells Arthas to be careful.  Arthas 
tells Anub'arak to go first(what a smart gentleman) =).  

7 Part 2)The Forgotten Ones
The 2 heroes enter the Old Kingdom.  Anub'arak tells Arthas
that the monster the Dwarves feared still lurks about.  

The Old Kingdom                     Find the Gold Stashes                  
Locate the exit of the              Locate the 5 Gold
Old Kingdom                         Stashes
Your heroes must live

The Forsaken One                    Find and Rescue the
Destroy the Forsaken One            Crypt Fiends
Your heroes must live               Locate the Crypt Fiends
                                    that were captured

You start with a level 4 Arthas, Anub'arak, 2 Ghouls, and 2
Crypt Fiends.  Head forward to see a pathway.  Along each 
side, there are Nerubian Towers.  Destroy the Rock Chunks to
the left of you to find one.  Activate it.  Go right then up
to find the other.  Kill the creeps and activate it.  Now 
you can go through the pass.  First, though, there is a gold
coin south of the 2nd lever.  Get it to activate the 1st 
optional quest.  Continue forward and destroy the Icy Gate. 
Kill the Nerubians and free the Crypt Fiend to get the 2nd
optional quest.  Destroy the crates near the Fiends location
for another coin.  Continue through the pass and go near the
gate.  The platform will lower.  Kill the crabs to open the
gate.  Continue through.  If you want get the Belt of 
Strength +6.  I suggest getting it.  It will activate the 
Guardians, though.  Some mutated scorpians will appear. Kill
them all.  Now, if you want to rescue some Fiends, go south.
If not go right.  For either of these break the gates. 
Since both paths end up at the same place(One goes there
instantly and the other goes around a room.  For the Fiends
go down, then kill all the enemies.  Free the Fiends.  Go up
and break the gates to reach the continued path.  Heal up at
the Fountain of Health.  Destroy the egg sacs for a gold 
coin.  Break the gate and continue.  Kill all the enemies.  
Raze the sacs for a coin and a Manual of Health. Break the
gate to the right and continue.  Kill the enemies, and 
destroy the crates to the right for the last coin.  Continue
through the gate.  Destroy the Faceless Ones and Tentacle 
Wards.  Rescue the few Fiends in there.  Break the gate on
the right.  Enter the room to get the next main quest.  The
Forsaken One has 4k life and 1k mana.  However there are
like 10 runes of Greater Healing and Mana, along with a Rune
of Dispel and some Rune of Shielding.  Kill him to win.  He
can summon Tentacle Wards.  He can use Flamestrike too.  He
can fire Fireballs as his normal attack.  Kill him and use 
the runes when you need it.  At regular intervals, Faceless
Ones enter.  

The Faceless One swarm Arthas and Anub'arak.  Arthas and
his mates fall back and run away.  

7 Part 3)Ascent to the Upper Kingdom
(Sheesh, how many parts will they make for 1 chapter)
Arthas asks how much more distance is left.  Anub'arak says
they will soon be there.  He tells Arthas they are in the
Upper Kingdom and that there are traps.  Suddenly, the area
collapses and Anub'arak and Arthas are separated.  Arthas
must escape.  

Escape from the Caverns             Find the Gold Stashes
Escape before 10 minutes            Find the 3 Gold Stashes
Arthas must survive

Note:Arthas is now level 3

Destroy the crates for a Greater Potion of Healing.  Don't
get close through the jets.  Step on the box to stop them.
Head down to get the first coin and to activate the optional
quest.  Destroy the lever and watch the jets.  Time it so
you can reach each box safely.  Each box deactivates some of
the jets.  After the 3rd box, destroy the lever.  This will
open the Rolling Gate and kill the Guardian.  Get the coin
and the Claw of Attack +15. The last box deactivates all the
jets and open the gate. Head through and heal up.  Go forward
and destroy the Rolling Gate(Arthas will mention something 
that sounds like an earthquake, but it is only a Blizzard).
Watch the waves, and time it so it doesn't hit you.  Follow
the path and kill the shield generators to destroy the 
shields.  After the first shield, Coil the Faceless One on
the Platform above you a few times to stop the Blizzards.  
Continue to kill all the enemies and generators.  The last
generator will form a bridge. While you are there, get the
Tome of Intelligence +2.  Cross it.  Activate one of the 2
boxes to while an enemy is on the other to get the Hood of
Cunning.  Continue right to the maze.  The platforms will 
rise up and down so just work your way through it(it's not
too hard).  You will meet up with Anub'arak and 5 Fiends 
now.  Continue along on the path and go up, then down.  
Destroy the crates for the last coin.  Continue along 
and kill the enemies.  This will open the gates.  Pick
up the items(they are rather good), then go through it to

They rush to the exit.  They make it, and Arthas is glad
to see the sun.  


The heroes have made it.  Their forces are assembled and
prepared to defend the Frozen Throne.  Arthas gets 
another seizure.  The Lich King tells Arthas a crack in
the Throne that is allowing his energies to escape.  
The Lich King explains to Arthas that he pushed the 
sword, Frostmourne, so that Arthas would get it.  From
then on, their powers were joined.  Arthas must get to
the Throne before  Illidan does.  

8) A Symphony of Frost and Flame
Arthas is prepared to get the 4 Obelisks they need to
open the Frozen Throne.  They prepare to get the
Obelisks.  Illidan is also preparing(He has 2 bases
near the 2 Obelisks.  He tells Arthas it is over.  
Arthas tells his troops it is time to end Illidan's
reign.  The mission starts.  

The Frozen Throne
Capture all 4 Obelisks
Stop Illidan from capturing 
all 4 Obelisks

Note: Arthas starts at level 2, but can gain
levels now that the Lich King is giving you

Note: Taking over an Obelisk takes a long time.
It takes a good 30 seconds as shown on the

Note: This is a strategy Tom Streett sent me. 

A strategy that work for me in “Symphony of Frost
and Flame” The more obelisks you control, (even if
you haven’t turned them yet), the faster Illidan 
attacks, and the more devastating the attacks get.
Once you control 3, its roughly every 2 and a half
minutes, sporting Naga Royal guard every time. The
best strategy I could figure out went as follows: 
Wait and build forces up to 80 food use.  When 
Illidan captures his third obelisk, (In the order
top, right, left, I think)  Use your ground forces
to capture the southern-most obelisk from the frost
revenants, kill the local tuskors, and quickly
plant a mine. You will most likely have to endure a
could attacks without significant tower defense, but
Arthas, Anub’arak, 3 crypt feinds and 3 aboms is 
usually more than enough. This new base becomes the
focus of assaults from all three armies, teal, red 
and blue. After crushing the three attacks, quickly
send all troops to the south-east and smash the teal
base. Vashj probably hasn’t been reborn yet, and the
defenses are pathetic. 

There is now a mine available to you that will remain
un-molested for the rest of the game, if you move 
fast, there’s probably over 12000 left, more than
enough for the rest of the campaign, even at 70%
efficiency, especially when added to the 2 mines
you already control. 

Next comes red.  This is most easily accomplished
by air, as there isn’t enough time to run 
ground-forces there and back between Illy attacks.
Wait for the red attack to hit your southern base, 
and engage with your ground defense force.  Illidan
always attacks before Prince K, so you can just 
charge red and look away. 

The air force I recommend is no less than 4 wyrms,
and as many gargs as you can while keeping my 
recommended minimum defense force on the ground.
Red is based in the north-west corner of the map, hit
from the south just along the edge, and press in 
slowly, they don’t re-build lost towers very quickly,
if at all, so retreating to heal doesn’t cost you 
much ground.  Try and preserve your wyrms, they take
way to long to make over. 

Once red is gone, you can turn attention back to 
obelisk snatching.  The left obelisk is the weakest
defense, so take it first.  Just wait and kill 
Illidan, then charge everything you have at the left
base, and sack it fast.  Don’t bother moving forces,
Illidan will try and recapture this obelisk first.  
Set up tower defenses to make holding it easier. 

Now that the southern obelisk is relatively safe 
(just keep an eye on Illidan, you can see on the
minimap where he’s gonna go, if he starts to run
south, hightail it.  He will every so often, 
usually if you do damage to the right-obelisk’s
defenders) set up a base of operations there,
2 slaughterhouses, a crypt and a mage temple 
is what I used, your preferences may vary.  
Save up some gold, then boost up to full 
troops, lots of aboms, lots of crypt feinds,
and banshees are a MUST. Use the whole army 
to knock out the latest Illidan attack, (to
minimize losses) then bum-rush the right 
obelisk. (The top-one is defended like Knox, naga
royals, lots of sea-witches and myrmidons, save
it for last.)  Crush the defenses as quickly as
possible (I recommend at least 3 meat-wagons, 
and 3 of the sculpture things to keep your 
army healed.  Air-units are a waste once red
is gone, kill em off and get aboms. Also, 
if you hadn’t noticed, destroyer form is just 
this side of useless.)   Illidan will now come 
roughly every 2 minutes, so wait and kill him
before claiming the obelisk with Arthas). 

Now is the tough bit, wait till after the next
Illidan strike, then bum-rush the top obelisk.
Instead of trying to take ground, just buy Arthas
30 seconds on the obelisk, once you capture it, 
the mission is over. 

This method took me 2:47 and some-odd seconds 
to beat, but I also had about 20,000 gold at the
end, since I was expecting to have to kill 
Illidan off permanently.  I figure it could be 
done in under 2 hours, but I spent a long time
watching patterns and flying around. 

General hints: 

Kill Illidan first when he attacks.  He WILL
wreck your shit, so concentrate everyone on him
till he dies, his naga are easy prey then. 

I thought about taking Illidan’s base out…don’t
waste your time.  Its like bloody NORAD, the 
only way to get there is to fly, and they will
shoot you out of the sky in under 30 seconds 
(yes, literally, 5 wyrms and seven gargs dead
in less than thirty seconds, fully upgraded). 

Upgrade EVERYTHING to the highest level, you got
the gold and the time. Illidan seems to kill
Necro’s first, they may be nice as bait, but 
won’t raise more than 4 skeles or so before 
getting killed. 

BTW, man, nice FAQ, your coverage of the orky
quest is impeccable. 

This is my old strategy for reference

Note: Arthas and the Fiends should be 2 while
Anub'arak and anything else should be 1

Note: In a pinch, Locust Swarm or Death Pact a
Carrion Beetle(level 3 on a level 2 beetle will
get most of Arthas's life back at level 10)

You start with 4 Fiends, 4 Ghouls, Anub'arak, 2
Meat Wagons and Arthas.  Go down and capture the
base there.  Get the 2 Sacrificial skulls and 
use them.  Build a Necropolis and 2-3, ziggurats,
then a Mine.  Upgrade all very quickly.  Soon
Illidan will get an Obelisk.  He will build 3 
towers and leave some troops behind.  Build up a
good amount of troops.  The Naga will attack from
the south, while the Blood Elves attack from 
above. Illidan will soon get another Obelisk. If
you have a lot of forces(at least 11 Fiends and
some ghouls for protection), get an Obelisk.  
If not, then just go for an already taken Obelisk
(before Illidan gets them all).  Once you get one
build a lot of towers(I suggest expanding on a
Gold Mine very early to get gold faster).  You 
might want to buy a Sacrificial Skull, so you can
tower up faster.  Build a Necropolis or 2(upgrade
asap).  Build a Barrack(or whatever you need) so
you can pump out reinforcements quickly.  I 
personally massed Crypt Fiends, but that is up to
you.  Mass Fiends can basically counter most 
things(except casters, but if you kill them 
quickly...).  They require a bit of Micro
(burrowing and such).  Basically, go for the 
Obelisk above(a bit to the right) first.  Get it
while Illidan is trying to get it, or when he 
isn't there to avoid him for a bit.  The enemy
has Illidan, Lady Vashj, and Kael, so you will
face consistent attacks from the Blood Elves, 
Illidan, and the Naga(Illidan brings Naga too,
but they attack in different waves).  Your 
heroes will be level 10 in a VERY short time
(early on Arthas gained 2 levels everytime an
enemy hero died).  Pump up Impale and Coil to max
very fast.  Get the Crypt Lord's armor fast too. 
Whenever Arthas died and my base seemed screwed I
brought in my Crypt Lord.  Use Locust Swarm and
Impale whenever possible(Locust Swarm has saved 
me about 8 times. I had only Anub'arak and he can
hold his ground for a while with that and his 
armor thing).  Have at least 2-3 Barracks pumping
Fiends at all times(or the buildings you need to
pump what you are pumping).  Whenever you aren't
being attacked, launch attacks at the Obelisk you
are targetting.  For the first wave, take out the
troops and as many buildings as you can(go for
towers first; this is because the units build 
slow and the towers are weak). The stupid workers
will try to rebuild and they will stop as soon as
the buildings are attack.  They will try again.  
Kill them asap, or else they will annoy you to
insanity.=)  Anyway, once you get the 2nd Obelisk
(you should have the 2 closest to you), you're 
main base shouldn't be in too much danger.  
Illidan will attack from the water passages. Keep
a close eye on these so you can position you Crypt
Lord in the front lines.  Heal him with Coil, but
also use it as a nuke.  Nuke Illidan.  Vashj will
attack from the right so you have to shuffle your
forces there.  Kael will attack from the left.  
Beware the deadly Flamestrike it will kill your
Fiends if you don't move them(You have at least
1-2 seconds to move them from when you hear that
funny sound and you see the yellow circle).  As
long as you use Shades to keep eyes on the enemy
movements you will do fine.  Oddly enough, after
I went on a huge strike(I destroyed base 3 and
conquered Obelisk 3), I went for Illidan's #4
(yeah, It was very risky, but I had backup at my
bases).  Illidan and Kael were attacking my bases
when Illidan returned and took 3 right when I 
took 4.  So I returned to 3 and Arthas died.  I
retreat.  Illidan attacks, but when he dies I see
no sign of him for a very long while.  I may
have gotten really lucky(yay).  Needless to say,
it was hard at the start, but when Illidan was
gone, it wasn't too hard (no pressure).  This is
a very hard mission and the time I tried it while
writing this was a very close game at some points
(course I came through).  

Arthas is glad that he has opened the Frozen
Throne.  Illidan stands in his way, though.
Arthas tells him to move, but Illidan doesn't do
so.  Arthas tells him to leave to another world
and never return*cough LION KING cough*.  He 
tells Illidan he will be waiting if he does.
Illidan tell Arthas he swore to destroy the 

Now a fight begins.  Arthas charges at
Illidan, but Illidan blocks it with one of the
blades on his hands.  He then counterattacks
by charging and slashing at Arthas.  Arthas,
however, blocks with Frostmourne.  Arthas gains
power(Momentum=Mass*Velocity) and uses the 
momentum the sword gains to slash Illidan(well
I assume he slashes because you don't actually
see that part.  It sorta cuts out as the sword
connects).  Illidan is shown on the ground,
dead(again I assume.  Why the hell aren't there
any marks)(I guess Blizzard thought having them
fight back and forth continually would be boring
so they only showed it twice).  
(That was a nice finish, huh, though it reminds
me of Brood War.  I was hoping Illidan would
win, but during the battle I wasn't really 
cheering him on after the long battle with him
in the last Undead).  

Arthas travels up the spiral staircase of the
Frozen Throne.  Along the way, he hears the
voices of all he cared about and all he killed
(or mutated i.e. Sylvanas).  "What's happened
to you Arthas?, and "Ye lied to yer troops,
and ye killed the innocent." are things he 
hears.  Arthas continues until he reaches the
throne, where he hears the Lich King 
congratulate him.  He then bashes the Throne
to pieces(How is that NOT destroying it?).  
He picks up the crown and puts it on.  The Lich
King, speaking through Arthas, says"We rule
together."(something like that).  Arthas/Lich
King now sit on the Frozen Throne and watch over
the lands.  

The end of the Undead Scourge Campaign

A scene of Arthas playing the guitar comes up.  Then you see a 
Blademaster fighting Skeletons.  He does Bladestorm, and a Far Seer
comes to his aid.  The Far Seer does Chain Lightning.  Then you see
a Troll Batrider dropping nuclear sheep(yeah, sheep) onto boats.  
Then a battle between the Human and the Orc commences.  Then it 
repeats(it does this quite a few times).  The main difference this
time around is that the Blademaster and Far Seer get a Shadow Hunter
and they fight more advanced Undead.  The final message is "No Sheep
were harmed in the making of this game...Really."  My fears have
diminished =D.
The end of the Campaign

Bonus ORC Campaign-The Founding of Durotar

Here are some Tips and Tricks for this section.  

-Heroes can only reach level 8 in part 1

-Misha is a permanent summon so use her as your meat shield.  
-Do all the optional quests cause they reward you well =D
-For Rexxar's skills I went
Misha, Quilbeast, Misha, Quilbeast, Misha, rampaging lizards,
Quilbeast, Misha, Quilbeast, Point, Bolt, Lizards, Bolt, 
Bolt, Bolt, Bolt, Point, Point, Point
-For the Rokhan, I got
Wave, ward, wave, ward, wave, Locust Ultimate, Ward, wave, ward,
Point, Point, Locust Ultimate, Hex, Hex, Hex, Hex, Point, Point
-For Chen(the Brewmaster) I went
Fire, Haze, Fire, Haze, Fire, 3 Panda Ultimate, Haze, Fire, Haze,
Brawler, Brawler, 3 Panda Ultimate, Brawler, Brawler, Point, Point,
Point, Point [Brawler makes it easy to kill groups if they target
the Brewmaster and it makes for nice hits(with items I got 1k plus
hits =D)
-Pack damage boosters to Chen for higher critical strikes
-Notice that you can reach level 18(4 levels of Misha, Quilbeast,
storm bolt, 4 +3 points to each category, and 2 levels of ultimate)
-Also note that you can only reach level 8 in this part.  
-Rokhan now has locust swarm for his ultimate(I guess they couldn't 
find a point to getting 2 levels of BBV)
-If you don't need an item/found a better one, but think it might be
needed later, put it in the box at Thrall's base for safe keeping.  
-Resurrection points are where your hero is reborn if he dies
-(Anyone know what the hell that squeaking penguin does)

Act 1-To Tame a Land

Note: When you go through portals, only the heroes go through.  Units
remain on the other side and summons just die =D.  

You are Rexxar.  Rexxar is a powerful beastmaster.  He sees a Mogrin
fighting some creeps. Since the grunt is outnumbered Rexxar helps him.
Mogrin is killed.  However, as a last request, he asks Rexxar to 
deliver a report to Thrall for him.  Rexxar agrees.  

Main Quest
Note: Unless written assume the quest is main)

Dying Wish-Deliver Morgrin's report to Thrall

Rexxar=Group 1 Rokhan(when you get him)=2 All troops(Misha,
Rexxar, Rokhan)=3.  Just follow the path(it's short) and 
kill creeps, as they are you're only source of gold.  Get
to Thrall.  

He reaches Thrall, and Thrall questions him.  Thrall learns
of Mogrin's fall. After discovering he is part Orc, Thrall
asks him to stay for free.  Rexxar wishes to help out anyway.
Thrall agrees and tells him to search around. Thrall also asks a 
Rokhan, Thrall's best scout and a Shadow Hunter, to aid Rexxar. 

Earn Your Keep
Solve Gazlowe's(a Sapper) Problem
Complete Drek'Thar's(a Far Seer) Task
Complete Nazgrel's(a Raider) Task
Return to Thrall

Go to each civilian

Note: As you go for Drek'thar's or Nezgrel's task,
go NE of the Harpy Leader to find a Panderian 
BrewMaster.  He tells you to get him some items. 
It's optional.  Thanks to Bob Blakey(I put the e-mail
after the walkthrough)

Drek'thar's Task
Thunder Weed
He needs 6 bushels of Shimmerweed to make his potion. 
Get it for him. He also tells Thrall the Creeps are 
more aggressive(but more on that later).

Go up to Thunder Ridge.  As you are going there, 
keep an eye out for some cages.  Break one to find a
shaman.  Go through the warp.  Search the area for 

Here is a guide to finding them

1) Go up from the start.  Next to the arc there is 
a bushel.

2) Go through the arc and follow the path.  At the 
fork go up. There lies the bushel, next to the creeps.

3) From there go up and a bit left. It is next to the
level 9 Storm Wyrm.

4) From there go right for a few seconds.  There 
should be an area surrounded by trees.  The bushel 
is there.  

5) Go down to the Fountain of Mana.  A bit to the side,
there is a bushel

6) For the last one, go down from the fountain and take
a left at the fork.  Another area surrounded by trees
(near the Strom Wyrm) should be there.  Get the last one.

Return to Drek'thar.  He will give you 5 charges of 
his special potion.  It recharges 200 life and 75 mana 
over time.  He also tells you someone (or thing) is 
annoying the lizards.  He tells you he will investigate.

Gazlowe's Task
Seal the Tunnel
Kobolds are disrupting the tunnel building at Ogrimmar. 
Destroy the Support Columns to finish them off.  

Go left to the tunnel.  Pick up the coins near the entrance.
Go through the portal.  The sappers will tell you there
plan.  It is simple. They plan to blow up the supports to
bring the tunnel down on the rats(Who could of thought of
that?  It's so complex) You get about 4 sappers+a 
replacements as the others die.  Use the sappers to kill
groups of creeps.  Near each corner, there is a support
columns.  Use a sapper on each.  Note: Send them in one at
a time because their explosion will kill any around them.
Kill the Kobolds as you meet up with them.  At the start,
pick up the rusty mining pick(+1 attack and chance to stun)
and buy an Assassin's Blade.  After each destroyed 
column you see a scene of it crumbling and the tunnel 
shaking.  Return to Gazlowe for an Arcane Scroll(Restores
150 HP and 100 mana to nearby units and gives +2 armor for
a while) and ruined gauntlets(gives +3 strength and +3 armor
to wearer).  

Nezgrel's Task
Harpy Threat
The Harpies have been bugging caravans.  Kill the Harpy
Leader, Bloodfeather, to stop this.  

Go diagnol(>^) to reach the fork to the Harpy Leader. Pick
up the item that Ensnares a flying creature. Save 1 of the
4 charges for the leader, but use the rest.  Go through the
path. The Harpies will get stronger, but with spells you
should be able to handle it.  Ensnare the Leader and attack
him quickly.  He should fall quickly.  Pick up the heart
(+10 agility) and head back to Nezgrel.  He thanks you and
tells you to go to the armory for a choice of a reward.  

Choices are:

Firehand Gauntlet:+5 armor and 20% faster attack rate
Arcanite Shield:+5 armor and reduces damage from ranged
attacks by 70% Bladebane Armor:+7 armor and +1 to all
units in radius(so it's +8 armor to wearer)

I got Bladebane armor, but it's up to you

Optional Quest
Panderan ale quest
Get 3 ingredients for the Brewmaster's ale
Keg of Thunderwater(You can buy this at the market
Thunderbloom Bulb
Thunder Phoenix Egg

Ok, Go left then up from the Brewmaster to reach the 
Thunderbloom Bulb. Only amphibious creeps will challenge
you, and they are all low leveled. Wards and Healing Wave
should be enough to kill them all. Get the Bulb and now 
head right until you reach an arc.  Go through it and fight
the Wildkin.  As you go on in, you'll meet Enraged Wildkin
and Berserk Wildkin.  Follow the path, but heal up after 
each battle. Soon you should start to meet phoenixes.  
Misha is useless(the phoenixes target attackers), but 
quilbeast and ward are really useful here. Kill the Greater
Thunder Phoenix for the Thunder Phoenix egg.  As you go 
back all the enemies you killed have respawned, so you have
to kill them again, but you should be stronger now.  Now
just go down and right to reach the market  There are 
some centaurs and Quilbeasts(when you get closer), but 
they shouldn't pose too much of a challenge.  The Keg costs
1000 gold, but I had 4000+, so it shouldn't be too much.  
While you are there buy an orb of lightning.  Now return 
to the Brewmaster.  He gives some ale to Rexxar, who asks
him what was in it?  The Brewmaster tells him he should 
work on it, and joins Rexxar on his quest. He comes with 
Shimmerglaze roast(6 charges)(heals 50 HP to wearer/charge),
a Town Portal, and a Keg of Ale(gives increased mana and 
HP regeneration). Give him the Orb of Lightning so he can
attack air.  

Note: Continue on the path next to Chen to battle dragons.
After a the Fountain of Health, there is a Bronze Dragon
with a Sobi Mask (50% more mana regeneration)and a tome 
of Knowledge(+1 to all stats). To the right of the 
Fountain there is Healing Salve(3 charges)

Note: Make Chen Team 3 and all your troops 4 now. 

Return to Thrall now.  
Thrall thanks you for the help you have given.  Nazgrel
comes to Thrall and tells him he is suspicious of some
humans.  He tells Rexxar to go to survey the border. 

Survey the Border
Speak with Gar'thok at the watch post
Follow the tunnel through the Beast Den
Reach to the Observatory
Speak to Thrall
(Look below after the 2 optional quests for this)

Note: If you speak to Thrall(right click on him so your
heroes go to him) he will tell you Drek'thar is at 
Thunder Ridge.  

Go to Thunder Ridge again (through the portal).  

You will meet Drek'thar at the entrance.  
He will tell you the Lizard's are migrating for 
some reason.  He also asks you to find 3 Thunder
Lizard Eggs.  

Note: For the next 2 quests you get Drek'thar, 
a Far Seer

Optional Quest
Collect Lizard Eggs
Find 3 Thunder Lizard Eggs for Drek'thar's study

Here is a guide:

1) Go through the arc next to the entrance.  Go up
at all the forks. Eventually you will reach an end
(near the corner).  There is an egg.

2) Go to the Fountain of Mana.  Go left up the bump.
Keep going until the path swerves downward.  Stop and
there is an area surrounded by trees. There is an egg.  

3) Now, go downward.  There should be some lizards.
Kill them and go left.  More lizards.  The Storm 
Wyrm leaves Slippers of Agility(+3 agility).  The
final egg is there.

After getting all three, Drek'thar thanks you and
tells you that he will study them.  He gives you
Drek'thar's Spell book[+75 mana, reduces magic
damage taken by 33%, and can teleport nearby units to
a friendly Town Hall(or equivalent)].  Good job.  

Optional Quest
Thunder Lizard
Discover the cause of the Lizard migration

Go to the Fountain of Mana.  Go up through 
the area where trees have been cut.  A cut scene 
comes up. They learn that the humans have been 
cutting down trees.  He, however, is warned not 
to destroy the Lumber Mill because of a pact between 
Jaina and Thrall.  They are forced to murder the 
creeps instead.  

Thunder Lizard
Kill all 42 of the rampaging beasts
Return to Thrall

You should to kill the 42 berserk Lizards.  
Here's a guide:

1-Go up from the start, then go left
2-Go south of the Lumber Mill
3-6-Go left of the Mill.  Pick up the Orb of Lightning
that is dropped
7-10-Head to the Fountain of Mana(this will be said 
a lot more). Go left up the bump.  Continue left until
you reach the swerve down. Once you reach that, head 
back to the Fountain.  
11-14-Go down through the thin path until you come to
a fork.  
15-18-Go right and kill the 4 Enraged Lizards
19-Go left to the market.  Kill him
20-25-Go past the arc and go up.  Kill the 6 beasts.
26-29-Go up a bit
30-32-Go to the Fountain.  Go up and kill the 2. 
33-Follow the path until you reach a fork.  Go 
down and kill the loner.
34-38-Go up and kill the 5 beasts.
39-42-Just follow the path to kill the final 4.

Pick up the Thunderlizard diamond the last beast drops.
It allows the
hero to cast Chain Lightning.  Go back to Thrall.  

Thrall tells you that Jaina isn't like that, and that
he will look into the matter.

Survey the Border
Speak with Gar'thok at the watch post
Follow the tunnel through the Beast Den
Reach to the Observatory
Speak to Thrall

Back to this.  Follow the path to the Post.  There are 
some creeps, but they are weak.  Once there, talk to the
grunt.  He will tell you the Quillboar are bugging the 
Orcs there.  This activates the optional quest below.  
Anyway go right.  There are only 4 or so creeps in your way.
Go through the portal into the Beast Den.  The second portal
is located on the right wall about halfway up.  Go through 
it. Once out just go up to reach the observatory.  Rexxar
will see a Human base.  The Humans seem to be preparing 
an assault.  Rexxar goes to warn Thrall.  Now just use 
Drek'thar's Spell book to teleport to Thrall's Great Hall.  

Optional Quest
Slay the Quillboars
Locate the Beast Den
Kill all 50 of the Quillboar

The reward is very useful and since you have to go through
the Beast Den you should do it.  I strongly urge you to 
complete it.  Here is a guide:

1-3-Go up to the Resurrection Stone
4-6-Follow the path(it goes up)
7-11-Go down
Note: Go right to fight some Satyrs.  Go down to find 
some more and some Moon Wells.  Kill them and go right
to kill more Satyrs.  Now continue right to fight even
more Satyrs and an Ancient Protector.  Pick up the Orb
of Venom.  
13-18-Return to dry land.  Go Left and kill the 6 Boars
that seem to be holding a ceremony(or at least that's what
Rexxar says). Pick up the Healing Wards.  
19-22-Go up through the arc
23-26-Go slightly right
27-Go past the next arc.  He is to the north.  Kill him 
and pick up the Rune of Rebirth to reborn the Quillboar
Chieftain.  He is now yours.  He has Hurl Boulder(does 
100 damage and 2 sec. stun) and Thorns aura (Reflects 
10% of damage done to nearby units onto melee attackers)
28-Go down a bit
29-34-Go down a bit more
35-38-Go right a bit
39-Go up a bit
40-42-Go left
43-44-Go to the arc above
45-46-Go up
47-50-Go up some more

For completing this, all heroes get 1 bonus point(you can
choose a skill boast, i.e.. get a higher level misha) 
Note: They don't get an extra level.  

Thrall is appalled.  He gives permission to Rexxar and
the others to slaughter any hostile humans.  Thrall also
tells Rexxar and Rokhan to go back to the outpost near 
the observatory. He sends a Nazgrel, a raider, out with

Protect the Border
Return to the Watch Post

Note: To the left of the market where you bought stuff for 
Chen, there is a Shaman named Morg Wolfsong.  Speak to him
to learn of an attack by Orc Warlocks still loyal to the 
Burning Legion.  They took a sacred Relic.  He asks you to
avenge him and his murdered kin.  He is dying.  

Optional Quest
Warlock Coven
Slay the Warlock Coven
Recover the Sacred Relic
Return to Morg Wolfsong

Go up through the logged area. Basically follow the path. The
coven is slightly right of the path.  Slay the Warlocks and
recover the relic.  Go back to Morg. He will give you the Relic
(increases movement and attack rates), Shaman Claws(+12 attack
and chance of purge for 15 sec), a tome of intelligence, a 
potion of mana, and +50 gold.  

Now go to the post.  
Rexxar and the others reach the post, only to find that everyone
was slaughtered by the humans.  You must find and raze the human
base that destroyed the Orc post.  

Protect the Border
Track the Human's back to their base
Slaughter all the human's there
Return to Thrall

Go up, then right.  Kill the creeps.  Get the Belt of Strength +6.
Go left to find some dead Orc soldiers.  A scene of them talking
will come up.  Then, Rexxar will ask if anyone has ever seen the
weird anchor on the Human shields.  Suddenly, Humans notice them.  
The Humans attack.  Kill the Humans.  Follow the path.  Soon, you
will reach more humans. Use your Raider to destroy the Guard Tower
while the rest of your troops fight the Humans.  Keep going to find
the Human fleet you saw at the observatory(as Rexxar kindly points 
out).  Destroy them(you don't need to kill the ships).  Keep going.
You should reach the Human base.  Use your Raider to destroy the
Cannon Tower and the rest of the buildings.  Kill the troops.
Now use the Spell book to return to Thrall.  

Thrall congratulates you for keeping Durotar safe. He tells you the anchor
sign seems familiar, but he doesn't know why. Rokhan tells Thrall that if
the Humans are coming from the sea, his tribe could be in danger.  Thrall
tells him not to worry.  Now Thrall tells them to go and warn Vol'jin, 
leader of Rokhan's tribe(aka the Darkspear Tribe).  They agree.  He also
tells them to try and get the Darkspear tribe to head to the Mainland for

Reach the Trolls
Take the zeppelin to Echo Isles
Meet up with Vol'jin

Head over to the right. Keep moving until you reach the zeppelin. It is a 
portal to the Echo Isles.  While going there, keep your eyes peeled for a 
Tome of Knowledge.  Now a cut scene of them arriving will come up.  Also, 
Rexxar warns the others to beware the strong (what's he on) creeps.  
Now go straight up, killing the creeps along the way.  Once you've reached
some amphibious creeps(as up as you can go), kill them all for a Scepter 
of the Sea(+2 to all stats, summons 2 Murlocs, 5 charges).  I keep it for a
while because it is consumable, and as pretty useful. Go down then right 
until you find an arc.  Follow the path until you see some Deathlords and 
Death Revenants.  Kill them.  The Deathlord leaves a Crown of the 
Deathlords(could of seen that coming).  It gives +150 HP and +100 Mana.  
It also grants the wearer to send a bolt of pain to an enemy.  It does 250
damage.  Keep going along the path.  Soon you should see an opportunity 
to go left.  Go and right there, there should be some creeps.  Kill them 
for a Tome of Experience and a Mantle of Intelligence.  Head back to the 
normal path and continue.  When you see Hydras, you are getting close.  
Kill the level 10 Hydra for Runed Bracers (reduces magic damage to wearer 
by 33%).  Keep going along the path and soon you will reach Vol'jin.  
Rexxar warns him.  However, he is under attack.  Before he can join 
Thrall, they must destroy 5 bombarding human battleships(finally a chance
to use the Troll Batriders).  He then transforms our two heroes into 
Dragons, I think (he is a witchdoctor, you know).  After all what can land
beasts do to sea fleets. 

Sink the Fleet
Destroy 5 Human Battleships
Return to Vol'jin

Rexxar has Roar and Frenzy(auto cast).  Rokhan has Healing Wave and 
Aerial Shackles. Chen has Fireball, Breath of Fire, and Evasion.  You get
6 Troll Batriders.  
Note: You get replacements as you lose them.  

Here is a guide to find all the ships:

1) Go up to find some soldiers kill them and go right a little to find the
first Battleship.  Along the way there will be smaller ships and Gryphon
Riders to bug you(they will be guarding all the ships).  

2) Go left and up a bit to reach the 2nd.  

3) Go left from there and then go up a very small bit.  The 3rd is there. 

4) Go down and left a bit to find the 4th

5) Go left until you see some riflemen. Kill them. Continue left until you
see the last one.  Kill it and return to Vol'jin (His accent is really

Vol'jin thanks them and returns them to their natural forms.  He tells
them that the tribesmen are awaiting departure.  However, they need to
see the 5 signal braziers be lighted first.  The group goes off to 
light 5 signal braziers.

The Signal Pyres
Light the 5 signal braziers
Return to Thrall

You start near a Voodoo Lounge.  Note: You can sell unwanted items here.  
Buy an Orb of Slow.  Get rid of the Runed Bracers if you need room.  Move
a little forward to get 2 Berserkers.  Use the Greater Mana potion after 
you summon Misha and a Quilbeast.  Pick up the Ancestral Staff(Summons 2
Berserkers and gives increased attack and movement rates).  Also pawn the
Sacred Relic because the staff does the same.  Note: To light Braziers, 
just go near them with a hero.  Here is a guide to finding the braziers: 

1) Go forward and up a bit.  Kill the Sea Giants.  Light the brazier.  Go
up a bit more.  Kill the giants so you can pick up the Boots of 
Quel'Thalas(+6 agility).  

2) Go down to the shop.  Go right.  Kill the turtles.  Continue right.  
Kill the giants.  Continue right.  Kill more giants(this is getting 
repetitive).  Light the brazier(next to the 2nd wave of giants).

3) Go up.  Kill the Sea Turtles.  Go left.  Kill the Giants around the 
brazier.  One leaves a Rune of Rebirth.  Pick it up for a Sea Giant
Hunter with Pulverize and Ensnare.  There is a brazier right there

4) Head down for 3 more Berserkers and if you destroy the crates you 
can find a Scroll of Regeneration.  Head right to the Fountain of 
Mana.  Kill the giants for access.  Go up.  Kill the giants around
the Brazier and light it.  

5) Head right and battle the Sea Giant King(level 11) and his minions.
Around the area there is a Tome of Strength, a Tome of Intelligence,
and a Tome of Agility.  The King drops Killmaim(+20 Damage and each
attack wearer does steals life).  Sell the Orb of Venom.  Give
the Assassins Blade to Chen.  Give the Orb of Slow to Rokhan. Give
Killmaim to Rexxar.  Go down and kill the giants.  The last brazier
is next to them.  

Now head back to the teleport next to the Voodoo Lounge.  It will take
you back to Vol'jin.  Return to the zeppelin you started from(the area
where you entered Echo Isle.  Kill the creeps along the way.  Once you
are back to Durotar, use the Spell book to teleport to Thrall.  

Thrall tells them of a meeting with an the Humans at midnight at Razor 
Hill.  He also thanks them for allowing the Darkspear tribe to make it
to the Mainland safely.  Rexxar assumes it is a trap.  Thrall doesn't 
think Jaina would do so, but allows Rexxar and Rokhan to go there for

The Summit
Travel to Razor Hill

I strongly suggest that you take only your heroes.  Leave all other
troops behind.  Go right to the Hill.  Kill the creeps that attack
you(they used to be easy, now easy is giving them too much credit).
Once you reach there a cut scene will ensue.  

Rexxar and his friends have reached the hill(I wonder why the hell
their is light.  It is supposed to be Midnight) =).  The Humans come. 
The emissary asks why the War chief isn't there.  Rexxar asks why
Jaina isn't there.  The emissary starts to ask why Jaina would be
there, then says he was hoping for the War chief, but Rexxar would
have to do.  He calls forth the assassins.  Rexxar says, "So it was
a trap."  

The Summit
Kill the Human assassins
Return to Thrall with the news of the treachery.  

The assassins are pretty weak, but there is strength in numbers.  
However, it is quality not quantity.  Ok, I'll stop boring you 
with sayings, but just use your ultimates, and the battle will
be over before you can say...uh, before you can say...Anything.

A scene will come where Rexxar questions the dying emissary.  
Rexxar asks where Jaina is.  The emissary laughs, and says,
(like all villains)"This is just the beginning."  

Now just use the Spell book to teleport to Thrall.  

Thrall will tell you that you were right(a bit late now).  
He decides to take a more direct approach.  He tells Rexxar
to deliver a letter he wrote asking Jaina about the incidents
to Jaina at Theramore Isle.  Rexxar says he might need help
bypassing the Human defenses.  Thrall tells him that he has
gotten a zeppelin for them.  It will take them to the 
Darkspear tribe's new home.  Vol'jin will help him bypass the
defenses.  Thrall now sends them off in the zeppelin.  He 
watches as they go.  

End of Act One.  

E-mail sent in by Bob Blakey

Hello, just thought I'd give you something to add to
your faq.  With regards to the Orc single player
campaign, there is an optional quest 3/4 of the way up
the map.  He's NW of the harpy queen.  It is the
Pandaran Brewmaster;  he gives you a list of items to
get, and if you get them for him, he gives you an item
and joins you as a third hero.  He becomes pretty
powerful, and is a nice way of using 6 more items (at
the least).  

Act 2-Old Hatreds

Our heroes are flying in on a zeppelin to Vol'jin's new location.
They meet up with Vol'jin and Vol'jin tells that to reach Theramore
Isle and Jaina they would have to go through many Humans.  He tells 
them to go to the coastal shores and meet up with a friend of his
who will help them.  

Main Quest
Infiltrate Theramore

Meet up with Samuro
Place Unstable Concotions(5)

Go north then right.  There are a few centuars.  Kill em and 
destroy the nearby barrels for a rune of shielding.  Continue
right and Kill the centuars.  Break the barrels.  There are a 
bunch of runes of healing and mana(from the battle and from the
barrels). Now go north, then right again to reach the coast and

Samuro is a level 10 Blademaster(he can only reach level 10)

Optional Quest gained
Bloodbeak's rage

Slay Bloodbeak the Berserker

Destroy the barrels to your south(near the fountain of health) and
the ones north for a Glove of haste and a Ring of regeneration 
respectively.  Continue north and follow the path while killing 
the wildkin there.  When you reach a cliff go up it and windwalk
into the middle of the mass of Wildkin.  Do Bladestorm to kill the
majority of the wildkin bodyguards.  Then attack Bloodbeak with
everything you have(use Mirror image to confuse him and Windwalk
and break invisibility to get a few strong hits in if you need em).
If you need more mana go to the fountain.  Samuro has a mechanical
critter so use it to scout out the area.  Anyway Bloodbeak gives
you a handy Talisman of Evasion.  Break the barrels for a wand of
Illusion and a Rune of healing.  Now head back down and get mana at
the fountain. 

Go left for a fountain of health.  Go up and destroy the explosives
near the arcane tower(which are the only towers which can detect you
when invisible).  You don't have to fight anyone if you don't want
to so just windwalk into the human encampment.  Now for a guide to
placing explosives =D

Note:Try to remain invisible as much as possible, only breaking it
to blow stuff up or destroy crates.

1)Destroy the guard tower by blowing it up(ignore the other). Go up
and destroy the arcane tower by blowing it up too.  Windwalk
to avoid the enemies(fighting the paladin with a priest and a few
riflemen and knights is just stupid). Go right blow up the explosives
and touch the circle while Windwalking). Explosives are placed around
the Barrack.

2)From the Barrack, go up, then left.  Destroy the leftmost crates and
blow up the tower.  Now windwalk up to place explosives on the Human

3)From there go down(you don't need to destroy the arcane tower to the
right of the shipyard), then right, then up again.  You will see 2 towers
and the circle, but knights block your path.  Destroy some crates and 
blow up some towers =D.  Place the explosives next to the Arcane Sanctum
and stay near the fountain of mana to get your mana up again.  

4)Exit the little circle(you may have to attack something to make the 
knights move so you can escape) and go right to a fountain of health.
Heal yourself.  Then go up.  Rush right(ignore the rune of healing until
after you blow the tower up).  Blow up the tower, get the rune, and go
invisible again.  Place the explosives around the Human Workshop.  

5)Go up and left to the gate.  Blow it up =D.  This takes out the 2 guard
towers too.  Before windwalking again go up and blow up the Arcane tower 
too.  Wind walk again and place the explosives around the Human Shipyard
to finish the mission.  

Now the explosives blow up and Rexxar and his buddies leave for Jaina.
They meet up with her, and Rexxar asks her why she is threatening the
Orcs.  Jaina says she ordered no such attacks and asks Rexxar to show 
her the Humans. They return to the encampment they just blew up, but
see no Humans.  The Naga have come and slaughtered them all.  

Main quest update
Human Survivors

Reach the Naga lair
Find any Human survivors
Take the ship to Theramore Isle(Only gotten after parts 1 and 2 are 

Note:You get your normal hereos and Jaina, a level 10 Arch Mage
(She can't reach a higher level)

You start off fighting some naga.  They are weak and a few spells ought
to make it real quick.  You were here just a few moments ago so just 
exit the old encampment into the wild again. There are a bunch of Naga's,
but you should be able to kill em all(remember Misha and you can also 
summon Jaina's Water Elemental.  Head down and right and make your way
south. Kill all Naga.  Continue down.  Then go right and kill the 
Naga's(There is a Naga Sea Witch and 2 Royal Guards along with a bunch
of others, so use wave and any summons to make it quick and easy).  
Rest at the Fountain(also the sea witch drops a runed gauntlet).  
Continue down.  Go to the bottom right corner and kill the Naga and 
2 Naga towers.  Destroy the barrels for a Tome of Intel. +2 and a tome
of Strength +2. Go left now. Continue along the path across 
the water and kill the naga. Go down. Kill more Naga. Destroy the barrels
for a Rune of Healing, mana, and Shield.  Go left and kill more Naga. 
Work your way through the Naga(You should now be in the left bottom 
corner). Go up. The door will open and you will fight a bunch of Naga
(They aren't as weak as everything else so use summons and wave and a
few ultimates).  There is a level 10 Sea Naga there too.  She drops
a Vampiric potion which is neat so use it when you need it =D.  
Enter the place to see some human corpses.  

A scene comes up where Jaina talks to a dying footman.  He tells her the 
admiral will be happy to see her.  She tells Thrall to take her back to 
Theramore Isle so she can see what has happened(You're main quest is 
updated). Pick up the item(Frostguard, which is basically an orb of 
Frost except for a +5 bonus to user's armor). Now just follow your
path back to your ships to complete the mission. There are no enemies
on this path =D.  

Jaina and the others reach Theramore Isle.  Jaina tells Rexxar to 
hurry and warn Thrall.  Rexxar is confused and asks for an explanation
of what is going on.  Jaina tells him it's too late and that he is 
here.  He turns out to be Jaina's father, Grand Admiral Proudmoore.
Jaina tells him the hoard is their friend, but he calls Jaina naive 
and tells her the horde can not be trusted.  He tells his troops to
kill the Ogre.  Jaina uses Blizzard to destroy some crates and create
a path for Rexxar, then she teleports out of there alone.

Main Quest update
Escape Theramore

Secure a naval transport
Destroy the harbor gates
Sail out of the harbor
Return to Vol'jin

You start off fighting troops.  They aren't that hard as long as you use your
spells.  =D There's a rune of restoration in a barrel nearby.  All of Jaina's
items are left behind so take the ones you want =D.  Follow the path until you
reach the fork.  Take the right if you want some scouts.  If you go right you
fight 5 miltia(These are very very easy) and 2 Captains(easy).  Destroy the 
crates for 3 eagle scouts(They are permenant but can take damage).  Return to
the fork and go down.  Continue the path and you will meet an Elite Chaplain 
and 2 Navy Swordsmen.  Kill em.  It will be a lot easier if you kill the
Chaplain first so he can't use his healing wave.  Continue and you will find
a market and a Human Transport. You got a Naval Transport. Destroy the crates
for a coin.  Continue to kill 2 Knights, 2 Elite Chaplains, and a master
Hydromancer.  Rexxar will tell you you need to destroy the harbor gates so you
can escape.  Stand on the highlighted box to destroy the first pair. Take the
transport, human ships will not attack your disguised troops.  Go up and get 
the Cloak of Flames.  Then head down again. Just follow the path on the sea, 
there is only one place to land =D.  Go right then up and kill the troops. 
Refill your mana at the fountain and use the Stone Token.  Head down back to 
your ship and continue down.  Destroy the 2 Arcane Tower.  Destroy the gate
and go through it.  Kill the troops and pick up the Gem of Health +300.  Go 
down and kill the 6 War Golem and the 2 Hydromancer for a Rune of Mana and
a Scroll of Healing.  Now go left and destroy the gates.  Head back and go
right at the corner to destroy some barrels for a Tome of Power(Gives hero
a level boost, very useful). Go back to the place where you killed the Golems
and go right and kill the knights and 2 Cannon Towers so you won't need to
deal with em later. Also kill the Rifle men on the other side of the wall
using range(Cough Rokhan Cough).  Head back to the Iron Gate and go left 
through the crates and kill the Riflemen/Elite Chaplains.  Now go up to fight
2 Cannon Towers, 2 Mortar teams, and 6 or so footmen(This isn't that hard at
all cause the footmen and Mortar teams die really fast).  Continue and fight
some 2 Knights, 1 Elite Chaplain, and 2 Riflemen, and then step on the box 
to destroy another gate.  Now bring your transport over to the shallow
land to the left and load your troops in.  Now go diagnolly down and left to
reach more shallow land.  

Unload your troops there.  Follow the path and kill the Riflemen.  Go down
and kill some more and a mortar team.  Go right.  Continue and kill the 3
Gryphon Riders, 2 Elite Hydromancers, and 2 Elite Chaplains.  These troops
are supported by 2 Arcane Towers and 2 Cannon Towers.  Go in and fall back
out of the range of the towers.  The troops will follow.  Kill them there.
The Elite Hydromancer leaves behind a Mana Stone.  Now go on and destroy
the towers.  Break the Iron Gate and step on the box to destroy another 
Harbor Gate.  

Go back to the place you unloaded and follow the path to find a few Knights,
Riflemen, and Gryphon Riders.  Kill em for a potion of Greater Healing.  
Continue along and fight some Assassins.  Continue to fight a Bandit Lord and
his minions.  He leaves a Claw of Attack +15.  Continue to fight 4 more 
Bandits.  They leave a Rune of Mana.  Continue and go down to fight 3 Elite
Hydromancers, 2 Riflemen, 2 Mortar Teams, and 2 Elite Chaplain.  

Now go up across the bridge.  Go Left and fight the 2 Navy Swordsmen, 1 Elite
Chaplain, and 1 Gryphon Rider.  Go up to terminate 3 Gryphon Riders.  Now go
right to kill 3 Riflemen and 1 Navy Swordsmen.  A Slipper of Agility +3 is
left behind(You should by now know what to keep).  Go down, then right, then
down again to fight 1 Knight, 2 Navy Swordsmen, and 1 Elite Chaplain.  Cross
the bridge then go down to fight 4 Knights, 2 Elite Chaplains, and 1 Elite
Hydromancer.  The Elite Hydromancer leaves a Tome of Knowledge, and 1 Elite
Chaplain leaves a Tome of Intelligence +2 while the other leaves a Tome of
Agility +2.  Head back to the Resurrection Stone and load onto your
transport. Go down, then right, then down. 

Go right until you reach a corner.  Unload there and kill the 2 Elite 
Hydromancers, 6 Elite Chaplains, and the Level 6 Paladin.  You should either
kill the Paladin or stun him for most of the time because he will resurrect
dead troops.  He drops a Rune of Greater Healing.  Continue up, destroying
the gate in the process.  Kill the Siege Golem and 2 Granite Golems.  Heal
up at the Fountain and go up to find a Waygate.  Go through it and you will
reach another box.  Step on it to destroy another Harbor Gate.  Go back to 
your transport.  Load into it and go up.  Unload at the shallow and kill
the 3 Human Battle ships and the 3 Human Frigates.  The 3 Navy Swordsmen and
1 Elite Chaplain may come to join.  If they don't go up and kill em.  This
gives you access to another shop.  Destroy the barrel for a Rune of Mana.  

Load into your ship again and continue up.  Unload and fill up your mana at
the fountain.  Go up and fight the 4 Mortar Teams, 3 Knights, 4 Riflemen, 
and 2 Elite Chaplains.  A Water Elemental may come down.  Just control it
with your item or kill it if you don't have that item.  Go right over the
bump.  Break the gate and crates for Healing Wards and a rune of mana.  Kill
the level 14 Mountain King, level 12 Arch Mage, level 12 Paladin, 2 Knights,
2 Elite Chaplains, 2 Riflemen, and 2 Water Elementals(If one came down to
fight earlier there will only be 1 elemental to fight.  There is one
Cannon Tower to worry about.  The 3 enemy heroes may be a problem.  Go for
the Paladin first so he can't Holy Light the other heroes or resurrect dead
troops.  If he uses Divine Shield, move on to some units, preferable the 
Elite Chaplains. All the heroes have an Ankh of Resurrection.  The Mountain
King leaves an Orb of Fire behind.  Step on the box to destroy the last
Harbor Gate, then go back to your ship.  Head right to escape to Vol'jin.
When it's done loading, head down to complete the main quest.  

Vol'jin tells you that he will tell Thrall to prepare the horde's forces.
He tells you to gather what remains of the Horde's allies.  He tells you 
to go to Mulgore where you will meet Cairne.  He and his tauren will aid
the Horde.  As a reward for Rexxar's accomplishments, all your heroes
get a free Attribute point =D.  

Main Quest Update
Enlist the Tauren

Take the Zeppelin to Mulgore
Find Cairne Bloodhoof
Secure the aid of the Tauren
Return to Vol'jin

Just right click on the patch of now exposed land in the upper left 
corner.  You will face little resistence.  

As a bonus, to the direct left(well actually just go left for a bit)
of Vol'jin location there is a warp.  This takes you to an interesting
realm.  Follow the path(doesn't matter which way you go because you will
eventually reach the top and circle around down).  Just explore 
everywhere because there are a lot of strong monsters for experience
and items =D.  

Some good items and there locations:

Orb of Lightning/Tome of Insight(intelligence) +6-Found on Right side 
halfway up in a Level 10 Prawn(the little crab things)

Potion of greater Mana-Found above the Tome of Insight's location in
some buffed necromancers.  

Necklace of Burning Souls(basically a beefed up Orb of Fire)-A bunch
of Revenants(Revanant of the Burning Sea being the strongest and the
on who drops it, with Revanants of the Sea and others around. There
are a lot =D).  A rune of speed is also around here and a Rune of
Greater Healing a bit down.  The location is at the middle top of the

Tome of Strength/Intelligence-Just below the Revanants in two 
different Red Infernals.  

Tome of Agility-Go down from where you find the other Tomes(above).  
This is in another Red Infernal.  =D

Tome of Agility/Intelligence/Strength/5 +20 gold coins-Left side
go as low as you can go(Note if you see a hill near the bottom and
it seems you can't go lower you can.  Just right click lower and
your heroes will find a way)

That's really about all the good items there.=D

Also another note

Directly south of the zeppelin to Mulgore is a portal.  Go through it
to find a challenge arena.  

Note: Every time you beat them they get stronger/more minions, but the
rewards get greater(ie there are 2 tomes and then there are 2 tomes etc.)  

Here are the challengers from up to down:
Name-what it gives-HP-Mana-the minions it has

Destroyer Zardikar-Tome of Strength-6500-500-Salamader+Salamander Viziers
(Note:He can summon fel Ravagers)
His minions are mearly an annoyance.  They don't really group until there
are a lot of them so haze isn't as effective, but they aren't too strong. 
Kill the destroyer first.  Then the rest will fall easily

Talnivar the Sleeper(Dreadlord)-Tome of Intelligence-3900-1110-Burning Archer
+ Skeletal Marksmen
These skeletons suck.  Run away and come back to see em all grouped together.
Haze the middle one and burn their asses.  Focus on the dreadlord as sleep
is very annoying.  He summons Infernals.  He dies really quickly compared
to the others.  

Sinstralis of the Pain-Tome of Agility-5000-1500-Elder Voidwalker+Voidwalker
Something(I think the Sinstralis) summons treants and these things mass 
quickly but if you get overpowered back up and use Storm, Earth, and Fire to
get access to dispel.  Sinstralis's attack speed is very fast so kill her 
and keep her stunned.  Her minions are very annoying with their phase shift,
but they aren't too strong.  
That's all about that now back to the main quest =D

Once in Mulgore finding Cairne is very easy.  Go right over the bridge and 
there he is.  =D

He tells you to tell Thrall he is dead just like his heart is.  Tagar the
Tauren comes and tells you the Chieftain is lethargic because his son, Baine,
was kidnapped by Centaurs.  Centaurs kill and consume their prey soon after
capture.  He asks Rexxar to find Boven Windtotem to get aid in his search.  

Main Quest Update
Rescue Cairne's Son(This is also secure the aid of the Tauren but in detail)

Find Bovan Windtotem
Destroy the Centuar village
Return Baine to Cairne

Go to the market to find Tagar and to get an Optional Quest.
He tells you that with the Chieftain weak the Harpies have been poaching the
Kodo Beasts and letting them rot.  He asks you to end that threat.  

Optional Quest update
The Kodo Poachers

Locate the Harpy Den
Slay the Harpies
Return to Tagar
Act 3-A Blaze of Glory 

If anyone has something to add, you get to be in the credits(and I'll
post your name above what you contributed, so that's 2 mentions) 
Thanks =)
                                  VIII-Strategies For Each Race
8.0-General Tips
-Always attack move (click a then move).  This protects you from surprises
and ensures that at least if you miss a target you planned on attack you're
units won't wobble around uselessly.  
-SCOUT!!!!  Just do it.  Send a militia in at random or something.  It can
win you the game if you know what they are getting and you counter it.  If
you find there expo you can take it down.  
-Expand when you have the advantage.  If you want to expand, attack them
at the same time to give you time.  
-Run back yellow life units to your base or a fountain.  
-Hotkey buildings so you can train units while doing other things.  
-Use hotkeys.  My hotkeys are generally as follows:  
1-Melee hero and melee
2-Range hero and range units
3-Last hero+Casters
4-Altar (or seige if they don't go in 2; I push all numbers one down)
5-Barracks, then main unit producer (like if I get mass casters, then
6-Secondary building
7-Tertiary building
8-0-whatever comes up

8.1-Night Elves
Here we go.
-General fun/abuses
	Staff of preservation.  ABUSE LIKE MAD!!!  Save your bears by sending
them to your base to heal and come back to fight.  Switch the staff to another
hero and the cooldown becomes 0 for that hero!
	Moon wells.  These let you get tavern heroes (you can heal/regen mana
fast).  They also make the staff of preservation good.  You can spice up
your army by using practically any hero!
	Mass expos.  NE expos are so cheap, so you can mass them, especially
on large maps like Gnoll Wood.  The best part is you don't even need to 
plan on it before hand.  Just send a wisp to a clear gold mine and have it
collect wood.  When you need an expo, your worker is already there!
	Wisps.  These help in battles by dispelling everything and draining mana.  
	Slow poison.  Let's you kill extra units if they run.  Hell dryads in 
general should be here.  There stupid high damage, magic immunity, and slow
Main weakness-They have so many unarmored units, so mass piercing or 
seige is really scary vs them.  
More to come ^_^.  

-As NE, you can start with the greatest variety of heroes.  You can get
any tavern hero you want, or start with any of your 4 heroes.  
	Against Humans you should definately go DH.  The mana burn rips
through the mountain king, and the dh is general is an excellent tank
with evasion.  His ultimate is pretty much GG for armies and overall he
rocks with any hero second.  I strongly suggest naga sea witch second so
you can slow their units as they run and for lightning against their pesky
casters.   You can also try getting Dark ranger first and naga second for 
silence vs those casters and skeletons.  
	Against Orc, DH first is usually a good idea for his awesome mana burn
and evasion (you can't really go wrong with DH first vs any race).  Second,
many things work well.  You could get naga for slow arrows and lightning, 
Beastmaster for mass summons, or wtvr you need.  Third you could get Firelord
or Keeper for more summons, or you could just stick with your two heroes ;)
	In mirrors (same races), try DH then naga with archers and a tech to
mass bears. Or if you are into the rushes, get a Priestess of the Moon and 
dual Ancient of Wars.  Get a combo of hunts, archers, and ballistas and get
True shot aura first to give you an advantage.  Push and win.  KotG could 
work in this match-up too I guess.  
	Against Undead, try warden and Panda to counter mass gargs and ghouls.
That's the most common thing  I see; I guess you could get DH. Nowadays you can
go beastmaster panda and fend off gargs pretty well and not be totally screwed
vs mass aboms or destroyers.  

-NE armies are diverse as well.  Here are some I see.  
	Bears and dryads.  This involves getting a single AoW and teching
to tier three rather quickly.  Get two lores as soon as you can, and get a few
dryads to hit with.  When you feel secure, start teching and upgrade bear adept.
Then get a few bears and when you hit tier three get your master bears and 
go win. Have fun.  Common heroes that go with this are DH, Beastmaster,
warden, and more or less anything besides PotM.  I see this against humans
a lot, but it works vs all races.  This is the typical cookie cutter strat.  
	Chippo.  Another single AoW and fast tier three plan.  Chippo stands
for Chimeras and Hippogryphs.  Get an ancient of wind or 2 at tier two and
start getting hippos.  Get the rider form, and toss your archers on them.
At tier three, get 2 roosts, and get some chims.  Attack and have fun.  
Common heroes include DH, PotM, or warden.  I see this againsts humans, 
orcs, and Ud sometimes.  Best strat in ffa.  
	NE ground.  Tech slowly and get an AoW or two.  Get an ancient
of lore and an ancient of wind.  Get an army of hunts, archers, druids of the
talons, and dryads.  Push and win.  Any hero works with this, and I see 
this occasionally against orc or something (against orc, you could get some
extra Dott and cyclone his ass off).  Summons usually help, and DH is great.  
	Mass Dotts.  This is pretty common vs orcs.  Basically you tech to tier
three while getting archers to creep/harass/wtvr.  At tier two you get dual
ancient of winds and then get some druids of the talon.  Get initiate level
while teching to tier three.  Keep pumping out druids.  You can win most
battles vs grunts with faerie fire, but if they get catapults run unless 
you have some meat to take them out quickly.  At tier three, get master
training.  Engage in battle.  If they went grunts/raiders/catapults, 
cyclone the crap out of the grunts and meat and focus fire the catapults.
	PotM huntlar rush.  Seen in NE mirrors and I guess at low levels.  
Basically get a PotM and mass huntresses (and archers/ballistas if you want).
Requires two AoW.  Push early (when you have 7-8 hunts if only huntresses)
and win.  
	Mass Dryads-Seen in games against undead because they are the best against
ghoul/gargs.  Requires a lot of micro and probably some summons for meat.  Be
careful of aboms, if they get them you're gonna need bears sooner or later.  Be
sure to expand!

General fun/abuse
	Fast expo-Humans have the ability to get an expansion up quicker
than any other race.  At the start, get an archmage and footmen.  You 
should have 2 footmen out by the time your archmage comes out.  Militia
4-5 peasants and attack the nearest gold mine.  Use water elementals to
take damage, and as soon as your militia are done, use the peasants to 
build a tower.  You should have gotten an early mill(keep getting peasants
at your main to get wood).  Upgrade the tower to gaurd tower (or arcane if
you have no choice) and then start getting you town hall.  Build a few more
towers as needed(maybe one more before you tech if they hit hard) and use all
your peasants to build the hall.  You might need to get more towers at your 
main and expansion because of your slow tech, but you'll have a huge gold 
advantage.  This works best on most any map, but be careful on twisted 
meadows (hard expo creeps), Turtle rock (the expansion spots are red and next
to you, and will require around 6 militia, 2 water elementals, and 2-3 footmen),
and gnoll woods (hard creeps, but your enemies might not find it for a bit).  
	Casters-human casters are very strong.  Slow and heal are nothing to
scoff at, especially with brilliance aura support.  Invisibility has saved my
heroes a lot of times, and an invisible mountain king can't be mana burned!
Dispel and inner fire rock, and polymorph is great if they don't have dispel.  
	Storm bolt-Hell the MK in general is pretty buff.  Storm bolt let's you
stun units for quite some time, and deals some nice damage.  Clap is nice
as well since it slows (coupled with sorcerors, this makes blizzard really
easy to use).  
	Staff of sanctuary-Same logic as the NE staff.  Let's you save units
easily, and heals them for free.  This staff is worse than the NE one 
simply because it takes a while to actually heal and the unit can't do
anything while it's being healed.  AND the fact that it's tier three doesn't
	Mass towers-Human towers have heavy armor, and their armor can get 
pretty high with some masonary.  Mass towers at expo makes it pretty safe.  
Towers got nerfed recently (masonary upgrade only gives them one armor each
level instead of 2), but they are still good.  Towers with lvl 2 masonary
are almost necessary vs destroyers.  
	Arcane tower-Counters early harasses pretty well but kinda useless
vs normal units.  
Main weakness-Not diverse at all and slightly weaker late game units.  The
human HAS to hard counter you simply because there units are made that way
(tanks rock vs air, suck vs ground, etc.).  Thus the human will probably need
an expansion to keep up and mass units.  There weak tier three melee makes them
pretty vulnerable to range and enemy melee I guess.  
More to come ^_^

Human hero choices aren't too varied.  The typical build is archmage, 
mountain king, and possibly a paladin.  Archmage comes first because of
the powerful creeping abilities it has.  Water elementals allow for fast
creeping, and brilliance aura lets your MK get clap and bolt (and it 
helps casters a lot).  Mountain king is needed to tank, since many humans
opt not to get many knights.  Paladin heals (duh) and is useful in mirrors or
vs UD (stupid nuke).  Some people choose to go MK first, but this makes
creeping difficult and forces you to harass.  You're low level MK won't
be happy without many clarities =(.  Others choose to go paladin first
(especially vs UD to get a nice nuke), which isn't too bad.  Creeping is
viable, but not as fast as with an archmage.  Again, you need clarities.  
Usually a mountain king comes second (bolt and light hurt UD heroes 
pretty badly) and an archmage or bloodmage last for mana (siphon to heroes
or brilliance aura).  One final variety, you might see is a solo bloodmage
who harasses.  Of course the blood mage may be followed with a Mountain
King and/or paladin.  Nowadays vs orc, humans tend to get archmage and 
beastmaster to overwhelm the enemy with summons and get a strong tier two
push.  Also, vs ne, you may opt to get a naga second instead of a mountain
king because she basically does the same thing (slow arrows=stun, and lighting
is area of effect), and has lots of mana and low cost spells, making mana burn
not as annoying.

-Human armies are interesting enough.  
	Rifle Caster.  The cookie cutter strat of humans.  It's pretty
self explanatory.  Basically you start with an AM and a normal human build.
By that I mean the standard 4 gold, 1 altar, barrack, farm, farm build.  Get
an arcane tower if you need it and another farm.  Then tech.  Start
making a blacksmith, shop, and a farm when you can.  During this time, 
keep creeping and getting foots.  You should get 4-6 and then start pumping
out rifles.  At tier two get a Mountain king and an arcane sanctum.  Get
a few sorcs and priests and attack when you feel ready.  This plan is good
throughout the whole game (but may require a lot of healing scrolls).  
You'll need an expo though (either fast expo or tier two).  Used to be extremely
strong, but now all the races have countered it.  Still works at times, but 
requires insane amounts of micro.  
	Mass air.   This involes a lot gryphons and dragon hawks.  It works vs
most every race except nightelf if you catch them by surprise.  I find it
best vs UD or Orc.  UD don't have any real good anti air except fiends
with web.  Gryphs with focus fire can beat that usually (if not add some 
knights).  Be wary of destroyers.  If they get too many it's over unless 
you can mass steam tanks.  If there are only a few, your DH can take care
of it (gyros good too).  Orcs are full of heavy armor which gets crushed
by air.  If they get wyverns get some hawks, if they get bats get some 
armor upgrades and maybe some priests.  If they get a mix, get invisible
dragon hawks =).  Don't ever get gyros.  Two bats and that plan is gg'd.  
Other than that you should be able to beat raiders and berserkers with 
good focus fire.  Vs bats, you can probably just mass more gryphs and get some
armor upgrades, scrolls of protection, and staff weak ones away.  
	Mass summons/casters.  This is used vs orc usually.  Basically it
involves going archmage and beastmaster with mass casters.  Orcs don't 
really have any dispel, and any shaman will run out of mana on summons
while you have a nice brilliance aura to keep up summons =).  The Build 
orders looks something like this:
4 to gold
1 to start a farm(til like 80 life) and then to an altar
1st out to lumber mill
2nd out to the farm you started
Next to a barrack
Next to gold
Send the guy that's now done with your first farm to build your second farm
Next three go to wood (all others should have rallied to wood except for you
Next goes to a gaurd tower.  
Tech to tier two.  You should have two farms and 3 foots (creep stuff or fend
off harass).  
Build a shop (double build if you must).  
Get 3 more farms and keep getting footmen (might want to pick up defend) 
5-6 foots should be enough.  Be sure to have around 700-800 gold and 400
or so wood at tier two so you can get your stuff.  
At tier two build two arcane sanctums (use two peasants each).  
Pick up a Beastmaster and get quilbeast (second skill could be either.  I
choose bear cause it's harder to purge but vs some heroes like Blademaster,
get hawk).  
Go harass with your summons and foots, this will gain you time to get a few
sorcs out.  Try to kill building lodges, beastiaries, or burrows (or completed
burrows, they are pretty easy to kill either way).  
Pump out sorcerors and 3-4 priests (get invis and dispel) and attack! Bring
along 4-5 militia and buy 3 ivory towers and a pot of healing for your 
Archmage and go tower rush.    
If it fails resort to mass air.  If they get too many raiders or catas
(they shouldn't cause you should be hitting really early), get some breakers.  
This plan almost always works against orcs but be sure to micro and invisible
dying things so priests can heal and if the enemy gets high level chain wave,
you will need some scrolls of healing.  
A twist to this is one I use vs nightelves.  I get normal AM and MK, but
use dual sanctums to get mass casters with breakers vs bears/dryads.  
In human mirrors, fast tech to mass casters to beat out their foots.  Get
breakers to beat casters =).  
	Invisible mortar.  Go archmage or bloodmage first and harass
like mad while skipping a barrack and getting an early mill.  Get one tower,
then tech.  During your tech build a lot of towers (as many as you need), 
a blacksmith, and a shop.  Keep harassing.  At tier two get an arcane 
sanctum, and 2 workshops.  Get 3 sorcerors and invisibility while getting
6-8 mortars.  Invisible everything and go for the enemies main hall and 
kill it.  If you get it, keep crushing stuff until the enemy comes (then 
tp).  Might want to expand eventually.  
	Mass tanks.  Sometimes used vs UD, this involves a fast tech to mass
tanks (duh).  Get a barrack, an early mill, and 2 or so foots and an 
archmage and fast expand.  Tower up your expo (and 1 at your main) then 
tech.  Get more towers and fast tech to castle.  Get 2-4 workshops and 
get mass tanks.  Get a mountain king and possibly a paladin and keep 
creeping.  Rally your tanks to the enemy base (switch between this and
any expos you find to keep them moving) and let the fun begin.  Never
stop getting tanks and keep expoing when you can.  Usually the game is
over soon.  
Knights/gryphs/tanks.  Self explanatory.  Usually occurs after rifle caster
or something.  Add tanks if they have air.  Get knights only if your heroes
are overwhelmed on the ground.  
Knights and priests.  Good vs the mass melee people use vs riflecasters. 
Inner fired knights are nuts.  Add mortars for some damage if you want
or tanks for antiair.  
Knight/Gryo-What I typically get vs undead if I can not fast expand. Basically
tech up to tier three, get AM, MK, and paladin and a staff and use around 
5 foots to creep and harass.  Be sure to have a mill and smith up b4 tier 
three, and start getting knights (throw up a sanctum if you want for priests,
they really help). Get a workshop and research flak cannon, but don't get too
many gyros until they get destroyers.  Get like one to scout.  Then just get
knights and gyros as you need them (btw if you don't have enough gyros, hide 
them and mass enough.  You'll need like 3-5 per destroyer, more if they 
have fiends).   
Other than that just counter what they get.  

General imbalances/Fun
	Destroyers-Blah they rock vs everything.  You can siphon mana from 
another statue and let orb of corruption rape the enemy.  The fact that 
they are magic immune AND flying makes them very hard to kill.  They can
also dispel magic, making casters horrible ;/
	THE NUKE!-Frost nova and death coil is gg on most heroes :(.  
You can use it to pick off units if they hover around your base, or 
kill heroes in battles. Get a cryptlord to add on, or a panda if they
get too much air (panda lvl 2 breath of fire kills gyros pretty much).  
	Fiends-Pretty difficult to kill until the enemy gets some form of
stun, and do great damage.  
	Skeleton Rod-Excellent item to get as soon as your hero comes out. 
You can harass really well using these and coil to pick off creeps your 
enemy is trying to kill or enemy units he's trying to save.  They feed the
lich mana with Dark Ritual, and you can create a small army of them when
you go attack/harass.  
	Orb of Corruption- Negative five armor.  Enough Said!  
	Statues-Free heal and mana for the nuke.  T_T
	Unholy Aura-Unreasonable speed
-And much much more!

Typical Heroes
	The standard one is DK Lich.  You can add a panda, cryptlord, or 
even naga depending on what you need.  Panda is amazing vs air.  You could
opt to get a pitlord third for rain of fire and/or howl I guess.  Or you 
could get a dark ranger for an early creeping advantage.  

Generally, you can get anything and add in destroyers to make a winning army. 
But here wego anyway
	Aboms/Destroyers-Typical thing to go against rifle caster or wtvr. Aboms
tank well, and destroyers pwn casters, so there you go.  A variation I guess, 
is just to mass destroyer, because destroyers take out most everything 
pretty quickly, especially with mana.  
	Mass Abominations-Typical thing to do against a night elf who has a panda
or warden and mass dryads.  Easy to manage and do well vs area of effect spells.
Throw in some meat wagons and you're good to go.  
	Fiend/Destroyers-A good variation of abom/destroyer.  Less vulneable
to air, and fiends are excellent at dealing damage and such.  Very strong 
and hard to beat if you micro well.  The only con is the slow hero you'll
likely have (typical fiend build is crypt graveyard, altar, zig, zig, 
shop or something, giving you a slower hero). 
	Necrowagon-Typical thing in ffas, but good in solo too if you catch 
enemy off gaurd. Basically you tech up to tier three (or even just tier two)
get two temples of the damn and one or two slaughter houses and get necros 
and wagons.  Get the exhume corpse upgrade, and at least adept training on
necros then attack.  Have your wagons focus on important structures while
the enemy tries to kill your skeletons!  
Much more! 

-Gruntapult is nice.  Grunts and catapults with maybe a raider or two for air 
is great.  Add in a few towers and it's really really good.  
-Raiders and grunts are good too.  
-Vs Nightelf it might be wise to get a catapult or two to counter their many 
unarmored units
-A fast tech (skipping a barrack to tech first then getting a barrack) is nice 
because then you can get a fast 2nd hero and you can get raiders, demolishers,
or Wyverns
-Mass wyverns is pretty nice
-Farseer harass is pretty annoying and efficient.  Use it.
-Tauren Chieftain as a second hero is good.  His aura is nice and either of
his skills are good with it (I prefer wave unless stomp is obviously better).
-Mass Headhunters/berserkers with a Tauren chieftain is good, but if they 
scout and see your kinda screwed.  
-Orcs have the best towers in the game (well arcane and nerubian are pretty
good too, but Watch towers fire pretty fast...).  Use them to protect allies
if they need it.  
-Bloodlust and Lightning shield are really good (purge is too to an extent 
but ensnare is better for fleeing foes).  Shield your tauren or chieftain,
but be careful about your own units.  Lust with Tauren is really nice.  
-More to come

Old Stuff
-Grunts(replaced by Taurans)+Witch Docs+Beserkers+a few Spirit Walkers 
for dispel, link, and reborn Taurans+Shaman for BL.  

Add Riders and wyverns if you wanted.  

From Crapusmaximus
        Spirit walkers r only good for spirit link; unless u have an all
tauren army. 

Note:  Spirit Walkers are needed for Disenchant. Spirit link is ok, but you
should only link groups together(ie link melee with other melee, casters 
with other casters.  DON'T LINK CASTERS WITH MELEE AND SUCH). Disenchant is
necessary if the enemy gets casters.  How else are you going to dispel mass
spells.  Purge is a joke for dispelling.  

    Healing wards is over rated. they consume too much mana, and don't heal
that much. common, u're orcs; if u were undead or NE, maybe i'll change my
point of view. using other hero's ability to prevent the loss of those hp
will be more effective. 
 Note: Healing wards are good after battles.  Leave your weakened units
by the ward and counter attack the enemy with your stronger units
(assuming you have a good amount left, if not only leave red lifed 
units back)

    Forget raiders. use headhunters (with bezerk upgrade) for anti air 
(support with spellcasters if necessary), or catapults if u need siege. 
your grunts will serve u well enough if u want to pillage, but i never 
found pillage to be much good. raiders r only good for raiding outposts, 
where defence is little. otherwise they die like grunts n dont deal as
much damage to units. 

Note: Raiders aren't as bad as you think. Make a good 6-8 Raiders and a
Far Seer or something. Rush into the enemy base and destroy their castle
equivalent.  Teleport or use a rune of speed and rush out when the enemy
town portals back.  The enemy is probably crippled.  If not then they at
least used up their town portal.  Raiders are much faster siege.  In
large battles, however, Catapults are better. 
Headhunters make good anti air, and r the orcs sole focus fire 
unit. regen and bezerk r must haves. 
Note: Bat Riders are good Anti air
                                  IX-Multi Player
Small update on this.  

The two key parts of this game are Macro and Micro (and strategy I guess).

Macro involves making units while fighting, upgrading stuff, and more or
less doing several things at once.  The very least you have to be able to
do is build units while doing other things.  This is easy to do because all
you have to do is hotkey your unit producers.  For instance, in a typical
my hotkeys look like this:
1-Mountain King and melee
2-AM and range
3-casters (and paladin if I get one)
5-Main producer
6-secondary producer
7-0-Rest of the buildings

In a battle, I can just tap 5 and then r or something for a rifleman.
Thus I get troops in battle, which allows you to overwhelm (or prevent
yourself from being overwhelmed) opponents.  
Ok so you can build units at the same time.  Now there are a few other
things you should try to do.  When fighting or going off to fight, try to
build an expo.  While harassing or creepjacking with a hero, try creeping
a green (or orange if you can handle it) creep camp.  When chasing an 
enemy, you can send some units or a hero off to the side to try to cut
the enemy unit off.  The possibilities are endless.  

So now you are the best macroer, right.  You must be a gosu, right? No.
Macroing is nice, but microing is the real game winner.  What is microing?
It's controlling your units.  You run your red units to your base to save
them.  You focus fire with your range on your enemy units.  You use your
spells.  You cast purge, ensnare, invisibility, unholy frenzy, or whatever
else you have.  You use your staff of preservation, then switch it to 
another hero to use again!  It's simple to understand, hard to master =D.
Tap alt or [/] rapidly to find the weak and practice.  

If you can micro and macro, you are pretty much set to win.  The only 
other thing you need to do is build the correct counter to each unit, and
you can learn this from experience.  If you build knights to counter mass
casters, they will probably crush you.  But if you go knights and mortars,
you'll obliterate them.  Just remember, don't go mass knights vs air =D.  

Note: To disable it just do as you would enable.  

From an e-mail sent by Tro77Tro.  

In single-player games press [Enter] on your keyboard. Type the code 
(the word or words on the right of the column and then press enter. 
Words in the parenthesis are to be entered without the parenthesis. 
After the code is typed press [Enter] again and it should say 
{Cheat Enabled!} across the screen assuming you did it correctly. 

Example: [Enter] greedisgood 100000 [Enter] Cheat Enabled! 

Instant Win: allyourbasearebelongtous 
Instant Loss: somebodysetusupthebomb 
View entire map: iseedeadpeople 
Play after dying in campaign mode: strengthandhonor 
Units need no farms: pointbreak 
Instant spell performance: thedudeabides 
Turn off Tech-Tree: synergy 
Turn off Victory: itvexesme 
Invulnerability whosyourdaddy 
Lumber: leafittome (value) 
Lumber and Gold: greedisgood (value) 
Gold: keysersoze (value) 
Level select: motherland (race) (level number) 
Instant doom: iocainepowder 
Quick research: whoisjohngalt 
Research all upgrades: sharpandshiny 
Morning: riseandshine 
Infinite mana: thereisnospoon 
Night: lightsout 

Yup thanks to Teh Spork we have a new code =)
Posted on the WC3 TFT boards it reads

Play Power of the Horde: TenthLevelTaurenChieftain

I was messing around in the sound files and discovered the new cheat on
my own. While I was checking out the files i found something called 
TenthLevelTaurenChieftain and typed it

The cheat is: 

It causes the music to stop and plays "Power of the Horde" just like the
"Disco" cheat in War2 and the "RadioFreeZerg" cheat in StarCraft! Be sure 
to type it as TenthLevelTaurenChieftain not tenthleveltaurenchieftain or 

Yay I founded my first code ! Boo ya ( Don't try to submit it I had done
like like a long time ago =D )

                                 XI-Final Words
Thanks for reading this FAQs.  Be sure to check the credits because it's them
that made this guide what it is.  

Thanks to Blizzard for making this+WCIII:ROC

Thanks to my friends, Jonathan, Josh, and Eugene, for all the fun we had on 
our projects

Thanks to me for writing this

Thanks to all the contributors for, well, contributing
Thank you all

Killerdragon(me) for writing this(duh)

Tro77Tro for letting me using the codes he sent me

Bob Blakey for telling me how to get a third hero in the Orc Campaign

Vulchur for telling me about the History of the Baa-Ram-Yu stuff for the
Secret Mission

Nando for correcting me on the Pandarian Brewmaster's location

Swogtrunks for telling me some easter eggs in NE1(even though I already had

Tim Streett for giving me a new Undead last mission strat

Crapusmaximus for telling me strats for Multiplayer and race oriented 
strats (been replaced due to the newer patches)

Teh Spork for telling me a new cheat

Funkytown277 for telling me a secret in Undead mission 4.

Matt for telling me another easter egg  

Roscaneanu Bogdan-Stefan-for his Undead campaign 1 help

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