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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SWCarter

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                      Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough
                                by Steven W. Carter
                                    Last Updated
                                  August 15, 2003
    * ================= *
    * Table of Contents *
    * ================= *
    01.00  Introduction
    02.00  Unit Statistics
      .01  Human Alliance
      .02  Undead Scourge
      .03  Orcish Horde
      .04  Night Elf Sentinels
    03.00  Gameplay Notes
    04.00  Prologue Campaign: Exodus of the Horde
      .01  Chasing Visions
      .02  Departures
    05.00  Human Campaign: The Scourge of Lordaeron
      .01  The Defense of Strahnbrad
      .02  Blackrock and Roll
      .03  Ravages of the Plague
      .04  The Cult of the Damned
      .05  March of the Scourge
      .06  The Culling
      .07  The Shores of Northrend
      .08  Dissension
      .09  Frostmourne
    06.00  Undead Campaign: Path of the Damned
      .01  Trudging through the Ashes
      .02  Digging up the Dead
      .03  Into the Realm Eternal
      .04  Key of the Three Moons
      .05  The Fall of Silvermoon
      .06  Blackrock and Roll, Too
      .07  The Siege of Dalaran
      .08  Under the Burning Sky
    07.00  Orc Campaign: The Invasion of Kalimdor
      .01  Landfall
      .02  The Long March
      .03  Cry of the Warsong
      .04  The Spirits of Ashenvale
      .05  The Hunter of Shadows
      .06  Where Wyverns Dare
      .07  The Oracle
      .08  By Demons Be Driven
    08.00  Night Elf Campaign: Eternity’s End
      .01  Enemies at the Gate
      .02  Daughters of the Moon
      .03  The Awakening of Stormrage
      .04  The Druids Arise
      .05  Brothers in Blood
      .06  A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow
      .07  Twilight of the Gods
    09.00  Revision History
    10.00  Permissions and Updates
    * 01.00 Introduction                                                        *
    This is a walkthrough for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos from Blizzard
    Entertainment.  It includes strategies for completing all of the missions in
    the single player campaign, plus the locations of all the interesting
    equipment and easter eggs.  It does not include, among other things,
    multiplayer tactics.  If you’re interested in more than just the single
    player campaign, then you should probably check out one of the other numerous
    guides available.
    This guide has been updated for the 1.12 patch.  All of the mission
    walkthroughs were written using the normal (default) difficulty setting.
    * 02.00 Unit Statistics                                                     *
    * ==================== *
    * 02.01 Human Alliance *
    * ==================== *
                        Food    Gold    Wood     Hps    Mana      Damage   Armor
    Peasant                1      90       0     220       0       5-  6       0
       Basic               2     160       0     420       0      12- 13       2
       Upgraded                                                   15- 19       8
       Basic               4     290      60     800       0      21- 29       6
       Upgraded                                  950              24- 44      12
       Basic               3     240      30     520       0      18- 24       0
       Upgraded                                                   21- 36       6
       Initiate            2     160      10     290     200       8-  9       0
       Adept                                     330     300
       Master                                    370     400
       Initiate            2     180      20     325     200       8- 10       0
       Adept                                     365     300
       Master                                    405     400
    Mortar Team
       Basic               3     210      70     360       0      52- 64       0
       Upgraded                                                   55-103       6
    Steam Tanks
       Basic               3     230      60     700       0      45- 55       2
       Upgraded                                                   48- 88       8
    Gyrocopters (air-to-air)
       Basic               2     220      60     350       0      27- 32       2
       Upgraded                                                   30- 50       8
    Gyrocopters (air-to-ground)
       Basic                                                      19- 21
       Upgraded                                                   22- 30
    Gryphon Riders
       Basic               4     330      70     750       0      45- 55       0
       Upgraded                                  900              48- 88       6
    Guard Towers
       Basic               0     220      80     500       0      23- 27       5
       Upgraded                                  800                           8
    Cannon Towers
       Basic               0     280     120     600       0      90-111       5
       Upgraded                                  960                           8
    * ==================== *
    * 02.02 Undead Scourge *
    * ==================== *
                        Food    Gold    Wood     Hps    Mana      Damage   Armor
    Acolytes               1      90       0     220       0       9- 10       0
       Basic               2     140       0     330       0      12- 14       0
       Upgraded                                                   15- 20       6
    Skeleton Warriors
       Basic               0       0       0     180       0      14- 15       1
       Upgraded                                                   17- 21       7
       Basic               4     280      70    1080       0      33- 39       2
       Upgraded                                                   36- 60       8
    Crypt Fiends
       Basic               3     250      40     550       0      28- 33       0
       Upgraded                                                   31- 51       6
       Initiate            2     170      20     305     200       8-  9       0
       Adept                                     345     300
       Master                                    385     400
       Initiate            2     180      30     290     200       9- 13       0
       Adept                                     330     300
       Master                                    370     400
    Meat Wagons
       Basic               4     270      65     380       0      71- 88       2
       Upgraded                                                   74-142
    Gargoyles (air-to-air)
       Basic               2     220      30     400       0      44- 54       3
       Upgraded                                                   47- 87       9
    Gargoyles (air-to-ground)
       Basic                                                      21- 24
       Upgraded                                                   24- 36
    Frost Wyrms
       Basic               7     450     120    1100       0      85-105       0
       Upgraded                                                   88-138       6
    Spirit Towers          0     210      90     550       0      27- 32       5
    * ================== *
    * 02.03 Orcish Horde *
    * ================== *
                        Food    Gold    Wood     Hps    Mana      Damage   Armor
    Peons                  1      90       0     250       0       7-  8       0
       Basic               3     235       0     700       0      21- 24       1
       Upgraded                                  800              24- 36       7
       Basic               3     210      40     610       0      23- 27       0
       Upgraded                                                   26- 42       6
       Basic               5     325      80    1300       0      30- 36       3
       Upgraded                                                   33- 57       9
    Troll Headhunters
       Basic               2     160      20     350       0      23- 27       0
       Upgraded                                                   26- 42       6
    Kodo Beasts            4     300      60    1000       0      16- 20       1
       Initiate            2     150      20     355     200       8-  9       0
       Adept                                     395     300
       Master                                    435     400
    Troll Witch Doctors
       Initiate            2     170      25     315     200      10- 14       0
       Adept                                     355     300
       Master                                    395     400
       Basic               4     260      70     425       0      82-102       2
       Upgraded                                                   85-165       8
       Basic               4     310      40     570       0      38- 46       0
       Upgraded                                                   41- 61       6
    Watch Towers           0     180      80     500       0      16- 18       3
    * ========================= *
    * 02.04 Night Elf Sentinels *
    * ========================= *
                        Food    Gold    Wood     Hps    Mana      Damage   Armor
       Basic               3     225      20     550       0      15- 17       1
       Upgraded                                                   18- 26       7
       Basic               2     150      10     260       0      19- 22       0
       Upgraded                                                   25- 37       6
       Basic               3     170      60     435     200      16- 18       0
       Upgraded                                                   19- 27       6
    Druids of the Talon
       Initiate            2     160      20     300     200      11- 13       0
       Adept                                     340     300
       Master                                    380     400
       Upgr. Crow Form                           380              25- 41       6
    Druids of the Claw
       Initiate            4     300      80     430     200      19- 22       1
       Adept                                     505     300      20- 26
       Master                                    580     400      21- 30
       Upgr. Bear Form                           960              32- 62       9
       Basic               4     245      85     380       0      56- 69       2
       Upgraded                                                   59-111
       Basic               2     190      20     500       0      32- 38       0
       Upgraded                                                   45- 59       6
    Hippogryph Riders
       Basic               4     340      30     780       0      19- 22       0
       Upgraded                                                   25- 37       6
    Chimaeras (lightning)
       Basic               5     390      70     900       0      67- 83       2
       Upgraded                                                   70-134       8
    Chimaeras (corrosive)
       Basic                                                      45- 55
       Upgraded                                                   48- 88
    Ancient Protectors
       Basic               0     160      80     600       0      45- 54       1
       Upgraded                                                                3
    * 03.00 Gameplay Notes                                                      *
    When you select a hero, notice the icon to the left of its attributes.  The
    icon represents the type of hero it is, and if you hover your mouse over the
    icon, you’ll see what each attribute does for the hero.  It’s important
    information to know, since some equipment is nearly worthless to certain
    types of heroes while being useful to others.
    It’s possible to play the missions on an “easy” difficulty setting.  Simply
    lose the current mission on the normal difficulty setting (for example, by
    using the appropriate cheat code) and then select the option to replay the
    mission on an easier difficulty setting.
    Some useful cheat codes:
       iseedeadpeople            reveal the map
       whosyourdaddy             god mode
       allyourbasearebelongtous  instant win
    Simply press enter, type the code, and then press enter again to activate the
    * 04.00 Prologue Campaign: Exodus of the Horde                              *
    Note: Even though you’ll control Thrall in this campaign and the orc
    campaign, nothing you do here will carry over.
    * ===================== *
    * 04.01 Chasing Visions *
    * ===================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Find the prophet.
    This is a basic tutorial mission, and so there isn’t anything complicated
    about it.  Just follow the narrator’s directions, and move from banner to
    banner.  If you don’t see the next banner (like after you defeat the gnolls
    in their camp), just follow the path until you get to one.
    Past the river you’ll find a sleeping ogre.  The ogre is actually pretty easy
    to kill, but it doesn’t have any treasure, and Thrall has already hit his
    experience cap for the mission (and the campaign).  So kill it or not as you
    please.  However, west of the ogre and south of the path is a clearing with a
    treasure chest in it.  The chest contains a healing potion.
    Past the ogre to the east is another area off the main path.  This area
    contains three golems, and one of them will drop a ring of protection +1.
    North of the golems, again off the path, you’ll find some trolls.  One of the
    trolls will drop a manual of health (+50 hit points).  The prophet is at the
    next banner, and the mission will end once you talk to him, so don’t worry if
    you lose some units fighting the trolls or golems.
    Note: In the northeastern corner of the map is a pair of pirates guarding a
    treasure chest of “phat lewt.”  Their location is inaccessible, but you can
    see them using the “iseedeadpeople” cheat code.
    * ================ *
    * 04.02 Departures *
    * ================ *
    Main Quests:
       1. Establish a base.
       2. Rescue Grom Hellscream.
    Once again follow the instructions of the narrator.  He’ll guide you through
    building a base.  Once you’ve completed the “quest,” humans will rebuild the
    bridge southeast of your base.  So as you train grunts, set the rally point
    of the barracks to be next to the two watch towers near the river.  Then,
    once the humans rebuild the bridge and attack your towers, you’ll be able to
    beat them easily.
    Note: North of the first watch tower southeast of your base you’ll find some
    gnolls.  One will drop a scroll of health.
    The only offensive unit you can train is the grunt, so start producing a lot
    of them.  Don’t worry about the upkeep.  Once you have about ten, send them
    and Thrall across the bridge and into enemy territory.  There aren’t any
    interesting areas off the path, so just follow the path, killing any humans
    and freeing any orcs you come across.  When you find shamans, add them to
    your group, replacing grunts if necessary.
    Eventually you’ll come to an area with three guard towers.  Just storm the
    towers one at a time, and, once you’ve destroyed all three, Grom will burst
    out of his cage and you’ll have completed the mission.
    * 05.00 Human Campaign: The Scourge of Lordaeron                            *
    * =============================== *
    * 05.01 The Defense of Strahnbrad *
    * =============================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Defend Strahnbrad.
    Optional Quests:
       1. Save Timmy.
       2. Retrieve Gerard’s ledger.
    Even though Strahnbrad sounds like it’s in dire jeopardy, the mission isn’t
    timed, so take your time getting there.  In particular, search your base and
    destroy all the crates you see (by right clicking on them).  You’ll find a
    scroll of protection and a potion of healing.
    Then follow the path south, but keep going south once the path turns east.
    You’ll find yourself in a small village.  If you go to the southwestern
    corner of the village, two farmers will agree to help you, and they’ll turn
    into footmen.  At the southeastern corner, Alicia will ask you to rescue
    Timmy from some gnoll kidnappers, and the position of the gnolls will be
    shown on the minimap.  So just head east and kill the gnolls, and then right
    click on the cage to free Timmy.  You’ll receive a ring of protection +1 as a
    reward from Alicia, and one of the gnolls will also drop a potion of healing.
    That’s it for the village, so head on back to the path.  North of the path
    (near the center of the map) you’ll find a man asking for help.  If you
    approach him you’ll discover that his plea is actually a trap, and five
    bandits will attack you.  That ok.  The bandits will pose a more difficult
    battle than the gnolls, but you shouldn’t lose any units, and you’ll receive
    a scroll of healing for defeating them.
    Back on the path, you’ll shortly come to a bridge, and, lo and behold, you’ll
    find more bandits.  These bandits were in the process of robbing Gerard when
    you arrived, and Gerard will ask you to return his ledger to him.  So follow
    the bandits southeast into the forest.  You’ll have to fight eight bandits in
    total, but they shouldn’t cause you any problems, and the “bandit lord” will
    drop the ledger when he dies.  When you return the ledger to Gerard, he’ll
    give you a tome of strength (permanent +1 strength).
    When you cross the bridge, you’ll find yourself at the gates of Strahnbrad.
    You’ll also find that orcs have already started attacking the city.  Orcs are
    much more difficult to kill than bandits, but again you don’t need to hurry.
    So once you fight some orcs, feel free to sit around and rest a while before
    searching for more.
    Note: East of the gates of Strahnbrad is a cemetery.  Any innocent units that
    Arthas kills (including sheep) will show up there as ghosts after midnight.
    On the western side if the Strahnbrad you’ll find two orc grunts fighting
    three footmen.  The footmen are yours, so if you can prevent them from being
    killed, you’ll be able to add them to your army.  In the northern part of the
    city, a house will “explode” and two orc grunts will attack you.  In one of
    the crates nearby you can find a potion of mana.  Finally, the northwestern
    part of the city holds an orc slave master and two grunts.  Once you defeat
    the trio, the mission will end.
    * ======================== *
    * 05.02 Blackrock and Roll *
    * ======================== *
    Main Quests:
       1. Establish a base.
       2. Defeat the blademaster.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Defeat Searinox.
    You start out with three peasants mining gold and two harvesting lumber.  So
    create two more peasants for the mine and two more for the trees, and then
    create a fifth peasant to build things.  Meanwhile, upgrade your scout towers
    to guard towers, and use Uther (controlled by the computer) and Arthas to
    guard the two entrances to your base.  There are also some crates inside the
    base you can bash open to receive a potion of healing and a scroll of
    Note: Notice how your four towers are “protected” by crates.  (There isn’t
    anything inside the crates, so don’t destroy them.)  In later missions you
    can use farms to protect towers in much the same way.
    Once you’ve established your base and have six footmen, you’ll learn that
    your main goal for the mission is to defeat the orc blademaster.  But as in
    the previous mission, there isn’t any hurry to complete the quest, so don’t
    rush off to confront him.  Instead, take your units and head east.  (Uther
    and your towers can protect the base on their own, although it doesn’t hurt
    to add in more towers.)
    East of your base you’ll encounter Feranor Steeltoe and four dwarven
    riflemen.  Steeltoe will ask you to help him defeat the drake Searinox, and
    he’ll give you the four riflemen to help you out.  You’ll also receive the
    nearby blacksmith, which will allow you to upgrade your units and produce
    more riflemen.
    Searinox’s cave is further to the east.  Inside you’ll find some black dragon
    whelps, which your riflemen should make short work of, and Searinox himself.
    Searinox will have some skeleton archers to help him out, but he still
    shouldn’t pose much of a problem.  Just have your riflemen concentrate on him
    while your footmen deal with the archers, and make judicious use to Arthas’
    holy light spell.  Once Searinox dies, he’ll drop his heart, and when you
    take the heart to Steeltoe you’ll receive an orb of fire, which adds an
    attack bonus plus splash damage to a hero’s weapon.
    Other than Searinox, there are five groups of creeps you can deal with on the
       1. A group of gnolls on the western edge of the map.  They have a potion
          of mana.
       2. A group of gnolls on the eastern edge of the map.  They have a potion
          of healing.
       3. A group of murlocs north of the western gnolls.  They have claws of
          attack +3.
       4. A group of ogres west of the murlocs (and up a couple ramps).  You’ll
          have to cut down numerous trees to get to them, but your reward will be
          gauntlets of ogre strength +3.
       5. A gnoll warden west of Searinox’s cave (through a narrow ravine).  Once
          again you’ll have to chop down several trees, but you’ll get a wand of
          negation (dispels targets) as a prize.
    If you don’t want to take the time to cut down trees, then don’t worry about
    it.  There will be quite a few pieces of equipment for Arthas before the end
    of the campaign.
    At the northern end of the map is the orc base.  If you destroy it then the
    orcs will stop attacking you, but otherwise there isn’t a reward.  The orc
    blademaster is to the northeast.  He’s an orc hero, but he’s only level 2,
    and his support is far enough away that you can fight the support in one
    battle and then the hero in another, making both battles straightforward.
    * =========================== *
    * 05.03 Ravages of the Plague *
    * =========================== *
    Main Quests:
       1. Investigate villages.
       2. Destroy the grain warehouse.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Find the fountain of health.
    Instead of heading west towards the villages, head east.  You’ll find the
    rest of the ogres that were attacking Jaina.  The (big) level 5 ogre will
    drop a potion of healing, and, if you kill the nearby sheep, it will drop
    bracers of agility (+1 agility).  But note: agility doesn’t help Arthas or
    Jaina that much.
    Now go back to the path and head generally west.  You’ll discover that
    someone (or something) has destroyed the bridge to the closest village.  That
    means you’ll have to take the long way around, so head northeast.  In that
    direction you’ll discover bandits are attacking the local peasants.  So kill
    the bandits and defend the peasants.  If Splendora (the only female peasant
    in jeopardy) survives, she’ll give you a potion of greater healing.
    Note: Between the bridge and the bandit attack you’ll find a peasant named
    Garglemel.  If you click on him he’ll say he hopes you’re not there about the
    taxes.  I’ve heard that he’ll give you gold when you click on him, but it’s
    never happened for me.
    There’s only on way to go, so head north and talk to Alric.  He’ll tell you
    about a fountain of health, and the fountain’s location will be marked on
    your minimap.  Continue following the path, moving from land into the
    shallows, and kill any creeps that get in your way.  On the murloc island you
    can destroy a hut to pick up a mail of strength (+1 strength), and on the
    bandit island you can destroy a tent to receive a scroll of protection.
    Once you reach the village beyond the broken bridge, you’ll discover it is
    being attacked by the undead, and you’ll find some skeleton archers attacking
    a trio of footmen (you’ll also receive the footman defend skill).  If you can
    keep the allied footmen alive, you’ll be able to add them to your army.
    Then head west towards the fountain of health.  You’ll be ambushed by some
    skeletons along the way, but you should be able to reach the fountain without
    taking any losses.  The fountain increases the healing rate of any non-
    mechanical units next to it, so you can use it whenever your army takes
    damage.  (But chances are you won’t need it.)
    Now head south towards the rest of the village.  First you’ll pass a diseased
    grain silo and discover how the undead plague has been spreading, and then
    you’ll have a major battle with about a half dozen undead.  Make sure Jaina
    summons a water elemental, and have Arthas cast holy light whenever a unit
    gets too damaged.  Past the battle you’ll meet up with a couple priests, so
    don’t worry about running back to the fountain of health to get healed.  Just
    let the priests heal your units.
    Continuing west you’ll have to fight a couple more undead, but then you’ll
    receive a dwarven mortar team, which will start attacking skeletons to the
    west.  The skeletons will be a little confused about what to do, and you
    should be able to defeat them easily.  Once you’ve killed the skeletons, head
    to the southwestern corner of the map to pick up a mantle of intelligence +3.
    Give the mantle to Jaina since intelligence is her primary attribute.
    The grain warehouse is to the north, so head in that direction.  You’ll have
    to kill some more undead, including an abomination, but nothing should be too
    difficult, and once you’ve destroy the warehouse the mission will end.
    * ============================ *
    * 05.04 The Cult of the Damned *
    * ============================ *
    Main Quests:
       1. Investigate Andorhal.
       2. Confront Kel’Thuzad.
    Once your peasants finish building the farm, barracks and town hall (started
    during the initial cut scene), you’ll find yourself with 15 units but only
    enough food for 18.  So train three more peasants and use one to build some
    farms while the others gather wood and gold.  Eventually you should have five
    peasants working the mine, three chopping wood, and two building things.
    You’ll only be attacked from the west, so put at least a couple guard towers
    Shortly into the mission you’ll be shown a second gold mine on the map, east
    of your base.  So group together all of your units except the mortar team and
    send them east.  The only way to get to the second mine is through your base,
    so once you clear away all of the creeps in the area, it’ll be perfectly
    Two groups of creeps are worth mentioning.  Northeast of your base (past the
    gnoll merchant) you’ll run into some golems.  The golems can be tough, so try
    to attack them one at a time.  One of the golems will drop a ring of
    protection +2.  Then, in the southeastern corner of the map, you’ll run into
    some trolls.  One of the trolls will drop claws of attack +6.  If you also
    destroy the troll hut, you’ll find a scroll of protection.
    Note: Your base will probably be attacked at some point around while you’re
    clearing creeps.  If your guard towers aren’t up yet, convert your peasants
    to militia, and use them and your mortar team to dispose of the threat.
    Once the area east of your base is secure, head west and explore the rest of
    the map.  To the north you’ll find the only undead base.  It shouldn’t be
    heavily defended, so add your mortar team to your army and attack.  If things
    start going badly, then retreat to your base, do some researching, and create
    a more powerful army (two or three mortar teams will knock down buildings
    Once the undead base is gone, head north into Andorhal.  You’ll discover that
    the grain shipments have already left, and you’ll get a new quest to confront
    the necromancer Kel’Thuzad.  You should also find a cage near the center of
    the city.  If you break it open, an undead creature named Timmy will escape.
    Timmy is neutral to you, but if you attack him anyway you’ll receive a ring
    of superiority (+1 strength, +1 agility, +1 intelligence).
    Leave Andorhal to the north and then head east.  You’ll first face a couple
    ghouls, which should be easy, but then you’ll have to deal with a handful of
    abominations.  The abominations can be tough, but a mixed army of your heroes
    plus footmen, riflemen, and mortar teams should be able to deal with them.
    Once the abominations are dead, the only enemy left is Kel’Thuzad, and he’s
    only a basic necromancer unit.  Once he goes down, the mission will end.
    * ========================== *
    * 05.05 March of the Scourge *
    * ========================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Survive for 30 minutes.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Destroy the grain caravan.
    You don’t start out with many peasants, so right away train more so you have
    five mining gold, three or four chopping trees, and another couple building
    things.  Since you want to be defensive in this mission, be sure to build a
    bunch of extra guard and cannon towers.  Almost all of the normal attacks
    will arrive at the two western entrances to your base, but the last triggered
    attack can come at any or all of the three entrances.  So build extra towers
    at the two western entrances first, and then get to the other entrance if you
    have time.  (The triggered attack will come late enough in the mission that
    it won’t be able to destroy your entire base in the time allotted, so it’s
    not really important.)
    At about the 22:00 mark, you’ll receive notice of a grain caravan.  Once you
    have a few extra towers, plus some excess units that you can leave in the
    base, send a strike force (including at least two mortar teams) north to the
    northeastern corner of the map, and then west towards the northwestern
    corner.  Along the way you’ll probably learn that the caravan has infected
    the “second town,” and that’s where you’ll probably meet up with it.
    The caravan will have a mixture of zombies, ghouls, necromancers, and meat
    wagons, so try to concentrate on the meat wagons first since they’ll do the
    most damage to you.  Once you’ve destroyed everything, you’ll receive a
    scroll of town portal plus a medallion of courage (+4 strength, +4
    intelligence) for your efforts.  West of the town is a fountain of health,
    but when you approach it some ogres will attack.  The ogres will have
    gauntlets of ogre strength +3.
    Go ahead and rest at the fountain, and then either head back to your base (by
    the same route) or go down the western side of the map.  The enemy bases are
    in the center of the map, so by keeping to the edges you can skirt around
    them.  In the southwestern corner you’ll find some more ogres, and one of
    them will drop a periapt of health (+150 hit points).
    Now all you have to do is sit back and defend.  If you’re feeling
    particularly industrious, you can try attacking the two undead bases on the
    map, but without knights mostly all you’ll do is get your units killed.  So
    get your upkeep to 70 and then just build a bunch of towers.
    At roughly the 2:00 mark, both undead bases will send a major attack your
    way, including a pair of heroes (one level 6, the other level 10).  But by
    the time they get to your base, there will only be about a minute left, and
    so even if you can’t defeat the attacks outright, you should be able to delay
    them long enough to win the mission.
    * ================= *
    * 05.06 The Culling *
    * ================= *
    Main Quests:
       1. Kill 100 zombies.
       2. Prevent Mal’Ganis from claiming 100 zombies.
    This mission is sort of a funny contest.  You have to kill 100 zombies before
    Mal’Ganis can claim 100 zombies.  In order to kill zombies, you first have to
    destroy “plagued villager buildings” (by force attacking them).  Then four
    plagued peasants will appear, sleep for a bit, and change into zombies.
    However, you can kill the peasants before they switch (again by force
    attacking), and that’s what you should do since it’s quicker and means you
    won’t come under attack as much.
    Meanwhile, Mal’Ganis has to do the same thing, except he can only claim the
    zombies once they’re zombies.  Plus, he can only claim one zombie at a time,
    and the process takes a couple seconds.  Since any of your units can kill
    zombies, and since you can send out multiple attack forces, you should be
    able to win this race rather convincingly.
    Anyway, send Arthas and the two knights to the northwestern corner of the
    map.  There are ten buildings there, and that’s worth 40 zombies.  As soon as
    you attack the first building, Mal’Ganis will teleport into the city and
    start attacking buildings and zombies, too.  (That is, unless you’re really
    slow, and then he’ll start without you.)
    While that’s going on, try to build up your base.  (After you force attack a
    building, you’ll have a few seconds to check on your base before the building
    is destroyed.)  You should concentrate on making the upgrades necessary to
    produce more knights (upgrade your town hall, add a blacksmith, and so
    forth), and you should put up a couple more defensive towers to protect the
    southern and western entrances to your base.  Besides Mal’Ganis, the undead
    base on the map will occasionally send attack forces your way, but with 3-4
    towers and a handful of units, you should be able to beat them off.
    Note: It doesn’t really matter if you lose your base as long as you’re still
    able to kill 100 zombies.
    Once you’ve cleared the ten buildings in the northwestern corner of the map,
    head south into the city zoo.  In the cage with the owlbears is a rat named
    Filson.  Click on Filson a bunch of times until he explodes, and he’ll drop a
    talisman of evasion (15% chance enemies will miss you).
    Then just zoom around the city destroying buildings and zombies wherever you
    find them, while simultaneously adding knights and riflemen to your attack
    force.  Chances are Mal’Ganis will seek you out at some point.  If you’re
    still fighting with just Arthas and the two knights, then it’s probably best
    to run away.  Otherwise, smash Mal’Ganis and his attack force, remembering
    that Arthas’ holy light spell damages the undead.
    If you kill Mal’Ganis then it’ll take his troops three minutes to revive him.
    If you’re concentrating on your attack force, you should be able to kill 20+
    zombies in that time, so if Mal’Ganis doesn’t seek you out and the race
    remains close, you might want to seek him out so you can pull away.
    * ============================= *
    * 05.07 The Shores of Northrend *
    * ============================= *
    Main Quests:
       1. Establish a base.
       2. Destroy Mal’Ganis’ base.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Rescue Muradin Bronzebeard’s men.
    Group all of your units together and head generally east.  You might have to
    fight some wolves, trolls, and nerubians along the way, but eventually you
    should stumble upon a gold mine.  Once you reach the gold mine you’ll receive
    some peasants, some buildings, and some reinforcements, including a level 5
    mountain king hero named Muradin Bronzebeard.  Bronzebeard will then ask you
    to rescue his men to the north.
    Almost immediately you’ll come under attack, so keep your forces in the area
    to deal with the threat.  Then churn out about a half dozen peasants to
    gather resources, and start building your base.  If you didn’t explore
    everything leading up to the gold mine, then go back and do that now.  Of
    particular interest is a frost orb, which you can find with the nerubians.  I
    don’t think it works with the fire orb, so split the orbs between Arthas and
    There are two undead bases on the map, and they’ll attack your base every few
    minutes (including gargoyle attacks), so keep your forces near your base
    until you can put up a couple guard towers and train a few extra units.  Also
    wait until you can add a couple mortar teams to your main army, and then send
    it north.
    North of your base you’ll find a group of trolls holding a manual of health
    (+50 hit points) and beyond them you’ll find one of the undead bases.  The
    undead base is pretty small, so a force of a dozen mixed units should be
    enough to take it.  Then just move your army up to Bronzebeard’s base to
    complete the optional quest and receive the base as your own.
    You don’t really need Bronzebeard’s base, so take all of the units you
    received from it and add them to your attack force.  Then send them all west.
    There you’ll find the main undead base on the map, and your force might be
    enough to destroy it.  If not, it should at least be able to do some major
    damage, so the next force you send can finish it off.  Once you destroy the
    base, the mission will end.
    * ================ *
    * 05.08 Dissension *
    * ================ *
    Main Quest:
       1. Destroy the five ships in 25 minutes.
    You need to destroy five ships in 25 minutes, or one ship every five minutes.
    That’s enough time that you don’t need to rush headlong into battle, getting
    your units killed.  Instead, you can be a little cautious.
    So take your two heroes and two mortar teams and head west.  You’ll have to
    fight some undead, but eventually you’ll come to a mercenary camp.  Even
    though you can afford it, don’t buy all the units at the camp.  You’ll find
    more mercenary camps with better units later.  At this one just buy the
    priest units.
    Then follow the path west to encounter more undead units and more spirit
    towers.  Keep your priests out of the way (otherwise the towers will kill
    them) and let your heroes kill the enemy units while the mortar teams kill
    the towers.  Just south of the encounter is the first ship for you to sink.
    Note: North of the encounter you can find some skeletal archers with a goblin
    night scope, which allows better vision at night.  The prize probably isn’t
    worth the time it takes to get it.
    On the way to the second ship you’ll have to fight some nerubian creeps.  If
    your ranged attackers start to take too much damage, just retreat them away
    from the fight and let your heroes deal with everything.  One of the
    nerubians will drop claws of attack +12.
    Past the second ship you’ll find another mercenary camp.  Use it to buy ogre
    magi, and then continue east.  You’ll have to fight some more creeps, but
    eventually you’ll come to a point where the path is blocked by trees.
    Conveniently, a goblin laboratory is nearby, so use it to buy a couple goblin
    sappers, and use the sappers to blow up the trees.  Just past the trees you
    can sink the third ship.
    Past the third ship you’ll find another mercenary camp.  At this one be sure
    to buy the ice troll trappers.  They can ensnare flying units, and that’s
    important because the next battle has a couple of blue drakes in it, and
    ensnaring them makes things much easier.
    Note: Northeast of the drakes, beyond some trees, you can find a level four
    Pandaren carrying a pendant of mana (+250 mana).  Use more goblin sappers to
    remove the trees.
    Southeast of the drakes you’ll find a passage flanked by several spirit
    towers.  If you have 10-15 minutes remaining, then use Arthas or Bronzebeard
    as a scout for the mortar teams (the towers will reveal themselves by
    attacking them), so the mortar teams can destroy the towers.  Otherwise, just
    run through and take your chances (but make sure at least one ranged unit
    survives).  You’ll find the fourth boat at the end of the passage.
    The way to the last ship is blocked by numerous undead units.  Arthas and
    Bronzebeard can probably do the battles on their own, so if you’ve managed to
    keep most of your units alive you should have a pretty easy time.  Then just
    destroy the last ship to complete the mission.
    * ================= *
    * 05.09 Frostmourne *
    * ================= *
    Main Quest:
       1. Locate Frostmourne.
       2. Destroy Mal’Ganis’ base.
    You start with your forces divided.  Arthas and his army are to the left, and
    your base and assorted other units are to the right.  Since the first quest
    is to find Frostmourne, guide Arthas’ army north while you defend and
    research at your base.
    Guiding Arthas, you’ll have to fight your way through a bunch of wolf and
    wendigo creeps.  The first group will have a ring of protection +3, the
    second will have a periapt of vitality (+100 hit points), and the third will
    have a tome of agility.
    After the third group of creeps you’ll find a graveyard.  Undead will ambush
    you there, and the ambush will include a pair of ghosts (which can possess
    your units) so send in Arthas and Bronzebeard alone until the ghosts are
    dead, and then send in everybody else.  (Ghosts can’t possess heroes.)
    Past the graveyard you’ll finally find Frostmourne.  It’ll be guarded by
    several undead, including a level 10 creep named the Guardian.  You don’t
    actually need to defeat all the enemies; as soon as the Guardian dies the
    battle will end, and Arthas will come into possession of Frostmourne.  Of
    course, you’ll also lose all of the units that were with Arthas (including
    Bronzebeard) but that’s the price you pay.
    With Arthas back in your base, create a strike force.  There are two undead
    bases on the map: Mal’Ganis’ green base to the northeast, and a purple base
    to the east.  It’s probably best to destroy the purple base before getting to
    Mal’Ganis.  The purple base is lightly defended, and by destroying it you
    won’t have to worry about defending your own base when you go against
    Mal’Ganis, and so you can send all of your units in the attack.
    Mal’Ganis’ base is much larger than the purple base, but its defenders will
    also be more spread out.  So with a couple dozen mixed units attacking it, it
    shouldn’t pose much of a problem.  Once you destroy enough of the buildings,
    the mission (and campaign) will end.
    * 06.00 Undead Campaign: Path of the Damned                                 *
    * ================================ *
    * 06.01 Trudging through the Ashes *
    * ================================ *
    Main Quest:
       1. Rescue 20 acolytes.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Seek out the graveyard.
    A couple notes to start off:
       1. Notice that you have Arthas as your hero again, but that he’s now a
          level 1 death knight rather than a level 10 paladin.  However, this new
          version of Arthas is similar to the old one: you can use death coil as
          an offensive and defensive spell, to heal undead units and damage
          living ones.
       2. While the mission is more or less designed for you to solve in a
          stealthy manner, you can be violent if you want.  If you can fight
          footmen or knights one or two at a time, you can defeat them with
          Arthas and the two ghouls you start with.  You should do some fighting
          regardless so you can get Arthas some experience.
       3. There are 22 acolytes on the map, so you can skip a couple of them if
          you want.
    Without going into too much unnecessary detail here, you should scout around
    with Arthas and then bring in the ghouls if he gets into trouble.  Arthas
    can’t use death coil on himself, so if you get into a fight, try to get the
    humans to attack the ghouls (by retreating Arthas and then returning him to
    the fight) so you won’t have to rest as long after the fight is over.
    In the first part of the town you’ll meet up with an acolyte who will tell
    you to seek out the graveyard.  Past that acolyte you’ll receive a shade, an
    invisible unit that can scout for you.  The shade will almost immediately
    discover a circular path being patrolled by a trio of footmen.  The best
    thing to do with the footmen is kill them (you’ll get a potion of greater
    healing as a reward) but feel free to sneak around them if they give you
    There are two acolytes near the circular path, and the crates next to the
    lumber mill will have a potion of healing in them.  In the center of the path
    is a barracks guarded by a knight and footman, and while you won’t get
    anything for defeating the knight and footman, or for destroying the
    barracks, one of the horses next to the barracks will have a ring of
    protection +2.  If you decide to go for the ring, be sure to kill the
    patrolling footmen first, or you’ll have absolutely no chance in the battle.
    North of the circular path you’ll find a gate leading to the main part of the
    town.  The gate is guarded by two footmen and two knights, but luckily you
    can skirt around it to the west and enter the town through the woods.  If
    you’ve found all the acolytes possible by this point, you should have six.
    The first part of the town consists of another little circular area, this one
    centered around a pair of villagers having a fight.  (The villagers are named
    Robert and Tyler.  Those are also the names of the main characters from the
    movie Fight Club.)  You might have to defeat some patrolling footmen again,
    but you should find three more acolytes in the area.  Just ignore the footmen
    and knights by the gate.  You won’t get anything for killing them.
    Note: South of the village fighters is a crate with a potion of greater mana
    in it.
    To the east is the graveyard.  When you send Arthas inside you’ll receive
    three skeleton warriors and two more ghouls.
    North of the graveyard is another gate, but before breaking it down head
    west.  You’ll find a town hall with a couple of peasants using it to mine
    gold.  When you attack, the peasants will switch to militia, but they should
    still be easy to kill.  Also, some bandits will attack, but they’ll attack
    the town hall, so finish off the militia before getting to them.
    Then clear out the area.  You’ll find three more acolytes (for a total of 12)
    plus a bandit camp to the west.  When you defeat the bandits there, you’ll
    receive a spider ring (+1 agility) and a potion of healing.
    Back at the gate, right click on it to break it down.  When it’s open you’ll
    find an acolyte running towards you chased by a pair of footmen.  Kill the
    footmen to receive another potion of healing.  Then explore this last part of
    the town.  You’ll find four more acolytes (for a total of 18) plus a few
    isolated knights and footmen.  Your force is strong enough now that you can
    just wade in and kill them.
    Finally, you’ll encounter a captain plus two footmen on the eastern side of
    the area.  They’re guarding four acolytes.  You could just run past them to
    free the acolytes, but you’re evil now, so just walk up to them and kill
    them.  That will also allow you to pick up a potion of greater healing before
    approaching the acolytes and ending the mission.
    * ========================= *
    * 06.02 Digging up the Dead *
    * ========================= *
    Main Quests:
       1. Recover the remains of Kel’Thuzad.
       2. Claim the urn.
       3. Establish a base.
    You start out with three meat wagons.  The mission briefing makes it sound
    like you’ll need to keep the wagons around to complete the mission, but you
    don’t.  However, the meat wagons are useful units, and completing the first
    past of the mission is much easier if you prevent them from being destroyed.
    So put Arthas and the ghouls in one group and the meat wagons in another.
    Then head east and destroy the towers and humans you run into.  Eventually
    you’ll come to Gavinrad the Dire, a level 2 paladin.  He’ll drop a scroll of
    healing (which is better than a potion of healing) when you kill him.
    East of Gavinrad is a graveyard.  Just send Arthas inside to complete the
    first quest and receive the second quest.
    Now you can finally build an undead base.  So use an acolyte to summon a gold
    mine and a necropolis.  But remember that acolytes don’t have to travel
    between the gold mine and the necropolis to deliver gold, so put the
    necropolis near trees to make harvesting wood easier.  Then summon in the
    rest of the buildings you need to complete the “establish base” quest.
    Southeast of your base you can find some rock golems, including a level 9
    granite golem.  When you kill the granite golem it’ll drop a pendant of
    energy (+150 mana).  Continuing in that direction, but moving south of your
    base, you can find Tichondrius.  When you approach him he’ll eat some human
    Northwest of your base is where you’ll find the remaining paladins.  When you
    attack the peasants in that direction, they’ll rush off and switch to
    militia, and a level 4 paladin named Ballador the Bright will assist them.
    So make sure you’ve trained some extra ghouls first, and make sure your meat
    wagons are in the area.  But be careful: the splash damage from the meat
    wagons can harm your units.
    Note: East of the peasants is a path leading north.  If you follow the path
    you’ll eventually find some low level wizards next to a campfire.  Using the
    1.12 patch, the wizards weren’t holding anything, but in the retail release
    they had a voodoo doll (+1 intelligence).  Also, notice the skulls on the
    western side of the path leading to the wizards.  If you destroy the trees
    between the skulls, you’ll find a new path leading west.  At the end of this
    new path you’ll find a pair of sasquatches who will attack you.  The
    sasquatches are levels five and six, and one will create some treants, so
    make sure you have a reasonable army when you approach them.  As a reward
    you’ll receive claws of attack +6.
    Second note: West of the (teal) barracks and houses, through numerous trees,
    you’ll come to a waterfall.  It’s the secret “Pandaren relaxation area.”
    You’ll also see a brief image of a pair of pandas.
    The rest of the mission is straightforward.  Just create a bunch of ghouls
    and meat wagons, and follow the path until you meet and kill the final two
    paladins: Sage Truthbearer (level 5) and Uther the Lightbringer (level 10).
    Sage has gloves of haste (15% increased attack speed) and Uther has the urn.
    However, before picking up the urn (and ending the mission), explore the rest
    of the map.  In a crate you’ll find a scroll of protection, and on a sheep
    (in a fenced area) you’ll find a goblin night scope.
    * ============================ *
    * 06.03 Into the Realm Eternal *
    * ============================ *
    Main Quest:
       1. Destroy the base guarding the elfgate.
    Finish off the elven base you started attacking during the cut scene, and
    then replace it with your own base.  You don’t have to worry about moving
    quickly here -- your base is completely surrounded by trees, and so the
    remaining elven bases on the map can’t attack you yet.  So build what you
    need, do some researching, and create a reasonable strike force.  (Arthas
    plus eleven ghouls and necromancers in one army, backed up by a few meat
    wagons in a second army, should be enough.)
    When you’re ready to go on the attack, head east.  There are three paths
    leading away from your base, but by heading east you can make sure that your
    army is always between the elves and your base, and so you shouldn’t have to
    worry about being attacked.  Still, upgrade your ziggurats to spirit towers.
    It’s not like there’s much else to spend your resources on in this mission.
    Note: Through some trees north of the path you can find three gnolls with a
    potion of healing.
    Once you destroy the trees blocking the path, you’ll find a small elven base
    to the east.  It’ll only be defended by a few elves, so your forces should be
    able to overrun it easily.  The only thing of interest about the base is that
    it contains a gold mine, so this is where you should expand if you run out of
    gold in your base and decide you need more.  (You probably won’t need more.)
    Then head south across the bridge.  The next elven base will be larger, with
    more units defending it plus a couple of defensive towers, but once again you
    shouldn’t have much trouble taking it.  Just be sure to take manual control
    of your meat wagons, and make sure they destroy towers and units first,
    rather than getting sidetracked by unimportant buildings (like the farms).
    Then re-supply your army to replace any units you lost in the battle.
    At this point you can make a couple of side trips.  The bridge leading to the
    third elven base lies to the south, but before crossing you can knock down
    some more trees to expose another path to your base (to make re-supplying
    your army quicker) and a fountain of health (to heal your troops).
    The third elven base is much like the second, and it should go down about as
    quickly.  Once it’s gone, take the time to re-supply your army again, and
    then head east to the fourth elven base.
    Note: North of the third elven base, once again past some trees, is a group
    of gnoll wardens.  If you kill the wardens and destroy their buildings,
    you’ll find a ring of protection +2 and a scroll of the beast.
    The next elven base is another mini-base, but once you destroy it that’ll be
    the end of the teal elves.  Now you just need to continue east to attack the
    blue elven base, the base you need to destroy to complete the mission.
    Not surprisingly, the blue elven base will be the most difficult to take.
    It’ll have defensive towers plus lots of troops plus (probably) a level 4 elf
    hero named Sylvanas Windrunner.  But just plug away, and make sure your
    necromancers are set to raise skeletons automatically, and you should be able
    to take the base in one charge.  Once you destroy enough of the base’s
    buildings, the mission will end.
    Note: South of the last elven base you can find some more gnolls, but they’ll
    only have a potion of mana.
    * ============================ *
    * 06.04 Key of the Three Moons *
    * ============================ *
    Main Quest:
       1. Collect the three mooncrystals.
       2. Bring Arthas to the elfgate.
    Group together all of your offensive units (including the crypt fiends), and
    send them south.  They’ll encounter some dragon hawks, but the crypt fiends
    will be able to knock them down with their web ability, making the hawks easy
    to kill.  Then destroy the elven buildings and set up your base.
    Note: You’ll be attacked by air quite a bit during this mission, so place
    lots of spirit towers around the northern part of your base.
    When you travel east of your base you’ll find a goblin laboratory, and you’ll
    receive a pair of goblin zeppelins.  Your base is on an island, so you’ll
    need to use the zeppelins to get to the elven bases.  However, don’t rush off
    to attack yet.  Wait until your attack force is stronger and your base is a
    little more secure.
    When you’re ready to move on (with enough units to fill the two zeppelins),
    cross the river to the east and attack the elven base there.  It’ll have some
    towers and units defending it, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to take.
    Just have your necromancers raise skeletons automatically, and have your meat
    wagons focus on defensive towers.
    On the eastern side of the base you’ll find an altar of kings on a platform.
    When you destroy the altar you’ll receive one of the mooncrystals.  Be sure
    to pick it up and put it in Arthas’ inventory.  On the northern side of the
    base you’ll find a way gate.  Once you’ve destroyed the elven base and
    replaced any units you lost in the battle, send your army through the gate
    (by ordering them to walk to it).
    Through the gate you’ll find an elven mini-base plus two more way gates.
    Send your army through the western (blue) way gate to reach another elven
    base.  This one will be much like the first base, but it’ll be better
    defended with more units guarding it, including the hero Sylvanas Windrunner.
    No matter.  The more units there are, the more skeletons you’ll raise, and so
    you should be able to take the base in one attack.  However, if you have
    trouble, just retreat through the way gate, regroup, and then attack again.
    The base will also have an altar of kings on the western side.  When you
    destroy the altar you’ll receive a second mooncrystal.  You’ll have to empty
    yet another inventory slot on Arthas to pick it up, but once the crystal is
    in your possession it’ll combine with the first crystal, giving back the
    inventory slot.  Now go back through the way gate and take the (red) way gate
    you skipped before.
    You’ll find -- surprise, surprise -- yet another elven base.  So destroy the
    base and claim the last mooncrystal.  That will complete the first quest and
    give you the second: to bring Arthas to the elfgate in the northeastern
    corner of the map.  There isn’t a way gate to that part of the map, so load
    your army into your zeppelins and send them over.
    The elfgate will be guarded by a handful of units and towers, but you don’t
    have to fight them if you don’t want to.  Just run Arthas to the circle of
    power next to the gate to complete the mission.
    * ============================ *
    * 06.05 The Fall of Silvermoon *
    * ============================ *
    Main Quest:
       1. Defeat the Sunwell’s guardians.
    Optional Quests:
       1. Defeat Sylvanas’ base.
       2. Kill Sylvanas’ runners.
    Group together your offensive units and send them to the northern edge of
    your base.  Shortly you’ll be attacked by Sylvanas Windrunner from that
    direction, but your forces plus the spirit tower there should be enough to
    beat her back.  Once she’s gone, send your units north and then east to
    defeat some rock golems and pick up a ring of regeneration.
    Somewhere around this time you’ll receive the optional quests to defeat
    Sylvanas’ base and to prevent her runners from warning Silvermoon of your
    presence.  You’ll also receive four gargoyles to help you out.  They can kill
    the runners while you create a strike force large enough to deal with the
    Note: The runners won’t always take the same path.  There are three paths the
    runners can take, but there aren’t any hostile elven forces between Sylvanas’
    base and Silvermoon, so your gargoyles should be able to catch the runners
    regardless.  Just keep them around the center path (east of where they start)
    so they’ll have an easier time intercepting the runners.
    Once you have enough units, send them west along the northern edge of the
    map.  They’ll eventually cross a bridge and encounter Sylvanas’ base.  Just
    hack away until you’ve destroyed enough buildings to complete the quest.
    When you do, three things will happen: you’ll receive a hood of cunning (+4
    intelligence, +4 agility), Arthas will turn Sylvanas into a banshee, and
    you’ll gain the ability to create banshees.
    Note: It doesn’t matter if Sylvanas lives or dies at this point.
    With Sylvanas no longer a threat, you can take your time, do some researching
    and create a larger strike force.  Assuming you killed all of the runners,
    Silvermoon won’t know you’re on the map, and so you won’t come under attack.
    Then head south from your base.  When you get to the bridge, you can head
    east and kill some gnolls to pick up a scroll of the beast, and then head
    south across a different bridge to visit a fountain of health.  Or you can
    just skip that and head straight for Silvermoon.
    Silvermoon will be reasonably well defended.  It’ll have a hero plus
    defensive towers plus lots of units.  If you want, you can send some
    sacrificial units at the base (like some skeletons) because once you attack
    Silvermoon, it’ll attack you back.  That way, you can convince the hero and
    several units to attack your base, where you’ll have an easier time with
    spirit towers on your side.
    You don’t actually have to attack much of Silvermoon.  Once you win the
    initial battle, you can go straight for the Sunwell.  The guardians mentioned
    in the quest description are four level 9 granite golems and not the
    Silvermoon elves.  The golems can be nasty, so try to draw them to you one at
    a time.  Or, if you’ve created a huge army by this time, just charge in and
    kill them.  The golems are tough, but they’re not that tough.  Once the
    golems are down, send Arthas to the Sunwell to complete the mission.
    Note: You can use your non-Sylvanas banshees to possess elven peasants and
    then create elven units and buildings.
    * ============================= *
    * 06.06 Blackrock and Roll, Too *
    * ============================= *
    Main Quest:
       1. Destroy the orc base guarding the demon gate.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Defeat the orc heroes.
    Immediately organize your forces and send them to the eastern side of your
    base, and upgrade all of your ziggurats to spirit towers.  Shortly after you
    receive your first frost wyrm, you’ll be attacked from the east by an orc
    hero plus a few other units, and if you’re not careful they can knock down a
    spirit tower or wander over to your acolytes.
    Once the orcs are dead, pick up the manual of health (+50 hit points) the
    hero drops, and then start building your base like normal.  You’ll receive
    the optional quest of defeating the other five orc heroes on the map, and you
    should definitely complete the quest, just for the loot you’ll receive if
    nothing else.  You can also send your shade out to explore.  Just hold down
    the shift key and right click various locations on the minimap so the shade
    explores everywhere without you having to watch it.
    Once you have a large enough strike force (consisting mostly of your heroes,
    fiends, and meat wagons), pick an orc base and attack it.  The orc bases,
    other than the red one, are small and relatively easy to take.  Here’s what
    the heroes for each base will drop:
       1. Genjuros (brown): tome of strength
       2. Jubei’Thos (red): tome of knowledge
       3. Khanzo (blue): tome of agility
       4. Mazrigos (light blue): tome of intelligence
       5. Throk’Feroth (orange): tome of intelligence
    There are also a couple dragon roosts north of your base.  At the eastern one
    you can pick up a periapt of vitality (+150 hit points), and at the western
    one claws of attack +9.  You can also find a group of ice trolls in the
    northwestern corner of the map guarding a goblin merchant.  One of the trolls
    will drop a ring of protection +3.
    The red orc base (which you should attack last) will have a few red dragons
    guarding it, so make sure your attack force has some gargoyles and / or frost
    wyrms in it.  Also, pay attention during the fighting, so you can pick up the
    tome of knowledge (+1 intelligence, +1 strength, +1 agility) the hero drops
    before the base is destroyed.  Once you’ve destroyed all the red buildings,
    the mission will end.
    * ========================== *
    * 06.07 The Siege of Dalaran *
    * ========================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Slay the three archmagi.
    There are a few things it’s useful to know before you start playing:
       1. The aura won’t kill undead units outright.  It’ll just slowly drain
          away their hit points.
       2. The aura will affect all of the undead faction’s units, even the ones
          that aren’t undead (like crypt fiends), but it won’t affect any other
       3. Each of the three archmagi controls a section of the aura.  Once you
          kill an archmage, his portion of the aura will disappear.
    So start setting up your base like normal.  You’ll only face attacks from the
    north (through Dalaran’s entrance), so you only need to put spirit towers on
    that side of your base.  Since it’s best to make quick strikes in this
    mission, it’s also best to sit back and defend while you research everything
    you can.  Then your units will be more powerful and will kill things more
    quickly, and they won’t be affected by the auras for as long.
    Note: If you’re feeling particularly patient, you can just sit back in your
    base, wait for enemies to attack, and then possess them with banshees.  It’s
    slow and boring, but the possessed units won’t be affected by the auras.  You
    can also possess peasant units inside the base and do the same sort of thing
    more quickly.
    Another note: West of your starting position you can find Aran Spellweaver.
    Between him and the building next to him you can pick up a health stone
    (which improves regeneration) and an anti-magic potion.
    Otherwise, while you’re researching, send Arthas and Kel’Thuzad north into
    Dalaran.  They can defeat the first archmage and his defenders all by
    themselves (in fact, Arthas can probably defeat them without Kel’Thuzad’s
    help).  Then let the pair explore a little.  To the west they’re find a small
    base that they probably can’t take, but to the east they’ll find a level 1
    hero who will leave behind a mantle of intelligence +3 when he dies.
    Once you have something of a strike force (your initial units are probably
    enough), attack the base west of the first archmage.  Once you destroy the
    base, put a base of your own in its place.  Then you can use the new base as
    a rallying point for your troops, and also as a place to mine more gold.
    Note: North of the (eastern) entrance to the base, you can find a pair of
    cages containing level 6 rock golems.
    The second archmage is directly north of your new base, on a small “island.”
    To get your melee units to him you have to walk them a fair distance and
    attack him from the north, so instead you should either attack him from the
    air or use the ranged attacks of your units.  In fact, the easiest way to
    kill him is to use Arthas’ death coil spell.  Just move Arthas so he’s
    directly west of the archmage, and then cast death coil three times to kill
    Once you kill the archmage, go ahead and walk your units to the place where
    he was.  Along the way you’ll find a fountain of health, boots of elvenkind
    +6, and a cage with a level 5 ogre magi in it.  Remember that caged creatures
    count against your upkeep, so if you don’t want to use them, don’t free them.
    The next elven base is east of the fountain of health.  If you haven’t
    created a sizable strike force yet (with a dozen units plus meat wagons), go
    ahead and do that now.  Then just head east and demolish the base, but be
    careful of the level 5 hero inside, since he can cast blizzard on you.  Also
    in the area you can destroy a special magic vault containing a tome of
    intelligence, a pipe of insight (increased mana regeneration), and a pendant
    of mana (+300 mana).
    North of the base you’ll find a few human units guarding another pair of
    cages.  When you kill the units and destroy the cages, you’ll receive a pair
    of blue drakes plus some spiders.
    Past the cages you’ll find two more groups of enemy units.  The final
    archmage is in the second group.  So take your strike force and have them
    attack.  It doesn’t matter if most of them die at this point.  Just let your
    force distract and kill the enemy units while you use Arthas (and death coil)
    to kill the last archmage.  Once he’s history, the mission will end.
    * =========================== *
    * 06.08 Under the Burning Sky *
    * =========================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Protect Kel’Thuzad for 30 minutes.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Acquire the goblin land mines.
    This mission is reasonably straightforward.  You don’t need to explore
    anywhere; you just need to stay at home and build a good defense while
    simultaneously researching and beating back enemy attacks.  Plus, every so
    often the Burning Legion will send you some units (with no food cost), so you
    don’t even have to go out of your way to build a defense force.
    On the downside, there are three enemy bases on the map.  However, they’ll
    always attack in the same three places: north of your base, north of the
    summoning platform, and east of the summoning platform.  So the best plan is
    to build lots of spirit towers in those places (you conveniently start with
    three free acolytes), and also to keep your main fighting force right next to
    Kel’Thuzad on the platform.  Then your main fighting force can defend the
    platform while a secondary force (with leftover felhounds or whatnot)
    protects the base.
    Note: If you really want to explore, you can find a level 8 hero named Manath
    Magesinger in the center of the map.  If you kill him and destroy his hut,
    you’ll receive a tome of strength +2 and a ring of protection +5.
    After about ten minutes, the enemy bases will start sending siege weapons in
    their attacks, and that’s when you have to be careful.  The siege weapons can
    destroy your spirit towers quickly, and your units will attack enemy units in
    the order they’re a threat to them (rather than your buildings), meaning
    they’ll usually attack the siege weapons last.  So manually control your
    units and have them go after the siege weapons first.
    After 20 minutes you’ll receive four infernals from the Burning Legion.
    That’s the last group of free units you’ll receive.  This is also a good time
    to start increasing your upkeep (if you’ve been holding it down before).
    With about 90 seconds to go, all three enemy bases will send major forces
    towards Kel’Thuzad.  But they won’t attack him directly.  They’ll get
    sidetracked by any unit or spirit tower that gets in their way, so as long as
    you have a reasonable defensive force and a bunch of spirit towers, you
    should be able to hold them off until the timer runs out and the mission (and
    campaign) ends.
    * 07.00 Orc Campaign: The Invasion of Kalimdor                              *
    * ============== *
    * 07.01 Landfall *
    * ============== *
    Main Quests:
       1. Rally the Horde.
       2. Protect Cairne Bloodhoof.
    There isn’t a time limit for this mission, so take your time and let your
    units rest in between battles.  Also, proceed slowly, and try to let Thrall
    start each battle with chain lightning.  Unlike Arthas, Thrall can’t heal
    your units, and so there isn’t anything else useful for him to spend his mana
    Basically, all you have to do in the mission is walk around, kill some
    creeps, and destroy crates to find treasures inside.  Here are some of the
    useful items you can find:
       1. A potion of mana (at your starting position).
       2. A ring of protection +1 (guarded by a pair of dragon whelps south of a
          wrecked ship).
       3. A scroll of protection (in the burning native village).
       4. Healing wards (at a murloc base).
       5. Healing wards (at a razormane camp).
       6. A potion of mana (at a razormane base).
       7. A lion’s ring (+1 agility) (south of some wrecked ships, where you find
          the second group of reinforcements).
       8. A scroll of the beast (carried by some harpies).
       9. A potion of mana (carried by a pair of thunder lizards).
      10. A wand of lightning shield (at a razormane camp past the fountain of
      11. A manual of health (at a murloc base past the fountain of health).
      12. A periapt of vitality and a potion of healing (at the major murloc
          base in the southeastern corner of the map).
    You can also find some reinforcements:
       1. Two troll headhunters (at a razormane base).
       2. A grunt and two troll headhunters (east of the razormanes).
       3. A grunt and two troll headhunters (where you meet Cairne).
    You’ll also occasionally find taurens fighting centaurs, but there isn’t
    anything you can do to rescue them.
    Eventually you’ll run into Cairne Bloodhoof, an allied level 3 hero.  He’ll
    ask for your help and then head for his base to the north.  Don’t follow him.
    Instead head to the southeastern corner of the map and kill all the murlocs
    there.  You’ll find a couple useful treasures (see above).
    When you get to Cairne’s base, the centaurs will attack, and you’ll have to
    make sure Cairne doesn’t get killed.  The centaurs will come in four waves,
    and the last wave will contain a level 5 champion.  But the taurens are
    pretty tough, and you should be able to defeat the centaurs even without
    their help.  Once you’ve destroyed the last wave, the mission will end.
    * ==================== *
    * 07.02 The Long March *
    * ==================== *
    Main Quests:
       1. Lead the caravan to the three oases.
       2. Keep at least two Kodo Beasts alive.
    This is another fixed-force mission, but, unlike the last one, time is
    important.  Every so often groups of centaurs will appear on the map, and
    they’ll attack the caravan, one from the front and one from behind.  The
    taurens can defeat the ones from behind, but you’ll have to deal with the
    ones in the front.
    What this means is you won’t be able to rest and heal between battles.  The
    centaurs will attack often enough so you’ll always lose ground.  However,
    each “oasis” on the map is really a fountain of health, and you can heal all
    of your forces there.
    So put your units into a single group and send them west.  The taurens will
    follow behind you.  There is a main path to follow, plus some optional areas
    where you can defeat creeps and gain treasures.  Almost all of the optional
    areas are a waste of time (unless you want intelligence items for some
    reason), except for these:
       1. The lightning lizards (past the first oasis) have claws of attack +3.
       2. The first harpy camp (between the first and second oases) has a mantle
          of intelligence +3 in the harpy nest.  The queen in the second camp
          used to drop a totem of might, but that doesn’t seem to happen any
       3. The centaur khan (north of the second oasis) has a pendant of energy,
          and the building next to him has a tome of agility.
    As long as you make good use of the fountains, any healing wards left over
    from the last mission, and scrolls of healing from the goblin merchant on
    this map, you should be ok.  Just remember to try and heal the tauren units
    when you heal your own units.
    When you receive three raiders, realize that their ensnare ability isn’t
    automatic like the crypt fiend’s web ability.  However, you can select all of
    the raiders at once, and when you manually select the ensnare ability, only
    one raider will use it (so you don’t have to try and select them one at a
    time).  When you reach the harpies, you might want to slow the game down so
    they’re easier to target.
    When you receive the three catapults, the mission will almost be over.
    You’ll have to fight a few more centaurs, but mostly all you’ll find between
    you and the last oasis are several watch towers.  So scout with Thrall and
    use the range of the catapults to destroy the towers, and bring in the rest
    of your units whenever centaurs rush to attack.  Once Cairne and the Kodo
    Beasts reach the last oasis, the mission will end.
    * ======================== *
    * 07.03 Cry of the Warsong *
    * ======================== *
    Main Quests:
       1. Establish a base.
       2. Secure zeppelins.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Destroy the human bases.
    Immediately select all of your offensive units, and then send them east to
    the human base.  Grom Hellscream’s forces don’t actually need any help, so
    concentrate on removing buildings, starting with the town hall.  As soon as
    you destroy the hall, have a peon build a great hall in its place.  That way
    you can get your base going more quickly, while your forces and Grom’s forces
    finish off the rest of the human base.
    Once Grom departs for his base, get to work building your base.  Orc bases
    are about the same as human bases, so you shouldn’t have any problems
    figuring out what to do.  The only real decision is where to put your watch
    towers.  As you’ll soon discover, there are four human bases on the map, but
    they all have to pass through a ravine to get to your base.  So if you put
    your towers north of your base in the ravine (near where a couple razormane
    scouts are waiting), you can meet all attacks in one place and simultaneously
    prevent Grom’s base from ever coming under attack.  Otherwise just put your
    towers on the northern edge of your base.
    After a few minutes, Grom will take a few units and attack one of the human
    bases.  He’ll just get himself killed, and it won’t make much of a difference
    if you try to help out, so keep all of your units at your base.  Once Grom’s
    force is dead, the humans will send a force to attack you, so be ready for
    them.  Grom will “discover” all four of the human bases this way, with each
    encounter going the same way.
    Once Grom has attacked all four human bases, he’ll keep attacking in the same
    way, but now he’ll just pick a random base to attack.  However, the humans
    will change how they retaliate.  Instead of just one base retaliating, it’s
    possible all four bases will retaliate at the same time, and so you’ll have
    to have solid defenses by that point.  Several watch towers plus a standing
    army should do the trick.
    Eventually, once you’re happy with your defenses (or even before then), you
    can help Grom out in his attacks.  Grom’s units will primarily attack enemy
    units and leave the enemy buildings alone, so you can send in 3-4 catapults
    behind Grom to attack the enemy buildings.  Then, once enough of Grom’s army
    has been killed, pull back the catapults.  After a couple attacks, enough of
    the buildings should be destroyed that you can mop up with your army.
    Note: Be careful with your catapults.  If you accidentally kill one of Grom’s
    units with their splash damage, Grom might decide to attack your base.
    Once you’ve destroyed a human base, the mission is essentially over.  The
    enemy attacks won’t get any more difficult, and you’ll have a new gold mine
    that you can exploit.  So go ahead and destroy the other three bases to
    complete the optional quest (although you won’t get any sort of reward) and
    then concentrate on the creeps blocking the goblin laboratory.
    Note: There are also some optional creeps you can kill.  Along the way to the
    green human base you can kill some owlbears for claws of attack +9, and some
    centaurs north of the light blue human base have a tome of intelligence.
    The path to the goblin laboratory starts at the western end of the blue human
    base.  As you make your way along the path, you’ll have to fight a bunch of
    centaurs, but you’ll receive gauntlets of ogre strength +3 as a reward.  At
    the laboratory itself you’ll find several harpies, so make sure you have some
    raiders with you.  Then just ensnare and beat up the harpies to clear the
    area.  Once that’s done, pick up the circlet of nobility (+2 strength, +2
    agility, +2 intelligence), buy the two zeppelins at the laboratory, and then
    send them to your base to complete the mission.
    * ============================== *
    * 07.04 The Spirits of Ashenvale *
    * ============================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Amass 15,000 lumber.
    Optional Quests:
       1. Slay the furbolg chieftain.
       2. Destroy trees of life.
    15,000 lumber sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.  There are five trees of life
    on the map, and each time you destroy one you’ll receive 3000 lumber.  So
    build your base like normal, and don’t skimp on defenses or research.
    Also notice the balls of light (wisps) in the trees.  That’s how night elves
    harvest lumber, so take your offensive units and have them kill all the
    wisps.  You’ll find more wisps like that as you explore the rest of the map.
    Shortly into the mission your peons will chop down enough trees so that you
    can leave the area around your base.  At the same time some night elves will
    attack, so be sure to have your army on the northwestern side of your base.
    Grom’s best spell is mirror image, so cast that right away when the battle
    A second attack will arrive shortly after the first, but it will consist of a
    pair of hippogryph riders.  The attack will come form the north, so make sure
    your peons are harvesting wood on the southern side of your base, and then
    use your raiders to ensnare the riders when they arrive.
    Note: Hippogryph rider attacks will arrive from the north all mission long.
    So make sure you have watch towers in place to protect your base and peons.
    At this point, if you haven’t noticed yet, realize that you don’t have a gold
    mine.  So take an army northwest of your base.  You’ll find a mine a short
    distance away, and it’ll only be guarded by a pair of night elves.  Kill the
    elves and then build a great hall next to the mine.  You have more than
    enough peons harvesting wood, so once the hall is finished, convert some of
    them to mining gold.
    East of the gold mine you’ll find a goblin named Neeloc Greedyfingers.  He’ll
    give you the optional quest of killing the furbolg chieftain.  But don’t run
    off to kill the chieftain right away.  Keep your army next to the gold mine
    until you have some defenses up.
    Once you have some watch towers up, and once you have a decent attack force
    backed up by some catapults, clear out the southern side of the map.  South
    of the gold mine you’ll find a lightly guarded tree of life, and west of that
    some trolls guarding another gold mine.  Defeating the trolls and destroying
    their buildings will also net you a potion of greater healing plus a crystal
    ball.  Also in the area you’ll find boots of speed inside a fairy ring (but
    watch out -- entering the ring will cause some fairies to appear).
    At about this time your first gold mine will likely run dry, so move your
    peons to the one you just found.  It might also be a good time to move some
    of your tree harvesting peons to the area, since the remaining trees are
    probably far away from your war mills and great halls by now.
    In the southwestern corner of the map you’ll find the blue elf base.
    Destroying it means that all attacks will come from the north, and the
    cleared area will also give you another gold mine (although you probably
    won’t need it).  The furbolg chieftain is north of the base, so once you’ve
    destroyed it, re-supply your army and then kill him.  He’ll drop a health
    stone, and then once you return to Greedyfingers you’ll also receive a pair
    of goblin shredders.  The shredders gather lumber in a hurry, so if you want
    to explore the entire map before completing the mission, just hide them away
    somewhere and save them for later.
    The teal elf base is in the northwestern corner.  It is defended about as
    well as the blue base, so a standard attack force backed up by catapults
    should be able to take it relatively easily.  South of the base you can find
    another fairy ring, this one with a potion of restoration.  A third fairy
    ring is located northwest of your first gold mine.  It contains a tome of
    The light blue (and last) elf base is in the northeastern corner.  It’s about
    the same as the others, so, with all the practice you’ve had, it should be
    easy to take down.  The last tree of life is south of the light blue base,
    but destroying it (and completing the optional quest) won’t net you anything.
    With the elf bases gone, you just need to harvest whatever lumber necessary
    (if any) to complete the main quest, and then the mission will end.
    * =========================== *
    * 07.05 The Hunter of Shadows *
    * =========================== *
    Main Quests:
       1. Find the Chaos Well.
       2. Kill Cenarius.
    The good news is that you start out with four bases plus the 15,000 lumber
    from the previous mission.  The bad news is that the night elves will take
    back the three bases west of the river in the first few minutes of the
    mission, and then they’ll attack your remaining base.
    So immediately grab all the peons west of the river and send them to your
    main base.  If you grab them early enough, all three should survive.  Then
    get those peons constructing watch towers while you train three more peons to
    mine from the gold mine near your great hall.
    There are two entrances to your base -- one to the north and one to the south
    -- so put most of your watch towers in those two places (using the existing
    ridges when possible), but also put some along the western edge next to the
    river.  The latter towers will deal with any hippogryph riders or chimeras
    that the enemy sends at you.
    The initial attack on your main base will probably go badly for you, but if
    you were able to put up some watch towers and do some researching, then you
    should still have Grom plus a few other units still alive.  So sit around and
    defend for a while until you can build up a new attack force and also put up
    some more watch towers.  You’ll have a few minutes before any more attacks
    Also, after defeating the initial attack, you’ll finally see one of your main
    quests for the mission, to find the Chaos Well.  Without visiting the Chaos
    Well, you can’t defeat Cenarius, so don’t try attacking the three enemy bases
    to the west until you complete the quest (Cenarius will just show up and kill
    Once you have a reasonable attack force, send it north of your base (on your
    side of the river).  You’ll find some wolves to kill, and past that some
    trees you’ll have to knock down.  So once the wolves are dead bring a
    catapult to the area and knock down the trees.
    Moving past the trees will take your army far away from your base, so before
    going any farther, make sure your defenses are pretty good (with towers and
    catapults, plus maybe some other units around).  You don’t really need any
    catapults with your main army, so leave all your catapults home.
    North of the trees you’ll find a bunch of furbolgs.  Defeating them will net
    you claws of attack +9 plus an anti-magic potion.  Be sure to use your witch
    doctors’ healing wards to keep your army alive.  Past the furbolgs you’ll
    find some satyrs guarding a way gate.  Defeating the satyrs will also give
    you a periapt of health (+300 hit points).
    Through the way gate you’ll find some more satyrs (with a potion of greater
    healing), and then, through an archway, a satyr pyromancer with four burning
    archers.  The pyromancer will drop an orb of fire.
    Keep following the path.  You’ll run into some wimpy undead units, a fountain
    of healing, and then, through a second archway, the satyrs guarding the Chaos
    Well.  When you defeat the satyrs, you’ll find a ring of protection +3, but,
    more importantly, all of your orc units will turn into chaos orc units, which
    are more powerful.
    So bring your army back to your base, create some more units, and then storm
    one of the elven bases on the western side of the river.  Your new and
    improved units should make short work of the elves.  Once you’ve destroyed
    enough of the base, Cenarius and a few of his friends will attack you, but
    again you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.  Once Cenarius falls, the
    mission will end.
    * ======================== *
    * 07.06 Where Wyverns Dare *
    * ======================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Destroy the human base guarding Stonetalon Peak.
    Optional Quests:
       1. Find the wyverns.
       2. Restore the defiled fountain.
    The (blue) base you need to destroy is accessible only by air.  That means 1)
    you’ll either need wyverns or zeppelins to attack it, and 2) its attacks
    against you will include flying units and zeppelins of its own.  So you need
    your base to be well defended, so if enemy zeppelins drop units into your
    base, you’ll be able to destroy them regardless of where they land.  In other
    words, put several watch towers on the northern edge of your base, plus a few
    in the interior.  You should concentrate on the area near your great hall and
    on the southern edge of the north-south ravine in the middle of the map.
    Once the cut scene ends, group together your offensive units and send them
    west.  You’ll find several lightning lizards guarding a defiled fountain.
    When you kill the lizards and bring Thrall close to the fountain, you’ll get
    the optional quest to restore the fountain (to a fountain of health).
    But don’t rush off and do anything.  Sit around and defend for a while, and
    once you think you have a reasonable attack force plus good defenses at your
    base (including some catapults to back up the watch towers), send your force
    north into the ravine.  As soon as the ravine branches (almost right away)
    send your force west.  You should get a cut scene about the wyverns.
    Follow the path all the way to the end.  Along the way you’ll have to fight a
    bunch of creeps (holding a periapt of vitality and a health stone), so stop
    as you need to and use a healing ward to heal your troops.  Then continue on.
    Eventually you’ll run into three groups of harpies, so it’s a good idea to
    have some raiders along.  Chain lightning doesn’t hurt either.  Once you kill
    the last set of harpies, you’ll receive six wyverns as reinforcements, and
    you’ll also find a pendant of mana.
    Note: If the wyverns don’t appear, that means you missed a harpy somewhere.
    So hunt around for them.  They can be found near the cages and at the
    entrance to the path leading to the cages.
    Send your units back to your base, and heal and re-supply them.  Once they’re
    ready to go, send them north into the ravine again, but this time keep going
    north.  You’ll find several centaurs guarding a gold mine plus a goblin
    laboratory (where you can buy more zeppelins if you want), and past that,
    taking the eastern branch of the ravine, you’ll run into the centaur khan and
    his cohorts.  With Thrall and Cairne plus assorted other units, the battle
    shouldn’t be too bad.  Once the khan dies, he’ll drop a glyph of
    purification.  Just take the glyph back to the defiled fountain to turn it
    into a fountain of health.
    After re-supplying your army again, send it back into the ravine, but this
    time have it take the western branch that leads to the light blue human base.
    After the base is destroyed, leave your units where they are, and create more
    units until your upkeep closes in on 90.  Then purchase some zeppelins, and
    attack the blue base from the west.  With your wyverns leading the way (to
    kill the enemy gryphons), land your units on the western side of the base,
    and then let them pound away.  With taurens, catapults, and more, the base
    shouldn’t last very long, and once you’ve destroyed enough of its buildings,
    the mission will end.
    * ================ *
    * 07.07 The Oracle *
    * ================ *
    Main Quests:
       1. Seek out the Oracle.
       2. Return Aszune’s heart to her.
       3. Take the enchanted gemstone to the spectral bridge.
    You start out with Thrall and some orcs and trolls.  Later you’ll switch to
    Cairne and some taurens.  The important thing to realize is that the two
    groups will eventually meet up, and Cairne will be able to explore the area
    where Thrall starts.  That’s important because Thrall probably has the best
    equipment at this point, and he’ll likely find equipment not good enough for
    him but good enough for Cairne during his explorations.  So when you find
    good equipment, try to remember where it is on the map so Cairne can pick it
    up later.
    The first part of the map isn’t complicated.  Just group all of your units
    together, kill some creeps, and destroy some crates.  Then, when your units
    get hurt, either let them rest for a while, or use a healing ward from your
    witch doctor.  With chain lightning plus his spirit wolves, Thrall can handle
    all of the encounters on his own, so don’t worry if you get some units
    Eventually you’ll pass a death revenant (who will drop an orb of fire) and
    arrive at the skeleton lord’s throne.  Near the throne are three doors.  The
    northern door requires a key that is located through the southern door.  Just
    pick up the key and bring it to the northern door to open it.  Then through
    the door you can find a crown of kings (+5 strength, +5 agility, +5
    intelligence), plus some scrolls and potions.  Through the eastern door lies
    a way gate.
    Once you go through the gate you’ll find yourself next to two doors, one to
    the north and one to the south.  Go through the southern door first, and
    you’ll find a light barrier to the east and a locked door to the south.
    You’ll also hear from a spirit named Aszune.  When you return her heart to
    her, she’ll remove the light barrier to the east.  (It’s a quest, but it
    won’t show up on your quest log yet.)  The locked door the south is the
    avenue Cairne will use to meet back up with Thrall, and it won’t open until
    you get to Cairne’s part of the mission.
    So head back to the room with the way gate in it, but this time go through
    the door to the north.  Eventually you’ll come to some harpies fighting a
    dragon.  Let the harpies finish off the dragon, and then kill the harpies.
    The dragon will drop Aszune’s heart, so just pick it up and return it to the
    light barrier (you can use the way gate north of the battle for a quicker
    trip).  Aszune will be happy and remove the barrier for you.  Then you’ll
    discover you need a gemstone to create a spectral bridge, and you’ll come
    under control of Cairne.
    Note: If you’ve explored Thrall’s part of the map carefully, you’ll have
    found the following items (plus some scrolls and potions): a mantle of
    intelligence +3, a ring of regeneration, a tome of intelligence, a tome of
    agility, an orb of fire, a crown of kings, and a sobi mask.
    There are three things of interest in Cairne’s part of the map:
       1. The “hungry hungry lizard.”  Don’t kill it.  The lizard will eat so
          many mushrooms that it’ll eventually explode, but in the process it’ll
          clear the way to the Lion Horn of Stormwind, an item that grants
          nearby units a boost to their armor.
       2. The gemstone.  It’ll be guarded by a whole host of quillboars and
          razormanes, so you can’t just rush in and grab it.  Instead, explore to
          the north of the gemstone, and you’ll find two circles of power.  The
          one on the right will activate the trap where the quillboars and
          razormanes are, killing them all.  The one on the left will open the
          door that leads to the gemstone.
       3. The ghost key.  One of the statues on the eastern end of the area will
          have the key.  It’ll open the door to Thrall’s part of the map.
    If you’ve explored carefully, then you should also have found a tome of
    strength, claws of attack +12, and a belt of giant strength +6.
    Once you’ve reunited Cairne with Thrall, send Cairne through Thrall’s part of
    the map to pick up useful items (if necessary).  Then send your units across
    the spectral bridge to complete the mission.
    Note: There isn’t any way to get to the northwestern part of the map, and
    there isn’t anything there anyway.
    * ========================= *
    * 07.08 By Demons Be Driven *
    * ========================= *
    Main Quest:
       1. Capture Grom and bring him to Jaina’s ritual circle.
    Note that Thrall starts the mission by dropping one of his inventory objects
    so he can pick up the soul gem.  So check his inventory and make sure he has
    his best five objects with him before proceeding.
    Two things will happen with regularity during this mission:
       1. Infernals will rain down from the sky and land at random locations on
          the map, including the middle of your base.
       2. The enemy orc bases will send attacks your way, and they’ll have chaos
          units at their disposal.
    That means you have to have good defenses at your base.  Upgraded chaos
    grunts can mow down watch towers quickly, so you can’t rely on them alone.
    Upgraded barricades help, but you really need to have watch towers plus
    catapults plus wyverns patrolling your base for an effective defense.
    Once your defenses are good enough to deal with infernals, start sending out
    your army in between chaos orc attacks.  Near your base you can find a gold
    mine to the northeast and a goblin laboratory to the east.  When you get to
    the laboratory, buy a shredder there and retire all of the peons you have
    harvesting trees.  One shredder is faster than four peons, and the upkeep
    cost is the same.
    Farther away from your base, but still on the southern side of the map, you
    can find another gold mine (far to the east) and two fountains of health (one
    to the northeast and one to the north).  If you destroy the buildings around
    the northeastern fountain you’ll discover a mask of death, which gives heroes
    a vampiric attack.  At the northern fountain, you can find a hood of cunning
    (+4 agility, +4 intelligence) when you defeat the centaurs there.
    Keep creating units and researching, and once you have an impressive strike
    force backed up by catapults, head for the enemy orc base in the northwestern
    corner of the map.  The orc buildings have barricades, so try to use your
    catapults to destroy buildings, while the rest of your army chases down enemy
    Note: East of the orc base you can kill some lightning lizards to get a
    medallion of courage (+4 strength, +4 intelligence).  Southeast of the base
    you can find some cages with troll headhunters inside.
    Once the orc base is destroyed, head east.  You should shortly find the
    entrance to where Grom is being held (the ground turns red).  Three groups of
    units will block your way to Grom.  The first two consist of doom guards and
    chaos units, and the third has a pair of doom guards plus Grom himself.  Just
    plow through them, and when you get to Grom, wait for the cut scene to finish
    and then use the soul gem on him (by selecting the gem in Thrall’s inventory
    and then targeting Grom).  That will capture Grom’s soul in the gem.  Then
    just walk Thrall to the circle of power south of Jaina’s base to complete the
    mission (and the campaign).
    * 08.00 Night Elf Campaign: Eternity’s End                                  *
    * ========================= *
    * 08.01 Enemies at the Gate *
    * ========================= *
    Main Quests:
       1. Establish a base.
       2. Kill the paladin.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Find 10 missing furbolgs.
    Well, it’s back to square one.  Building a night elf base is different than
    building a base for the other races, so follow the instructions in the
    mission.  When it comes time to build moon wells, put them near the front
    (southwestern side) of your base.  Moon wells heal units as well as provide
    food, so you don’t want to bury them in out-of-the way places.  Also be sure
    to right click the “replenish” option for the moon wells, so they
    automatically heal troops.
    Once you have some moon wells and a tree of war, there isn’t much for you to
    do at your base other than crank out a whole bunch of archers, so do just
    that.  Meanwhile, once you have a few units around, put them in a group and
    have them explore the map.
    South of your base you’ll find an encampment of furbolgs.  Don’t attack them.
    Remember that you’re playing a druid now, and animal creeps are your friends.
    The furbolgs will ask you to find 10 missing furbolgs, which are scattered
    around the map.  If you went exploring before meeting the furbolgs, you might
    have to retrace your steps.  The missing furbolgs will only appear after you
    get the quest to find them.
    Here is where you can find the furbolgs (there are 13 total):
       1. Two are located northwest of your base, along the northern edge of the
       2. Two are located southwest of the furbolg base, across the river.  There
          is also a crate there you can break open for a ring of protection +1.
       3. Three are located north of the human lumber camp.  They’re being held
          by some orc raiders.
       4. Two are located in the northwestern corner of the map.
       5. Two are located just east of the human / orc base.
       6. One is located just north of the human / orc base.
    When you rescue 10 furbolgs and return to the furbolg encampment, you’ll
    receive three furbolgs as reinforcements.
    Also on the map you can find:
       1. Three archers north of your base.  They’ll join you when you walk up to
       2. A small human camp east of the main human / orc base.  If you destroy
          the tents there you’ll find a potion of healing and a scroll of
       3. An orc lumber camp, near the gold mine in the middle of the map.
       4. A human lumber camp, west of the orc lumber camp.
       5. A second orc lumber camp, almost directly west of your base, on the
          western edge of the map.
    When you’ve explored everything you want to see, send a couple dozen archers
    to the human / orc camp.  All you have to do at the camp is kill the level 6
    paladin inside, but instead you might want to detour slightly.  There are two
    groups of tents in the base, and if you destroy the eastern ones you’ll find
    healing wards, and if you destroy the western ones you’ll find a circlet of
    nobility (+2 strength, +2 agility, +2 intelligence).  So it’s worthwhile to
    waste an attack on the base, just so you can get the extra equipment.
    Once you’re ready to kill the paladin, ignore everything else and focus your
    attacks on him.  With a host of archers gunning for him -- plus perhaps the
    odd furbolg or two -- the paladin won’t stand a chance, even if he casts
    divine shield on himself.  And once the paladin dies, the mission will end.
    * =========================== *
    * 08.02 Daughters of the Moon *
    * =========================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Bring Tyrande Whisperwind to the night elf base.
    Tyrande can hide in shadows, and the mission starts out at night, so you’re
    in good shape.  Simply move until a doom guard gets within combat range, and
    then hide.  The guard will then go about its business like it has no idea
    Tyrande is around.  In this way you can move wherever you want on the map,
    albeit slowly.  (You can also kill doom guards this way, by attacking them
    until they get into combat range and then hiding, but it takes too long with
    Tyrande alone.  Wait until you have some extra units before you try that.)
    First off, travel to the northwestern corner of the map.  You’ll find boots
    of agility +3 and claws of attack +3 there.  Then travel south until you see
    a pair of crates.  Inside one of them you’ll find a potion of greater
    Then keep going south until you find two more crates and a cage.  One of the
    crates will have a scroll of healing and the cage will contain a furbolg.
    When you release the furbolg, it’ll run off and probably get itself killed
    attacking a doom guard, but you can follow behind it and take advantage of
    the guards being distracted to open a couple more crates and pick up a druid
    pouch (+1 intelligence).
    Keep following the path until you find a bridge.  Past the bridge you’ll
    discover a human camp being attacked by archers.  When you get close enough
    to the archers (by destroying some crates first) they’ll come under your
    control.  You now have enough units that you can kill doom guards by
    attacking and hiding.
    Next you’ll find some footmen attacking ghouls.  Attack both sides evenly
    (they’ll ignore you) to gain more experience for Tyrande, and then hide and
    attack whichever side prevails.  You can also destroy some crates nearby to
    pick up a ring of superiority (+1 strength, +1 agility, +1 intelligence).
    A little further along the path you’ll find some orcs fighting some undead.
    The orcs will always win this battle, so you can do one of two things: you
    can try to help the undead units (mostly by trying to protect their meat
    wagons), or you can ignore the battle.  Either way, you should eventually try
    to enter the orc base and grab the mantle of intelligence +3.  Whether you
    help the undead or not just determines how much sneaking you’ll have to do.
    Past the orc base is a way gate leading to a fountain of health, so if the
    battle between the orcs and the undead looks like it’s going to go badly for
    you, don’t waste your archers.  Just skip the battle and go through the gate.
    At the fountain you’ll also receive three huntresses as reinforcements.
    North of the fountain of health is a door you’ll have to knock down.  Past
    the door you’ll find an area with treasures, doom guards, and shades.  You
    don’t have to do anything fancy to kill the doom guards.  Just fight them and
    then send your damaged huntresses back to the fountain of health to heal.
    The two treasures in the area are a ring of protection +2 and gloves of haste
    (15% increased attack speed).  Since Tyrande is a ranged attacker, she won’t
    come under attack much, and so objects that increase her damage (like the
    gloves of haste) are more useful to her than objects that increase her
    defense or hit points (like the ring of protection).
    To the north you’ll find some footmen who will run away when you approach.
    However, they’ll run right into a doom guard.  So follow behind them and
    attack whichever side seems to be winning.  When the doom guard dies, it’ll
    drop a tome of strength.
    Through a door to the northwest you’ll find another fountain of health and
    receive two archers and four huntresses as reinforcements.  At some point
    around here daybreak will probably arrive (meaning you can’t hide anymore)
    but that’s ok.  You should now have over a dozen units and be able to beat
    off anything that attacks you.
    Move east from the fountain and you’ll encounter a spirit tower.  Attack it
    but retreat away any unit that starts to take too much damage.  East of the
    tower you’ll find three ballistae.  In the future you can use the range of
    the ballistae to attack spirit towers without being damaged in return, but
    for now use them to destroy the trees north and east of where they start out.
    Eventually you’ll find a neutral hydralisk, and when you bring Tyrande to it,
    it’ll join your cause.  The hydralisk does about the same damage as five
    Note: Farther to the east you can find yet another fountain of health and
    receive even more reinforcements.
    Now, with about two dozen units under your control, all you have to do is
    fight your way through an undead base to get to the night elf base.  The
    undead base will have lots of spirit towers and units, so try to use your
    units (like Tyrande) to draw the enemy units back to you, and then use the
    ballistae to destroy the enemy buildings.  Once you’ve cut a swath through
    the base, just send Tyrande through the gate at its southern end and into the
    night elf base to complete the mission.
    Note: If you want to avoid combat altogether, you can use the ballistae to
    mow down the trees south of the third (northeastern) fountain of health.
    Beyond the trees is a path that leads directly into the night elf base.
    * ================================ *
    * 08.03 The Awakening of Stormrage *
    * ================================ *
    Main Quest:
       1. Wake Furion Stormrage.
    You’re on the clock for this mission.  You have to defeat an orc base to the
    east and then kill some powerful creeps before the undead base to the north
    can chop down 100 trees.  That gives you roughly half an hour.  So you have
    to attack efficiently and cut corners where you can.
    The orc base won’t create any flying units.  That means the only way they’ll
    be able to access your base is from the east.   So you don’t have to create
    any ancient protectors.  The one you start with plus your army should be able
    to deal with any orcs that arrive, and you only need to make sure your army
    is always between your base and the orc base, which isn’t too difficult since
    there are only two paths between the bases.
    Note: You can use the sentinel skill of your huntresses to reveal the paths
    to your base.
    Another note: Between your base and the orc base, on the river, you can find
    several murlocs.  If you defeat the murlocs and their buildings, you’ll
    receive boots of speed.
    Once you have a dozen units backed up by half a dozen ballistae, advance on
    the orc base.  (You can even bring your ancient protector if you want.)
    There isn’t anything special about the base, and it isn’t particularly well
    defended, so it should go down easily.  However, the orc hero at the base
    will keep casting mirror image, and that can cause some problems.  So
    immediately target the hero when you see him, and manually control the
    abolish magic spell of your druids (druids won’t cast it on summoned
    creatures even if it’s set to automatic) to remove the mirror images.  You
    might want to slow the game down so it’s easier to target them.  If you can
    destroy the orc base while there are 50 or more trees left, you’re in good
    Once the orc base is history, heal and re-supply your army, and then head
    north.  You’ll have to face three groups of creeps before you get to the Horn
    of Cenarius:
       1. A fire protector and three owlbears.  Make sure you have some dryads
          with you to abolish sleep spells.  In a crate nearby you can find a
          jade ring (+1 agility).
       2. An ice protector and three owlbears.  Again, dryads are useful to
          counteract the protector’s spells.
       3. A lightning protector and three owlbears.
    The owlbears get more powerful for each successive group, so rest as much as
    possible between fights.  In fact, if you have enough time, feel free to run
    all the way back to the fountain of health south of where the orc base was.
    You can also send a wisp along with your army to construct moon wells near
    you, and you can pick up some healing wards in a crate on the western side of
    the orc’s island.
    Regardless, once you kill the three protectors and their owlbear cohorts, all
    you have to do is bring Tyrande to the Horn of Cenarius (if she isn’t near it
    already) to complete the mission.
    * ====================== *
    * 08.04 The Druids Arise *
    * ====================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Awaken the druids.
    Optional Quests:
       1. Kill the furbolg warlord.
       2. Kill the death revenant.
    There are three inaccessible enemy bases on the map: purple (undead), red
    (orc), and light blue (human).  They won’t care about you at all, and they’ll
    only attack you if they happen to run into your units or structures.  So the
    moon wells and hunter’s hall you start with are perfectly safe.  You don’t
    have to defend them.  That area of the map is also probably the best place to
    root your ancients of war and lore.
    Of course, the nearest gold mine is right in between the red and purple
    bases, so you can’t avoid the enemy entirely.  The gold mine also only
    contains 2000 gold, so you’ll have to keep moving your tree of ages and
    ancient protectors from mine to mine to gather gold.
    So do just that while you research, train, and explore.  East of the first
    gold mine you’ll find some trolls who will leave behind an ironwood branch
    (+1 strength).  To the northwest you’ll find some more trolls guarding a
    fountain of health.  These trolls will drop a ring of protection +2 and a
    tome of strength (in a crate).
    Note: Don’t build moon wells (or other non-mobile structures) next to your
    gold mines, since the gold mines won’t last very long.  Just add more moon
    wells to your starting position and then either send wounded units back there
    or to the fountain of health.
    East of your first gold mine is a second gold mine, but again it’ll only have
    2000 gold in it.  Also, when you approach it, you’ll probably trip the
    trigger for the furbolg warlord quest.  If not, just move a little to the
    north until you see the defiled fountain.  The furbolg warlord is to the
    north and west of the fountain, and you’ll have to fight your way through
    lots of furbolgs to get to him.  The furbolgs like to cast lightning shield,
    so make sure you have some dryads with you.  Once you complete the quest
    you’ll receive claws of attack +6.
    East of the second gold mine is a light blue human base (the humans have two
    bases).  You’ll receive a pair of huntresses on the way.  Make your army as
    powerful as possible with the gold you have available (including at least two
    ballistae) and then attack.  The base isn’t very well defended, with only a
    handful of units and two watch towers in the back, so try to conserve your
    units as much as possible during the fight.  Once you destroy the base and
    knock down the door in the back, you’ll receive two more huntresses and two
    archers, plus get the second optional quest.
    The woods beyond the human base are filled with ghosts and skeleton archers,
    plus other units.  The ghosts can possess your non-hero units, so only send
    Tyrande and Furion into the woods.  They should be able to handle everything
    they see without much of a problem.  Be thorough so you kill all the ghosts
    and pick up all the gold possible for killing the creeps.
    Note: While you’re exploring the woods with your heroes, you can replace the
    human base with your own.  Put in some moon wells for healing, and move your
    ancients of lore and war from your starting position to the base.
    The death revenant is in the southeastern corner of the map (south of the
    exposed gold mine).  Tyrande and Furion can probably kill him by themselves
    (provided they draw out some of his minions first), but it’s probably better
    to bring along some help.  However, you won’t get a reward for killing the
    revenant.  All that will happen is that skeletons will stop spawning in the
    woods, so you might want to skip the quest entirely since skeletons are worth
    a little bit of gold when you kill them.
    Note: Far to the west of the death revenant (roughly south of the purple
    undead base) and through some trees, you can find some lightning lizards,
    including an ancient storm wyrm.  When you kill them you’ll receive a sobi
    mask (50% increased mana regeneration), which is a good item for Tyrande
    because of her searing arrows.
    Finally, you can get on with the main quest.  As you approach the
    northeastern part of the map, you’ll see a cut scene and find out some night
    elves in the area have been corrupted, so you’ll have to destroy their base.
    You can be thorough at this point and move your base once again to the new
    gold mine (with 5000 gold in it this time), or you can just charge the
    corrupted base.  If you have a dozen units plus some ballistae, charging will
    probably work but be ugly.  Once you destroy the base, just send Furion to
    the barrow den to the north to complete the mission.
    * ======================= *
    * 08.05 Brothers in Blood *
    * ======================= *
    Main Quests:
       1. Awaken the druids.
       2. Free Illidan Stormrage.
    Optional Quest:
       1. Retrieve water from the fountain of life to heal the furbolg shaman.
    This is another fixed-force mission without a time limit, and you should know
    the drill by now: rest your units between every battle so you don’t lose any.
    Also, when Tyrande and Furion gain a level, be sure to choose their special
    abilities.  Furion’s tranquility spell is especially useful here since it can
    heal your units.
    To start out, group all of your units together and head generally south.
    There are lots of creeps (mostly spiders) around, but nothing is too
    interesting.  One spider will drop a spider ring (+1 agility), but that’s it.
    Eventually you’ll come to a defiled fountain.
    Note: Not long before the defiled fountain, on the right side of the cave,
    you should find a skull on the ground in front of some mushrooms.  If you use
    Furion’s force of nature spell on the mushrooms twice, you’ll open up a path
    to “the largest panda ever” (a level 10 creep), and you’ll gain a necklace of
    spell immunity when you kill it.
    At the defiled fountain you’ll find a bunch of spiders, including some in the
    nearby eggs.  Past the fountain you’ll run into some furbolgs who will give
    you the optional quest.  The fountain of life they mention doesn’t have
    anything to do with the defiled fountain you just passed.  Also notice that
    one of your heroes has to pick up the empty vial they give you.  The fountain
    of life is west and then north of the furbolgs, guarded by some lightning
    lizards.  Once you fill the vial at the fountain and return it to the
    furbolgs, you’ll receive a talisman of the wild, which summons fairly wimpy
    furbolgs to help you.  I typically drop the talisman and grab back whatever
    my hero was holding before it had to pick up the empty vial.
    South of the fountain of life you’ll find a door leading west to Illidan’s
    prison.  Tyrande will leave your group at this point and take all of the
    archers and huntresses with her.  Once Furion finishes his quest to awaken
    the druids, you’ll come back to Tyrande so she can complete her quest to free
    So take your remaining forces east and kill whatever creeps you come across.
    When you reach the circle of power, have Furion walk up to it and he’ll cause
    a spirit bridge to appear.  Past the bridge you’ll have to fight three
    watchers who will drop claws of attack +9.  South of the watchers you can
    kill some skeleton archers to access a fountain of mana, and to the north
    you’ll have to fight some black dragon whelps.  Past the whelps you’ll learn
    that the druids of the claw are already awake but feral.  Worse, you’ll have
    to make your way through them to a circle of power without killing any of
    At this point your dryads aren’t terribly useful, so leave them behind.  You
    could also leave the druids of the talon behind, but in a couple places
    you’ll have to deal with multiple druids of the claw, and it’s useful to have
    two cyclones as well as an entangle available to deal with them.  You’ll also
    have to fight some spiders, and a little extra firepower doesn’t hurt.  So
    avoid what you can and cyclone what you can’t.  There isn’t anything
    interesting on the creeps or crates in the area, so don’t worry about them.
    Once Furion gets to the circle of power, his quest will be complete and
    you’ll switch to Tyrande.
    Tyrande will immediately come under attack by three watchers, but they
    shouldn’t cause much of a problem.  Once they’re dead, notice that you’re at
    a four-way intersection.  West leads to a door you can’t open yet (you need
    to activate a pair of circles of power first), so head south instead.  Kill
    all the creeps you find and activate the circle of power.  Also be sure to
    notice the room north of the library.  If you destroy the book pedestal
    there, you’ll find a book of knowledge, which will permanently increase all
    of your attributes by one.  You can also rescue some prisoners (two archers
    and a huntress) in the area.
    The hallway north of the four-way intersection is much more boring then the
    hallway to the south.  All you’ll find are some watchers to kill plus some
    healing wards in a crate.  But once you activate the circle of power, the
    previously locked door will open, so send your troops back to the four-way
    intersection and then to the west.
    Past the door you can first kill some sleepers and gain an upgrade to your
    huntresses’ weapons, and then you can enter a prison area.  In the four rooms
    of the prison you can pick up four archers, a huntress, a wolf named Loki, a
    ring of regeneration, and a periapt of vitality (+150 hit points).  Past the
    prison you’ll have to kill some treants (Tyrande can do it alone), and then
    you can take a way gate.
    Past the way gate you’ll first find a fountain of health, and then you’ll
    come to a three-way intersection.  If you take the south branch at the
    intersection, you’ll find a room with goblin land mines in it.  The land
    mines aren’t necessary, so if you don’t want to mess with Tyrande’s
    inventory, just skip them.  The reason they’re potentially useful is because
    if you take the western branch of the three-way intersection, you’ll find
    several watchers patrolling around a circular hallway.  Then you can plant
    the mines in the hallway and kill them.  But the watchers aren’t very
    powerful, and you should be able to just take your army right up to them and
    kill them without losing a unit.  You can also draw them out one at a time
    and kill them that way.
    Note: Southeast of the fountain of health, hidden behind the trees, are
    gauntlets of ogre strength +3.  However, they’re probably not overly useful
    to Tyrande at this point.
    Another note: The trees far to the west of the fountain of health (just
    before the room with the patrolling watchers) don’t go all the way to the
    wall.  You can send Tyrande behind them to find a pair of circles of power.
    Direct her to the larger of the two to discover the “Shrine of the Uberfish”
    and a mantle of intelligence +3.  Then just walk Tyrande to either of the
    small circles of power in the area to bring her back where she was.
    Now all you have to do is send your army north.  You’ll encounter some more
    watchers along the way, including a level 4 Keeper of the Grove, but they
    shouldn’t be too difficult to kill if you’ve taken care of your units during
    the mission.  Once the watchers are dead, the mission will end.
    * =================================== *
    * 08.06 A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow *
    * =================================== *
    Main Quests:
       1. Capture the Skull of Gul’Dan.
       2. Destroy Tichondrius.
    There are two entrances to your base, one to the east and one to the west.
    You might get an attack or two at the eastern entrance, but by far most
    attacks will come from the west.  So set up your defenses accordingly.
    Meanwhile, do the regular thing: build, train and research until you have a
    reasonable army.  Don’t train any more huntresses.  Instead, train druids of
    the claw and put them into bear form.  They’re much better as front line
    When you’re happy with your army (and it includes some ballistae), send them
    east.  They encounter some spiders (with a mana stone and boots of elvenkind
    +6) and some sludges, but eventually they’ll run into the orange corrupted
    base.  The orange base won’t be very well defended, so just rush into it and
    burn it to the ground.  The hero at the base might drop a scroll of
    Once the orange base is no more, head west.  You’ll find a gold mine guarded
    by some treants and satyrs.  Kill them and they’ll drop claws of attack +6.
    Then head back to your base so your army can visit your moon wells and heal
    Now head west out of your base.  You should first notice a murloc encampment,
    and when you kill the murlocs there you’ll receive a ring of protection +3.
    West of the murlocs is a sludge monstrosity with gloves of haste.  Southwest
    of the murlocs you can find several spiders, a gold mine, and a goblin
    merchant.  One of the spider eggs next to the merchant has a manual of
    Due north of the goblin merchant lies the green corrupted base.  It’s about
    as well defended as the orange base and should go down about as easily.  Now
    the only things left on the map are the Burning Legion base to the northwest
    and Tichondrius to the northeast.  You have to deal with the Burning Legion
    base first, which will consequently stop those annoying doom guard attacks on
    your base.
    The Burning Legion base is basically just a demon gate guarded by several
    doom guards and infernals.  So try to keep your units separated when you
    attack, so the doom guard fire spell will hit as few units as possible.  Then
    push forward and destroy the gate.  Once the gate is gone, move Illidan to
    the skull to turn him into a demon and complete the first quest.
    Note: There’s another demon gate on the map (north of where the orange base
    was), so you’ll still have to deal with Burning Legion attacks on your base.
    Another note: If your gold mine runs out, use the mine west of your base.
    The ones to the north and northeast will get attacked by the Burning Legion
    units appearing at the second demon gate.
    Your army probably took a beating while completing the first quest, so take
    your remaining units back to your base to heal up and get re-supplied.  Make
    sure you have a powerful army backed up by half a dozen ballistae, and then
    head for the northeastern corner of the map.
    You’ll have to deal with felhounds, infernals, and doom guards along the way
    to Tichondrius, but they shouldn’t be much of a problem for your army.  When
    you reach Tichondrius, remember that only Illidan can harm him, so have him
    target Tichondrius while your other units target the other Burning Legion
    units in the area.  Once Tichondrius goes down, the mission will end.
    * ========================== *
    * 08.07 Twilight of the Gods *
    * ========================== *
    Main Quest:
       1. Delay Archimonde for 45 minutes.
    Archimonde starts out with a base on the bottom of the hill.  In order to get
    to the top of the hill, his units first have to go through the human base,
    then they have to go through the orc base, and finally they have to go
    through your base.  All you have to do is stall them for 45 minutes.
    That sounds easy enough, especially since you get allies, but it turns out
    Archimonde cheats.  He gets unlimited resources, and he can produce units --
    undead and Burning Legion units both -- far more quickly than he should.  So
    while his first waves of attacks will have wimpy crypt fiends and ghouls,
    he’ll later send a level 10 hero plus numerous Burning Legion and undead
    units plus half a dozen catapults.  And you’ll only have a minute or so
    between waves.
    So you’re probably going to lose one or both of the allied bases, but that’s
    ok.  Once an allied base dies, Archimonde’s attack waves will reset to the
    wimpy versions, and then they’ll make their way up the difficult versions
    again.  What you need to do is keep the allied bases alive as long as
    possible.  Probably a good rule of thumb is to keep the human base going for
    at least 15 minutes and the orc base going for at least 20 minutes.  Since
    your base doesn’t have an ally helping it out, it’ll probably go down the
    quickest of the three, and ideally you don’t want Archimonde attacking it at
    So what should you do?  You should try to get as powerful as possible as
    quickly as possible.  So start researching right away (master training for
    druids of the claw is a good early target), and also start producing wisps.
    You start out with five wisps working your gold mine, but there are also two
    more gold mines nearby, and you should get wisps to produce trees of life
    next to them so you can start mining them as quickly as possible.  You also
    start with four wisps harvesting wood, and a couple more to help out there
    isn’t a bad idea either.  (Later, if you have too many wisps gathering
    resources, you can pull some off to create ancient protectors.)
    Meanwhile, grab Furion and the other units at your base and send them down to
    help Tyrande at the human base.  Between the two you have a nice enough early
    army, and you can therefore use the ancient of war at your base for
    researching.  You should also send some wisps down to the human base to
    produce an ancient of war down there plus some moon wells plus some ancient
    protectors.  Once the new ancient of war is ready, use it to produce
    When defending against attacks, it’s probably best to use your heroes, druids
    of the claw (in bear form), hippogryph riders, and ballistae.  You’ll be
    losing units left and right, so just keep producing those three non-hero
    units as often as possible, and get your heroes out of battle if they get
    anywhere close to being killed.
    Also realize that the two most lethal enemy units are meat wagons and heroes.
    So try to keep at least one druid of the talon on hand to cast cyclone on the
    hero, and try to focus your other units on the meat wagons as much as
    possible.  Of course, sometimes all you can do in battle is let your units
    work on their own, just because it tends to be difficult to tell what’s going
    Lastly, don’t forget about your heroes’ special abilities.  You can use
    tranquility roughly every other wave to heal your units (try to heal your
    ally’s units, too), and you can use starfall about as often to do some major
    damage to the enemy units (if Tyrande has the sobi mask, she can probably
    keep searing arrows on at all times, too).  Also remember that druids of the
    claw can cast spells when they’re not in bear form, so feel free to switch
    one out between waves to do some healing or to roar before the next wave
    Once it looks like an allied base is about to fall, bail out.  It’ll take
    Archimonde a couple minutes to disassemble his previous base and create a new
    base at the old location of your ally, but you still don’t want your army to
    get decimated and have to start from scratch, and you definitely don’t want
    to have to reincarnate a dead hero.  Also, after the allied base has been
    under attack for about ten minutes, start thinking about upgrading the
    defenses at the next base to be attacked.  That way you’ll have ancient
    protectors and moon wells all set up before Archimonde starts his attacks.
    That’s about it.  Just hold out for 45 minutes to complete the mission (and
    the game).
    Note: If you complete the mission on the hard difficulty setting, you’ll get
    to see an extra scene during the closing credits.
    * 09.00 Revision History                                                    *
    August 23, 2002
    Initial version.
    November 4, 2002
    Added a note to Night Elf mission two (08.02).  (Thanks Penny Tay.)
    August 15, 2003
    Updated the unit statistics and walkthrough to reflect version 1.12 of the
    game.  Added a table of contents.
    * 10.00 Permissions and Updates                                             *
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