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Walkthrough by SAnderson

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 12/12/99

                           TRAITORS GATE
                     Version 1.04  December 1999

                           Steve Anderson


This is an extremely detailed walkthrough.  Because of the non-linear 
nature of the game, it won't necessarily guide you by the quickest 
route.  What it will do is ensure you experience nearly everything 
that Daydream Software created for your enjoyment.

TRAITORS GATE is a totally logical real-time rpg/adventure/puzzle 
game.  So long as you approach it in as realistic a manner as 
possible you won't go far wrong.  You should always keep your brief 
in mind: "Get in, do the switch and get out without leaving a trace."  
This becomes quite important later on.  

While there is a real-time limit of about 12 hours, this is more than 
ample to complete all the tasks and puzzles necessary.  The possible 
exception might be the sewers.  It's the only unmapped part of the 
game and you will definitely need one for down there.  
I've created one which should accompany this walkthrough and when 
printed out, nicely fits onto a sheet of A4 paper, but if it's not 
here you will find a copy at:   
http://www.ggc.u-net.com/tg_sewers_map.gif   [25Kb].

If you would prefer to draw your own map, I suggest that once you 
enter the sewers, SAVE YOUR GAME and make your map saving into a 
separate slot as you go in order to conserve the real-time factor.  

The whole layout down there is totally logical and while time 
consuming, can be mapped relatively painlessly.

When you are happy that you've mapped the whole sewer area, you can 
resume your mission from the main saved game file. 

Use your camera often.  It's one of the most useful items you have in 
your Inventory.

There are no ridiculous or illogical puzzles here.  Everything has a 
purpose and all puzzles can be solved from in-game clues.  So long as 
you give yourself ample time, the whole experience should prove to be 
thoroughly enjoyable.

OK Raven, pull your Armani designer Angora hat down to your eyebrows,
it's time to move out. 

ZULU 18.30 WHITE TOWER – Ground Floor - Broom Cupboard.
Press GPS on your Personal Digital Assistant [PDA].
Enter your code name: RAVEN.

Turn around and pull out the brown cardboard box on the second shelf 
from the floor.
GET the can of WD40 spray.
GET the yellow flash lamp.                                           

You can take the automatic gas lighter but you don't need it and, 
like most items, once it goes into your Inventory, you can't ever put 
it back where it came from.
Leave the broom cupboard.

You can close the cupboard door but in fact all the doors during the 
mission self-close.
Go forward to the roped off area.
Open the workmens' yellow trunk [by left clicking on it].
GET the bolt cutters [half obscured in shadow].

Leave the hammer, you won't need it.

Go to the room beneath the stairs.  Note the locked gate.  Beside it 
is some oxy-acetylene equipment.  Don't be tempted to use the 
automatic gas lighter to get it working and cut the gate open.
Doing this will stop you achieving the best [and correct] 
mission ending. For now, just make a mental note  ;o)

Return to the broom cupboard and go through the door beside it.

Explore the area and find the WELL.
USE the bolt cutters on the padlock [left mouse click-and-hold, drag 
the item from your Inventory to where you want to use it].

Go down the WELL.

Don't worry about the bolt cutters.
At the bottom of the WELL 
USE the yellow flash lamp [drag it into the middle of your screen and 
let go, it will light].
Dive below the water.

Neither the compass or the map in your PDA are now working.
You will definitely need a map, but first you must find the back 
pack, left for you by the SEALS unit, containing your specialised 
equipment and the fake regalia [G on my map]. It also contains a 
handy sewer key for unlocking the numerous gates down here [At a 
pinch you can use your Picklock on them].

F   is Forward to the next node stop.
[L] is Turn Left on the Spot.
[R] is Turn Right on the Spot.

We need to go to the LOCKED SLUICE GATE [a black star on my map]: 

From the WELL [Entrance Point] travel
F, F, F, F, [L], F, F, [R], F, F, F, F, F, F.

The gate is alarmed.  Above it is a small green box.
USE your Multi-tool. Select the bottom right standard screwdriver to 
undo the screw.  USE a square of chewing gum between the contacts to 
stop the alarm from sounding.
Go to the box on the wall and press the green button.
Go beyond the gate to the next stop, [R]
GET the back pack full of goodies.
Check your user manual to read about all the items you've got.

At this point, SAVE YOUR GAME and make your own map or use mine. In 
future I shall just indicate where in the Sewers you need to be.  
Take your time when mapping and be thorough. It will save you a lot 
of time in the long run.  If you do make your own map, the main 
points of reference and things you must find are these:

These are things you've already located:
The Well and your Entrance Point [Represented as W on my map].
This is the boiler room you entered by. You will need it again.
Locked Sluice Gate [a black star on my map].
Back Pack full of goodies [G on my map].

You must now locate these:
Moat Exit [1 on my map].
Beauchamp Exit [2 on my map].
Devereux Exit [3 on my map].
Hospital Exit [4 on my map].
Wakefield Exit [5 on my map].
Air Vent Exit [AV on my map].

Two Metal Surveillance Equipment Boxes [B on my map].
A False Wall built in light Cream brick [F on my map]. 
White Tagged Pipes [asterisks on my map], these serve as handy 
reference points during your journey. On my map I've even indicated 
which side of the wall they will appear on.  ;o)

For orientation and recognition purposes you should definitely SAVE 
YOUR GAME, then leave by each of the exits and explore a little.  
In this way you will discover which exits are attached to which 
buildings.  In some cases you can leave by one exit and return by 
another.  You will also discover just how well Daydream have put the 
game together! :o) 

Some fun and useful routes to take:

MOAT EXIT [1 on my map]. 
You surface next to the moat.  It's not deep so make your way 
clockwise around the building.  You will soon locate the actual 
TRAITORS GATE.  Good to know when planning your getaway.  Keep going. 
Leave the moat and cross the grass.  Go throught the tunnel. 
Turn right and up the steps. It's safe to go through the door.

BYWARD TOWER – Store Room.
Use the spiral steps [left of entrance] to the corridor with two 
doors you cannot open and a window, which you can. Open it.
You can see a tower with a brown oblong window and a ledge below. 
SAVE YOUR GAME here if you forgot before leaving the sewer. 
USE your crossbow.
USE your Grapple. Fire just above the roof of the top tower.  When 
you get it right USE your rope-lift.  Watch as you reach the tower, 
drop down to the ledge and enter the window.

QUEENS TOWER – Top Tower Room.
Explore.  Go down the spiral stairs. Go right [not left], to the 
circular room. Exploring this area further will unwind some nice bits 
so I suggest you stop, and continue mapping the sewer!   

BEAUCHAMP EXIT [2 on my map].
You surface in a garden. Watch out for the soldier and Beefeater.
Go quickly through the nearby door.  You can do the same thing in 
reverse if you need to.  You are in a room with a central display 
cabinet.  To the left of the entrance is some ancient graffiti.  
Explore the whole area, including the passage beyond the unlocked 
barred gate.  Keep going.  Beyond the door is DEVEREUX TOWER. Go 
through.  Close by are some spiral steps. Don't use them. Explore the 
service area, then use the other exit into a grassy courtyard.  If 
you go down the steps, keep going forward and down the other steps, 
you will reach a locked entrance to THE WATERLOO BLOCK.
If you go down the first steps and turn right instead of going 
forward, you will soon reach the DEVEREUX EXIT [3 on my map].

DEVEREUX EXIT [3 on my map]. 
You surface in a grassy courtyard. Ahead and down the steps is the 
locked entrance to THE WATERLOO BLOCK.
To the left of the Sewer Exit and up the steps is DEVEREUX TOWER.                   
Through the door is a service area that houses gas cylinders etc. 
Close by are some spiral steps. Don't use them. To the left is 
another door. Go down the passage until you get to the unlocked 
barred gate. Beyond is BEAUCHAMP TOWER.
Explore the room.  Note the central display cabinet and some ancient 
graffiti near the two exits.
SAVE YOUR GAME before carefully opening the heavy wooden door.  
Note the soldier and the Beefeater at the top of the steps.  You can 
leave this way but must immediately turn left to avoid detection.  
You are in a small garden and in front of you is the BEAUCHAMP EXIT 
[2 on my map].

HOSPITAL EXIT [4 on my map].
SAVE YOUR GAME before using the Exit.
From the Sewer Exit, in front of you is the main door into THE OLD 
HOSPITAL BLOCK.  Take a look...but be very careful! ;o)
Also from the Sewer Exit, turn around.  There are some spiral steps 
to explore.

WAKEFIELD EXIT [5 on my map].
SAVE YOUR GAME before using the Exit.
You surface into a small dungeon-style room.  The door leads to some 
spiral stairs.  On the first level up is a room with a throne and a 
roaring fire. On the second level you could cross the parapet to 
LANTHORN TOWER, but you may prefer to re-load your last save at this 
If you want to continue, however, go through LANTHORN TOWER, cross 
the parapet to SALT TOWER, use the other exit to reach THE OLD 
HOSPITAL BLOCK.  Use the door opposite the static display and go down 
the steps.  Along the corridor is the HOSPITAL EXIT [4 on my map].   

With mapping out of the way, you must liberate some useful goodies 
that will help you gain access to security areas without alarm bells 
going off.

Make your way to the AIR VENT. It looks like a small grid window set 
into a left side wall [AV on my map].
Climb out onto the ledge.  SAVE YOUR GAME.

Above you are two windows.  You want the bow window to the right.
USE your Crossbow.
USE the Grapple and shoot a line to just above the bay so that the 
grapple hooks over the bay.
USE the Rope Lift to get to the window.
Going up!!

QUEENS HOUSE – First Room.
You are in the Governor's Quarters.
GET the Jade Bookmark Key [it has three prongs].
You could GET the Mahjong piece but you won't need it.

Explore by going through the door opposite the window.
Go up the stairs [not down].
Open the door in front of you.
Go to the table with two drawers at the far side of the room.
From the right-hand drawer
GET the card with Chinese number characters.
You need nothing from the left-hand drawer.   

Leave and go to the locked room next door.
USE your green Keycode Analyser Card on the slot in the code unit.
USE your Decoder [item 8 in your user manual].
You will notice the computer is working out the pass code for you.
This takes some time.  
It will eventually decide on  1418.
Punch the number into the unit and enter the room.

Explore a bit and locate the closed flat cabinet to the right of the 
far window. Open it and
GET the Bronze Key [back right].
GET the yellow cylinder with a notch in it [back left].

You don't need to get anything else but if you 
GET the parchment, you can experiment with your camera.

Once it's in your Inventory, bring the parchment up on the main 
screen. Switch on your camera and when the green camera marks show, 
take a picture of the parchment.  This picture is automatically 
relayed by e-mail to ORPHIA at the Pentagon where a team of experts 
are standing by to analyse photographs and such for you.  After about 
a minute you will be alerted to an e-mail reply.  Someone will have 
kindly translated the parchment for you.
It is wise to do this with all documents you find as well as display 
boards and panels and a number of other things.

Take no notice of any snide remarks from ORPHIA if they tell you not 
to waste their time.  You're the one on the ground and know what you 
need answers to, so they are wasting your time by not properly 
analysing what you need in the first place :o)

Next, go to the picture just right of the flat cabinet. It looks like 
a group of five medallions.
Home in on the three embossed English Roses just below.

1	Press the Top left one.
2	Press the Top right one.
3	Press the Bottom one. 

You will hear a "click".
Move right, to the portrait of Guy Fawkes.
Press the tiny lever that has appeared to the left of his portrait
[at this point I said "Wow!"].

Rotate the wheel pointers until all three are pointing at the Harps.
USE the Bronze Key.
GET the Computer Disk [middle shelf, centre].
GET all of the keys:
2 slim oblong keys with smooth sides.
A small base metal key with an oval loop.
A small stainless key with a round loop.
A small stainless key with an oval loop.

Especially important is the Red handled key sitting in the black box.
GET the Crabb & Sons Door Codes card [nice 'in' joke there for those 
people who have played 'SAFECRACKER', Daydream's previous rpg].

You do not need the Beefeater Gin [more appropriate and humorous than 
Gordon's would have been] or the gun.  

Go left into the end room.

ANNE BOLEYN'S BEDROOM [that she never slept in].
Find the locked trunk.
USE the smallish stainless key with the oval loop from next door.

USE the Jade Bookmark Key to unlock the number mechanism.
The code required has six digits.

Look at [and photograph] the portrait just left of the wardrobe.  
ORPHIA will eventually tell you that the portrait is of Anne Boleyn, 
painted for her execution. The date given is 4th May 1536.
This gives you the code for the Chinese Box as 451536.

Historical Footnote: ORPHIA suggests a corrected date of execution as 
1539.  They themselves are pretty headless, as Anne Boleyn was in 
fact beheaded on Tower Green on 19th May 1536.

No matter.  The code you want is 451536.
USE the card with Chinese number characters as a guide to the shapes.
GET the White Security Pass with green crest and blue square on it.
GET the Code for the Main Vault Doors: 7241
[both items are important].

You don't need to get the Pin Code Generator [it looks like a blue 
calculator] as we will use another one.  If you do get this one, 
remember that it is numbered 7G-00001. 
The one we will use is 7G-00003.
Go back down to the room you came in by.  You can't open the door on 
the lower landing with any of the keys [and remember not to go right 
down stairs].

QUEENS HOUSE – First Room.
Touch the ornate clock to the right of the window.
For fun, explore this whole area. If you followed my sewer mapping 
suggestion you will recognise your surroundings.

Return to the first room and leave by the door opposite.
Out of the window and through the gate and immediately stop.

[L] You will see a soldier on patrol.  You need to temporarily 
immobilise him.
USE your Crossbow.
USE the Ice-Darts [select one by clicking near the tip].
When the soldier walks to the right and stands still, aim very 
carefully at the back of his neck and fire.
If you miss, reload and try again.
When you succeed, turn around, close the gate and photograph the 
information board.  It contains a clue you will need later.  Then go 
to the door at the end of the walk and [R].

Opposite you will see some windows.  One is darker than the rest. 
USE your Crossbow.
USE the Grapple and shoot a line at the centre of the darkened 
window.  You will automatically USE the Rope-lift.

Explore the area and photograph the display panels if you would like 
to know more about the early building.
Then, from the window you came in by, go left.
Find the trunk containing Sir Walter Raleigh's artefacts.
Again, all four sheets contain real historical background.  You can 
photograph them if you like but it's not necessary for completing the 

Turn left and go up the spiral steps.
Through the two doors.

USE your Picklock on the trunk to the right of the throne.
Jiggle it a lot in a circular motion!  When it's open, 
touch the top right screw holding the tapestry.
GET the Latin Map.  Look into the trunk.
GET the Ring-Pull Handle.

Look at the map. No need to grab a Latin Dictionary.  Photograph the 
map and make the lazy bums at ORPHIA earn their salary ;o)

Leave by the other exit.

For orientation purposes, open the gate and go down the steps into 
the small room at the bottom.  We're not going this way but note that 
this room is the WAKEFIELD EXIT from the Sewer [5 on my map].
Return upstairs and keep going to the top.
Walk across the rampart and into 

In here, play the regular tourist and take some photographs.
Be sure to photograph the RECREATION panel. ;o)
Pass through the tower and use the other exit.
Walk across the rampart and into

Again, take photographs.
To the right of the other exit is a special panel with a hole in it.
USE your Multi-tool and the upper cross-head screwdriver to take off 
the protective Perspex cover.
USE the yellow cylinder with a notch in it.
GET the parchment.

Yes, you guessed...photograph it and wait for your reply.

Meanwhile, leave by the other exit, up the steps [note the sound of 
your namesake - Ravens], and into the far building.  You are in

Enjoy the static display and look around a bit.  

You should now have received a reply from the Pentagon. Unfortunately 
Henry VIII's walking stick and the secret passage are located in the 
White Tower [where your mission began].  Remember this.  It will 
prove useful later. 

For now, you should exit by the door opposite the display 
[once through, it self-locks so you can't get back]. 
Use it now.  Down to the bottom.  

Go through the door close to the Sewer Exit [L].

You must do this bit carefully.
Go to the end of the corridor and turn left.
You need to
GET the Ring of Keys off the Guard's lap.

Once you've got the keys REMAIN TOTALLY STILL
[don't turn around or he'll wake up].
Don't move a muscle until he stops making noises and settles back 
into a deep sleep.
Now turn around.
USE the Ring of Keys on the end door.

You can turn the hifi off if you like but it will stop anyway after a 
short burst.
Go into the green room [an office] next door.

You can either
USE your Key-Card analyser Card and your decoder to crack the code 
[this one takes forever], or you can
USE The Crabb & Son Door Codes Sheet and select each code in turn... 
or I can tell you that the code is 8733.
Go into the next room.

Note the metal boxes on the right-hand wall.
Go to the far end of the room and press the red arrow on the 
cylinder.  Nifty eh?

GET the computer Disk [to the right of the mouse mat].
If you run the computer up it will call for a code that you don't 
presently have.

Return to the Green Office.
Explore a bit and go to the far door.
USE your Key-Code analyser card [or you can use the White Security 
Pass with Blue Crest and writing on it that you found in the Chinese 
Box], and the second door code on the Crabb & Son card.
The code is 2341.

Explore the place.  
In particular, pick up the picture of his kid fishing [sweet].
Touch his camera...
Pin Code 9910  [Much Sweeter!].

Press the green switch on the 'GADGET' situated to the right of the 
pen and paper.
USE the Pin Code 9910.
You have 3 options:
1  Memos. [You already have all the important information].
2	Telephone numbers. [I dare you to ring Buck Palace!].
3	Appointments. [12/3. You now know today's date].

Use the green switch to turn off the 'GADGET'.

Now, here comes the best part in here:
Stand facing the Book Case.
3rd shelf down, 
Touch the 1st book left in the right half.

USE your Audio-sensor on the safe.
USE it in conjunction with the audio box [see item 13 in your 
manual].  Basically, the Audio-sensor acts like a stethoscope picking 
up weak sounds.  Look for maximum disturbances on the scale.

If you can't figure it out, the code you want is 314.
Watch the maximum disturbances as you do it.

From 10, move the dial forward to 3,
backward to 1, 
forward to 4,
Pull the handle.

GET the T-shaped turn-key [with triangular slot].
GET the Super-User Password [CRISTVS card].
GET the Devereux Computer: Super-User = Sir Walter's birth & death.
GET the Super-User Password  [Elenor's Brother the Chess Master].
GET the instruction card on how to use the Pin Code Generator. 
GET the Pin Code Generator [like a blue calculator,
    this is the one numbered 79-00003 [we'll call it 0003 for short] 
    and the one that we will use].

Unfortunately you can't GET the Bear  :o(

On this occasion I will go through this procedure step by step:

USE the computer.
It is calling for a 4 digit KEY.
First off
USE the blue Pin Code Generator numbered 0003.
[Drag it onto the main screen] and use your mouse 
to punch in the Security Boss's pin number 9910 [Enter].
The Pin Code Generator is now asking for a CODE.
Punch in the randomly generated 4 digit Computer CODE [Enter].
This generates the KEY code.
Using your own KEYBOARD, type in this KEY [Enter].
The computer is now calling for 
the Super-User Code [7 digits]. 
Your answer lies with the obliterated word on the
Super-User Password [CRISTVS card]. 
Clearly this is ancient wall graffiti.  
We need to find and photograph it.

While we are on the move we will also prepare your escape route for 
after the regalia switch.  We'll do that bit first, then find the 
graffiti.  For now, all you can do is close down the computer.

Return to 
Hospital Exit/Entrance [4 on my map] and make your way back to the
WELL [Entrance Point on my map].

WHITE TOWER – Ground Floor – Second Room.
Return to the 
WHITE TOWER – Ground Floor – First Room,
where renovations are taking place.  
Go back under the stairs to the locked barred gate you noted.
USE the small base metal key with the oval loop that you liberated 
from the ornate safe behind the portrait of Guy Fawkes.

Use the spiral stairs and ignore the alarmed gate. Keep climbing.
Now, there are two floors of exhibits here.  Have fun exploring the 
whole area. Take photos if you like.  Be sure to notice the animation 
showing the building of the White Tower.  After a good look round, 
meet me in the Chapel.

Ah, there you are!
Now we'll prepare your escape route for after the switch.

With the altar in front of you, walk between the pillars on the 
right, until you are just behind the altar.
GET the only Candlestick without a candle [you stop just to the right 
of it].
Continue walking around behind the altar.
Emerge slowly and watch for the Beefeater.
Follow him.

You will lose him in the next room but keep going forward, then turn 
right at the wall and keep going forward until a small door appears 
to your left.  Go up to the next floor.

USE the left door. Go to the first opening right [where the cannon 
is]. Move down the room and stand in front of the silver rod attached 
to the right-hand wall.  You've found 
King Henry VIII's Walking Stick.
USE the Candlestick on the bracket. 

Now, aren't you glad we're doing the scenic route??
USE the wooden steps down.

Use the yellow flash lamp.
Break anything? Of course not, you're a big tough Marine <chuckle>.
Follow the secret passage.
After going forward twice you'll see to your left a wall made of 
bright cream bricks.
Ignore it for now.
Keep going forward [six more times].
Go up the spiral steps.

USE the WD40 Spray on the bolt.

Open both doors...clever eh?

You are actually inside THE WATERLOO BLOCK which houses the regalia.
Explore the ground floor [to get your bearings for later]. 
Don't go up the stairs. 
Find the lift along the corridor but again, don't go up in it. 
Return the way you came...erm...and what ever you do, leave this 
secret door unlocked!  That's your escape route sorted.
Use the yellow flash lamp in the passage and return to the light 
cream bricks.


USE your Limpet Mine on the wall and switch it on.
You must immediately get as far away from the mine as possible, or 
pay the price.  There is a 40 second delay on the timer.  It doesn't 
matter whether you escape back the way you just came or go right, 
toward the wooden steps.

After the explosion, examine the damage.

I think this counts as one big OOPS!
All that noise, not to mention the mess and what about your briefing: 
"Get in and get out without leaving any evidence."  :o)

Go through the hole.  
There are no prizes for guessing where you are.

Now to find the graffiti in order to hack into the HOSPITAL computer.

Make your way to the
BEAUCHAMP EXIT [2 on my map][CD2].
You surface in a garden. Watch out for the soldier and Beefeater.
Quickly go through the nearby door.  There to your left is the 
ancient graffiti.  Photograph it and while you are waiting for ORPHIA 
to reply, start making your way back to THE OLD HOSPITAL BLOCK.

You can either return the way you came via the BEAUCHAMP EXIT or, 
more interestingly, you can explore this whole area, particularly the 
long passage beyond the unlocked barred gate.  Keep going.  Beyond 
the door is DEVEREUX TOWER. Go through.  Close by are spiral steps 
going up. Don't use them. Explore the service area, then use the 
other exit into a grassy courtyard.  Go down the steps, keep going 
forward and down the other steps. You reach a locked entrance to THE 
WATERLOO BLOCK. Remember this, you'll need it later.  
Return up the steps and instead of going back into DEVEREUX TOWER, 
find the DEVEREUX EXIT [3 on my map], set into the grass. 
It's in line with, but just left of, the tower door.

Somewhere along the way ORPHIA will have informed you that the top 
line of graffiti in your photograph is EXTREMA.  
It has the necessary 7 letters for the Super-User code too!

TOWER OF LONDON SEWERS - Devereux Exit/Entrance [3 on my map].
This is a bit of a trek I'm afraid [as everything is being done in 
real-time] but we now need to go back to the HOSPITAL EXIT [4 on my 

OLD HOSPITAL BLOCK EXIT – Ground Floor [4 on my map].
Go through the door in front of you and return to 

The door code is 8733.

USE the computer.
USE the blue Pin Code Generator numbered 0003.
Enter pin number 9910 [Enter].
Punch in the randomly generated 4 digit Computer CODE [Enter].
This generates the KEY code.
Type in the KEY on your KEYBOARD [Enter].
Type in the Super-User Code [7 digits] 

Start by looking at the lower heading DOOR CODES.

The information is split into two sections
These are both security centres.
The DEVERAUX diagram shows that the entrance/exit door 
is governed by two codes.
Entering is 0042
Leaving  is 2400  [the exact reverse].

Pointing to a nearby box is the code  0936.
This box is inside the security centre.
The HOSPITAL diagram shows a plan of the ground floor along with the 
two door codes you already have.
8733 gets you into this room and
2341 gets you into the SECURITY BOSS'S OFFICE.

Now go to SYSTEMS.
It is split into three sections:
At first this may appear extremely complex and confusing.

Note the two red circles.
The left one is DEVEREUX, the right one is HOSPITAL.

The six boxed graphics down the side logically represent the 
different forms of security arrangements:
Box 1:  Telephone Links.  All pretty obvious, but notice that both 
        centres are linked. 
Box 2:  Movement Sensor.  Any movement within the protected area will 
        automatically trigger an alarm.  Note the cluster of six 
        green squares in the middle. These are the regalia Vaults.
Box 3:  Body Heat Sensor. Pretty obvious.
Box 4:  Pressure Pads.  Step on these and ring that bell!
Box 5:  Alarmed Doors.  Totally obvious.
Box 6:  Video Surveillance.  This is the most vital and interesting 
        at this point.  The two purple squares are Surveillance 
        Equipment boxes. They are the nerve centres for the video 
        cameras.  It is vital that you tamper with them.  
        Remember the boxes on the wall next door? 
        They are one of your targets.

Flick through the options.  You are looking at the overall security 
arrangements for the whole TOWER COMPLEX.

This is specific to the REGALIA.  
In particular, note the new red spot.
This is another security centre close to the actual regalia Vaults.

Close down the computer, then SAVE YOUR GAME into a file called 
something like 'Computer' or 'Security System'.  
You can then re-check security codes and arrangements again really 
easily if you need to without coming back here every five minutes.

Go to the next room.  Touch the left Surveillance Equipment Box.
There are 7 video camera sockets with 1 Link V/C on the right.
USE your Scart-adapter by dragging it from your Inventory and placing 
it on each of the sockets in turn.
From your PDA, switch on the Video Equipment [item 12 in your user 
manual].  See what you've got.
Repeat the Scart-adapter dragging process for each socket.
Sockets 1-5 show external video surveillance.
Sockets 6-7 show a blank screen.
Your DLU [Digital Loop Unit] [See your user manual for explanation] 
will fit into the Link V/C, but don't leave it there.

Open the right-hand Surveillance Equipment Box.
Sockets 1-2 & 6-7 show a blank screen.
Sockets 3-5 show internal video surveillance of the external office 
of the Devereux security centre.  This is where you need your safe 
window of 60 seconds. 
Socket 4 shows the spiral stairs you will arrive up.
Place one of your [two] Digital Loop Units in the Link V/C and 
remember to SWITCH IT ON!  Exit the box.

Your next objective is obvious:
Time to get inside the Devereux security centre.

Make your way by the sewers to...No! 
I'll show you a nice little scenic route EASTER EGG instead!

TOWER OF LONDON SEWERS – Hospital Exit/Entrance.
Make your way to the 
WAKEFIELD EXIT [5 on my map][CD2].

Your surroundings will  be immediately recognisable.
For orientation purposes, face the door.  To the left of the door a 
ball and chain are hanging from a hook. Next is a corner, defined by 
a wooden support beam.
On another hook, to the left of that is a set of leg restraints. 
Follow the line of that wall to the floor. 
The bottom centre brick has a metal peg sticking out of it.
USE the Ring-Pull Handle on the peg.

USE the yellow flash lamp and explore.  
Find the Cubby Hole and two items for your Inventory.
For fun, get ORPHIA to decipher them for you!  :o)
Continue to the end of the passage.
Up the steps [twice], but before you push the stone with the bolts 
you may want to SAVE YOUR GAME into something like 'Secret Passage' 
so that you can easily visit here again.

Now push the stone.

You will recognise where you are!
The reason for saving your game was because you can't unfortunately 
enter the passage from this end.  With the game saved you can return  
along the passage and see how you get back out at the other end.

We need to get into the security centre without being seen.
Barring the timer on the Limpet mine, this part is the only 
critically timed piece of the whole mission.
It involves locating the oxygen store [just past the main security 
room door]. Beware: this room is also under surveillance! 
You need to close off the oxygen supply to the inner control room, 
filling the system with the Isoflurane knock-out gas [you have it in 
your Inventory] and then enter the inner control room.  You will need 
to wear your gas mask at all times to achieve this.

Remember that because you have activated your DLU, you can remain 
stationary in video camera view for a maximum of 60 seconds before 
the alarm will go off.  

USE your compass [item 16 in your user manual] and flick the switch 
toward the bottom.  This will activate the DLU tracking unit and will 
sound a useful warning in good time for when you should temporarily 
move to a new location. Watch and listen to it now a couple of times, 
as it does its stuff.  

It is vital to work relatively quickly and when the DLU tracker 
sounds, leave what you are doing and go to a different location.

USE your gas mask [drag it from your Inventory to the centre of the 
screen]. Now, just before you go, it's a good idea to bring the gas 
cylinder round in your Inventory so that it's ready to grab when the 
time comes.

Prepare all this and SAVE YOUR GAME.

OK Raven, let's do it!

Up the spiral steps. 
Straight ahead. 
Ignore the locked door in front of you.
Turn around.
Go to the end of the room, passing the inner security control on your 
right [you will have time to pause and see the guard working].   
Locate the oxygen store [second door on the right].
It's red and has a 'No Naked Flame' notice on it.


With an eye and ear on your DLU tracker, enter the oxygen store.
Quickly note the 5 oxygen cylinders to your right.
Go to the machine at the far end of the room. 
Inspecting the machine you will see it's split into five sections, 
one for each of the oxygen cylinders.
There is nothing tricky here, the left-most controls operate the 
left-most oxygen bottle and so forth.

At this point you may need to run for cover from the surveillance 
system.  Leave the room.  Wait a few seconds, then return.

Close to the bottom of the machine are the AUTO/MANUAL/OFF switches.
TURN OFF all of the switches except the one in the middle. 
Turn this to MANUAL.

With the middle switch at MANUAL repeatedly press the middle gold 
disk/escape valve above it until it stops hissing oxygen and the 
needle in the gauge above the valve plunges to zero [you have just 
cleared the pipe of oxygen].  That's the machine set.

At this point run for cover again.  Leave the room.
If you didn't get caught on camera SAVE YOUR GAME.  

Wait a few seconds, then return.

Stand in front of the MIDDLE oxygen cylinder.
USE the GAS cylinder from your Inventory and fix the lead to the 
middle oxygen cylinder [click on the oxygen cylinder neck].
Turn the red tap of the GAS bottle fully on [two clicks].
Immediately the pressure on the gas gauge should drop to zero.

If it doesn't, quickly move back to the far machine.
Hit the MANUAL button again, pump out the oxygen and this time stay 
with it.  Attach the gas to the oxygen cylinder and strike the red 

As soon as the gas gauge drops to zero you are safe.  

You will know when you've got it right, but just to be sure, look 
through the inner office window.  The guard will be unconscious so 
you won't be able to see him.  :o) 

Well done!

USE the White Security Pass with green crest and blue square on it on 
the code unit.
Key in the pass code 0042.

You can now turn off the DLU tracker [but leave your gas mask on].
Explore the room.
At the back of the green computer file log you will find another 
Pin Code Generator number 7G-00002.
If you use it you will need the pin number [hidden below the cooking 
stove, inside the lid of the coffee tin] 5723.

SAVE YOUR GAME before you start.

USE the computer.
USE the blue Pin Code Generator numbered 0003.
Enter pin number 9910 [Enter].
Punch in the randomly generated 4 digit Computer CODE [Enter].
This generates the KEY code.
Type in the KEY on your KEYBOARD [Enter].
Now you require the Super-User Code [8 digits].

This refers to the note you found in the Security Boss's private safe 
about Sir Walter's birth & death. 
Remember the photograph you took of the board on Raleigh's Walk?
Sir Walter Raleigh's birth & death dates are 1552-1618.
Your Super-User Code is 15521618 [Enter].

You get the SYSTEMS and DOOR CODES Screen.
The DOOR CODES are the same as the HOSPITAL Computer so go to

This is similar to the HOSPITAL system only this time you can 
activate and deactivate each part of the system by clicking on the 
[A] ACTIVATE or [DA] DEACTIVATE at bottom right.

Go through all three systems and DEACTIVATE as much as you can.  
If you get them wrong you'll soon know!!

Here's the correct set up:

   SYSTEM 1:            SYSTEM 2:                SYSTEM 3:
1	Deactivate        1  Deactivate             1  Deactivate
2	Deactivate        2  Deactivate             2  Deactivate
3	Deactivate        3  Deactivate             3  Deactivate
4	Deactivate        4  Deactivate             4  Deactivate
5	Deactivate        5  Deactivate             5  Deactivate
6	Deactivate        6  Leave ACTIVATED        6  Leave ACTIVATED

Leaving number 6 on System 3 Activated should remind you that the two 
purple squares are Surveillance Equipment Boxes. So far you've only 
tampered with one.  If you did your job thoroughly when mapping the 
sewers, you will have found a pair of boxes, similar to the ones in 
the HOSPITAL, down there.  They are marked B on my map. 
We'll go there next, but first...

While exploring here you will have found the locked cabinet.  This is 
the box from the HOSPITAL diagram that we have the code for [0936]. 
Unfortunately, we need the key, so
Go to the guard's body and 
GET the slim oblong key with one wavy side from his trouser pocket.

USE the key on the locked cabinet.
The combination lock is calling for a 3 digit code.  
The one you've got has 4...so just leave off the zero.

The code is 936.
Touch the large gold bar.
GET the Blue handled key.  
It matches the Red handled key you found earlier and judging from the 
box there's a third one to complete the set. 

USE the White Security Pass with green crest and blue square on it on 
the door code unit.
Key in the pass code 2400.

Go down the stairs before you remove your gas mask. 

TOWER OF LONDON SEWERS – Devereux Exit/Entrance [3 on my map].
Go round the corner to the Surveillance Equipment Boxes [B on my 

Touch the right Surveillance Equipment Box.
The procedure is exactly the same as the Hospital box.
Again there are 7 video camera sockets with 1 Link V/C on the right.
USE your Scart-adapter by dragging it from your Inventory and placing 
it on each of the sockets in turn.
From your PDA, switch on the Video Equipment [item 12 in your user 
Sockets 1-2 & 6-7 show a blank screen.
Sockets 3-5 You will now recognise the external office of the 
Devereux security centre. 
Socket 4 shows the spiral steps you've just come down.

Open the left Surveillance Equipment Box.
Sockets 1-4 show internal video surveillance of both the close and 
immediate vicinity of the Vaults containing the regalia.
Sockets 5-7 show a blank screen.
Place your second Digital Loop Unit in the Link V/C and remember to 
SWITCH IT ON!  Exit the box.

Return to the DEVEREUX EXIT [CD3].
Cross the grass. Down the steps to the locked door.
USE the Ring of Keys you lifted off the Hospital Guard's lap. 

Welcome to the
Unfortunately you can't grab a few toffees or a souvenir teacloth, 
but do look for the notice that says "SAFECRACKER on sale here".  
It's standing on the cash register counter!  Another nice 'in' joke! 

You have the code for the newly installed Vault door, courtesy of 
Crabb & Son.  
It is 7241.

WAKEFIELD TOWER – Ground Floor – Tourist Entrance.
Go through to the second Vault door.
It has the same code: 7214.

WAKEFIELD TOWER – Ground Floor – Tourist Queueing Area.
Follow the obvious route and go through the next door where you 
should recognise your surroundings.

USE the lift.
USE the slim flat oblong key in the round grey slot.
Press LV and go to

Turn left out of the lift.

Look inside the Garrouds & Garrouds Box.
GET the two notes.
Only one of them is important:

"Access Codes to Holding Boxes
In Vault =
The Total Sum of ...."

Go down the corridor as far as the big plant...
You obviously can't go that way.
Turn around.

Now, what is it about game developers these days? Have you noticed, 
every game you play has a toilet/bathroom/john/common man's throne 

So guess what we do now?
That's it - open the door on your left.

Go left and open the sliding door. 
You'll get the point in just a moment.
Find the bleach box [top left] and touch it.
Now MOVE the bleach box and
OPEN the air vent shutter.  :o)

It's time to SAVE YOUR GAME.

While it looks a bit tricky and you need a steady hand, this next bit 
is perfectly possible.  I did it Raven, so can you!!  :o)

USE the crossbow.
USE the Ice-darts [select them close to the tip - amazingly they 
haven't melted yet].
Give the unsuspecting guard a pain in the neck.  Yep, aim for that 
tiny pink bit that turns green in the crossbow sight!

Come on...we've got this far.  You can do it.  :o)

In your moment of triumph, as you turn round to get down, enjoy the 
Anthrex Toilet Paper joke!

Press the green button to enter.
To the right of the unconscious guard are some video surveillance 
screens.  Close in on the area in front of them.
PRESS the yellow button marked DOOR.
PRESS the other yellow button just left of it.

GET the key with the yellow handle. 
Wow! You've collected The Full Set!

Leave the office and go to the round Vault door. 
SAVE YOUR GAME [as you only get one stab at this].

USE the White Security Pass with green crest and blue square on it in 
the obvious slot.

DO NOT TOUCH the key inside the panel.  You won't need it.
USE the matched handled keys in their respective colour-coded slots.
Red and Blue in the panel, Yellow in the door.
USE the Key-turn Device from your Inventory and put it directly OVER 
the yellow key.
Touch the Key-turn Device.  It will click about 9 times, then start 
to 'Bleep'.  While it is bleeping touch either the Red or Blue key.

Just inside the barrel, to the right and up high, is a toggle switch 
that opens the barred gates.  Press it once.

You have now entered the final phase of your mission.

Proceed until you need to turn left a bit. 
Move one more stop and turn around.
You may care to SAVE YOUR GAME at this point, just in case.

Approach the pale oblong, which is a

USE one of the computer disks [one works, one doesn't].
The Super-User code you need here has 10 digits.
It's the one involving Elenor's Brother the Chess Master.

While you were in LANTHORN TOWER I suggested you photograph the 
display with the heading RECREATION.  In this you will have 
discovered that King Alphonso X was a brilliant chess player.

Using your KEYBOARD, punch in: 

That is: ALPHONSO[space]X[Enter].

On the screen are two options:

Go into DOORS.
Press to OPEN the gates.
Press LOG.

In here are details of all the key holders with security clearance to 
open these gates.  On the bottom right corner of each entry is a 
trash can. Click on any ONE of the cans to dump the entry in the 
trash!! Such Power! <chuckle>

Now, step into the Lion's Den.

As you enter the regalia Vault area, the doors close, firmly trapping 
you inside...don't panic.

There is a unit between the 1st and 2nd Vault.  Look at it but LEAVE 
IT ALONE.  I can tell you that, again, there are no "tricks" in here.  
Vault 1 is on the left, Vault 5 at far right.

Look again at the important note you found in the Garrouds & Garrouds 
Box inside the small closet next to the lift.

"Access Codes to Holding Boxes
In Vault =
The Total Sum of ...."
To save you a lot of time I'll tell you that the missing word is 
GEMS.  Now, when I say GEMS, I mean sparkling GEMS, I don't mean 
PEARLS as well [believe me, I found that out the hard way!]

You know from your original briefing which Vault holds which target 
There is nothing else in there with them.

THE IMPERIAL STATE CROWN sits alone in Vault 5.

It's simply a case of accessing the information in your PDA [under 
Jewels History] and counting up the total of gems in each Vault.

Then add zeros to the front of your number to make 5 digits.
For those who can't be bothered with all that arithmetic:

Vault 2 code is: 00795
Take the REAL Sovereign's Sceptre and Orb into your LEFT Inventory.
Replace them with the replica items from your RIGHT Inventory.

Vault 5 code is: 02901
Take the REAL Imperial State Crown into your LEFT Inventory.
Replace it with the replica from your RIGHT Inventory. 

Out of interest, so that you can look at the rest of the regalia [and 
also see what a smashing job Daydream made of it],
the other Vault codes are:
Vault 1 code is: 00443 [St Edward's Crown is my personal favourite!] 
Vault 3 code is: 00164
Vault 4 code is: 06408 [don't count the 3 rock crystals].
Vault 6 [situated further along the corridor to the right], 
   has the code: 06118

You can examine each piece but remember not to keep these items in 
your Inventory or your mission won't end properly.

With the real regalia tucked safely in your left Inventory, 
turn and face the doors. They are very dark but right in the centre 
is a security pass mounted on a broad upright strut. Sweep your 
cursor over the area until you get the forward arrow [then click].
You may need to turn a little but close by is an oblong frame.
Click on it.

After the doors have closed, return to the 

USE the computer disk again.
Use your KEYBOARD and punch in: 

Press LOG.

Cheeky, eh??
You'll probably gain GREAT pleasure as you TRASH the RED entry!

Have a quick look inside Vault 6 if you like [code: 06118]
Then return to the lift. Remember the rocker switch for the tube 
Vault is now high up on your left.

Inside the lift press 1.

Turn LEFT and go through the door at the far end.
Turn RIGHT and go through the door into the book room.
Locate the secret exit toward the end on the right.
Go through both doors.

USE the yellow flash lamp.
There is no need to bolt the door.  It happens automatically.

Return to the hole in the FALSE WALL.

There are just a couple of bits we need to clear up before we go to 
TRAITORS GATE. You don't need to worry about returning all the extra 
items you have liberated along the way.  However, there's the matter 
of two DLU's to collect and a security system, currently in tatters. 

We need to tackle these in the reverse order to setting them up:
1	GET the DLU in the Sewer [B on my map].
2	Return the security system to normal [Exit 3 on my map].
3	GET the DLU from THE OLD HOSPITAL BLOCK [Exit 4 on my map].  

At this point you can either trudge through the sewer until you get 
to the Surveillance Equipment Boxes, or you can go to the WAKEFIELD 
EXIT [5 on my map] and re-use the SECRET EASTER EGG PASSAGE, dive 
into the Sewer at DEVEREUX EXIT [3 on my map] and go to B on my map.
GET your DLU from the box on the left.

Surface from the Sewer at DEVEREUX EXIT [3 on my map].
Remember to wear your gas mask when you go upstairs.

USE the White Security Pass with green crest and blue square on it on 
the code unit.
Key in the pass code 0042.

SAVE YOUR GAME before you start.

USE the computer.
USE the blue Pin Code Generator numbered 0003.
Enter pin number 9910 [Enter].
Punch in the randomly generated 4 digit Computer CODE [Enter].
This generates the KEY code.
Type in the KEY on your KEYBOARD [Enter].
Punch in the Super-User Code: 15521618 [Enter].

At the SYSTEMS and DOOR CODES Screen choose:

Go through all three systems and ACTIVATE all the systems you changed 
by pressing [A] at the bottom right of the screen.

Ensure that none of the screens show the DEACTIVATED banner.
When you are happy with all three systems, close the computer.

Remember at this point that the active surveillance system will only 
allow you the 60 second safe window.
USE the White Security Pass with green crest and blue square on it on 
the door code unit.
Key in the pass code 2400.

While you could return the Oxygen System to AUTO, you don't need to. 
It won't affect the correct outcome of your mission.

Go down the stairs before you remove your gas mask.

It's a long trek I'm afraid [no nice diversions this time].
Return to the HOSPITAL EXIT [4 on my map].
Make your way past the sleeping guard and back to the room with the 
Surveillance Equipment Boxes.
The door code is: 8733.
GET your DLU from the box on the right.

All you've got to do now is
Return to the Sewer [CD4] and wade your way around to the 

MOAT EXIT [1 on my map].
No need to change your CD here when you climb out of the sewer.

Well, you've almost finished so this is where I'll leave you.  
Between us you've done extremely well.

It's been a pleasure working with you.  :o)

Be careful of the soldier on the bridge to your left.
You're well used to water by now so wade into the moat, it's not 
deep, and follow the building around clockwise.  

You'll soon know when you've reached TRAITORS GATE.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This TRAITORS GATE Walkthrough is 
©Steve Anderson  Email: Rsvp@ggc.u-net.com

You are welcome to email me if any of my directions don't make sense 
or you want to discuss matters relating to TRAITORS GATE in general.

This walkthrough may be distributed freely around the Internet so 
long as it remains complete and these notes remain intact with it. 

Web Masters, you are most welcome to display this on your site but 
please write for permission first.

Publishers, if you wish to use this in hard copy for a magazine or 
book, you may do so, but please contact me first.

In closing I would like to express a really BIG thank you to Everyone 
at  Daydream Software 
for sweating blood to produce such a brilliant game. 
Thanks a million guys.

Special thanks to Nigel Papworth who was responsible for both the 
game concept and design. He also gave me much valuable help and 
assistance during the preparation of this walkthrough. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



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