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Campaign Editor Guide by HydraKid

Updated: 07/13/2002

StarCraft-Campaign Editor Guide

By HydraKid
Chapter I: Melee or Use Maps Settings?
Chapter II: Choosing an Idea
Chapter III: Plot or Not?
Chapter IV: The Making
Chapter V: Trigger Guide
Chapter VI: Credits

Making a map is very complex. It is easy to get
confused on what to do. Even the guide in the campaign
editor is confusing. So, I am here to help. This is
the StarCraft Campaign Editor Guide. This guide will
teach the basics (and the advancements) of the
Campaign Editor. Wait! Just because it says StarCraft,
don’t leave if you have Brood War (the expansion). The
editor is the game in both games. (Except that Brood
War has a seven new units.)

Chapter I: Melee or Use Maps Settings?
Should I make Melee or Use Maps Settings? This is a
tough question to answer. I think UMS (Use Map
Settings) is more fun to make. This is because you to
choose many variety of things. One, you can make a
plot. Don’t think of that the wrong way. Melee maps
can also have a plot. Two, it doesn’t have to be a
head to head match. Where in melee, you are going head
to head to kill and conquer, kill and conquer. It gets
boring. In Use Maps Settings it could be a map like
Where’s Waldo, or a map like Dungeons and Dragons. In
Melee it’s you vs. me no rush 15 minutes. (It doesn’t
have to be those rules.)

What’s the big difference? They both have fighting in
them anyway. Yes, they do. But the difference is that
UMS have a lot (and I mean A LOT) of triggers. Where
Melee have only three (about). Also, when you play UMS
you don’t get a count for a win or lose (on
Battle.net). And in Melee you get a count for a win or

Now that you know the differences, make a choice.
Answering the question. Now that I know about Melee
and Use Map Settings, which one do I want to make?
There is no wrong answer.
Note: UMS is harder, but you get more credit. Melee is
easier, but you get less credit.

Chapter II: Choosing an Idea
There are two parts to this chapter. A and B. A is for
UMS and B is for Melee.

A.	Use Map Settings is easier to think of an idea. You
can make an RPG from a video game or book (James
Bond-Metal Gear Solid). A game you made up. You can
make a Madness level with anything. (Zelda Madness)
You can make an RPG from something you made up (Marine
Special Forces). These games are limited by your
imagination. (And trigger-using skills).

B.	Melee is a bit harder to think of an idea. But
mostly, you just make the terrain and start locations
and that’s it.

Chapter III: Plot or Not?
This chapter is still on choosing UMS or Melee. This
is the shortest chapter. If you have a plot, it’s
probably a UMS. If there is no plot (just a head to
head brawl) is probably Melee.

Chapter IV: The Making
 The making of the map is the hardest part. When
making a melee, make the terrain and starting
locations of the characters. If making a UMS make a
storyline, a plot, the terrain, the starting
locations, and what the people start with. Then you
have to make the triggers.

Chapter V: Triggers Guide
This chapter is a complete guide of what the triggers
are and what they do. But first, I’ll explain about
the triggers.
When you make a trigger you have three ‘Categories’.
First is Players. Choose the players the trigger is
going to be used for. If each player has a different
location where something will be created when they do
something, make the triggers for each player instead
of selecting all the players that the trigger is going
to be for.
Conditions is second. This is what ‘triggers’ the
action. For example, Player X brings 5 Marines to
location X. That is the basic part of a simple
Condition:	Does:
Accumulate 	When player gets X resources…
Always	Always…
Bring	Player brings 1 unit to location X…
Command	Player commands X units…
Command The Least	Player command the least units…
Command The Least At	Player commands the least units
at location X…
Command The Most	Player commands the most units…
Command The Most At	Player commands the most units at
locaction X…
Countdown Timer	Countdown Timer is at X game seconds…
Deaths	Player has suffered X deaths…
Elapsed Time	Elaspsed time is X game seconds…
Highest Score	Player has hightest score points in X…
Kill	Player has killed X units…
Least Kills	Player has least kills of units…
Least Resources	Player has least rescources…
Most Kills	Player has most kills…
Most Resources	Player has most rescources…
Never	Never…
Opponents	Player has X opponents left in the game…
Score	Player has X score in X points…
Switch	Switch is set.
above. Ex: Create 1 Jim Raynor (Marine) at location X
for player X.
Action:	Does:
Center View	Move view to location X.
Comment	Comment
Create Units	Create X units at location X.
Create Units with properties	Create X units at
location X. Set properties.
Defeat	Player X loses game.
Display Text Message	Display message for player X.
Draw	End the game in a draw.
Give Units to Player	Give X units to Player X at
location X.
Kill Units	Kill X units for player X.
Kill Units at Location	Kill X units for player X at
Leader Board(Control at Location)	Show leader board
for most units at location X.
Leader Board(Control)	Show leader board for most
Leader Board(Greed)	Show leader board for most
Leader Board(Kills)	Show leader board for most kills.
Leader Board(Points)	Show leader board for most
Leader Board(Resources)	Show leader board for most
Leader Board Goal(Control at Location)	Show leader
board goal for units at location X.
Leader Board Goal(Control)	Show leader board goal for
Leader Board Goal(Kills)	Show leader board goal for
Leader Board Goals(Points)	Show leader board goals for
Leader Board Goal(Resources)	Show leader board goal
for resources.
Leader Board Computer Players	Choose to show or not to
show computer in leader board.
Minimap Ping	Minimap ping at location X.
Modify Unit Energy	Modify unit energy for unit X.
Modify Unit Hanger Count	Modify unit hanger count for
unit X.
Modify Unit Hit Points	Modify unit hit point for unit
Modify Unit Resource Amount	Modify unit resource
Modify Unit Shield Points	Modify unit shield points
for unit X.
Move Location	Move location to unit X for player X.
Move Units	Move unit to location.
Mute Unit Speech	Unit doesn’t talk.
Order	Issue orders to unit X.
Pause Game	Pause game.
Pause Timer	Pause timer.
Play Wav	Player wav file.
Perserve Trigger	Trigger keeps going.
Remove Unit	Remove unit X for player X.
Remove Unit at Location	Remove unit X for player X at
location X.
Run AI Script	Make computer more or less aggressive.
Run AI Script at Location	Make computer at location X
more or less aggressive.
Set Alliance Status	Set alliance for player X.
Set Countdown Timer	Set countdown timer to X seconds.
Set Deaths	Set deaths for player X to X.
Set Doodad State	Set doodad state on or off.
Set Invincibility	Set invincibility on/off.
Set Mission Objectives	Set objective to X.
Set Next Secenerio	Start scenerio X.
Set Resources	Set resources to X.
Set Score	Set score for player X to X.
Set Switch	Set switch X.
Talking Portrait	Set talking portrait.
Transmission	Start trasmission.
Unmute Unit Speech	Unmute unit speech.
Unpause Game	Unpause game.
Unpause Timer	Unpause timer.
Victory	Current play wins.
Wait	Wait X milliseconds.

Chapter VI: Credits

This document Copyright 2002 HydraKid.

I used some information from StarCraft Broodwar
Strategy Guide. I also used some info from the
campaign editor help guide. But mostly I used the
information I learned by myself by using the campaign

Contact me at:

Aim: DragonKid990

E-Mail: WizardBoy100@yahoo.com

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