In the Starcraft universe are all of the Terran marines ex convicts?

  1. Like they were criminals sent to prison, and their punishment is to serve as a marine which is essentially sort of a death sentence. Are all of them criminals or are some of them volunteers/drafted? Also I think I've heard somewhere that the marines are put under some sort of painful procedure which would improve their combat abilities and allow them to wear that terran suit.

    User Info: Darunia336

    Darunia336 - 7 months ago


  1. As far as I know, it's not. Terran derived from latin word "terra" that means "earth". They are wanderer of space (especially Kropulu sector). More than likely they never even see the Earth itself.
    In the opening video in the Starcraft 2, that marine suit was welded. Because he was Tychus Findlay, that's part of the deal with Acturus Mesk to earn his "freedom". That suit actually a death trap.
    In Starcraft 2 trivia, lots of firebat personels were ex criminals or arsonist; and less true for Marauders. But basically, the army consist both rightful citizens and ex criminals. Lower rank in the army mixed with petty ex criminals, while the higher rank mixed with politician, corrupt generals, and mass murderer lol.

    User Info: chris_gunsoo

    chris_gunsoo - 6 months ago 0   0

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