Why can't i set computer allies in single player mode?

  1. I see several maps that state "For Allied play use Map Settings".

    When i select "use map settings" all other slots except the one for me vanish, leaving me unable to set up an allied game.

    Is the only way to have a comp ally in a game only through online Battle.net?

    User Info: PegasusLover123

    PegasusLover123 - 11 years ago
  2. The problem is there is only 3 modes available outside of battlenet: Free for all, melee and Use Map Settings. There's no Top Vs Bottom option.

    Am i forced to go on battlenet to be able to get a top vs bottom option?

    User Info: PegasusLover123

    PegasusLover123 - 11 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Well, you will have to be in multiplayer mode to see the "top vs bottom" option. You don't have to log onto battle.net though. For example, you can use "Local Area Network (UDP)" option, and create a game. You will then be able to choose game type "Top vs Bottom" and select which type of team (4 vs 4, 3 vs 5, etc.). Once the game is created, you can select the players to be "open" (allow human players to join), "closed" (slot will be empty), or "computer" (computer player). Basically, if you're the only human player, then it simply becomes a single player with allies, except that you won't be able to used cheat codes and the game keeps running unless you pause.

    User Info: Vanshilar

    Vanshilar - 11 years ago 5   2

Other Answers

  1. Starcraft was released on 1998, expect it to have lots of restrictions

    Especially the fact that you can't have cpu allies

    User Info: OccamsRazr

    OccamsRazr - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. You can't have a computer ally under "use map settings", since map triggers are involved.

    To have a computer ally, you should be using the "top vs bottom" setting, which is in "melee mode" (i.e. everyone starts with just a base and 4 peons, and it's just a battle to the death).

    User Info: Vanshilar

    Vanshilar - 11 years ago 0   2

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