Why are Humans called Terrans in the Starcraft universe?

  1. They look like normal humans but for some reason they're not called humans?

    User Info: Darunia336

    Darunia336 - 9 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Terra is Latin for Earth. It is common in science fiction to use the term "terrans" to replace "earthlings". This is not limited to the Starcraft universe and is found in many science fiction books.

    User Info: LordOfDabu

    LordOfDabu - 9 months ago 2   0
  2. And a lot of Terran more than likely never see the Earth in their lifetime. They are the descendant of the Earth people.
    In science fiction, there is a term "terra forming", i.e. convert the current planet ecosystem so it's inhabitable like the Earth.

    User Info: chris_gunsoo

    chris_gunsoo - 8 months ago

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