What system requirements to play game and is it a single player game?

  1. Before I buy the game I need to know as to whether my computer will run it.

    User Info: kinglea

    kinglea - 10 years ago

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  1. Most of the computer nowadays ( even the weaker ones ) are able to run this game without any problem. but since you asked, here are the system requirements: ( taken from the Blizzard website )
    Windows 95/98/NT
    Pentium 90 or higher
    16 MB RAM
    DirectX-Compatible SVGA Video Card
    Microsoft-Compatible Mouse
    Double-Speed CD-ROM
    (Quad Speed for Cinematics)

    As your second question, StarCraft provides both Single-player and multi-player. even if you don't play the game online at all ( although most people say most of the game's fun is in Online ) still the game is worthy picking up only for the sake of the long, very fun single-player.

    User Info: herzalot

    herzalot - 10 years ago 2   0

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