Why does the game keep telling me Data File Error?

  1. Currently using my bros starcraft game. I've seen him play it recently, I can run it on my desktop with windows vista, but whenever I run it on my netbook with an external cd drive on windows xp, I get "Data File Error" saying it cannot read a required file and the CDROM is not in the drive. I went and turned on compatibility mode to get it to use 256 colors and the correct resolution. I also reinstalled it like 4 times. Can anyone help me?

    User Info: IceHero991

    IceHero991 - 10 years ago


  1. The disc has to be in the drive.

    User Info: squarefood24

    squarefood24 - 10 years ago 1   0
  2. When installing SC and BroodWar, you need the disc to read the rest of the files, not all the files for the game are installed in Setup as protection. Since it doesn't Install all the files, you're missing data when you don't have the disc in tray or if it can't be recognized.

    But Blizzard made an official fix in the 1.15 Patch. Current Patch is 1.16.1 and contains all previous patches.

    After installing the patch, there will be a Patch Notes box that opens and tells you how to make the fix, I'll put it in here too:

    StarCraft Only:
    ~ With the StarCraft CD in the CD drive, copy the INSTALL.EXE to the installation directory for StarCraft (where StarCraft.exe is) and rename the INSTALL.EXE to StarCraft.mpq

    StarCraft WITH BroodWar:
    ~Same as StarCraft Only section as Step 1 for this
    ~With the BroodWar CD in the CD drive, copy the INSTALL.EXE to the installation directory for Starcraft (same area as the first step) and rename this INSTALL.EXE to BroodWar.mpq

    That fixes the game so it will get all the files it needs without the discs in the drive. Big Thanks to Blizzard to fixing it for us! *thumbs up*

    User Info: KhirsahDragon

    KhirsahDragon - 9 years ago 1   0

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