can you own an apartment and customize with unique items as decorations?

  1. I loved customizing my apartment in New Vegas with unique loot, is there anything similar in this game?

    User Info: SandyArcanist22

    SandyArcanist22 - 2 weeks ago
  2. You have a spaceship that serves as your home base. You can collect special decorative loot out in the world that is automatically put on display when you return to your spaceship. You don't get to chose where it is displayed. You can also drop regular loot on tables and shelves and it will survive zoning in and out. I haven't experimented with it so I don't know if it's permanent. You can't pick it up and carefully place it like you can in Fallout, but the loot drops right at your feet and doesn't bounce around so it's not that bad.

    User Info: warbeard

    warbeard - 2 weeks ago

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