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Guide and Walkthrough by spockjr

Version: 2.03T | Updated: 10/27/2004
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Game:                    Tachyon: The Fringe
Game Developer:          NovaLogic
Year of Game's Release:  2000
Guide Type:              FAQ / Walkthrough
Author:                  J. Baker
E-Mail:                  SpockJr@hotmail.com
Current Version:         2.03 T
Current Size:            75 KB
Date Started:            May 11, 2002
Last Updated:            October 27, 2004
Latest HTML Version at:  http://www.spockjr.com
Latest Text Version at:  http://www.gamefaqs.com

If you are reading this guide at any website not listed above, you might
not be reading the latest version! For the absolute latest version, visit

Since you are reading this, I will warn you that I don't update the text
based guide as often as the HTML version (Only about 1 time out of 3) so
you might want to check that one first before complaining to me that I
missed something!

                        *** Table of Contents ***

- Intro
- Version and Updates
- Mission Guide and Walkthrough
- Ship Guide
- Weapon Guide
- CPU Card Guide
- Wingman Assessment
- Cheats
- Hidden Bonuses (Crates, etc.)
- Credits
- Links
- Copyright information

                             *** Intro ***

Tachyon: The Fringe was written by NovaLogic in an attempt to diversify
from their previous set of games, mostly limited to army and air force
sims. Tachyon, unlike most space flight sims being produced these days, is
not simply a Wing Commander rehash. You live the life of a mercenary named
Jake Logan, set in the 26th century. Tachyon was designed specifically to
be more realistic from this point of view. The developers allow you to
select missions as you go along, rather than being forced into a
sequential mission-by-mission lineup. Of course, there is a plotline, and
character development, or else the game would quickly become bland.

The story of overgrown megacorporation (The Galactic Spanning Corporation,
AKA GalSpan) infringing on the rights of pioneer colonists (The Bora) is a
little bit used, but the strength of Tachyon in this area is the fact that
only some of the missions are from GalSpan or Bora. Many of the missions
are independent, hired by everyone from Star Patrol law enforcement to
asteroid barons, scientists and smugglers. You are also given an
opportunity to compete in a ship-to-ship combat tournament. Essentially,
the game is small cross section of a potential future.

A second excellent feature of Tachyon is two types of multiplayer gaming
through a LAN, or the internet. The first of these is called Arena Match,
which is free ship-to-ship combat against other players. Familiar to all
gamers, this is nothing inspired or new, but it is a nice addition. The
second, more original multiplayer game is called Base Wars, whereby you
engage in free battle, while collecting upgrades and credits for the
purpose of building up the amount of technology your side has, so that
once you reach Level 10, you are able to attack the opposing team's home
base, to attempt to destroy it.

However, no game is perfect. Tachyon's biggest fault is that graphics are
sometimes TOO rich. In some missions, where there are too many ships,
fired weapons, etc. to map and display, my old computer (which more than
met the minimum requirements) simply refused to refresh, preferring instead
to stick with one screen for a long time, usually until I died, or some
other such disaster. NovaLogic doesn't seem to understand that not everyone
has a brand new 2 gigahertz Pentium 4. (Since I first wrote this, I've
upgraded my processor to a 2.6 GHz, with 512 MB of memory, (Which is top of
the line for the moment) but there's still the odd mission where the screen
skips a bit, and that's just ridiculous. For the record, the minimum
requirements are 200 MHz (0.2 GHz) with 32 MB RAM and the game was released
in 2000)

Tachyon also involves way too much loading and waiting time. First, a
pre-loading screen with far too many (unnecessary) options. Then, when you
select "Play Game" it takes 2-3 minutes to load up to another option
screen. After selecting Single Player, a game save slot, and a name, it
takes another minute to load up to the starbase. Then, selecting missions,
wingmen, ships, and equipment involves gratuitous sound and video, taking
ridiculous amounts of time and CPU power. Finally, ready to fly, you
select "Launch" and go to... yep, you guessed it. A "loading" screen. All
together, it means a good 7-10 minutes from selecting "Tachyon" from the
Start menu until you are actually flying. Multiplayer? Oh, don't even get
me started.

Overall, however, I'd still be inclined to give it an 8 out of 10 with
points lost on Compatibility, Time expenditure, and points gained for
story, flexibility, gameplay, and value for your dollar. (This, like most
NovaLogic games seems to be available for ridiculously low prices. I
personally paid $17.99 CAD, roughly $14 USD) By the way, I welcome any
corrections, future ideas, comments and opinions about this guide via
email. I can be reached at SpockJr@hotmail.com

                       *** Version and Updates ***

NOTE: I'll be keeping the numbers for versions the same for both guides,
which means there may be some skips in the numbers on either version. The
text version will always have T at the end of the numbers, and the HTML an
H (You know, just in case you can't tell the difference...)

Ver 1.0: 06/18/02
All sections complete, albeit in rough form.

Ver 1.1: 07/29/02
Added "Ship Flown" to wingman section. Added "NW" to the end of No Wingman
missions. Corrected endless typos, rewrote a lot of intros, etc. and
added 2 new FAQs. This is the first public / published version.

Ver 1.2: 08/13/02
How stupid. I forgot to spell-check Ver 1.1 after writing new intros etc.
Should be OK now.

Ver 1.3: 10/26/02
Reworded a few things, corrected a couple of typos etc. Big thanks to
bboyhops, who sent me nine different crates, which I have added.

Ver 1.4: 10/14/03
Updated my email. (My apologies to everyone who hasn't been able to get
a hold of me... The lousy website shut down without telling anyone, but I
didn't notice for a while because I only used that addy for walkthrough
stuff.) Reworded a lot of stuff to improve readability. Added a "Cost Each"
to the missiles and rockets, and a Range to all weapons.

Ver 2.0T: 12/05/03
Why the big jump from 1.4 to 2.0? And whats with the T??? I've made an HTML-
based version of this guide. You can find a copy of it at my personal game
walkthrough site, http://spockjr.freeservers.com. Big thanks to an anonymous
reader, who pointed out that the Chatter Cannon recharges every mission, and
that I'd forgotten to include some really useful tips in the missions section.
He also motivated me to go make a chart of the Letzer training courses' pay.
Also notable is that I resequenced (That even a word? Well, it is now) the
order that the weapons are listed.

Ver 2.03T: 10/27/04
Updated several sections that had been fixed up in the HTML version.
Worth noting: I moved the wingman assesment to after the weapons and CPU
cards... it just didn't make sense where it was Also added a crate sent by
A Figure In Black, and another two that I found, but went looking for
because of a guy by the name of Daniel Palma. Also added a new cheat, and
some tips on how to avoid getting spotted in the "Weasel in the coop"
                     *** Battles and Walkthrough ***

You start the game at Dillinger Starbase in the Europa Sector. You own a
Pegasus and an Orion (The Orion is equipped with a Glint Lt. Laser, Lead 
Target Assistant, and Afterburner. The Pegasus is unequipped.) Available
to you from the hangar are: Glint Lt. and Flare Med. lasers, Tiger
missiles, Lead Target Assistants, Combat Scanners, and Afterburners.

When you consult the Job board, there are certain missions available to
you. In most cases, there will be several missions available to you at a
time. Where that happens, I have put them in order of how I think is the
most effective. There's ALWAYS a "Ring Training Course" available, and
in Sol sector, or after you sign up with GalSpan or the Bora, there's
also "Combat Training". Combat training ALWAYS pays 100 cr. Here is a 
listing of the Letzer Ring Training Course pay. Note that at the end it
only says it pays 100 cr; that's because the pay is deposited as you
complete each objective.

                         LETZER RING TRAINING PAY

¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯
1        300    2            0         N/A           N/A           NO
2        600    2            0         N/A           N/A           NO
3        900    2            0         N/A           N/A           NO
4        1200   2            0         N/A           N/A           NO
5        1500   4            11        30            1000          NO
6        1800   4            14        30            1000          NO
7        2100   4            13        30            1000          NO
8        2400   4            19        30            1000          NO
9        2700   4            26        30            1000          NO
10       3000   6            0         N/A           N/A           YES
11       3300   6            0         N/A           N/A           YES
12       3600   6            0         N/A           N/A           YES
13       3900   6            0         N/A           N/A           YES
14       4200   8            0         N/A           N/A           YES
15       4500   8            36        60            2000          NO
16       4800   8            31        60            2000          NO
17       5100   8            38        60            2000          NO
18       5400   8            42        60            2000          NO
19       5700   8            58        60            2000          NO
20       6000   10           0         N/A           N/A           YES

Note: It's (nearly) impossible to do these courses without an afterburner.

And now, the REAL missions.....

                                  SOL SECTOR

Instructor Training (AGT - 700 cr.)

If this is your first time playing the game, take this mission. It's 
(virtually) impossible to die here, and gives you some good training.
Otherwise, skip it.

Escort Mining Vessel (AGT - 5600 cr.)

Again, very simple, but you must take it. Head to Luna. Destroy the CMI 
Darts. Head to Ganymede. Destroy the CMI Darts. You pick up several 
assistant ships in Luna. It's possible to do this blindfolded.

New Items: Tesla EMP missiles and Sunspot missiles

Security Breach (AGT - 4200 cr.)

Go to the Kuiper Belt, and destroy the spy probes, spy drone frigate, and
the CMI darts. Again, you get a group of fighter assistants.

New Items: Chatter Cannons and Hunter Torpedoes
(Note: Chatter cannons recharge after every mission, and ALL torpedoes
are powered by the laser reserve with infinite shots. Remember this!)

Investigate Mine Field (AGT - 4900 cr.)

Head back to Kuiper. Destroy the space mines. After that, a luxury liner 
will be attacked by pirates. You don't have to save them, but it's really 
easy. Star Patrol will show up after a minute, and help destroy the
pirates (Unless you're quick enough to finish before they get there.)
Getting bored yet? Don't worry, it's about to get more exciting.

New Items: Afterburner Reserve and Deimos Hvy. Laser

Quarantine Compromised (AGT - 11200 cr.)

Escort the Argoso to Neptune. Disable the two escapee shuttles, and the
three Biolith fighters. Make sure you bring Tesla EMP missiles so you can
do this. Use lasers to bring the shuttles' shields down a bit, because the
shields can take one EMP missile without falling. Incidentally, if you miss
with some of your EMP missiles, you can just DESTROY the Biolith
fighters... NOT THE SHUTTLES, THOUGH.The Argoso will land at the research
facility, and then explode. Star patrol shows up and arrests you. You are
tried, convicted, and banished from the Sol sector forever. 

                                 THE HUB

Somehow, you have managed to scrape together a career. You start in this
sector with a Mako ship (Completely unequipped) and 6000 credits. In the
hangar there are Glint Lt. Lasers, Spire Rockets, and Lead Target

Hospital Emergency (Alpha Control - 11025 cr.)

The Frigate Blackwell had a malfunction in the Scrap Yards. Proceed there,
and destroy its Powerplant. You win if the frigate stops before plowing
into the asteroids. Two reasons for taking this mission first: Lots of $$$
and you don't have to fight anyone, allowing you to get used to your new

New Items: Lock on Warning

Hub Escort (Alpha Control - 5460 cr.)

Escort the Venetian to Independence Base. Two Darts and a Piranha will
attack you. Destroy them. When you do so, nail the Piranha first, or it
will shoot endless missiles at you while you get the Darts.

New Wingman: Pixie Kerral

The Blockade (Bora - 8750 cr.)

Protect the Dromedary against a whack of GalSpan (Spanner) ships. If by
some miracle you get the other two through, you get a bonus of 0 cr.
That's right, nada. So don't worry about them too much. PS: I suggest you
hit the Pegasi first, they're really weak in this mission and will blow up
with just a couple of hits from your lasers.

New Items: Afterburner

GalSpan Escort (GalSpan - 4060 cr.)

Escort the freighter Hesperides to Hera Sector. Destroy the two daggers.
On the way back, you will see Mishka Shaw being attacked by pirates. If
you save her life, she will be available as a wingman. (It's worth it.
She's the best wingman until MUCH later on. Set your game to "Easy" mode
if you have to! [Press F11, then left or right])

New Wingman: Mishka Shaw


This is where you decide if you want to take the GalSpan side, or the Bora 
side. The pros and cons are listed in the FAQ section. Depending on which
side you take, there are different missions available, although some
missions are available to both. In that case, I will only put the strategy
into the GalSpan side, marked with an asterisk, but employer, pay, region
and new things will be on both sides.

I do recommend (and so does the game manual) that you exit the game at this
point, and copy & paste it into a new slot so that you can play both sides
of the storyline. Also, the items currently available will not be the same.
Depending on which side you choose, some items are no longer available. I
will do a COMPLETE listing after the first mission of each side.

Because you will be able to jump from sector to sector, I will be adding a
single letter after the credit amount to tell you which sector the mission
is in. (H for Hub, and so on.) Where it says "New Items" I've decided not
to write what bases it's available at, because the file's long enough
already, and it tells you in-game. In some cases, there are also duplicate
entries. In that case, I have put the item in the first available mission
offering them, and ignored it in the later missions.

(If you want to skip to the Bora missions, press Page Down 16 times.
That should put you at the beginning of the Bora half, as long as you're
reading this using normal font sizes, in your internet browser.)

                            GALSPAN MISSIONS

Taking Away Independence (GalSpan - 9625 cr. H)

Destroy the 3 shuttles and all the fighters. You do get a whole whack of
help. After that, you can leave. On completing this mission, you will be
given a Poseidon Multirole Bomber "as a sign-on bonus".

New Items: Glint Lt. Laser, Hunter Torpedo, Tiger Missiles, Tesla EMP
           Missiles, Lead Target Assistant, Combat Scanner, Afterburner,
           Lock-on warning.
New Ship: Poseidon
New Wingman: Jasper
New Regional Pass: Hub to GalSpan

Picking the Stone (GalSpan - 14875 cr. H)

Disable the freighter Burrow by destroying their power generator. You will
be attacked by several Bora fighters, both on the way there and after
attacking. Destroy all the fighters to win. Word of advice: fly right
behind the Burrow, aligning the shield generator and the powerplant in
your crosshairs, and you'll be able to disable them using lasers before
they get their SOS off.

New Items: Sunspot Missiles, Burn-off device
New Ship: Orion
New Wingman: Dorwin Kincaid
New Regional Pass: Hub to Frontier

* Magellan Shipment (Alpha Control - 5425 cr. H)

Escort the Magellan convoy to Hera Sector, protecting it from Leon and his
fellow Mercs. You must get at least five ships through to get paid. I
suggest you assign your wingman to protect the rear-left shuttle, it seems
to be the one most attacked. (I can't tell you the number, it seems to vary
from game to game. I've seen it labeled 3, 4 and 5.) 

Missing Squadron (GalSpan - 16625 cr. G)

Go to the Nereus Research Sector. Destroy all the Bora fighters. The
Battleaxes carry radar jammers which are particularly annoying.

New Items: Advanced Radar

Bonus Incentive Program (GalSpan - 11025 cr. G) NW

Destroy four waves of drones faster than Lakita Ramos does. I suggest
taking Hunter torpedoes, because one hit from those will destroy a drone.
On the way back, you will be attacked by some of Lakita's friends. Just
dodge them, or you'll lose. The Nonstop Burning trick is very useful here!

New Wingman: Lakita Ramos

* Strafing Run (Baron Malkar - 14875 cr. F)

Destroy Hajod's 8 new Midge fighters. Little tip: Fly perpendicular to the
landing pads. You can quickly get rid of half of them with lasers before
Hajod finishes telling you off. Hit Autopilot as soon as you finish with
the rest of them. You'll avoid more fighters, and the station's lasers.

New Items: Aim-point Module

* The Posse (Atlantic Casino - 8925 cr. F) NW

Destroy the Skav pirates that blackmail the Atlantic Casino. Ooh, hard.
In-flight, you make a bet as to who can kill 3 ships first, but you can't
collect, and don't have to pay.

New Items: Chatter Cannon, Shield Reserves
New Wingman: A.J. Freesh

Hunting the Hunter (GalSpan - 19950 cr. F)

Go to Midas station. You'll be given information. Then, go to Malkar's
Barony, where you'll see Susan Bradley, the leader of the Bora, leaving
the station. After that, run for it. Malkar's Tregs are tough ships.

New Items: Flare Med. Laser, Disruptor Torpedo
New Wingman: Jasper 500

* Fenris Arena (Fenris Arena - F) NW

I am including ALL arena jobs now, because they become available at odd
times in the game, based on number of missions between matches as far as I
can tell. Two qualifier rounds: 250 and 500 cr. facing Cinder Darts and
Makos respectively. Five tiers, paying 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000 and 25000
for defeating Cinder Piranhas, Redship Shrikes and Nighthawks, Skav
Mantas, and Cinder Gars. There is then a Bonus round, where you fight the
Demon pirates for 50000 cr. None of them give you any items, ships etc.
Grand total: 94,250 credits for all 8 missions.

* Illicit Pickup (Arman Patrioli - 12250 cr. F)

Go to Foothold. Near the Nav buoy, there are two crates, one is a box of 
Handguns, the other is useless. Pick up the handguns and return to Vegas. 
You'll be attacked by Skavs on the way back. When flying GalSpan, there's
a box of mining equipment in the asteroids; turn 90º to the right as soon
as you enter the foothold sector.

New Item: EW Jammer

Cracking Virtue (GalSpan - 23100 cr. F)

Fly to the Foothold sector. Get near the containment platform, and you
will automatically dock and release the sabo-drone. Defend the Cephius
until it retrieves all the ripstars and then go home.

New Items: Deimos Hvy. Laser, Solaris Torpedo, Blast Torpedo, Ammo Hold
New Ship: Pegasus
New Wingman: Tora Embers
New Regional Pass: Frontier to GalSpan

* The Messenger (Baroness Onrald - 9000 cr. F)

This mission is listed in the job board at 8400 cr. You get a bonus
because Onrald doesn't expect you to get attacked (and you are.) Strategy:
Go around to all the laser platforms before landing and destroy all the
Weapons Powerplants. (There are 10 of them: One at a right angle to the
TCG gate, 3 on each side between the gate and station, one under the
landing platform, and two on the upper, opposite side of the station)
They will then be unable to fire on you and you'll only have to deal with
fighters. What's more, you can just use the Nonstop burning trick to go
right past them, skipping battle entirely if you wish.

Prometheus Patrol (GalSpan - 28000 cr. G)

Go to the Prometheus sector. Stop right at the gate, because you will have
to go back and destroy 4 satellites in the Ceriphilon sector. Once you're
done that, head back to Prometheus. Help repel the Bora attack. The module
will blow up, but you still get paid.

New Items: Tracking Enhancements, Tractor wave
New Wingman: Captain Jond Rand
New Regional Pass: GalSpan to Ripstar

Color of the Nose (GalSpan - 16125 cr. G)

You are to hand deliver a message to Adm. Hagen about Capt. Martes.
However, you must pass by Martes. If you bring A.J. Freesh as a wingman,
he kisses up to the Captain, so he opens the gate without complaint. If
not, Martes sends a wing of Orions to "escort you and show his support for
the company", and you will have to destroy them. Either way, Hagen fires 
Martes. Martes attempts to steal the Demeter. Disabling the Demeter
doesn't pay more, but it's easy to do. (Destroy the powerplant.)

New Items: Afterburner Reserve

Pirate Attack (GalSpan - 17175 cr. G)

Go to Apollo Research. Pay no attention to the Skavs, but focus on the
Bora ships. They are trying to steal computer codes from the satellite.
Destroy them in order to win. Destroying the satellite also works, but
you get a 2000 cr. pay cut.

Crystal Hunt (GalSpan - 30000 cr. R)

Find a KC2 crystal. After you pass the nav buoy, there will be one Ripstar
highlighted, the KC2 crystal is near it. When you hear the "Oh, there it
is" message, STOP. You'll be able to see the crystal if you look around,
(a bright spot slightly larger than the stars) but it wont show up on
radar, and you'll never find it otherwise. Ignore the Bora mines and
minelayers. Just steer clear. In Canopus sector, destroy the (pathetic)
Bora fighters and land and deliver the KC2 to the research station. The
Daggers are easily destroyed by one hit from a laser.

New Items: Swarm Missiles, Lock-on Defense, Laser Reserves
New Ship: Phoenix

* Saving Spike (Cinder Station - 5920 cr. R)

In order to get this mission, you must first fly the Magellan Escort
mission in the Hub... because this is the mission where you get to beat up
on Leon. This mission is a lot easier if you're flying GalSpan, because in
the first sector, you only have to deal with about half as many ships, and
Leon retreats. LET HIM GO. If you destroy him in the first sector, while
flying GalSpan, you can't win the mission. You get a second sector with
more fighters... and Leon. I'd suggest assigning your wingman to attack
Leon, while you take out the rest of the ships. Then, once you're done,
finish off Leon together (or alone...) Even if Cobalt Spike is destroyed,
destroying Leon (AFTER Spike is destroyed only!) means you get paid.

The Review (GalSpan - 12250 cr. G)

Escort 4 shuttles through the Ceriphilon Sector. There will be an attack
by several Daggers. These ships, however, are tougher than the previous
missions, so bear that in mind. Incidentally, I find it funny that the
debriefing says that new weapons are available as a result of the
attack... and really, all there is Bradford Brixx.

New Wingman: Bradford Brixx.

Final Payment (GalSpan - 16825 cr. G) NW

Escort two wings of Void Pirate marauders to Ceriphilon. They will attack
you, attempting to get their revenge for a pay cut. Destroy them to win.
Nice and easy.

* Arena Gambit (2450 cr. F) NW

The reason I didn't include the employer is because this is actually two
different missions. If you take the Malkar mission, you also receive a
Booster. If you accept Onrald's side, you get Smart Shields. Flying
Onrald's mission against Malkar is a bit easier, in my opinion, but smart
shields are really irritating. See the CPU card guide for more. Be warned,
either way there are also mines that fire on you.

New Item: Booster OR Smart Shields

Hajod's Bargain (GalSpan - 13125 cr. F)

Capture Alexander Onrald's ship for Hajod. Be sure to bring Tesla missiles
(Or a wingman like Tora Embers who does). It's a fairly simple mission,
but be careful, Onrald's Flare ships are very efficient.

New Items: Fog Radar, Radiation Screen
New Regional Pass: Frontier to Twilight

Drone Abduction (GalSpan - 15785 cr. T)

Head to Cassitor's production field. Destroy a comm tower, beam aboard the
drone, and get out of there. Zzzzzzzzz...

New Items: Helios Rockets
New Wingman: Jasper 1000
New Regional Pass: Twilight to Ripstar

* Lost to the Fog (League of Scientists - 6230 cr. T)

Save the Michelson and Morley from Cassitor. Cassitor's drones are fast
and hideously overpowered, but when you nail them down, they are easily
destroyed. One hit from a Deimos Hvy. Laser or Hunter torpedo will drop
their shields, and leave them with very little hull strength. More or less
anything after that will destroy them. (Just destroy them fast: their
shields recharge fully in about 10 seconds flat.) If you bring a ship that
has hunter torpedoes in a dual-emitter slot, link em and fire two torpedoes
at once.

Rescue Persephone (GalSpan - 17995 cr. F)

Deliver a new engine core to the Persephone. Defend it as it jumps out of
the Fury sector. This mission is difficult for one reason only: The second
batch of fighters launched carry Helios rockets, and they try to destroy
the Persephone.

* Freedom and Humiliation (Malkar - 12285 cr. F)

This mission is hard for one reason only: The station's lasers fire on you
as well as the fighters. Best strategy: Hide on the underside of the 
station and wait for the fighters to come get you. If you use the Inf.
Afterburning cheat (see Cheats) you can slide towards the 4 Midges on the
opposite side of the station, and take them out before they even break

* The Bounty (Star Patrol - 3000 cr. F)

The mission is to capture Redship Rory. All you'll do is find out that he
will be attacking a freighter named the Galluran. You'll have to eliminate
3 wings of Shrikes to do so, though.

* The Rory Sting (Star Patrol - 12000 cr. H)

Escort the Galluran and defend it when Redship Rory attacks. You are
supposed to call Star Patrol, but you are unable to because you are being
jammed. Be sure to bring Tesla Missiles (or, if flying Bora, an EMP
projector) and/or a wingman who does. You must destroy all Redship
fighters, except Rory, who is to be disabled and captured alive.

The Identity Game (GalSpan - 22750 cr. R)

Head to the Mercenary sector. You will be hailed by three different Bora
ships, all claiming to be GalSpan operatives. Only the Battleaxe, named
Quasar, is. The other two are Bora counter-agents. Beam aboard the data
pack in front of the Quasar, and then try to escort the Quasar back to
Hellas. You don't get more pay for getting it through.

New Items: Smart Shields
New Ship: Archangel

Fleet Battle (GalSpan - 25725 cr. R)

Once you get to the Ripping fields, focus on the capital ship, the
Fortitude. As soon as it is destroyed, the Pyxis will jump out of the
sector and the contract is complete. Either jump out and home yourself,
or have fun and destroy the (many) Bora fighters. Note: I suggest you
take out the weapons powerplant first, this ship doesn't have anywhere
you can sit and pound them without getting hit like most other ships.
If the Pyxis is destroyed, the mission fails.

A Bank Without Money (GalSpan - 15750 cr. T)

Defend the Cerebus from the Demon Pirates. In order to get it into the
sector, you will have to fly within 1 KM of three nav buoys to reprogram
them as homing signals. The Hydras will run into the station, there's
nothing you can do about it.

New Items: Booster, Advanced Blast Torpedo
New Wingman: Bernardo

* The Sightseer (Nebula Tours - 12775 cr. T)

Defend the Sightseer from the Demon Pirates as it tours the Dusk and Far
Space sectors. It's a bit tough because there's a lot of pirates.

* Final Retribution (League of Scientists - 22750 cr. T)

Escort Barghest to Cassitor's station. She will summon the Demon Pirates,
who will then destroy Cassitor's station. Run for it as soon as you can,
or they will attack you too. Bring a Radiation screen card.

The Final Plan Unveiled (GalSpan - 46025 cr. R)

Protect Hephaestus from the final Bora assault. Bring a fog radar card.
Then, once that's done, retrieve Susan Bradley, and bring her to the Zeus.
She will give a peace talk. This is the last GalSpan mission to win the
game. Congratulations!

                              BORA MISSIONS

Withdraw From Independence (Bora - 9625 cr. H)

Proceed to Independence base and protect the three shuttles. After they
dock with the Integrity and the Integrity jumps out of the sector, your
contract is complete. Note: I suggest you pick up a Glint Lt. Laser in
your "Unmounted Stores" before this mission because the Bora's Arc Lt.
Laser is useless against hulls. You are also given a Cutlass Multirole
Bomber "as a gesture of friendship".

New Items: Arc Lt. Laser, Power Sappers, Spire Rockets, Lead Target
           Assistant, Combat Scanner, Afterburner, Lock-on Warning
New Wingman: Cathy Keels
New Regional Pass: Hub to Bora
New Ship: Cutlass

Gate Blueprints (Bora - 9975 cr. B)

Go to Dr. McLean. His mines will attack you. Destroy them, dock with his
station, and he will give you TCG blueprints. You're done afterwards.

New Items: Remote Sappers

Recoil (Bora - 5075 cr. H)

Head to Industrial to pick up a TCG coil. The station will be under attack
by a disgruntled freighter captain and his automatic mines. Destroying the
mine on the far side of the station, named Dorado-1 will neutralize the
rest of them as well. Deliver the TCG coil to the technician in the Scrap
Yards. He'll fix the gate, and the mission is complete.

New Items: Boron Med. Laser, Plasma Rockets, Lock-on Defense
New Wingman: Jasper
New Regional Pass: Hub to Frontier

* Magellan Shipment (Alpha Control - 5425 cr. H)

Advance With Courage (Bora - 6825 cr. H)

Protect the shuttle Courage as it retakes the carrier Intrepid. You will
have to destroy the station's Powerplant to free the carrier. After that,
destroy all the fighters. Get out as soon as you can, because shortly
after the Intrepid jumps, Star Patrol enforcers show up, and you will
more likely than not be destroyed by them if you're still there.

Deja Vu (Bora - 4860 cr. H)

Go to Drake, Pick up some parts, deliver them to Wrecktown. You'll be
attacked by some mercenaries, who were the ones who bought the freighter
and mines that you disabled in the Recoil mission. One of them will drop
a crate of Contraband, which Arman Patrioli will pay 850 cr. for.

New Wingman: Dorwin Kincaid

* The Posse (Atlantic Casino - 8925 cr. F) NW

* Fenris Arena (Fenris Arena - F) NW

Core Weapon (Bora - 12600 cr. F)

Retrieve the Armageddon Laser Core from Baroness Onrald. Redship Rory's
pirate clan will attack, and the Persephone too if you get too close. In
Onrald's sector, some of Baron Hajod's drones will attack as well. Destroy
them, pick up the core, and head home.

New Items: Burn-off Device, Afterburner Reserve, Shield Reserves
New Ship: Battleaxe
New Regional Pass: Frontier to Bora

Risky Venture (Bora - 5775 cr. F)

Protect the frigate Valiant as it attacks Venture Station. The Armageddon
Laser will misfire, shorting out the Valiant's systems. They will eject
the Laser. Pick it up, and dodge the fighters launched by the carrier. If
you pick up the core before the Valiant is destroyed you will 
automatically fly through the Vegas gate when the Valiant is destroyed.

A Matter of Virtue (Bora - 4625 cr. F) NW

Deliver cargo to Virtue station. On the way back, you will see a Star
Patrol agent being attacked by Skavs. If you don't help, or the Enforcer is
destroyed, you lose 2000 cr. (And get 2625 cr.)

* Illicit Pickup (Arman Patrioli - 12250 cr. F)

New Items: EW Jammer

* The Messenger (Baroness Onrald - 8400 cr. F)

Bait and Switch (Bora - 12250 cr. B)

Hijack the GalSpan Frigate Orpheus. Destroy all the fighters, and destroy the
Powerplant by getting in REALLY close, between the two "wings", for lack of a
better word, and pounding it with lasers (and / or whatever else you've got.)

New Items: Ammo Hold, Radiation Screen, Fog Radar.
New Ship: Mace
New Regional Pass: Frontier to Twilight

Regional Scouting (Bora - 3750 cr. B)

Scout around the Champion and Portcullis sectors. On the way back through
Champion, you'll see some Marauders working for GalSpan. Destroy them, and
return to base for your big fat pay of 3750 cr.

New Wingman: Jasper 500

Offline Mines (Bora - 4625 cr. B) NW

Go find out why a minefield is malfunctioning. Hmmmm... GalSpan ships. I
wonder.... Fry the Orions. You can help with the frigates, but you don't
have to, and you get paid the same either way.

Extraordinary Hunt (Bora - 10675 cr. T)

Head out to Far Space. Defend yourself from the Demon Pirates on the way.
You will meet a man named Ralph Lorsen. He tells you nothing important,
just hit Esc. Pick up the Opaline, which is actually near the TCG Gate in
a little "island" of asteroids and crystals, 90º "North" of the main belt.

New Items: Laser Reserves
New Wingman: Nolt Lieber

* Lost to the Fog (League of Scientists - 6230 cr. T)

New Wingman: Bradford Brixx

Recovery in Good Faith (Bora - 13090 cr. F) NW

Bring an EMP Projector. Disable the two shuttles and they will give you
access codes for the Sistine Chapel. Fly within 1.0 KM and it will start
to head to Malkar's Barony. Destroy two wings of Barracudas, and one of
Midges on the way there. Watch out for the turrets in Hajod's sector.

New Items: Corona Device, Pulsar Laser

* Arena Gambit (2450 cr. F) NW

New Items: Booster or Smart Shields

Descent into Madness (Bora - 20825 cr. T)

Bring a Radiation screen card. You will be heading to Cassitor's station
to get scanner information. Afterwards, head to the Dusk sector. Best
thing to do is to use an EMP Projector to disable the first two Demons,
otherwise you'll have to fight two more each time you land on a pad. There
are three pads you will have to land at. After that, you can go home. Two
Demons also appear after you land on the third pad, no matter what.

New Items: Railgun
New Ship: Warhammer

* The Sightseer (Nebula Tours - 12275 cr. T)

* Final Retribution (League of Scientists - 22750 cr. T)

The Attack (Bora - 17850 cr. B)

Patrol Champion, and New Dawn sectors. In the Mercy sector, there will be
an invasion force. Beat down 4 each of Poseidons and Phoenixes, 3 Orions,
and the destroyer Hydras. There's nothing you can do to save the New Dawn
and Champion bases.

New Items: Booster, Inertia Sappers
New Ship: Claymore
New Wingman: Ryan Saril

Sour Colony (Bora - 8785 cr. B)

TAKE NOLT LIEBER! Otherwise, you'll have to destroy about three times as
many fighters, you only get paid 1069 cr, and nobody is happy.

New Wingman: Jasper 1000

* Freedom and Humiliation (Malkar - 12285 cr. F)

* The Bounty (Star Patrol - 3000 cr. F)

New Wingman: The Demon

* The Rory Sting (Star Patrol - 12000 cr. H)

Aftermath of Destruction (Bora - 13125 cr. B)

Retake Champion Shipyards. Destroy the fighters, defend the Bora shuttle,
and destroy the GalSpan shuttles. After that, you can leave.

New Items: Helios Rockets

* Saving Spike (Cinder Station - 5920 cr. R)

Weasel in the Coop (Bora - 22750 cr. R)

There's two ways to complete this mission without being spotted. Number
one: Fly straight "up", and approach the base from their central axis.
Number two: Send your wingman to destroy the drones. The drones don't
spot wingmen. (Big thanks to Lewis Cummings, and two anonymous tipsters
for these tips (I got the same tip from 2 people in 2 weeks)) By the way,
if you like free space battles, this, plus the next mission both have
tons of enemies to practice on. It's fun!!! 

The Grand Plan (Bora - 13475 cr. R)

Susan Bradley tells you about how all the Project Deliverance parts you've
been gathering work together. She says to meet her strike force and the
freighter Deliverance in Draconis Ripstar. However, you get ambushed on
the way by GalSpan mercs. The first time something hits your hull, Susan
Bradley shows up to help you, so if you want help, wait for a Disruptor
Torpedo. When you see one, transfer all your shield energy to your
Afterburners and Weapons. When it hits, the force will be with you.
(I'm sorry. I had to. It was too funny to pass up.)

The Final Assault on GalSpan (Bora - 46025 cr. R)

Destroy the Hephaestus Module. On the way, destroy a wing of 4 Orions, and
a whole bunch of Merc. Corvuses. In the Hephaestus sector, the Deliverance
will drop the Hephaestus modules' shields. Get in close to the aft end and
pound away while flying back and forth. (Literally. Use the Z key.) As
soon as you're done, congratulate yourself on completing the Bora half of
Tachyon: The Fringe.
                           *** Ship Guide ***

Note: No stats are written down about the Mako aside from speed. What's
listed here is my best estimates, by comparing the graphs to other ships.

Ship Name: Mako
Class:     Economy Class Fighter
Speed:     550 SLU
Accel:     4
Perform:   4
Energy:    7
Hull:      4
Shields:   4
Buy for:   N/A
Sell for:  N/A

Nothing to rave about. Average to low ratings except power, only two
weapon slots, and only two CPU slots (Plus Afterburner and Afterburner
Reserve slots.) You can't actually buy or sell this ship. You get it as a
giveaway when you are booted out of Sol, and you are given 8500 cr. for it
when you choose either GalSpan or Bora. Incidentally, if you use the
RAGTAG cheat, you can buy and sell the Mako for 0 cr. Gee, if I could only
find a car dealer with the same pricing system, I wouldn’t need a buspass.

                               GALSPAN VESSELS

Ship Name: Poseidon
Class:     Multirole Bomber
Speed:     470 SLU
Accel:     4
Perform:   4.5
Energy:    6
Hull:      5
Shields:   5
Buy for:   60000 cr.
Sell for:  36000 cr.

I've never particularly liked the Poseidon. It's so slow it seems to just
beg to be blown to bits. (The slowest fighter in the game.) Good weapon
mounts, though.

Ship Name: Orion
Class:     Multirole Fighter
Speed:     540 SLU
Accel:     6
Perform:   5
Energy:    5
Hull:      4
Shields:   6
Buy for:   44800 cr.
Sell for:  26880 cr.

This ship has equal (but different) weapons mounts and defense as the
Poseidon. However, I prefer to fly this one because the handling and speed
are much better, and it presents less of a target horizontally. For some
reason, it costs less than the Poseidon. Go figure.

Ship Name: Pegasus
Class:     Light Interceptor
Speed:     615 SLU
Accel:     7
Perform:   7
Energy:    4
Hull:      2
Shields:   6
Buy for:   70000 cr.
Sell for:  42000 cr.

This ship is the fastest ship that you can get, Bora or GalSpan (though only
by 8 SLU over the Mace). It has very little in terms of weapon mounts, hull
and shields, but speeding away from battles when you need to keeps you from
taking much damage.

Ship Name: Phoenix
Class:     Heavy Bomber
Speed:     475 SLU
Accel:     5
Perform:   4
Energy:    5
Hull:      7
Shields:   6
Buy for:   150000 cr.
Sell for:  90000 cr.

This ship can carry all the firepower you'll need. Defense is pretty good
too, but handling and speed is quite low.

Ship Name: Archangel
Class:     Heavy Assault Fighter
Speed:     580 SLU
Accel:     6
Perform:   6
Energy:    5
Hull:      5
Shields:   7
Buy for:   180000 cr.
Sell for:  108000 cr.

Personally, my favorite, GalSpan or Bora. It only carries average
firepower, but the speed and defense are both excellent. Good for taking
on lots of ships at once.

                                BORA VESSELS

Ship Name: Cutlass
Class:     Multirole Bomber
Speed:     510 SLU
Accel:     5
Perform:   5
Energy:    5.5
Hull:      5
Shields:   5
Buy for:   49000 cr.
Sell for:  29400 cr.     

You are given this ship when you complete the "Withdraw from Independence"
mission in the hub. It's an O.K. ship, but it's totally average. This ship
is extremely welcome after flying the Mako, though.

Ship Name: Battleaxe
Class:     Multirole Fighter
Speed:     550 SLU
Accel:     6
Perform:   6
Energy:    7
Hull:      8
Shields:   6
Buy for:   81250 cr.
Sell for:  48750 cr.

Personally, I think this ship is way underpriced. Comparing the stats to
the Warhammer, the defense works out about the same (Adding the Hull,
Shield, and Energy stats) and the speed and handling are all better. In
fact, if it had more weapon mounts, I would fly it to the end of the game.
Note that it's an upgraded Cutlass, so there's NO reason to keep the
Cutlass once you've bought this one.

Ship Name: Mace
Class:     Intercept Fighter
Speed:     607 SLU
Accel:     7
Perform:   6.5
Energy:    5
Hull:      6
Shields:   6
Buy for:   64000 cr.
Sell for:  38400 cr.

The fast and the furious. This ship gets you where you're going in the
shortest time possible. It also carries an insane number of weapon mounts.
However, if an enemy starts tailing you, it's a bit weak. (I think the
Hull and Shield stats given are wrong.)

Ship Name: Claymore
Class:     Heavy Bomber
Speed:     485 SLU
Accel:     5
Perform:   4
Energy:    4.5
Hull:      11
Shields:   5
Buy for:   110000 cr.
Sell for:  66000 cr.

This ship can carry just about all the rockets you want. However, the bad
news: You get precisely one slot for lasers. The only spot to mount an EMP
projector is the aforementioned one laser slot, IE you can't have both.
It has the comparative speed and maneuverability that an 18-wheeler truck
would have on the German Autobahn. And, the shields and energy replenishment
is the lowest of all the Bora ships. Granted, the hull strength is
incredible, but these four downers together mean that this ship doesn't last
long in extended dogfights, and the only missions where you could really USE
100 rockets, there's so many fighters, it's not worth it.

Ship Name: Warhammer
Class:     Heavy Assault Fighter
Speed:     515 SLU
Accel:     5
Perform:   5.5
Energy:    6
Hull:      10
Shields:   5
Buy for:   130000 cr.
Sell for:  78000 cr.

Overall, not bad. In my opinion, the only thing it's got that makes it
better than the Battleaxe is greater flexibility and amounts of armaments.

                          *** Weapon Guide ***

When choosing weapons, keep in mind that the designers used a exponential
scale. Each segment between two lines is an equal amount of power, no
matter what the size difference between them may be. I think it's silly,
but who asked me. I have made numerical estimates based on the charts, but
it's at best an estimate. There are 6 segments in the power meters. I got
"Range" numbers by locking on to a mine, then flying backwards until the
"in range" pip grayed out. PLEASE NOTE: All guided weapons lock on at a
range of 10 KM. The range below is the distance they will go before
detonating. Don't know if this will be useful to anyone, but, hey....
I'm also arrogantly assuming that the distance is given in kilometers.
If anyone knows for sure what they're in, let me know....

                               GALSPAN WEAPONS

Glint Lt. Laser (1000 cr.)

Basic, but functional. It's fast and cheap.

Hull:    0.8
Shields: 1.8
System:  0
R.O.F.:  2
Range:   8.7

Flare Med. Laser (2200 cr.)

In my opinion, this is the best GalSpan laser. It's efficient and cheap.

Hull:    1.7
Shields: 2
System:  0
R.O.F.:  2
Range:   8.7

Deimos Hvy. Laser (2650 cr.)

This does the same amount of damage in the same amount of time as the
Flare Med. Laser. However, the fire rate is about 1/2 that of the Flare,
and it uses a lot more energy. The only way I find this useful is by using
the "Instant Recharge" trick (see cheats) when mounted with 3+ emitters.

Hull:    2.6
Shields: 3
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.1
Range:   9.4

Spire Rockets (600 cr/40 ; 15 cr/each)

Technically, this isn't a GalSpan weapon, but since you can buy it in the
Hub before choosing GalSpan, I've included it. Slightly more powerful than
the Flare Med, but weaker than the Deimos Hvy. Laser. I don't see any point
to buying these for use after signing GalSpan, but that's just me. You can
if you want.

Hull:    2.2
Shields: 2.3
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.6
Range:   24.8

Helios Rockets (6000 cr/2; 3000 cr/each)

You smack a fighter with one of these, it's instantly vaporised. This is a
thermo-nuke. It is best saved for Capital ships, because it's so
expensive, slow moving, and overpowering.

Hull:    6
Shields: 6
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.6
Range:   14.3

Tiger Missiles (1000 cr/12; 83.33 cr/each)

Decent against hulls, does the same shield damage as Flare Med. Laser.
I've never liked them, but they are cheap.

Hull:    3.0
Shields: 2.1
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.7
Range:   43.3

Sunspot Missiles (2250 cr/8; 281.25 cr/each)

My favorite missiles. Powerful, fast reload. Fairly expensive, though.

Hull:    3.5
Shields: 3.2
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.7
Range:   43.3

Tesla EMP Missiles (4250 cr/6; 708.33 cr/each)

Does nothing to ships hulls. Mainly for frying systems. I suggest getting
very close to your target before firing, because they're slow, and easy
to shake.

Hull:    0
Shields: 3
System:  6
R.O.F.:  0.6
Range:   30

Swarm Missiles (3900 cr/8; 487.5 cr/each)

I've never liked these, because they seem to miss more often than not.
Each firing is actually a salvo of four micro-missiles.

Hull:    3.9
Shields: 3.1
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.6
Range:   32.8

Hunter Torpedo (1700 cr.)

I've always liked this one. After it's fired, it locks on to the nearest
target, without waiting for lock-on before firing. Fast recharge rate.
Biggest disadvantages: Low damage for a rack-mount weapon. Sometimes goes
for a different target than what you'd like. It works best from a range of
2.0 to 8.0 KM.

Hull:    2.5
Shields: 2.8
System:  0
R.O.F.:  0.6
Range:   10.6

Solaris Torpedo (3000 cr.)

This does almost as much damage as a Helios Rocket, when fully charged.
Like all torpedoes, it is powered by the Laser Reserves, and has unlimited
firings. It is, however, unguided.

Hull:    5
Shields: 5.5
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.5
Range:   17

Disruptor Torpedo (4500 cr.)

For shields only. It usually drops shields, when it connects. Takes
forever to recharge, though, and often misses. Guided.

Hull:    0
Shields: 5
System:  0
R.O.F.:  0.1
Range:   16

Blast Torpedo (3300 cr.)

Releases insane amounts of radiation in a limited radius. It's powerful,
but it's unguided. Note that there's a half-second delay between contact
and detonation, so it's most useful when firing on a ship heading
towards you, and a ship afterburning away from you will take little,
if any, damage. Don't fire it too close to yourself, either!

Hull:    3.5
Shields: 3.5
System:  0
R.O.F.:  0.6
Range:   6.8

Adv. Blast Torpedo (3500 cr.)

Same as above, except guided.

Hull:    3.5
Shields: 3.5
System:  0
R.O.F.:  0.6
Range:   6.8

Chatter Cannon (9100 cr/750; cr/each N/A; recharges each mission)

Useless against shields, it fries hulls in no time flat. Although each
shot does very little damage, it has an insane rate of fire. I do stand
corrected on something though: An anonymous expert emailed me and said
that this recharges for free after every mission, and you get the extra
shots free with the ammo hold, and lo and behold, he's right!! I thought
it was a one-shot weapon!

Hull:    1.2
Shields: 0.1
System:  0
R.O.F.:  2.8
Range:   7

Tractor Wave (7150 cr.)

Useless, useless, useless. Apparently, it slows down your opponent, if
they're right in front of you, and also fries systems slowly. In practice,
it doesn't seem to do anything.

Hull:    0
Shields: 1.6
System:  0.1
R.O.F.:  1.1
Range:   Unknown, greater than radar range.

                                BORA WEAPONS

Arc Lt. Laser (800 cr.)

No one should have to deal with this. It's decent against shields, but
useless against hulls. Buy a Glint before the Independence mission, and
mount it to your Cutlass after. It's much better.

Hull:    0.1
Shields: 1.9
System:  0
R.O.F.:  2
Range:   7.2

Boron Med. Laser (1750 cr.)

Better than the Flare Med. Laser. It's roughly on par with the Deimos Hvy.
and Heavy Mining Lasers too, adding in the ROF and energy consumption.
Heads up, though, the range is a kilometer & a half less, though.

Hull:    1.8
Shields: 2
System:  0
R.O.F.:  2
Range:   7.2

Heavy Mining Laser (2650 cr.)

The best way to use this is to drop the shields with this weapon, and then
use the Boron Med. for hulls, according to the guide. I say, skip it.

Hull:    1.9
Shields: 2.1
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.9
Range:   7.9

Pulsar Laser (8650 cr.)

Uses a lot of energy, but fires insanely, with each hit just a bit weaker
than the Boron Med. Laser. And, finally, it's got a higher range than
GalSpan's lasers! Woohoo!

Hull:    1.5
Shields: 1.8
System:  0
R.O.F.:  2.9
Range:   10.2

Spire Rockets (600 cr/40 ; 15 cr/each)

Slightly more powerful than the Heavy mining laser. It's pretty good in
the beginning, but you'll soon outgrow it.

Hull:    2.2
Shields: 2.3
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.6
Range:   24.8

Plasma Rockets (1400 cr/20; 70 cr/each)

More expensive than Spire rockets, but it does much more damage, and even
does damage if it's a close miss. Much better on shields than hulls.

Hull:    3
Shields: 4
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.6
Range:   19.8

Helios Rockets (6000 cr/2; 3000 cr/each)

Same as GalSpan's. Mega-firepower, mega-pricey.

Hull:    6
Shields: 6
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.6
Range:   14.3

Remote Sappers (750 cr/2; 375 cr/each)

Attaches to target and waits for detonation command. If you could mount
more than two per rack mount at once, it might actually be useful.

Hull:    1.8
Shields: 2
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.9
Range:   7

Inertia Sappers (1300 cr/12; 108.33 cr/each)

Slows the ship down for 15 seconds.

Hull:    1.7
Shields: 2.0
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.9
Range:   7

Power Sappers (1000 cr/16; 62.5 cr/each)

Drains afterburner and weapon energy reserves for 30 seconds.

Hull:    1.7
Shields: 2
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.9
Range:   7

Phase Sappers (1500 cr/16; 93.75 cr/each)

Weakens shields for 20 seconds. It's fairly effective, but I personally
think all of the sappers are useless.

Hull:    1.8
Shields: 2.0
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.9
Range:   7

EMP Projector (6500 cr.)

Does almost as much shield damage in the same amount of time as a Pulsar
Laser. It goes after systems instead of hulls though. Uses a lot of power.

Hull:    0
Shields: 1.8
System:  0.1
R.O.F.:  2.8
Range:   5.8

Rail Gun (7200 cr.)

Excellent on hulls, decent on shields. Two great things: it travels
instantly, so no misses because of targets changing direction, and its
range. It shows a red "in range" firing pip, as long as the target is
within radar range. Of course, it's practical range is MUCH less due to
A)the sizes of ships, and B)the fact that it loses power the farther away
you are but... This is also a great Capital ship weapon. Hit a powerplant,
it's gone in one hit.

Hull:    4
Shields: 3
System:  0
R.O.F.:  0.7
Range:   Unknown, greater than radar range.

Corona Device (5250 cr.)

This is a proximity weapon. It uses your shield energy to make a blast
torpedo explosion. The closer an enemy is, the more it's damaged. The
in range pip shows another one of those infinite distance thingies,
but it wont do any damage past about 0.6 KM (Tested on a mine)

Hull:    3.1
Shields: 3.1
System:  0
R.O.F.:  1.1
Range:   0.6

                           *** CPU Card Guide ***

Lead Target Assistant (1500 cr.)

I consider this one of three indispensable cards. It calculates where you
should fire your primary weapon so that it will hit your opponent,
assuming it stays heading in the same direction and at the same speed.

Combat Scanner (3250 cr.)

The second of my three. Tells you how much shield and hull strength is
left, so you know what weapon you should use.

Afterburner (2500 cr.)

The last essential. Just in case you've been living in a cave until now,
afterburners let you crank your speed for a limited time. It uses up your
Afterburner reserves when in use. (they do recharge) Use the TAB key to
activate it.

Radiation Screen (4850 cr.)

Limited use: prevents you from taking radiation damage in the Cassitor's
Station and Twilight Field sectors in the Twilight region.

Aim-Point Module (3800 cr.)

Adjusts you lasers minutely so that when you fire, the lasers are aligned
along the centerline of your ship at the exact distance of your target.

Advanced Radar (3250 cr.)

Cuts through jamming. Also prevents radar "jumping" in storms.

Fog Radar (3250 cr.)

For use in the Twilight region and Hephaestus sector. Cuts through the Fog.

Lateral Thrust (6250 cr.)

Allows you to strafe using the S and D keys. I don't know where this
becomes available, I've never actually seen it in single-player (without
using a cheat code.)

Boosters (3800 cr.)

Boosts your ship's top speed (and Afterburner top speed) by 25%.

EW Jamming (6500 cr.)

Helps prevent radar and missile lock-on.

Lock-on Defense (5650 cr.)

Drops a bundle of energy to try to confuse missiles. Hit C to use it. You
only get 30 usages per mission. 

Lock-on Warning (3650 cr.)

According to the Read Me file, the in-game description is wrong and this
upgrade tells you when someone targets your ship.

Smart Shields (4650 cr.)

Automatically balances power between front and aft shields. Also decides
what percentage of energy should be diverted to the shields from the
engines. I'd like it better if all it did was balance the shields and
allowed me to decide about the energy.

Tracking Enhancements (3750 cr.)

Decreases missile lock-on time by 25%.

Burn-Off Device (4500 cr.)

Tries to fry sappers by firing an EMP stream at them. It's automatic.

Laser Reserves (3500 cr.)

Increases your laser energy by 25%.

Shield Reserves (2300 cr.)

Increases your shield energy by 25%.

Afterburner Reserve (2800 cr.)

Increases afterburner energy by 25%. Note: There is absolutely NO reason
not to take this upgrade: it has a reserved slot (no pun intended... for
once) that nothing else can use.

Ammo Hold (1200 cr.)

Wanna guess? Yep, you're right. Increases the number of missiles, rockets
etc. you can carry by 25%.
                        *** Wingman Assessment ***

As above, any wingmen who become available to you on either side are
marked with an asterisk. However, pilots available on only one side are
marked either G or B. For everyone except Mishka Shaw, I give my opinion
of them as compared to the other wingmen available at that time.

* Pixie Kerral

OK pilot, but you get what you pay for. Either defending you or capships,
she keeps enemies on the defensive, but she doesn't know how to attack.

Cost:    500 cr; 5%
Weapons: EMP Projector; Heavy Mining Laser.
Letzer:  ??
Ship:    Dart

* Mishka Shaw

In order to get her as a wingman, you have to save her life in the
"GalSpan Escort" mission. It's more than worth the trouble. She's got
the second-best attack (Next to Bernardo). The only thing that stops me
from keeping her until the end of the game is that she flies a lower class
ship, and her defense skills suck. (This is the only exception to the
comparison rule I gave above.)

Cost:    1350 cr; 7%
Weapons: Deimos Hvy. Laser, Hvy. Mining Laser, Tiger Missiles
Letzer:  79
Ship:    Piranha

B Cathy Keels

Pretty good pilot overall. She has excellent weaponry, and she's available at
a good price.

Cost:    1100 cr; 7%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, Spire Rockets, Railgun
Letzer:  ??
Ship:    Cutlass

* Dorwin Kincaid

He's not great for defense, because he's bad at maneuvering, but he's good
at destroying enemies. He's also funny.... of course, I might just think
that because his science and sci-fi trivia and puns remind me of me.

Cost:    2650 cr; 12%
Weapons: Boron Med. Laser, Heavy Mining Laser
Letzer:  73
Ship:    Dart

* Jasper

A machine. The great thing about it is if its destroyed, its available for
hire again. Aside from that, I don't really like it.

Cost:    1100 cr; 10%
Weapons: Flare Med. Laser, Pulsar Laser, Spire Rockets
Letzer:  80
Ship:    Piranha

G Lakita Ramos

She's a decent pilot, but she's horribly expensive. She also carries bad

Cost:    4675 cr; 17%
Weapons: Deimos Hvy. Laser, Tiger Missiles
Letzer:  89
Ship:    Pegasus

G A.J. Freesh

Hire this guy and you'll get a hickey on your ass...teroid. Personally, I
think the only use for him is the Demeter mission where he butters up
Captain Martez, saving you from fighting a wing of Orions. To be honest, I
haven't used him much aside from that mission, so take that into account.

Cost:    1600 cr; 7%
Weapons: Deimos Hvy Laser x2, Swarm Missiles, Tiger Missiles
Letzer:  78
Ship:    Poseidon

* Jasper 500

Much better than the original in every way. Good value for the price, and
like the original, replaceable.

Cost:    2200 cr; 10%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, EMP Projector, Spire Rockets
Letzer:  92
Ship:    Piranha

G Tora Embers

Pretty good at what she does, although a bit pricey. Lots of missiles.

Cost:    3125 cr; 15%
Weapons: Deimos Hvy. Laser, Swarm Missiles x2, Tesla EMP Missiles
Letzer:  86
Ship:    Orion

B Nolt Lieber

You'd think all he's good for is the one mission, "Sour Colony", but he's
an excellent wingman. Fairly good weaponry, excellent attack and defense.

Cost:    3350 cr; 12%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, Spire Rockets, Inertia Sappers, Phase Sappers
Letzer:  ??
Ship:    Mace

* Captain Jond Rand

His description has a lot of caveats, but I've never had a problem with
him. In fact, he's one of my favorite wingmen, and I'd say he's as good
as - if not better than - Bradford Brixx. Rand occasionally forgets orders
if you dont talk to him for 5 minutes, and goes and attacks whatever.

Cost:    3550 cr; 12%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, Hunter Torpedo, Disruptor Torpedo, Spire Rockets
Letzer:  ??
Ship:    Gar

* Bradford Brixx

Good attack, good defense, average weapons, and good overall value.

Cost:    3750 cr; 15%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, Hunter Torpedo, Spire Rockets x2
Letzer:  ??
Ship:    Gar

B Ryan Saril

I really don't like this guy. Weapons out the wazoo, excellent fighter, OK
defense.... but he's always hitting me with weapons because he doesn't
care if I die. I don't ever bother with him because The Demon is available
a couple missions later.

Cost:    4100 cr; 21%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, Spire Rockets x2, Plasma Rockets, Helios Rockets
Letzer:  90
Ship:    Claymore

* Jasper 1000

The last in the Jasper series. Good thing, in my opinion. They're starting to
get annoying. Decent weapons, (as compared to other wingmen now available)
average fighting and defensive skills, and yet again, replaceable. Good for
the pilot who cant keep wingmen alive, useless otherwise.

Cost:    4400 cr; 17%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, Hunter Torpedo, Swarm Missiles, Spire Rockets
Letzer:  ??
Ship:    Gar

G Bernardo

In my opinion, simply The Best Wingman Available. His odd messages don't
interfere with his ability to be the best. Excellent attack and defense,
and value to the credit is amazing. The ONLY wingman I've NEVER seen die.
(I once killed him myself, just to be sure that he didn't have God mode,
but my ENEMIES have never killed him.)

Cost:    6125 cr; 20%
Weapons: Deimos Hvy. Laser x2, Hunter Torpedo, Solaris Torpedo,
         Blast Torpedo
Letzer:  99
Ship:    Phoenix

B The Demon

She's very good, but she is single-minded, and sometimes gets shot
because she's focusing on one target exclusively.

Cost:    6625 cr; 22%
Weapons: Pulsar Laser, Spire Rockets x2, Helios Rockets x2
Letzer:  ??
Ship:    Warhammer
                             *** Cheats ***

NovaLogic programmed a good selection of cheats into the game, but in
order to use them, you need to enable cheats. To do so, press NumPad 7.
Type in:
and press enter. Cheats will be enabled. In order to use the cheats, again
press NumPad 7, enter the cheat of your choice, and press enter. Be warned,
Bruce Campbell starts insulting and ridiculing you if you use them.
(Oh, the pain! The pain of it all!)

These are the cheats that NovaLogic programmed in to the game:

QUICKENING          - Toggle God mode on/off.
DILITHIUM           - Restore all energy reserves to full.
COME GET SOME       - Restores all ammo to full. 
KESSEL RUN          - Restores hull strength to full.
THERE IS NO SPOON   - Instant mission win when you dock with starbase.
RAGTAG              - All ships (GalSpan, Bora, and the Mako) owned.
BOOM STICK          - All items available for purchase.
ONE MILLION DOLLARS - Adds 5000 credits to your account.
SAY AHH             - Opens a targeted Tachyon Gate, if it is closed.

(With God mode active, you can still die from Radiation. Go figure.)

BTW: Six of the above cheat codes are "borrowed" from movies and TV.
If you can find all of them, and know what movies/shows they're borrowed
from, you have no life. PS: I have no life.

These are things that were (probably) not meant to be a game cheat:
Nonstop Burning: If you need to get somewhere quickly, do a Burn (Tab key)
and start holding the Slide (Q) key. You will continue traveling at your
afterburner velocity, without using your burner energy. (Discovered by
just about everyone; including myself)

Instant Recharge: Torpedoes are great, but they take a long time to fire.
When you fire a torpedo, press the "Pause" key. Everything stops, but the
torpedoes continue reloading. If you have Hunter torpedoes, holding down
the fire button while quickly un-pausing and pausing again can let you
get off a whole swarm of them almost simultaneously. You can usually hit
an enemy at perfect straight to dead if you do this enough. (Discovered
by me)

Instant Lock on: Guided weapons sometimes take a long time to lock on.
However, if you start by facing your enemy, and cycle the weapon
in (By pressing the 1 or 2 key) they will start by being locked on to
your enemy. (Discovered by me)

Big Bucks FAST: Use the "Ragtag" cheat above and return to base. Go to
"Shipyard" and sell the four most expensive ships. Hit "Back". Repeat as
much as you want, before you re-launch, they'll just keep reappearing.
(Discovered by me)

Disrupted Pirates: Sometimes the Demon Pirates will explode when you hit
them with disruptor torpedoes. (Discovered by me; this is more of a bug
than a cheat)

Free Extra Missiles: If you put the ammo hold card in, load up your
missiles, then drop another card onto the ammo hold slot, you get to keep
the extra missiles loaded. (Discovered by an anonymous tipster)

If you have found another hidden trick, please do me a favor and pass it
along to me so I can include it in the next version. Please tell me where
you got it, or if you discovered it yourself, include your name and/or
email in the BODY of the email if you want to be in the credits.
                  *** Hidden Bonuses (Crates, etc) ***

You start the game already in possession of a crate, which was lost off a
freighter. (Full story, see TNS news) If you drop it off at New Zurich
Orbital, in the Earth sector, you will receive 200 cr.

There's a second crate of trade goods in the Ganymede asteroid field
(which is mentioned in TNS); it nets you 200 cr. from New Zurich.

During the first Kuiper mission (Security Breach), go to the Luna sector.
There will be a freighter, the Ontario, which has a generator problem.
Drop the Ontario's shields, or destroy the Shield generator to save their
lives. They say you get paid, but I don't think you do.

In the scrap yards during the Hospital Emergency mission there is a crate
of contraband towards the end of the asteroid field the frigate is
drifting towards. Arman Patrioli gives you 850 cr. for it.

Under the Star Patrol Farpost station is a crate containing Medical
Supplies. It is only available to Bora, and it should be dropped off at
Mercy Hospital for 550 cr. This is available during multiple missions.

In the Bora Gate Blueprints mission, there is a crate of spare parts on
one of the landing pads in the Poranis Nebula. Drake facility, in the
Industrial sector of the Hub gives you 550 cr. for it.

In the Scrap Yards while flying the Recoil mission there is a crate of
250 cr. near the station.

In the Nereus Research sector, there is a crate of food supplies. It's
available in multiple missions.

Near Atlantic casino is a crate of 777 cr. (Is this a slot machine
joke? 7-7-7?) 

In the Illicit Pickup mission, if you're flying GalSpan, turn right
immediately on entering Foothold, and fly past the station, you'll find a
crate of Bora Mining Equipment in the asteroids. It's worth 650 cr, but I
don't know who wants it. (I've been told that it is Apollo Research, but
I've never seen them accept it myself.)

In Ceriphilon Production (GalSpan only) is a crate of spare parts in the
middle "pathway" between the two big whatchamajiggers (Drydocks?).

In the Color of the Nose mission (GalSpan) near the Arteris Array station
is a crate containing 500 cr.

Draconis Ripstar Field: There is a crate containing 1000 credits towards
the underside of the station in that sector.

In Redship Rory's lair, there are several crates: One contains contraband
(Illegal Narcotic) and 5 crates each containing 100 cr. Arman Patrioli
in the frontier will give you 850 cr. for the contraband.

During the Risky Venture mission, there is a crate near the station with
Medical Supplies. Mercy Hospital gives you 550 cr. For it.

While flying the Sour Colony mission there are two crates of food supplies
on separate landing pads of one station in the Haven sector.

In the Twilight region, turn about 90° left as soon as you launch, and go 
about 10 KM. You will see the wreckage of a ship crashed into one of those
blue domes. (Presumably, it's the Munn mentioned in the "Tachyon Manual"
file.) Inside the ship is a crate of 5000 cr. 

In the Demon Pirate lair, there is a crate very near to the station. It is
Contraband (Illegal Chemical Compounds) and again, Arman Patrioli will
give you 850 cr. for it.

Sometimes Demon pirate fighters will be destroyed when you hit them with
disruptor torpedoes. (This is more of a bug than a cheat...) 

In Cassitor's station there is a crate containing Lost artworks, inside
the station. Fly to the top half of the blue bubble-like thing, and you'll
be able to beam it aboard. Malkar, in the Frontier region, will pay 1000
cr. for it. Available multiple missions, but you can only get it once.

In the Drone Abduction mission, there is also a crate of spare parts on
one of the platforms. 550 cr. from Drake in the Industrial sector for it.

In the Mercenary sector during the Identity Game mission, there are two
crates. One contains lost artworks (1000 cr. from Baron Malkar) and the
other is Illegal Chemical Compounds. (Arman Patrioli, 850 cr.)

* NOTE RE ARMAN PATRIOLI: Arman is VERY RARELY available, but when he is,
he's in the Dark Space sector of the Frontier region. I think it's random
when he appears. The only mission where he can ALWAYS be found is the
"Hunting the Hunter" mission (GalSpan), but that's useless to you,
because you have to finish that mission before you can do the "Illicit
Pickup" mission, and he won't buy anything until then. (There's only one
crate of contraband up to this point anyways.) 

This listing of hidden items is by no means complete. If you have found
another one, please send it to me. Include what it is, where you found it,
what mission you were flying. (Include your name and/or email, if you wish
to be listed in the credits. If you do not include these in the BODY
(text) of your email, I will assume you do not wish to be listed.)

                               *** FAQ ***

1. What are the differences in flying Bora versus GalSpan?

From a weapons point of view, GalSpan has bad lasers, but most missiles
and torpedoes are guided. Bora, NOTHING is guided, rockets are a bit less
powerful than missiles, and lasers are excellent. Depending on your
personal accuracy, and also on the speed of your computer, you might find
it very difficult to fly Bora. In terms of moralistic, it's just a game.
Who cares? Like I suggest (and for that matter so do the designers) is to
copy your game to a second slot before the Independence missions, so you
can play both sides.

2. I can't get cheat X to work.

If its a cheat preprogrammed into the game, did you remember to enter
"im a cheater" first to enable cheats? Also remember that the cheats have
to be typed into the dialog box that comes up when you hit NUMBER PAD 7.
The 7 above the Y and U keys will not work. The Instant recharge cheat:
This is only for the RELOAD rate. It does nothing for the laser power
reserves. The others: I tried to make them as clear as possible.
Just reread them and try again. If you REALLY have trouble, email me.

3. I've found a mistake / cheat / crate. How can I get ahold of you?

If you've found a cheat or crate that I don't have listed, great! If
you've found a mistake, or something you think I should include, it's all
Microsoft's fault! No, I'm joking. If you think you have found any
mistakes, cheats, crates, or anything else that you feel my guide is
lacking, PLEASE first double check that it is (or is not) there. If
you're sure that I've missed something, please e-mail me with whatever it
is you've found. My e-mail address is SpockJr@SpockJr.com. I will
try to answer every email, but no guarantees. If you want to be listed in
the Credits section below, please include your name and/or e-mail address
in the BODY (TEXT) of your email. I will not publish either without your
written request / permission, and I will remove it if you ever ask. One
thing: If you got it from someone else, GIVE THEM CREDIT. Thank you.

4. Where can I find a copy of Tachyon?

I got my copy one day by walking into a Future Shop (The Canadian best buy)
when I was bored and grabbing it off the shelf. Try a nearby software store,
if they don't have it in stock, but do special orders, the full title is
"Tachyon: The Fringe". It was created by NovaLogic. I've also found that
they're selling for dirt cheap prices now on Yahoo Auctions and eBay
(Both listed in the Links section) (Coming back to this question, I realize,
why would you be reading this if you didn't already have a copy, but I've
decided to leave it in.)

5. My computer seemed to pause for a minute and then I blew up.

Ah, you have experienced state of the art technology! NovaLogic programmed
Tachyon to be VERY graphics rich, far more so than needed. Could be worse:
your computer could do like mine used to and only render one screen per
second, even with nothing in front of you. (If this is also happening to
you, you have my heartfelt sympathy.) Two possibilities: Upgrade your
computer. Getting a better processor, video card, or more RAM will all
help to some degree. If you don't know computers inside and out, find a
computer guru, and wave a rental of Star Trek / Star Wars / The Matrix
etc. in his/her face and ask for help. Please don't email me asking for
help! I simply don't have enough time in my life, I'm not actually there,
and we might have miscommunications that would cost a lot to fix if your
computer gave up the ghost. Incidentally, you can often get near-top-of-
the-line parts on Yahoo and eBay auctions. Be careful though, some people
try to rip you off there. Second possibility: Press "pause" repeatedly.
When you do this, the game will refresh as fast as you're hitting pause.
This does make playing the game kinda unwieldy though, especially if you
fly using the keyboard and mouse.

6. Where can I find these wingmen / ships / items?

Wingmen can be hired through the "Wingmen" subset of the Job Board. Ships
can be bought in the Shipyard (In the Hangar). Weapons and CPU cards can
be bought and mounted by selecting "Configure Ship" in the hangar.

                             *** Credits ***

All the websites (authorised or unauthorised) who host my guide. (And to
  the unauthorised websites: You wanna email me? I don't mind you hosting
  my guide, but it would be nice to know where it is, and besides, I can
  let you know when there's a new version.)(Aside I can't resist: I'm
  author-ised. I've written something, I live off of caffiene and little
  else, pounding away at my computer until three in the morning, I'm
  always broke, and I've never been recognised for my hard work!!
  (Loosely stolen from Spider Robinson's Callahan's Con ...my favorite
  author. Go read his books!)) 
Sephirstein for getting me started with FAQS. I also borrowed a lot of
  structure and copyright data for this FAQ from the "Shining Force"
  Walkthrough that he started, that we now co-author.
NovaLogic: Thank you for making such a great game. Now make a sequel!
IDM Computer Solutions: For making UltraEdit, a text editor with extras
  that make it extremely useful for writing fixed-width and HTML files.

Bboyhops: For contributing a whack of hidden crates. Keep them coming!

Daniel Palma: For contributing a hidden fight and telling me about
  something I missed in the manual (which led to me finding another
  crate.) By the way: Daniel, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I
  didn't answer your e-mail! I deleted it by mistake. I found the

A Figure In Black: for contributing a hidden crate.

Lews Cummings: For teaching me how to stay undetected in the "Weasel in
  the coop" mission.

All the anonymous tipsters who have contributed without recognition:
  My thanks. To date, there are six of you.

Your Name Here: Find me an error, cheat or crate and e-mail it to me.

                                *** Links ***

NovaLogic                    - www.novalogic.com
GameFAQs                     - www.gamefaqs.com
Yahoo Auctions               - auctions.yahoo.com
eBay                         - www.ebay.com
IDM / UltraEdit              - www.ultraedit.com

                        *** Copyright Information ***

This guide was created, and is owned by J. Baker. It is copyrighted as of 
2002. This guide may be placed on any publicly accessible website, so long
as it is used it its original, unedited and unaltered format, and I am
notified IN ADVANCE of the website address and name. This guide cannot be
used for profitable, promotional, or commercial uses. This guide may not be
used as a "bonus" in any transaction, as this creates incentive to buy.

This guide may not be used in any manner not specifically outlined above
without express written permission from me, J. Baker. This includes
(however is not limited to) commercial game websites, e-zines, magazines,
and other printed mediums. I will not be held responsible in any way for
damages of any kind (IE to your game, computer, self, others, etc.)
resulting from use of this guide. Please report any violations of this
copyright to me, J. Baker, at SpockJr@SpockJr.com.

NovaLogic has expressly denied all warranties, express or implied barring 
the following: NovaLogic warrants that a Tachyon: The Fringe CD-ROM will be 
free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 90 days from
the date of purchase. Tachyon is otherwise provided "as is" without any
warranty of any kind. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not:
(i)   use or transmit any Materials on or to any other Web site or network
      without prior written approval from NovaLogic;
(ii)  modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or create
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      Materials; or
(v)   remove, obscure or alter any notice of copyright or other proprietary
      notices present on or in any Materials.

NovaLogic does not endorse or stand behind the accuracy, truthfulness, or
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(ii) you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or
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     by U.S. or Canadian law, regulation or order.

Tachyon and all documentation is copyright 2000 by NovaLogic Inc. All
images in the HTML version are copyright 2000 by NovaLogic inc. and are
used WITH permission. NovaLogic, NovaWorld and the NovaLogic logo are
registered trademarks and the NovaWorld logo, Tachyon, the Fringe, Jake
Logan and Voice-Over-Net are trademarks of NovaLogic, Inc. Windows and
Microsoft are registered trademarks of The Microsoft Corporation,
1981-2003. Star Trek is a registered copyright of Paramount pictures,
1968-2003. Star Wars is copyright 1977 Twentieth Century Fox. The Matrix is
a copyright of Warner Brothers, 1999.

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