1. Charlie Aquilina Additional Artist
  2. Alan Brimm Additional Artist
  3. Andy Probert Additional Artist
  4. Sharon Stambaugh Additional Artist
  5. Rebecca Ang Additional Programmer
  6. Mark Blattel Additional Programmer
  7. Greg Seelhoff Additional Programmer
  8. Farah Soebrata Additional Programmer
  9. Jill Veronda Additional Programmer
  10. Peter Ward Additional Programmer
  11. Les Watts Additional Programmer
  12. Steven Weinstein Apprentice World Builder
  13. Aron Banor Artist
  14. Chuck Butler Artist
  15. David McGrath Artist
  16. Meg Storey Associate Producer
  17. Paul Mogg Audio Director
  18. Denise Okuda Consultant
  19. Michael Okuda Consultant
  20. Naren Shanker Consultant
  21. Naren Shankar Dialogue and Scriptwriting Consultant
  22. Mathias K. Genser Executive Producer
  23. Mathias K. Genser Lead Designer
  24. Paul Mogg Music Composition/Sound Designers
  25. Joseph White Music Composition/Sound Designers
  26. Tom Barkett Production Artist
  27. Catherine Durand Production Assistant
  28. Bryant Fong Production Assistant
  29. Jerome Paterno Production Assistant
  30. Donald Simpson Production Assistant
  31. Derwin Wyatt Production Assistant
  32. Roger M. Fujii Programmer
  33. Kyle Granger Programmer
  34. Kevin Ray Programmer
  35. Marisa Ong Script Editor
  36. Kyle Brink Scriptwriter
  37. Vera Chan Scriptwriter
  38. Stephen Goldin Scriptwriter
  39. Naren Shankar Scriptwriter
  40. Joe Ward Scriptwriter
  41. Lucija Kordic Senior Graphics Artist
  42. Steven Weinstein Sound Matchmaker
  43. Matt Carlstrom Supervising Artist
  44. Erol Otus Supervising Artist
  45. Anthony Chiang Supporting Artist
  46. Greg Dyer Supporting Artist
  47. Karen Finch Supporting Artist
  48. Paul Wood Supporting Artist
  49. Ally Chen Supporting Programmer
  50. Anthony Chiang Supporting Programmer
  51. Eric Grotke Supporting Programmer
  52. Erick Jap Supporting Programmer
  53. Kuswara Pranawahadi Supporting Programmer
  54. Gilman Louie Tactical Design Consultant
  55. Suzy Berger Voice Actor
  56. Roy Blumenfeld Voice Actor
  57. David Booth Voice Actor
  58. Amanda Carrett Voice Actor
  59. Linda Clements Voice Actor
  60. Nancy Cole Voice Actor
  61. Robert Giedt Voice Actor
  62. Connie Hall Voice Actor
  63. Colin Hussey Voice Actor
  64. Rob Jacobsen Voice Actor
  65. Phil Keller Voice Actor
  66. Lucija Kordic Voice Actor
  67. Bill Krauss Voice Actor
  68. Michael Mancuso Voice Actor
  69. Cynthia Marcucci Voice Actor
  70. David McGrath Voice Actor
  71. Paul Mogg Voice Actor
  72. Erol Otus Voice Actor
  73. Sean Owens Voice Actor
  74. Jerome Paterno Voice Actor
  75. Deborah Sale Voice Actor
  76. Tom Silberkleit Voice Actor
  77. Paul Silverman Voice Actor
  78. Jeanne Sophia Voice Actor
  79. Andy Valvur Voice Actor
  80. Brian A. Vouglas Voice Actor
  81. Michael J. West Voice Actor
  82. Joseph White Voice Actor
  83. Madeleine Wild Voice Actor
  84. Scott Peterson Voice Production Assistant
  85. Paul Mogg Voiceover Producer
  86. Wendy Neuss Voiceover Producer
  87. Kyle Brink World Builder
  88. Bing Crowell World Builder
  89. Stephen Goldin World Builder
  90. Steve Tsai World Builder
  91. Joe Ward World Builder
  92. Kyle Brink World Designer
  93. Vera Chan World Designer
  94. Stephen Goldin World Designer
  95. Joe Ward World Designer


Data and credits for this game contributed by Blk_Mage_Ctype, kenb215, misschu, and odino.

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