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  1. Create the Ultimate Fantasy Kingdom!
    Fortify and enhance your Castle with over 30 different building types. Each one with its own unique strategic and economic benefits.
    Watch your Kingdom come alive as its growing infrastructure begins to attract new inhabitants, both good and evil.
    Use Your Economic Might to hire heroes from among 16 different classes. Reward their efforts handsomely to complete 19 non-linear royal quests.
    Behold the heady power of Magic. Master its powers and it will serve your Kingdom well.
    Your Foes are many. Your enemies have chosen to enlist the services of 32 different types of monsters. One more dangerous than the next.
    Use Reward Flags to place a bounty on the heads of your enemies. Careful with your generosity, even your so called loyal heroes demand payment up-front.
    Play Head-to-Head or form alliances with other kingdoms as you do battle in multiplayer quests.

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