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FAQ/Walkthrough by Atracker

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/09/07

Deer Hunter 3 Gold
Created by Sunstorm and Wizard Works
Published in 2000

Walkthrough made by Atracker
Version 1.0
e-mail: Bombardier_proxracer@hotmail.com


Table of Contents

2-Creating a hunter
3-Game Animals and non game animals
5-Types of hunts
6-Hunting Techniques
8-Target Ranges 
9-Hunt View
10-Trophy Room
13-Rares, Easter Eggs and Glitches
14-Frequently Asked questions and Anwsers
15-E-mail Policy



use item				enter or left mouse
use item alternitive			.
lower item				; or left mouse
raise firearm			space bar
reload 				r
move forward			up arrow
move back			down arrow
move left				end
move right				delete
turn right				right arrow
turn left				left arrow
look up				page up
look down				page down
center view			home
run				right shift
crouch				right control
jump				right alt
zoom in					=
zoom out				-
decrease view			keypad -
increase view			keypad +
walk and look				W
scroll left				[
scroll right				]
load one round				E
reload weapon				R
ajust sights left		keypad 4
ajust sights right		keypad 6
ajust sights up			keypad 8
ajust sights down		keypad 2
reset sights				S
chat mode 				T
activate vehicel		keypad enter
taunt					Y
cycle rectile				Q
close dialogue				F1
center view				Home
say "hello"				1
whisper "hello"				2
say "ill shoot"				3
say "you shoot"				4
say "quite"				5
say "warn"				6
say "hurry"				7
say "See that?"				8
say "yes"				9
say "no"				0
weapon locker			left shift
describe scene				/
cycle point of view			\
show scores				Tab
use GPS					G
use binoculars				B
use spotting scope			S
use camera				C
use map					M
use compase				P
use permtreestand			F5
use porttreestand			F6
use tripod				F7
use tent				F8
use decoy				D
use antlers				A
use grunt call				F9
use bleat call				F10
use rut call				F11
use doe in heat scent			K
use urine scent				L
use cover scent				;
use journal				J
use corn seed				Z
use wheat seed				X


2-Creating a hunter

To create a hunter just simply choose the model and apprance and then after 
just write the desired name. All the other info such as town, state and e-mail 
is totally optional.

*note: the stats on the left side of the screen will indicate how many hunts 
you've been in, deer shot, your accuratcy during your hunts and accuratcy at 
the target range.


3-Game Animals and non game animals

game animals: because this is a deer hunting game, the only game animals are as 
              you can guess deer.

 deer: whitetail deer and mule deer

 *If you have trouble identifing mule deer from whitetail deer just remember 
 that mule deer have larger ears, darker color, more white on the face and legs
 and have a rope shaped tail with a black tip.

 *both whitetails and mule deer have the same antler models.

non game animals: Butterflies, Dragonflys, Bees, Turtle, Trout, Rabbit, 
                   Squirrel, ruffed grouse, pheasant, quail, woodcock and 
                  ....the bigfoot.

 *note: Most of them are unkillable and unbagable, but you will see blood fly
        out when you shoot them.



 .270 Bolt Action Rifle

 This is the best gun in the whole game. Very accurate at long range, great 
 knock down power and handling make this rifle a deer butcher.

 Carrys up to 5 bullets

 .280 Bolt Action Rifle

 Preformes the same way as the .270 except that its rate of fire is slower.

 Carrys up to 5 bullets

 .308 Bolt Action Rifle

 Has the best knock down power of any gun in the game but its handling, 
 rate of fire and low accuratcy is its downside.

 carrys up to 5 bullets

 30-06 Bolt Action Rifle

 Good all round gun. Has good accuratcy, knock down power and rate of fire
 but the hangling is poor.

 carrys up to 5 bullets

 7mm Bolt Action Rifle

 One of the best all round guns in the game next to the .270.

 carrys up to 5 bullets

 .243 Lever Action Rifle

 This gun is step down from the rifles your use to shooting because of its 
 more limited range, longer reload and knock down power. However it carrys
 lots of shells, rapide rate of fire and good handling.  

 carrys up to 7 bullets

 .30-30 Lever Action Rifle

 Operates the same way as the .243 except it has more knock down power and
 more limited range.

 carrys up to 7 bullets


 The most challenging gun to use in the game. Because it can only fire 1
 shot, poor accuratcy, slow reload and handling and limited range make
 this weapon a real challenge to hunt with.

 carrys up to 1 bullet

 10 Gauge Over-Under Shotgun
 This gun is probably the most powerful weapon in the game. However because
 this firearm is heavy, the aim gets shacky after awhile, the hunter tires
 out faster carring it and the reload is slow. 

 carrys up to 2 shells 

 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun

 The best all around shotgun. With good range, handleling, shell compasty, rate 
 of fire and knock down power its good for deer hunting.  

 carrys up to 5 shells

 12 Semi Automatic Shotgun

 Good all around gun like the pump but because of its quick pointing, some 
 shooters may have trouble hitting fast running targets.  

 carrys up to 5 shells

 44 Pistol

 This handgun is very powerful at close to medium ranges and has a fast rate
 of fire but it is slow to reload and is not good to use for longer ranges.

 carrys up to 6 bullets

 9mm Pistol

 Possibly the worst weapon in the game cause its extremly short range and lack
 of knock down power and accuratcy. The only good advantage it has is that
 its very fast rate of fire and it carrys up to 9 bullets.

 carrys up to 9 bullets


 Very good weapon if you know how to shoot it. Its been toned down from the
 original crossbow from BHWWE but its still very stealty and accurate.

 carrys 1 arrow

 Compound Bow

 While this bow may have only 1 shot, limited range and very slow reload, 
 it is very stealthy and powerful.

 carrys up to 1 arrow



 Binoculars are the most useful tool for deer hunting. Its useful for 
 determining sexes and trophy status of deer and shooting range. You can
 also use it to identifie deer if you got trouble identifing them.

 Spotting Scope

 This item is used like binoculers except that it has way more zoom which 
 makes it better for spotting deer from a long range.


 This is the most USEFUL item in the game next to your firearm. With 
 maps you can find new areas in a location your hunting and for finding 
 your way around.

 GPS (Global Positioning System)

 This item is nearly identical to the map except its not as descriptive 
 but however it dose indicate. the direction your going.
 *The waypoints do NOT work. This is probably a glitch or something.


 Another extremly important item for your hunts. This will indicate the 
 direction that your going.

 Used to take pics of your hunts and whatever you see.
 *taking pictures of ambient animals will cause your game to crash. Its 
 another glitch not fixed. 


 Used to increase the amount of items you can carry by 2 units. However 
 it may make the hunter slow down more frequently.


 This item is not has important has other items but it is usfull when hunting
 in season mode to record hotspots.
 *what you write in it wont save cause of a glitch in the game.


 Permanent Tree Stand

 A large heavy stand normally used for season mode. It offers more 
 consealment than the ordinary tree stand and is essantiel for most kinds of
 deer hunting. 
 *keep in mind that once you place it in an area in season mode you WONT be
 abel to retrieve it until the end of the season.

 Portable Tree Stand

 The ligther version of the permanent one. Still has good just that you
 can place it anywere or anytime you wish.


 Fonctions similarly to the tree stand just that instade of placeing it on
 trees, you place it on the ground.
 *keep in mind that you can only turn 180.

 Ground Blind

 When theres no trees or cover this stand is the ticket. Very usful when 
 calling in deer. 



 Used to lure in deer closer. When used with calls and scents, its even


 Use mostly to attract bucks. It works ONLY when you place it on a real

 Corn Seed

 An item used mostly in season mode it can be very useful to plant corn in
 areas where there is none to create new hotspots. 

 Wheat Seed
 An item used mostly in season mode it can be very useful to plant wheat in
 areas where there is none to create new hotspots.  



 A call used to attract both bucks and does.

 Deer Grunt Call

 A call used to attract both bucks and does.

 Bleat Call

 A call used to call in deer and stops them when they are running.

 Rutting Grunt Call

 A call used to call in both bucks and does and stops them when they are


 Doe in Heat Scent

 A scent used to attract bucks.

 Buck Urine Scent

 A scent used to attract bucks and does.

 Cover Scent

 A scent used to mask human oder.


 4x scope

 Used mostly when hunting dense cover. It cannot zoom in.

 3-9x scope

 The best all round scope for any hunting situation.

 9-12x scope

 This scope is used best when trying to make thoose hellmary shots.


 Genarel Buck Tag
 Your buck permit. (limit 1)

 Genarel Doe Tag

 Your doe permit. (limit 1)


5-Types of hunts

 Season Mode

 On this mode you'll be able to do a complete season on any map of your 
 choise. You'll be able to scout hotspots and place stands and other 
 equipement. The season will end once you fill in both tags and you'll 
 start another year in the genarel area.
 *Every year the bucks antlers get bigger and populations fluctuate.

 Quick Hunt

 This mode lets you just go on a normal hunt without starting a season.
 *You'll ONLY be abel to bag 1 deer.


6-Hunting Techniques


 Spot and Stalk

 This is a methode used mostly for wide open areas. All it simply is is
 just spotting a deer and stalking up to shotting and then shooting it. 
 This technique with a bow considerably more challenging and is possibly
 the most challenging type of hunt with a bow on dh3.

 Still Hunting

 This technique is mostly used in areas that your unfamiliar with or with
 dense cover. It envolves just walking slowly stopping every so often to
 spot or hear deer.

 Stand Hunting

 This hunting methode is one of the easiest to do. Just set up any stand 
 you want near a main feeding area or travel route and wait for the deer
 to come...however it could take some time.


 One of the oldest hunting techniques in history. Just simply find deer 
 tracks with the describe the sceen key and the old fashioned way the eyes.
 Tracks are not the only sigh deer leave behind, look for deer poop, scrapes
 and fallen antlers. Once you've found a deers trail follow it sthealty and
 while keeping the wind in your face.

 Calling, decoying and scents

 Probably the best way for beigniers in this game to hunt. Go to an area
 that has deer and start calling. Call only sparingly has too much calling
 CAN spook deer as the same thing with using too much scents. When calling,
 decoying and scents are mixed together they are much more effective.
 *spooked deer will alwase come back so if you spook 1 dont worry.

 Blood Trail Tracking
 Not really a hunting technique but it very important is you wound a deer.
 The types of shots that require tracking are grazing, wounded or some times
 lung. Lung shot deer will usally drop within 15 to 20 yards, wounded deer
 will drop within 50 to 100 yards and grazing shot deer will alwase be 
 still alive. First thing to look for when you wound a deer is blood and
 then start following its trail. When tracking a grazed shot deer keep
 in mind that it will much warier than usall so as soon as you see it take
 it down right away.



 Choosing a hunt

 Before you choose a hunt you must consider some factors such as what 
 species you wanna hunt, time of day, location and season.

 *Time of day and season are the most important factors on regarding your 
  hunting as the deer will behave diffrently at diffrent seasons and times
  of day.


 *1-Abrington, Il
  Overview: mostly mixed forests
  Deer: Whitetail

 *2-Achillies Mountain, Va
  Overview: hardwood forests with some clearings and farmland.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *3-Albion, Id
  Overview: patches of evergreens with wide open prairies.
  Deer: Whitetail and mule.

 *4-Anteloppe Island, Ut
  Overview: small area surrounded by water, has mixed forests and small 
            brushy clearings.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule.

 *5-Arrowhead Mesa, Az
  Overview: desert like with plenty of cactus and scrub oak.
  Deer: Mule

 *6-Bacon Neck, Nj
  Overview: hardwood forest with some farmland and clearings.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *7-Bass River, Nj
  Overview: mixed forests with wide open clearings and a river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *8-Blackjack Ridge, Bc
  Overview: very mountainious area with some mixed forests and
  Deer: Mule

 *9-Bluestone Wildlife Management Area, Wv
  Overview: mixed forests with a few cornfields and clearings.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *10-Boneyard Draw, Tx
  Overview: rolling desert terrain with a few oak groves.
  Deer: Mule

 *11-Book Cliffs, Ut
  Overview: semi desert area with lots of vegetation and trees.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *12-Boulder Mountain, Nv
  Overview: very dry area....little vegetation, many ridges and
            large hills.
  Deer: Mule

 *13-Buck Horn Ridge, Mo
  Overview: Mixed forest area with sevarel large hills and a lake
            in the east.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *14-Buck Meadows, Mo
  Overview: Hardwood forest, large open clearings, large hills and
            a few lakes to the Northwest.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *15-Bucksnort, Tn
  Overview: mixed forest area with brusy clearings, farmlands and
            a large lake to the North.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *16-Butte, Mt
  Overview: mixed forest with wide open fields and meadows.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *17-Cactus Cliffs, Sd
  Overview: Desert like area with sevral cliffs and ridges.
  Deer: Mule

 *18-Cactus Hills, Nm
  Overview: pine/mesquite forests with some open areas.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule.

 *19-Catfish Falls, Ar
  Overview: strange area, desert cactus with oak trees...:S
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *20-Cathedral Basin, Ne
  Overview: large prairie grasslands with some farmland and lakes.
  Deer: Mule

 *21-Cedar Creek W.M.A. , Ga
  Overview: dense hardwood forests with few meadows.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *22-Cherokee Hills, Al
  Overview: open mixed forest area and a lake to the Southwest.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *23-Chickasaw W.M.A., Tn
  Overview: vast mixed forests with mountainious terrain near the
            borders, some farmlands and the middle has 2 lakes.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *24-Coater's Bend, Al
  Overview: hardwood forests and a few cornfields and a huge river that
            goes througth the area.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *25-Como, Tn
  Overview: vast mixed forest with farmfields and a lake in center.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *26-Crowley's Ridge, Ar
  Overview: hardwood forests with a few farmfields and a lake North.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *27-Deer Creek, Mn
  Overview: mostly conifer forests with a bit of hardwoods.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *28-Deer River, Mn
  Overview: dense mixed forest with a large lake east.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *29-Deer River, Ne
  Overview: open mixed forested area with some farmland.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *30-Deer Trak Hunting Reserve, Wi
  Overview: mixed forest area with many campgrounds, hills and ridges.
            Theres a small lake to the Southwest.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *31-Devils Canyon, Co
  Overview: ridgy terrain with dense forests and a few farmfields.
  Deer: Mule

 *32-D.H.C. Deer Camp
  Overview: open plaines with some hardwood trees dotted around.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *33-Doniphan, Mo
  Overview: Open mixed forests with many open areas and hills. some
            farmfields and sevral lakes to the west.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *34-Dubuque, Ia
  Overview: mixed forest with large meadows.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *35-Elk City, Ok
  Overview: Open plaines with scattered hardwoods.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *36-Ellenboro, Nc
  Overview: hardwood forest with farmfields and clearings.
  Deer: Whitetail

 37-Eminence, Mo
 Overview: vast hardwood forests with some ridges, farmfields as well
           as a lake in middle.
 Deer: Whitetail

 *38-Errington, Bc
  Overview: mixed forest with farmlands
  Deer: Whitetail

 *39-Fall Creek Lake, Or
  Overview: very mountainious area with mixed tree and many parklands.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *40-Farm Land, Ne
  Overview: mixed forest with farmlands
  Deer: Whitetail

 *41-Gilmer County, Wv
  Overview: rolling hardwood forest, really hilly and a few cornfields.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *42-Glacier National Park, Mt
  Overview: mixed forest with brushy clearings and hilly terrain.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *43-Gracefield, Quebec, Canada
  Overview: mixed forest with clearings and farmfields.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *44-Grand Coulee Dam, Wa
  Overview: coniferious forest and a huge lake west and south.
  Deer: Whitetail amd Mule

 *45-Hardwood Hills, Mo
  Overview: half forested hilly area with farmland and mountains on
            the eastern side of the area.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *46-Hawke Ridge, On
  Overview: hardwood forests with clearings and farmland.
  Deer: Whitetail

 47-Hayward, Wi
 Overview: open mixed forest with many hills, ridges and gullys. Theres
           a huge lake with islands to the Northwest and farmfields close
           to the starting point.
 Deer: Whitetail

 *48-Hillview Mountain, Wv
  Overview: hardwood groves mixed with wide open meadows and some
  Deer: Whitetail

 *49-Hobard, Ok
  Overview: open plaines with some farmlands
  Deer: Mule

 *50-Honeoye, Ny
  Overview: open hardwoods, clearings and some farmfields and river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 51-Huntsdale, Mo
 Overview: hardwood forests with many cornfields and a huge lake on
           the top center of the area.
 Deer: Whitetail

 *52-Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan
  Overview: mountainious area with clearings and hardwood stands.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *53-Laurentide, Canada
  Overview: mixed forests with clearings and farmlands.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *54-Lock 5, Al
  Overview: generally flat, rolling terrain and hardwood forests
            and many rivers and lakes.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *55-Logan, Wv
  Overview: mountainious terrain with hardwoods, open pastures
            and a few farmlands.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *56-Lost Creek, Al
  Overview: hardwood forest with a few conifers and pretty much
            hilly. Theres a river that run trough most of the area.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *57-Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada
  Overview: very large hills with many open areas and hardwood 
            groves and a U shaped lake in center of the area.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *58-Madison, Indiana
  Overview: lots of steep mountains with some spruce groves.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *59-Maquon, Il
  Overview: hardwoods, clearings and farmlands. 
  Deer: Whitetail
 *60-Mason County, Wv
  Overview: mountainious terrain with hardwoods, open pastures
            , a few farmfields and a river that runs accross.
  Deer: Whitetail

 61-Mercer, Wi
 Overview: Mostly rolling hardwood forest with a few farmfields.
 Deer: Whitetail

 *62-Menomonie, Wi
  Overview: Very diverse area. Many large clearings, dense conifer
            and hardwood stands, lots of ridges and coulles.
  Deer: Whitetail 

 63-Minocqua, Wi
 Overview: vast forested area, few small clearings and a very
            small lake to the Southwest.
 Deer: Whitetail

 *64-Molasses River, Mt
  Overview: mixed forest, very steep hills, gorges, ravines, cliffs
            , bowls and a river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 65-Monicello, Ut
 Overview: dense evergreen forest with brushy clearings.
 Deer: Mule

 *66-Morley, Ia
  Overview: halfopen forested area with farmlands.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *67-Moundville. Al
  Overview: hardwood and conifer forests, very hilly, a few 
            farmfields and a river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *68-Multiplayer, Mo
  Overview: flat hardwood forest area with some farmfields.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *69-Oak Forest, Pa
  Overview: dense hardwoods with a few cornfields and a river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *70-Okefenokee Swamp, Ga
  Overview: mostly watery area with some hardwoods.
  Deer: Whitetail 

 *71-Olney, Mt
  Overview: dense coniferious forests with many hills and ridges.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *72-Osage Cove, Ok
  Overview: very hilly mixed forested area.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *73-Ozark Springs, Mo
  Overview: hardwood forest with many coulees and ridges and a river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *74-Ozona, Tx
  Overview: desert like area with many high brush flats, pine and oak
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *75-Pagosa Springs, Ca
  Overview: pine forests with sage brush flats.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule
 *76-Pillager, Mn
  Overview: mixed forest with very open meadows.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *77-Pittburg West, Pa
  Overview: hardwood forest, open clearings and hilly terrain.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *78-Plaineville, Ks
  Overview: mostly vast clearings and farmland with a few scattered
  Deer: Whitetail 

 *79-Pleasantview, Pa
  Overview: hardwood forests with clearings and a lake North.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *80-Ponca State Park, Ne
  Overview: vastly forested area with few openings.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *81-Queensland, Pa
  Overview: open hardwoods with some clearings, a large cornfield
            and some rivers.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *82-Ray, Oh
  Overview: mixed forest with some farmland.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *83-Redlands W.M.A., Mo
  Overview: very dense mixed forest with a few farmfields.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *84-Red Rock Canyon, Nv
  Overview: desert area with many hills and cactus flats.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *85-River Junction, Ar
  Overview: dense hardwood forest with couple rivers and few
  Deer: Whitetail

 *86-Salmon, Id
  Overview: mixed forest with meadows.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *87-Saschatchewan, Canada
  Overview: vast evergreen forest with few clearings and farmfields.
  Deer: Mule

 *88-Sharpsville, Pa
  Overview: evergreens scattered with large clearings and most of the
            area is surrounded by a huge lake.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *89-Sherman, Ny
  Overview: dense mixed forest area.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *90-Shishmaref, Ak
  Overview: vast tundra with a huge lake in middle.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *91-Slippery Rock, Mo
  Overview: hardwood forest, large open clearings, large hills and a
            few lake to the center.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *92-Smithfield, Pa
  Overview: open hardwoods forests with many clearings and most of 
            the area is surrounded by rivers.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *93-Somerville, Tx
  Overview: open desert area with sage brush flats and a few oak
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *94-Southern Indiana, In
  Overview: hardwood forest with some clearings and farmfields.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *95-Spencer, Ia
  Overview: mixed forest with clearings
  Deer: Whitetail

 *96-Spice Run, Wv
  Overview: mountanious dense hardwood forests.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *97-Stockton, Ny
  Overview: hardwood forest with some rivers.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *98-Sulphur Well, Ky
  Overview: hardwood forest with some farmland and a river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *99-Sunstorm Hunting Reserve, Ut
  Overview: semi desert with some tree groves, farmfields and a
            lake to the east.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *100-Sutton, Wv
  Overview: hilly hardwood forest with open areas and a large river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *101-Teakettle Ridge, Nh
  Overview: mountainious area with dense hardwood forest.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *102-The Nanaimo River, Bc
  Overview: mountanious mixed forest with flat farmlands near the
  Deer: Whitetail

 *103-The Veluwe, Netherlands
  Overview: mixed forest with clearings and vast cornfields.
  Deer: Mule

 *104-Triple 7 Ranch, Tx
  Overview: open mixed forest that varies the higher the elavation
            you go.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *105-Trout Mountain, Me
  Overview: open mixed forest
  Deer: Whitetail

 *106-Uncharted Island, Buckmaster 2000 Tourney
  Overview: mixed forests with some open areas and the whole area is
            surrounded by water.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule 

 *107-Vickburg, Ms
  Overview: hardwood forest, hilly terrain with some clearings.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *108-Viper Ridge, Mt
  Overview: mixed forest with brushy clearings and hilly terrain.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *109-Waco, Tx
  Overview: open hardwood plain and some farmland.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *110-Walker, Mn
  Overview: very dense mixed forest with some places being very 
  Deer: Whitetail

 *111-War Ridge, Wv
  Overview: mixed forest with farmlands and open fields.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *112-Wedington Woods, Ar
  Overview: hardwood forests, open grasslands, large farmfields and
            a river.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *113-Weingarten, Mo
  Overview: mountanious area with lots of hardwood forest, lots of
            roads, a few fields and a lake North.

 *114-Western, Ne
  Overview: mixed forests and a few meadows.
  Deer: Mule

 *115-Whitefish Lake, Mn
  Overview: hardwood forests with vast open plaines.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *116-Whiteville, Tn
  Overview: rolling hardwoods, vast open fields, mountainious terrain
            and a lake to the North.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *117-Williamsville, Ut
  Overview: mixed forested area with a few clearings, cornfields and 
            a lake to the east.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule 

 *118-Wolf Mountains, Mt
  Overview: mountanious hardwood forest with parklands.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *119-Yazoo City, Ms
  Overview: evergreen stands with plenty of clearings and lots of hills
            throught most of the area.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *120-Yellowstone National Park, Mt
  Overview: very mountanious terrain, dense evergreen forest, few 
            meadows and parkland and a large lake in center.
  Deer: Whitetail and Mule

 *121-Youngs Town, Mo
  Overview: mostly dense hardwood forest with many hills and a river.
  Deer: Whitetail

 *122-Hertogenwald, Ardennes, Belgium
  Overview: dense pine/spruce forests with some cropfields.
  Deer: Mule

 *123-24 points Bluff, Tx
  Overview: vast mixed forests, some farmland and a lake east.
  Deer: Whitetail

 ***Areas indicated with this are downloadable locations you can get at


8-Target Ranges

 Target ranges or shooting range is the place you can go to sight in
 your weapons. Keep in mind that your items are very limited EVEN if
 there are some deer present witch is very rare. You'll access to a 
 weapon locker where can you use any weapon in the game. To sight in your
 weapon just shoot it at the closes target to see what needs ajusting,
 then by using the arrows on your hunt view you can make the ajustments
 so that the weapon can shoot the way you want it too. The bore button
 reset your sights to defult. Theres 2 types of targets you can practice 
 on; the bulleye types and deer decoy. 


9-Hunt View

Firearm icon: click on it to bring up your gun.

Reload: reloads your firearm
*with bows this not neccasairy

Ammo: shows how much ammo is in the chamber

Look mode: allows you to get a better view

Inventory: Its located on the bottom right on your screen, simply click on 
the item that you wanna use. You can also cycle througth it.

Compase icon: this will show you the direction your going, wind speed, 
wind direction( whereever the black arrow is pointing) and time of day
(game time).

Back: exit hunt
Tips: gives you advise
Pause: just what it says

Target range: 
icons and everything is the same just that your inventory is much smaller 
and only certain items you can use. You can clear targets, have access to 
every firearm in the game and ajust sights.

Locker: Gives you access to every firearm in the game.
Clear: clears all targets of bullet hole and arrows.
Left arrow: Ajusts sights left
Right arrow: ajust sights right
up arrow: ajust sights up
down arrow: ajust sights down
Bore: resets sights to defult

Multiplayer: identical to single player hunt view with the exception of 
the chat button.

Chat: allows you to write and send messages to other players.
*in some servers profanaties are censored    


10-Trophy Room

This is simply your trophy room. It will display the info of the deer 
that you shot such as location, weigth, gun and ammo used and range it 
was shot. It will also show the score of the deers rack. Deer that were
poached or taken with a cheat code will be maked with a poached or cheated
in the side of the name. Theres also an option to print your trophy. 
Keep in mind that there are seperate trophy room for season mode and 
multiplayer hunts.



Hosting a server

 To host a multiplayer game choose what type of server you want it to be
 whather internet, LAN or gamespy. Then after click on host. Now just 
 choose the location and type of hunt you want. Choose your equipement 
 and than after you be at the multiplayer options. Write the name, password 
 and choose/select options disered.


 No swearing: keeping this on will censore all profanitys.
 Shoot other hunter: keeping this on will auto booth peaple shooters.
 Keep event log: records all things the other hunters do and say on the 
 Time limit
 Kill Limit
 Flood limit
 Max players

 Joining a server

 Click on join and select either internet, LAN or Gamespy. If you picked 
 internet click yes if your connected and then write your IP address of 
 your computer. For LAN and gamespy just simply click on a server on the 
 list that you wanna join.
 *The lower the ping, the faster your computer will run on the server.

 Deer vs Hunter

 The newest type of multiplayer gameplay for deer hunter. This mode the
 player has the option to play as a deer or as a hunter. To play has the 
 deer you must make a new profile and choose whether you wanna be either
 a whitetail or mule deer and buck or doe. The deer players can NOT be used
 in Quick hunt or season hunt. In this mode as well the only deer on the 
 maps will be deer players and not the game deer. Joining and hosting is the 
 same as in a normal multiplayer game. To control the deer, there are action
 that can be done by clicking on one of the icon on the tool bar. They are
 walk and look, head shake, bound, scrape, graze, call 1, call 2 and poop.
 When you preform an action the button will disapere for a short periode of
 time while the deer is preforming the action. Theres a timer on the action
 button that will tell you how much time is left. You can also move the deer
 with the arrow keys, make it turn its head left or right with the mouse and
 bound while press Shift. The main goal for the deer in this mode is to get 
 as close possible while accumuling and without getting killed in the 
 allowed time. The compase will indicate to you where is the nearest hunter
 in meters. On the full screen there will be 4 indicatators, the direction 
 to the nearest hunter, hunters distance, points and wind direction. You 
 can accumulate points by premorming actions from with in 50 to 99 yards of
 the hunter. The hunters objective is very simple, just kill the deer. When
 the hunter kills the deer he/she has a choise to take the deer back to
 the trophy room or to continue hunting. The deer player will respawn in
 a certain time limit after it has been killed or bagged. The game ends 
 when the time runs out. When the deer player wins it keeps the points and
 if its a buck, its rack will get bigger for everytime he/she wins.
 The deer will accumulate points by being within 99 yards and by preforming
 actions within that distance. When you are between 50 to 99 yards of the
 hunter you gain 1 point for every 5 seconds. When you are within 49 yards 
 or less you gain 2 points per 5 seconds. If your farther away than 200
 yards you'll start to lose 2 points per second. Diffrent action performed
 within 99 or less will give you points.

  Action			Points		Time

  Poop				2		15 seconds
  Graze				3		5 seconds
  Call 1			12		5 seconds
  Call 2			12		5 seconds
  Scrape			2		5 seconds
  Bound				2		15 seconds
  Reply to Hunter call		2		10 seconds
  head shake			3		15 seconds



 v1.3 patch and custom maps can be downloaded at www.planetdeerhunter.com

13-Rares, Glitches and Easter Eggs


  The bigfoot
 On some hunts on rare occasions you can find the bigfoot creature. You 
 cannot kill and bag him but you could take pics. If your really serious
 about finding this rare, heres a few tips.
 -Bigfoots footsteps sound just like your hunter's.
 -Look for huge feet prints
 -Sometimes it will roar, something to listen for.
 *On some custom maps bigfoot is very common.


 Dissappearing turtles
 To do this, just find any turtle and walk over it and it will vanish.

 Instant reload
 This is a glitch that can only be done at the target range. When you 
 run out of ammo for your shotgun or better yet the muzzleloader instade
 of reloading normally, click on locker and reselect the same weapon you
 just had and it be automacticly reloaded without the long wait. 

 Auto Crossbow reload anytime
 To do this shoot your arrow, click on look and then click on your
 firearm again.

 Hunter mistaking ambients for Deer
 This is an annoying glitch to watch for when hunting.
 When you look at an animal such as a squirrel or rabbit press the
 descripbe the sceen key and the hunter will identifie them as deer.
 Some times when you look at a doe then a buck, and you press the
 descripbe the sceen key it will identifie the buck as a doe.

 Easter Eggs

 Sunstorm Lodge
 On some large buldings you look at it will say the sunstorm ranch,
 this is a reference to the producer of this game witch is Sunstorm.

 Sylum Oats Cereal and lemon pop
 On the cereal boxes and pop cans if you look on them with your scope
 you see the name brand Sylum on them, again a reference to Sylum 
 witch is one of the compagnies that helped out Sunstorm with deer
 hunter 3. 

14-Frequently asked Questions and Awnsers

 Q-How come the waypoints on the gps dont work?
 A-Because its glitch.

 Q-How come my hunter gets tired after running or jumping?
 A-Well would'nt you be after running or jumping in the bush?

 Q-In season mode do the deer get bigger every year?
 A-Yes and no. Some deer live get and bigger while others die and have

 Q-Im having trouble finding and killing trophy bucks, any advise?

 A- The first thing you have to know is what a trophy looks like, it
   is importent to know the difffrence between a good buck and a trophy.
   Here is a list to help.

  The 12 pointer
  The 12 pointer will have 6 tines per side, this buck is the most common

  The 14 pointer
  The 14 pointer looks the same as the 12 pointer except that it has 2
  extra tines.

  The 16 pointer
  The 16 pointer looks nearly identical to the 14 pointer except that its
  brow tines are forks and they are barely visible which it why a spotting
  scope is the most important tool to use when hunting trophy deer.
  The 16 point non-typical
  Looks the same as the 14 pointer but just that it has 2 tines growing
  *this is the rarest type of buck to find in the game.

  The 18, 20 and 22 pointer
  Looks the same as the 14 or 16 but it has an extra tine, its tines are
  longer and curves a bit. These are the true trophies of deer hunter 3.
  *The rack models of the 18, 20 and 22 is the same so its impossible to
   tell them appart just by looking at them.

   To hunt trophy bucks you must keep in mind that your hunting the most 
   wariest deer in the game so you must hunt a bit more stealthyer than
   normal. Alwase stalk from downwing, walk as often as possible to place
   without running, use cover scent often and when calling they take more
   time comming into the call so dont overcall or spook other deer. And
   finally you must remember that trophy bucks dont load on every hunt
   so even when you have found one try to rehunt the map again.

 Q-Do certain maps produce more trophy bucks than others?
 A-No, it depense how often and how hard you hunt a map is what will
   produce some.

 Q-Can u tell me the cheats for this game?

 A-No, no and finally no.


15-E-mail policy

 What you are allowed to e-mail me
 -questions about the game
 -more tips and tricks
 -spelling mistakes

 What your NOT allowed to e-mail me
 -questions regarding cheats
 -complaints about the game


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