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Making Dad Proud
Expand to the second city in "Growing Up" scenario.
The Underdog
Expand to the third city in "Growing Up" scenario.
Complete "Growing Up" scenario.
Back In The Game
Expand to the second city in "Highs And Laws" scenario.
Game Changer
Expand to the third city in "Highs And Laws" scenario.
Check, mate!
Complete "Highs And Laws" scenario.
Drop It Like It's Hot
Dissmiss all Activities in a place with very high Police Vigilance.
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If You Know What I Mean
Set up a Taxi Service front buisness.
Have an advanced Grow taking 5 rooms.
They Grow So Fast
Harvest your first plant.
Major Herb Head
Honor the legendary grower by harvesting at least 420 grams from one plant.
Green Thumb
Harvest Legendary quality plant, without studying strain's optimal conditions using Research.
Devil's Weed
Make weed illegal in a state, where cannabis was previously recreational.
We The People
Pass bill legalizing recreational marijuana in any state.
Reach the 7th level of shady Influence.
Saint Mary Jane
Gain the 7th lavel of decent Influence.
Gin And Juice
Sell a batch of Legendary quality weed to Tastemakers, that has the flavor and effects matching their preferences.
Blackmail an employee to work for free.
Use blackmail 15 times.
One-Armed Geneticist
Invent your first weed strain using the PlantMaster.
Leaf Baron
Have at least $4.200.000 in cash.
Puff Of Peace
Change Cannabis Acceptance of Religious Folk to Pot-Loving.
Legend Has It
Buy all Perks of either decent or shady Influence.
ayy lmao
Play for at least 4 hours and 20 minutes.
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Bad Taste
Mute the music.
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Grove ST 4-Life
Have maximum Police Chiefs' Vigilance
Ain't Nothing Ta F**K Wit
Kick out a competitor from a place where you don't sell
Mandatory Minimum
End up in jail.
American Dream
End up as bankrupt, and still owing money to the bank.
Sweet Leaf
Sell 1000g of weed below $5 price.
Expand to Salt Lake City in "Heat Wave" scenario.
Family Matters
Complete "Heat Wave" scenario.
Follow your dreams
Earn 2000000 points in Custom Game with American Dream condition set.
Earn 1000000 points in Custom Game with Startup condition set.
Earn 3000000 points in Custom Game with Tycoon condition set.

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