Hide and Seek
Find Aries key
The Skeleton Key
Find Taurus key
A Tale of Two Sisters
Find Gemini key
The Exorcist
Find Cancer key
Drag Me to Hell
Find Leo key
Chucky Friend's
Find Virgo key
Alone in the Dark
Find Libra key
The Nightmare Begin
Find Scorpio key
The Ritual
Find Sagittarius key
No Return
Find Capricorn key
Honogurai Mizu no soko kara
Find Aquarius key
The Shining
Find Pisces key
The 13th Zodiac Sign
Find Ophiuchus key
Parasol Henbee
Find Closet key
Scavenger Hunt
Find Box key
Pan's Labyrinth
Find Attic key
The Basement
Find Basement key
The Attic
Find Attic 2nd key
Find Mysterious key
The Locksmith
Find Crypt key
Memories of Murder
Burn Music Box Artifact
Necronomicon Burner
Burn Grimoire Artifact
Wood Staff +8 (Flame Damage : 64)
Burn Wizard Staff Artifact
Back to Reality
Burn Mask Artifact
The Nightmare is Over
Burn The 5th Artifact
Grave Encounters
Meet the Demon Woman before she get angry
Run from the Demon Woman
Safety First
Find All Safe Rooms
Books of relief
Save the game using every SaveBook in the mansion
Heart Attack
Activate the right switch in the wrong time
Run from your enemy in the prison
The Diaries Collection
Collect all Notes
Sleeping Beauty
Find Mrs Atkinson deadbody
The Evil Dead
Finish the game
Thanks Game Map
Finish the game in Normal Mode
Dolls Kick 4ss
Kick off 5 Dolls in Terror Mode
Master Of Puppets
Kill 15 Dolls in Terror Mode
Pyromania Show
Use every Fireplace to burn demonic objects in Terror Mode
Hamsa Hand
Use Protection Talismans 15 times against the Demon woman in Terror Mode
The Intouchable
Collect all Protection Talismans in Terror Mode
Lucky Man
Achieve the candle puzzle from the 1st attemp in Terror Mode
Elephant Memory
Achieve the maze from the 1st attemp before waking up in Terror Mode (right before burning the 4th artifact)
Finish the game without using any Protection Talisman in Terror Mode
Guts Over Fear
Finish the game in Terror Mode
Open Them All
Open all the boxes in Terror Mode
True Detective
Unlock all the achievements

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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