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The Most Dangerous Man is the One with Nothing Left to Lose.
When outlaws murdered your wife, and took your daughter, everything you had was gone. Your gut aches for blood and sweet revenge. Dyin's too good for 'em now.
Ride back into the wild west as the gun-slinging Marshall James Anderson. You'll encounter a dusty town, an abandoned mine, a runaway train, and the orneriest cowpokes this side of the Mississippi as you uncover a twisted plot of greed and corruption.
With weapons like your six-shooting .45, your .44 rifle, your 10-gauge shotgun and your good ol' sawed off 12-gauge, you'll be packin' plenty of fire power.
Nothing warms the heart of a cold-blooded killer like hot lead.
It's Payback Time.
- Three Game Variations--Spaghetti Western Shooter, Bounty Hunter Action & Multiplayer Shootouts.
- Challenges the wit as well the trigger finger--Shooting the civilians may leave you swinging from a rope.
- Multiplayer games--Supports 2 to 8 players over modem, network or Internet. Form your own gang and hit the trail.

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