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Secrets Guide by intermp

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 10/19/2014
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_________________________________STAR WARS®____________________________________

			      DARK FORCES® II

			       Secrets Guide


			      (c) 2014 intermp

/ TOC \__Table of Contents_____________________________________________________

1.0  Introduction
2.0  Console Commands
	2.1  Cheat Commands
	2.2  Debugging Commands
3.0  Secret Areas & Easter Eggs
4.0  Links
5.0  Credits
6.0  Version History
7.0  Legal
8.0  Contact

/ 1.0 \__Introduction__________________________________________________________

This unofficial guide is meant to serve as a comprehensive compilation of all
Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II secrets, Easter eggs, and cheat codes. I
have searched the internet high and low to make sure I've covered everything
relevant to the guide. See the Links section for further info on Jedi Knight.

/ 2.0 \__Console Commands______________________________________________________

The following cheat codes can be accessed by pressing the letter [T] key. This
will bring up the console command line at the top of the screen. Type in one of
the codes below and press [Enter] to activate the code.

______/ 2.1 \__Cheat Commands____________________________

Command:		Effect:
5858lvr			Super Map Mode
bactame			Full Health
deeznuts		Increase Force Energy Level
eriamjh (on/off)	Fly Mode On/Off
imyoda			All Light Powers
jediwannabe (on/off)	Invincibility On/Off
pinotnoir (level #)	Level Selection
raccoonking		All Jedi Powers
red5			All Weapons
sithlord		All Dark Powers
thereisnotry		Finish Current Level
wamprat			All Items
whiteflag (on/off)	Character AI On/Off
yodajammies		Force Energy Boost

______/ 2.2 \__Debugging Commands________________________

Command:		Effect:
coords			Show Coordinates
dispstats		Display Statistics
dispconfig		Advanced Video Card Settings
endlevel		End Current Level
framerate		Display Frame Rate
hyper (#)		Teleport ???
iamthebestjedi		Upside Down Mode
kick (player name)	Kick Player
kill			Suicide
path			Display Game Add-on Path
ping (player name)	Ping Player
slowmo (on/off)		Slow Motion On/Off
team (#1-4)		Choose Team
version			Display Version Info
warp (x,y,z)		Warp to Location
  or (x,y,z,a,b,c)
windowgui		View Cutscenes in Window

/ 3.0 \__Secret Areas & Easter Eggs____________________________________________

Finding secret areas in the game is important to increasing your Jedi powers.
By finding all secret areas within a level, you will gain one extra force
experience star at the end of that level. You can assign these stars to
increase your Jedi abilities. This is a comprehensive list of all secret areas
for each level in the game. A small description of how to find each area will
be provided.

You can view how many secret areas you have found within each level by pressing
[Esc], then clicking on "Objectives".

Level 1: Double-Cross on Nar Shaddaa
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 6
1) At the first area where you can jump out onto a ledge on the right, you can
   jump onto slanted wall and run up. This leads to the first secret area.
2) Just before you get reach the first escalator room, you pass over a bridge.
   If you peer over the edge, you will see a lower ledge that leads to secret
   area #2.
3) As you ride the first escalator, you will see a small alcove in the shaft on
   your right. Jump/run into it to enter the area for secret #3.
4) After you ascend on the large cargo lift, you will eventually cross a bridge
   with slanted ledges to the left. On your lower right will be a green launch
   pad circle. If you cross the slanted ledges you will find the secret area.
5) When you open the sliding cargo doors, it is possible to run along the top 
   wall edge of the descending ramp and fall down on top of a stack of cargo
   containers. Secret area #5 can be accessed at the far end of the stack.
6) Behind the stacks of cargo container are ramps leading to grates. One of
   these ramps leads to an open grate and secret area #6.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) In the first room with the escalator there is a Gonk droid. Bump into it
   seven times to here it say, "Chris Ross is God." in Morse code. This can
   also be done with any other Gonk droid. Christopher Ross is credited for
   Game Tuning/Enemy Placement and Scene Compression & Color Reduction.

Level 2: The Lost Disk
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 8
1) Soon after leaving the pipe area you will find a ledge on your right with a
   sheer drop.  Across from you are what appear to be the back exhaust pipes of
   a ship. Just below that ledge is another that can be reached with a careful
   drop between the support columns.
2) After you enter the room that requires the red key, you will activate a
   switch that opens a door. Go through this door and follow the conveyors. You
   will enter a room with two large crates. Jump onto the red-bordered crate
   and then jump towards the ledge against the wall.
3) When you reach the large open room with three large fork cranes, you can
   jump from the upper-right fork onto the lower ledge below. You can then walk
   along the lower-left fork and enter the cove with a Gonk.
4) When you reach a small crate storage area, climb up the crates on the left
   then jump across to the other side to reach the secret area.
5) When you reach an area with two raising platforms and a conveyer belt in the
   middle, jump to the far platform and fall down to the ledge beneath the
6) Above the same conveyor mentioned in an secret area #5 there is a small
   cove. It can be reached by waiting for the far platform to rise and then
7) Above secret area #6, there is another small ledge that is reachable by
   jumping from the rising platform. Follow the ledge to the far side.
8) After you leave the double-platform area and having just found secrets #5-7,
   you will head up a small ramp with a thin wall to your right. Walk back on
   to of the thin wall and jump across to grab some goodies.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 3: The Return Home to Sulon
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 8
1) From your start location, turn right and look back towards the outer wall
   for a section that is slightly discolored. Shoot at the wall to reveal the
   secret area.
2) From the start location, walk towards the left of the building. You will
   eventually see another discolored wall texture. Shoot it to enter.
3) After dropping down to the lower level, the third secret area is found near
   the bottom of a flight of stairs going up. There is another breakable wall
   on the right hand side.
4) When you first enter the garden area, walk down the far-right hallway and
   shoot the left wall.
5) After you unlock the locked door with the red key, go up the stairs until
   you reach the area with windows that outlook outside. To your right will be
   two cubby holes. Shoot the wall of the second cubby hole to open the secret
6) When you reach the water area, head to the far-left corner of the pool and
   head up the ramp. The secret area is to the right half-way up the ramp.
7) This secret area is located below the acid level almost directly beneath the
   entrance to the acid pool area.
8) Once you enter the tunnel after making through the acid area, you will
   encounter a small hallway to the right. This is easier to find using the
   field light.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 4: The Jedi's Lightsaber
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 6
1) When you drop into the irrigation channel, swim with the current and enter
   an area where you will come to a breakable grate and secret area #1.
2) After you drop through the underground aqueduct, you will be located an area
   with a three section platform above the water level. If you take the right
   offshoot, it is possible to jump onto a ledge over an opening. This ledge
   leads to the secret area.
3) As you progress through the underground suspended irrigation channels, it is
   possible to drop down levels before you enter a pool area. Follow the path
   to the bottom and turn left. You will eventually be lead to the secret area.
4) After exiting secret area #3, if you move forward, you will automatically
   enter secret area #4. This area can also be accessed by running across the
   edges of a few aqueducts that connect two open pool areas.
5) Secret area #5 is located just outside the purification plant, on a support
   for the irrigation channel before you enter it. If you jump onto the support
   to the left and move to the far end, you will see a ramp leading down.
6) When you reach the area with three Water Cycs, swim through an underwater
   tunnel next to one of the Water Cycs and continue until you reach the area.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Kill WeeGee, the house droid, to join the dark side.

Level 5: Barons Hed - The Fallen City
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 6
1) At the very beginning of the level, there is a small tunnel underneath the
   water leading straight down.
2) Located on the second level of the first building in town is a room to the
   left. If you head to the far left corner of that room you will notice a
   breakable wall. There is also a breakable roof within this secret area that
   leads to a Repeater Gun.
3) Past the first bridge and to the right is a store that has a fabric awning
   and a closed door at the entrance. If you enter the store and jump the
   counter and look to the left you will find a breakable wall.
4) Located within a large market courtyard is a door leaning against the back
   wall. Activate the door to reveal a small area.
5) Located within the tavern with a stage, there is a breakable wall at the far
   left-hand corner of the stage.
6) Located in the courtyard near Jarec's palace, there is a ramp that leads to
   an entrance. Run and jump to get through the door way and into the secret
   area. Force run makes this much easier.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) Save you game before you enter through the door of the first building where
   secret #2 is located. You will be running through this building to the other
   side and trying to enter a door that is normally locked on the adjacent
   building. It helps to use Force Run since your time is very limited as soon
   as you enter through the first door already mentioned. If you make it, you
   will encounter Max from Sam & Max. If not, you can wait for about 5 to 10
   minutes and the woman should come back allowing you to enter again.

Level 6: Into the Dark Palace
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 1
1) When you reach the section where you go underwater to continue, you will be
   on a staircase. If you follow the staircase on your left down a level on,
   you will find a room on your right with some items. At the upper-left corner
   three is a hole that leads up to the secret area.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 7: Yun - The Dark Youth
Force Stars: 0
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 8: Palace Escape
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 5
1) Take the first elevator to the bottom level and go around the left wall.
2) When you walk around in the ventilation shaft, you will find a breakable
   floor section between the two entrances.
3) As you begin to descend down the ventilation shaft by walking down the ramp,
   there is a breakable wall on your left.
4) When you reach the air shaft that blows you across to another building, run
   to the back of the blowing tunnel when it is calm to find the secret area in
   a small cubby hole.
5) After you are blown across to the other building, follow the ledge on the
   right around the building. You will come to a grill that can be broken.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) When on top of the building, a Tie Bomber will fly overhead repeatedly. You
   can shoot at it until it rolls and blows up.
   YouTube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g9bKkRG5zE
   (Thanks to Steven Greenland)

Level 9: Fuel Station Launch
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 10
1) After you have ducked under a pipe on your way to locked door, head right
   to a ledge that leads to a back hallway.
2) On top of the first bunker is secret area #2. Use force jump to
   reach the area.
3) Within the first bunker, descend the elevator and jump into the cubby hole
   to the left as you come out at the bottom.
4) After you enter the small door on the middle level in the area where you
   grab the wrench, you can jump into a small cubby hole to the right.
5) After the second objective is completed, you will reach an elevator. You can
   stay on it and ride to a top level where you will find secret area #5.
6) Within secret area #5 is secret area #67. It can be reached by jumping on
   the barrels.
7) Directly below secret area #6, you can find secret area #7 behind the
   barrels. This area can only be reached by destroying the barrels.
8) After descending the elevator and running across some large pipes towards
   three sentry guns, you will find a breakable wall on the left.
9) After secret #8, if you run and jump to the right side pipe, you will find
   a small cubby hole on the far side corner of the pipe.
10) Immediately after falling through the cap in the reservoir, you will be in
   the remainder of the pipe. Look to your immediate left above and you will
   see a dark cubby hole.

Easter Eggs: 1
1) At the very end of the level when you jump from the moving platform onto the
   ship, turn around in mid-air to see three faces on the end of the platform.
   Again, it is Max from Sam & Max.

Level 10: 8t88's Reward
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 6
1) Go behind the first staircase you come across.
2) If you descend to the cargo area from one of two elevators, you will find 
   some crates. Jump onto the large container under the low ceiling and jump
   into the hole in the ceiling.
3) When you reach the venting fan, continue to the left hand side and you will
   enter a small dark area at the far end.
4) When you are in the main duct way, if you pass beyond the entrance to the
   reactor core and keep going down another duct, you will find more dead end
   ducts. One of these is secret area #4.
5) Beside secret area #4 in another duct is secret area #5.
6) At the bottom of the reactor core when you cut open a grate that leads to a
   vent, head directly left into an offshoot. This offshoot leads to secret
   area #6.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 11: The Brothers of the Sith
Force Stars: 0
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 12: Escape with the Map
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 4
1) When you descend the elevator down to the first main cargo hold, go behind
   the stacks of cargo crates to find a hidden area. It is before you reach the
   conveyor belt.
2) The second secret is found in the room where the conveyer belt is taking the
   crates. If you follow the conveyor after destroying the sentry gun, you will
   notice an opening in the wall in front of you, up above. Use force jump to
   reach the area.
3) Located to the right of secret area #2 is a cubby hole along the same wall.
   The easiest way to reach this area is by jumping onto the various suspended
   crates and dropping down into the area.
4) After secret area #3, head back towards where the sentry gun and steer left
   of the conveyor to find a grey walkway. Follow it to a lift. Once at the top
   and turn around the corner of the crate in front of you. Slash the breakable
   wall and enter.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 13: The Lost Planet of the Jedi
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 7
1) When in the water, you will pass under a rock bridge with a hole underneath
   that leads into secret area #1.
2) Before the bunker are two sentry guns. Go behind the left sentry gun.
3) When you enter the bunker by destroying the grate, head down the walkway and
   head right before you go up the lift. Blow up some fuel containers and this
   will break another small grate in the floor which leads to secret #3.
4) After the first field, enter the pool and continue down the water tunnel
   until you come across an off-shoot on the right. Continue along until you
   have to drop down to a ledge. Jump to the left onto the slanted path and use
   force speed to enter a small cubby hole to the left.
5) Once you reach the main river, swim against the current and look below to
   find a small tunnel to the right if you're facing the waterfall.
6) At the end of the river when you head right, you will find a body of water.
   Across from the sentry guns is a large hole in the wall. Force jump from the
   water to enter the area.
7) Before the door that opens to reveal the bridge with the AT-ST, you will
   see two crates stacked one on top of the other. If you jump on top of the
   crates, you will find secret area #7.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 14: Maw - The Revenge
Force Stars: 2
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 15: The Falling Ship (Light Side)
	  Into the Dark Side (Dark Side)
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 1
1) when you start the level, before you go through the first door, look to your
   upper left and you will see a hole you can jump into.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 16: Sariss - Jedi Battleground (Light Side)
	  Yun - Battle to the Death (Dark Side)
Force Stars: 2
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 17: The Valley Tower Ascent
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 6
1) After taking the main elevator to the top, you will come across a room with
   two large fuel tanks. Destroy them to reveal a blocked hallway.
2) After secret area #1, you'll enter the lime green lift room. Make it to the
   very top ledge either by riding cargo or force jumping from ledge to ledge.
3) When you reach a wind tunnel that pushes you off a catwalk into a large
   canyon, use force run to run to the back of the tunnel.
4) Once you have left secret area #3 and have crossed the canyon, you will find
   a room to your left that contains a number of fuel tanks. Beneath one of the
   fuel tanks is secret area #4.
5) Once you have completed all but the last objective and you find the wind
   tunnel that will raise you up to the monitoring station, you have the
   opportunity to move sideways into the grooves of a wide pipe section. On one
   side of this pipe is a hole.
6) Located directly across from secret area #5 you will find another hole.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 18: Descent into the Valley
Force Stars: 3
Secret Areas: 7
1) After you complete the first mission objective by dropping beneath the first
   elevator, you will enter a room with a ramp. Above the ramp is a ledge that
   can be accessed by either force jumping or jumping from the ramp to another
   ledge and then across to the secret area.
2) When you descend a ramp that leads to a room with a large hole with yellow
   and black striped hazard lines around it, go underneath the ramp and break
   the panel.
3) In the same room as secret area #2, across the large hole is a ledge with
   some goodies. Jump from the black cargo box to reach the area.
4) After secret area #3, you will descend an elevator and eventually end up in
   a large room with a single rising elevator. Take the elevator to the very
   top and force run across the gap. This area is very close to secret area #1.
5) After passing the three green switches and having taken an elevator down,
   you will eventually reach an area that descends down and curves left. When
   you reach this area, look to you left at the wall and you will find a panel
   similar to that in secret area #2. Break and enter.
6) When in the area with all the walkways, you will find an area with a number
   of crates after you ascend a small ramp. There is a breakable panel similar
   to those in secret areas #2 and #5.
7) There is an area where you must run along a thin beam that has the hazard
   lines on it. If you run to the end of this beam, you will find a hidden

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 19: The Valley of the Jedi
Force Stars: 1
Secret Areas: 8
1) After taking first elevator, you will find an area with a black box and a
   ledge above.
2) On top of a large box in the bottom floor, you will find a pathway that
   leads to a window with a ledge outside.
3) From on top of the box described in secret area #2, you will see a high
   window across a large gap. The ledge of this window is secret area #3. It is
   easier to access the ledge by force jumping from the bottom floor.
4) Above the ledge of secret area #2 is another ledge in the rock. This is
   difficult to see in the dark. Force jump up and slightly to the right.
5) Slash open the grate on top of the box detailed in secret area #2 and drop
   down. Take the elevator down and then send it back up. You will find secret
   area #5 beneath.
6) After dropping beneath the drill tip and entering the ruins, take three
   right turns and break the breakable wall.
7) You will reach a room within the ruins that has a grey ramp in it. There is
   a breakable wall near the base of the ramp.
8) When you have the chance to run across the counterweights for the doors,
   there is a breakable wall in the hallway half-way between the two.

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 20: Boc - The Crude (Light Side)
	  Boc - A Nuisance (Dark Side)
Force Stars: 0
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

Level 21: The Force Within (Light Side)
	  Jerec - A Battle for Power (Dark Side)
Force Stars: 0
Secret Areas: 0

Easter Eggs: 0

/ 4.0 \__Links_________________________________________________________________

This section provides links to many sources that go into great depth about
Jedi Knight. I used most of these links to find many secret codes and areas
that I couldn't figure out on my own.

General Info	http://www.jediknight.net/

Secrets		http://www.jediknight.net/trail/guide.html

Walkthroughs	http://www.gamefaqs.com/

/ 5.0 \__Credits_______________________________________________________________

Thanks to all of those who helped with this guide by contributing to the
Jedi Knight universe of codes and FAQs. These people include:

Scott St. Jean (Trail's Guide)
Edward Ropple
Steven Greenland

/ 6.0 \__Version History_______________________________________________________

Version:	1.0.1
Date:		10/18/2014
Details:	Added Tie Bomber quasi-easter egg to level 8.
		Fixed minor grammar errors.

Version:	1.0
Date:		11/27/2011
Details:	First release of the guide.

/ 7.0 \__Legal_________________________________________________________________

Copyright 2014 intermp.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

If you use the information provided in this guide to make your own guide,
please give credit where due.

/ 8.0 \__Contact_______________________________________________________________

If you find any other secrets, errors, typos, or misinformation in this FAQ,
please let me know via email and I will update it as soon as possible. Thank
you for downloading this guide.


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