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by kimagure

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by kimagure

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 12/27/2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Using This Guide
    2. Difficulty Levels
    3. Fully Installing the Arcane Unleashed DLC
  2. Game Basics
    1. Character Information
    2. Items and Equipment
    3. Movement in Area Maps
    4. Combat
    5. Traveling in the Overworld Map
    6. Resting
    7. Home Base
  3. Prologue
  4. Act 1: Stolen Land
    1. A. Oleg's Trading Post
    2. B. Nettle's Crossing
    3. North Narlmarches: Waterlogged Lowland
    4. C. Ancient Tomb
    5. D. Pine Patch
    6. E. Thorn Ford
    7. F. Swamp Road: Technic League Random Encounter
    8. G. Technic League Encampment
    9. North Narlmarches: Boggard Hunting Grounds
    10. A-2. Oleg's Trading Post Revisited
    11. North Narlmarches: Oak-That-Strayed
    12. H. Abandoned Hut
    13. I. Temple of the Elk
    14. J. Old Sycamore
    15. A-3. Oleg's Trading Post Revisisted
    16. Outskirts: Endless Plains
    17. Outskirts: Fangberry Cave
    18. Outskirts: Two-River's Field
    19. Shrike Hills: Riverine Rise
    20. Shrike Hills: Trail in the Hills
    21. K. Stag Lord's Fort
    22. A-4. Oleg's Trading Post Revisited
    23. North Narlmarches: Old Oak
    24. North Narlmarches: Tuskgutter's Lair - Amiri: Prove Your Worth Part 1
    25. North Narlmarches: Tranquil River Bend
    26. North Narlmarches: Three-Pine Islet
    27. North Narlmarches: Glade in the Wilderness
    28. Shrike Hills: Old Mesa
  5. Act 2: Troll Trouble
    1. A. Jamandi Aldori's Mansion (Act 2)
    2. B. Capital: Tuskdale
    3. Varnhold: Sorrowflow - Kalikke/Kanerah
    4. Oleg's Trading Post: Artisan Bokken
    5. B-2 Capital Revisited
    6. C. A Ford Across the Skunk River
    7. South Narlmarches: Overgrown Pool
    8. D. Ruined Watchtower
    9. South Narlmarches: Bandit Camp
    10. E. Swamp Witch's Hut
    11. South Narlmarches: Monster Den
    12. F. Lone House
    13. B-3. Capital Revisited and Bald Hilltop
    14. C-2. A Ford Across the Skunk River (Troll Invasion)
    15. D-2. Ruined Watchtower (Troll Invasion)
    16. South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter - Dalton
    17. South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter - Kobold Shaman and Branded Trolls
    18. F-2. Lone House (Troll Invasion)
    19. South Narlmarches: Kobold Trail
    20. South Narlmarches: Kobold Camp
    21. South Narlmarches: Troll Clearing
    22. G. Dwarven Ruins
  6. Act 2, Part 2: Adventuring After Troll Trouble
    1. Settling Regions During Acts 2 and 3
    2. A-1. Verdant Chambers (Group Visit)
    3. A-2. Verdant Chambers (Solo Visit)
    4. Shrike Hills: Ratnook Hill
    5. B. Bridge over the Gudrin River
    6. Kamelands: Mud Bowl
    7. Kamelands: Wolf's Lair
    8. Kamelands: Empty Skull Rock
    9. C. Secluded Lodge
    10. D. Lost Child: Swamp Witch's Hut (Revisited)
    11. Lost Child: Random Encounter - Lizardfolk
    12. E. Lost Child: Lizardfolk Village
    13. Kamelands: Bald Stones
    14. Silverstep: Dragonleaf Gulch
    15. Silverstep: Ironstone Gully
    16. Shrike Hills: Lonely Barrow
    17. Silverstep: Ancient Mine
    18. F. The Lonely Hunter: Lake Silverstep Village
    19. G. The Lonely Hunter: Silverstep Grove
    20. H. Varnhold
    21. I. Candlemere Tower
    22. Shrike Hills: Arbor Rock
    23. Shrike Hills: Hilltop Trail
    24. Dire Narlmarches: Saint Galvan's Gullet
    25. Dire Narlmarches: Brown Baldhead
    26. Dire Narlmarches: Tenacious Marsh
    27. Dire Narlmarches: Swamp Ruins
    28. Dire Narlmarches: Sunny Hillock
    29. J. An Ancient Curse, Part Two: Bald Hilltop
  7. Act 2 Companion Quests
    1. Kalikke/Kanerah: A Task for the Sweet Teeth
    2. Amiri: Prove Your Worth Part 2 - Hodag's Lair
    3. Valerie: Shelyn's Chosen
    4. Jaethal: Investigate My Death
    5. Linzi: Easier to Ask Forgiveness
    6. Tristian: Kingdom of the Cleansed
  8. Artisan Quests
    1. Artisan Bokken: An Ancient Formula
    2. Artisan Dragn: Onslaught
    3. Artisan Shaynih'a: One Thousand and One Questionable Stories
    4. Artisan Nazrielle: Nazrielle's Greatest Creation
    5. Artisan Varrask: Obliteration
    6. Artisan Sharel: A Bloody Craft
    7. Artisan Kimo Tavon: A Trail of Misfortune
    8. Artisan Kimo Tavon: Affairs of the Heart
    9. Artisan Mim: Three Wishes - Talon Peak
    10. Artisan Irlene: A Simple Favor
  9. Act 3: Season of the Bloom - A. Capital: Tuskdale
    1. B. An Amusement for Nobles
    2. C. Monster Invasion
    3. D. Random Encounter: Wilderness Clearing
    4. E1. Shrike Hills: Lonely Mill
    5. E2. Shrike Hills: Goblin Village - Mother of Monsters
    6. F. Bridge Over the Gudrin River (Revisited)
    7. G. Witch Hunt
    8. A-2. Capital: Unrest in the Streets
    9. H. Goblin Fort
    10. I. Return to the Capital
    11. J. Womb of Lamashtu
  10. A3. Capital: After the Season of the Bloom
    1. K. An Ancient Curse, Part Three - Bald Hilltop
  11. Act 3 Companion Quests
    1. Ekundayo: A Feast of Feasts
    2. Amiri: Pariah
  12. Tenebrous Depths
    1. Tenebrous Depths - Part 1
    2. Tenebrous Depths - Part 2
  13. Version Information / Update Status

Artisan Quests

Artisan Nazrielle: Nazrielle's Greatest Creation

1. Capital Throne Room

Nazrielle's apprentice Sartayne will visit you in your throne room after you recruit Nazrielle and build her workshop. He’ll tell you that one of her apprentices, Ditael, went mad after he touched the blade that was to be presented to you, and he asks you to investigate.

2. Kamelands Settlement

Travel to the Kamelands Settlement and ask Nazrielle about her missing apprentice (180 exp). She’ll tell you that her apprentice ran off and might be near the river, and she asks you to retrieve the faulty blade and to save her apprentice.

3. Bridge Over the Gudrin River

I assume you’ve already obtained all of the treasure here and handled all of the events (with the exception of the Linnorm) and I won’t repeat them on the map. They can be found at the original page.

Gudrin River Events

A. Dire Wolf x2 (Animal 5) fighting Ditael (Fighter 6).

After the combat, you can speak to Ditael to find that he’s become possessive about the sword. It’s his precious. You can make a Bluff DC 30, an Intimidate DC 30, or a Diplomacy DC 30 check. Succeeding on any of those checks gets you 720 exp and advances the conversation. Failure closes off the one option you tried, meaning that you have three chances to succeed. If you succeed, he will drop Nazrielle’s Cursed Sword and run away.

If you attack and kill him, he will carry: Nazrielle’s Cursed Sword, Chainshirt +1, Ring of Protection +1, Boots of Elvenkind, and some potions.

4. Kamelands Settlement

Return the cursed sword to Nazrielle for 180 exp.

5. Kingdom Management Section

After you return the sword to Nazrielle, you will get the kingdom Problem: Accursed Things. It takes 7 days to resolve and can be handled by your High Priest. You will start to get kingdom warnings if you don’t assign an advisor to this Problem in two weeks. I don’t think it’s actually possible to fail this event as long as start this event, since the game will treat it as a success even if you roll below the listed DC or cancel it mid-way.

6. Kamelands Settlement

Speak to Nazrielle and ask her about why the items she’s been selling are cursed. Nazrielle will say that her assistant Sartayne has been spoiling her work to ruin her reputation. She asks you to find him in the capital and to kill him. You get 180 exp for this conversation.

7. Capital Square

You can find Sartayne in the eastern-most house in the Capital Square. It’s the house next to Tristian and Jhod.

A. Sartayne. He’ll confess to spreading cursed items if you confront him and ask you to take him as a weaponsmith instead of Nazrielle. You can recognize his right to revenge but refuse to help (CN moral choice), try to jail him (LE moral choice), agree to his proposition (NE moral choice), or attack him (CE moral choice).

1) If you take the CN choice, you fail Nazrielle’s quest and she’ll stop giving you items after giving you the one item she’s currently working on. 2) If you take the NE choice, you’ll fail Nazrielle’s quest and lose the chance to get her masterwork item. Sartayne will start delivering goods to you instead of Nazrielle. If you go visit her afterwards, you’ll find her meek with signs of physical abuse. 3) If you take the LE choice, he’ll summon two leopards and attack you.

Sartayne (Magus 7). On Normal difficulty, he has AC 18, 52 hp, Fort +9/Ref +9/Will +9 saves, and he’s immune to sleep. He likes to cast Displacement (3) at the start of battle, which can make him harder to hit. His summoned leopards (Animal 5) have AC 17, 48 hp, Fort +8/Ref +10/Will +4. This can be a challenging fight, depending on your class, since you’ll have to solo all 3 enemies. A melee fighter should have no problems, but squishier characters like sorcerers and bards may face more trouble. I recommend buffing in advance and/or throwing down control spells like Grease (1) where Sartayne is standing, if you're using a squishy main character. This may also be a good time to use potions. Sartayne carries a Keen Scimitar +1, a Mithral Chainshirt +1, a Cloak of Resistance +2, and a Belt of Giant Strength +2.

This quest continues the game’s odd treatment of Nazrielle. It’s unclear why it’s Lawful Evil for you to try to arrest someone who’s confessed to spreading cursed items throughout your barony. I mean, sure, it might be Lawful Stupid for you to confront him alone if you're a bard, but Lawful Evil? I don’t get it.

8. Kamelands Settlement

Speak to Nazrielle again to finish the quest (780 exp).