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by kimagure

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by kimagure

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 12/27/2021

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Using This Guide
    2. Difficulty Levels
    3. Fully Installing the Arcane Unleashed DLC
  2. Game Basics
    1. Character Information
    2. Items and Equipment
    3. Movement in Area Maps
    4. Combat
    5. Traveling in the Overworld Map
    6. Resting
    7. Home Base
  3. Prologue
  4. Act 1: Stolen Land
    1. A. Oleg's Trading Post
    2. B. Nettle's Crossing
    3. North Narlmarches: Waterlogged Lowland
    4. C. Ancient Tomb
    5. D. Pine Patch
    6. E. Thorn Ford
    7. F. Swamp Road: Technic League Random Encounter
    8. G. Technic League Encampment
    9. North Narlmarches: Boggard Hunting Grounds
    10. A-2. Oleg's Trading Post Revisited
    11. North Narlmarches: Oak-That-Strayed
    12. H. Abandoned Hut
    13. I. Temple of the Elk
    14. J. Old Sycamore
    15. A-3. Oleg's Trading Post Revisisted
    16. Outskirts: Endless Plains
    17. Outskirts: Fangberry Cave
    18. Outskirts: Two-River's Field
    19. Shrike Hills: Riverine Rise
    20. Shrike Hills: Trail in the Hills
    21. K. Stag Lord's Fort
    22. A-4. Oleg's Trading Post Revisited
    23. North Narlmarches: Old Oak
    24. North Narlmarches: Tuskgutter's Lair - Amiri: Prove Your Worth Part 1
    25. North Narlmarches: Tranquil River Bend
    26. North Narlmarches: Three-Pine Islet
    27. North Narlmarches: Glade in the Wilderness
    28. Shrike Hills: Old Mesa
  5. Act 2: Troll Trouble
    1. A. Jamandi Aldori's Mansion (Act 2)
    2. B. Capital: Tuskdale
    3. Varnhold: Sorrowflow - Kalikke/Kanerah
    4. Oleg's Trading Post: Artisan Bokken
    5. B-2 Capital Revisited
    6. C. A Ford Across the Skunk River
    7. South Narlmarches: Overgrown Pool
    8. D. Ruined Watchtower
    9. South Narlmarches: Bandit Camp
    10. E. Swamp Witch's Hut
    11. South Narlmarches: Monster Den
    12. F. Lone House
    13. B-3. Capital Revisited and Bald Hilltop
    14. C-2. A Ford Across the Skunk River (Troll Invasion)
    15. D-2. Ruined Watchtower (Troll Invasion)
    16. South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter - Dalton
    17. South Narlmarches: Wilderness Encounter - Kobold Shaman and Branded Trolls
    18. F-2. Lone House (Troll Invasion)
    19. South Narlmarches: Kobold Trail
    20. South Narlmarches: Kobold Camp
    21. South Narlmarches: Troll Clearing
    22. G. Dwarven Ruins
  6. Act 2, Part 2: Adventuring After Troll Trouble
    1. Settling Regions During Acts 2 and 3
    2. A-1. Verdant Chambers (Group Visit)
    3. A-2. Verdant Chambers (Solo Visit)
    4. Shrike Hills: Ratnook Hill
    5. B. Bridge over the Gudrin River
    6. Kamelands: Mud Bowl
    7. Kamelands: Wolf's Lair
    8. Kamelands: Empty Skull Rock
    9. C. Secluded Lodge
    10. D. Lost Child: Swamp Witch's Hut (Revisited)
    11. Lost Child: Random Encounter - Lizardfolk
    12. E. Lost Child: Lizardfolk Village
    13. Kamelands: Bald Stones
    14. Silverstep: Dragonleaf Gulch
    15. Silverstep: Ironstone Gully
    16. Shrike Hills: Lonely Barrow
    17. Silverstep: Ancient Mine
    18. F. The Lonely Hunter: Lake Silverstep Village
    19. G. The Lonely Hunter: Silverstep Grove
    20. H. Varnhold
    21. I. Candlemere Tower
    22. Shrike Hills: Arbor Rock
    23. Shrike Hills: Hilltop Trail
    24. Dire Narlmarches: Saint Galvan's Gullet
    25. Dire Narlmarches: Brown Baldhead
    26. Dire Narlmarches: Tenacious Marsh
    27. Dire Narlmarches: Swamp Ruins
    28. Dire Narlmarches: Sunny Hillock
    29. J. An Ancient Curse, Part Two: Bald Hilltop
  7. Act 2 Companion Quests
    1. Kalikke/Kanerah: A Task for the Sweet Teeth
    2. Amiri: Prove Your Worth Part 2 - Hodag's Lair
    3. Valerie: Shelyn's Chosen
    4. Jaethal: Investigate My Death
    5. Linzi: Easier to Ask Forgiveness
    6. Tristian: Kingdom of the Cleansed
  8. Artisan Quests
    1. Artisan Bokken: An Ancient Formula
    2. Artisan Dragn: Onslaught
    3. Artisan Shaynih'a: One Thousand and One Questionable Stories
    4. Artisan Nazrielle: Nazrielle's Greatest Creation
    5. Artisan Varrask: Obliteration
    6. Artisan Sharel: A Bloody Craft
    7. Artisan Kimo Tavon: A Trail of Misfortune
    8. Artisan Kimo Tavon: Affairs of the Heart
    9. Artisan Mim: Three Wishes - Talon Peak
    10. Artisan Irlene: A Simple Favor
  9. Act 3: Season of the Bloom - A. Capital: Tuskdale
    1. B. An Amusement for Nobles
    2. C. Monster Invasion
    3. D. Random Encounter: Wilderness Clearing
    4. E1. Shrike Hills: Lonely Mill
    5. E2. Shrike Hills: Goblin Village - Mother of Monsters
    6. F. Bridge Over the Gudrin River (Revisited)
    7. G. Witch Hunt
    8. A-2. Capital: Unrest in the Streets
    9. H. Goblin Fort
    10. I. Return to the Capital
    11. J. Womb of Lamashtu
  10. A3. Capital: After the Season of the Bloom
    1. K. An Ancient Curse, Part Three - Bald Hilltop
  11. Act 3 Companion Quests
    1. Ekundayo: A Feast of Feasts
    2. Amiri: Pariah
  12. Tenebrous Depths
    1. Tenebrous Depths - Part 1
    2. Tenebrous Depths - Part 2
  13. Version Information / Update Status

Act 2, Part 2: Adventuring After Troll Trouble

A-2. Verdant Chambers (Solo Visit)

From the capital: 1) W x2, 2) S, 3) SW, 4) W, 4) SW x4. You can make the trip from the capital without resting in 1 day, 5 hours, if you start off fresh.

Hunting in this area during rest: Lore (Nature) DC 20.

This page lists all of the encounters from the Verdant Chambers (Group Visit) page in case this is your first time coming here. The earlier encounters and treasures will not reset if you previously collected them.

Plainoldcookies reports that the Quest: A Just Reward automatically fails if you don't complete it by the time you enter Vordakai's Tomb at the end of Act 4. So make sure to complete this before you go there.

  1. A1) Gap (Mobility DC 22 - 18 exp). A2) Gap (Mobility DC 20 - 18 exp).
  2. Tree. If you are here by yourself, as she asked, the Guardian of the Bloom will summon the enemies at Events F-L. There are a number of conversation options (LG, N, CN moral choices) and two choices without moral choices. If you select “4. Was there a single word of truth in anything....?” that will advance the path to the secret ending. You will begin combat with the Young Hydra at F once the conversation ends (unless you preemptively used Invisibility (2) or drank a potion of Invisibility before interacting with the tree), so make sure to fully buff first.
  3. C1) Wall (Athletics DC 22 - 18 exp). C2) Wall (Athletics DC 8 - 18 exp).
  4. D1) Tree (Mobility DC 19 - 18 exp). D2) Tree (Mobility DC 14 - 18 exp).
  5. Ferocious Wolf x2 (Animal 2).
  6. Young Hydra (Magical Beast 5).
    • On Normal difficulty, it has 53 hp, 13 AC, Fort +8/Ref +7/Will +3 saves, makes 5 attacks at a +7 to hit, and deals 1d8+3 damage. It also has fast healing 5 and a freedom of movement effect, making it immune to most conditions like prone, grappled, entangled, slowed, staggered, and immobilized, but it’s still vulnerable to Stinking Cloud (3) if you're an arcane spellcaster. This should be a very doable battle for a level 6-7 character.
    • Once you’ve killed the Hydra, you can sneak out of the area by turning on stealth or drinking an invisibility potion, and sneaking past the Owlbear at Location H. Avoid the traps, cross the gap at Location A, and make your way to the exit past Location E. You can come back with your full party the next time you're in the area to kill these enemies for exp, but there's no rush. They're not going anywhere.
  7. Ferocious Manticore (Magical Beast 6).
  8. Owlbear (Magical Beast 14). It has a constant Freedom of Movement (4) effect and won't be slowed down by control spells like Grease (1), Web (2), or Create Pit (2). It has a +24 to perception, so give it wide berth when sneaking past it.
  9. Entangle Trap (Perception DC 20, Trickery DC 10 - 36 exp).
  10. Giant Flytrap (Plant 13). This plant can be very difficult to defeat on your own at this level. I recommend avoiding it and leaving the stage through the exit past Location E. You will automatically enter into battle with it the next time you return to this stage.
  11. Redcap x2 (Fey 8). They have a constant Freedom of Movement (4) effect on them and DR 10/cold iron.
  12. Redcap (Fey 8).
  1. Token of the Dryad.
  2. Rune-covered Ancient Leather Scrap (Perception DC 9).
  3. Torag’s Pendant (Perception DC 23).
  4. Torag’s Pendant (Perception DC 9).
  5. Potion of Invisibility x2, Scroll of Freedom of Movement, Book: “Of Transmutations and Bodily Poisons, Part III”, Piece of Skymetal. Hold onto this book, since you'll need a copy of it for a later Artisan quest.

These treasures are the same as in the prior group visit page.

Leaving the Area

You’ll likely want to save before returning to the capital, as the solo trip back is just as dangerous as was the trip here. It’s not worth the extra in-game time you’d lose if you use the Group Manager to bring your party here (unless you want to kill off these enemies right now).