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Walkthrough by Yomendou

Updated: 08/29/2019

Aggelos Walkthrough (Nintendo Switch)

Author: Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.)
Date Began Editing (From Iphone Notes): August 28th 2019
Date Completed: August 29th 2019
Email: Yomendou@hotmail.com 

Table of contents


LUMEN WOODS....................................................1w
BOSCO VILLAGE..................................................2w
LUMEN WOODS (part 2)...........................................3w
CASTLE BASEMENT................................................4w
LUMEM CASTLE...................................................5w
BOSCO CAVE.....................................................6w
EARTH TEMPLE...................................................7w
DETOUR ( part 1 )..............................................8w
ATLANT VILLAGE.................................................9w
PALULU TOWN....................................................a1
DETOUR (part 2)................................................b1
THE ABYSS......................................................c1
WATER TEMPLE...................................................d1
DETOUR (part 3)................................................e1
FIRA VILLAGE...................................................f1
FIRE TEMPLE....................................................h1
DETOUR (PART 4)................................................i1
LYRE WITHOUT STRINGS...........................................j1
DETOUR (part 5)................................................l1
WOODPECKER SKILL CHALLENGE.....................................m1
GETTING THE LYRE/QUICK THING...................................n1
BABEL TOWER....................................................o1
CELESTIA AREA..................................................p1
CELESTIA VILLAGE...............................................q1
PILLAR TIME....................................................r1
MONKEY TIME....................................................s1
DARK CLOUDS....................................................t1
AIR TEMPLE.....................................................u1
DETOUR (part 6)................................................v1
ULTIMATE GEAR TIME.............................................w1
FINAL THINGS BEFORE END GAME/DARK RAT..........................x1
THE WORLD OF DARKNESS..........................................y1
VALION’S CASTLE/FINAL BOSS.....................................z1

3.Closing and Thanks..........................................CaTw

1.Welcome                                                        Wels

First I want to thank the Lord for all this is possible because of Him!
Hello my name is Joseph Della Ventura (Jr.) and this is a walkthrough guide
for Aggelos for Nintendo Switch to get 100% completion.

This is my second play through of this game the first time I played it on 
hard difficulty and it was quite difficult so for the sake of the 
walk-through I will be playing on normal.

This guy should help you get 100% completion now I am not sure if death 
counts go towards this because the tallies at the end, but I believe 
percentage goes by killing all enemies finding all items and opening all 
treasure chests. 

2. Walkthrough
LUMEN WOODS..................................................1w

Start game watch opening cut scene

You start off in your house get used to the controls a little bit if you 
want and then exit the house left. Remember this area we will be coming 
back here later on after we get a certain ability to get on top of the 
house and then exit right to a chest which I believe is a hard container. 
But for now exit left. Make sure to kill all enemies at least once!
Enter cave door 2 enemies SNAKE and DRAKKIS

Get regular chest =HERB exit cave left.
Head left for a cut scene fight miniboss=HENCHPIG

After winning, cut scene after that you can go back to your house and 
speak with the girl if you want..
Go back to where we fought HENCHPIGand exit left
Here is first save point / heal = LUMEN WOODS. Exit left
2 enemies COSMOS and BEAR Exit left.

Area with water.
Go in water
(same enemy that jumps out of water on “bridgeâ€￾ area)

Now of head to right and exit it’s a dead end BUT later after getting 
WATER RING we can come back and get an ability.

Exit back left. Head back to surface.

Jump across “bridgeâ€￾ then hold down and press jump to jump down into water 
to a regular chest for some gems

Head back right a little and exit back up from water onto bridges now jump 
across left until a sign ( left LUMEN CASTLE) exit left to a big door 
(The door is locked) exit left to a forest area 1 new enemy = TARANTAZY
Exit left to...

BOSCO VILLAGE..................................................2w

The first house the woman will give an HERB if you don’t have ( can only 
carry 1 at a time) exithouse
Talk to nearby guy about MAP then new save point BOSCO VILLAGE
Item shop is next talk with owner can buy potions only 1 at a time either 
small, big, or later to purchase elsewhere elixir exit shop

Talk with woman then kid then jump up to monkey we can’t understand him yet
we can come back later once we can understand him.

Be careful after speaking JUMP THEN MOVE Or he will swipe a gem from you.

Enter weapon armor shop and talk with owner then purchase both items STEEL 
SWORD (80 gems) and STEEL ARMOR (60 gems) equip them in status screen
Exit shop go back and save then exit town left.

LUMEN WOODS (part 2)........................................3w

In woods head left kill 1 enemy = OSPORAW then jump up and exit left.

Head left to a tree and enter to see a pink monkey we can’t speak yet to 
understand remember jump then move for no lose of gem
Exit tree then exit right

Fall down nearby for a regular chest EXP crystal. Then drop down and exit 
down to new area. Here fall all the way down ( don’t worry about nearby exit 
left prior to falling we come there soon). You’ll see breakable blocks to 
left and right let’s go right first break them to work way up to a red 
chestfor a HEART CONTAINER. Nearby blocks below you we can’t break yet soon 
though. Head back to other breakable blocks exit left.

Hears a door we can’t enter yet. Exit left.Hear make a staircase to jump 
on then 1 enemy= PINK SLIME head left and exit up.

Work way right and up all the way Notice those floating orb things?
Well we come back after getting EARTH RING to turn them into platforms 
laterand exit right. First right exit we come to shortly. After exiting 
right enter door with swords above it and speak with mole to get MOLE 
SCROLL now we can strike down after jumping ( handy!)
Exit left then exit down. Breaking blocks then exiting left puts us back 
in room with floating orbs. So exit right instead.

Back in room with lots of breakable blocks head back to red chest and 
break blocks down entering water exit right.

In this area = 1 enemy LADY FISH
Note! We come back this room later after water ring to get a heart 
container For now exit right to

CASTLE BASEMENT................................................4w

Head right kill 1 enemy =RAT
Exit right. Here take upper path and jump across gap. Exit up.
Here 3 exits 2 on right and 1 left.
The first on right leads to an area where we need FIRE RING to proceed 
later on So instead go all the way up and exit right to a room with a 
regular chest SMALL POTION

Exit left. Drop down a little then exit left.
Here is a strange crack nothing we can do for now until much later. 
Exit left.Now work way up and exit right. That locked door we come back to 

LUMEM CASTLE.................................................5w

Once outside drop down and left to castle guards for a cut scene. Get 
LUMEN KEY. Talk with the people in the room then exit right.

The first room has the alchemist who will make The LIGHT ESSENCE for you 
only after you have all of the four ESSENCES. Exit left.Save point here 
LUMEN CASTLE. The next room has the seer who needs the CRYSTAL BALL 
(get later on). Exit left. Now exit right to be back outside by guards.

From here if exit left it’ll take you outside those locked doors from 
before you can go see if you want. Once done, head back into basement area 
and go into the door that was locked for 3 chests. 2 regular chests gems 
and HERB and 1 red chest HEART CONTAINER. exit room. Exit right back 

Now you can exit right here to an area but until we get EARTH RING can’t 
do much except go ahead and kill 2 new enemies =PLANT HOP and DEMONICO

Then exit left. Then exit left back outside castle doors. Exit left and 
left again to BOSCO VILLAGE. Exit left then down then head all way down to
breakable blocks break and exit left now enter blue door to

BOSCO CAVE..............................................6w

Read sign then jump over bright plants exit right. 
Here 2 enemies =Upa Opa and Spitter
Follow and exit down ( we can be back soon to this room if we want to exit 
this area) 1 new enemy = Mushdoom

Follow left and jump over plant exit down.
Follow right ( this room a little tough but not bad!) exit right here is a 
save point BOSCO CAVE. Here read sign. Going up just leads us back to 
earlier in this cave if you want to head back. If not from save exit right

This room is important later once we have EARTH and AIR ring. But we will 
get a chest after JUST EARTH RING, then come back later after AIR RING. 
Exit right until you enter...

EARTH TEMPLE..........................................7w

Note about temples! Any progress you make pretty much is “savedâ€￾ so no 
have to get chests again for keys n such so feel free to leave if need to 
go back and save because there are no save points in the 4 temples.
ALTHOUGH in Fire temple there’s a switch that makes a chest accessible I 
think if you leave and come back you need to step on it again...

Exit right. Then down. 1 new enemy =Boggi

Travel left with platforms open a regular chest for a key. Head back exit 
up then go through locked door exit right. Exit right.
1 new enemy = Iguana Exit right.

Here jump over orb and only hit 2 of the break blocks leaving top 1 there. 
If break all then exit left and come back to respawn. Then see 9 blocks 
make a staircase then jump left and follow to a regular chest for a key. 
Drop down exit left and left again. Back here go back and forth or so with 
platforms gradually raising them. Exit left after unlocking door. Drop down 
exit left. Here open RED CHEST EARTH RING. Watch tutorial on it. We now 
have 3 magic “pointsâ€￾ total is 6 we get as we go ;)

Exit right. We gain magic points by hitting enemies or some objects with 
sword. Use new power on orb to create a platform exit right. Drop down and 
do raising platforms again and Exit right. Here make platform follow path 
and exit right. Step on button. Exit left. Drop down exit right back to 
“staircaseâ€￾ room with blocks.

Make way back to that key we got and make platform follow right platform 
again from orb and break blocks exit left. Step on button.
Make way up then exit right. Follow right some easy platforming with 2 orbs 
shortly after. Exit right for a boss

2 enemies = Earth Spirit and Tapio

Hit boss with earth ring power and use enemies to regain magic keep hitting 
until it detaches then hit it a lot as it bounces around jump over blast from 
mouth then watch out for vines from ground and jump over blast keep hitting. 
It goes down pretty fast. Get gems and HEART CONTAINER. Exit right.

Approach middle and get EARTH ESSENCE.
Automatically you exit earth temple.

Exit left. Then left again and again back to save point. Let’s go get a 
regular chest. Exit right and hit both orbs work way up another orb then 
another for a regular chest gems. Drop down exit left and save. 
Exit up and up left and left to leave the cave.

DETOUR (1 )...............................................8w

Before moving on let’s do a little detour
Exit left and then up in this room make platforms with those orbs follow 
and exit up

In this area head east first a little and kill new enemy =Death Cup now 
from here head a little right and start jumping on branches heading left 
and grab BANANAS (use shortly), but first exit left. Read sign. Head left 
go in door with music note and speak with guy we will come back much later 
for this guy. Exit. Further left is an item shop with a valuable 
HEART CONTAINER to buy for 700 gems Exit. The arrow pointing down
(press up) leads to a new area but we can’t go very faryet. Head back and 
jump in well for a save point THE WALL

Here are 3 doors MOON, STAR, and SUN
Each new corresponding shaped item plus each room needs certain abilities 
or magic to get everything. For now exit well. Now stand on well and jump 
left to weapon shop and purchase the MASAMUNE for 1200 gems. Equip it. Exit

ATLANT VILLAGE..........................................9w

Ok back to main story. From exiting the shop,Exit all the way right and 
right again.Drop down. (The monkey in tree we give BANANAS but not yet 
seeing as we still can’t understand language). 
Keeping exiting right until castle doors then enter. Exit right.

We came here briefly earlier to just kill 2 enemies, but now with EARTH 
RING we can proceed, that regular chest above get later.

Make orb a platform and make way to exit right. Head right new enemy 

Ok I just realized something more fully just now as I’m playing through 
again (although dragonfly skip yes but not connecting it with what we are 
about to do). The dragon fly you just killed if you time it right with 
earth magic and hold button it’ll turn into a platform which you can use 
to “skipâ€￾ a little bit of what we are about to do. But with new enemies and 
a save point I believe game DOESN’T want you to do dragonfly skip. 

Drop in water here we have 3 new enemies as we travel right. Note the blue 
door more on that later. Three enemies are SEAHORSE, CLAM, and ARSENAL. 
Also here is a gray block that we can’t push left but we can push right 
soon. Exit right to ATLANT VILLAGE. Save point ATLANT VILLAGE.

In the village can’t do much. After WATER RING we can go up in town for a 
character to exchange an item with and also we can’t understand anyone (
like the blue door and monkeys), so we can’t buy anything either in shops. 
so moving on exit town right. Here some minor jumping around enter cave.

NOTE: prior to entering the cave in this area we need water ring to go 
further in this room event leading to a VERY handy item that lets us warp 
skip from save point to other save points!

Inside cave. Follow and exit right. Here 1 new enemy = GIANT BAT. Follow 
with orb platforming and exit cave.

Here we are very close to where we could have done dragonfly skip which is 
to our left. 
Dropping in water left is a tiny dead end. Instead fall in water to right 
and push gray block down for access back to ATLANT VILLAGE(if need to save)

Back on land traverse area left and up soon to a regular chest  
HERB. Now here we can do another dragonfly skip ( more difficult) as 
dragonfly fly right time to making into a platform and go right. But not 
necessary. Instead head down and right to a cave door but stop! 
Drop into water for a red chest HEART CONTAINER.

Now make way back to that cave door we just passed. For clarity in this 
area are 4 cave doors one which we came from ATLANT VILLAGE that 
we can’t go back through to get there. The one we are about to enter 
connects to cave above it. And the far right cave is a room with some 
water that can heal us but will play a big role later for ultimate gear.

Enter cave. Make way left and go up and then right to exit this cave back 

NOTE! In this cave if we head all the way left in the water we need 
WATER RING to bubble up to a door leading to an heart container purchase 
and also a silver gate that FIRE RING is needed to pass through which will 
lead to more room with things to do plus leading eventually outside to an 
area with challenging rooms to get an ability. Not to mention going further 
to burn wood to lead to FIRA VILLAGE ( phew that’s a lot!) or just wait 
until we get FIRE RING and basically reverse all of what I said

So from outside. Head right and drop down and enter the final cave of this 
area and drink water to regain health. Exit left. Make way up and left and
right. Also in this area which you might be able too see? Is a nest with 
eggs (later a challenging well challenge to do) exit right. Here is a green 
dragon that offers that challenge but we can’t do until way later. Also I 
didn’t realize but kill enemies then the challenge respawns them (well at 
least 1 enemy) exit right. 
Here is Babel tower sign , nothing here yet exit right to...

PALULU TOWN............................................a1

Item shop has a BOOK OF ANCIENTS we need but we can get for much cheaper 
soon, also ELIXIR very expensive til later when money not as hard to get. 
Leave shop.Buy SAMURAI ARMOR for 1000 gems.

Talk with bunny and guy. Head right to save point PALULU TOWN. Next door is 
a frog who collects items which we will get and give to him later. Next is 
the library it has an upper floor we will get to soon. Head inside library 
talk with the older man and accept the quest. We need to get to the guy 
above him but a platform breaks in this room preventing us from reaching him 
Exit library. 

Then head all the way left back to item shop then start heading right and 
jumping from roof to next part to eventual the upper window enter it and 
speak with guy to get CELLAR KEY. You can read books in library if you’d 
like. After getting CELLAR KEY drop down and enter the cellar that’s to 
the left of the older man. Fight some GIANT RAT enemies and head left to
get a COUPON. 

Return to older man speak with him and then head to item shop and purchase 
the BOOK OF ANCIENTS for 200 gems ( much cheaper!) return to older man 
(again) and speak with him to get UNIVERSAL BOOK. Now we can understand 
all languages now! Plus he gives you back the 200 gems. Exit library. 
There is a man to the right you can speak to and exiting right leads to an 
area we can’t access yet due to not having the FIRE RING, more on that later.

DETOUR (part 2).........................................b1

Let’s do some a few things before moving on.

Exit town left and left again. keep exiting left until BOSCO VILLAGE then 
speak with monkey to get directions (come in handy later to get to 
FIRE TEMPLE) directions are RIGHT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT DOWN. Exit left and 
keep going taking upper path back to the pink monkey in the tree 

Now leave tree and exit right a few times back to castle doors enter then 
enter castle proper heading left to throne room and give PENDANT to the
princess to get a TIARA and a HEART CONTAINER. If you speak to her again 
you can get a regular heart I think infinitely but with a save point in 
next room if may not be worth it.

Exit the castle and go right heading back through the water area then 
surface to cave areas and make way back to PALULU TOWN.

Here go to house right of save point and give the frog the TIARA and he’ll 
give you a MOON SYMBOL and gems. Now we could head back THE WALL and enter 
that moon door but we need an ability to get a red chest in that room 
although 2 regular chests in there let’s wait until after the water temple. 
Leave town to the left and head back to underwater area and exit right to 

Here we need 3200 gems if you have great, if no go around collecting until 
you do head to item shop and purchase the MAGIC CONTAINER for 2500 gems and 
then in the weapon shop the BUBBLE SWORD for 700 gems. Equip underwater 
stronger than surface. Exit town left to keep going left staying in water 
and examine blue door to enter....

THE ABYSS......................................................c1

Drop down. Here 2 enemies URCHIN and PIRAHNA. Don’t worry about exiting 
right with spikes as we can come back later after we get a certain sword. 
Instead drop all the way down and exit right. 2 enemies here LOBSTRANGE 

Follow area and make way up to next area then drop back down on the right 
to previous area. (You May have noticed spikes in ceiling we can’t get 
there yet until we get WATER RING but even still we need that weapon I 
mentioned earlier which will take us back to early area of the abyss) 

Stay low and enter armor shop to purchase CORAL ARMOR for 1000 gems. Leave 
shop. Head up and exit far right and up and then again. This area the path 
splits as you go up take right path then exit right to save point 
THE ABYSS. Leave now take left up area and keep following until you enter 

WATER TEMPLE..............................................d1

From first room exit right. 1 enemy WATER STRIDER. Follow and exit right. 
Drop down and use blocks to exit right. Jump the gap and exit right here 1 
enemy SHARK, go back left and drop down to next area. Go left and 1 enemy 
MERMAN, keep left and step on switch the water rises. 

If you exit right it’s a dead end for now, instead head back exit up, left, 
then head left and use blocks now to go right and e it right, right, and 
1 more time. ( that regular chest get later). Use tiny platforms and drop 
down and then exit right. Here stand on top most blocks ( the double ones) 
face right and toss an earth magic spell at the lower right button then 
time it with a sword hit with one next you at same time ( or you have small
window to do so) to open gate and exit right. 

Here we can’t go up yet through spikes, so make way down and follow 1 
enemy JELLYFISH then exit left. Then left again. Here exiting left takes 
us to a previous room around time we stepped on that bottom where it was a 
dead end, so drop down all the way , you’ll see a locked door no keys yet 
so we come back later. After dropping exit right and get the red chest 
(watch out for MERMAN) for the WATER RING. Watch the tutorial.

NOTE! There’s a bunch of stuff now that we have the WATER RING but let’s 
finish this temple first then go get stuff!

Exit left, use water magic and go all way to top exit left and left again 
(using water magic) e it up then right , here head right and get regular 
chest with water magic for a key.

Let’s head back a few rooms to that locked door. So from where are after 
getting key exit left , down, right, and right. Here make 1/2 way down and 
bubble your way to door exit left. Here traverse carefully with bubble as 
spikes are around room and step on switch to raise water level again. 
Exit right.

Let’s go get a key. From exit bubble right across then exit right and right 
again. Here room make way up then use bubble, (watch out for spikes)to get 
further up to a regular chest for a key.

Exit left, left and left again. Here bubble up and get regular chest 
for gems. From there drop down and bubble across exit upper left. Bubble 
again and go up and use block to head left and exit left. Go left for 
another regular chest for an HERB. Drop down left and exit left. Head left 
a little and bubble up to reach another regular chest for another key.

Exit right. Drop down and exit the upper right. Bubble up to block and 
exit right. Go right and bubble now when you jump hold the jump button 
down and move right and you’ll float to solid ground use key on door exit 
right. Head right and use another key on door exit right.

In this room activate bubble go in center of room jump then use the 
water magic again to burst bubble to activate all switches. 
This open a new pathway in the beginning of dungeon.

NOTE! This room that we just passed is a good way to make money and gain 
levels BUT seeing as we are on solid ground be sure to equip MASAMUNE and 
SAMURAI ARMOR. Because BUBBLE SWORD and CORAL ARMOR work better only 
underwater. Now after this temple we can go get a heart container it cost 
35000 gems), so if want to grind it out here ahead ;). 
We can also wait until later as we play and accumulate more as we go. 

Head back there basically keep exiting left and take upper paths as you can
Go to that open hole and drop in to face the water temple boss...

Get back magic by hitting KNINK with sword.
Go ham on the boss and you can bubble up to him and hit as you can. He 
will split himself into 2 then 3 as battle goes on ( he gets weaker I’m 
pretty sure) when he shoots out the circle thing that follows you bubble
away from it until it’s gone. Keep hitting him as you can and he’ll go down 
soon enough. ( by the way he was really hard for me first time on 
HARD difficulty it was no joke or I just needed to git gud ha).

After he is gone grab gems and HEART CONTAINER. Exit down and approach pink 
bubble fish thing to get WATER ESSENCE and automatically you’ll exit water 

Now we can do a bunch of stuff before moving on. So let’s get to it.

DETOUR (part 3).........................................e1

Let’s go get a very handy item that lets us warp from save points to other 
save points ohhhh yeah!

From where we are ( right outside water temple) exit down, down, (here 
don’t worry about bubble up yet as we don’t have that weapon I mentioned 
later) instead exit down again then left , then all the way up and exit 

Exit right from here to enter ATLANT VILLAGE. Exit right again here go 
right then bubble up to make way right then follow and exit up to a red 

Drop down left. And head left back to ATLANT VILLAGE. We don’t have the 
shell item yet to give to snail in this town so head to the save point 
and warp to LUMEN WOODS.

Exit left, left, drop in water and exit right here bubble up and exit up. 
Enter door and speak to COMBAT INSTRUCTOR FLEA to get FLEA SCROLL. 
This is needed for almost everything!

Exit left. Use new ability to jump up ( after jumping) exit down, left, 
back up through water, and right then right back to save point.
Exit right then right again back to your house. Do jump attack to go on 
roof then exit right. Head right to a red chest for a HEART CONTAINER.

From here keep going left back to save point and warp to BOSCO VILLAGE. 
Exit left, down, here go down and break blocks go up a little then break 
blocks into water exiting right. Here bubble up to a red chest for another 

Drop down exit left, then up and right back to BOSCO VILLAGE and warp to 

Exit right then right again. Here use earth magic on orb then jump up to 
where enemy is then jump left then use jump attack to reach regular chest 
for 500 xp crystal.

Exit left then enter castle and warp to THE WALL. Here enter the moon door 
and get 2 regular chests...gems and 500 xp. Then jump attack to red chest 
for SHELL.

Ok I was just testing out but accidentally saved game. 
So we could have waited until
After getting FIRE RING. But let’s just go ahead and do a quick thing.

From moon door exit left then warp to ATLANT VILLAGE, here bubble up to 
snail creature talk with and give SHELL, you get a STAR SYMBOL and 500 xp 
crystal. Warp back to THE WALL and enter star door and get regular chest 
for gems.we can’t other chests until after we get FIRE RING.(sorry!) 
exit star door and up.

After exiting up go into the big door to next area now we can access new 
places by jump attack. Exit right. Here 2 enemies RATTLESNAKE and WILDBOY.
Early here traverse up and left for a regular chest for gems. Follow up and 
exit upper right when you can. DO NOT enter top most door entering volcano 
you will lose health rather fast without a certain armor. Also in this 
area is a silver gate that we can’t pass as we need FIRE RING. 
Exiting right to a crack - more on that later. Exit right to enter..

FIRA VILLAGE........................................f1

First door can’t do anything yet. Drop down to save point FIRA VILLAGE. Go 
ahead and enter item shop and buy BIG POTION for 500 gems. ( I’m not sure to 
be honest IF counts towards 100% seeing as later 
in a regular chest we can get an ELIXIR which is a 3rd tier healing item.)

Ok now we have a door on bottom not much there as lizard won’t give key. We 
Get later. And entering the tavern not much right now either as some folks 
to talk to. Also to left is save point is a silver gate that will lead to a 
chest / area where volcano entrance is). One more thing the holes 
throughout the town you’ll see we can’t enter those yet until later) 
Exit village right , make way to top

Here is a wooden structure that we can burn but can’t yet need FIRE RING, 
which will lead backwards say to an ability/ some new enemies/ a weapon 
inside an enemy/ a heart container to buy for 150K. So for now

exit left to get to the armor shop. Here buy DRAGON ARMOR for 6000 gems. 
Necessary to go through volcano. Exit shop. Then exit town left. Left 
again then work way up and enter door to


Exit right. Here enemies WALKING VOLCANO and TICK and FIRE GEYSER. Follow 
path Exiting left leads to some signs to read if want. Instead exit down to 
maze area first lets get a weapon. After entering the maze exit down, right,
left, down, right to a red chest DRAGON SWORD. Exit left. 
THEN...right, left, right, right, down to new area.

You’ll see a regular chest we can’t get until FIRE RING or AIR RING. We get 
later. Drop down and head left and you’ll soon see little platforms work 
way up and exit up to a save point FIRA VOLCANO. Exiting right twice will 
take you back to entrance area of maze. Instead exit left and 1 enemy 
HOMING HEAD. Exit left and left again to enter

FIRE TEMPLE................................................h1

Exit left. 1 enemy FIRE BAT take upper left exit.
Here go left and hit switch. Backtrack and head up then use earth magic to 
hit switch again. Jump up hit next switch and continue.

Hit switch to stop lava flow. Exiting left leads to a block that won’t move 
yet. Instead go past flame we just stopped and hit switch with sword then 
make way up by standing on red blocks do earth again then quickly jump 
attack up. Go down tube. Exit left.
 And head left for a regular chest for a key.

Exit right then head right and drop down little slot exit right, drop down 
use key on door exit left. Jump gap and head left step on switch!! 
white blocks we will get later. 
Head back right and drop down 1 enemy BOWSEHOG. Exit left and left.

This room a little crazy. Head left once you can get passed first dropping 
fireballs and keep holding left. Now hit switch to have res usable jump to 
top part of red then earth magic and time jump to land on blue do again 
with earth to continue on. Time drop down to avoid fireballs . Wait until 
fireballs stop for a moment then hit switch to block them. Now earth magic 
switch and quickly jump up to left onto now red platform. 
Jump attack drop down exit left.

Here jump over both chutes. Work way up and hit switch head back way came 
and drop down 1st chute ( the one on the left) jump over next one then head 
right and exit. Here step on switch and exit right. Here travel right 
carefully using times jumps and proper jump attacks to avoid spikes and 
exit right. Here red chest for FIRE RING. Watch tutorial. Exit left and 
left again back to that switch room. Use portal from fire ring to exit 
back left.

Drop down chute and work way back up.
Go past switch and go up to another switch ok
Here make sure that the block blocks are solid. Make a portal in between 
the red and blue blocks. Hit switch nearby then make another portal and 
go into that one to go through the now solid red blocks.

Jump attack up avoiding fireballs work way up a little then go right 
avoiding fireballs again. Use platforms and exit right. ( we go left later)
Exit right and right again ( portal). Exit down for that regular chest for 
1000 xp crystal. Exit back up. Jump attack up and drop down little slot 
on the right.

Here BEFORE exiting right be on right side of red blocks then throw a 
fireball to hit switch. Now exit right go right a little and work way up 
to a regular chest for a key.

Now we need to get back to that room that we skipped the left part to continue 
on with this temple. After getting key hit switch. We can go 1 of 2 ways. It 
doesn’t matter as both lead back to that room.

Let’s exit on top left. Use switches and make way back up throw room and 
drop down chute. Exit left. Here go left and portal through gate, exit left 
then left again. Here head left and time hit to switches to make way up to 
top of room. Now carefully jump across the chutes landing on the “cornersâ€￾ 
of 2 chutes until you reach door open and exit right.

Portal through gate and time to land on floating platform. Traverse right 
on platform watch out for spikes and hit switch then make way back and go 
through now opened blue blocks exit right. Step on switch.

Now I highly recommend leaving this temple to save and get a BIG POTION and 
an HERB if you don’t have from BOSCO VILLAGE. Remember lady in first house 
gives an HERB and BIG POTION can be bought in item shop.

If you don’t need then drop down chute. Jump gap then jump attack up left 
chute. Exit left then Jump platforms left until boss becomes active.

If you do after entering fire temple again. We can get back to this same 
room by exit upper left from fist enemy room. Use switches to make way up, 
after hitting switch to stop fireballs exit left then here drop down chute 
jump gap jump attack up left chute then exit left. 
Jump across platforms left until boss.

Phase 1

stay on bottom platform jump attack over giant fireball while regaining 
magic on small dragons and hit boss with fireballs until if need to go to 
top platform go ahead.


Phase 2 boss goes in a figure eight type motion time a jump attack 
following by down attack ( holding down and attack can do an infinite 
bounce attack as long as you don’t get hit.) until phase 3

Phase 3 pillars come and go stay on top of them and squeeze in hits as you 
can while avoiding giant diagonal fireball blasts. More baby dragons will 
come out to attack. Use a BIG POTION of need.

After beating get gems and a HEART CONTAINER! Exit left approach middle to 
get FIRE ESSENCE and automatically exit fire temple!

Ok a bunch of stuff to do now that we have FIRE RING.

DETOUR (PART 4).....................................i1

Head back to save point and drop down here we will get that regular chest. 
Head down and right until that golden sign here make a portal to your left 
then jump THEN jump attack and at top of attack make a portal jump in the 
left portal then as you exit the second portal do a jump attack to get to 
regular chest for gems

Head back to a save point and warp to THE WALL. Enter star door. Portal 
through gate for a regular chest for 1000 xp crystal. Jump attack to red 
chest for a CRYSTAL BALL. Exit left and warp to LUMEN CASTLE.

Enter door on right and give CRYSTAL BALL to seer and get 
KING BARTELELE’S SCEPTER. Exit left and warp to PALULU TOWN and go in do 
to right and give frog the KING BARTELELE’S SCEPTER, and get SUN SYMBOL 
and gems

Let’s go back to THE WALL and open the SUN door we need AIR RING to complete 
this room but for now head right and get a regular chest for gems Exit left 
and warp to FIRA VILLAGE.

Here portal left exit left and get red chest for a MAGIC CONTAINER. 
Exit right portal and warp to PALULU TOWN

LYRE WITHOUT STRINGS......................................j1

Exit right then fireball ice block and exit right.
2 enemies LOCUST and POLAR BEAR
Exit right, we can’t enter here yet. Exit right again. Right, go right 
hitting ice blocks 1 enemy CRAWLING HELMET. Continue right and by hitting 
ice blocks. Exit right. Here 2 enemies GOLEM and PINK RAIN.

Here head right and make way up and exit right ONLY to regain magic once 
full in this room earth magic orb and head left. Here earth magic again 
then hit ice block with fire ball then another well timed earth magic. 
Jump attack as needed. Exit left. Head left while fireball ice blocks , 
exit left for a red chest for a HEART CONTAINER.

Head back right a few rooms back to where I said ONLY. Getting heading 
right through a couple tough rooms to a red chest covered in ice blocks 
fireball them then get red chest for a LYRE WITHOUT STRINGS.
Head back left until back in PALULU TOWN.


Warp to LUMEN CASTLE. Exit castle to the right. Head right and go in 
basement. Drop down exit right 3 times then portal exit right again. 
This room is dark use fireballs to light torches throughout. 
1 enemy GWARPSLGG ( the game May have had a typo on this enemy as it’s 
probably GWARPSLUG but they have it spelled like previous)

From entrance head right and drop down head right and drop down again head 
right to a regular chest for gems

Head back and jump attack up at top head right and continue jump attack 
over spikes and head right. Drop down head right then make way up about 
1/2 way light torch then head left some and light other torch to reveal a 
red chest and a gate. Go back right and up then left. Drop down and left 
back to starting area of this section.

Now this is tricky. Jump to your right and time a portal to go through 
silver gate then when you land make another portal and go into to get to 
red chest for STRINGS to make it LYRE AND STRINGS. Drop down right


You see the reddish colored “wallâ€￾ once you pass through it immediately 
hold left to go in a secret alcove here repeatedlypress up as you move 
around for a regular chestwith gems

Now let’s get out of here. Make way back up head left and left after 
dropping down, left off spikes ,more left and jump gap with ledges left 
then next set make way up then head left and exit.


Exit the basement by going left left and heading up then exit right go to 
castle and warp to ATLANT VILLAGE

(We will make LYRE soon!)

DETOUR (part 5).................................l1

Exit ATLANT VILLAGE left. Head left a little and exit up to dry land , 
here jump attack right twice And enter cave here.

Head left and bubble up to a cave door here buy the HEART CONTAINER for 
35000 gems exit shop. Portal and exit left drop down and 2 enemies 

You find out later from a FIRA VILLAGE person how BUT with guide 
you don’t need too ;)

On how to beat BLUE SLIME simply equip the IRON DAGGER and fight like 
normal making sure to get the SWORD OF AGGELOS ( it’s very weak now we will
power it up later!) exit left.
Then head up and exit right then make way up and follow path until you exit
up and left to outside.

Here 1 enemy DUX. Now before we do a challenging area to get an ability, 
first follow platforms up and up some more to a regular chest for 1000 xp 
crystal now, exit left use fireball on the wood to burn it down. 
We are now back in the FIRA VILLAGE area. Exit left back to town and save.

Now exit right and right again here make way down and enter door to 
eventually learn an ability...

WOODPECKER SKILL CHALLENGE...............................m1

In this challenge simply touching the statue regains all magic. 
Talking to it you can leave. Exit right.

1st room.
Portal through gate make another portal go in then jump attack to safety. 
Exit right.

2nd room.
Here stand on top platform and face right throw a fireball then time it 
with an earth magic to hit bottom switch then sword attack to one to your 
left at “sameâ€￾ time. Exit right.

3rd room.
This room a bit tougher. Here bubble to quickly jump right and float down
as you collect ALL of the sparkles now some points you’ll have to let go a 
jump to descend faster or you won’t make towards bottom to collect all, 
plus very end (afaik) a jump attack to get the last one or few. 
Once you do a bridge appears exit right. To the fourth room

4th room.
Here like we did earlier to get that regular chest in the volcano with 
portal and jump attack portal ...same thing! ;)

make a portal to your left then jump THEN jump attack and at top of attack
make a portal jump in the left portal then as you exit the second portal
do a jump attack to get to safety and exit right to 5th room

5th room.
This room requires, skill with bounce attack ( down attack then hold down 
and attack to bounce ) now ALL enemies must be killed and no magic allowed 
in this room so if you miss even just 1 enemy exit left and come back to 
respawn. 1 enemy STOOGE

Start with 3 of them head right then jump attack after 3rd one.

Similar on next 4 but you’ll gradually go up to jump attack after 4th one

Heading left do a jump attack before coming down on first one then after 
4th do a jump attack then quickly attack down then again on next jump
Attack then down then jump attack to platform careful though as you may 
kill the next one above you and have to start over.

Next jump attack then down attack then jump attack to last part of this 

This is hard. As you need to jump attack then attack down then quickly 
jump attack to hit one above where you are but then hold right and swing 
crazy to get last 2! Once all that’s done exit right for the 6th and 
final room.

6th room.
Hit switch to regain magic. Now hit switch until RED is solid now throw a 
fire ball then time switch hits with sword until fireball hits switch on 
the right after that exit down,


Head right and speak with COMBAT INSTRUCTOR WOODPECKER and get
WOODPECKER SCROLL. Now speak with statue and leave this place!

GETTING THE LYRE/QUICK THING........................................n1

Head up and left exit and. Again back to FIRA VILLAGE, save point warp to 
THE WALL Exit up then head right and enter music note door speak with guy 
and have him make you the LYRE for 1000 gems. After that leave and you’ll 
see a cut scene, now stronger monsters come into play. 
First 1 new enemy WATCHER

Now that we have the LYRE head back left to save point in THE WALL and 

Head into the tavern and stand on the stage and play the LYRE. Older man 
speaks of BLUE SLIME which we already did. Speak to smaller guy for a 
5000 xp crystal and speak to bigger guy for gems. Exit.

Warp to PALULU TOWN and exit left and stand on top of tower and play LYRE 
for it to rise. Enter

BABEL TOWER......................................................o1

Head right 1 enemy BOULE.
Here we need to step on switches to correspond with Roman numerals. 
Let’s go!

Head right from enemy and enter blue portal (BP) for now. Step on switch 
for number 1 head back through BP. Jump on platforms and exit up.

Enter the right BP ( or left) then the middle BP.
Drop down and exit down. Head right and step on switch number 2.

Head back left don’t go in BP here instead jump up platforms and exit up. 
And head right to many BPs. Enter the 4th BP from the left.
Here step on switch number 3 go back in BP.

Head left and exit down now enter nearby BP and step on switch number 4. 
Go back in BP

Now exit up from here then continue up and e it up again. Here keep going left 
and dropping down and follow until aboss

When you can do a jump attack and do bounce attacks on him or get close and 
hit with sword. He has two attack
One is he opens mouth and shoots out a bunch of spark balls and he 
surrounds himself with a pillar of lightning. Avoid them and keep hitting 
as you can. 

Towards end of battle he will stop moving ( as far as I know) and 
constantly do spark balls avoid as you can and get in hits until he’s gone. 
Award is a bunch of gems, an step on switch number 5

Exit right. To be back at beginning. Head right and exit up head left to 
get a now accessible regular chest for gems.

Head right and exit down enter BP on right. Head left then platform up and 
exit up. Enter the door to exit the tower.

CELESTIA AREA...............................................p1

If you go on top of tower and play LYRE here you can get 6 hearts. 
Use as needed. I believe you can keep doing this.

First let’s exit right. Do a jump attack to reach higher clouds. Here are 
3 enemies MOSKITOZ, CLOUD WORM, and (the pink cloud enemy I’m not sure what 
this enemy is called seeing as it’s just a symbol that I do not understand. 

Also that green base we will take care of that soon. 
Also in this area 2 regular chests an ELIXIR and gems. 
Exit back left then left again.

Here above sign jump attack to that cloud then take path left as you can 
and continue left until

CELESTIA VILLAGE................................................q1

Head left until save point CELESTIA VILLAGE.
Purple gem door you can exchange gems to get xp crystals if you’d like.

Another green base we will get later.
Enter weapon armor shop and buy all 3
ARMOR OF AGGELOS -53 gems ( weneed to power it up later on) after all that 
let’s go get a heart container. Warp to THE ABYSS

Exit left then down to next area here jump left nearby is 1 new enemy 
DARK PIRANHA then bubble up and exit up in between spikes.
Hit the eel with newly acquired sword to get a HEART CONTAINER. Exit back 
down and make way up back to save point and warp to CELESTIA VILLAGE.

PILLAR TIME.................................................r1

3 pillars to do.

From save exit left here defeat all enemies to make things easier then make 
way to top of area and push giant pillar to the right until it drops then 
push it left until it drops then push right until it chimes when it lands 
on green base. Go to top of area and exit right. (we go left soon)

Here we are on top of CELESTIA VILLAGE here head right and push pillar to 
the right untilit drops and chimes exit right.

Here 1 enemy SILHOUETTE. Make way up clouds to a regular chest for xp 
crystal. Exit right to a suspicious gate that is closed for now. 
Exit right. Here follow path right and you’ll see an upper area we can 

Do the portal jump attack method to reach it. Then exit right then right 
again to an area with a green heart plant. 

First hit it with earth magic then quickly bubble attack it for it to grow 
and get a HEART CONTAINER. Exit left. Make way left then exit down to final
pillar push it right to drop and chime and watch a mini cut scene. 
That’s the area I mentioned about going left soon.

MONKEY TIME.......................................................s1

After pillar drop drop down exit left left , take upper clouds and left 
again back to CELESTIA VILLAGE. Save. Exit left here make way up and exit 
left then left again. Here go left until a tree then we meet a monkey and 
it literally is on our back. We need to head back to FIRA VILLAGE. 
BUT we can’t warp with save so must go on foot. Also in this area is a 
temple we can’t enter but not much as we still need a certain 2 more 
items to power up ultimate gear. We get later.

So with monkey on back exit right. Right. Drop all the way down and exit 
rightthen exit down Here are blue blocks we can’t break yet.

So drop off left back to ATLANT area with caves n such. Let’s exit left 
until we get to BOSCO VILLAGE. Exit left again here exit down then left 
then left again break blocks) make way up a bit and left and jump attack 
up and left to exit up then exit left back to THE WALL.

Enter background area next to the well. Here jumpnattack right and exit 
right then slow lower area and portal exit right, right again back to 
FIRA VILLAGE. Portal. Save.

Approach bottom right house and watch scene with monkey . Go left of save 
and enter hole follow path and exit. Jump up and shimmy right. Go down 
chimney and swipe the key with attack bottom. Exit chimney then enter 
tavern. Stand on stage and jump to poles and shimmy right exit right. 

Follow path and exit. Outside of 
armor shop jump up then jump on pole and shimmy left then jump left to land 
next to door. Enter. Press up on key hole. To open that suspicious door 
from earlier. Exit. Make way right back to chimney and go down go to guard 
to put key back. Exit via chimney. Watch cutscene. Not done with monkey yet 
as we need to bring him home.

His mom is purple monkey we gave BANANAS to. Head left and portal. Exit 
left. Left. Portal, exit left and left again back to THE WALL. Exit right 
then take upper road to exit right. Drop down and enter tree to bring him 
home. Exit tree. Head right until BOSCO VILLAGE and warp to CELESTIA 
VILLAGE. Exit left then upper right and right again enter newly open gate to

DARK CLOUDS...............................................t1

Exit right. 2 enemies PENTAEARS and BIRDMAN. Take upper path exit right.
Here exit down and follow down to a door enter ( we will come back later) 
THE SACRED SWORD OF AGGELOS. Leave. Exit back up and then right to a 
save point DARK CLOUDS. Exit right. Here follow right take upper path to a 
regular chest for gems. Head back left drop down and follow right and exit 
right and again to enter the

AIR TEMPLE...................................................u1

Exit right. Here 1 enemy GORDANI. Here take upper exit right. 2 enemies 
here TAURUS and WIZARD, exit right then upper right again.
( exiting up leads to boss but we need to do stuff before that opens up.) 
exit right. Here are lots of ways to go. Drop down a little and exit left. 
You’ll see a torch drop down here in hole.

In this room are 10 switches. Start with dark colored then hit them as 
they appear using fireballs. It’s not that hard but may take a few tries to 
get feel. Exit left. Get red chest for the AIR RING. Watch tutorial. 
Exit left.

Now you may have noticed some purple looking blocks (single) throughout 
the temple we need to go around and break all 10 of them with AIR RING 
attack to open up way to boss.

Here break blocks with new attack I’ll call it dash. Make way all way to 
top of room and exit right. Go right and break 1st block. Exit right.

Here break 2nd block on top of room. Exit right. Do a jump attack then dash
repeatedly to other side exit right.

Break 3rd block and get regular chest for a key. Exit left then exit down.

Head right and break 4th block. Exit left.

Exit left again back to room with torch where we dropped down but don’t. 
Dash across. And make way left for a 5th block and get regular chest for a 
key. Head back right exit down. Then left , left again. Back in this room 
head to top of room and exit left then left.

Use key on left door here and exit left. Head left and break 6th block. 
Exit right. Here drop all way down and dash blocks and exit right.
And right again. Here dash into switch to gain speed and keep hitting 
switches as you go right. Here the chime. Jump gap and exit right.
( falling hole just brings back to beginning of this room) jump up and 
dash to lower structure.

Go up a little and get regular chest  for a key. Use get on nearby door 
below you exit right. Here dash 7th block then dash back to avoid spikes 
get regular chest for an HERB

Exit left. Go back down structure and exit left. Drop in hole exit left 
then left again back to first area.

Here make way up and exit the middle right.
Dash across hitting the 8th block and get regular chest for gems. Drop 
down and open door on the left and dash 9th block. Exit right. Go up a 
little and exit left.

Kinda tough here. Jump a dash then as start to to fall dash again then 
jump attack to land next to 10th block. Dash it then exit down. Exit right. 
In this room go all the way to top and exit up then again to face the boss.

JYO JYO - blue
JYU JYU- baby birds.

The vases have hearts if need.
Just go ham on the birds then eventually they’ll go to right side and wind 
storm you so dash you way back to them and let em have it!
Get HEART CONTAINER and gems. Exit up and approach the statue and get the 
AIR ESSENCE. Automatically leave temple.

Head back left a few couples screens and save. Now that we have AIR RING.
Quite a few things to do before moving on.

DETOUR (part 6)............................................v1

Let’s go way back to BOSCO CAVE. Exit right then make way to purple blocks 
and dash through exit right. Go back a room and have 5 magic points. Once 
do jump off edge then jump attack then dash across room to land on ground 
to red chest with a MAGIC CONTAINER (last one we should have 6 “pointsâ€￾ now)
Exit down and left twice back to save.

Warp to CELESTIA VILLAGE, exit left, then drop down exit right then down. 
Dash purple blocks then dash a lot right to land on an item shop cloud. 
Speak with dragon and say yes, he’ll move his shop guess?...YUP! 
Inside your house in the very first place we started. 

From cloud dash right as you can and exit right 
twice to PALULUL TOWN, warp to LUMEN WOODS. Exit right twice enter house 
and buy HEART CONTAINER for 150000 gems. 

If need money a good way and to level up if need is right here in 
LUMEN WOODS. From shop exit house and exit left enter cave then quickly 
leave and have bubble magic ready then hit WATCHER to regain magic then
use burst attack get money xp go in cave. And repeat. Exit left and save. 

Exit left twice and here is the DRAGON CHALLENGE. This took me a while to 
figure out. DRAGON wants us to reach its best WITHOUT touching the ground 
once challenge starts. So with AIR RING. now this is possible
Make sure have all 6 magic points. Speak with DRAGON and accept.

Ok from start jump off and do a jump attack then time a down attack on 
enemy here then after bounce jump attack then dash left to next screen at 
least 2 or 3 in next screen time a down attack on enemy here the plant 
after hitting it jump attack then dash to nest. It make takes so time to 
get. Watch cut scene and get the final HEART CONTAINER.

ULTIMATE GEAR TIME............................................w1

Exit right until back to PALULU TOWN, warp to THE WALL and enter the 
SUN door. Make way up and dash through to a regular chest for an ELIXIR. 
Dash to the right to break block and get red chest for a SMALL VIAL.

Exit sun room and warp to PALULU TOWN. Exit left 3 times and here drop down 
and enter right most cave , head right and fill up SMALL VIAL with the 
pure water. Exit cave. Head back up and exit right 3 times back to 

Exit left. Then top left. Left. Here make way up clouds to temple go inside
and speak to huge figure. Get ready for a boss battle against GOM

To be honest I don’t really have a strategy other than just go ham as you 
can and try to avoid the tornadoes? I believe they hurt. And not sure how
to dodge his slash attack.
After he is gone watch the scene and you automatically put on gear and it 
gets powered up! Sweet! SACRED SWORD and SACRED ARMOR OF AGGELOS. Btw the 
SMALL VIAL should be empty but you can refill it back at that fountain 
cave and it’ll give back a few hearts when used.

FINAL THINGS BEFORE END GAME/DARK RAT.........................x1

Exit temple. Drop down exit right right and right again back to CELESTIA 
VILLAGE. Warp to LUMEN CASTLE enter the left door and speak with the 
ALCHEMIST and you’ll get LIGHT ESSENCE. Leave.

Here warp to DARK CLOUD. Exit left then down enter door and speak to the 
COMBAT INSTRUCTOR FLY to get FIREFLY SCROLL. Cool attack hold down attack 
then let go after you flash for a stationary energy ball that hits enemies 
who touch it. Exit left and up and right back to save warp to LUMEN CASTLE.

Let’s go take care of the DARK RAT.
Exit castle right. Head right back into basement. Drop down exit right 
don’t go in opening yet. Exit right then lower right. Portal exit right to 
dark area, head right light torch and drop down head left light torch and 
drop down. Now you can’t see it but there’s a silver gate on far bottom 
left here. Press against it left and portal to get through exit left and 
left again to DARK RAT enemy.

It can be tough! Throws a lot of daggers at you
After 4 sets of those it does this wave blast attack that you should jump 
over it does 3 of them , then resumes back to daggers... it scurries across 
the floor back and forth. Keep hitting and dodging as you can and you’ll 
get a bunch of gems and xp for beating it.

Let’s go save. Exit right right portal make way up and right up and exit 
left portal. Left. Left, left. Jump up exit right go back inside castle 
and save. Now go back in basement and go back to the opening and go inside.

THE WORLD OF DARKNESS..................................y1

Make way right through very linear area and e it right for a boss
It’s goes up and down side to side and spits out objects at you. Finds 
openings to attack and try and time a well placed sword blast attack on it. 
After gone the seal on VALION’S CASTLE will weaken. You’ll automatically 
leave. Exit left , jump up and exit right , go back to castle save.

Warp to FIRA VILLAGE. Exit top left to other opening enter here. Same as 
before linear path exit right for another boss THE POSSESSOR. It floats 
around room and shoots energy shots after initial build up a few times then 
decides to shoot round fire ball types at you. Then he repeats. Keep hitting
as normal when you can. After it’s gone you automatically leave.


Exit right and save.

Before moving on let’s go get 1 more enemy warp to LUMEN WOODS. Exit right 
and head right enter cave and here is a SNEERING MASK. Once gone. Leave 
cave exit left and warp to PALULU TOWN. Exit right and keep going right 
until the skull door enter to....

VALION’S CASTLE/FINAL BOSS.....................................z1

Exit right. 1 new enemy GREAT GUARD.
Exit right. 1 new enemy NANAD. Here use earth magic and make way up you 
need at least 5 Magic. Hit the bottom right one then hit each one going up 
from there. Jump attack and exit right.

Make way up and drop in water bubble up through spikes then carefully make 
way through more spikes and exit right. Make way up and right exit right.

Here is tricky portal through bottom gate. Work way up then portal through 
other gate as you are falling after portal, dash then jump attack exit right

Here just make way down and exit left.

Now carefully use dashes over spikes. ( tbh I don’t think I ever cleared 
this room without getting hit) and exit left.

Here get rid of enemies to make things easier 
THEN take care of miniboss TANNERPIG.
he was really hard on well, hard.
I ended up taking my time and wAiting for his aerial attack to start then 
made way to him got in some hits retreated as I dodge the daggers that come 
at you either jumping over or ducking. Once he’s gone exit left.

Step on switch for a MUCH needed shortcut back to first few rooms. 
I recommend keep exiting left back to PALULU TOWN to save.

Once did that head back to this room with the switch (don’t forget 
shortcut!) drop all the way down and exit right try to enter opening and 
then a cut scene then a boss

1st phase he floats around room while spinning fog around him try to get 
in between him and fog and keep hitting until

Phase 2.
He summons two things that shoot blasts at you on top is left to right on 
bottom is right to left jumping over them while hitting him as he floats 
around. Until

Phase 3.
Stay in middle and hit him as you can
The lightning blasts shouldn’t hit you but be sure to get a down attack in 
as he passes. And try to hit him when he’s above you

Then another attack joins in as he gets weaker he has the lightning blasts 
go on the floor too as he continues his circle around the room time jumps 
to avoid while hitting him

Once gone watch cut scene. And get a much needed save point VALION’S CASTLE 
I’m level 18 on normal trying. Level 20 is the max.

Enter the opening follow linear path right exit right. Here go right until 
boss appears.

Phase 1 light flashes where they are going to strike avoid by going where 
they aren’t and wait for them to pass then he summons 2 Ball things that 
explode 4 directions 1 is normal 1 is diagonals. Keep attack the head 
(I like bounce attack) until head is gone then below is the eye this is how 
we damage him. Continue hitting eye while avoiding circling blasts from 
eye and those normal / diagonals. One enough damage onto phase 2.

Phase 2.
Here he summons LITTLE MASK ( be sure to kill 1)
Plus this normal and diagonals go back to hitting head until it’s gone for 
eye again. Like before keep hitting eye until

Phase 3.
Here he does 2 waves of those light flashes like in phase 1. But there are 
many more of those normal diagonal things. Back to hitting head once more 
until gone. Then the eye once more while avoiding all sorts of hazards 
until it’s gone.

CONGRATS YOU WIN! Sit back and watch ending. After ending story you’ll get 
a bestiary slideshow. All enemies should be visible without any ???. Then 
after final enemy on screen you’ll get game stats TIME, COMPLETED % , 
DEAD COUNT, and RANK Following this guide should get you 100% with a 

3.Closing and Thanks..........................................CaTw

1. First I want to thank the Lord for all this is possible because of Him!

2. For Wonderboy Bobi / Story Bird / Look At My Game / Pqube / Click Team

3. For GameFaqs.com for being so helpful for countless years of me being a 

4. To sigma6666 (Steam user) for helping find the Dark Rat enemy.

5. To WeAreOblivion (Steam User) for helping with finding the last regular 
chestseeing as I was at 99% when I first beat it. 

6. I think that's about it. You can email if any questions and I can try to   
help. Yomendou@hotmail.com

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