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by CyricZ

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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/26/19


Gambling: General

The Gambling Hall is accessed during Chapter 7. With Haruka in tow, you'll take her to a Lottery Stand. The lady running the stand will direct you to a secret door after paying 100,000 yen and you'll access the Cho-han gambling. The story will take over from here but basically once the fight is over and you get your 100,000 yen back, you'll be allowed to go back into the Gambling Hall by speaking to the Lottery lady again.

Once inside, you can speak to the Reception guy and buy wooden tags at a rate of 100 yen per tag. This guy also operates as the Prize Exchange. The other guy in the hallway is the one who allows you access to the four gambling games. It's pretty low-key in this version of the Gambling Hall.

Gambling Prize Exchange
Diamond PlateOther5000
Ruby PlateOther3000
Platinum PlateOther2000
Gold PlateOther1000
Silver PlateOther100
Bronze PlateOther10
Iron PlateOther1
Staminan SparkRecovery1000
Staminan RoyaleRecovery120
Toughness ZZRecovery22
Raging Dragon HammerWeapon12,000
Musashi's Wooden KatanaWeapon10,000
Dragon God Short SwordWeapon50,000
Mighty Dragon SpearWeapon10,000
Hercules GlovesAccessory6000
Fearless BindingGear3000
Sacred Wooden StaffWeapon15,000
Hawker's Belly WarmerGear99,999
Collateral Damage BeltAccessory5000
Sacred Wooden KatanaWeapon440
Battle MailGear3000
Boozer BeltAccessory800
Iron HammerWeapon30
Protective AmuletAccessory5

All together, you'll need a little over 200,000 tags to get everything, so either get to gambling or save up your money to buy tags.