Can someone explain how wandcrafting works, or where i can find a good concise guide?

  1. I get a basic idea of how you're supposed to craft things together, but i don't understand what "shuffle" means. I also can't seem to get some of the projectile modifiers to work correctly, like ones that are supposed to make me fire two or three projectiles at once. I've also noticed that sometimes when i put the same spells in a different order, they can change what effect they have, but its all a big mystery.

    User Info: AquaRuneseeker2

    AquaRuneseeker2 - 8 months ago


  1. The modifier spell (e.g. Quad shot) has to come before damage spells (e.g. Magic Arrow).

    Shuffle will make it so that the spells will not execute in order, which complicates things. It presents negative synergy with modifier spells.

    User Info: Veermok09

    Veermok09 - 4 months ago 0   0

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