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New Waiter
Serve 1 client
Complete 21 missions without losing a single customer
Happy Customers
Don’t lose any clients 7 missions in a row
Wake and Bake
Play the game 10 days in a row
Taking no breaks
Play for 1 hour straight
Perfect Restaurant
Fully upgrade a restaurant
Restaurant Chain
Fully upgrade 3 restaurants
Restaurant Monopoly
Fully upgrade 5 restaurants
Experienced Waiter
Serve 700 clients
Professional Waiter
Serve 5000 clients
Earn 1M coins
Extra Income
Earn 500 coins in tips
Tips Master
Earn 1000 coins in tips
Speedy Service
Earn 100000 coins in tips
Working extra hours
Receive 5k coins for completed task
Extra Job
Receive 7k coins for completed tasks
Hard Earned Money
Received 10k coins for completed tasks
Surpassing all expectations
Earn 200 more coins than the target score
Great spender
Spend 20 diamonds
200 shines
Spend 200 diamonds
High roller
Spend 2000 diamonds
Spend 10k coins on upgrades
Smart investor
Spend 50k coins on upgrades
Upgrading it all
Spend 200k coins on upgrades
They’re less fortunate
Feed the homeless by throwing 11 dishes away to bin in 1 mission
You’re doing it wrong
Burn 100 dishes
Try Harder
Lose 50 clients
Complete every mission in the first restaurant with 3 stars
Happy Ms. Glasses
Serve 50 customers with glasses
Keeping them hydrated
Sell 200 drinks
People are thirsty
Sell 1000 drinks
Quench your thirst
Sell 3000 drinks
Master Kebab man
Compete all missions in 2nd restaurant with 3 stars
Elite Chinaman
Complete all missions in 3rd restaurant with 3 stars
Take a nap
Lose a mission 3 times in a row
Level up
Reach experience level 10
Half way there
Reach experience level 20
Max level
Reach experience level 50
Good job
Complete 200 missions
Happy Chef
Complete 5 missions in a row without burning a dish
Great Chef
Complete 15 missions in a row without burning a dish
Master chef
Complete 30 missions in a row without burning a dish
Smart move
Get 5000 coins from daily rewards
Getting what you deserve
Get 10 gems from daily rewards
Spend 10000coins in a casino
Better luck next time
Spin coin machine at casino 15 times in a row without winning
Win 5000 coins in casino in one spin
Show them what you can
Complete total 250 missions with 3 stars in any restaurants
TV Maniac
Buy 6 TV’s in your restaurants
Fast food novice
Complete fast food restaurant tutorial
Just getting started
Complete level 3 successfully
Play for 1 hour straight
Play for 1 hour straight
New waitress
Serve 1 customer successfully
Happy Customers
Complete any mission with 3 stars
Smart investor
Spend 10 stars on kitchen upgrade
Spend 50 stars on kitchen upgrade
Fully upgrade all kitchen items
Now you're cooking
Complete level 8 successfully
Half way there
Complete level 15 successfully
Master Chef
Complete all 30 missions with 3 stars
Experienced waitress
Serve 100 customer in total
Professional waitress
Serve 500 customers in total
You're doing it wrong
Fail one mission more than 3 times
Hard Earned Money
Earn 5000 coins in total
Working extra hours
Earn 10,000 coins in total
Surpassing all expectations
Earn 500 coins more than your opponent in a single mission
Burger King
Serve 100 burgers
Make American fat again
Serve 200 fries
Happy Ms. Glasses
Serve 100 customers with glasses in total
Ladies Man
Serve 100 female customers in total
They’re less fortunate
Feed the homeless by throwing 5 trays away in 1 level

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