Review by Jibui

Reviewed: 01/08/19

Hop to it! Or would you rather fall on your face..?

There was once a quirky game called Indie Pogo, where various Indie characters duke it out by hopping. From obscure faces such as ZorbiƩ to the smiling Stardrop to more impacting big boys like Shovel Knight. However, does this game make you jump for joy? Or does it make you hang up your Moon Boots and head off to the other side of the moon?

Let's start this is somewhat a Smash like game, but not a "rip off' as some may say. It is heavily inspired by it as many others are. I.E Onimusha Blade Warriors, Brawl out or Play Station All Stars. Instead of polygons, everyone is colourful and in sprite form. Stages are colourful and bright and the characters themselves are charming. One of the characters, Tesla Kid made me check out Teslagrad. I highly recommend Teslagrad. There are some upcoming DLC characters in the near future. Such as Gunvolt from Azure Striker Gunvolt, Bullet Kin and Kick from Dive Kick. However, those DLC characters? We will get to that in a moment

Graphics - 4/5

Graphics are very colourful and do represent from where they are based off of. There was even one based off Flappy Bird! My personal favourite stages is INK and Afterlife Hub. Characters themselves look great as well and have various colours and Skins. Props for Prison ZorbiƩ. Trophies are in the game as collectables. From gachapon type luck to earning them from completing the game. Which is pretty nifty at least. Plus the said trophies are the "spectators" while you have a match.

Music - 3/5

Music isn't bad,nor is it annoying. The tracks aren't that catchy, though. At least in my opinon. I did like the one for Runbow's stage, however and the title screen is catchy.

Difficulty - 3/5

Even on hard, the game is still pretty easy and easy to get hooked on. The last boss, which I will not spoil can be a cheap bastard, however, they aren't that difficult.

Overall, I give this game a 2.5. I do enjoy the game and all, but it gets boring fast. The game use to have patches released up ten fold and there were hint at a large update that was going to happen back in the end of 2018, but nothing has surfaced. Will the said DLC characters make their shine? Or will they be benched and all the dreams and hopes end for them?

The fanbase does hold bi weekly tournaments, which is a nice touch.

Rating: 5

Product Release: Indie Pogo (US, 07/10/18)

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