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Perhaps many are familiar with such a classic game like arkanoid. It is necessary to break various obstacles balls and do not let them fall down. This will help you moving platform, which you can control and which will bounce these balls. Of course, sometimes it can be quite a challenge, but if you are clever enough, you will certainly win!

All action is developed in the world constructed from multi-colored blocks. This approach will certainly appeal to children. But adults will appreciate it too! Of course, the game is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. You will have access to a variety of bonuses that you will receive for the destruction of obstacles. These bonuses will bring you a variety of help, which can be so useful in a difficult situation! For example, you can get an extra life, extra balls or the ability to destroy any obstacles with a single blow! In addition, the game has a lot of levels that will be interesting to go through, spending more than one evening.

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