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    :(Complete Shifty level 3
    10/10Complete Turtle level 6
    1000 mphComplete Faster level 4
    17 mphComplete Windy level 1
    24 mphComplete Windy level 3
    2GComplete Ping level 2
    2nd level was hard? LOLComplete Rhombus level 5
    5 + 40 = <3Complete Rhombus level 1
    50/50Complete Bouncy level 7
    AccuracyComplete Bubble level 5
    AhhahahComplete Dirty level 5
    AlternativeComplete Reverse level 2
    Animal planetComplete Turtle level 3
    Another brick in the wallComplete Wall level 5
    Any questions?Complete Chaos level 3
    Anyway, this mode coined right after Bouncy modeComplete Bombball level 3
    Are you expected some more?Complete Undead level 6
    Artificial Intellegence? What for?Complete Undead level 4
    Avoid all of itComplete Circular level 6
    Bag of goldComplete Greed level 6
    Beat the dev?Complete Yolo level 6
    BotnetComplete Spam level 7
    Break your mindComplete Reverse level 1
    BubblegumComplete Bubble level 1
    BurgerComplete Fat level 2
    Can't make game without this (secret)Make walls full of red
    CarapaceComplete Turtle level 4
    Catch itComplete Bouncy level 2
    ChildrenComplete Car level 3
    Clean up that castleComplete Dirty level 7
    ColdComplete Reverse level 6
    Crazy, huh?Complete Chaos level 1
    CubistComplete Normal level 2
    DangeriousComplete Circular level 4
    Daredevil (secret)Walk throught two turtles and be alive
    Der Wind, der WindComplete Windy level 5
    Did you use something starting with 'g'?Complete Reverse level 3
    Digital madnessComplete Insane level 7
    Don't stop thinkingComplete Clock level 4
    Don't touch itComplete Bombball level 1
    Down with the sunComplete Clock level 5
    Dream TeamComplete co-op level 4 in any mode
    Drink some teaComplete Chaos level 4
    Driver licenceComplete Car level 6
    Eater+Complete Longer level 2
    Edom esreverComplete Reverse level 4
    El BagelComplete Insane level 3
    Faster than those wallsComplete Faster level 3
    Faster, faster!Complete Narrow level 6
    Fastest hand on the Wild West (secret)Try to eat yourself with smallest size where available
    Fastest snake in the Wild SouthComplete Faster level 6
    Fattest snake in the Some PlaceComplete Greed level 1
    FattyComplete Fat level 1
    Floating snakeComplete Windy level 2
    FrameskipComplete Clock level 3
    Future sightComplete Ping level 6
    Getting hotterComplete Yolo level 3
    Guess whereComplete Bouncy level 5
    Half-Snake IIIComplete Undead level 7
    Hate the devComplete Vision level 5
    Hateful timeComplete co-op level 1 in any mode
    Headless horsesnake (secret)Complete any level without head
    Hello, World. Oh, not nowComplete Insane level 4
    Here comes bubbleComplete Bubble level 2
    Hey, are you human?Complete Chaos level 5
    HotComplete Reverse level 5
    Hunter's paradiseComplete Runaway level 3
    HypnodanceComplete Circular level 3
    I don't think its hard levelComplete Rhombus level 3
    I like raccoonsComplete Greed level 4
    I realy like long green snakesComplete Longer level 1
    I think it must be named "Streamer mode"Complete Yolo level 2
    I think its very important button (secret)Mute the music
    I think one of you was dying more oftenComplete co-op level 3 in any mode
    I think they are rabbitsComplete Turtle level 5
    I think this game not about zombiesComplete Undead level 2
    I think you found easter eggComplete Dirty level 6
    Incubator (secret)Circle the food
    Indie-developerComplete Spam level 3
    InvisibleComplete Vision level 2
    Is it fake?Complete Dirty level 3
    It can be completed anywayComplete Rhombus level 4
    It is 'Corridor Mode' in game's code anywayComplete Shifty level 5
    It uses same algo as apple in Bouncy modeComplete Bombball level 2
    It's raining funComplete Insane level 1
    Its a featureComplete Bouncy level 6
    Its classic level anywayComplete Yolo level 1
    Its normalComplete Ping level 5
    Its shifting wallComplete Shifty level 2
    Its very easy after start anywayComplete Rhombus level 7
    Just startComplete Normal level 1
    Leave your markComplete Wall level 3
    Loch Ness MonsterComplete Longer level 4
    Long way to catchComplete Runaway level 7
    Long way to victoryComplete Long level 7
    Longest snake on the Wild WestComplete Longer level 5
    LoopComplete Circular level 1
    Low kickComplete co-op level 2 in any mode
    MagicComplete Chaos level 7
    Meh.Complete Yolo level 7
    MemoriesComplete Ping level 4
    More pointsComplete Normal level 5
    Move or dieComplete Normal level 3
    Moving aroundComplete Narrow level 3
    Muddy waterComplete Dirty level 1
    My compluterComplete Ping level 3
    My eyesComplete Dirty level 2
    NestComplete Narrow level 4
    Never enought spaceComplete Greed level 7
    New technologiesComplete Ping level 1
    New waveComplete Greed level 3
    New wave of painComplete Bombball level 5
    New way to playComplete Car level 1
    NewsletterComplete Spam level 5
    No need to turnComplete Narrow level 5
    No roadComplete Car level 5
    No time to stayComplete Bubble level 6
    No, it is notComplete Normal level 4
    Not enought speedComplete Runaway level 5
    Oh, I forgot, I have no friends (secret)Try to get multiplayer, but exit
    Okay, it isn't shifting anywayComplete Shifty level 1
    Okay.Complete Chaos level 6
    Old Normal Samurai SnakesComplete Turtle level 7
    One more wallComplete Wall level 1
    Perfect Player (secret)Die even in menu
    Ping-pong?Complete Bouncy level 1
    Ping-pong.Complete Bouncy level 3
    PlaceholderComplete Dirty level 4
    Plus, plus, plusComplete Greed level 5
    POINTS!!1!Complete Insane level 5
    Potion of swiftnessComplete Faster level 2
    Python 4.0Complete Fat level 4
    Quick-firingComplete Faster level 5
    RComplete Normal level 7
    Random movingComplete Vision level 4
    ReversedComplete Reverse level 7
    Run awayComplete Runaway level 1
    Run, apple, run!Complete Runaway level 2
    See meComplete Vision level 1
    Sense modeComplete Vision level 3
    Senser modeComplete Vision level 6
    Sensest modeComplete Vision level 7
    SharperComplete Bombball level 6
    Shifty shiftyComplete Shifty level 7
    ShipshapeComplete Circular level 7
    Shortest and fastestComplete Faster level 1
    ShrederComplete Longer level 6
    SniperComplete Fat level 5
    Something unrealComplete Narrow level 7
    Square?Complete Clock level 2
    SquarelComplete Windy level 4
    StrategyComplete Wall level 6
    Summer spammerComplete Spam level 6
    Sync itComplete Circular level 2
    Take them easyComplete Undead level 5
    Teleport time!Complete Runaway level 6
    That was easy, try Chaos modeComplete Normal level 6
    That's mine (secret)Take food right before zombie
    The creationComplete Greed level 2
    The sister of talent (secret)Complete any level with few turns
    Think about itComplete Bubble level 4
    This achievement's functional name is my school number. Never mind.Complete Runaway level 4
    Tick TockComplete Clock level 1
    To many wallsComplete Car level 4
    Too thin for this gameComplete Insane level 6
    Top gameComplete Ping level 7
    TreesComplete Car level 2
    Try it for freeComplete Circular level 5
    Try to be yourselfComplete Longer level 3
    Turtle soupComplete Turtle level 2
    Turtles want multiplay!Complete Turtle level 1
    TVComplete Spam level 2
    UniverseComplete Bubble level 3
    VladikComplete Yolo level 5
    Wait a minuteComplete Bombball level 7
    Wall-SComplete Wall level 2
    What did you say about easy levels?Complete Clock level 6
    What did you say about easy levels? Part 2.Complete Clock level 7
    When someone sleepsComplete Narrow level 2
    Where is my shotgun?Complete Undead level 3
    Why you do this?Complete Chaos level 2
    Wide boneComplete Fat level 3
    WiderComplete Bubble level 7
    YeahComplete Bombball level 4
    Yes, it's real to completeComplete Wall level 4
    Yes, this mode not working on some levelsComplete Shifty level 6
    Yes, we can (secret)Find the way to the past
    Yes, we know about hard startComplete Rhombus level 2
    You live only onesComplete Yolo level 4
    You see that?Complete Insane level 2
    You shift me right roundComplete Shifty level 4
    You spin me right roundComplete Narrow level 1
    Younger brother with memesComplete Spam level 4
    Your tabComplete Spam level 1
    Zombies!Complete Undead level 1
    ZZComplete Bouncy level 4

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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