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Start your journey
Escape Artist
Escape the monastery
Reach the town
El Hombre
Complete the game
El Primero
Inspire a child
El Cuarto
Inspire 18 children.
El Heroe
Inspire all children
Walk 25000 steps in the game
Eel Hijo
Complete the game without being caught
El Fantasma
Complete level 10 without being seen
No Stones
Complete level 16 without using the slingshot
Broad Daylight
Complete level 8 without hiding inside any objects
Air Freshener
Hide from 20 opponents in pollen clouds.
Fool me Once
Distract 50 opponents with stones
Hole Up
Hide in 30 pots
Riding the Rails
Ride 10 Mine Carts
El Muerto
Spend 300 seconds hiding in a coffin.
Pitch Black
Shoot all uncaged lanterns in The Gold Mine.
Hit a chicken with a stone
Hang off the edge of a train
Two Birds
Distract 3 opponents with 1 stone
Stun 3 opponents with one fireworks explosion

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