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    This title has a total of 34 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    *There are 4 secret achievements. show

    100% Hard (secret)Complete all levels in all modes on Hard difficulty (Secret)
    100% HyperComplete the game 100%
    100% Normal (secret)Complete all levels in all modes on Normal difficulty (Secret)
    100% Retro (secret)Complete all levels in all modes on Retro difficulty (Secret)
    All Medals 1AComplete all Medals on level 1A
    All Medals 1BComplete all Medals on level 1B
    All Medals 1CComplete all Medals on level 1C
    All Medals 2AComplete all Medals on level 2A
    All Medals 2BComplete all Medals on level 2B
    All Medals 2CComplete all Medals on level 2C
    All Medals 3AComplete all Medals on level 3A
    All Medals 3BComplete all Medals on level 3B
    All Medals 3CComplete all Medals on level 3C
    All Medals 4AComplete all Medals on level 4A
    All Medals 4BComplete all Medals on level 4B
    All Medals 5AComplete all Medals on level 5A
    Arcade GodComplete all levels in Arcade
    Arcade LegendComplete levels 4A - 5A in Arcade
    Arcade MasterComplete levels 3A - 3C in Arcade
    Arcade PlayerComplete level 1A in Arcade
    Arcade RegularComplete levels 1B - 2C in Arcade
    Guardian DefeaterComplete level 1A in Boss Run
    Guardian DestroyerComplete levels 1B - 2C in Boss Run
    Guardian GodComplete all levels in Boss Run
    Guardian ObliteratorComplete levels 4A - 5A in Boss Run
    Guardian SlayerComplete levels 3A - 3C in Boss Run
    High Score ArcadeScore 48,000 on any level in Arcade
    High Score Boss RunScore 64,000 on any level in Boss Run
    High Score HeroGet a hi score of 350,000 or more
    Medal God (secret)Complete all Medals in the game (Secret)
    Medal WinnerComplete any medal on any level
    Survival GodSurvive for 2:30 in Survival Mode on all levels
    Survival LegendSurvive for 4:00 in Survival mode on any level
    Survival MasterSurvive for 1:00 in Survival Mode on any level

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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