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General FAQs

Official GameFAQs Guide FAQ/Walkthrough (PS4) (HTML) 02/21/19 AzMuch 1.25 1740K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS4) (HTML) 01/15/19 Misprision 0.48 418K

In-Depth FAQs

Bestiary (PS4) (HTML) 09/27/19 Jadebell 0.4 229K
Boss FAQ (PS4) (HTML) 12/26/18 Etner 1.0 147K
Character/Mechanics FAQ (PS4) (HTML) 11/26/18 behindtheword 0.3 79K
Character/Skill Guide (PS4) (HTML) 09/30/18 Etner 1.12 133K
Crafting Guide (PS4) (HTML) 05/27/19 Vaan3689 432K
Side Quest Guide 12/13/18 Potato5Panda 0.6.9 62K

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