Is there a taunt ability?

  1. Hi guys I've just got in the team one character who has the shield ability tree ( not using his name cause i don't wanna make spoliers) , but there's no ability that allows him to taunt enemies and without It he can't be a tank , so when enemies will attack other characters all that ability tree become pointless . Also by focusing on that tree he will not be able to wipe out enemies fast and that gives a chance to the enemy to continue attacking other characters . So a part from 1 or 2 ability to use in very particular situations , all that tree becomes bad and u can't create a tank out of It . So i was wondering if there's in the game an ability that can taunt enemies to have a tank in my party.

    User Info: Valerio93

    Valerio93 - 1 year ago

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  1. At the absolute bottom of the whole skill tree and then one to the right is the skill Forbearance. According to the description he'll take all damage for his allies so that should act like the taunt you're looking for. There's another skill in bottom part increasing his defense when using Forbearance. Just make sure to renew when icon starts flashing. Good to also stack with his other defense skills like Absolute Defense.
    He does have a strong skill called Blind Man's Buff which causes a lot of damage to a random target. So guaranteed strong hit when facing only one enemy. Especially if do side quest to strengthen it.

    User Info: Silveron714

    Silveron714 - 11 months ago 1   0

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