Where can I find Serpent Skin?

  1. Im in the post game and want to craft the best costumes but I cant find this Item!

    User Info: Roagosh

    Roagosh - 1 year ago

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  1. One of the watchers on Trial Island sells it. He's in the room with the three saplings that lead to each of the Luminary trials. Believe it's the one opposite of the forge there. It's the floating island that looks like the Havens Above floating island except with a dark sky and friendly monsters here and there. However, can't reach it until offered Luminary Trials in Post game.

    User Info: Silveron714

    Silveron714 - 11 months ago 3   0


  1. 10 months late, but Spoilers.
    After you reset things and are at the heliodor region there are malicious black dragons whose common steal is serpent snake.
    ten months later but I was looking for it too, almost waited until I got to the trial area, but didn't have to wait.

    User Info: A85Ramos

    A85Ramos - 1 month ago 1   0
  2. Also, here is a thread that has a google doc with a lot of info. especially for those that will be playing on Switch for the first time.

    User Info: A85Ramos

    A85Ramos - 1 month ago 0   0

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